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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon. >> new concerns tonight about the spread of measles in the bay area. two new cases have been confirmed in marin county, both stemming from the outbreak at disneyland. there are currently 12 bay area cases out of 91 in california. laura anthony is live in san rafael in the county health department. >> reporter: this is the latest county to have a couple of confirmed measle cases. these two cases fit the profile of what we've seen throughout the state. they are children who were not vaccinated and either recently visited disneyland or had
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contact with someone who did. with two confirmed cases in their county marin county school officials are gearing up for a possible outbreak. >> i think there's a heightened concern now out in the community. >> reporter: to address that concern, marin county public health officer, dr. matt willis, released this statement. the children have been exposed outside of marin as part of the disneyland outbreak and were not in contact with any of the children at their school. for that reason the county is not ordering unvaccinated children to stay home from school for the required 21 days. but county education officials are urging parents who have not vaccinated their kids to do it now. marin county has about 6.5% of children who are not immunized. >> are you urging parents who did not get their children immunized to go ahead now? >> our messages had always been is that if it is medically safe we would urge families to do that. that is their choice to immunize
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or not. >> the state department of hib health reports in the cases they could document about 80% who have come down with measles were not vac sincinatevaccinated. 20% received at least one dose and still got sick. >> the white house is encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated. during a news conference today press secretary josh earnest said the science on vaccinations is clear. he added he believes the decision should be made by parents. new details from sacramento we learned that a second patient has tested negative for ebola. another person who already tested negative is in good condition at uc davis medical center. that person showed ebola-like symptoms after visiting an ebola-stricken nation. the hospital has an isolated ebola treatment center. so far there have been no confirmed ebola cases in the
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state of california. right now san francisco police are only the lookout for this man you see here. they consider him a person of interest connected to the human remains found inside a suitcase. the suitcase was discovered on 11th street near market on wednesday. more remains were found in a nearby trash can. san francisco's medical examiner says the remains belong to a light-skinned man. police have not found his head. investigators will use dnaest to determine who it was. but they hope the person of interest can tell them more. >> the reason for this is because he was seen obviously in this video surveillance in the area at around the time of the discovery of the suitcase. >> vic lee is tracking the case. he will have exclusive details on the investigation coming up at abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. a family says they were targeted in a home investigation in san francisco's ocean view
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district this morning. a woman claims two men and a woman broke into her home and tied her up before 9:00. one of the men was dressed like a utility worker. police are working with the victim to figure out what was taken. officers say she was not seriously injured. >> the city of san francisco and non-profits are coming together to help people displaced by wednesday night's four alarm fire in the mission district. today we found out that people who live there won't be able to go back inside their homes just yet to salvage what's left. the health department has to make sure it's safe from acebes asbestos and lead. many business owners need help to stay in business. >> the building, with the mission market and everything, they're a part of our social fabric for the neighborhood. we have to maintain that. >> about 20 to 30 business owners need help relocating. the non-profit mission economic development agency isa#)y offering a few one dollar a month leases to
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some businesses. government help is also available. another devastating fire in san francisco last night. a blaze before midnight at this apartment building on hyde street left 18 people without a home. one person who jumped from the third floor to escape the flames was taken to the hospital. residents were allowed back into the building today to clear out belongings. firefighters have not determined what started that fire. in the north bay, a delivery truck rolled away from its driver then crashed into a home. check that out. around 12:45 this afternoon the driver was making a delivery just off night drive in san rafael. he said he put on the parking brake but the took off down the hill and ended four feet into this garage. the building department is checking to see if the home is still safe to be in. some folks in santa cruz are jittery after several people saw a mountain lion roaming around downtown.
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>> the animal was spotted near lincoln and center streets this morning. abc 7 news reporter chris wynn has the story. >> reporter: for carolyn keen and her daughter, shea, today was business as usual. >> we're still out at the park. i'm not worried about it. >> reporter: not alarmed despite multiple reports of a puma downtown. >> we live close to the mountains. sometimes that happens. we're just going about our day as normal. >> reporter: at around 4:45 this morning, santa cruz police were first alerted to a possible puma sighting at an apartment complex on sycamore near pacific. about an hour and a half later another call came in from a nearby location at cedar and elm. the most recent sighting happened near lincoln and center, not far from this preschool. three possible sightings in a two-hour time span, a little too close for comfort for liz. >> you don't know how you would
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react if you were to see something like that not in the surrounding you would expect it to be. >> reporter: veronica reminds us while puma sightings are rare much of california is potential puma habitat. if you encounter one -- >> put your arms up if you have small children pick them up put them on your shoulders. open up your jacket. make yourself look big and formidable. >> reporter: as for why the puma may have been downtown? >> chances are it's a young male looking to establish a new territory in his own and got lost. >> reporter: she says the puma has likely wandered back to the mountains on its own. the santa cruz police have been in touch with the say the department of fish and wildlife. the mother of one of the four young men shot and killed in sflaens earlier this month was out tying ribbons on trees today to remember her son. 19-year-old yolani chinamarindi was getting a ride from three
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other men after cashing his paycheck. he will be buried tomorrow. his mother wants the area decorated in traditional african colors. she also wants san francisco to declare a state of emergency due to the recent violence. >> to have someone come in a task force, fbi federal force whatever, to come in and assist because it's been several murders since. san francisco, they do not have it under control. they need help. >> san francisco police have not arrested anybody in connection with the quadruple murder. the city is on pace to double last year's murder total. daley city police are looking for a man accused of propositioning a child. this is a sketch of the suspect. last month a girl was offered money in exchange for sex. berkeley police need your help finding the person who mugged an elderly man the day after christmas a man wearing a red sweatshirt stole an ix phone
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from an 83-year-old man injuring him in the process this happened on 4th street near hearst avenue. police believe the crook took off in a silver audi. city and community leaders in san bruno consider it a victory. the california public utilities commission is about to release 65,000 more e-mails between regulators and pg&e to the public. today's release follows a lawsuit by san bruno stemming from the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion. the u.s. attorney and california's attorney general both launched separate investigations into messages between the puc and pg&e. also today the puc fined pg&e $200,000 for safety violations in its natural gas system. heading into the weekend. people wondering about the weather forecast. pretty mild. >> let's get to spencer christian who has a look at the accuweather update. >> i have good news and better news. good news is, if you like this
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weather, it will last through the weekend and better news there are hints of rain in the future. we have sunny skies across the bay area now. cloudiness across the coastline. what a beautiful view from the roof top camera. it's currently 595 degrees in san francisco. low to mid 60s in oakland, morgan hill, 55 in half moon bay. check out this view looking eastward. it's currently 70 in santa rosa and concord. petaluma, 66. 69 at livermore. as we look from mount tam down to ocean beach a few areas of low clouds. this is our first forecast. coastal clouds tonight and this evening. they'll get blown away overnight by breezy condition there's a will develop into the morning hours and this afternoon. sunny and mild tomorrow afternoon with highs in the upper 60s at the coast to low to mid 70s inland. there's a hint of rain coming our way towards the end of the
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seven-day forecast. i'll show you that later. >> we like that hint. thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 cracking down on bay area drivers what police on the peninsula are keeping an eye out for. >> and are you frustrated with b.a.r.t.? the biggest issues and what b.a.r.t. is trying to do to improve. and at 4:30, a music mogul accused of murder. what suge knight said he was doing when he ran over and killed his friend. friday afternoon first look at live traffic and the commute in berkeley. this is interstate 80. traffic on the right from emeryville to berkeley, coming back towards san francisco female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's
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a marin doctor was back in court today facing charges that he shot another driver who followed him after a road rage incident last july. dr. james simon shot the man in the torso as that driver drove part way into simon's garage and got out of his car. a judge dismissed the case against dr. simon a few weeks ago, but then the marin county district attorney decided to convene a grand jury to take another look at the case they indicted simon. >> it's not double jeopardy at all. the law does provide for review of decisions. >> we're going to have to defend it just like we did the first time around. i'm confident we'll get the same result. >> dr. simon faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and
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negligent discharge of a firearm. he's out on bail and will return to court on wednesday to enter his plea. a crackdown today on the peninsula. police are out on the lookout ready to cite drivers who are paying attention to devices rather than the roads. matt keller has the details. >> reporter: the ride to work creeps along at a snails pace at times in the bay area. why not use that time to update your status on your smartphone. this is why. officers from burlingame police san bruno police and the san mateo sheriff's office got some money from the state to crack down on distracted drivers today. seven officers are looking for you. >> he has a black cell phone in his right hand and looking down on the screen. >> we pulled him over for talking on his cell phone. >> guess what? most drivers have an excuse for why they were on their phone. >> he said it was his ipod. >> he said he was using his gps.
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>> reporter: the latest statistics from 2012 show 3,328 people were killed that year in crashes involved a distracted driver. officers wanted you to put that phone away. it's simple, if the phone is in your hand it's most likely leading to a ticket. >> he asked me if i was holding the cell phone i said yes. >> but you didn't have it up to your ear? >> no. >> it's not hands free. if it was on his knee or lap or something like that he would have been fine. the violation is a phone in the hand being distracted because you're trying to multi-task. >> officers are active here on millbrae avenue. you can see someone getting pulled over right now. if that person is a first-time offender they will pay $130 for that ticket. if they're caught again the price will go up from there. in millbrae, matt keller abc 7 news. >> b.a.r.t. rider satisfaction
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has plunged to its lowest level in 16 years. b.a.r.t. surveys riders every two years. riders rated their overall satisfaction to 74% last year, down from 84% in 2012. b.a.r.t. plans to replace its aging fleet of trains, some hit the rails back in the early '70s. >> it's like if you try to talk on the phone while on b.a.r.t. you can't talk on the phone. >> some of their stuff isn't to so great, but it's good enough. >> last time rider gave b.a.r.t. a 74% approval rating was in 1998. that survey came one year after a strike b.a.r.t. workers walked out twice in 2013. an airborne wedding turned into a wild balloon ride that ended with an emergency landing in san diego. cell phone video captured the balloon's descent on to a street. changing winds altered the balloon's flight as rubin and
4:18 pm
sequoia mendoza exchanged vows last night. their pilot, a 25-year veteran of balloon flying dodged buildings and power lines looking for a safe place to land. >> i guess we landed at the wrong spot. that's it. >> it seemed logical to put the balloon down here since we were over that spot rather than continue on to another spot. >> we had lots of experian awesome experience. >> the balloon didn't hurt anyone else or damage anything on the ground. the pilots of a helium-filled balloon set a record on a transatlantic journey to japan. they flew from new mexico and eclipsed the duration milestone of 157 hours. they set a distance record yesterday. that duration mark stood since
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1978. hair their voyage is set to end tomorrow. spencer christian is checking out our forecast for the weekend. >> great for ballooning except now. it will be overnight and into tomorrow. you don't want the strong winds when you're ballooning. you may have a little miss hatch. the mishaps. a few areas of low clouds at the coast. thus cooler conditions at the coast today. with these breezes increasing the coastal clouds will get blown away during the overnight hours. right now temperatures at 55. half moon bay, 59. san francisco, 63. fremont, danville 70 up at santa rosa. here is the view at the golden gate bridge. traffic flowing nicely. it's quite a heavy flow. locally windy overnight. it will be sunny and mild this
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weekend with hints of rain late next week. we like that. here's the satellite image showing an area of low pressure moving out of southern california into arizona where there's quite a bit of rainfall. we are experi wrensing the influence of this big ridge of high pressure. thus spring-like warmth this weekend as high pressure remains in control of our weather. let's look at our wind dust animation. winds becoming try and gusty and flowing off shore by tomorrow morning. that gust, the clear skies inland and at the coast. that will assist our warmup as well. some of these gusts will be strong over 25 miles per hour. san francisco, half moon bay 22 miles per hour. we'll see the winds dim minute shing just a ingdim diminishing
4:21 pm
just a bit overnight tomorrow. later this week a wider expanse of rain, and next friday we will see some more rain as chances increase. on we go to overnight lows 40s and 50s. tomorrow's highs south bay, upper 60s to near 70 on the peninsula and coast. downtown san francisco a high of 67 tomorrow. 70s all over the north bay. 73 at santa rosa. east bay highs 72 in oakland. 72 in richmond. inland east bay low 70s as well. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, after a dry mild weekend, mild and dry weather continuing into the middle of next week, clouds will increase and there's a slight chance of rain next thursday and a better chance of rain on friday. now i guess i can cancel my
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plans for that rain rap. now it looks like it will come on its own. >> let's not rule that out. let's not rule that out. >> you think that will go viral? >> i think it will be seen by a number of people and then i'm not sure. keep it under consideration. >> okay. >> all right. thank you. up next the other big winners at the oscars. a sneak peek inside the swag bag worth tens of thousands of dollars. >> you sound fired up about that. >> new at k 304:30, the big competition off the field, which ad will come out on top. and looking for a traffic jam? here you are, the skyway, that's the traffic trying to head south towards 101 south peninsula and beyond. left-hand side is the traffic approaching the lower deck of bulldog: oh boy! mattress discounters presidents day sale! what's this? a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397.
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not everyone at the oscars will come away with a golden statue but that doesn't mean they'll walk away empty handed. those nominated will receive a pricey swag bag, much of the bag valued over $50,000 is made up of extravagant cosmetics and skin care products, it includes travel packages and luxury electronics, and a pet food company will donate $10,000 to the animal shelter or rescue of each person's choice. mark your calendar for oscar sunday. the big awards show is february 22nd on abc 7. are vitamin drinks a bad idea and how caffeine can lead to a more enjoyable workout. jane king has today's wellness report. >> reporter: today more than ever the average person is expected to high level of vitamin the ands and minerals, but
4:26 pm
can beit be too much? for much of the population experts say there's no scientific evidence that more vitamins are beneficial. caffeine can help you get more out of your workout. a study says that caffeine can improve our physiology alertness and suppress our appetite. participants said they felt more alert and engaged after having caffeine. fitness trackers have been out for a while but some people are finding them not to live up to their promises a new research paper says these devices usually don't make people more fit. that's because recording steps speed or calories burned is not enough to spark the behavior chances necessary to improve performance. and binge watching tv is linked to depression. the more lonely and depressed a person is, the more likely he or
4:27 pm
she is to sit through a marathon of their favorite tv show. those unable to control themselves are more likely to binge watch. >> okay. >> wow. a lot of us binge watch tv shows. >> yes. just ahead mitt romney calls it quits. why he says he won't run for president next year. and music mogul suge knight turns himself in on murder charges. what he claims he was doing when he ran somebody down. and a little girl told she
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ul here are your headlines at 4:30. two unvaccinated children in marin county have contracted the measles. laura anthony tweeted a quote from the marin health department saying the children were exposed outside of marin as part of the disneyland outbreak. san francisco police are looking for a person of interest. they believe he's connected to the human remains found in a suitcase in a garbage can on wednesday. reporter vic lee tweeted pictures released today by the san francisco police department. he will have exclusive details
4:31 pm
coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. also notorious music moog suge knight once sganagain in trouble with the law. ted rolands with details. >> reporter: suge knight turning himself in. the former rap mogul arrested on suspicion of murder for killing his friend, 55-year-old terry cater. one of two people knight is accused of running over. >> suge knight turned around to go to his car and ran them over twice. >> knight was arguing with one of the men earlier on a film set in compton and may have followed them to the restaurant. knight's attorney is telling abc news that knight was being assaulted by a group of at least four men and was simply trying to get away having no idea he hit anybody. >> so far the people we talked to say it looked like an intentional act. >> reporter: last august, knight was the victim shot six times
4:32 pm
inside a packed west hollywood nightclub. surveillance video if there is any, may back up knight's story but knight remains in jail unable to make bail, which was set at $2 million. the judge overseeing the murder trial of former new england patriot aaron hernandez said today jurors can watch the super bowl but they must walk away or distance themselves if hernandez's name is mentioned by the announcers. hernandez caught cometom brady's last touch joundown pass in the super bowl against the giants. mitt romney is saying no to a third run at the white house. it's been only three weeks since the massachusetts governor told a small group of donors that he was eyeing another presidential run, but in a private conference call this morning he said he was
4:33 pm
bowing out. >> i believe one of our next jn generation of republican leaders, one just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the democrat nominee. >> romney's decision not to run comes after several of his former major donors and a veteran staffer in iowa decided to support jeb bush. lots of reaction on social media to romney's decision. donald trump tweeted i will take full credit for mitt romney dropping out of the race. paul ryan wrote mitt romney would have made a great president. i respect him and anne's decision and will work with him to move our party forward in 2016. >> two new bills were introduced today in sacramento. the first would ban hospitals from dumping severely
4:34 pm
intoxicated patient. any hospital refusing to treat an intoxicated patient could be fined $300,000. the second bill would make nfl cheerleaders as an employee. lawsuits filed by cheerleaders of the oakland raiders and buffalo bills claim they are not receiving fair compensation for their work. an angry florida mother wants to know why her child was denied a bathroom break at school. this resulted in an embarrassing moment for chloe. after wetting her pants, she was sent home in a diaperment. >> the teach sheer have let my daughter go to the bathroom. he was like, ew what is that? he found boy pants and made me put on boy pants and a diaper. >> the teacher in charge believed everybody had used the bathroom before class began.
4:35 pm
the school apologizes for not notifying chloe's mom before she picked up her daughter. just ahead the prom dress that school officials say went too far. and do you hate telemarketers? you're not alone. at least one telemarketer is credited for saving a woman's life. i'm spencer christian from our emeryville camera, we see, well some low clouds off in the distance. they will be blown away by dry warming winds. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> we see traffic that is the backup on 101 south on your friday. north, a lot for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train
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and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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getting a call from a telemarketer is often annoying, but one timely call may have saved a woman's life it started out as a routine day for one telemarketer, but what she heard on the other end was far from normal. it sound like the woman on the other end was being seriously hit. >> how are you today? >> ah! >> we were not going to hang up this phone of the young lady at all, as far as i was concerned, the people in that room we were the only lifeline. >> the telemarketer immediately called authorities in oregon. deputies entered the home and
4:39 pm
saw a man holding the woman from behind. once he saw them, he let her go. authorities say she was crying and gasping for air. her phone was in the back pocket during the entire attack. she said she had no idea someone called police. >> wow. a high school girl's dream prom didn't turn out as she expected thanks to her shoulder baring dress. 15-year-old gabby bought the dress in paris. she thought it fit the rules of her utah hospital. apparently it didn't. school officials forced her to wear her winter coat over the dress during the entire prom. the rules say tops must have a minimum two-inch strap and cleavage must be covered. the school says all students are aware of the dress code and they say this dress did not fit the code. as the father of who daughters, i've seen a lot of dresses that go way beyond that. that's pretty tame. >> i would think. >> california, utah -- >> there is a difference.
4:40 pm
>> totally different environment. all right. let's move on to the weather. spencer christian? >> our environment is about to change, but not in the immediate future. we have clear skies now that will last for a few days. here's live doppler 7 hd showing how sunny the skies are. we have areas of low clouds near parts of the coastline. across the 48 contiguous states tomorrow a day of precipitation down through the midsection from north to south. snow up around parts of minnesota, eastern south dakota, eastern nebraska rain from parts of missouri kansas southward down through oklahoma and texas. mostly dry on the two coasts. well, there's a third coast also the gulf coast. on the left and right coast mostly dry. across the state of california tomorrow, mostly dry as well. sunny skies, mild conditions highs of 69 in chico. 70 in sacramento. 73 in los angeles. 74 in palm springs. in the bay area, we'll see the clouds near the coast get blown away by developing winds and gusts overnight into tomorrow
4:41 pm
afternoon. bringing mild conditions to the entire bay area tomorrow. look for highs of 72 at richmond and oakland tomorrow which would be record highs for tomorrow's date. numerous locations tomorrow will have highs in the 70s. on sunday, super bowl sunday, look for clear weather in glendale, arizona as the patriots play the seahawks. game time 4:30 mountain time. conditions clear, sunny, 66 at the time of kickoff. dropping into the 50s later in the evening hours. the weather actually may not matter for game conditions. they're playing in a domed stadium, larry, you would know, the dome will be open for this game, i presume that's because skies are expected to be clear and winds calm. >> we've had strange weather in the phoenix area. it rains once or twice a year, and it happens to be super bowl week. >> supposed to end by sunday.
4:42 pm
>> but can you believe those forecasters? >> not those forecasters. >> but you. make that clear. still ahead, the new high-tech device being tested right here in the bay area that can help detect breast cancer early. it uses something you probably use every day. and the other have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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when is the last time you saw gas prices like this where you live? we're talking less than $2 in the bay area for a gallon of gasoline. our abc 7 news producer mike sterling, he took that photo at the arco. that's cheaper than the national average of 2.05 a gallon, much less than the 2.44 statewide average. if you're wondering the cheapest gas is in home marks where theyoklahoma where they pay 1.84 a gallon.
4:46 pm
>> for diane a routine breast screening turned out to be a life saver. doctors caught her cancer at a very early stage, and saved her breast. >> i was very lucky. i think because of the early detection. >> this radiologist says routine mammograms and self screening are the best defense. >> in my experience it is hit or miss. some women are consistent in doing breast exams at home, some don't do them at all. i often get questions from women asking how do i do my breast exam. >> soon an experimental technology could help thousands of women and doctors screen for breast cancer in a new way. it's called the i.t. bra. >> you will be putting that on. so it's now centered over you. >> company ceo rob roye says the patches can be worn inside any normal bra. >> it's a wearable device with a
4:47 pm
number of sensors that check what happens with your sarcadian patches of heat changes. >> and that is associated with breast tumors the results are possessed using sophisticated algorithms and transmitted to a smartphone. >> you wear the device for a few hours, and that information is given to your physician. >> developers believe they may offer advantages for some women with denser breast tissue which can be more difficult to image. >> we believe for all tissues we react about the same. >> the clinical trial being conducted at el camino hospital will study the results for women wearing the device at different lengths of time. the goal is to produce accurate readings in roughly two hours, ultimately making the system more easy for women to use.
4:48 pm
>> whether it's a routine mammogram or at home screening diane believes that any investment in early detection is worth the time. >> that's good to have that. it's very valuable. >> if the trial is successful, sar sarcadia health hopes to have the bra on the market earlier this year. a dispute over t-shirts was settled. ryan frigo accused the a's, major league baseball of stealing his stoked slogan. frigo claims he launched that stoke brand to salute oakland even before the a's used it. the team sold 126 shirts online. they agreed to donate the procedures, $2770 to a charity of frigo's choosing. we are closing in on super bowl sunday. for anybody planning to go and
4:49 pm
still looking for tickets t will cost you. >> a ton. the cheapest ticket on stub hub was selling for $9200. analysts say part of the problem is that brokers sell tickets that they don't have and buy them later hoping the prices will go down so they can make their profit on the margin. this year that has not happened. the brokers are losing a lot of money. >> one of the big super3w bowli] competitions takes place off the field and in your home. we're talking about the super bowl ad and who will have this year's best. advertisers are shelling out major bucks. $4.5 million for a 30-second spot. marcy gonzalez has a preview. >> anybody need a ride to the big game? >> reporter: it's the big game's other big competition. >> what happened? >> barry hit me in the nose with a football. >> reporter: many releasing football ads online.
4:50 pm
budweiser's latest lost puppy commercial already viewed poremore than 11 million times on&ñ youtube. kim kardashian's selfie spoof watched by more than 8 million. >> it's about generating that big bang now it's about having extended conversation around their spot. >> reporter: that conversation backfiring for one company. godaddy releasing this commercial. >> i'm so glad you made it home. because i just sold you on this website. >> reporter: only to pull it from the super bowl after a major backlash on twitter. >> as far as i can tell, there's never been an ad pulled from the super bowl. this is really quite a situation on godaddy's hands. >> reporter: the company says they will air something in that commercial's place. other advertisers also choosing to keep their ads a surprise for the big game. as always, the price tag is huge. with these companies paying $4.5
4:51 pm
million for every 30 second spot. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. go ahead. >> well i was going to say godaddy is getting a ton of publicity even though the ad is pulled. >> that whole thing is orchestrated. they know exactly what reaction is going to be. >> how would -- how would somebody approve that? that's great. >> the whole plan is, throw it out there we'll get the negative reaction and they had another ad ready to go. they know how to manipulate this. they do it with danica patrick others. this is part of the plan, i believe. >> all right. we have several ads posted on our website go to if you wanted to check them out. it looks like a doritos commercial but it sends a different message. the viral video has 12 million views online. >> this campaign has taken off
4:52 pm
like none other we've done. >> find out why thousands of consumers are demanding corporate snack food companies change their ways. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. up next the ugly side of a beautiful san francisco landmark. we'll show you the growing problem at land's end. >> coming up at 5:00, it's been the driest january on record. where people could soon see serious water restrictions if we don't get real rain and soon. and what tiger woods did today at the phoenix open that he's never done before.
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bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale! get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ a marin county building has been nominated for the world heritage list of the most significant cultural sites on the planet. the nomination of the marin civic center was announced this morning. it's one of ten structures
4:56 pm
designed by frank lloyd wright to be honored like this. land's end with its breath taking views is in one of san francisco's most popular national parks but some hikers say they're disgusted by the trash that is scattered along the trails. alycia harrington found piles of garbage that park officials are promising to clean up. >> reporter: larry, people visit san francisco from all over the world. many of them make it a point to come to land's end to get some great pictures. one viewer sent us photos that he took on one of these hiking trails. we decided they were troubling enough to check out. >> yeah. that's pretty nasty. >> reporter: alexander robinson is an avid hiker. san francisco's land's end has been one of his favorite spots until now. >> i come out to land's end quite a bit through the years. about a month ago i thought i would do some old hikes i had
4:57 pm
done down here last year discovered that garbage was everywhere. >> reporter: about a quarter mile down the main trail, trash littered the trail. we found clothing hanging from branches, beer bottles and a syringe. further down there appears to be a homeless encampment. >> my issue is not to deal with the people doing this, but my issue is to get this cleaned up as soon as possible and restore the land to what it used to be. >> reporter: robinson suggested a grassroots clean-up effort but this mess is the responsibility of the national park service. >> like most areas in the greater bay area, there is a homelessness issue. and our park is not immune. >> reporter: howard levitt with the golden gate national recreation area says they have a maintenance crew on site every day. when they become aware of an issue they clean it up. >> it's impossible to cover every inch of the park all the time. >> reporter: he wants to remind people camping here is illegal.
4:58 pm
if you see trash like this, the best thing to do is call and report it. in san francisco, alycia harrington abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. next at 5:00, police on the lookout for this man. a live report to his possible connection to the gruesome discovery in san francisco. and another dose of bad news for residents burned out by that massive san francisco apartment fire. and a dog dies after wading into an east bay lake, the site of an algae bloom. record highs and rain in the seven-day forecast. i'll let you know what you'll see this weekend coming up. good evening. >> right now there's a search for this man in san francisco.
4:59 pm
police hope he can help them figure out where a suitcase packed with human remains came from. >> vic lee is live in san francisco with exclusive video and details on the investigation. >> reporter: the pictures released today came from a business close to where the mançó dropped the suitcase. we tonight have video also from a business that is very close to the crime scene. what these videos are telling police is that the man was wandering around the area for perhaps hours possibly wondering what to do with the suitcase. these are the images fromw3 a security camera taken in the neighborhood where a person dumped the suitcase containing the torso. it appears to be a light-skinned male as described by the medical examiner today. >> that person is described as a male, white, possibly 50 to 60
5:00 pm
years of age. 5 5'7" to 5'8" wearing a pinstriped baseball hat, blue and orange jacket. >> reporter: police found the suitcase near 11th and mission. inside, the headless torso then they found a leg in a garbage container. yesterday police canvassed the area looking through garbage bins looking for other body parts, they found none. but they found video footage. abc 7 news has obtained another video. this one which shows that same person lugging a suitcase on howard street about two weekblocks from where it was dumped. the man walks past businesses dragging the suitcase. he has the same baseball cap and


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