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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  January 31, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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we'll see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight". measles outbreak. new case on an amtrak train. thousands of travelers at new york's busy penn station at risk. and just hours away from the big game, big worries in phoenix. can this extremely contagious illness be stopped? winter blast. the east coast still digging out from a blizzard. now another deep freeze. windchills below zero. the major winter storm on the move tonight. >> medical emergency. bobby hospitalized tonight, after being unreresponsive in her bath tube. the frightening scene just like the way her mother died. and, road rage -- the
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growing highway menace, the latest incident caught on camera. and what you can do to stay cool behind the wheel. good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. a lot to get to breaking on several fronts. first that massive winter storm developing at this hour. nearly 100 million people in its path. heavy snow and dangerous icy mix in the forecast. but we begin with that measles outbreak spreading coast to coast. 84 cases diagnosed in 14 states just this month. the latest case, a college student, boarding an amtrak train here in new york's penn station, the busiest station in the country. and now, health officials in arizona monitoring potential cases there as up to a million people pour in for tomorrow's super bowl game. that's where we find abc's neal karlinsky tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the measles a disease that was effectively eliminated from this country, is now on the move again. 14 states are now tracking cases, the latest in new york
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where tens of thousand of people may have been exposed at one of the nation's busiest hubs -- penn station. ron claiborne is on the train. >> it was last sunday when the college student took an amtrak train like this one. and health experts say anyone who passed through the same car as him or her, breathed the same air even after he or she got off that train up to two hours later, was exposed to the measles virus and those without immunity were very likely infected. >> reporter: at the super bowl health care workers are gearing up. this team will be inside the stadium working first aid stations looking for signs of the highly contagious disease. >> we want to make sure if something happens, we can respond as quickly as happen. and limit that spread. >> reporter: in hard-hit california the epicenter of the outbreak, kellie kruger says her 3-year-old came down with the measles despite the fact he had been vaccinated. >> when they told us it was measles it was such a weird,
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kind of old-fashioned thing like who gets measles? >> reporter: many doctors are blaming the so-called anti-vaccers parents who are afraid to have their kids vaccinated because of side effects. >> even a touch, sneeze, make things tricky at the super bowl, where health officials stress they can be on guard and hope anyone showing symptoms stays home. cecilia. neal karlinsky leading us off tonight. thank you. abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard bester. rich, this story just keeps on growing. who needs to worry tonight? >> it's really those people who haven't been vaccinated. whether you were in the train, or another state in a school, store or clinic. if you were not vaccinated and possibly exbossed and you get a fever, call your doctor. they can tell you whether you have measles. >> that list of states is growing. what will it take to stop this? >> again it comes down to vaccinations. we eliminated measles but the rest of the world didn't.
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if you have not been vaccinated go ahead and get vaccinated now. dr. besser, thank you very much. and we have one related health note, still. the university of virginia sending an e-mail to students about mumps, after one confirmed and four suspected cases diagnosed on that campus. mumps is prevented with the same vaccine used to protect measles. we turn to tonight's other breaking story. a new winter storm on the move nearly 100 million people in its path. and it is hitting the plains at this hour. that means trouble is on the way for a huge stretch of the country, including the northeast still frozen from this week's blizzard and tonight much of the east plunging into bone-chilling cold. here's abc's senior meteorologist. rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, heavy snow still menacing parts of maine. >> tuesday, wasn't too happen about that one, and not too
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happy about today, either. >> reporter: but he might wanna keep that snow blower handy, as the cold air pours down from canada. gio benitez is in massachusetts. >> reporter: here in boston we're feeling the bitter cold. it feels like 7j¡ow zero right now with incredible gusts of wind at 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: dangerously cold windchills across the northeast. it felt like 19 degrees below zero in plattsburgh, new york. 21 below in burlington, vermont. and a startling wind chill of 27 degrees below zero in saranac lake, new york this morning. residents in new haven, connecticut, scrambling to get }í%fqáháo those who need it most with a coat drive.ppe and in brooklyn not even this seven-alarm fire could keep these firefighters unfrozen, as they emerge from the blaze covered in ice. about 22 degrees in central park with a windchill closer to 12, and there's another storm heading this way. as we get into february, winter is certainly here. >> that storm heading to places already hit by the blizzard. right? and how badly are we talking? >> this storm is bigger.
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it's going to affect more people. let's take a look at it. it will head into chicago tonight, into tomorrow morning. this will be some of the heaviest chicago has seen stretching east. across northern illinois, indiana, southern michigan and pittsburgh. eventually reaching new york metropolitan area. about kick-off time super bowl sunday will be at the freezing line. that will be an iffy forecast. here's the snowfall forecast. midwest a good chance seeing 6 to 10 inches. new york, again, right on the rain-snow line. 6 to 8 inches of snow. that will stretch to boston as well. this will be a large storm. cecilia. we have another breaking storm to get to tonight. the new video from isis. the terrorists claiming they're killed another hostage. this time a japanese journalist. his family in mourning tonight. here's brian ross with how a week of intense negotiations failed to keep the man alive. >> reporter: the video was posted just after sundown tonight in the middle east,
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48 hours after the deadline set by isis for a prisoner swap had expired. the 66-second video shows the japanese journalist, kenji goto, on his knees. with the familiar isis masked executioner, dubbed jihadi john, a knife in his hand, announcing the execution. >> so let the nightmare for japan begin. >> reporter: isis had demanded that jordan release this imprisoned al qaeda terrorist, sajida al rashawi. the handover was supposed to take place at a border checkpoint with turkey, but jordanian officials called off the deal, because they had no guarantee a second isis hostage in the swap -- a captured jordanian pilot -- was still alive. but the fact that king of jordan entered into negotiations with isis, gave the terror group a propaganda victory at the very least. >> being dealt with as a state by a state, jordan to isis, further increases its standing, makes it look like it's a
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feature of the new middle east. >> reporter: tonight, there is no word on the fate of the captured jordanian pilot. the female al qaeda terrorist remains in prison, in jordan on death row. sa celia. >> brian ross on the story for us. thanks very much. next back home to more trouble for drivers blamed once again on faulty air bags. toyota, chrysler and honda recalling 2.1 million older vehicles for a second time because the air bags could deploy unexpectedly. half of these cars are under another recall because air bags could expel shards of metal. we have a full list on and next to super bowl xlix now just a day away. the game balls under lock and key. the players resting today. no practice on the final day before the big game. hoping to get your hands on a last-minute ticket? get ready to pay some big bucks. amy robach is right there in phoenix with the latest. amy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. thousands of people are pouring
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into the phoenix area today. we are less than 24 hours from the kick-off of super bowl 49. defending champs squaring off against the powerhouse patriots. >> touchdown! >> reporter: with more than 70,000 fans packing into the uvt of phoenix stadium. security is of top concern. every item delivered to the super bowl stadium -- more than 14,000 trucks worth -- getting screened. pierre thomas is behind the scenes looking at what goes in to securing the big game. >> we're talking about the foot, we're talking about katy perry's costume. everything gets checked out. >> katy perry's stage came in. we got, uh, the port-a-potties, food, hot dogs, the nfl paraphernalia. we're looking for any weapons, any bombs, any weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: on the field, the nfl hoping to put the deflate-gate scandal behind them by locking up those game balls until three hours before kickoff. quarterback tom brady still nursing that cold. >> my kids got sick and my wife's pretty sick right now. so, i brought it unfortunately to phoenix. but i'll be fine.
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>> reporter: and seattle seahawks star richard sherman and his girlfriend expecting their first child any day. >> he's going to do his father his first favor and stay in there for another week or two. >> if you don't already have your tickets to the big game, you're probably out of luck. they are going for as much as $35,000 apiece. back to you, cecilia. >> wow, not cheap. amy, thank you. now to a developing story tonight. emergency crews called to the atlanta area home of bobbi kristina brown, daughter of singer whitney houston. she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. a scene so eerily familiar. that's how her motherñ steve oh sun osunsami joins us tonight, steve? >> reporter: she is aliving and breathing but we are still not clear what led to this.
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>> reporter: around 10:30 this morning, a call for help from this gated community north of atlanta. an emergency at the townhome of bobbi kristina brown. just last night, she posted these photos of herself online, no obvious signs of distress. >> a 21-year-old female in the bathtub face down. p.d. is en route. >> reporter: police say the only child of the late whitney houston and singer bobby brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub, by her husband and a friend. they immediately began trying to save her life. >> there is cpr in progress, we are getting a third party that is not on scene. she is gurgling at this time. >> the police officer arrived within minutes. they took over lifesaving measures until rescue and ambulance arrived. >> reporter: investigators say they're not sure what happened earlier at the home. her mother was found dead in the bathtub in february of 2012. authorities found a dozen bottles of pills in her beverly hilton hotel suite. they determined that heart disease and cocaine use contributed to her accidental drowning. after houston died, her daughter struggled at points, struggled. at one point hospitalized for
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an decide. brown agreed to star in reality tv series, and she addressed rumors of drug and alcohol abuse following her mother's death in an interview with oprah winfrey. >> i'm getting through it, i'm doing as good as i possibly can. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, lifetime aired a tv-movie about whitney houston's rocky marriage to bobby brown, and the film even featured a young bobbi kristina. >> it's okay bobbi kristií >> reporter: it was a difficult time for many in the family who weren't at all happy with the production. brown and her husband had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary this week. she's been saying that she's trying to pursue a music career in the footsteps of her famous parents. cecilia? >> steve osunsami, thanks very much. next to a dramatic rescue at sea. the coast guard plucking boats out of water after their luxury sailboat foundered in strong winds and high seas. on board an original investor in the website pintrest and h crew.
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two pilots back on land tonight that set out to shatter world records. they stayed in the air 5200 miles. so, did they do did? here's abc's aditi roy in baja mexico, tonight. >> reporter: touchdown came in the pacific ocean, off the coast of baja, mexico for the two eagles team. we were there, as the balloon recovery team greeted the pair. >> whoo! >> reporter: nearly seven days and more than 6600 miles after troy bradley and leonid tiukhtyaev launched their 15 year quest to make history. the pair took off in saga, japan last sunday. by friday, surpassing three decade old records for distance and time traveled in a gas balloon. living in a capsule the size of a double bed, the pilots taking turns to sleep on a single cot. their bodies constantly adjusting to different altitudes, roughly 20,000 feet above ground.
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once the men landed they were picked up by this shrimp boat. in fact you can see the yellow balloon and white capsule there right on the boat. the pair now safely on solid ground but no doubt still on cloud nine. aditi roy, abc new, baja, mexico. we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next, caught on video. a frightening case of road rage. how this terrifying situation escalated for one grandmother. what happened next? and we are a nation about to chow down on pizza during tomorrow's super bowl. but where are these pizzas headed? is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas.
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year and that number is on the rise. a frightening case caught on camera. the victim, a grandmother, who was in the car when it all went down? here's abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: this week, on a rural north carolina road, a shocking example of just how quickly an irritating spat with another driver can downright dangerous. >> stop it. >> reporter: sherri norman driving with her 6-year-old granddaugter starts to film on her phone, after the driver this suv allegedly tries to run her off the road, then passes in front of her car. >> she would speed up, hit the brakes, speed up, hit the brakes. i already called 911. >> reporter: the driver of that vehicle, identified as kristen phillips, then gets out of the car, and does this. >> stop it. >> reporter: the move terrifying norman's little granddaughter in the back seat. >> i had my seatbelt on, she grabbed the seatbelt and my hair. >> reporter: that video now vital to the case against philips, who is now charged with six felony counts including reckless driving. across the country road rage on the rise.
5:48 pm
these two women near sacramento, terrorized by an angry driver. >> she just hit our car. >> reporter: andrew vollo drove a taxi for years on the mean streets of new york. his solution for road rage -- using a technique borrowed from yoga. even teaching classes to other drivers. >> breathing. breathing is one. deep breathing. that's priority number one. >> reporter: and now a push to get drivers to hit the brakes on their anger. former boxing champ, evander holyfield, who has been a target of road rage himself, starring in a new psa. >> get out. >> i didn't know it was you. >> reporter: sending the message, you never know who is behind the wheel. still ahead on "world news tonight," it play well be the sexiest apartment ever. what happens inside the "fifty shades of grey" apartment, coming up. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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straight to the "index" starting with another victory for the virtually unbeatable serena williams even sick with a lacking cough the tennis great extended her decade-long domination of maria sharapova, winning her 19th grand slam title and continuing her winning streak in six australian opens. 33-year-old williams has become the oldest winner of the august open title. and next up, america's sexiest apartment. sorry, this one is not for sale. barely two weeks until "fifty shades of grey" sizzles up the box office. they're allowing fans to get a sneak peak of christian grey's seattle home. the interactive tour allows
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users to point and click their way through the apartment of the rich and handsome sex symbol with a dark side, of course. "fifty shades of grey" comes out on valentine's day. and finally speaking of rich and beautiful things one savvy shopper in england stumbled on an estate sale of a lifetime. it sold for just $5,000. but turned out to be a rare masterpiece nearly 200 years by one of the country's most popular and list toreically significant romantic painters. it sold at auction for $5.2 million. good find. and speaking of millions when we come back americans are expected to order 12 pizzas tomorrow for their super bowl parties. tonight, why some of those pies are already headed overseas.
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why eliquis is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. and finally tonight, just in time for the big game, the pizza man is making a special delivery to troops in afghanistan,
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something to make watching the super bowl feel a little more like being at home. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: they've been baking in buffalo a place called rich products corporation getting ready for yet another massive scale version of this. pizza delivery as captured in the iconic fast times at ridge mont high. >> who had the double cheese and sausage. >> right here, dude. >> reporter: but they're not going across town. they're going a lot further than that, as in afghanistan where there are several thousand pizza-loving americans standing by. round eight for another inspiration. pizza for patriots. inspiration of mark evans who started sending pizza for troops in the war zone for special occasions like the fourth of july and veterans day. >> we shipped over 1 million slices in 6 1/2 years so far. we're just so blessed with this project. >> reporter: and the special occasion coming up now, the
5:58 pm
super bowl. >> holy halftime show. >> reporter: last year the troops got pizza and where they had a satellite feed they got to see the game. nice come combo, right? >> it's awesome those in the states care about us being here and want to provide us for something else extra. >> reporter: it takes logic dhl donated its services. even switching up the ice from time to time. that's what it takes to get 5000,000 pizzas delivered in a single shot. and who wins? well, you know the answer to that one. john donvan, abc news. our thanks to john donvan. "gma" and "this week in the morning. and we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. thanks for spending part of your saturday with us. have a good evening. ♪
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next at 6:00, what police are saying tonight about the man they believe dumped a suitcase packed with human remains. >> another fire in san francisco forces dozen from their homes. we wrap up one of the driest januaries in history. where this one ranks in the recordbooks. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm katie marzullo. we're following developing news tonight out of solano county. crews from the fire protection district are closely watching this eight acre fire burning near the grizzly island wildlife area. firefighters are not sure how the plants caught fire, and they say they're not able to reach the flames since the fire is burning in a marsh but they're not too concerned because the
6:00 pm
fire is surrounded by water. police have arrested a murder suspect in connection with human remains found in a suitcase. police detained the unidentified man late last night in san francisco's tenderloin district. this morning they've identified hem now and placed him under arrest. cornell bernard has more. >> reporter: suspect mark anidrosis being held without bail here at city jail. charged with a gruesome bizarre crime that some say is stranger than fiction. >> i thought it was fake when i heard about it. just sounded crazy. like a tv show. >> many are breathing easier, knowing a murder suspect is off their neighborhood streets, in soma. >> relieved an arrest has been made here? >> yes, i am. kids come through here. we not goodwill and a lot of people around here. who don't like to be freaked out by things like that. >> reporte


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