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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 1, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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breaking right now. weather alert -- a massive winter storm. 100 million americans in its path. chicago bracing for blizzard conditions. over 20 states under weather advisories. more than 1,000 flights already canceled. "gma's" weather team tracking it all. measles misery. >> it's so easy to be transmitted. >> doctors now making house calls to try to stop the spread. how tens of thousands of commuters in america's biggest city may have been exposed, and the fear of an outbreak in the shadow of the super bowl. new overnight -- dramatic rescue. hikers injured plummeting 500 feet down mt. hood. fellow climbers rushing to help them, and the emergency
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helicopter ride. super bowl spectacular. the big game day is here and we're getting you ready. from the field to the celebrity-filled fun -- ♪ i don't care ♪ ♪ i love it ♪ >> to the halftime fireworks. >> halftime show! >> everything you need to know for the big game. hey, good morning. happy super bowl sunday. it will be a cold and snowy day for the eastern half of this country. take a look at this storm. it's a beast. it's big, it's fast. it stretches from the midwest through the northeast. >> yes, our weather team tracking this. in a moment, rob will have your forecast. we're going kick it off with with abc's alex perez, in chicago, where the storm has already hit and where they're expecting blizzard-like conditions. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. this is a big deal. 100 million people in the path
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of this storm. here in chicago, we're bracing for the worst. the snow began falling late last night. it's not expected to pound the area until later today. now already, at chicago's airports, more than 1,000 flights have been canceled. crews are working hard to try to keep those runways clear. this could be the biggest snowfall of the season for the chicago area. part of the big problem, the strong winds. possibly blizzard-like conditions expected here later today. authorities are asking people, if you don't have to be outside today, don't. stay inside. rob? >> let's get right to where this storm is and where it's going. mentioned this snow there across parts of chicago. this storm is just massive. look at the satellite picture here. kansas city through chicago and stretching across the northeast. where this storm is, now, it's pretty much all snow, north of i-70. look at the stretch of winter weather advisories. winter storm warnings. i mentioned the blizzard warning. that takes effect this afternoon. the winds will crank up later. the storm will intensify.
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let's time it out for you. the snows continue through this afternoon. really through tonight. getting into new york by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. you notice the rain-snow line. the stronger this storm gets, the problem is, the more warm air it pumps in. we get the mixing. i think that will suppress some of the snowfall totals for new york city. it's still going to be a mess for the morning commute. probably higher amounts for the northeast. all right. we're looking at probably 6 to 12 inches, i think possibilities of more than that in some places. a wide swath of 6 to 12 inches. notice the tight gradient there across new york. just north of the city, significantly more snow. sleet and freezing rain mixing in at times. tomorrow will be a slick go. dan? >> all right, rob. thank you. we want to remind everybody to keep it here on abc for the latest on the storm. as it marches across america. we move on now to the latest on the measles outbreak. now 84 cases reported in 14 states. this morning, new questions and concerns about the college student who may have exposed
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tens of thousands of commuters to this extremely contagious disease. and abc's mara schiavocampo is on the story. mara? >> reporter: dan, good morning. that student left from here at new york's penn station, one of the city's busiest travel hubs. now health officials are trying to track down anyone who may have been exposed. >> measles is very dangerous. >> reporter: this morning, measles sparking unease. coast to coast. >> i think there's a heightened concern right now out in our community. >> reporter: the cdc examining 84 cases so far this year. a 30% increase from the first quarter of 2014, which went on to see the most cases since the virus was declared eradicated in 2000. the latest case in new york, where tens of thousands of people may have been exposed at bustling penn station. after a bard college student took an amtrak train from new york city to niagara falls. >> hey, how you doing? >> reporter: in hard-hit
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california, doctors now making house calls to check for measles. >> it's so easy to be transmitted. >> reporter: parents concerned. >> it makes me cough. >> reporter: taking every precaution to make sure their children are healthy. >> i'm not going to subject my child to going to the doctor's office where there could be possible cases of measles. >> reporter: experts stressing how effective the vaccine, mmr, is, despite extremely rare cases. like kellie krueger's 3-year-old son who was infected even after being inoculated. >> they told us it was the measles. it was a weird, old-fashioned thing. who gets measles? >> reporter: officials now monitoring 200 patients for possible exposure. and with an estimated 1 million visitors pouring in for tonight's super bowl, the threat of the virus reaching more
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people is putting the city on alert. now, health officials say if you do think you have been exposed, it's important to try to avoid public places. and reach out to your doctor. it may not be too late to get vaccinated. paula? >> good advice. mara schiavocampo on the case for us this morning. thank you, mara. next to the horrific video from isis. confirmed over night, showing the barbaric beheading of the japanese hostage. this coming just a week after his colleague was also beheaded by the islamist terror group. president obama has condemned the killing as heinous. with japanese officials shocked by this brutality. abc's chief investgative reporter brian ross has the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the gruesome video came at the end of the week of failed negotiations between isis and jordan that few u.s. officials thought ever had any chance of succeeding. the video was posted 48 hours after the isis deadline for a prisoner swap expired.
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the 66-minute videos the japanese journalist. kenji goto on his knees. with the masked executioner, jihadi john, a knife in his hand, announcing the execution. >> let the nightmare for japan begin. >> reporter: isis had demanded the release of this failed suicide bomber. the handover was supposed to take place at a border check point with turkey. jordanian officials called off the deal because they had no guarantee a second isis hostage in the swap, a captured jordanian pilot, was even still alive. this morning in japan, outrage over the respected television journalist. the drama captivated the country, as goto's mother and wife issued emotional appeals for the release of the father of two young children. >> our baby girl was only three weeks old when kenji left. i hope our oldest daughter, who is just 2, will get to see her
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father again. >> reporter: but isis once again showed no mercy. only brutality for yet another journalist caught in its campaign against the u.s. and its allies. paula? >> and brian, they're threatening the life of other hostages including an american. >> reporter: yes, there is one young american woman being held. by isis at this point. >> thank you, brian. on the face for us this morning. thanks for joining us. >> agonizing time for her family. brian, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in martha raddatz, who has also covered isis extensively. she's in washington where she'll host "this week" later this morning. martha, when we see this latest horror, i'm sure a lot of people are wondering, is any progress being made in america's military effort against isis? >> we have conducted well over 2,000 air strikes in syria and iraq. we have ground troops helping train the iraqi forces. we have blunted isis efforts in certain areas. still vast swaths of iraq and syria are controlled by isis. the u.s. also has all kinds of intelligence assets overhead. when you see that heartbreaking video of the japanese
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journalist, you realize that it is the same executioner who killed american hostage james foley last august. even though the executioner stands out in broad daylight, taunts the west with the videos, we have been unable to stop him and unable to find him, dan. >> so frustrating for so many people. it's clear from what you just said there's a lot of work being done. martha, thank you. she'll have much more coming up on "this week." later this morning right here on abc. she's also going to talk to the head of the cdc with dr. tom frieden, about the measles outbreak. martha wants to know what questions you have for dr. frieden. you can tweet questions to martha @martharaddatz. now to the troubling news about the daughter of whitney houston. her only child, bobbi kristina brown, was found face down in her bathtub in a scene painfully reminiscent of her mother's death on the eve of the grammys nearly three years ago. steve osunsami has more. from atlanta, steve? >> reporter: good morning,
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paula. we know that bobbi kristina brown is hospitalized here. she's alive and breathing. and that her family is by her side. but the hospital is saying very little about her condition. >> a 21-year-old female in the bathtub, face down, pd is en route. >> reporter: this morning, police are calling it a sad scene. the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown found face down in her bathtub, unresponsive, in a bathtub face down in this gated community. >> there is cpr in progress. we're getting it third party that is not on scene. she is gurgling at this time. >> reporter: the details, as we know it, too similar to what happened at the beverly hilton hotel in february of 2012, when her mother, whitney houston, was found dead in a bathtub. authorities found a dozen bottles of pills in her suite. >> i need paramedics. apparently i got a 46-year-old female. >> reporter: at their townhouse, bobbi kristina brown's husband, nick gordon, and a mutual friend, started cpr as soon as
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they pulled her from the tub. police took over when they arrived at the home. >> it's a difficult situation for a police officer who had to physically perform cpr on this person. >> reporter: the night before, brown posted these pictures of herself on instagram. an entirely different scene. since her mother died, she has struggled, hospitalized over the years. rumors have followed her for years about alleged drug use. >> she was more than willing to admit she used drugs in her past. she said she needed to change her ways. she had seen what the drugs had done to her mother. >> reporter: police, armed with a search warrant, are looking through her home north of atlanta. they were called to her home last week but found nothing and no charges were field. brown and her husband had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, too. dan and paula? >> such a troubling development for their family.
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steve, thank you. >> an eerie echo of what happened with her mom. steve, that again. a lot happened overnight. for that, to ron. good morning, sir. >> good morning. good super bowl sunday to both of you. sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with harrowing rescue on oregon's mt. hood. an adventure hike taking a wild and perilous turn for three climbers on dangerous mountain. abc's michelle franzen has the story. >> reporter: a daring and dangerous rescue on oregon's mt. hood. after a married couple hiking the icy hog's back ridge, some 10,000 feet up, on the south side, nearly fell to their deaths. >> two climbers, short-roped, sliding down the mountain at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: the husband and wife clinging to life, with severe leg injuries. a rescue team who just happened to be training in the area raced to help, even forming a human shield. >> they lined up above where we had the patients and had their packs held out in front of them to deflect the ice and rocks that were coming down. >> reporter: reaching the hikers just in time. >> they were in extreme pain. there was significant injuries.
7:13 am
>> reporter: a national guard helicopter air-lifted them down. they were taken to a nearby hospital. the man suffering from a broken femur. and the woman, two broken ankles. a third hiker who also tumbled during the rescue made it down with the help of the crew. for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. >> michelle, thanks for that. here in new york, firefighters are still putting out hot spots in massive warehouse fire more than 24 hours after it started in brooklyn. the huge blaze created an enormous blanket of smoke that could be seen from miles away. crews battling fire and ice. the water was freezing as they tried to get the flames under control. the warehouse stores paper, which helped fuel the blaze. residents are asked to stay indoors because of air quality issues. fire officials say it could take weeks, weeks to fully extinguish that blaze. l.a. county sheriff's investigators are studying video of an incident, that incident involving rap mogul suge night allegedly running over a friend with his pickup truck.
7:14 am
knight is currently jailed with suspicion of murder. the friend was killed outside a restaurant. another man was injured. knight says he accidentally ran them over while trying to get away from an attacker. he's due back in court on tuesday. and from bakersfield, california, something you don't see every day on the highway. at least i don't. a runaway trailer. another driver shot this video of the runaway trailer. racing along the free way with no truck pulling it. all by itself. and driving straight, keeping in its proper lane. the video, shot by dan camacho. he raced ahead, caught up with the guy who thought he was still pulling the trailer. that guy had no idea he had lost it. >> oops. >> a tow truck eventually came along and rescued the trailer. no idea how it came to a stop. at least no one was injured. weird one. and finally, a rare mixed breed dog getting global attention. his name is rami. his body is low to the ground like a typical dachshund. his face is as fierce as a
7:15 am
bulldog. he has a lot of people buzzing online. some saying the doggie hybrid isn't real. but it is real. allegedly photoshopped. >> he looks real in the video. >> animal handlers in georgia, at the local humane society. he's there right now. they say they have never seen anything quite like him before. this photo shared so much online that rami has its own facebook page. the 1-year-old pit/dachshund mix is up for adoption. sara. >> yes. >> the shelter says they've gotten hundreds of calls. if you want it, you can still get it. >> chihuahuas. >> would be great to go with chihuahuas. >> they're old. they don't welcome new comers. if you know what i mean. they rule my roost. but that dog is so cute. >> and if you can't rescue him, you can rescue another animal. there are hundreds of thousands out there. this is, as everybody knows, america's secular holy day, super bowl sunday. and it's not just about seeing your friends and binging on carbs, which even sara haines may actually do today. there will be an actual football game apparently.
7:16 am
and abc's amy robach is at the stadium. in glendale, arizona, has everything you need to know in just two minutes for you. amy, take it away. >> reporter: that's right, dan. you have a stopwatch on me i guess. in less than 12 hours, the action, the real action happens here behind me at the university of phoenix stadium. and you can bet the excitement here is building. tonight, the seattle seahawks and new england patriots face off in what's expected to be an explosive super bowl xlix. the reigning champs bringing their damaging defense to the gridiron all eyes on tom brady, to see if he can outpass the pressure. >> we would love to go out there and play at our best and finish our job. >> reporter: a legion of 12th man seahawks fans flocking to phoenix. >> all: seahawks! >> reporter: while the pats fans are furning out in full force. >> go pats. >> reporter: to rally behind ailing tom brady. coach belichick hoping to leave deflate-gate behind.
7:17 am
>> our focus is on the seahawks and this game. >> reporter: two seahawks superstars, the focus of controversy. richard sherman fined for unsportsmanlike conduct. and teammate marshawn lynch also facing fines for antics at back-to-back press conferences. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. >> reporter: katy perry here to rock the halftime show. >> it's here. >> reporter: promising a fiery performance. with surprise guests. >> i think jaws will drop and faces will melt. >> reporter: 70,000 superfans will be in the stands at the newly renovated state-of-the-art university of arizona stadium. with a brand-new retractable field, it's the only one of its kind. fans scrambling to get into the game could be spending tens of thousands of dollars with a shortage of tickets making sunday's matchup one of the most expensive in nfl history. we have the specifics. on those ticket prices if you're
7:18 am
still trying to get a ticket to get in, look to pay some big bucks. $9,000, the cheapest ticket available so far. and the most expensive one? $35,000. paula? >> for one ticket, right? one ticket, amy. >> reporter: one ticket. >> well, glad you have the media pass. enjoy the game tonight, amy. and the seahawks headed to a big game after a stunning come from behind victory over the packers. in the nfc championship game. i think the packers are still recovering. now the seahawks are looking far back-to-back super bowl crowns. the patriots have claimed the title three times. haven't hoisted that lombardi trophy in a decade. time to bring in espn football analyst, former nfl quarterback, and can we say, a "gma" favorite, jesse palmer to the show. jesse, first and foremost, we have been inundated whether we like it or not, with deflate-gate. the patriots are painted as the villains. will they use the us versus them mentality to their advantage? >> yeah, paula.
7:19 am
i think it's an us versus the world mentality that they're going to use. it's the rallying cry they'll use to their advantage in the game. i think they feel slighted in a lot of ways. the last few weeks hasn't been about the special season the patriots had, the run down the stretch, or the fact that they blew out the indianapolis colts in the afc championship game. it's all been about the deflate-gate. they're the villain in the super bowl. they're the team a lot of fans are cheering against. this us versus the world mentality, certainly a rallying cry they're going to hope to use to their advantage tonight. >> playing with the chip on their shoulder. so break it down, jesse. what are the keys to this game? >> two huge keys, paula. these teams have to run the football. they have to play great defense.
7:20 am
we know marshawn lynch, from seattle. legarrette blount from the patriots. they have to wear down the defenses. i think defensively for the seahawks, they want to be able to get pressure on tom brady with only four guys. so they can keep as many guys in coverage as they can. the patriots have to keep russell wilson in the pocket. he's the most dangerous quarterback in the nfl when he gets outside the tackle box. running the football and defense, two huge keys. for both of these teams tonight. >> patriots favored by one. who is your pick? >> paula, as a former quarterback, i can't believe i'm about to say this. >> uh-oh. >> but defense wins championships. the seahawks, the last three years, have been the best defense in the nfl. i think tonight, that comes through and shows up. i think if they win tonight they can honestly make an argument to maybe be the greatest defense to ever play in the nfl. i expect tonight to be a close game. i think the seahawks win. i now have to find a $35,000 ticket. so i can watch the game. >> jesse, with all due respect. i know you played football. i have never been close to a gridiron. ever. but you're wrong. the patriots are going to win. my hometown team will win. but we still love you. >> i am laughing in your face if seattle wins. >> jesse, thank you so much. enjoy the game. >> he's going to be laughing in my face, perhaps. let's get to rob for another look at the weather. good morning, again, sir. >> by the way, the forecast for
7:21 am
that area, inconsequential, as paula mentioned yesterday. >> they have a dome. they may not use it. >> and a retractable field. it's amazing what they can do. we take you to lincoln, nebraska, no stranger to good football. go corn huskers. snow there. around that area, about five inches as this storm got cranking yesterday. and now it's in chicago. and will probably be an all-out blizzard. at least for chicago for a short time this afternoon. here's what we're thinking when it gets towards the northeast. we haven't talked much about this. watch the numbers. as the storm approaches. getting over the freezing mark by tomorrow morning. that's why we think we'll see a wintry mix. philadelphia, pretty much all rain. locals right over the area. right over all the populated areas. that's where the forecast gets a little bit interesting to say the least. this is for sure. it's cold behind this system. frigidly cold through the middle of the
7:22 am
ee >> if it is snowing in your area, another excuse to hang tight and watch the game. >> that's right. >> like your style, rob. thank you. >> hunker down over the appetizers. thanks, rob. coming up on "gma," taking history to new heights. the daredevil duo making records. with their incredible journey in a helium balloon. the super bowl is magnet for celebrities. from rihanna to chris pratt, to kanye, how the stars are partying before the big game? and want to bet? the weird wagers you can put on the super bowl. even on the national anthem. up ahead in "pop news." super bowl. even on the national anthem. up ahead in "pop news."
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♪ baby you're a firework come on show 'em what you're worth ♪ okay, so, this is not the kind of instagram that we're used to seeing. kim kardashian on the far right, might be the most amazing. there she is with her husband, kanye west. >> he looks really angry as usual. >> john legend. his beautiful wife, chrissy teigen. they're at a waffle house restaurant in phoenix before the super bowl, guys. >> i think kanye is doing an angry model shot. >> is this prefood or after food? >> he's hangry. >> he's like, where are my waffles? >> he thinks he's on the cover of "vanity fair." stars, they're just like us. they go to the waffle house. great picture though. we don't have proof kim was eating the waffle. >> she has a food blog, though. >> that's all we can confirm at this hour. we'll continue the stay on the story throughout the day.
7:31 am
here at abc news. coming up on "gma," inside the super bowl soirees before the waffle house. these parties are magnets for big stars. and for our own amy robach who bravely ventured into the heart of the scene. >> she took one for the team. first, the record-setting flight for two guys in a balloon. >> their journey across the pacific took them from japan to a dramatic splashdown in mexico. aditi roy has more. on their incredible flying feat. >> reporter: this was the dramatic reunion moments after two men landed back on earth making history after a record-setting balloon voyage. >> there were dramatic moments. >> reporter: the pilots of the two eagles balloon greeted by their teammates and mission control. once the men landed, they were picked up by this shrimp boat. you can see the white balloon and yellow capsule on the boat. rushing by boat the meet the men after they splashed down in the pacific ocean, several miles off the coast of baja, mexico, after
7:32 am
realizing a 15-year dream. >> there were tense moments. the realization that it was happening was pretty incredible. >> reporter: the pair took off in saga, japan, last sunday, on board this state-of-the-art balloon. from 12,000 to 22,000 feet. the airborne explorers sharing photos along their 6600-mile trek across the pacific ocean. one tweeted out a gondola selfie. bradley phoning home to mission control. >> the mission is going wonderfully. enjoying a beautiful sunrise right now over the pacific. >> reporter: for seven days, the copilots lived in a capsule the size of a king-sized bed. taking turns asleep on a single cot. battling 50-degree temperatures, and at times, having to wear oxygen masks because of the high altitude. this morning, their feet planted firmly on the ground. but their heads still on cloud nine. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, baja, california.
7:33 am
>> 6600 miles. an incredible and frightening feat. >> yeah, i hope they like each other. >> in the area the size of a bed. they argued. >> i know you're tracking the top story this morning. that's right. we're going to begin with worldwide outrage over the apparent murder of a japanese journalist held hostage by isis militants. his purported beheading shown in video overnight came 48 hours after the deadline for a prisoner swap to spare his life, but called off by jordan. no word yet on the fate of the jordanian pilot captured by isis. now, to the measles spreading coast to coast. tens of thousands may have been exposed after an infected passenger on an amtrak train traveled from penn station to niagara falls. the city of glendale, arizona, playing host to tonight's super bowl. also on alert, about 200 people across that state are being monitored. millions of drivers are being told to bring their cars back to the shop for more work on faulty air bags. the government says more than 2
7:34 am
million toyota, honda, and chrysler vehicles need a second fix for air bags that may inadvertently blow up while the car is still running. finally, rumor confirmed. just yin timberlake instagram and twitter on saturday, announcing that he and his wife, jessica biel, are, in fact, expecting baby. >> finally. >> he said, this year, i'm getting the greatest gift ever. apparent reference to the baby. >> also we cannot confirm. >> read between the lines, thank you, ron. >> they don't know the sex yet either. they're going to wait and see. >> a beautiful baby. a talented baby. >> absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. speaking of talent, what's going on? oh, one other story, ron? >> no, i'm done, man. i can do weather if you want. let's see. >> he's so predictable. >> some snow somewhere. >> can you read those notes? >> really cold. >> those are my notes right now. let's go to boston. you know, i was told that, or i keep telling myself, that a sign of wisdom is horrible handwriting. temperatures in boston, 15 or
7:35 am
so. it's chilly. you'll see some -- mixing in of the precipitation as we go through time. today, mostly sunny. here's where the snow is happening. a blizzard warning in effect for chicago. this is a swath of about 6 to 12 inches of snow. there will be pockets of greater than a foot. especially in the lake-enhanced areas. this has been nudged further north. the track of the storm is going to be a little further to the north. the rain-snow line is north. i think philly, pretty much all rain. new york, the tristate area, it will be mixing in at times. tomorrow is going to be a mess either way you slice it. not a mess out west. here's the forecast for the super bowl. retractable roof, retractable field they got it covered there. it's been raining all week. nice day today. 64 in san francisco. a dry month of january. boy, they need the rain desperately.
7:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by bare minerals. dan, paula, ron? >> i like how ron decided to stand all of a sudden. >> that's the kind of thing my water cast -- >> okay. >> we're all going to stand. >> no, i'm not going to stand. sara and i are going to stay seated. >> i'm in a booster seat. >> and seat. coming up on "gma," the pregame super bowl bashes. we'll take you inside the exclusive celebrity-filled events with amy robach. and the must-see mcdonald's super bowl promotion. how customers can pay with love. >> they have to have a heart. an pay with love. >> they have to have a heart.
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♪ baby you're a firework come on show 'em what ♪ it's a good thing the super bowl is still hours away. it will give the fans partying all night in phoenix a chance to recover from waffles and whatever else they have been taking in overnight. >> what is that whatever else?
7:41 am
>> who knows? >> tickets for some of these celebrity-studded events cost thousands of dollars. amy has been up all night to bring you the highlights. hi, amy. >> reporter: i might be the only partygoer that is not asleep right now. take a look at what happened in phoenix while you were sleeping. ♪ amid all the football frenzy. glitz, and glam. overnight, showbiz and nfl's finest pulling out autothe stops here in arizona. super bowl central. my game plan, expect the unexpected. kicking up my heels and kicking off my party marathon at espn's the party friday night. ♪ i don't care, i love it ♪ >> reporter: charli xcx's show a touchdown. despite telling me she's not exactly bursting with football know how. >> i just know that the quarterback dates the cheerleader and someone's married to gisele. >> reporter: but you do know a lot about music.
7:42 am
at bud light's house of whatever -- nicki minaj stealing the show with her smashing performance and her cutout cat suit. next up, directv's star-studded soiree hosted by our very own michael strahan. >> let's get this party started. ♪ >> reporter: rihanna. certainly didn't drop the ball rocking the crowd with her smash hits. and so did kanye west. chrissy teigen and kim kardashian rocking along the sideline. at the rolling stone party, rock 'n' roll er steven tyler was the guest of honor. the maxim party was in full swing. with stars like chris pratt, chris evans, and nick cannon. but before hitting the showers, i had to find out these stars' pick to win tonight's gridiron showdown. >> the -- gisele one. who is -- >> reporter: the patriots. >> i'll root for the seahawks to
7:43 am
bring down those evil patriots. >> i'm going patriots. >> i was a dofl fins cheerleader. i would never root for the patriots. >> i'm rooting for katy perry. >> reporter: i missed a lot of the action. i was like cinderella. i had to leave before the parties were over. i'm told some of them were just over a few hours ago. i'm going back to my hotel room now and get some rest. back to you guys. >> some much needed rest. >> there is somebody else partying today. we actually have a picture of him. this guy goes hard on days like this. that is alexander robert harris. dressed up in his patriots uniform. he's going to have a big night. >> i don't think he had a choice in that. >> he's going to spit up some something. >> give us the boston accent. >> i can't. i can only do that off camera. >> oh, come on. come on, go patriots, right? you are wearing your patriots colors. >> and you're wearing the seahawks colors. surprising that we're talking at all. >> trying to be neutral. coming up, super bowl snack time.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
♪ that's right. rob is getting very macho with the football music this morning. time now, it's a special edition of our super bowl blowout "pop news." >> you can see who we're rooting for. let's show ron's pony tail real quick. you're welcome for that. i know when you're rooting today, you're going to want to know which celebrities are yelling as loud as you are. are they for your team or against? we're going to break it down for you. if you're a patriots fan, like dan, you'll be cheering along
7:48 am
with kate hudson and kurt russell. elton john a good friend of the team owner. ben affleck and matt damon. "the office's" john krasinski. as for seahawks fans you'll be whooping it up with celebrity couples. chrissy teigen and john legend. they're also waffle friends. chris pratt and anna faris. and mario batali. i know dan claims he's for the patriots because he's from there. whatever. but you guys all really follow football. who are you cheering for? >> seattle. >> seattle? >> seattle. >> the 12th man! >> that's good. >> the patriots are in trouble if dan and i are all they have right now. >> they're not in trouble. if you're interested in putting your money where your mouth is, wagering on the game to make it more interesting. there are some wacky gets you should know about. ron, get ready. how many times tom brady's wife
7:49 am
gisele bundchen will be shown? it could be more than her husband. >> 30. >> how many times will deflated balls be referred to in this game? >> 120. >> and how long will it take idina menzel take to sing the national anthem and how many words will she forget? or omit. >> a minute ten seconds and she'll get it right. >> she will probably get it right. when you sing it at a game, usually high school, not the super bowl. you can mess it up. >> it's not an easy song. >> you can sing the same verse twice. the rockets glare twice. the commercials are reason enough to be watching. that's why i'll be watching. check out this one from mcdonald's. it's sure to warm your heart. telling customers they can get their odds free by paying with love. >> dial up your mom. tell her you love her. >> excuse me. >> hey, mom, i just wanted to let you know that i love you.
7:50 am
>> i love cash for other people. >> the promotion runs monday through valentine's day. and that's a personal fx ave. i love a heartwarming commercial. >> i love you, sara. >> i love you. can we get a side of fries with that? >> right. now i have heartburn. when it comes to sporting rivalries at the super bowl nothing is offlimits. not even food. with that in mind, rotel and -- forkful. that's kind of funny to say. >> it's a mouthful. >> they created these game-day nachos for each team. they're interesting-looking. if you're a seahawks fan, you'll top yours off with smoked salmon and melted cheese. new england, yours has lobster meat, celery, and bagel chips. >> another reason new england is superior. we get lobster. >> yeah, but it's also carb on carb action. and then the ultimate fan hot dog.
7:51 am
hebrew national specially crafting this seattle split frank with cream cheese red onion, and mustard. the patriots dog features a potato roll mustard, and relish. ron, you're our mikey likes it. can you try it? >> i'll try seattle. >> is this the patriots dog? >> oh. >> i'm not going to eat it. >> we'll be right back with the taste reveal. >> fumblerooski. >> fumblerooski. superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
there she is. martha raddatz, getting ready for abc's "this week." in our washington studio. martha will tackle the measles out break with the head of the cdc, dr. tom frieden. she wants to know what questions you would ask. you can tweet her @martha raddatz.
7:56 am
i love the juxtaposition of what she's doing what we're doing. >> we were discussing serious topics earlier today. everybody have a great super bowl sunday. >> watch "world news tonight" don't watch the super bowl. >> go patriots. go patriots. >> seahawks. >> seattle!
7:57 am
7:58 am
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- it's super bowl sunday. and the countdown is on. just hours to go until the biggest game of the year. and we're going behind the scenes. the intense new security measures officials are taking right now. measles outbreak. the frightening new cases this weekend. are thousands now at risk? how can this scare be contained? 2016 shocker. mitt romney's not running. what that means for the other gop contenders. our exclusive interview with the man some say could be 2016's biggest surprise. from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now. good morning. i'm martha raddatz. we're


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