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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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out here in front of the refinery. we'll start to see workers walk out at other refineries. if the oil industry and united steel workers can't settle differences hundreds of workers could follow suit. >> we haven't had a strike since 1980. >> jim payne is with the united steel workers and says talks broke down over the weekend over several issues. >> if a facility is well staffed it's not an issue. when working with levels that becomes a problem. >> a spokesman says we're disappointed by u.s. w local
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unit's decision to strike. we've bargained in good faith and prepared to continue to do so. in february, two workers were injured during a chemical spill. tesoro denied entry, but relented a month later there is another spill and another worker, injured. >> tesoro is notorious being one of the most unsafe refineries here. >> they would like to join the united steel workers. >> if willing to have us we'll be willing to join them we understand it means a safe community. >> this has been a challenge. that is probably why we should look at this carefully. >> in martinez, abc7 news.
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>> here is what we're paying in the bay area $2.37 in santa cruz to $2.62 in san francisco. >> a car crash brought traffic to a crawl. the car started a small glass fire, you can see the car there. firefighters put it out quickly. no problem there, but they did have to shut down the lane in order to do that. a woman suffered a head injury while trying to reach the curb near grove street the driver did remain on the scene. >> a suspicious box forced police to shut down a commute corridor gehring boulevard. someone discovered the box next
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to a garbage can at a bus stop. and discovered it was empty. >> water is shut off after a main break this afternoon. crews are working to fix the pipe from the 1960s at union street. rushing water flooded parts of two businesses officials say water should be back on soon. a former stanford swimmer arraigned on charges of felony sexual assault today in the court house in palo alto. he is accused of raping a woman in front of a stanford frat house. >> 19-year-old brock turner appeared with his lawyer and father, who had flown in from the family home in ohio. >> i would like to plea not guilty today. >> turner stood before the judge as his attorney pled not guilty
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to five charges the stanford freshman is accused of sexual assaulting a woman after they met at a fraternity party. prosecutor told reporters this case is unique. >> two heros came forward. i want to say is that if they're listening, thank you. thank you for doing the right thing. >> those heros? two grad students riding bicycles they said they saw the woman lying on the ground with turner on top of her. one student said it appeared the female was not moving and something seemed owed the two said they chased turner, tackling him and held him until police came. turner told investigators he was fondling the woman. the police report says he was having a good time with the victim and stated she seemed to enjoy the activity. the woman told police she was
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drinking and blacked out the victim did not consent to sexual activity or touching. . >> i think it's unfortunate for everyone involved >> in this courtroom today, was a stanford junior computer science student. saying he wanted to come by because he was upset over the incident. >> i don't know how to prevent them from the university's point of view. better education, more sensible party policies. >> turner withdrew from stanford and moved back to ohio, and has been ordered to appear at all hearings. the next one is in march. >> a bay area woman has accused a former radio shack employee of stealing racy photos from her phone. she took the phone to have the screen fixed and noticed photos had been sent to an unknown number showing her wearing
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little, or no clothing. police say a person hacked photos and sent them to his own phone. he has been charged with stealing computer data which is a felony. >> your private space is your phone. so when someone takes that, it's a violation. >> everything is online everything is where we keep our information. >> the woman filed a civil suit against radio shack. radio shack issued a statement saying we're working with the authorities. >> bloomberg news reports google may be about to launch a car service like uber. now, might be starting a ride service of their own.
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>> we've got to set in on a question and answer session with the u.s. secretary of transportation and employees and a lot of employees asked about the possibility of more options up and down the peninsula. the basic ads are from the secretary of transportation if more options should be available and more ways to fund them should be available, too. u.s. secretary got a short tour aboard the driverless google car. >> how is the ride sf >> the technology was included in the conversation about u.s. transportation but a little blue book lays out difficulty yalts of traffic and funding. >> i believe we operate the largest private bus system in america. it's the only way to deal with
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the fact we want employees here and other locations. >> buses have become controversial and are a stark contrast to options riders face. . >> i had to take the 260 here. and 294 to moss beach. >> more options means more money the federal highway trust fund runs out of cash in may if congress doesn't act. secretary sox fez new options need to be considered >> we're go to see more investment over 30 years because we're in such a hole. >> he points out cars are more fuel efficient now. that means fewer tax dollars are funding the highway trust fund.
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>> from twitter tonight proof the super bowl generated more tweets than any other game in history. you can see how activity increases and there is a surge of tweets at the end of the game for 28 million tweets. a lot of people were tweeting about the play. why didn't the seahawks get the ball to their big running back? the man they call the beast? that is what students were asking themselves today. i couldn't believe they didn't run it. why? why pass it? why? >> what is the feeling? >> anger, disappointment. we're still happy.
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it's pretty cool. >> now he only said football is a team sport. >> super bowl 49 is history and now time to focus on super bowl 50 next year at levis stadium. organizing committee has been at work for quite sometime. looking forward to hearing from members who spent the week in arizona. >> we need to manage people and make sure it's fun. i'm looking forward to demonstrate ideas that are educational as well as enjoying the game. >> organizers expect it to bring a million people to the bay area. they say they've raised $40 million to help pay for this event and expect to donate to local nonprofits.
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>> coming up how this mission district bookstore is forcing to close. >> a long dry spell. we'll have a series of storms coming our way we'll look at the wet weather in just a moment. a crusade to save the world's elephants. >> nationwide change of laser skin care centers goes bankrupt. ahead, what customers need
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>> the law that will have minimum wage workers making $15 an hour is being phased nshg forcing one small business to phase out. san francisco's minimum wage now is $11.05 go, up to $12.25 in may, then $13 in july of 2016. then july, 2017, minimum wage goes up to $14 and by july, 2018 in san francisco, will be $15 an hour, tonight abc7 nuts explains how what is going to happen in three and a half years is forcing to take a job now. >> i've been a long time customer. i love the people. love the looks.
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>> he's also an actor. >> everyone working here does this. they love books and stories. they love being book sellers. >> that is why the owner found it tough to post this sign. >> we're going to be closing by the end of march. >> borderland was turning a small profit about $3,000 last year, but voters approved a hike in the minimum wage from $0.75 up to $15 an hour. >> by 2018 we'll be losing $25,000 a year. . >> i voted for that measure as well. and it's not something i thought about. i feel sad. >> it's caught people off guard. one group that wasn't surprised was the board of supervisors. i >> i know book stores under a tough position.
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>> the supervisor knows per chants pass increase to customers >> i can't increase prices. because books have a price printed on them. >> but he says it's the will of the voters. 77% voted for this hike. >> it's a phenomenal bookstore. i hope they don't close. >> but he can't see a way to avoid it. >> in this case we'd rather have a bookstore to come work at. >> today marked the first time san francisco homeowners could register their homes to rent their homes on a short term market up to 30 days but no more than 90 days per year.
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>> we've been renting it out sometime and have had a positive experience during those years. they've made it legal and let me register to become a legit business owner in san francisco. >> officials say it will tyke two weeks for the rental registry. >> portions of mount diablo state park are closed tonight. this to allow peregrine falcons to breed they're territorial and known to be highly sensitive when nesting habits are disturbed. signs are posted warning people to stay away. >> we have a river of rain
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heading into our direction that might fill rivers this weekend. he says totals can be impressive. now, updating the forecast. hi spencer. >> it's true. it's dry now with high clouds and haze. you're probably aware today was a spare the air day. it's nice and mild now. 62 in oakland and preem yont. time lapse view from our camera, looking at clouds travelling across the bay and here is our air quality report. tomorrow our second spare the air day.
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here is a live view fog developing overnight. and may slow down the morning commute. hazy, mild then a series of storms coming our way thursday through sunday. we're going to get a nice dose of weather. there is a frontal system to our north producing a little rainfall that will remain to the north. we'll have a series of warm storms with lots of moisture here. rain is coming our way for sure. here is our forecast. starting on friday, we'll see it continued through friday and throughout the weekend. we'll look at impressive rainfall totals.
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later in the morning it will spread to east bay and south bay, then thursday will be a north bay event. friday saturday, sunday, by sunday rainfall totals between 2 and 4 inches. so the wet weather is on its way. overnight, dry and some areas of fog, low temperatures mid to upper 40s and high temperatures upper 60s on the coast. and inland areas upper 60s to low 70s here is the accu-weather forecast. clouds thicken rain arriving in the north bay thursday then a rainy, windy pattern friday. wet weather saturday and sunday and a chance of lingering
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showers monday. >> that looks great. >> yes. >> thank you. >> don't for get you can track progress of the storm on live doppler 7 with abc7 news weather app. it's a free down load. coming up next what pillsbury crescents--awesome. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: week night crescent pizza pockets party.
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an additional fairy run could help loosen up the evening commute the golden gate ferry began a new run from san francisco this morning. additional run is an attempt to spread out crowds between always-packed 820 and sort of late 915. only 50 people showed up this morning but commuters say it's just a matter of time before it catches on. >> it's going to be surprising. having an hour to go back home could be frustrating. >> a spokesperson says they're open to suggestion but if the morning ferry doesn't catch on, they'll drop it. >> there is not much down time for maternity staff when it opened yesterday morning.
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that is because two minutes later nancy price and her husband walked in. nancy was in labor. they had been at the campus waiting for the birth of their son but then had to rush over to new hospital once staff started to move sunday morning. >> it was 20 minutes she woke me up like hey we've got to go. >> little paolo was born four hours later. maternity rooms in the new hospital have big screen televisions, perfect for watching the super bowl. >> a snow storm and 100 million people are in the way of this one. >> plus crew -- crusade under
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way to help safe elephants by closing a loophole. . >> i blew up into a tantrum. >>
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a record-breaking winter storm continues in the east coast, in boston crews had to use heavy equipment to clean up snow that has fallen the city has seen two feet of snow and could see another foot fall. boston has seen more snowfall than any seven day period on record. in new york several inches of snow with freezing rain. in the mid west, people dug out of the snowfall today. chicago had more than a foot and a half of snow. conditions can be dangerous look right there.
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a guy in massachusetts lost control, hitting a parked vehicle. and temperatures will drop roads will splash free. >> wildlife experts say illegal killing of african elephants are reaching epidemic pro visions. so now officials are looking to ban and make the killing less profitable. >> it's lovely jewelry but there are things that are better, safer for animals. >> this tourist is talking about the ivory found in this chinatown shops. >> often elephants are areare -- tusks
6:31 pm
are taken while they're still alive. >> california passed a law that made illegal sale. >> it's difficult for people without training, without, with a naked eye to be able to tell whether it's ancient or not. >> san francisco's chinatown is said to be behind new york and los angeles in the sales of ivory. a report bit natural resources defense council found 80% likely illegal, but this chinatown merchant says he's not one of the bad guys. >> it's left over from the 70s no new pieces. >> with protests, state lawmakers will consider closing the loophole imposing a blanket ban on buying or selling elephant ivory and rhino horns
6:32 pm
if passed, the california bill authored by san diego democrat tony atkins would take affect july 2016. if you have ivory objects you can keep them. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc7 news. >> in just minutes officials could give a green light for officials to use a controversial tool. opponents say it's hard of the mill tear -- militaryization. >> a health center that is part of the bay area's safety net is in crisis tonight. with increased funding available, under aferdable care
6:33 pm
act, the number of patients is plummeting at west oakland health council. auditors identified problem was the nonprofits, running seven sites in berkeley and oakland. >> what is going to happen with me? my family? how can i have medical resources? >> tonight dan noyes digs into reports to show problems and what is being done to save the center on abc7 news at 11:00. >> two sports figures have been arrested for soliciting prostitutes. warren sapp arrested in phoenix this morning after getting into a dispute with two women in his hotel room and charged with assault. and greg anthony pled not guilty to solicitation charges
6:34 pm
arrested a couple weeks ago before a college game he was scheduled to announce. in anthony's case he responded to an online sex ad placed by police. authorities around the country have busted nearly 600 would be sex buyers and traffickers through phony ads, including 23 in alameda county. >> in los angeles tonight former rap mogul shug knight has been charged with murder. knight arrested last week for running over a man after an argument, he claims he was trying to escape an attack. bail was set at $2 million but prosecutors called knight a flight risk and three strikes candidate who might try to intimidate witnesses in this case. >> today marks two years since the most lethal sniper in u.s. history was murdered wchl this story being told in the movie "american sniper" his widow is
6:35 pm
speaking out to people magazine. >> after topping the box office for a third weekend, "american sniper" is now the highest-grossest war movie of all time. audiences have flocked to theaters. texas is honoring the man who inspired the film, monday named chris kyle in the state two, years since the most-lethal sniper in u.s. history was murdered >> i have come home, okay? we miss you. >> okay. >> as kyle's memory is honored his real life wife is speaking out. >> just incredible. >> she told "people" magazine during his time in iraq i felt like we were less important than the military. he felt like i didn't understand his sense of duty. but she says that changed as he
6:36 pm
returned home and spent time with two young children. >> a guy so lethal you expect something different he was going through all of that, we always found a way to laugh. always. >> she tells people his work with fellow veterans helped him come back to his family n a twist of fate one of those veterans allegedly murdered kyle in a texas gun range. the box office hype won't last forever, his wife says her love will. >> major source of strength is my faith. and love for chris. that is it. i will love him until the day i die. >> the trial for kyle's alleged killer slated to begin in may. after delays expected to begin next week. abc news los angeles. >> hollywood awards season can be a stressful time but one day everyone was still a winner. 150 nominees gathered for a
6:37 pm
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>> you know three r's of learning now include social emotional learning. some school districts are including it on report cards. >> words like help, compassion and empathy are used frequently. >> show you showing compassion. >> every monday at 2:00 the school spends one hour on social-emotional learning. what is discussed is applied to
6:41 pm
situations at school and home. >> seeing how other people are feeling and with nice to people. >> when engaging in teamwork, playing during pe sitting together in the cafeteria. >> studies have shown these kinds of programs help children feel more supported by their classmates and teachers that sense of self worth often translates into academic success. >> because we know from research that when a child feels safe in a classroom, their emotions are not going to be negative. and negative emotions close down our ability to learn. >> some districts grade on level of compassion and gratitude. eight school districts want the federal government to hold them
6:42 pm
accountable. not only for outcome but social and emotional teachings. students are being affected by what they're learning. >> i use it to be a better friend and to know that i'm doing the right thing. it make meez feel g >> next a bankruptcy of a laser skin care company. >> is there any chance of an when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert,
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more than two months after a bankruptcy of a company customers are looking for answers tonight. >> yes. customers prepaid for treatments they'll likely never receive. so we tried to find out what
6:46 pm
they should do. >> christine is one of 15,000 customers of american laser skin care. she did not know about the bankruptcy >> the phone just cut to a busy signal. >> she went online and made the discovery. >> no warning was upsetting to find out that they're gone. >> it's the same anger we heard. this customer didn't want to be identified. >> i think it's unprofessional. >> american laser had 135 clinics and 28 states. papers indicate the companies have 100 to $500 million in
6:47 pm
debt. this local bankruptcy attorney says it's too early to know if customers will get money back. >> unknown. because there are pleadings and details have to be filed >> the trustee says assets are being seized and a liquidation sale will be held. consumers would find out if there is enough money left for them that they're near the end of the line. >> if there is going to be distribution. >> christine figures she's out $800. . >> i don't have you know, endless supply of money to spend. and is going to impact my disposal income.
6:48 pm
>> and she should file a claim. >> they need to help customers >> if you want to file a claim in this case i have a link on my web site. and we'll have a list of creditors if you're not on it when you think you should be we'll have an address. the web site is abc7 >> now we're seeing just a few high clouds. tomorrow, rain is headed our way.
6:49 pm
will be mild, highs p upper 60s on the coast to upper 60s and low 70s inland here is the accu-weather forecast. rain arrives thursday, then spreads to the bay area friday saturday, sunday. we're going to have four days of significant rainfall. that will help the situation a bit. >> saying to be. so why? what were seahawks thinking? you can give it
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6:51 pm
6:52 pm
good evening so was it the worst play call in history? dan wants heads to roll. what are you throwing for? why?
6:53 pm
this is a question. carol goes to the end zone so was a genius an hour and a half earlier, fast forward to the dunce part at the end. seattle probably wins the game then trying to run the clock down to make sure tom brady has no time to respond. and then butler jumped it and game is over. now with that 66 time, only one pass intercepted by butler and last night. >> we could have scored against their goal line as well. it just wasn't a good football
6:54 pm
thought at the time. so we could have run it. i don't know. >> you have different options hand the ball to marshon. >> tom brady was mvp. famous as brady is the biggest play made by this undrafted rookie from west alabama who knew they had a program? malcolm butler >> things change and we came up with to play the game. so that is nice to see them pick
6:55 pm
somebody else off. >> clay thompson spent three years surrounded by seahawks fans . >> i imagine the state of washington is impretsed but just came down to one guy making a play of his life. >> dan quinn spent two seasons leading that rugged seattle defense. johnny mansel entered rehab. more dedicated to his night life and he is getting treatment football finish, baseball just
6:56 pm
around the corner. this is a one year deal he came back in the playoffs. won that 18 inning marathon. 49ers fans thinking they didn't run it. >> i'm on the 50 yard line. >> yes. >> tonight measles outbreak gets political. leaders say parents should not have to vaccinate their kids. >> then at 11:00 a health center in need of help.
6:57 pm
what is being done to get answers. >> we have the bachelor followed by castle and we'll be back at 11:00. >> yes. and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a high school english teacher from alexandria, virginia... a fifth grade teacher from queens, new york... and a high school math teacher from tabor, iowa... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. for the next two weeks we are back in class, sort of. but this time, we are doing the testing on the teachers. colin, erin, and martha, welcome aboard and good luck. here we go. this is the first of our quarter-final matches. and these are the categories you have to deal with... notice the "c" in quotation marks. followed by...
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and then... and... martha you get to start. i'd like "c" you at the movies please, for $200. erin. what is "city slickers"? you got it and you're on the board. "c" you at the movies for $400, please. martha. what is "cleopatra"? yes, that's the movie. could i have "c" you at the movies for $600, please. colin. what is "cool hand luke"? good. uh, "c" you at the movies for $800.


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