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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 4, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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horrifying video shows the moment a flight crashed into a river. a number of people have died. rescue operations are still underway right now. i'm dan ashley and ama is off. a horrifying crash caught on camera. look at these pictures. it reveals a different view of the plane the moment before it went down in taipei. the trans asia flight carrying 53 passengers and five crew members clipped a bridge and crashed into a river shortly after takeoff. the south china morning post says 12 people have died and 30 are still missing. expect the number of dead to go up. rescue efforts are continuing and so far 27 people have been pulled from the plane. the flight was heading from taipei to the out lying island of kinmen when it lost control minutes after takeoff. officials say the pilot tried to control the plane as it was descending and the wings grazed an over pass and partially crushed a taxi. there you can see the result. officials say the plane was
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less than a year old and completed the latest safety checks just last monday so it was good to fly. last july 48 people were killed off taiwan's coast. obviously we will continue to update this story on air and on-line. you can get breaking news updates anytime on twitter at abc7 news bay area and of course on the morning news beginning at 4:30 a.m. tune in for the latest on the tragedy this taiwan. the suspect in the case of a torso found in a suitcase last week is now a free man. mark andrews was released for lack of evidence a short time ago. lilian kim is live at the halve halve -- the hall of justice where he was released. >> yes and he did not say one word as he walked out of here. he was escorted by the public defender. he says his client is relieved. >> he emerged from the san
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francisco county jail a free man. they had no choice but to release him after the d.a. announced there is not enough evidence to charge him. >> he was relieved when i told him earlier today that no charges were going to be brought. obviously he wants to get home. >> police arrested him for murder on friday after releasing security images of him in the same spot where a torso was found in a sue case. other body parts were found nearby. according to the chronicle investigators believe the body was that of anders' friend. had -- the charges could come later and until then -- >> he has no plans to leave san francisco. he will be here. >> anyone with information is urged to call sfpd. in san francisco, lilian kim abc7 news. >> tonight a bay area man is describing the scare of his life. an armed woman shot and killed right this front of him by police. it happened at hollis and 34th street in oakland across the border with
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emeryville. alan wang is live tonight. that man will never forget what he saw today and what he lived through. >> no he won't. the suspect was accused of shoplifting so police chased her around the corner and that's where the man was caught in the middle of it all. >> either i live or die. there was no in betweens. >> the man who identified himself as russ was caught in a hail of bullets around 12:30 they were unloading boxes from their cars at this storage building when he heard the woman. >> screaming wildly she had a gun and then running to my car. and the police were given commands and i coobt tell what they were say -- i couldn't tell what they were saying, but they were strong commands. next thing i know boom boom, boom. >> there were six or seven shots and some shattered the
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window of his ford focus. neither russ nor his friend were injured. >> while officers were in route the caller reported that the suspect was armed with a gun. >> it started at the home depot where witnesses say the suspect pulled out a gun after security officers accused her of shoplifting. police chased her down to oakland. >> she is running and this policewoman is behind her. before we made it to the corner another police car with sirens turned the corner. >> they threw a brick through the home depot window. alan wang, abc7 news. >> now, sky 7hd earlier today over the scene of another deadly police shooting and this one in antioch. a contra costa county sheriff deputy shot and killed a man while serving him with a restraining order. friends and fans are mourning the sudden loss of a
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well-known oakland rapper. dominic new town known as "the jaka" was shot down. he spent many hours in an emeryville studio over the past decade and his long-time manager said he influenced many lives. >> he was the most humble person and the most caring person and extremely spiritual person. he was one of those guys that he just wanted the best for all of us. he taught our youth how to be in a lot of ways through his music and how to carry themselves and how to get through a tough time. >> police say they are looking for witnesses now to come forward and help them crack this case. pg&e says it will not move a toxic tank of sludge from downtown santa rosa. the utility says it is too difficult to safely remove the tank at first and b street. officials monitoring the water quality say neither ground
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water nor it is santa rosa creek says they need plans. for the time being the tank stays put. a very strange thing is happening to pigeons. hundreds of them are dropping like flies. a deadly disease is killing them off. the highest numbers of dead pigeons here and down south. lisa amin go legion with what is -- lisa amin go legion with what is going on. >> their beaks have infected. >> they are dying by the hundreds. the sudden death started last month and have been rising since. last week was deaf that thely a peak. >> we were having five six a day. >> a parasite is attacking pigeons and spreading. a lesion that closes off the bird's clots and they die of
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suffocation or starvation. >> they don't recover very quickly because they only have one chick per year. >> the drought is contributing to the problem. they are sharing limited water sources and infecting one another. this creek in east los gatos may be the cause of the deaths here. the birds are literally falling out of the trees here. 30 dead birds were found over my shoulder at that house and this is what is left. dead bird number nine at this house. >> one over here and another over there. >> i was definitely concerned. i didn't even want to walk in my backyard. >> they hope it will slow down as they start to migrate out of the area. >> lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> very strange. we have a lot more to come here tonight. an evening commute catastrophe. a fiery train crash in new york. the fatal mistake on the
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nation's second busiest railroad. and what can you get for your money these days? what we found when we took a tour of local homes. and we are following the breaking news out of taiwan. a deadly plane crash with rescue operations happening right now as you look live. >> i am sandhya patel. a series of warm storms will soak parts of the bay area. a look at the time don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming)
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a huge fireball when a commuter plane plowed into an
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area. witnesses say the jeep was stuck under crossing gates and the driver tried to cross in front of the on coming train. the driver was killed and 12 others were hurt. 650 were on board. well coming back here, the cost of living in the bay area continues to climb. you have seen the prices. not only are the home prices surging, rents are as well. rents are op a whooping tift 2% since the year -- 52% since the year 2000. abc7 news reporter has the story. >> if you thought trying to buy a house in the bay area was bad try renting. >> across the country rents are higher than they have ever been. >> rents in the bay area are among the highest in the nation. >> in the bay area, take everything to an extreme. >> skyler olson is a senior economist.
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>> rents in the city of san francisco are up almost 18%, higher than last year. >> according to zillow the median rent in san francisco is just under $4,000. that's pushing people out of the city and forcing rents to climb all across the bay area. the staggers increase had us thinking what can you get for $4,000 this the bay area? we asked a series of agents and they showed us a wide range of options. we started with this apartment in alamo square. >> the living room here has views of the park. >> a cleaning crew was busy getting this sunny one bedroom and one bath with a small office ready for a new tenant. the rent? $theater 650 and parking -- $3650 and parking will cost you $250. high rents have people looking across the bridge. >> i see a lot of traffic coming into the city. guy in oakland the rents are up 20% year over year. >> we have a stackable washer and dryer.
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>> the two bed two full bath at domain in downtown oakland rents for $3500 a month. it has floor to ceiling win dos and a modern kitchen and a closet roughly the size of the office we saw in san francisco. on the peninsula, you will have plenty of room if you rent this house in san bruno. >> there are hardwood floors throughout the home and walnut inlay on the side. >> three bedrooms and one bathroom and a living room and formal dining room and even an updated kitchen. it was listed for $3300 a month. >> we think it will be rented quickly. >> it did for $3500 200 more than they were asking. it is a steal for this part of the peninsula. >> if this home was in burlingame it would be $5,000. >> they say being close to work is driving up the prices in the south bay. >> you have incredible job growth and influx of people coming into this area. >> some areas are seeing double-digit spikes of
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demand. >> mountain view is up 26%. >> some properties were posted on the market and walking out the door for lunch and people call me and want to meet me at the property and write me four years for the rent. >> this three bedroom, two bath home is steps from santa clara and the rent is $3600. that's typical for a home in the south bay. but this property is also a good example of what many people may need to do to afford it. three students share the rent. economists say that's likely to be the reality of the new economy. more and more people will have to have roommates or lower their expectations on what they can get for their money. >> how long will it last? i don't know. i don't see any stop in sight. >> and economists agree rental prices are only going to rise. the question is why with all of the new construction in the bay area? well not enough new affordable housing is being built to accommodate current and future demands.
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abc7 news. >> how much has rent increased where you live? head to we have a break down for you. while we are talking about spending money, automotive tires are expensive. it is easy to pay a thousand dollars or more for a set. what are consumers to do? michael finney explains there is a new option for hard-pressed consumers. >> what would you have done for tires if you couldn't have come here? >> got used tires and that was my second option. >> well, the first option was to rent tires. no kidding. rent tires. there is a whole new way to rent a tire. is it a good deal or a rip off? michael finney will look at that tomorrow night at 11:00. hope you can tune in for that. well, we are watching a real storm system heading this way for the first time in more than a month. we are going to get a pretty
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good soaking in the bay area. sandhya patel is tracking it on live doppler 7hd. >> yeah dan, all of that rain will start on thursday. right now just clouds and fog around santa rosa and concord and livermore. no rain just yet. the temperatures at this hour in the 50s except for a few locations. santa rosa and petaluma and you dropped to 48 degrees. 60 right now, really mild in san francisco. as you look back across the bay toward san francisco visibility is good. partly cloudy and mild for your wednesday. the rain in the north bay on thursday and then friday we are expecting wind first and rain for the entire bay area. that one on friday is going to be a good soaker. the set up is high pressure and it is slowing down the advancement of the first storm. it has good moisture associated with it. really what we are watching is
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the at moss tear rick -- atmospheric river. the moisture is going to head in our direction. as we head toward friday it is aimed at northern and central california. what does this mean? we will get heavy rain, and then it moves over to southern california. friday is our big day where we will get soaked across the entire region. but before that the rain is going to move into the north bay. a few sprinkles and you will start to notice the rain line over the north bay at noontime. it stall there's. it doesn't advance much. that's where the moisture is dwoing to be sitting -- is going to be sitting. friday morning it will switch up. the wind kicks up and gusts could reach as high as 50 miles an hour. we will start to see spotty showers developing. 10:00 a.m., you will start to see some moderate to heavy rain in the north bay and then
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it will eventually start to shift. 5:00 p.m. spotty showers toward the san thank you cruz mountains. the santa cruz mountains. when you are sitting down for dinner we are going to get soaked. get ready. it doesn't stop there. you can see in the accu-weather seven-day forecast we have more rain coming. through sunday we are expecting up to eight inches in the sonoma county mountains. two to four in the north bay. south bay it drops off considerably. half an inch to an inch. of course you are used to that in the bay area. spotty snow uh -- above 8,000 feet. the snow levels will be high. 8,000 to 9000 feet as we head toward the thursday friday period. mid40s to mid50s. cloud cover will be around watch out for the fog and then tomorrow afternoon it will be another mild day but not a record setting one like we had today. mountain view and salinas were at record levels. the accu-weather seven-day
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forecast pull out the rain gear and keep it handy. thursday through early monday we are in a wet pattern. we will have to watch out for the winds on friday. >> it is a shame there is not enough snow. thank you very much. coming up next on abc7 news forget free parking. this is the real prize. the big change com
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repeat itself this evening. the warriors did score 23 consecutive points in the first half. sacramento actually came outlooking good. the kings up 17-8 early and then golden state takes over. he is falling down. early second yawrter and -- quarter and barbosa has been playing great. with authority. warriors on a 23-0 run and suddenly up by 15. i jam and therefore i am. there is one of them. how about harrison barnes. who needs a degree when you can dunk like that? warriors up 21 at the half. clay 52 against the kings 11 days ago and 14 tonight on 12 shots. this turned into a laffer. 121-96. warriors 38-8. back home tomorrow night to face dallas. the dunk of the night comes
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from the blazers guard showing up and showing up angry. lil bettered -- lil bettered grew up in oakland and throws it down. they beat the jazz 103-102. the ufc has millions of fans, but this is embarrassing. the fighters in the mon -- this the main event on saturday night. anderson silva and nick diaz both tested positive for drugs. silva positive for steroids and silva in the yellow trunks who is coming back from a horrific leg injury. what makes it look so bad is silva was tested on january 9th. he was allowed to fight and the test results were just revealed today. russell wilson faced the music explaining the play that cost the super bowl. he said when that ball left his hand he thought touchdown, second super bowl ring. instead butler picked it off and sealed the deal. offensive coordinator has been getting skewered for the
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call. russell defended his coach. >> think about it. three years. we are in the playoffs and coach bevel calling the plays. last year we won the super bowl and coach bevel calling the plays. it is a player's game. i think he does a tremendous job of preparing us. he has been phenomenal and he will be a tremendous head coach one day. >> it is really about what have you done for me lately? last year, great calls. >> the thing is it seemed like an obvious call though. >> we still agree. so when i was seven and a half, i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. i remember i told my mom, "it's okay, as long as i don't have to take shots," and she started bawling. diabetes is a really expensive disease, and if i weren't covered i'd be spending thousands of dollars a month. now that i have a health plan through covered california i am able to pursue my career dreams. i'm in, and i'm excited about my future. open enrollment ends february 15th.
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well that is our report. we appreciate your time as always. i'm dan ashley for ama and larry beil and sandhya patel. thank you for being here. mila kunis up next.
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>> it's okay. as long as you know where you stand. >> yes. >> coming up in "the mix," a tattoo inspired by sunday's super bowl and plus, on the run. the parents of two children left in a freezing car dodging reporters on the streets. >> what their high-tech excuse was for leaving them out in the cold. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. r calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand, but here at colonial penn, we make it simple. alex trebek has been representing colonial penn and is here to tell you how we do it. thanks, jonathan. i'm happy to be here with these knowledgeable colonial penn representatives. i know that customer service is a priority for them. i've been representing colonial penn for over ten years talking about their guaranteed acceptance life insurance.
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