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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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there with no reports of damage or injury. however, i talked with someone who lives in the neighbor and they said it felt like an like a huge van hit the house. there is no damage to the fire station but only 3.1. >> the other big story the rain is hitting the north bay and some residents have serious flooding concerns. amy hollyfield has the latest >> we decided to head north to experience the storm from the north. the streets here are wet. they had the rain. we got here moments ago. we have a sprinkle or two but the brunt has not hit yet. we will be here throughout the morning to show you what it is like and the conditions. we are told in the north bay it
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is not a matter of "if," but when. people are getting ready. we have been watching them work on the storm preparation all week. yesterday we saw people paying a lot of tax -- attention to trees especially those that are weakened by the drought. a lot of tree trimmers and working trying to get the trees down before the winds take them down. they are expecting some trees to fall during the storm. the clippers will be busy the next couple of days. >> if you have a diseased tree that is recommended for removal maybe vacate the house until the winds die down. >> sandbags are on people's minds. people want to get the packs up and stacked up around their homes and businesses to keep the water out. we hear people in low-lying area moan for flooding are concerned because they hear of all the rain expected to come here to
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the north bay so sandbags, ready to go trees trimmed back and we are ready, just waiting for it to come down and we will be here throughout the morning to show you the conditions. in the south bay there is concern about a repeat of damage from the december downpour. this safeway in san jose is closed still after the roof caved in. a pet shop had a roof leak that has been patched. buckets and spans and taps are ready if it leaks again. >> in san francisco people living or working on flood-prone full some street are trying to make sure it does not cause the same headaches with businesses stalking up on sandbags making repairs from the december flood. sand magazines are stacked higher than usual to keep the water out. crews have been clearing out dirt and grime and sewage lines. >> you can track the storm where
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you live with live doppler hd on the weather app free on apple app and google play. we have more information at in fremont all lanes are open on 880 after a fatal accident involving a wrong-way driver. c.h.p. re-opened the lanes that happened around 12:30 this morning. the driver was going northbound in the southbound lane and crashed head on into a truck. the woman's car burst into flames. the truck was split in half. three people in the truck were taken to the hospital in serious condition. the wrong-way driver died at the scene. >> in san francisco police are investigating an accident involving muni. a pedestrian was hit on market. the man was pinned by the light rail vehicle and was extricated and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> federal nationals are hunting
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for a fugitive who escaped from the federal courthouse in san francisco. 51 year oak luke burgnara was in federal custody yesterday morning but a judge gave him a three-hour furlough to meet with an attorney in street clothes in the attorney lounge. burgnara escaped instead. marshals called the furlough highly unusual and the same judge new has issued burgnara's arrest warrant. he was in trouble for art fraud to the tune of $11 million. >> man who sexually assaulted a girl in a store is accused of the same exact crime. we explain why the man was arrested again on wednesday. >> detectives picked up convicted sex offender, carlyle villazon investigators are sure here is the man in the video taken from the 99 cents only store in hayward on sunday. an eight-year-old said a man put his hands down her pans and he ran away. a g.p.s. ankle bracelet led
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police to to carlyle villazon. >> with the video and the ankle brace lot and other things we are working on we are confident it is him. >> you he is on parole. back in 2010 hes caught at this wal-mart putting his hands down an 8-year-old girl's pants while alone in the toy aisle. >> this what carlyle villazon mug shot doing 44 months for the crime. >> dino will never forget the favor, he cornered him at the wal-mart until the police arrived. he had no idea that carlyle villazon was released from prison and is angry. >> they do not do it one time though are around malls and prey on the weak. >> he is a registered sex offender at the 2010 arrest. new details this morning of what may have caused the dramatic transasia airways crash
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in taiwan caught on video. an official said flight data shows the right inlost power and the pilots turned off ther engine hoping to restart both before the plane crashed the mayor of taipei called the highlight's heros for doing everything they could to save the plane deliberately steering it away from buildings. the bodies of the pilot is co-pilot were found still clutching controls in the cockpit. four more bodies were pulled from the river and the search continues for eight still missing. 15 people survived. >> cyber detectives say leads point to chinese government hackers as the source of the hack attack on insurance provider anthem. the breach compromise social security numbers and other personal information from 80 million customers and employees. anthem has plans for blue
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and blue shield. 4:37. now, the storm. how close is it to your neighborhood? >> in the north bay right now where we are seeing the best radar return. this is an update on what, exactly, you can expect as far as the advisories. the north bay is under the particular flood watch until 6:00 tomorrow morning. all of us are still under the wind advisory and it just started at 4:00 this morning until 4:00 tomorrow morning. we will look at the southern wind at 20 to 35 miles per hour with gusts up to 50 and 60. right now, scattered light showers from healdsburg, bodega heal to rohnert park and headed to the northeast. this is where it will stay the next half sure -- half hour
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sunny side is 57 the cool spot. 62 at the ferry building. 61 in the financial to 60 downtown. we have a lot of nearly 60 degree temperatures along the bay shore and to santa clara and saratoga where it is 59. 58 in walnut creek. beautiful picture of the exploritorium camera. temperatures are in the upper 50's to low 60 at the coast and low-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and heavy rain in the north bay this morning and moving south through the afternoon and the early evening. i will have the timetable coming up. >> we will start off in the north bay, a look at the drive through san rafael to 580 and traffic is moving smoothly and the roads are quite dry. we have a project that will possible take effect tonight because we are not sure whether the rain is going to have any affect on construction projects around the bay area. if you are traveling interest
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san francisco from the east bay we will have most likely the present street off-ramp shut down tonight and tomorrow night. this is going to be regular thing for us until march 1. there. be detours if place and harrison is the best bet 580, tracy to dublin is westbound commute of 24 minutes. highway 4 antioch to 4 is 21 machines and from san rafael to san francisco is 19 minutes. >> a who's who of silicon valley celebrating best of technical innovation but they cannot escape a dose of reality. >> lay the ground work for super bowl 50 turning levi stadium into a wireless powerhouse. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with light traffic. it is dry here for now.
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>> covering los altos, antioch petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 4:42. protesters filled the street last night near san francisco city hall outside the 8th annual awards show chanting displeasure with the impact tech companies are having in the bay area. this group rallied against car service companies uber and lyft and take issue with the business practices of the ride sharing services and the affect on the taxi industry. airbnb picks up a bronze monkey for best design. san francisco when security company was named best enterprise start-up unlike the oscars, they are voted on by ordinary users. >> compton released a sentence sunday call made by a witness moments after suge knight murdered a man.
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>> a car ran over two guys that were fighting and he just pulled back and pulled forward and run 'em over. they are laying down. >> 49-year-old knight has pleaded not guilty to murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges for running over two men, killing one, and badly injuring the other after an argument. if convicted he could face life in prison. >> a measles outbreak is reported at a day care outside chicago affecting babies too young for the vaccine. this comes as lawmakers in california where it all started of proposing to remove a rule that allows parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids. here is the latest. >> the measles at odd day care, five babies diagnosed with the disease at this center outside chicago. other children possibly exposed. >> many of them are under the age necessary to receive the first vaccination. >> another 14 kids now quarantined in santa monica
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california after a case of the measles at their day care. the new cases on top of the 102 confirmed cases of measles across the country this year. the rising number prompting a push to get more kids vaccinated. >> we should not wait for more children to sicken or die before we act. >> california lawmakers are proposing to eliminate the personal belief exemption for parents who refuse to advantage nature their kids. it is one of unanimous states -- 19 states that allow parents to opt out. fewer than 90 percent of preschoolers get the measles vaccine. >> if kids are around other children, they should keep them all safe. >> this morning, one of the largest autism advocacy groups is weighing in aing vaccines do not cause ought victim and urge all children be fully vaccinated. >> to say that the question is
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over vaccines do not cause autism. get vaccinated. that is a big step. >> most cases are linked to the outprotectorate disney and other cases are linked to international travel. officials do not know the source of the latest chicago outbreak. >> a new $2 million wireless situation to alleviate point and data congestion with plans to mount 40 antennas near the stadium and some fans have experienced dropped calls and limited interpret data -- internet data connections. 15 carriers will pay fees to the silicon valley power to pay off the cost project with work starting this summer. >> will that allow texting and phone calls during super bowl 50? >> facebook. tweeting.
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gee, maybe a few. >> a lost texting about the rain. >> we will be on that, facebook texting, we will let you know what is going on. first, the old fashioned way: television. 101 is dry southbound. it is fog-free because of the breezes. radar returns go from...northern contra costa county, down 680 through the sunol grid to the south bay. super sprinkles to a light shower is possible around castro valley. as we head up to the north bay between santa rosa and rohnert park on 101, rohnert park expressway and highway 12 that is probably getting wet with the nice dark green. notice there are yellows offshore to the sonoma and marin county coast so we could have rain as far south as san rafael in 45 minutes. winds are running at 22 miles
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per hour in san jose to 26 at half moon bay and the next batch of rain the winds will pick up and we will look at the winds and they could gust up to 50 at point reyes in the morning. these are gusts. just the first of around 5-10 seconds. they of the ones that could topple the trees and we could be from 25 to 35 and rain picks up at lunch along with the winds from 35 to 50 miles per hour. they stay gusty through the 6:00 hour. the drive home or the evening commute if you are headed out, watch out for the wind they will taper especially as we head overnight through tomorrow morning when the in between system occurs. from emeryville, bay bridge was not too bad but it will be harder to drive because of purpose dick particular wind through the commute. windy today, rain heavy at times, and scattered lighter showers tomorrow so fanfest is okay. the second round is sunday and it will be heavy and it will
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have thunder and fanfest for the a's may not be able to get that in. by noon, orange and yellow so that is moderate-to-heavy rain at times and notice by 5:00 or 6:00 there are self rounds and by learn -- 11 o'clock we are more scattered and by 8:00 we are good with scattered nature of the shower and to sunday morning, the next chance of rain rolls in. still looking for 1-3" around the bay and 1-2" in the south bay and 3-5 in the north bay and 6-10 along the coastal mountains. >> as the wind blows if you have a high profile, be careful over the bay bridge because we have c.h.p. issued
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advisory. the barrier is moved to the right to widen for southbound traffic. all is moving along fine and we will take a few minutes to move to the north end of the bridge with clear conditions across the bay area and that could change so be careful if you travel out of the altamont pass with traffic there and it clears up by vasco and in livermore and dublin you can see the area shaded in green. that is where you could see the moist roads as you continue into castro valley same deal 880 is accident free and the south bay is moving along without any problems. apple is redesigning a photo app for mac users and a watchmaker is going smart. apple changing the way that mac users can manage photos called simply photos so you can store and edit all photos
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cloud that will launch in the spring. >> swatch is taking on apple compatible with droid and windows allowing mobile payment and will launch next few months. >> high-tech new hotel is getting ready to hop in japan. the staff of the hotel is made up of row budget -- robot s and bus boys and you can access your room by facial recognition. >> so you do not have to tip. >> look at you! the upside. >> drink up, scientists discover another health benefit to coffee with a type cancer it could help fight in women. >> he is not walking 20 miles to work in the snow the new ride a michigan man is cruising in thanks to thousands of people
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across the country.
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>> send weather photos and veto us at and you can post them on our abc7 facebook page or share them with us on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> ladies another reason to grab another cup of coffee. women who drink three cups of coffee or more a day may lower their risk for uterine cancer with an 18 percent lower risk for this cancer compared to those would drink only one cup. the caution is this is an association that the actual trigger could be something also
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not necessarily the coffee. the study is in the journal of cancer epidemiology. >> new york city police are looking if two men whose joy ride in a stolen car was caught on can a. they walk up to the car which was left running at the curb while the owner got out and the suspects take off and immediately they hit a woman in a crosswalk and one other car. clearly, they were spooked. they abandoned the vehicle a few blocks away and run off. police say the woman would was hit was not badly hurt and the owner of the car said he will not walk away from it while it is running again. >> good idea. meteorologist mike nicco is keeping close eye on the storm and giant fanfest is tomorrow with oakland a's on sunday. >> tomorrow we have a light shower possible and low-to-mid 60's and better chance of rain for a's fans on sunday and although you get an extra hour
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10-4:00 it will be wet the entire time. right now, you can see the best radar returns still to our north and the night plume of moisture is extending all the way to our southwest and want as it marches crass our neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon. if you try to head to lake tahoe you will get wet. mid-to-upper 50's chico and sacramento and 67 in monterey and 84 in palm springs. snow level is extremely high and everyone is rain today up in lake tahoe and the snow level is 8,000' tomorrow and 9,000 feet on sunday and 7000 feet on monday the best chance of accumulation. >> so dust off the chains? >> i would think so. just in case. >> good idea. here is a look at walnut creek the riff is quiet coming out of pleasant hill and toward highway 24 so no delays. northbound traffic is moving smoothly across the bay and we do have clear conditions and no
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accidents to report. our drive time traffic 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and southbound 101 santa rosa to san francisco is 52 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains it is 22 minutes. if you are thinking of ditching the car we have 20 bart trains on time and ace train one has no delays. use caltrain to go to the giants' fanfest tomorrow. >> the little pep talk three rip times have a new home at the zoo, after being smuggled out of south america and confiscated at port of miami receiving treatment at the oakland zoo veterinarian hospital and are healthy enough to be placed in a new home. amazon tree boa can be 7' in length. >> a colorado handy man is praised for honesty after finding hidden cash during a renovation protect. he could have kept the money without anyone knowing but he
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didn't. he says he discovered an envelope filled with 20s and 50s behind a medicine can't $1,000 left behind by the people who used to live there. what did he do? he gave the money to the new homeowners. he did not hesitate and would not be able to sleep at night if he kept the money. >> after 21 years of puffing and logging miles a detroit man can breath a sigh of relief. >> there is his new car he is getting a car, a showny red 2015 forward taurus with new wheels and a new nickname. james robertson is abc's "person of interest" the 56-year-old factory worker is featured on "world news tonight," along with a college student who raised hundreds of thousands on his behalf and the man who discovered his discovery tonight at 5:30 right here on abc7.
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>> going to look good in snow tires. >> the head of san francisco's catholic archdiocese defends the controversial land regarding the personal lives of church schoolteachers. >> california drought gets more attention from washington with a pitch the governor will make for more federal aid. stay tuned. this is an allen family production. and here's why we love chex. one, we love choices like chocolate, vanilla and honey nut. two, we don't love artificial colors or flavors. does anybody? and's gluten free.
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