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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 6, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> umbrellas flipped inside out by powerful winds. resolution accidents everyone getting drenched this morning as the first of two weekend storms pound the bay area. good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. a one-two punch hitting the bay area. live doppler hd shows the wet weather blanketing most of the bay and there is more to come. >> the first storm has been socking us since early this morning. a look from the camera on mount a.t.m. shows the clouds and rain moving in already forcing
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closures and power outages. >> rain coming down in richmond. this is a shot great our camera at the san rafael richmond bridge toll plaza. right now where you live, we will get to meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> we start with live doppler hd. good morning again, everyone. the best radar runs is coming up in the north bay where the storm has been hitting for the better part of the early morning hours. a lot of the rain has not reached the ground at least now it is starting to. we are getting .1" to .2" of rain in the area. we are seeing waves of rain. most of our recording stations around the bay, although we have dark green, there are a couple hundredths. in san jose most of the south bay, too it is dry right now. theory car is looking more impressive than the rain reaching the ground. the winds are 30 to 40 miles per hour from sfo to the coast so we have three hour and 30 minute flight arrival delays.
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gusty winds are heavy at times through early evening. lighter showers and breezy tomorrow but the storm system on sunday could be a repeat of this one and maybe stronger. so far no flooding yet in the north bay although officials businesses and residents are closely watching the creeks as rain continues to fall. some of the wineries are welcoming the storm with open arms. amy hollyfield is in brugnara brugnara brugnara brugnara brugnara -- we are get agonize study rain in healdsburg and businesses are ready in case it causes damage. look on the avenue we have sandbags and tarps and you can see them all over the downtown just in case because they know this area can flood. this morning's rain in healdsburg has been study. soft at first.
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shownly gaining strength nothing dramatic. >> if it rains like this for five days, perfect! no issues. when it comes down really get the issues. >> it could be a long day maybe a long weekend. they will watch this creek carefully. it tends to spill over its banks sending unwanted water into the vibrant downtown square. aawe put out sandbags and cleaned the creeks. >> wineries say their thirsty crops will take the rain. the owner of the winery said there could be side effects if it is too much too soon but people in the farming community, they are hoping for the best. >> we are superior super excited. it is finally here and we are okay with it the we want it to come down hard as long as it can, as much as we can get.
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>> he is showed a picture of the huge oak tree he lost in december losing tens of thousands in sales. but he does not expect a repeat performance. >> they are projected 6-8". we can handle that. >> the positive attitude out here is paying off so far. i checked with the money works department and they say no problems have been reported. thank you. there are three school closures to tell you about in sonoma county due to the storm harmony elementary and salmon creek do not have water and they do not have power. 170 customers are still without power in los altos because of a downed power line. that down from 800 customs earlier after strong winds knocked over a tree and it crashed into the power line.
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the affected area runs from foothill express to springer road. a pg&e crew is, working to repair the line. >> the weather is causing major delays at sfo even before the heavy rain and gusty winds rolled in. our reporter is at the airport. how long is the wait now? >> it is a long wait for some but if you got out of the rain and went outside and went into the warm terminal you would be out of trouble but you would be wrong. don't blame it on the ring, the flight cancellations and delays at san francisco special airport were caused by low visibility and wind. that means a lot of waiting for the next flight. >> our flight was 10:30 and it was canceled. we changed our flight to 1:30. now it is delayed until 2:30. >> why was it cancel asked delayed? >> the weather. >> late morning 130 flights were delayed at sfo but at least
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those passengers had a flight. more than 140 flights were canceled. most were the short commuter routes along the west coast. a spokesman from sfo says airlines with the hourly flight to los angeles cancel a flight for later departure. cancellations were split even, half arrivals and half departures. the delays were overwhelmingly arrivals. we ran and a few people would arrived on time at sfo but were still impacted by the delay. >> what are you waiting for? >> my friend to arrive. >> what happened? >> her flight was delayed 45 minutes, waiting on two other people of the party to arrive with weather delays. >> what are you doing? one of their bachelorette parties, delaying a fun. hopefully it doesn't rain too much. >> the airlines are good at notifying customer when the flights are delayed or canceled but because of the expected stormy weather it is a good idea
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to contact the airline before you head to the airport. >> thank you, we want to see the weather where you live, send us your weather photos and video you can maim them to us at and post them on our facebook page or share them with us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. can you see what is showing up on live doppler hd with the weather app that is free on the app store or google play. we also have more information at abc 7 >> no reports of damage after an earthquake shook people awake a 3.1 earthquake hit redwood city at 3:44 a.m. and centered in the emerald hills area. we do have people who say it felt like a strong jolt. >> breaking news in the ongoing battle with isis, the group has released a statement claiming a female american hostage they were holding was killed in a
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coalition airstrike by jordan. the statement is making the rounds on social media national security officials say they are deeply concerned by the report but have not seen any evidence to corroborate the claim. >> new details of a deadly crash this morning in fremont involving a wrong way driver. that driver has been identified as 22-year-old woman from santa clara. c.h.p. is not releasing her name. she was going the wrong way on southbound 880 when she slammed head on into a tuck. the truck driver is 26 years old from east palo alto and he and two passengers are at the hospital in serious condition. >> ominous warning for some parents and students in san francisco unified schools. parts of unvaccinated children are receiving robocall laying out the possible for the measles. if a student in the district comes down with measles, all unvaccinated kids will be forced to stay home for three weeks. last month the district sent
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home letters urging all parents to get their children vaccinated. >> today, san francisco's archbishop will hold a news conference to discuss the controversial proposal regarding the personal lives of catholic schoolteachers. archbishop will change faculty hand books at four high schools asking teachers to grow to list their public and personally lives according to court teachings and homosexualality and birth control are not allowed and some say they go too far. >> parents and students and teachers opposed to the changes held a vigil in front of st. mary's cathedral. they called on the archbishop to not move forward with adopting the clauses because it could remove workplace protections. >> police say a plan to teach their son a lesson on stranger
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day sent them to the slammer. >> devoted dad win over the internet, what he did to become a viral sensation. >> live doppler hd showing the storm moving across the bay area covering much of the bay area, not most. find out when the wet weather. hit where you live when we come
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>> a missouri family's attempt to teach a six-year old about
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stranger danger forced four behind bars. the mother grandmother, and aunt all pictures here wanted to scare him because he felt he is too nice to people. they talked a gas station attendant into kidnapping the boy cometting him into the truck after school, tied him help threatened him with a gun and told him he would never see his mommy again. the terror lasted for hours before the boy was health go and the family told him it was a lesson to teach him about stranger danger. the boy told officials and all four were arrested and now the boy is in the care of child protective services. >> trending today, the internet is rallying behind a man would refuses to give up on his son who was born with down's syndrome. you may have seen this picture making the rounds. this is samuel and his son leo. the wife wanted to give leo up for adoption because of downs and the husband decided to keep the baby she filed for divorce. he wants to take the babe back
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to new zealand for the extended family. he start add go fund me page that raised $336,000 with a link at >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is stepping up fill an through with a mass of donation to san francisco general hospital. he and his wife are giving a $75 million to the hospital foundation and it is the largest single private gift ever, to a public hospital in the united states. it is the largest health provider if people who cannot afford insurance. the 75 million grant will help the hospital complete its new acute care and trauma center with state-of-the-art technology. she is a doctor who trained at general. rain drenches the bay area and we look at the storm now, and mike is up next to tell us how long you will last and when round two heads your way. >> cops get creative on the job and an officer busted a move
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[tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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>> covering novato oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. former h.p. c.e.o. could be throwing her hat in the presidential race. in 2010 she failed to unseat barbara boxer in the race if united states senate seat in california. now she tells boston herald she is looking to raise enough money to campaign for the white house and introduce herself to voters. she is the only woman openly seeking a bid on the going ticket but she has never held
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public office. >> mountain view based google is hoping you will not be able to resist is the latest droid commercial with unlikely animal friends. >> adorable animal video part of a new ad called "be together," various species mixing including a cat and a dog, a dog and a dolphin a baby chick and a cat among other pairings having fund together and the commercial does not show a single droid device but it is loaded with cuteness. >> and that is a song by roger miller from "robin hood," a disney production. >> that would have been a good super bowl commercial. >> a little late. not frozen but a lot of rain. it will be war. >> exactly.
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they are getting much needed rain in lake tahoe that will fill our reservoirs but not there later when we need it. here is a look in the north bay where you can see rohnert park and to santa rosa and looking at, well 116 is wet and over to napa and a better radar return is san rafael and across the richmond-san rafael bridge to richmond and hercules and as we widen the picture this is headed southwest to northeast and offshore is another before of moderate rain. the radar has been hotter than the actual rain reaching the ground but even outside the radar reaches you can seat humid plume, the pineapple express pipeline, the atmospheric river is still around and undercut big time with a layer of dry air from 4,000 to 7,000 feet. the rainfall is not so much with
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.12" at mill valley and to sfo that is as far south as the measurable rain is going and you can see the rain falling on the san mateo bridge and as we head further to the south there is rainfall be on 87 near the shark tank a few minutes ago. the winds and this has been the big picture sutro tower camera bouncing around more of a wind maker than a rainmaker but we still have a good chance of heavy rain as we head through the afternoon into the early evening and now it will turn lighter tomorrow and the second round is looking more organized than this round and this round the energy is coming in small chunks and the next round is a better chance of flooding than this system. the winds will be as strong. you can see from noon to action how quickly things turn over to scattered showers and it continues up until midnight and
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as you head out this evening prepare for wet weather and tomorrow morning look how light it it is. you could get rained on at at&t park and saturday into sunday the next storm comes in heavier with strong winds and you can see the rain is hacking around and a better chance of getting wet at the cove during fanfest on sunday. now a look at rainfall amounts looking at about 1-3" for most 2-4" in the north bay and 5-8 in the north so we will have a slow one. it ends at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow but it could be reissued for the storm on sunday. the gusts are around 25 to 50 miles per hour through the evening and they will taper overnight and i could see this could be a reissue on sunday with the winds him as fast. as we head to monday morning, the commute will start to dry out and monday evening we will be dry and we will have sunshine
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and 75 next week. if you are headed to the sierra it will be sloppy and wet skiing >> an officer in the midwest is getting a lot of attention after he was cut busting a move on the job. the missouri police department posted this video on the facebook page of one of their guys getting down and the officer was checking to see if the camera worked. it did. and... >> a little too well. >> wherever your ice cream is from he is enjoying. >> it is friday and we talked about perfect pet coming up next with
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>> coming up at 4:00, a boy with leukemia receives a special treatment before heading to the hospital. a new bedroom fit for a king. we will show the big reveal. at 5 o'clock, two women in tahiti and this painting is sending shockwaves around the
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world. >> we will straighten it out. and now friday's perfect pet. >> this is dino. >> i am good. how about you. >> we will hear from the alameda animal shelter. dino has an interesting history. >> we have had him since august, he loves everyone. he does. he is a good dog. he is approximately three. he is great if the car. he rides wonderfully in the car. we would recommend older children, ten or older and he would be fine with another small dog his size or cats would be okay. >> you said he was barking? he barks in the kennel and people pass that so it doesn't mean --. >> but he has been quiet as a mouse the 20 minute you have been here with everything going
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on. >> he has been handleing everything and he does our mobile adoptions with us, he need as forever home. >> you make a bad first impression. >> if you are interested in dino or the other animals, scale them up. something special in february. >> in february we have a discount on adoption fees. >> this are go. >> we will find you a home. >> he will be talking up a storm on the ride home. >> thank you so much for joining us.
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