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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  February 7, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. it's saturday. february 7th. thanks for joining us. it sure was a wet and windy night throughout the area. let's check with lisa argen for a look at the weekend weather. >> was it ever. the winds have died down, but we still have moisture headed to davenport, perhaps south moon bay and the half bay in the next half hour. this is leftover rain shower activity. we will continue to see the showers in the south bay. all the way down through
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monterey where the surf has been kicking up. you can see davenport getting ready to show a shower. we are looking at great skies for some areas. the next system coming in out of the south allowing for breezy winds overnight and the rainfall. but as for the rest of the day today. the morning, you can see the scattered light areas. mainly in the south bay. a few in the higher elevations. and look for rain through more did tomorrow. we'll like up the temperatures all coming up. chris? >> lisa thank you. the rain caused major problems in mendicino county. # the highway was shut down overnight due to flooding. officials with the national weather service say all the rain caused the water levels to rise, leading to flooding in the area.
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flooding is also expected over highway 128 due to flooding from the river. the storm brings damage and power outages to the region from the east to the north. just under 4,000 customers are without power this morning. 420 customers in the peninsula and 360 in san francisco are also without power. down in the south bay 240 customers are in the dark, as well as 75 in the eastbound. alan wang has more on the storm damage. >> wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour in novato snapped a utility pole knocking out pour to 1,600 customers. further north high winds ripped a power line down trapping a mother and two kids in in their car. they were rescued an hour later. >> probably some safety course put on by the fire department not to get out of the car.
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>> the wires started causing a fire in front of us. >> trees were toppling all over the bay area. including this 90-foot pine. >> it pulled up enough of the root ball that the wind had to be incredibly high for the tree to fall over. >> the tree fell across three properties and damaged a neighbor's roof. but there were no injuries. winds pulled this right out of the ground and on top of two cars. >> nothing happened to my family. that's the first thing in my mind. everything is here except for the cars. >> they clean up and brace for the second wave on sunday. alan wang, abc 7 news. >> remember that tall tree. city crews were able to quickly remove that tree. the winds brought down trees in san francisco as well and sent them crashing along the bay. abc 7 news reporter has details now from the city.
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>> trees and large limbs came crashing down all over san francisco. >> i just heard a big giant woosh. >> this massive example oddly enough. >> i'm glad it's over there and not over here. >> it was a direct hit into his backyard. downed branches took a side-view mirror off a parked car. nearby a woman decide d to put the storm damage to good use. zblf i'm zblf >> i'm salvaging the fallen trees for their branches for a project in my garden. >> the crews have responded to dozens of downed trees and limbs. no reports of injuries. the bay put on quite a show. the water crashing against the railings and smashing to the sidewalk. >> the winds came and i took some really nice pictures and saw the big waves coming and had to hold the umbrellas. >> at the height of the winds.
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the sturdy flag pole was struggling. in san francisco, katie marzullo. >> you can see what's showing up with the abc weather app. it's free in google's app store or apple play. one person has died in a mobile home fire. the fire broke out before 2:00 this morning at a mobile home on -- hollow drive. firefighters arrived to find the home and carport in flames. it took crews a half hour to knock down the fire. firefighters found a woman dead inside the mobile home. she has not been identified. the fire remains urndsnder investigation. a man is in custody following an officer-involved shooting. it happened just after midnight on east 17th. police say officers tazed and fired shots after a man with several golf clubs came at them. the man was not injured,
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however, he was taken into custody. no word on what led up to the altercation. 8:06 is the time. the coroner says the apparent driver wloho died in a hit and run crash was a 14-year-old girl. the car drove off an police found the teen's body next to it about half ha mile away. the coroner identified her as cynthia ramirez of san jose. no containers will be loaded or unloaded at the port of location land this weekend. yesterday the pacific maritime association announced a temporary work suspension at 29 ports in the west coast including oakland. union workers were without a contract for nine months local fruit importers are worried. >> we do not want this to happen especially with the
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parishables. we do have them in containers. we're going to load as me as he can. >> that importer says he doesn't think there will be a complete shutdown like the one that occurred in 2002. happening today, activists will gather in oakland to discuss climate change. demonstrators will call on governor brown to put a stop on fracking. they want him to stand up to the oil industry. they're asking him to move california towards using 100% renewable energy. today's march and rally gets under way at 11:15 this morning. this morning a san francisco tiki bar is missing a priceless piece of art that used to hang on the wall. the owner wants it back. >> smuggler's cove is a three-story tiki bar in san francisco, named to the world's
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50 best bars list. it mimics a pirate ship filled with art pieces from all over the world. one special decoration is gone wooden hand carved club seen in this picture spoesed by the owner martin cates. >> it particularly hurts when it's something special like this. it's not a beer mirror or something like that. it was made especially for us. >> it appeared someone ripped the club off the wall. not an easy thing to do since it was bolted down. there are security cameras but -- >> sadly the cameras were pointed j just about every wall except that one. it wasn't very big. it would be easy to get in a back or under a coat. >> the priceless piece has been with the kbag since it opened. >> all of these decorative art
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pieces. pieces. >> i'm shocked. this place is gorgeous and so unique. i can't believe they would steal someone else's property. >> employees are spreading the word online asking people to keep an eye out at p flea markets. we have a break in the rain for now. still cooler than yesterday. we had 67. here we are at the beach. it is soggy in santa cruz. upper 50s. we'll talk about how much more and the timing of the next one. we'll have gusty winds as well. . the line has already started at at&t park for today's giant fan fest. why some die hard say they had toe spend the nigh to be first
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welcome back. there's a quick look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see it is clear for now and most of the bay area. there is some activity popping up, though, just south of san jose. don't forget to download the abc 7 weather app ahead of the next storm. lisa will let us know when and where it will hit in a bit. 8:13 is the time. a knock on the door led to trouble for an east bay woman. she thought she was talking to someone from her alarm company and wound up on the hook for a lot of money. mike finney steps in to help. >> he said he was here about the alarm. >> joyce recalls the day a man came to her front door. >> he pulled out a book and he says, don't you have this alarm? i said yes. >> she figured the man was from the alarm company. the alarm is in the kitchen. he goes, well we have to change it. and i says, change it?
8:14 am
well, what's the matter? he says, well we're taking over. >> now jous figured her current alarm company was taken over by the new ones. >> he showed his badge. i thought, he must be all right. >> ready to arm. >> she let the technician install a new alarm panel in the kitchen and signed this five yearlong contract. she put out new signs. >> joy says a salesman also wrote this note addressed from joyce to her current alarm provider, saying she was canceling that service. joyce signed the note. it wasn't until later that her daughter realized what happened. >> my daughter is on the phone with the original alarm people. they said, no. there's nothing wrong here. >> there was no takeother of her old alarm company. joyce called the alarm guys and try to cancel that contract. i want my original alarm in here. and they says no.
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it will cost you about $2200. >> she contacted 7 on your side. we contacted the alarm guys. the spokesperson says joyce was fully aware that the two alarm companies were unrelated before the switch was made. its attorney tells us the alarm guys performed, as they do with every customer two recorded telephone calls to ensure she was informed of the productses and services she was purchasing. and the identity of the alarm guys as independent of her prior home security company. at first the company said we could hear the recording with joyce's consent but then did not respond with our request to follow-through. however, the company did agree to cancel the contract after all. telling me although she cleared the calls she later contacted the alarm guys because she was
8:16 am
not completely satisfied with the new alarm service. the alarm guys immediately cancelled the krlt without any penalty fees. >> if anyone comes to the door to change the alarm system think twice and call your provider before allowing them in. an alarm company should contact you before showing up at the door with a major project. i'm michael finney 7 on your side. >> a-heads-up for any teachers out there. there will be a job fair today. more than 600 positions are available in the oakland and san francisco unified school district. officials say districts are also hires for substitute teacher positions as they deal with a teacher shortage. today's job fair runs from 9:00 to 11:00.
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california's great america will hold the second day of the job fair for the upcoming 40th season. the santa clara amusement park is looking for up to 2,500 employees for positions including marketing ride operations and food and beverage sales. today's job fair is from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the air opens on march 28th. giants fans are lining up to get up close to the fan fest. they say they wanted to be among the first in line to get up close to madison bumgarner and other players and coaches. >> i want autographs of my boys. i love them. they're like my friends. i watch their game fs every day. >> really excited for the world champions. i'm looking to get hopefully like eight to ten signatures. >> fans will be able to meet the
8:18 am
team, take pictures with all three world series trophies and play catch on the field. fanfest is today from 10:00 to 3:00. admission to the ballpark is free. for those folks just waking up out of their tents waking up to pretty clear skies. hopefully they got to sleep with the the winds last night. >> it was rough. >> that's calming down. but more is to come. gusty winds later on tonight. and this moisture here is pushing into the central coast. and we're looking at scattered showers from san jose on south. so first storm system has passed on through. a wave of more shower activity south of the bay. but still we are looking at evergreen and san jose with wet weather. 101 down morgan hill and san martin. big sur looking at the shower activity.
8:19 am
scattered showers throughout perhaps the higher elevations today. ligts activity ul around san jose. overall it's the cloudy sky and here you can see peeks of blue. and temperatures still quite mild due to the south wind. 60 in gilroy. 59 in half-moon bay. delays at sfo and we'll look for the rainy period to be here in and around the central coast. and you can see the rain and the sea here. so not such a great day for beach goers, but temperatures will stay mild. light snow about 8,200 feet. they pick up anywhere from 6 to 10 inches. and things have been winding down there. so scattered showers around the bay today. for the most part. it will be dry.
8:20 am
more rain is slated for the early morning hours than the afternoon and a chance of thunderstorms. but san rafael. two inches. an inch and a third in concord. an inch in livermore. look at san jose. still a few more showers here. so not bad. we could see another three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a quarter with the next system. . it will be mild today. it will be breezy at the coast. the winds are expected to crank up again. let's take you through the next several hours. you'll notice the breaks of sun and a few isolated showers. by 6:00 tomorrow morning. the main rain band is off shore. and we're looking pretty wet
8:21 am
with moderate rain to the north bay. they will push behind the day tomorrow. with could see a thunderstorm tomorrow. rain lingers into monday. by the afternoon it sets the stage for a dry rest of the week. plan on scattered showers. most of the day will be dry. 65 in san francisco. low 60s wet in santa cruz. more rain and wind by early tomorrow. partly cloudy to mostly sunny by tuesday. and we're looking at warmer numbers wednesday, thursday and friday. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd any time at the abc 7 news weather app. it's free on apple store or google play. we have more information about
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abc 7 news online. i'll be watching that for tomorrow. i know we talked about this morning. guilty as charged. all right, lisa. thank you. coming up next, a big change coming to "the view": why rosie o'donnell decided to leave the talk show for a second time. plus, we're celebrating the people making a difference where you live. today we recognize more more than 100 volunteers that read aloud to stay tuneds as part of the oakland education fund african-american literature read-in. volunteers include the police department and st city council. we have more information on
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don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit rosie o'donnell is making big changes in her life, both personally and professionally. abc confirmed the comedian is leaving the talk show "the view." o'donnell came back after leaving the first time back in 2007. a representative for o'donnell says she's leaving again following a split with her second wife. the couple was together for three years and raising five children together. next week will be her final week on the show.
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the lead guitarist of the rock band journey is suing the city of san francisco claiming officials quadrupled his fee to use a popular city landmark for his wedding. neal schon married real housewives of d.c. star in december of 2013. at the palace of fine arts. yet he filed a central lawsuit claiming san francisco officials overcharged him for the use of the venue after learning the wedding would be broadcast at a pay-per-view television show. schon said he initially agreed to pay 358$58,000 for the facilities. two big names in the marvel universe united yesterday. chris pratt is a seahawks fan. chris evans is a patriots fan. whosever team lost had to put on
8:27 am
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it's half past the hour on this saturday morning. we're glad to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. how are things looking lisa? >> we're looking wet along the central coast. parts of san jose and right around davenport. you see another area of moisture right there. as we go in closer near 101 you can see all the way down through more began hill and san martin. and the hills looking at the rain. right around highway 101. south of half-moon bay looking at some rain. we will look for the activity to stay mainly in the south bay and the central coast with more scattered activity around the bay area. emeryville. 57 in oakland. 59 in half-moon bay with just a mile visibility. partly cloudy skies. 57 in santa rosa.
8:31 am
61 in livermore. so we're looking about the calm in between the next system the next storm that will bring gusty winds, perhaps an inch of rain in your neighborhood and linger to monday morning. >> up in the sierra, strong winds snapped trees and snow winds snapped lower than expected. restrictions on interstate 80 and highway 50 have been lifted. the winds also whipped up a fire that grew up to 500 acres. the towns of paradise are currently under mandatory evacuation orders. one home and one outbuilding were destroyed. now to the east bay where a large tree fell to a home in alamo today. this is luckily in a drive where the firefighters worked through wind and rain to repoouf it. no one was hurt. however there was some damage. you can e-mail pictures or
8:32 am
videos to us at kgo -- tv doth/ the number of measles cases in california had now reached triple digits after four additional cases, bringing the total to 105. san francisco unified school district is updating the policy on unvaccinated children. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has the story. >> forget david earl. there's no question. >> it almost feels like criminal negligence when parents don't vaccination their kids. >> this doctor feels just as strongly about a parent's right to choose. >> i don't think we should mandate vaccinations ever. >> 1.8% of san francisco unified families filed personal belief exemptions to avoid vaccinating their children. now the school district wants the parents to know there could be major con kwenss.
8:33 am
sfusd sent out this call. >> if you don't have proof of immunizations on file and there's a case of measles at your child's school, your child will have to stay home for up to three weeks. that's 21 days of finding a babysitter and 21 days of missed class work. >> that would be extremely hard to deal with. 21 days of staying home. >> we're trying to make sure parents understand what the repercussions would be if there were a case of measles at their child's school. >> district spokeswoman says a copy of this letter erjing parents to vaccinate the parents will be set out. to be clear. there are no reported cases in san francisco county. this is a preemptive policy and perhaps the only thing people on both sides of the vaccine debate have agreed on. >> i'm a fan. absolutely. >> i think that makes a lot of sense, actually.
8:34 am
if there's a measles case in the school, they need to stay home. >> yeah. >> they will require measles vaccinations for all incoming freshman under a new plan set to take effect in 2017. tiffany wilson abc 7 news. this morning a family from castro valley spent the week at their home. abc 7's get where you live teamed up with special spaces, disney on ice and gave one special boy a very big sur prize. here's daetz with the story. >> in some ways this is your typical third grader. >> i look soccer football baseball mostly. >> he only mostly likes baseball because he kept getting hit by pitches. >> got hit in the hand. got hit in the leg. got hit near the stomach. got hit in my wrist. i got a lot of spaces i got hit. >> back in may he suffered a serious blow to his held.
8:35 am
he was diagnosed with leukemia. >> i was in shock as you think of all the worst through your head. what he's going do go through. is he going to make it? >> austin's parents, amy and are making sure he gets the best care while also caring for their other son, 6-year-old dominic. >> they interact so well. his little brother looks up to him so puch. he knows how it affects his brother's ability to run and raise him. next week austin will be admitted to ucfa to receive a bone marrow transplant. he'll be in the hospital for six weeks. when he comes home he'll meet a special environment. >> he needs a place germ-free and clutter-free so that he does not get sick. if he gets sick --
8:36 am
>> special faces partnered with disney on ice performerses to transform the small room the brothers share into a place fut for a king. or rather a lion king. one of austin's favorite movies. and a certain mouse named mickey was there for if big reveal. >> i love my new room. mostly excited about the painting. because i kind of -- and i look the art drawing because it looks the same as the movie. it's like actually real art. >> i think that austin and dominic are very happy. and i hope that greg is happy. i think they are. it's more than what i expected. thest beautiful. >> i can't explain about how happy and how much joy i have the for my son you know, having his new room and the lion king.
8:37 am
>> thank you for everything. >> ama daetz, abc 7 news. >> it's so great to see him smile. we have a picture from his bedroom makeover e and disney which helped make austin' day so special is the parent company of abc 7. happying today. the make a wish returns to the bay area. ama daetz will emcee the activities. you may remember miles scott. the greater bay area was responsible for making the 5-year-old's dream come true in november of 2013 when the young cancer patient became bat man for a day. the event helped raise money to make more than 300 wishes come true each year for kids with life threatening medical conditions. still ahead, on the abc 7 saturday morning use. would you stand in the rain for the country's best beer? we'll take you to where it's being served. but only for a limited time. but first, here's a live
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two more delicious reasons to love chex. good morning, everyone. for those of you just waking up it's ar little windy. there's a live look from the
8:41 am
golden gate bridge camera. clouds over marin right now. lisa argen will break down the forecast coming up in a few moments. happening today, san francisco officials in a u.s. postal service will bring in the lunar new year with the unveiling of a ram stamp. it's the eighth in a series of 12 lunar stamps. the ceremony is under way at 11:00 at the chinese cultural center. the year of the ram begins on february 19th. getting a check of the weather. how we doing? >> we did get high elevation snow. it's raining right now. you can see sun here. so anywhere from 4 to 10 inches above 8,000 feet. and we will look for activity in the southern sierra around yosemite. another band of rain towards the bay area and wind, we'll talk about it moments away. >> that's a gorgeous shot.
8:42 am
lisa thank you. also the much anticipated matchup between the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too...
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we're practically twins! time is 8:44. welcome back, everyone. there's some rain right now
8:45 am
moving through this part of northern california. you can see at least one person there walking along the beach. it is cloudy right now. how much more rain can we expect? lisa will let us know in just a few minutes. new this morning, president obama is putting his focus on middle class economics. a topic he has spent significant time on during his state of the union address as well as the recent budget proposal. in his weekly address the president highlights the 3 million jobs created in 2014 as well as the prominence of increasing wages. the president also discussed many of the aspects of his proposed budget that he says would help the middle class. >> this week i sent congress a budget built on middle-class economics. it helps families support child care, health care, college, paid leave at work. homeownership and saving for retirement. and it could put thousands of dollars back to the pockets of a working family each year. >> the president also says his budget helped more americans learn new skills to earn higher
8:46 am
wages, including a proposal to make two years of community college free for responsible students across the country. if you want to try the best beer in the country, be prepared to weight in line. some weighted eight hours to taste the limited edition beer. it's being brewed by the russian river brewing company where it's only available on tap for the next few weeks. the brewery says that's to guarantee freshness. >> you really want to preserve the freshness by getting it as close to brewed as possible. this beer was only able to be drank as of yesterday. >> the brewery produces only 200 kegs of it a year. your last chance to try the beer will be february 19th. taking a look at the video,
8:47 am
those folks came prepared with their jackets. >> it was very wet. they were big winners out of there. less about an inch. here's live doppler 7 hd. more rain showers are pushing into the coast. also around the south bay and the central coast. so there's a pretty good shower right here. so moderate rainfall here. a few showers in san martin, highway 101 and higher elevations. this is around monterey and carmel valley. and less eer amounts the further north you go. right around santa cruz. it has been wet or cloudy. this is you can pick up an
8:48 am
additional couple of hundredths. we will look at the second system to bring an inch or two into the santa cruz mountains through tomorrow. san francisco has a 45-minute delay at sfo. the winds have calmed down. they haven't switched directions because we're in the between systems. that's why we are mild. we're looking at 40s in the sierra nevada. and fog along the coast. so we will pick up more liquid equipment in the mountains. above 8,000 feet where we get about a foot or so. lake level, maybe two to four inches. scattered showers today. sunshine and wet and windy conditions. tomorrow, early morning through mid morning, even a chance of a thunderstorm. in the second system, about as strong as the one we just had. maybe the winds won't be as gusty. three-quarters of an inch of rain. 24 hours total.
8:49 am
an inch in oakland. inch and a third better. and in livermore, you picked up an inch. hayward, not doing too bad. and inch and a quarter and closing in on two inches. but big time rain. here's a look at the big wave of energy push oing on through. the system behind this one will allow for the heavier rain to head our way throughout the morning tomorrow. so as we take our computer animation through the next several hours. it's cloudy. if you like showers 6:00 tomorrow morning. rain around san francisco. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. the rain becomes more moderate. the ooers bay gets into the act at 9:00 or 10:00. by noontime, much of it is pushing east. more showers around the bay tomorrow. today is your drier day.
8:50 am
and even into monday morning, a few light showers. maybe a soggy monday morning commute. so boy the winds calm down significantly. we'll have south winds 10 to 20 today. 67 in livermore and san jose. overnight the winds crank up for windy, rainy conditions throughout tomorrow morning, throughout the afternoon, more than we'll see today. and then looking at lingering rain showers much lighter on monday. and tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday, we're dry, and milder. feeling like spring again. that that hasn't put out a wind advisory yet. they very well could. it was intense. so thank goodness no big
8:51 am
injuries. >> i don't think people mind the rain. it's the winds that can be tough. the warriors are back in action today playing at madison square garden. new york is tied for the worst record in the nba. last night they were in atlanta for a battle between the top teams in the league. ft here's larry beil with the highlights. >> good morning everybody. there's a reason the hawks are 42-9. quite the show at phillips arena. they played a sloppy game. dennis reuter score. s. gives it back. he got down by ten and came firing back. that goes for 26 points, play
8:52 am
for 29. in a flash we have a three-point game. the hawks shot 56% from downtown. who is mike scott? like a blur. led the hawks with 23. warriors fall 124-116 and drop to 39-9 on the years. anthony davis, are you kidding me? for new orleans. the win right here. between two defenders he is money! davis has 41. believe it or not. >> that was his first made three of the season. college women's hoops stanford. they got the curtain of distractions down there. it worked.
8:53 am
caylee johnson misses the a tying basket. she can hardly watch. cardinals down one. the sweet stamp. the for the first time since the 1983/84 season. the raiders have hired ken norton jr. as the new defensive coordinator. he spent the last five seasons as the linebackers coach for the seattle seahawks. one of them with the san francisco 49ers. the giants will hold their annual fan fest today at at&t park. some lined up last night to be there for the gates opening at 10:00 a.m. expect quite the crowd around madison bum garner. they'll be heading to spring training soon. and they're excited to see the
8:54 am
core players return. >> i feel great about it. you know i feel like we got a similar team. hopefully we can keep that trend going. >> he's going with the rock star here and letting them do whatever he wants. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. a chance at riches.
8:55 am
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if you're feeling lucky, big bucks are up for grabs as powerball fever heats up. since nobody successfully picked all three numbers, that means tonight's jack pot is $380 million. lottery officials say that's the sixth largest power ball jack pot of all time. if you want in, make sure to buy your ticket for 7:00 tonight. what would you do with all that money? >> i would still work. don't you love it when people say that? not. >> yes, i'll split winnings with you, if i win. >> the lottery means for more of this san mateo southward. we're looking at the rain. showers around monterey. but the bulk of the day will
8:58 am
feature scattered showers. a peeks of sun. and another round of moderate to heavy rain comes our way early tomorrow morning. possibility of thunderstorms and then we dry it out slowly on monday. >> brace for it, folks. thanks for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with your abc 7 news app. i'm chris nguyen.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." you know, i'm a little jealous of the animals on today's show 'cause they all have something i never will--a tail. oh, sue, sue. some tails are dangerous... >> he relies on his tail for catching prey. >> some are powerful. >> he can kill you by the tail. >> he can kill me by the tail? and some are critical for high speed navigation. oh, my gosh. today, i'm on the trail of seven exotic creatures


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