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tv   Beyond the Headlines  ABC  February 8, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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welcome back to "the road to gold." andsupporting role was real the other dimension, but all the actors hoping to win in this category put such a skill into their part that each rang true. a washed up actor tried to stage a comeback on broadway gets a worthy antagonist in a costar who flirts with the daughter of michael keaton's character and causes all sorts of mischief. >> why don't you get your bird
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suit? >> like the character he plays " edward norton got his start as a theater performer and learn how to move between stage and screen. >> if you are a successful going, actor, you are when his hollywood going to call, and if you are in hollywood, you are like, i need that credibility. >> norton insists that the film goes beyond the specifics of show business to send a more universal message. >> we have this youthful notion of what we see ourselves fall away from and then, how am i going to get back to that? am i going to be the person i wanted to be? >> "boyhood" revolves around a simple idea, that life is not so much about big moments as little ones. >> you guys ready to have some fun? >> yeah! >> the show of the movie is one that celebrates ordinary life. hoc'-- ethans ad
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hawke's friend and collaborator richard linklater had an unusual concept. >> we would work for 12 years and grow up with this boy. >> it required a leap of faith. >> people asked if it was challenging working on this for 12 years. it was wonderful. what is challenging is doing a script with mediocre people operating the camera and people who don't do the sound right. previous foundations for supporting roles and seven in all, robert of all doesn't have to do any part he doesn't want to do. but more than 30 assessed passed since he won for "tender mercies," so he is probably hoping to another oscar as ", the judge" a judge accused of murder opposite robert downey jr. >> we need to establish a firm defense. >> i wish i like you more. rounding out the category is
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one with his first domination, the other with his second. playing analytic wrestler -- an olympic wrestler training at a rich man's estate. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling very good about it. >> mark ruffalo provides the strength of an older brother to the more volatile character played by channing tatum. but to ruffalo and the other s in this category, better luck next to, because the final competitor has the edge. >> if you deliberately sabotage my dad, i will you like a pig. made his career playing nice guys, which makes his role as an abusive music teacher more powerful. i didn't think you had it in you. >> [laughter] where did you find that anger and rage? freeways in l.a.
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everyday so that is channeled road rage. >> simmons told me his trip to the dark side left note permanent scars. >> the only thing i worry about was preserving my voice so i could scream the next day. >> look at me. >> 1, 2, 3, 4. >> was i rushing or was i dragging? >>'s movie, also nominated for best picture, is called "whiplash," which is named after a just competition and also describes how moviegoers feel after watching this intense story of a student and the teacher who drives and without mercy. >> i push people beyond what is expected of them. i believe that is an affluent necessity. >> it is a movie set in a school that vaguely resembles manhattan's famed juilliard. it is about one man's "birdmof-age could like ita uses a specificn setting to make broad points about the pursuit of excellence,.
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>> 5, 6, 7. reallyright music can enhance the message of a film and nowhere is that more evident than with the best original song nominee "glory" from "selma." >> ♪ hands to the heavens >> cowritten by john legend and common, who also acted in the story was sos" inspirational they had no trouble writing this anthem for freedom and justice. >> ♪ the war is not over victory isn't won ♪ penned by veteran songwriter diane warren, a nomination for grateful""
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thrust of the little-known film "beyond the lights" into the spotlight. i was broken, i was broken ♪ >> don't forget to smile, always root for the local sports team. >> the catchy "everything is awesome" is featured in "the lego movie." >> oh, my gosh, i love this song. >> ♪ everything is awesome everything is cool when you're part of a team ♪ >> ♪ never going to hold you like i did ♪ >> perhaps the most heart-wrenching nominee is "i'm not gonna miss you" from the documentary "glen campbell: i'll be me," which chronicles the icon's final tour as he struggles with alzheimer's disease. guitar or singay
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my song ♪ >> "lost stars" from the movie "begin again" is performed by levine5 front man adam tley, whor keira knigh shows off her vocal chops. when we come back, how do the stars handle red carpet stress? who is up for best actress? >>
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" is brought to gold to you by >> it looks like such fun on tv, but actually, working the carpet , as it's called, is a lot like hard work. >> it is always a shock. my husband and i were standing right behind the little flat and then there you are. it is always a big surprise when it happens. i don't think anybody gets used
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to it. >> how do you state calm? >> i don't. i tried to talk myself down in the car, like, oh, come on, it is a party, whatever. >> you go there and you into the process and enjoy a free meal somewhere. >> people want to take your picture and say you look ugly or pretty and you sort of feel like carrie before they don't blood on your head -- dump blood on your head. >> how do you stay calm? >> you have a wife and kids that you do center. >> i brought my grandmother to the oscars both years. it was really special for me. >> i think i've learned to have fun. it used to be kind of a head spin. i still have a retina burn. i can barely see right now. >> awfully nice work if you can get it. >> well, sign me up.
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>> you look like you are ready. >> thank you, sandy. ona couple of the nominees for best actress in a leading role know what it is like to win and a couple more are first-time nominees. >> the favorite has to be nominated for, the fist time and looking for her first win, hoping that "still alice" puts her in the winner's circle. >> i have alzheimer's disease, early onset. >> a diagnosis rocks a professor's family, and the progression of the disease is harrowing to watch. >> i can see the words hanging in front of me and i can't reach them and to know who i am -- and i don't know who i am. >> what happens to alice is sad, but she never seems pathetic. vulnerable, sure, but never week. >> how do you go from one step to the next, how do you be
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present and communicate your husband and children and hold onto your job? >> to create her character, julianne moore talks to women facing the disease in the prime of their lives. >> i think it was important for them to help me get it right. >> she didn't have much time because time, after all, is money, and there wasn't a lot of money to make "still alice." >> there were some scenes we would shoot in 20 minutes because we were losing lights so it was a race against time. title may be just one meaningsrd, "has many here. -- has many meanings here. reese witherspoon won in 2006 and is back in the race this year. >> you get lonely? >> i am lonelier in my real life
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that i am out here. >> her character decides to hike 1000 miles up the coast to clear her head and make sense of her life. unlikable some things, and as an actor and a human being, we respond to people who are not perfect. perfect is boring. it is also not the road to discovering who you really are. forgete face i can't a trace of pleasure or regret ♪ girl" might have been the most complex role of last year, and the actors nominated for laying her says -- >> i felt my work would never be done with her, really. >> more drama comes from wondering what happened to rosamund pike's character. amy is called the scariest wife in modern si -- cinema. in theirave issues
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marriage and they let it is a most too late. >> the closest to a surprise among the acting nominees was marion cotillard, and i'm excited winner a few years back. as a factory worker facing a layoff, her character has just two days and one night to get her job back. >> she is a woman who thinks she and she gains strength and dignity, and i find it very beautiful. >> our final best actress nominee, felicity jones, bears witness to genius as the wife of -- >> stephen hawking. e ever had think sh self-pity. it is always about how to make the best of the situatio >> if the call of a genius doesn't quite do justice to the man who wrote "a brief history of time," look for "the theory of everything." >> one simple, elegant equation.
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>> to explain our universe. we meet him at cambridge university, where he falls in love, and we watch as his deterioration begins. >> it is called motor neuron disease. also known as als, what folks in the u.s. called lou gehrig's disease. >> life expectancy is two years. >> and yet through sheer force of will and the love of those around him, hawking spent decades helping us better understand the universe, and he is still alive half-century after his diagnosis. and i wereeddie struck continually about their perseverance and determination and their unsentimentality. >> they were unsentimental enough to separate later, so don't go expecting a sappy story, although it is an uplifting one. >> where there is life, there is
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hope. >> more to come. animated's best, and checking into "the grand budapest hotel." >>
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>> the race in the category for big animated feature pits studios against the small, independent companies.
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computer-animated 3-d blockbusters versus old-school hand-drawn techniques. the highflying "how to train your dragon 2" picks up five years after we first meet the viking and is dragon sidekick. >> did you know about this? >> from soaring in the sky to adventures beneath the ocean, irishof the sea" is an tale of mythical sea creatures, a brother and sister and mysterious journey to uncover secrets. 6" shows a lovable and yes, inflatable robot and some science geeks in this action-packed comedy adventure. the boxtrolls are mischievous creatures living in an underground existence while raising an orphan human.
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they must outsmart a villain looking to do away with them. >> i want every boxtroll gone. tale of thethe princess kaguya" is based on japanese folktale. she ultimately has to confront her fate. >> please don't take me away. >> and remember, "the lego movie" was overlooked, and it was the fourth most popular movie of last year. but box office receipts have never meant that much to oscar voters, who tend to favor small movies over big blockbusters. no movie had more nominations this year than "the grand budapest hotel," and yes, this picture made less any year than what a blockbuster can make in a single weekend. >> i wouldn't compare it to the other movies, necessarily, but i would say that "grand budapest hotel" is a tremendously entertaining, intelligent, fun. >> who are you?
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>> i am the the>> poin -- the new lobby boy could >. >> in a fictional land, there was a wondrous hotel, and we learn of its half-century existence from its owner, who as a young man came under this will a very -- under the spell of a very efficient concierge. the character played by ralph fiennes is framed for murder and must prove his innocence, which is one chapter of a very elaborate farce that is also quite sad. >> coming up, best director and our final best picture.
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eight movies were nominated bestscar's top award of picture, but in the category of best director, there are only five slots. >> simple math means that three fine film makers were going to be excluded. >> more attention was focused here because the director of " selma" was left out. ava duvernay was nowhere to be james march, was at the exclusion of clint eastwood also merited comment. grossedn sniper" $100 million in the first
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weekend of release. what was it in bradley cooper you saw that game is you he was perfect to play this meant? >> well, i looked at bradley cooper on several other pictures, but we never ended up working together. but i always like his performance. cooper called clint, the veteran was ready. >> he was very, very helpful to been livinge had with a project for a long time and then we went down and met the family in texas and kind of got a line on all the others. >> from an icon comes respect for nectar he calls a very bright -- for an actor he calls a very bright guy could >. >> he's got a fabulous career now and he will be better in the future. >> "american sniper" has earned high marks from veterans but has
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come under fire from liberals who say the sharpshooter was no hero. however, the stars told me the highest ultimate came from chris kyle's real-life wife. she spente felt like time with her husband and that is all the validation you need. >> one of the races to watch on "the road to gold" it should be a fun night. >> if you see a movie you like or when you don't, tweet me and tell me about it, or follow me on facebook. meantime, thanks for joining us. >> action.
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live, this is abc 7 news. >> parts of the bay area waterlogged. a day of rain leads to street flooding, toppled trees and other problems. we're getting used to this weekend. hello. we want to get right to our storm watch coverage. this is our camera on mount tam. you can see trees swaying there and other conditions in this bay area and fog and mist. most areas are


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