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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather. icy rain and up to a foot and a half of snow. slamming the northeast today. schools closings and the records broken. >> we've never seen this type of snow in the city of boston. >> as the west coast gets hit with flash floods and winds up to 70 miles an hour. >> taking action. a busy suburban mall cracks down after a frightening reveal. the shots fired, who got hit and how the shooter is facing justice. a little later, the grammy awards. today's top performers together with veterans for america's biggest night in music. the unforgettable songs and the biggest winners. on this monday, february 9th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> i don't know y'all. i don't know. >> good morning on this monday. i'm sara haines. >> let me be honest, folks. i don't know how this is going to go. #possible train wreck. >> i'm t.j. holmes. we love this young lady. >> this is sara haines from "good morning america." weekend edition. that smile she has. you know it so well. we're going to wipe that smile off her face on "world news now" because this is a different beast. how are you doing? >> i'm good. i'm half awake. if i doze off, just -- right on over. >> half is better than what we usually get. right? half is good. it's a pleasure to have you. if you don't know her well, you'll learn more about her on "world news now." she'll be with us all week. >> i will. >> absolute pleasure. we're going to start. it's monday. of course. what does that mean? we have another storm. a major winter storm for the northeast. >> i know. the third storm at the beginning of the workweek. boston is getting the worst of the storm.
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abc's rob marciano is there. >> this is what it's like living in boston now. >> the northeast is bracing for yet another blast from mother nature. >> guess what? >> the latest storm covers nine states from pennsylvania to maine. slick roads and cars in the snowbanks on roads from new hampshire to vermont. here in boston, a city that's seen nearly five feet of snow already this season looking to be buried again with more than a foot from now until tuesday. >> we've never seen this much snow in boston or the city. schools are closed again monday and tuesday. the city even banning parking cars on the streets. >> the snow sending boston to its breaking point. >> we're running out of space where to put all the snow in the city of boston. >> the city already is using the hefty snow budget for the year. transit officials preparing for the worst. borrowing snow melters from new york city. >> this machine melting 350 tons of snow every hour.
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>> an arctic blast ready to raise the pile. this snow not going anywhere any time soon. >> one of those giant snow melters behind me as the snow continues to fall and will continue right on through tuesday morning. boston in the bull's-eye. up to 2 feet in some spots. rob marciano abc news south boston. let's turn to northern california now. no word when more than it 200 evacuees can go home. at least 40 homes and buildings have been destroyed by a wildfire at the eastern base of the sierra nevada. the firefighters have gained control of this fire. there's still some hotspots. some perilously close to propane tanks. homeowners had time to grab personal items before they had to get out of there. in southern california, meanwhile, eight college students are safe and sound this morning. members of the ucla hiking club who became lost in the angeles national forest. this weekend. took about ten hours to get all of them down off that mountain because of high winds, rain and snow. they were cold but
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otherwise, they're all right. pittsburgh area mall is changing its policy after a weekend shooting. those under 18 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult under the youth escort policy. >> the panic escape from a pittsburgh area mall. >> people started running. >> i just heard the pop pop pop. >> 7:33 that night. reports of gunfire erupting after 17-year-old suspect tarod thornhill injured people near the entrance to the macy's. just steps away from the mr. rogers neighborhood play area. in the chaos children separated from their parents. >> i couldn't find my kid. some guy dove on top of her and a bunch of other kids and i looked at him and said thank you. >> by 9:00 p.m., police have cleared the mall. shoppers and staff evacuated for more than -- from more than 100 stores. >> we had people hiding in closets. >> 3:15 a.m., thornhill is captured at his home with help
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from his instagram account. his clothing matching up with the suspect seen in surveillance video. >> within the first hour, we knew who he was. investigators say as thornhill took aim at his apparent target, a 20-year-old man. bullets struck a husband and wife walking between the two. their son just steps behind. doctors say all three victims are expected to survive. police are not commenting on a possible motive for the shooting. they're planning to increase their presence at the mall. on friday and saturday nights teenagers will be required to have an adult escort. baz i canaan i -- monroeville, pennsylvania. >> the parents of a 26-year-old american held hostage for more than a year by isis are clinging to hope that their daughter is alive. a family friend says that the parents of kayla mueller are asking the nation and the world to pray for her return. isis said friday that mueller died in a jordanian air strike. bill cosby facing another
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accuser. helen gumbel of claims he made sexual advances and lewd gestures toward her in her dressing room. on the set of the cosby show. she appeared in one episode in 1987. her announcement came after two shows were canceled in boston because of treacherous weather. demonstrators plan to rally outside the theater. >> the news of a sequel to the book to kill a mockingbird sparked huge pre-sales and a major controversy. harper lee wrote go set a watchman before mockingbird. a publisher rejected it. her lawyer found it in lee's files and set the deal in motion. the reclusive author is now 88 in failing health and some who know her say she never wanted the book to be published. >> it's just wrong for somebody to take advantage of an elderly person that's in the mind that she's in right now at this time. >> but others who visit harper lee say her mind is as sharp as a tack. her publisher tweeted a message
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supposed from lee saying i'm alive and kicking and happy as hell at the reactions to watch men. >> sounds like an 80-year-old firecracker would say. happy as hell. we hope it works out. a lot of people were excited about a sequel, a follow-up. >> people want more. >> we hate to have a controversy attached to it. >> why is there always a controversy? >> always. >> let it go. >> talk about the english bulldog here on youtube. maybe you've seen him on the internet. producers came over to make sure we understood how to say his name. buff. >> he's known for skateboarding. it's something his owner ivan has gotten him into. ivan had an idea, maybe he could take his skateboarding talents into the water. so he's getting the dog comfortable on a surfboard. why did you put it three times in the script? >> is this a weird late night drinking game?
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>> getting warmed up. >> he's there in his own life jacket. you see that. always body boarding. maybe he'll get that down. more stuff. people like the animal videos. >> what happens when they fall off? there's a learning curve. those are wheels. they just send him into a halfpipe. >> you're thinking about any average dog. this is buef. >> coming up here, we're trying to get away from the dog and get to national pizza day. we're going out in search for the best pie in new york. believe it or not, there's a tour guide for that. >> first the highlights and low lights from last night's grammy awards. our entertainment editor is here to review the best performances. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by gillette venus. weather brought to you by gillette venus. imagine if razors could move up and down, and all around. hugging tight, swirling left and turning right.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's not called music's biggest night for no reason. nobody bigger than sam smith. you hear him there. four grammy's for the 22-year-old. >> it wasn't all about sam. here to recap the biggest moments is entertainment editor leslie messer. i love him. >> i love sam smith too. it was so great to see him win
3:13 am
every single award. >> thank you so much. >> he kind of swept it. every time you saw his name, you knew he was probably going up. >> i think he probably did, too. he was probably like, well, time for acceptance speech three right now. >> you have to have someone go on stage again and again, i don't think they thought it was sam smith. they didn't mind it was him. the album was so incredible and he's so well-deserving. >> his speeches with modest and grateful. >> what would you say the overall vibe of this year's show was? >> i will always remember this as grammy's 2015 unplugged. it was a very acoustic grammy's. it was quiet. not necessarily the big blowout performances. >> that was the first thing. you always get the stage performances a la katy perry super bowl where you're really -- i don't think people -- they were waiting. i don't feeley got that. there were some highlights
3:14 am
performances. tell me your favorites. >> i loved the e.l.o. performance. and i really, really loved rihanna, kanye and paul mccartney's performance. it was a great group of people. >> kanye west discovering -- >> the social media. >> kanye west to give him a chance. in all seriousness, it is fun to see a new group of people come together to make music. i thought rihanna sounded amazing. kanye wasn't on stage in a long time. it was really fun to see all of them up there. >> since his grammy snafu, i think, with taylor swift. >> right. >> it was a big deal to have him back. >> he was having a great time. he was smiling in the front row. smiling is something we don't see from him. >> not all the time. he doesn't give it away for me. he joked around with beck. he was there with kim kardashian who looked great. it was a fun night for him. >> give me some bullet points for someone that missed it but needs to sound smart by the water cooler tomorrow.
3:15 am
what do they need to know? >> sam smith as we discussed, killed it. there were so many different kinds of performances where artists where you might not necessarily think would perform together did. sam smith, mary j. blige. two things you wouldn't picture together but go together very well. as it turns out. >> annie lenox. >> i mean, there are no words. >> twitter basically exploded when she came out with hosier for "take me to church." it was an unbelievable performance. >> epic. >> it was nice to see her again. you don't get to see annie lenox perform every day. >> i was disappointed, when you expected a big performance like beyonce, there was a lot of slow music. i felt like it was a bad wedding d.j. you were waiting for the dancing song and nothing came on. >> hyping the beyonce performance. you're waiting for her to come out and do drunken love and she looks unbelievable. her voice sounded great.
3:16 am
but it wasn't the performance, i think, we were both waiting for. >> we can't forget about madonna. >> madonna doesn't age. 56 years old. >> my legs look like her legs. maybe i'd walk around without pants on. >> i know. she looks unbelievable. she keeps reinventing herself decade after decade. it's unbelievable if you think about it. it's a magz how many grammy awards she's been to. >> any upsets? >> i would have expected to see taylor swift on stage because i don't remember an awards show where she hasn't. no. i think i expected sam to have a big night. it was a monster record, a great song. he's such a likeable guy. honestly, while it would have been nice to see other people in play, it's not so bad seeing sam smith on stage all the time. >> if anyone deserved it, the nice guy does. abc news entertainment editor leslie messer, thank you so much for giving us the high points of the show. >> thank you for having me.
3:17 am
coming up next, the power of pie. we're starting off the week right. it is national pizza day. >> yum. >> you like this? this is one of america's favorite foods, is it not? we'll take a stroll around the new york's greatest pizza joints that started it all on abc "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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today is a very special day not just because i'm here. at "world news now." >> it is a big deal. >> it is kind of a big deal. >> perhaps one of our all-time favorite food holidays. >> national pizza pie day. we find a day, every day is some food. national day and we find it and we get it and now we're talking about pizza. i start off with a guy named
3:19 am
scott -- is his name scott weiner. but he likes pizza. but he's an expert in pizza. he does tours. it's the best pizza in new york city. >> hang out with my buddy t.j. i'm going to get a soho square slice. i'm going to get pepperoni. >> both corners. lay on the spices. mozzarella first and now topping it with a pre-cooked sauce. these are the pepperonis. little extra virgin olive oil. they'll come out. >> come out in a minute. >> pan pizzas. this is a style of pizza baked in a pan. sicilian pizza. the sauce is on top of the cheese. upside down pizza. >> i got you a corner slice. it holds up a little better. i got an edge slice that drops down a little bit more. take a bite. >> i know you're not like a saucy, saucy guy. >> you know what helps me here,
3:20 am
it absorbs the sauce. >> it's all about balance. >> this is the pepperoni square. the one topping i'm letting you have. it's not normal pepperoni. it's a natural tasting pepperoni. it means that the meat is cupped and charred around the outside. some pepperoni lays flat. it's going to be zestier and meatier. good topping. lombardi's opened in 190 5. the first in all of north america. this is a coal-fired pizzeria. with that intense heat, the pizza can bake in about three minutes. this is a knee politan american pizza. there should be no blanket. of cheese. it should be like this. with fresh mozzarella, you can't shred. it's too wet. you have to slice it and put it on. so the spatula, wrist twist.
3:21 am
it separates the slice and instead of lifting up the slice and potentially dropping the front and losing some cheese, you elevate the plate and do the snag and drag. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> for me what makes a pizza bad is a crust that's been ignored. a crust that's only thought of as a vehicle for toppings. while you're eating this what you are tasting, a lot is this beautiful char on the underside of the slice. you see this line. that's a burn mark on the edge. of a brick. the crust is a big deal to me now. >> this is lombardi. this is the original. this is america's first pizzeria in 1905. and they know what they are doing. >> you were saying how much you love carbohydrates. you go at it. help yourself. >> this is fantastic pie. i got it. the adventure doesn't end here. we got part two of this coming
3:22 am
up the next half hour. but first -- why should women shave their faces. that's coming up. why should women shave their faces. that's coming up.
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>> welcome back. time for "the mix." we will start with a viral video. sara got really excited when we talked about this because it had to do with animals doing cute things. see this video with over 5.5 million views on youtube with animals doing their cute little things. >> quite an intro. look at that. come on. that's a little noteworthy. seeing any cross species activity like a mommy lab raising or nursing an animal. >> i don't see that. >> clearly, you're not on youtube enough. >> let me explain what you're seeing. this is an android commercial, android and google. i put this thing together. the idea is people coming together, things coming together
3:26 am
you normally wouldn't put together. a lot of cute animals. a lot of odd pairings. >> when you want it to go viral, you put babies and animals. i am more of a sucker for animals than the babies. >> that makes sense to me. >> totally does, right? can we move along? you tell me. >> this story here. we fought over this one. should women shave their face? beauty experts say it's the reason men age better and there is a trend starting. i kind of get this. it's about exfoliating. when you shave you take off a layer of skin and it allows it to be healthier. i've always heard of the myth. >> if you shave it comes back thicker. >> you grow a beard. the leg hairs do that. they are saying that's not the case. they're saying that's not the case. there's a woman who has had great results. because it also removes skin imperfections and you are taking a layer of skin off. you going to start doing this? >> no way because if the myth is wrong, i have a beard for the rest of my life.
3:27 am
keep shaving like the rest of us. >> wait a minute. >> is it just the face or are you supposed to shave everything? you say exfoliate. >> i wouldn't go close to the brows. that look is not going to work. i would think because i watched men shave. do you borrow your husband's razor. >> no. don't do that. >> you have the five shot ones. i always steal those for my legs too. sorry, max. >> i told you we would learn a lot today about sara. what's the next story? the accents. the language of love. there was a study and a survey about the sexiest accent. you were right on about this. this international survey, global dating survey. who has the sexiest accent out there. >> i kind of disagree. this survey says british. >> you thought it was what? >> i thought it would be french. it used to be french. that ruled the charts. i don't know what happened to the french. i don't know how americans made it on there. we don't have cute accents. it's harsh and -- >> not all that bad. >> you're cute. you make up for it.
3:28 am
>> there it is.
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this morning on "world news now," miserable monday. the serious storm system impacting tens of millions of americans. northeast and the floods and fires in the west. accu-weather has it covered. >> fighting isis, taking aim at the terrorists. new questions about the american hostage and the latest insight from the retired general at the forefront of the battle. an abc news exclusive. deadly crash. >> bruce jenner's involvement in a highway tragedy in california. was he being chased by paparazzi? why police may ask for cell phone records. >> later in "the skinny," the biggest night for american music, the grammy awards. madonna as a matador and did beyonce disappoint? the biggest moments on stage and the red carpet. it's monday, february 9th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> good morning. i took a drink. >> i was copying you. does it look like i know what i'm doing? i'm saari hanes. >> this is sara haines. i'm t.j. holmes. such a pleasure to have you here. >> she has been one of my favorites since i joined abc and we don't get a chance to hang and work together that much and it's a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you and ditto. >> this is serious. that's all i got. >> we begin this half hour with nasty storm systems hitting both coasts. warnings on the west coast for dangerous winds and flash floods. >> the east districts delaying or cancelling classes. icy conditions expected in new york. paralyzing heavy snow forecasts once again for boston. >> with boston digging out from nearly five feet of snow, another storm is hitting today. 18 more inches could fall and schools are closed until wednesday. >> we have never seen this type of snow here in the city of boston any time in the history of our city.
3:32 am
>> boston at the breaking point. the city has spent $18 million to remove the snow busting the budget. it's so deep, parking is banned on many streets. >> we're running out of space where to put all the snow we have in the city of boston. >> the special machines are being brought in and melt 350 tons of snow an hour. on the west coast, flooding is drenching drought-stricken california and parts of nevada. wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour are in the forecast. the storms are knocking down trees and causing power outages. the rain and snow made it difficult for rescue crews to locate hikers in trouble and nearly 9,000 feet. >> it was windy and visibility was poor. >> fast-moving forest fires are forcing two towns to evacuate in northern california. the gusty winds are shifting making it difficult for firefighters to control. >> the wind is at your face and it's difficult to stand. smoke is in your face and it
3:33 am
hampers efforts. >> at least 40 buildings have burned and rain could be a big help for firefighters struggling in the rough terrain. >> on the west coast, the wind gusts are topping 70 miles an hour. in the higher elevations. >> while the east coast gets hit by ice and snow, the third monday in a row, our coverage continues at accuweather with stephanie olmo. good morning. >> good morning. we are dealing with a winter storm system on this monday. steady snow throughout portions of new york city. also the new england area. further south, an icy mix. zooming in where we have the icy conditions. that will continue across new york city and going as far back into the allentown area. travel delays are to be expected all throughout the day as temperatures continue to drop below freezing. it will continue to snow until tuesday. 12 to 18 inches expected. in the boston area. a general 6-12 across much of new york state. by the time this is said and done. meanwhile off to the west, we
3:34 am
continue to deal with the storm system, producing wet weather and down to northern california. sara and t.j., back to you. >> thank you so much. we turn to egypt and a deadly riot before a soccer game. at least 25 people were killed. it broke out east of cairo. some fans tried to force their way in without a ticket. that touched off a riot followed by a stampede and fighting between fans and police. >> turning to new developments in the war against isis that may be losing support in the arab world. abc's martha raddatz is in jordan where she spoke with the americans leading the coalition against the terror group. >> reporter: jordan promises more air strikes on isis targets in syria despite claims by isis that american hostage kayla mueller was killed by jordanian war planes and with more jordanian fighter jets now taking to the skies, other nations in the region are taking notice. >> what effect has it had on the
3:35 am
rest of the coalition. >> >> it's galvanized. the coalition. unified the coalition. >> case in point, the united arab emirates is sending f 16 fighter jets to jordan to show the partnership is strong. up to now, the u.s. has conducted more than 80% of the air strikes against isis in iraq and syria. but the horrific death of the jordanian pilot captured may be a turning point in the fight. >> do you believe the murder of the lieutenant backfired? >> absolutely it did. absolutely. >> isis continues to control large swaths of territory in both syria and iraq. >> isil is at an entirely different level than al qaeda was. >> with the reach allen believes that could go far beyond this region. >> do you believe isis poses a threat to the homeland? >> i think we should take it very seriously. >> general allen could not
3:36 am
confirm the reports about kayla mueller, but said he is hoping and praying she is still alive. >> martha raddatz, abc news, amman, jordan. >> also from jordan, prince charles toured a refugee camp there and spoke to residents and visited children. about 80,000 were in the camp. more than three million fled. syria since the civil war. prince charles met with king abdullah. hundreds of people gathered in central tokyo to pay tribute to two japanese hostages killed by isis. the beheading of the journalist kenji goto especially shocked the japanese who had been shielded from violence up until now. >> the start of the trial for the man accused of killing the american sniper. chris kyle, the real life soldier depicted in the hit movie, was allegedly shot in texas by a fellow veteran. at issue is whether the defendant was not guilty by reason of insanity. the second round of jury selection begins today with opening statements on wednesday. >> the new hampshire primary, can you believe it, one year from today. a familiar name is already out
3:37 am
in front. bush. an early poll finds jeb bush slightly ahead of other republican presidential hopefuls. the florida governor was picked by 16% with kentucky senator rand paul a few points behind him. new hampshire voters have doubts however about bush's positions on education and immigration. some of these polls show. meanwhile that guy, new jersey governor, chris christie ran a close fourth in that new hampshire poll. he is speaking where polls find him not even that close. he'll be in iowa. more voters there are beginning to know who he is. almost a fourth don't like him. christie is going to des moines after a rough week with unflattering news stories and a bottled answer on measles vaccinations. it will be take two today as engineers try to get a space weather satellite off the ground in florida. the space x company and the air force had to scrub the first attempt because of a problem with the tracking radar. another try at launching the $340 million deep space climate observatory will be made just after 6:00 p.m. eastern time and weather might force another delay.
3:38 am
>> we introduced you earlier, a lot of people familiar with sara haines. sara haines is the weekend gma host. she is hanging out with us here this week. tell the people about yourself. i have been looking forward to these pictures. because i got so much to say. >> you tease me because these first pictures are of my dogs. my babies. peter and trixie. peter is on the left in both pictures in case you care and trixie is on the right. >> they are related? >> no. they just live together. >> okay. >> three years apart in age. one is 12, one is 15. i am obsessed with them. >> clearly. >> picture number two is what? picture number two is it my husband or my -- my mom and dad. >> the dogs went first. >> the dogs go first and everyone in my life knows that. this is my mom and dad who just celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. that's kind of cool. i'm proud of them. >> they couldn't get top billing over the doggone dogs. >> they know their daughter. they know my sweet spot. it's a canine. and last -- >> this poor guy.
3:39 am
>> this is my husband. he's only been around for a couple of months. >> only been around? >> officially put a ring on it. i consider him only official since november when we got married. in time over the years he may get top billing. i don't know. >> how many years does he have to wait? before he gets top billing over the dogs? >> as long as they are walking on all four on this earth, they will take the top spot. max knows that. we give her a hard time. >> we love our sara haines. >> you have to. i'm here for a week. >> a whole week. >> that's why i'm taking tomorrow off, actually >> you are? >> i am. >> uh-huh. coming up in "the skinny," the big winners on stage and the red carpet from last night's grammy awards. >> it's national pizza pie day. taking a tour around new york. some of the best pie on earth and one in particular surprised me a lot. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by icy hot smart relief.
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nbc's brian williams took himself off the air for several days. veterans called him out for falsely claiming his helicopter was hit by a rocket. during the williams who was the anchor and managing editor of nbc nightly news posted a note on the network's website saying it has become painfully apparent to me that i am too much a part of the news due to my actions. nbc launched an internal investigation while lester holt fills in. he's the weekend anchor. returning now to new details we're getting this morning about this weekend's deadly multivehicle accident in which bruce jenner was involved. >> the olympic gold medalist and
3:44 am
reality star was in the chain reaction collision that killed one and injured several others. abc's linzie janis has more. >> bruce, are you okay? >> police looking into the role bruce jenner may have played in this fatal crash on pacific coast highway. that left one woman dead. >> is bruce jenner a suspect in this crash? >> no, he is just a party to the crash. whether or not he was actively texting or talking at the time of the collision has not been determined. >> here's what police say happened. a dark blue prius slows down and the driver behind slamming on her brakes. jenner behind in his suv smashes the lexus and a black hummer in the opposite direction crashes into it, killing the driver. >> how bad of an accident was this? >> it sounded horrific and the cars looked demolished. >> the entire accident caught on camera by paparazzi following jenner. >> bruce jenner or the united states. >> as both a gold medalist in
3:45 am
the 1976 olympics and a patriarch in the kardashian empire, he has been followed by the paparazzi years and he is now the focus of intense tabloid speculation about his changing appearance. but police say they weren't chasing him. >> they followed him like they always do. it doesn't appear that that was any significant factor. with the collision. >> police say are still trying to determine if anyone is at fault. in this crash. they will be following up with jenner on monday. linzie janis, abc news, malibu. we're going to switch gears and turn to one of the most remarkable nights in music. of course the grammy's. >> why the race for oscar got more heated. "the skinny" is up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ all right. after the night last night with the grammy's, it's good to have our pop news princess here. >> expert. >> you don't like princess? >> expert. >> all right. pop news expert. take it away. >> what a day to start the morning after the grammys. only the biggest night in music and a huge night for this man. his song is stuck in both of our heads. sam smith, the 22-year-old british singer, walked away with
3:48 am
four grammys. he was nominated for six. that's not bad. including record of the year, song of the year and best new artist. >> the other major category of album of the year, the people's jaws were dropping. beck won for morning phase. you saw that moment there. kanye west acted like he was going to interrupt. remember he interrupted back in the day with taylor swift. good to see he was having fun. he beat beyonce in this category. beat ed sheerhan beat sam smith. >> it was like this may not be funny. speaking of beyonce, her performance with the choir was one of the most talked about of the evening. singing the gospel song take my hand precious lord featured in selma. different from the usual high octane sasha fierce performances. i was waiting for that. >> to come out. >> madonna contrasted for her
3:49 am
turn. the 56-year-old looked amazing as always in her matador outfit singing her new song with a pack of bull dancers. >> she is 56 wearing that. and then ariana grande was wearing a long dress last night. >> a little turn about. it was a weird night. always something strange with her. she performed chandelier. you see her with the face. >> blair witching in the corner. >> i was not sure if i was seeing this correctly. that is comedian and actress, kristen wiig doing her thing and helping her out. i don't know what this was about. >> the thing that makes me laugh. she does a pretty good job. >> she's the girl at karaoke that acts like she's joking around but picks a song and nails it. i'm so nervous and she is amazing. she did a great job. >> she was great. >> and happy. we are not done with happy. >> yes. >> seems like it's been around for ten years. pharrell won for best pop solo performance and he did a rendition of the hit that was interesting. wearing a little bell hop outfit kind of a thing.
3:50 am
he had a hat and he did his thing. people loving that song still. >> it's the grammy's. so you know it's more fun than the other awards shows. >> who do we start with here. the hits and misses. rihanna. excuse me. please take it. >> that was a lot of dress there. normally you want to go for a little shape and that's all dress to me. it's a two-tiered pink confection. that looks more like a wedding cake. in comparison, lady gaga looks conservative in a slinky silver number with a plunging neck line and fan motif. >> plunging, one way to put it. >> i never get to say motif. so that was fun. >> you get to do all kinds of fun stuff on this show. >> with the echoes, taylor swift. did you like this look? >> i actually did. >> her legs are amazing. eli sab. and pharrell turning heads in a space age short suit that turned color from gray to white like a mood ring when camera flashes
3:51 am
hit it. >> madonna, we talked about that matador outfit looking fantastic at the age of 56. meantime -- >> celebrity fashion was on parade at another important awards show yesterday across the pond. >> the red carpet was smoking in london. the baftas. >> the film awards the equivalent of the oscars. across the pond. julianne moore, the lady in red was stunning in a sizzling low cut dress with velvet top and sheer peekaboo panel. >> i never thought i would hear you say that. >> opting for extreme cleavage, reese witherspoon in a stunning purple stella mccartney number perfectly contrasting her signature blond tresses. >> this stunner. i love this lady. britt i canish actress -- a delicate act by prada accented by black trim and crystals. there were actual awards were handed out as well. >> best actress went to julianne moore for a college professor slowly sliding into early on set alzheimer's. in "still alice." best actor in a leading role was eddie redmayne for his portrayal of stephen hawking in "the
3:52 am
theory of everything." >> those are some of what's happening across the pond. >> the oscars are coming up in a couple of weeks. stay with us. stay with us. in a couple of weeks. stay with us. blap
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♪ today is national pizza pie day. in honor of this special holiday, t.j. went out into the heart of new york city in search of the perfect slices. >> working on the heartburn for a week. >> you don't eat carbs normally. >> not a lot. all three places i was taken to by scott of scott's pizza tours. all fantastic. one particular pie surprised me, though. look at this. >> this is part of a family that goes back to 1960. the way it works is it's a rotary oven. six panels are moving around. this is a classic which is just a standard uncooked tomato with low moisture mozzarella cheese.
3:56 am
that's it. the cheese we are going to get on this is different than what we had at lombardi's. this is a much harder cheese. and cutting it into cubes is the way they had to do it. they had no cheese shredder back then. i hope you are not full. cheese sauce crust. the absolute essential. trust me, when you bite into it, it has plenty of flavor. you do not need the meat toppings. this is a pizza that the dough is made inhouse. the tomato sauce is just tomato. the cheese is simple, two-part cheese. that's it. no spatula. this is a much thinner pizza. the underside has no charring. this is a pizza baked directly on the floor of an oven but a lower temperature oven. man, that sauce is good. that sauce is good. >> this is a thinner crust. but it's more dense. because when they pound it out, it's more physical.
3:57 am
>> nothing but fresh tomato. tomato dumped out of a can. crushed down in a food mill. that's it. i'm not used to enjoying pizza without topping as much as i'm enjoying this pizza. i'm not. >> this is a big day for all of us. pizza day. >> we had a pizza accident here. we got one slice because the other one went down. >> supposed to be two. >> we'll have to share this one. go to facebook at wnn >> i had to get that in. i'm going to let you have that slice. knock yourself out. you need to eat. >> i know. i'm so hungry. >> yes, please eat. >> thank you. we've got more coming up on abc. stay with us, please. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning. extreme weather. soaking storm hitting the west coast right now threatening people with dangerous flooding plus more snow and ice for the northeast with boston in the bull's eye. >> targeting isis. new air strikes eliminating the militant group. the threat within the borders and new reaction from the family of an american hostage. >> caught on camera, a different kind of chase for a police officer. the cow in hot pursuit and the damage it left behind. >> plus, music's big night. who dominated the grammy awards and the red carpet fashion people are talking about this morning.


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