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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. actional on tuesday morning. thanks pore jumping us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze with meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen. >> we do have patchy fog this morning but it is not hitting our sensors. just watch out inland east bay and north bay. from the hills look how clean the air is. it is up to 15 degrees cooler. 12 hour day planner showing 38-52 and nearly 60 at noon. low-to-mid 60's with a passing high clouds and cool this evening at 52 to 66. record highs in the seven-day forecast. it has been fun on the roads the past couple of days. has it calmed down? >> it will be nicer getting to
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work. we travel along here at the bay bridge toll plaza we do not have too much traffic and we do not have the high winds of yesterday. it should be coupler. here is san jose the drive along 101 in the nobody detection moving fine at san jose airport and southbound traffic hardly any vehicles whatever and construction in the area. i will give you all the information a few minutes. we will get to the to which the news, the woman who keeps trying to outmaneuver airport security news conference on to another flight. the woman familiar to sfo and san jose is facing new charges after taking things one step further this time. amy hollyfield is at sfo with the story. i just spoke with the duty manager at sfo and he said the staff is not surprised to hear about this. she is called "relentless." the new becoming photo of 62-year-old marilyn hartman
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slipping beyond security in minneapolis and caught a flight to jacksonville. but she checked into someone else's room at the omni resort the when the person showed up to claim their program officials tracked her down. hartman has been caught trying to sneak on to flights 11 times since march, seven at sfo. mayo district attorney says she refuses to be reformed. >> we tried everything including offering our hand to help her out. she does not want a hand. she just wants to fly. >> she has served jail time after stowing away on a flight from san jose to los angeles last august. authorities are not sure how she pulled it off this time. they say this raises concerns about security. at sfo the duty manager says if she comes through the staff is fm with her and know what she
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looks like. there is a good. er for security staff to stay vigilant. the hunt is on for a driver who tried to run over a santa clara police officer forcing the officer to open fire on the suspect's car. it happened when the undercover officer tried to stop a mercedes s.u.v. at sunnyvale a short distance from santa clara last night. police say the officer was standing next to his car and he was nearly hit bit mercedes. the officer fired but the driver got away. our reporter is at scene and will have more on what the suspect was wanted for at 5:30. >> developing news, a southern california man is facing charges this morning after leading police on a wild chase through a busy commute in southern california and chaos was caught on video. alyssa? >> dramatic pursuit ended when the suspect bailed from his car
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and was shot by officers while trying to run. scary moms were captured on video. you can see the suspect crashes his car. he runs to another vehicle. he carjacks the driver. a woman is forced out. she runs to safety. the chase started yesterday afternoon. it was after 5:00. police got a report of a stolen car. the driver would not step. he led officers on a high-speed chase on city streets and freeways. it was east of los angeles. he tried to will lewd officer -- he tried to elude the officers. a 22-year-old was carjacked at gunpoint. >> he came up to me and pointed the gun and told me to get out. he took off with the car. >> the suspect bailed from that car and tried to steal another car. he was taken down by officers.
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he was shot multiple times on tv. the suspect remains in the hospital. he is suffering from gunshot wounds. several other innocent bystanders were also hurt. this caused at least four separate crashes. an alert this morning for residents in the east bay after a rabid bat was found on a school playground crawling on the lay ground at jefferson elementary in solano tremendous on wednesday. test results were positive for rabies on friday. the school notified parents. >> they did not touch it. they told the first adult they say, and the custodian covered it up. >> the rabies virus is contracted through animal saliva and the bat is the first rabid bat this year in the county. last year there were two and 150 cross the state. santa clara county vector
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control will target mosquitoes from a helicopter. spraying starts at 7:30 over swampland and continue in the palo alto marches in the afternoon and 1money lakers will be treated. the goal is to star larvae into developing interest mosquitoes considered a nuisance but not then to spread west nile. spraying could be extended to tomorrow. >> more electric car charming -- charging station could come to california with pg&e looking for $650 million program for building the charging stations that could look did come up with the money by charging customers 70 cent more a month for electricity. the commission will have to decide whether to move failure. >> the recent rain has added severals to our reservoir but most water legals are not where they need to be.
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the lexington reservoir is looking low compared to most. the municipal utility direct by have to raise the rates if we do not see more rain. east bay hud is at 54 percent of capacity and santa clara valley water is in worse shape at 46 percent. san francisco's water supply is 56 percent. only marin's water supply is in good shape at 98 percent of capacity. that is above the average. >> the numbers are not great but we were probably in worse shape before the weekend. >> absolutely and we have to wake for the run off to spill into the reservoirs. we are going to be an extended period of dry weather starting now and warmer-than-average weather for most of the next seven days. if you head outside it is cool, low-to-mid 40's in the north bay until san rafael at june and bodega bay is 50 and american canyon at 42.
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46 in san jose. friction in in -- 46 in brentwood. winds are light at the golden gate bridge but no fog and you do not have to worry about the nasty cross wind. in the afternoon we will have sunshine and passing high clouds putting the umbrella away. grab the sunglasses. 62 at the cost. low-to-upper 60's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland. walnut creek is clear. down 680 to the san ramon valley headed to wednesday the breeze will bring us 70's but the coast, 60 and you get the waxth starting with record high thursday and friday. a few extra cars are building on the southbound 680 pulling from pleasant hill. not too bad. the richmond san rafael toll plaza is empty and the drive will only take five minutes. we have a problem through gilroy and traveling between highway
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one to 101 eastbound and westbound highway 152 it is going to be shut down until further notice because of a down tree. can you take 129 and use highway 101 to get to highway 1. 101 shows top speed into morgan hill we have clear conditions and to the north the dumbarton bridge is 65 miles per hour away from newark to east palo alto. and north of san mateo bridge clear and accident-free. >> heinz has a new spicy flavor of ketchup. >> early morning explosion of a las vegas hotel hit as new snag with a new challenge for the crews. stay tuned.
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>> covering santa close berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. that is a heck after wake-up call. it is official. the las vegas hotel is in more. the 12 story
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down by 3:00 this morning. it opened in 1970 and was called the --ly reynolds for the one time owner and the greek aisles, and the royal inn. the owner and developer hopes toable 60 story casino in its place. it is the first hotel to be imploded in las vegas since 2007. officials in santa clara are looking to crack down on the growth of type two diabetes among the residents. the period will vote today on a public health effort to make screening and diabetes prevention education available to all. officials say 18 percent of the adults are told they have diabetes or prediabetes. >> there is a plan to create hundreds of summer quaterback and internships for youngsters calling for creating between 300 and 500 paid opportunities for at-risk youth. support ares believe it will go beyond providing a paycheck. they see it as a way to reduce claim building career skills.
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the program would allow foster youth and low-income between tweet 16 and 21 to take part. >> google pledged $1 million to help students hack into the heavens in search of answers. the donation will go to the observe story on mount hamilton east of san jose. the observatory sits 4,200' above sea level high enough to get snow in the winter. google's donation differs from others because it will pay to keep the facility running rather than buying high-end instruments. back to business for west coast parts following a partial shut down. >> back to the bargaining table. good morning topping america's money, circumstantial west coast pores back if business. >> after a partial shut down over the weekend with tensions between workers and owners triggered slow downs since july.
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federally-mediated talks start tomorrow. >> nothing says love like a free burrito on valentine's day. the chain has a deal for anyone who share as consensual kiss on saturday. order a smothered burrito and share a peck and you get a second free. >> heinz is heating things up producing ketchup that includes hot sauce. >> the red hot sauce including pepper paste guaranteed to add kick. heinz said it will be on the shelves before the end of the month. >> that is america's money. have a great day. >> louisiana man is showing off a sparkly discovery fining a two carrot yellow diamond at a state park in arkansas where it is finder's weaponner, the state park is the only public site if the world wherefore a small fee you can dig for diamonds and
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keep them. >> it is the largest diamond found so far this year and not clear how much the finder will get for it but in oklahoma a woman found a 3.85carot d there and sold it for $20,000. mike, have you been this? what did you find? >> nothing. i have been twice. nothing. nothing. you pay a price to come in they give you the tools and you dig until you try to find something. >> it sounds like fund, like patching for goal. >> our kids were three and five and digging like a dog. we didn't find anything. >> we are glad you didn't because you are here to tell us about the forecast. a diamond in the rough? warm temperatures? record high temperatures? the climate change change thing is makes summers cooler and the
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winters warmer and now we just need rain. now at look at live doppler hd with in need if the umbrella unless you do not lick the sunshine. 87 near the sharp -- shark tank it is clear and mostly sunny today and the dry pattern looks in about seven or eight days and the next chance of rain is the 17th or 18th and inland we have the possibility of that like this morning but it is very scattered. when you hit it is dense with high clouds tonight and record warmth thursday through saturday. today, 67 in livermore morgan hill fairfield, napa, calistoga and warmer in cloverdale at 68 and 67 in deck and a last mid-to-upper 60's with temperatures running 1-6 degrees above average and upper 50's to low 60's along the coast until i get to santa cruz at 64.
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46 tonight and a lot of low-to-mid 40's through the santa clara valley and inland until santa rosa and the san ramon valley and upper 30's like this morning. 50 is the warm spot in san francisco. the area of high pressure pushed the low away. it will be overrun by a few high clouds today in the next couple of days and they will be few and far between compared to the sunshine we get. with the high setting to our north, with the clock rise flow we get an offshore blows so that mean as spring of warp -- warm weather bringing sentence to -- 70's to the coast. at the coast thursday, friday and saturday, low-to-mid 70's and the winds will taper a little bit so we have a cooling trend on sunday interest president's day on monday. >> we do not have too much going on with light conditions and quiet conditions.
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we have a couple construction projects and i look now at the bay bridge headed away from the metering lights to treasure island. it will look like traffic is moving along smooth. no problems. as you pull away southeast that is oakland. the drive coming toward the maze along 885 at top speed and highway 13 through piedmont, no problems. san leandro commute and interest castro valley, the top speed and accident free. tracy to castro valley is 49 minutes and building over the altamont pass and 101 northbound side from 85 to san jose airport is 12 minutes. 280 through daily city to get to the city is 10 minutes. >> tonight at 11 o'clock three new activity trackers have been released replacing something that caused a rash. the same problem is cropping up,
5:20 am
again, and "7 on your side" discovered hundreds of reports on social media of users saying they break out in nasty remarks all over. >> it was getting super red and itchy. they say we are sorry this happened to you. again. >> tonight, michael investigates the latest claims and what the company has to say at 11 o'clock stay tuned. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe
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clara police officer. the officer opened fire on the car after stopping it on suspicion of auto burglary. the officer was not hurt. >> two, a trailer burst into flames next to a safeway store in san rafael last night at 11:30. crews stopped the flames before though spread inside. employees evacuated the store after smoke leaked inside the building. >> three, marilyn hartman known for boarding planes without a ticket did it again. police say the 63-year-old was able to get on a plane in minnesota to jacksonville florida, taking things a step further checking into a resort under another woman's name. she now is caught trying to smoke on to flights 11 times since march. seven times at sfo. >> four, boston is salarily shut down today after getting 2' of snow from the storm. schools and courts are closed. mass transit shut down. the city has received 77" of
5:24 am
snow in the past in. >> five, the largest solar plant now is open for business in the california desert near joshua tree built with $1.5 billion federal loan. it will generate enough electricity to power 160,000 homes. >> check out high temperatures today compared to average from 2-6 degrees warmer. this is a cool day in my seven-day forecast. i will show you when to expect the record highs to get to your neighborhood. >> seven a quiet usually commute with travels at san mateo only 14 minutes across the water and a new hit-and-run accident over the the altamont pass. >> a woman in south korea was freed from the robot advantage -- vacuum cleaner. we the robot sucked up her hair.
5:25 am
she called the tire department and it took crews an hour and a half to get the device opened and free her hair from inside. >> put your hair in a ponytail when vacuuming. >> always. >> nasa used images from the orbit step to create this video. a number of people asked for it so they posted it on youtube. it goes through a cycle of phases and the dark island has fewer distinctive marks that mark the earth side. humans got a look at 1959 because of the snow's we l spacecraft. >> fans of comic books spiderman is coming home. sony is teaming up with disney owner of the comic franchise to co-produce the next big spiderman movie.
5:26 am
when disney acured -- acquired movie rights to many but spiderman had already been stoled. it will be released in july of 2017 with one movie featuring the wall crawler before that. >> people have been complaining that the sony vision of spiderman is not the marvel vision of spiderman so now you get what you have been wishing if. >> how is the sonny version different? >> some changes including spiderman having natural when web shooters. >> we have a full 90 minutes ahead. >> berkeley could be the city to deploy bed cameras on police officers. the plan under consideration and the protests planned if tonight. >> a look at the ferry build in
5:27 am
san francisco and is our way to keep you updated on traffic and weather during the release a devastating avalanche
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:29. thank you for starting your day with us. leyla gulen is here tracking traffic. and meteorologist mike nicco is there watching the weather. >> tracking fog. we will look at live doppler hd. the thick of the fog is 1.75 in pet plume but thick fog through the east bay hills. on our camera you can see the winds are blowing offshore. that means a warming trend is on the way. our day planner shows temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler this morning hanging out at 60 at noon and low-to-mid 60's at 4:00.
5:30 am
record highs are ahead. leyla gulen? >> calm. looking great. starting with bay bridge toll plaza we do have congestion building in the far last and right hand lane and fast track is moving along without problem. moving over the golden gate bridge the drive shows a few extra headlights to the toll plaza and we do have the number five toll plaza out of commission the next month because of retrofitting. expect delays. it is now 5:30. in the news, in the south bay the search is on for a white mercedes that could be riddled with bullet holes when officers opened fire on the sunnyvale border with santa clara. matt? police are still looking for the suspect and the suspect car. as you said, they believe that vehicle has pull let holes on the right side of the vehicle. santa clara police in marked and
5:31 am
unmarked cars pulled over the suspect wanted for auto burglaries at wolfe roof at 6:30. the officer was if plain clothes. he got out of the unmarked s.u.v. and feared for his life as the driver of mercedes tried to run him over. >> he feared he would be pinned between the two vehicles and he decided to take the course he did and shoot at the vehicle. >> miss believe the white mercede was hit by the officer's bullets but do not know if the suspect was hit the he sped away and hasn't been seen. no innocent bystanders were injured but an s.u.v. was likely hit by a bullet with the back window shattered. department of public safety is leading the investigation and the officer is on paid leave. a delivery truck burst into flames at safeway store in san rafael and these pictures were tweeted showing the damage that happened at the safeway at 11:30
5:32 am
last night. the store is open 24 hours and crews credit store employees with calling 9-1-1 and evacuating the building quickly and smoke made it inside the store but the flames were stopped. >> the armed man who led police on a chase through rush hour commute is a main -- maniac according to the police. the suspect crashed a stolen car during the commute. that did not stop him. he crashed into five other cars. he tried to carjack two drivers. he forced a woman out of the her car at gunpoint. it ended when officers fired at him and took him into custody. the man was taken to the hospital with wounds. he is expected to survive. >> a serial stowaway is facing new charges. soft gives say this time she sneaked on for a -- to a flight
5:33 am
and into a hotel. marilyn hartman is no stranger to the local airports and is accused of taking a flight from minnesota to jacksonville florida, without a ticket after a he toll say she tried to check in under someone else's name and she was fund sleeping inside a hotel room. she now is caught trying to sneak on to 11 flights since march and seven times at sfo. she served jail tim after successfully stowing away on a flight from san jose to los angeles in august. amy hollyfield will have a full report at the to which hour. >> a group of uc berkeley students will profit when the city council discusses issues involving local police. three city council members are pushing if officers to wear body cameras in the next six months. they want to put dash cameras on the vehicle and beening tear gas and other nonlethal weapons. students will profit what they
5:34 am
call "military-style policing." berkeley police faced credit sell offer the handling after demonstration. >> the white house will have a newst to combat cyber threats. the "washington post" reports the unit is so-called the cyber net and intention integration there integritying data to be shared with civilian agencies. it is part of the strategy to increase information share between the government and private sector. president obama will be in the bay area on friday to talk about cyber security and consumer protection. >> oakland city council public safety committee votes on recommendation to protect residents' privacy rights including scaled back port domain awareness center a project seven, as a hundred for surveillance video at the port of oakland is jointly run by the oakland police department. >> a man hired to keep directing water safe fines himself in hot
5:35 am
water this only for using a reservoir as his own personal restroom. martin sanchez worked for the san francisco public utilities committee and officials received complaint that sap -- sanchez urinated into a drained reservoir last month. >> although it was draind there is in public health issue it is unacceptable. >> he should not get away with it. it is unsanitary. >> greece. gross. >> sanchez will likely be suspended. he lives in the sierra foot hells near the reservoir. calls to sanchez have not been returned. >> labor negotiations resumed at ports including in oakland after a partial shut down. the stopping of operations involved 29 west coast ports the result of a labor dispute.
5:36 am
the unions say the sticking point or work rules and safety measures which now has lasted nine months with work slow downs resulting in goods arriving fr overseas and sitting in containers. >> police will crackdown on distracted drivers today after officers from several armies -- agencies after drivers were cited for cell phone and testing violates in millbrae. officers from burlingame and san mateo and foster city. nationally thousands of accidents are blameed on this problem each year. >> in the morning, temperature are 15 degrees cooler. we are at 37 in san ramon. that is the cool spot. low-to-mid 40's through the san
5:37 am
ramon valley. concord and lafayette and livermore, upper 40's and same if brentwood. 40 in fairmont and calistoga are cooler spots. foster city and newark and half moon bay are at 44. 43 in cupertino. milpitas is 48. fog has not mate it to san rafael because it is locked around petaluma and close to santa rosa at times. a pass high cloud or two and a ton of sunshine and temperatures warmer-than-average and low 60's at the coast. inland 64 to 67 degrees. walnut creek south into the san ramon valley it is clear. we are beginning to have a lot of sunshine the next couple of days with were aing hitting the inland with 70's and 60's at the cost. the record high is thursday friday, and i will show you if they last through the holiday weekend.
5:38 am
>> a brisk drive through walnut creek and pleasanton hill with not too much traffic to highway 24. northern traffic is unimpeded. we do not have construction. we could have some construction over 580 drive into livermore and we will look at tracy at 51 miles per hour at 580 is 205 and when you get to the pass it is stop and go. as you pull out there into livermore, we did have an early project however that project is supposed to wrap up at 4:30 and could still be there because of the knowing an indication that there could be something out there. when you pass it, it is clear to the dublin interchange and the drive along 680 and pleasanton is not too bad and through union city and fremont is the top speeds. >> bragging rights are on the line at pebble speech. the bay area sports icons ready
5:39 am
to shoot it out. stay tuned.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. sparks flew when the regional jet made an emergency landing in houston. the pilots ask for help because the front landing gear would not lower as it approached bush intercontinental airport. crew and passengers walked away with only one blinder -- minor injury. they used the emergency slide to deplane. >> millions in the northeast are waking up to another face off with winter with the commute messy and dangerous. yesterday, cars backed up for miles with a stretch of the new jersey turnpike shut down for hours and at least one person was killed after weather was to blame for an accident involving continue vehicles and 2' of snow fell bringing the total to an historic 74" of snow so for this
5:43 am
season. >> we can handle snow. we are running out of room to move it to. >> the snows have moved enough snow to fill the stadium 90 times. >> massachusetts is in a "state of emergency," as they run out of places to put all the snow. >> the measles outbreak is ing with 19 new confirmed cases and now the number is at 121 since being cracked according to the centers for disease control. 107 cases are in california after a group of unvaccinated people visited disney in december. days in is the parent company of abc7 news. >> the health care enrollment deadline is on sunday so today at 4:00 specialist will take your phone calls and answer questions with
5:44 am
the number at abc7 at 4:00 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. right here at abc7. >> eight combined championships and the giants and 49ers legends swear off on the links at pebble beach including steve young, jerry rice brent jones and harris lauten and the giants have a younger crew including buster posey and lopez and posey is already feeling the pressure headed into the which shoot out. >> speaking of eight championships the giants 2014 world series trophy will be on display at pebble beach with the 2010 and 2012 trophies and all
5:45 am
five of the 49ers trophies dating back to 1981 the first time they have been in one place. >> mike shumann will be there for the shoot intermediate with the celebrity shoot out starring bill murray temperature but today is 1:30 we can probably just make it down there. >> you can rebel did that the rest of us need a helicopter. >> >> driving 65 miles per hour how is the weather at 1:30? >> gorgeous. they will be thinking of spring training with sunshine, a breeze coming off the," it does not get much bitter. low-to-mid 70's through the week so it does get better into the weekend. a gorgeous break from the wet weather that brought us this gorgeous picture yesterday, full rain beover sonoma raceway. did you see any rainbows yesterday? did you send them to
5:46 am or tweet them to me? we would love to share the gorgeous pictures we had yesterday. live doppler hd showing it is dry and our wins are light and variable so high pressure is in control. that is why we have clear air to the east bay hills. mostly sunny with a few high clouds and dry inland with patchy fog like this morning and a new high clouds tonight and record warmth on thursday friday and saturday. today at the host a cooler day upper 50's to low 60's and this is a cooler day, too mid-to-upper 60's from 63 in san francisco to santa rosa and napa and fair, livermore and morgan hill is 67. tonight is cool, the heater could kick in 39, and low-to-mid 40's inland and from fremont and palo alto to the south bay, the let of the bay is
5:47 am
in the mid-40's and san francisco is at 50. the low is accelerating away from us and high pressure is building and it will have a few high clouds crass it this afternoon but as it digs in to the northeast and we get that clockwise flow the high clouds are going to be eliminated and so will our seasonal temperatures. tomorrow we are at 66 at the coast and the offshore wind brings low 70's for the bay and inland neighborhood and now, thursday friday, saturday the warmth reaches the coast and low-to-mid 60's and we will start to see the winds reverse on sunday so the coast is down to 66. some of the cooling will spread across our neighbors and warmer-than-average on president's difficult on monday. in the north bay we have clear conditions on 101 headed to 580 that is the drive through san rafael with tail lights thicker at this hour of congestion end rather
5:48 am
building. we have number five toll closed down for the next month. this is for retrofitting. slow down as you head into the tolls. the south bay has construction project moving here until 6:00 and northbound 280 to southbound highway 17 seeing slowing there on southbound side of 280. be careful. you could find delays as a result of the transition roads being closed. in gilroy, eastbound and westbound highway 152, it will be closed until further notice because of a tree that came down blocking the entire roadway if you use that highway to build between highway 101 use 29 instead. >> a t shirt has a popular teen retailer in hot water. again. we will show you the latest design from urban outfitters called demeaning and offense i.
5:49 am
>> a dispute that ended in a brawl at wal-mart. >> are. >> customer with the worst wireless in the country? we have the just released ranking. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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happening today facebook is bringing local students and technical leaders together for a discuss on internet safety. they will host the event at facebook campus in menlo park to mark safer internet day and hear from kamala harris and chief operating office at facebook, cheryl sandburg promoting more responsible use of online technology and mobile
5:52 am
15s. it happens every february. >> apple pay is taking off literally. jetblue announced they will be the first airline to let passengers use the app for onboard purchases. secret blue provided -- jetblue provided this video. any passenger with iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus can pay for everything from refreshments to seat upgrades. it could be easier to reach for the phone rather than your wallet. apple unveiled apple pay in september. if you are in the mill seat you -- in the middle seat you have to have sharp elbows. >> on thursday everyone, the record high is 70 in oakland. it is 74 not the warm of the day this week the best chance of a record high. to the south it will be breezy the nbc couple of of -- the next
5:53 am
couple of days. it will be warm in san diego. from 21 percent to 27 percent but last area, we were in the same ballpark at 26 percent! come on. low-to-mid 80's los angeles to palm sprays and 72 in san diego and mid-to-upper 70's monterey. >> we will take any improvement we can. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights turned on ten minutes ago. 13 minutes gets you crass and you moving along slower coming up to treasure island as indicate by the yellow lits. you can see clear conditions interest san francisco. a wide view of san francisco and through daly city into san francisco along 280, no problems and 101 headed into burlingame and sfo no delays. 280, too, is clear and accident-free along the peninsula.
5:54 am
although federal judge has overturned alabama's same-sex marriage merge some judges are refusing to issue marriage licenses to guy couples saying the judges were not bond by the federal judge's decision. marriage listens were issued to give couples in at last seven alabama counties but other counties refused to issue the licenses or closed marriage licenses entirely after the advise of the top jurist. >> a group is creating a petition urging the supreme court to find a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. the human rights campaign will have a brief filed next month inviting average citizens to sign the previous with the hopes of demonstrating the nation's high court the widespread support for same same. -- for same-sex marriage with the supreme court hearing suits
5:55 am
on the ban in the spring. >> urban outfiters is encouraged to remanufacture merchandise that is a reare minder of the holocaust looking like the grew and white stripes and ping -- pink triangles gay males were forced to wear in the concentration camp. they released a vintage kent state university sweatshirt splattered with fake blood after four unarmed check students were killed at a rally in the 70's. >> robots will replace humans in factories. >> investment in row -- row robot will agree 10 percent a year and cut costs by 22 percent in the united states, and 25 percent in japan. row -- row --
5:56 am
>> google owned boston dynamic and showing off a robot that weighs 160 is fast can move over rough terrain and take a kick and stay upright. boston dynamics creates mobile research row budgets for the military with nine different models. >> the robot, but even so, kicking is cruel. >> tax worker and a customer are in a fight inside a texas wal-mart is making the rounds. >> here is the video on youtube with a customer head butting the tax workers. the customer was if a bad move and took it own on the tax preparer and it starts as a verbal argument a day earlier and escalated when the customer returned to ship and the did women ran interest each other and the fight started. no charges have been filed. so far.
5:57 am
at 6:00 are california parents having measles parts to expose their children to the illness? >> a dad well fine of 50 cents that is potentially worth $20,000.
5:58 am
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you could take anywhere, xfinity is perfect for people on the go. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the serial stowaway arrested again. details on the latest brush with the law at a united states airport. a wild police pursuit through california streets and what is next if the driver with crashed into give cars and tried to carjack two drivers. >> the new alert going out to people in the east bay who visit a popular play ground. thanks pore -- for joining us. i am kristen sze.
6:00 am
>> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco with the temperature records that could fall. >> record high temperatures coming up. live doppler hd is following the fog that has moved away. we had 1.75 visibility this petaluma but now it is unlimited. look at the wind. down on the ferry building from our camera. they are blowing offshore already. here is the day planner 38 to 52 cooler this morning. by noon we are nearly 60, by 7:00, in the low-to-mid 50's. but it is the offshore breeze that brings record warm even to the coast. that is in the forecast. >> dry roads is it making a difference? >> dry roads, pres are not sparking any high wind advisories issued by c.h.p. so that is if news the bay bridge toll plaza is not moving too much from the maze toward the toll plaza and when you pass the metering lights it is


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