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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 10, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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ashley. thanks for inviting us into your homes. one last look at the 7 the breaking news this tuesday night on that young american woman held hostage. the letter to her parents revealed. the details she shared with her family. was she given away as a bride? and tonight, word isis e-mailed her parents. the new storm coming. the national guard called in. families taking pictures through their windows. snow higher than the first floor. the emergency landing. the plane with no nose gear. passengers racing off. "american sniper." the trial tonight. the suspect and the photos we had never seen before. and, we hear from chris kyle's wife. and tonight, our oscar series, "the contenders." >> i'm batman. >> batman turned birdman. one-on-one with michael keaton, and what he reveals, right here tonight.
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good evening. and it's great to have you here with us on a tuesday night. in a moment, the state of emergency in new england, with another storm coming. but first, the breaking news. an american family now mourning the loss of their daughter. kayla mueller, the final american hostage, these new images tonight. 26 years old, and now come questions about what happened in her final months with isis. her family speaking out tonight, sharing details from a handwritten letter she sent to her parents while she was in captivity. they've now revealed what she wrote. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: heartbreak today for kayla mueller's family, friends and country, after isis sent her parents what has been accepted as visual proof that she is, in fact, dead. >> i'm not yet sure how to live in a world would kayla. but i do know that we're all living in a better world because of her. >> reporter: her family says it wants these photos to be how she is remembered. released today, along with a letter their daughter was able to smuggle out a year ago. "just the thought of you all,"
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she wrote, "sends me into a fit of tears. if you could say i have suffered at all throughout this whole experience, it is only in knowing how much suffering i have put you all through." >> kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. the world mourns with us. >> reporter: with mueller's death now confirmed, people involved in trying to rescue her told abc news today they had been tracking a senior isis leader who had been given her as a kind of bride or reward. the 26-year-old arizona native went to syria with a syrian boyfriend to work with war refugees. >> i am in solidarity with the syrian people. >> reporter: in her smuggled letter to her family, she described her captivity. "please know that i am in a safe location, completely unharmed, healthy. i have been treated with the utmost respect, kindness." but mueller still had the determined spirit that had led her to syria in the first place. "know i am also fighting from my
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side in the ways i am able. i have a lot of fight left inside of me. i am not breaking down. i will not give in, no matter how long it takes." president obama said today that kayla mueller represents what is best about america. and he vowed to bring to justice the terrorists who he said were responsible for her captivity and death, no matter how long it takes. david? >> brian ross leading us off tonight. brian, thank you. and to another developing story we're following at this hour. a group claiming to have ties to isis this evening taking credit for this. a hack attack on the "newsweek" twitter account. sending out threatening messages aimed at the first family. the fbi investigating at this hour and abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas is live in our washington bureau. pierre? >> reporter: david, this morning, those hackers claiming to be affiliated with isis took over "newsweek's" twitter account, serving 2.5 million followers. "newsweek's" twitter page was filled with that chilling image, a man dressed in a mask, making threats. "you'll see no mercy, infidels," one post said.
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the hackers suggested that valentine's day would be bloody and threatened the entire first family. that threat is thought to have low credibility, but the fbi and secret service are investigating. the hackers only took over the site for 14 minutes, but "newsweek's" chief told us that the hack was identity theft on a grand scale. david? >> pierre thomas live in our washington bureau. pierre, thank you. we're going to turn now to the deadly weather tonight. a new system on the way and a state of emergency in massachusetts tonight. the national guard now deployed. and look at the photos taken by so many families there. this family in ipswich, snow right up past their windows there. here is the view of that same home from the curb. a family in scituate, massachusetts, look out their front door right there. and dangerous roads. ice and freezing rain believed to be the cause of this deadly 40-vehicle pileup on the new jersey turnpike overnight. one driver describing it as a skating rink. ginger zee is standing by with the new storm track, but first, abc meteorologist rob marciano in boston again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the
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northeast is a region under siege. six feet under, and bracing for more. massachusetts' governor calling in the national guard. >> 200 will deploy and 50 teams of four men and women in humvees will assist cities and towns in digging out hydrants and other critical assets. >> reporter: in palmer, massachusetts, one person was killed in this overnight fire. >> hydrants weren't shoveled over in this corner, so, it slows things down. >> reporter: after six feet of snow across the boston area, cars like this might be a lost cause until spring. here in charlestown, where the streets are narrow to begin with, they're even more narrow after all this snow. dan's digging out his second car of the morning at 7:00 a.m. have you ever seen it like this? >> no. it's been mountains, but -- not like that. never been like iceberg boulder type things. >> reporter: this music store in rockland collapsing under snow. inside, a mess of insulation. >> there's a lot of snow in there. >> reporter: and channel 5's jack harper on the scene of this
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collapse. >> this huge building dating back to the civil war collapsing this morning under the pressure of the snow. this building sure to be condemned in the upper floors. much of it will have to come down. >> reporter: icy roads and accidents throughout the region, including this 40-car crash on the new jersey turnpike. one person killed. more than 60 injured. and tonight, new pictures. the next storm already hitting the midwest. and moving east. boston bracing yet again. this headline, saying it all. "piling it on." david, they have gotten nearly two years of snow here, just in the past two weeks. the city hopes to be back on its feet tomorrow. the mayor announcing tonight that schools will be open. just as another shot of arctic air and more snow heads this way, david. >> rob, we can only see you, the cars covered on that street. our thanks to you again tonight and to jack harper and the team at channel 5. in the meantime, right to ginger. you've been tracking this storm all day long. you said encouraging signs late today when it comes to new england. >> reporter: especially for boston.
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because, with the computer models the way that they were we thought it looked like another six-plus inches but right now, they're backing off. let me take you through the timing of this, david. so, right to the maps. it's already spinning in michigan and wisconsin. it tracks across the great lakes and then there, we stop it. thursday, 6:00 p.m., boston picking up snow, yes, but at this point, looking more like three inches at the top of it. so, one to three overall. that doesn't mean that the cold's not coming. let me tell you. so many people from north dakota to florida are going to feel not only this first blast, where the freezing line gets to tallahassee, the 0s, right there into parts of new england and the northeast, but a second cold blast, so, valentine's day into sunday, the 0s reaching nashville, louisville. we're not getting away from this anywhere east of the rockies. >> it is february. we'll see you on "gma" in the morning. thank you, ginger. now, to that white knuckle moment for passengers on board a flight from philly to houston. sparks flying as their plane comes in for an emergency landing without the nose gear, scraping the runway there. passengers told to brace for
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impact and then racing off the plane. tonight, we hear from some of those passengers, and here's abc's david kerley now. >> reporter: that light nearing the runway is a jet in distress. >> there's an emergency in progress on runway 2-7. >> reporter: the us airways jetliner lights up the houston darkness with sparks, landing without a nose gear. metal grinding on the runway, coming to rest and quickly surrounded by rescue workers. >> we were told, brace, brace, brace. >> just stuck the nose and it just slid. >> reporter: the flight from philadelphia turned into an emergency just before landing, with this call to the tower. >> we're not sure if the gear's down or not. can we come by, can you see us at about 1,500? >> reporter: controllers could see the nose gear was not down. it would be a landing pilots train for, but rarely execute. >> that's where it kind of got scary, because you could tell the pilot, you could hear it in his voice that he was nervous. >> 56 souls on board. we plan on evacuating on the runway. >> reporter: rear wheels down until the last moment, when the nose comes crashing down.
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the impact so severe, that nose is a mangled mess. as passengers flee the jet, because of the risk of a fire. late today, investigators try to find out exactly why that gear didn't come down. passengers had high praise for the rescue crews and the pilot, calling his landing incredible, perfect. couldn't have done it any better. david? >> david kerley who covers aviation for us. david, thank you. now, to the "american sniper" trial. millions have seen the movie about navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. tonight, new images of the man accused of killing him. pictures from a veterans group showing the suspect. his trial begins tomorrow. and now comes word, chris kyle's widow will be among the first to take the stand. abc's ryan owens now. >> reporter: here's the eddie routh the jury will see tomorrow as they begin writing the real-life ending to the "american sniper" saga. quite a change from his mug shot two years ago. and tonight, a look at an even more dramatic transformation. these pictures released by a veterans group show routh during his service in iraq.
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tomorrow, prosecutors plan to start their case against routh by calling the widow of chris kyle and the mother of chad littlefield, the men killed two years ago at this texas gun range. >> two really good men who were helping somebody, they're husbands, fathers, good people. >> reporter: the testimony of taya kyle, played by sienna miller in the blockbuster -- >> babe, come home, okay? >> reporter: -- is expected to be especially emotional. the jurors may relate to her. they're overwhelmingly female. ten women and two men. >> i'd urge a lot of caution to those saying, oh, ten female jurors? that's going to somehow be helpful to the defendant. >> reporter: also tonight, our first look at the four-page questionnaire that helped attorneys whittle down hundreds of potential jurors. have you read the book, listened to the audio book or seen the movie "american sniper?" several questions focused on mental illness, psychiatrists and the insanity defense. that matters, of course, because the defense is arguing, he's not guilty by reason of insanity.
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the prosecution doesn't buy that and is hoping the jury won't, either. david? >> ryan owens, thank you. and now to breaking news tonight on your health. and cholesterol. late word today about the warnings we've all heard, telling us to avoid foods that are high in cholesterol. well, are those warnings about to be modified significantly? here's abc's linsey davis now. >> reporter: early word tonight that the guidelines for healthy eating may be in for a massive overhaul, as the dietary guidelines advisory committee now considers taking cholesterol off the list of things we should avoid. a list one could call the seven sins. they now say eating some foods that are high in cholesterol like eggs and seafood may not be so bad after all. a shift away from cholesterol as a dietary evil, but meats and cheeses, because they contain saturated fats, are still on the list. >> this really getting our attention late today. you've been checking with our medical team. this does not mean not to take your statins. >> reporter: that's right, because statins treat the high levels of cholesterol in your
5:42 pm
blood. which is still something that you want to watch out for. the guidelines only change cholesterol we get from the good food that we eat. >> all right, you'll stay on this, dr. besser will, too. to the west now, and that wild scene playing out on live television. los angeles, no stranger to high speed crashes, but veteran police officers calling this chase among the worst they have ever seen. it all played out during rush hour. watch the suspected carjacker, armed, speeding down those city streets, crashing into other cars. abc's linzie janis on how police finally took him down. >> reporter: the drama unfolding at the height of rush hour. a carjacker in a stolen vehicle barrelling down the streets of los angeles. >> the suspect is believed to be armed with a handgun. >> reporter: police in hot pursuit. all of it playing out live on our l.a. station, kabc. >> breaking news now. a pursuit that has wound through south and east los angeles. >> reporter: the suspect racing through this busy intersection, veering into oncoming traffic. >> he's not going to stop for anything or anyone. >> reporter: smashing into these two cars and spinning out.
5:43 pm
watch as the suspect tries to hijack this white car, then runs up to another car, pulling the driver out at gunpoint. >> i was just scared he was going to hurt me. >> reporter: maggie baroso in the car behind. >> he can't get her car, either, i'm next and i have my 2-year-old in the car with my 12-year-old. >> reporter: the carjacker finds himself stuck in traffic and bolts on foot. finally, police corner him behind a tree, shooting him and ending the chase. >> that was a very dangerous car chase. that ranks up there in the very top. a person with complete disregard for public safety, for human life. >> reporter: one of the worst you've seen? >> one of the very worst i've ever seen. >> reporter: david, the suspect's pektsed to survive. police tell us car crashes in rush hour are the most dangerous with crowded streets and schools letting out. officers train for moments like these and in this case that training paid off. david? and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. and a question for you. is your tv watching you?
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is it listening to your conversations? how new technology in your home may be spying on your family. listening to your every word. we'll have more on this. also ahead, the breaking news this hour about jon stewart. what he has just revealed. and our countdown to the oscars tonight. so many loved him as batman. now birdman, of course. we're one-on-one with michael keaton. and what he reveals, right here tonight. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪ why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes nothing else. it's works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. try sunsweet amazin prune juice.
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heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. next tonight, and to that question i mentioned. is your tv watching and listening to you? new smart tvs with internet connections, able to transmit your private conversations. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: a warning tonight, straight out of "minority report." >> how did those assorted tanktops work out for you? >> reporter: from samsung, your smart tv is watching you. >> go to smart hub. >> reporter: the latest technology that turns your voice into a remote so that you can scan youtube, choose a movie or change channels just by speaking can also hear your private conversations. youtube.
5:47 pm
we gave samsung's latest model a test. once i press this button, everything i say into this device is getting recorded and could be shared with a third party. it's as cool as it is creepy. >> people have this expectation that the conversations that they have in their own home or what they choose to watch, this kind of data is really private. >> reporter: samsung's privacy policy telling consumers, please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other information, they will be captured and transmitted to a third party. the company adding that they do this to improve the features of their televisions. another step deeper into a world where big brother really is watching and listening to you. >> all right, this sounds kind of crazy. how do you protect yourself? >> reporter: well, you can turn off that voice recording feature, david, but there are tradeoffs here. because if you do that, you have to go back to using your remote, no more of the voice operated feature. the whole reason you bought the tv in the first place. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. when we come back here
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tonight, what one man found at goodwill. he paid 58 cents. but what it's worth tonight. we couldn't believe this. and then the breaking news from jon stewart coming in at this hour. and we'll have it right after the break. coughequence #5. the sleepless night. sorry.
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so you can find relief fast, with solutions like advil. at the corner of happy and healthy. topping the index on a tuesday night. the breaking headline from jon stewart, revealing he's leaving his desk. the comedy central confirming the news tweeting their thanks. he will be at the helm until later this year, and we wish him well. tonight, a major new development. whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina reportedly on life support since being found unconscious. her father, bobby brown, speaking out, saying, quote, this is now a criminal investigation and the integrity of that process requires silence. it looked like an old sweater when a couple found it at a goodwill in north carolina. they paid 58 cents. later, while watching a documentary on legendary football coach vince lombardi they noticed something. and lo and behold they found the tag in the sweater bearing lombardi's name.
5:52 pm
that sweater, it's worth 20 grand. not bad. when we come back here tonight, you loved him as batman, now birdman. one-on-one with michael keaton when we come back. they call it planning for retirement because getting there requires exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to life with pacific life. talk to a financial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life. the power to help you succeed.
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and finally tonight here, our countdown to the oscars. our series, "the contenders." first up, the man who helped define batman for a generation. returning as birdman, a character far more human, playing an actor, a father, struggling as he grows older. and tonight, the gift from his own son, the words he overheard. could you have imagined sort of the amount of attention this movie's getting? >> no. >> reporter: this is hardly what michael keaton expected, batman, re-emerging as birdman. >> you are a god. >> reporter: this time, hardly just a super hero, playing a deeply torn father, actor. >> face it, dad. you are not doing this for the sake of art. you are doing this because you want to feel relevant again. >> reporter: emma stone said, in looking at your character, that she has never seen a more difficult role written for someone. >> wow. yeah, yeah, that -- that could be true. >> reporter: it is about an
5:56 pm
aging movie star, but people can relate to this movie in all walks of life. >> yeah. people on the street when they stop you, you're in a coffee shop, they want to come up and they want to talk about, in specifics, about the movie and certain scenes. it's barely about an actor, really. >> reporter: people have asked, are there parallels in this character to your real life and you have said this was the role with the least connection. >> well, i don't relate to the personality type. >> reporter: he says he doesn't relate to the deep insecurities of birdman, partly because he was taught at home growing up in rural pennsylvania, you have to be tough to survive. you were one of seven? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: so you have to be pretty darn scrappy to survive, to be heard, to be celebrated. >> right. where i come from, if you ever said, i'm going to be an actor, i probably would have been beaten up. i don't know why. if you got too big for your britches as they say, they quickly showed you how big your britches actually were. >> reporter: did we go to the same high school? in this movie, the actors struggle. staying a super hero forever.
5:57 pm
not the same in real life. >> he was burdened by the whole birdman thing. i wasn't burdened by batman. i was grateful to have the gig. it was kind of great. i got to be batman. i'm batman. >> reporter: and all these years later? >> birdman. if you don't mind me bragging -- still the same dimension, baby. >> reporter: same cape. same size suit. >> same size suit. 25 years later. >> reporter: 25 years. that's impressive. already having won the golden globe, he shared the moment with his best friend. you say, my best friend is kind, intelligent -- >> funny, talented, considerate, thoughtful -- did i say kind? he also happens to be my son. >> reporter: a very human moment about a father talking about his son. >> yeah. yeah. i thought i overheard him telling one of his buddies once that i was his best friend.
5:58 pm
i didn't want to say anything. i walked in the next room and wept. >> reporter: those words from his son, a gift. and he says, so was this role. i don't know if i should call you batman or birdman. >> call me michael. >> reporter: all right. great spending time with him earlier today. and the oscars, sunday, february 22nd, right here on abc. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. in the meantime, have a good evening. good night. >> that led to his death.
5:59 pm
>> and a pg and e monopoly. >> sky 7 hd is live tonight following a small protest over a big issue. a call to end military-style policing in berkeley. good evening i'm ama daetz. >> good evening many believe the steps are necessary to change the way cops and the community interact. wayne freedman is live tonight. want? >> good eveningdan. this is a case clearly of a demonstration prompting another demonstration, tonight. let's go to that video from sky 7 hd. berkeley has about 60
6:00 pm
demonstrators and a large sign outside of the city council. they're concerned about what they describe as excessive use of force during a black lives matter demonstration. tonight the council will consider possible restrictions by the police department of batons rubber bullets and tear gas. let's again with berkeley city councilman. >> i think protests are part of our dna. we should be protecting public safety. >> what began as peaceful against police violence in ferguson missouri led to vandalism, tear gas and juf ficks for use of that force by the berkeley police department >> a violent crowd. there is a lot


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