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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 11, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we we begin with breaking news, fears of measles. contra costa county confirms their first case and sends bart commuters running: they may have been exposed. the contra costa county department of health says a person with measles road bart between the lafayette in the east bay and montgomery in san francisco while infected. >> this was february 4-6 wednesday through friday when morning and the evening commutes. officials say the infected person road before being diagnosed and the risk of being
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exposed is low but they want bay area residents to be aware. >> this is the first in contra costa county since the outbreak began in december and brings the national total to 122 mostly in california. the measles outbreak is linked to disney land where an unvaccinated family vacation oned. disney is the parent again of abc7 and we expect more details in a news conference at 11:15. >> the case in in contra costa county gives us a total 15 measles cases in the bay area including six in alameda, these in san mateo, two in marin and santa clara and one in solano. measles is very contagious and just with a fever, run any nodes, red eyes and sore throat. you may be tired. the symptoms go away and people get spots in their mouth and a rash all over. it takes 7-18 daze for symptoms after you have been around
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someone with meals. we have more information on measles and how it is contracted at >> a marin county school district is taking a stand against measles with the help of one of their youngest students who demanded change. >> my name is bret. >> six-year-old bret urged the school direct to support legislation to abolish the personal belief exemption. the leukemia survivor made news when the measles scare first broke and the parents asked the unvaccinated children to stay home. he was too sick to be advance natured and the virus can be deadly for those. >> it is not about bret anymore. it is about the expecting mothers, the babies, and the hundreds of kids currently with suppressed immune system.
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>> the school board voted to support the proposal making its way through sacramento. if passed, exemptions only be given to kids too sick to get the vaccine. >> lt. governor is making the announcement this morning that everyone is expecting: he is a democrat and former san francisco mayor said he will run for governor in 2018. he made the official announcement on the web site today. he admitted that jumping into the race three years early is unusual but he says he has never been a fan of pretense or procrastination. jerry brown is termed now 2018. >> powerball fever is high before the draw tonight when someone, maybe here in the bay area, could become an instant millionaire or make that half a billionaire. we are at the san mateo storm where lady luck has struck before. is it busy? it is getting busy and people do feel lucky because not only did the store sell the winning ticket a few months ago
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but it was someone who worked at a store across the street who bought that ticket. lucky retailers in san mateo are busy this morning while customers hope for another big win. >> money, money money. thank you is on everyone's mind as the jackpot has soared to $ 500 million. >> half a billion? i could go for that. my big dream to be rich and obnoxious. all right? >> a ticket will cost you $2. this man has ideas if he hits it big. >> take care of my mama. and my family. >> what else? you will have some left over? >> me. i will start a business. >> the market in san mateo sold $225 million winning ticket that
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was worth $228 because of strong sales. that was back in september. the winner works at a nail salon cross the street. >> he was the best pedicure guy if the bay area and lucky for him. >> customers hot lightning strikes twice in the same spot. >> that is what they say? hopefully i will be the next. >> neighborhood store and i want them to win. >> i want for win and be rip. >> the real chances of winning are lousy, 1 in 175 million. >> the bay area has had a lot of luck. in the past year and a half three enormous powerball jackpots were won at local stores. to check out the list of lucky retailers video that posted on our website as >> thank you. a sick sea lion pup is being
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treated after a rescue. the park service rangers rescued the pump after found along the side of a road this morning. it was found near two stepped cars and no word on if it was hit or wandered next to the cars after crossing the road. two good samaritans stopped traffic to protect the sale while the rangers worked to capture it. >> when the park ranger and a bystander was trying to put the blankets and get the sea lion into the box it was biting at the blankets. it did fought want to be moved. they had to cover the sea lion with the blanket. >> rangers say the pup did not show signs of injury but they took it to the marine mammal center in sausalito where it will be checked out. the center is dealing with a large number of sick sea lions 115 in all being treated. they have named this pup and will release it into the ocean when it is healthy.
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>> police are working on a sketch of a peeping tom would took pictures of a woman in a public bathroom. police hope to release the sketch today of the man involved. he followed a woman into the bathroom at the community center in palo alto on monday night and used his cell phone to take pictures of her in the stall. the woman started screaming. another woman reported the same crime happening to her at same center last summer. >> people are searching for the person would shot a woman at a san jose restaurant last night on center road before 9:00. police are calling the woman an innocent bystander. at last check she is in stable condition. police have not released a description of the suspect. >> president obama has asked congress to formally authorize the use of military force against isis. >> if approved it would authorize a six-month military effort against the group a day after we learn that american hostage kayla mueller was killed by isis. her family says that they hope she will be remembered for the work she did giving aid to
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others. >> prove is expected to address the nation at 12:30 our time on that legislation. when that hatches we will carry it live and stream it online. police will handle demonstrations in berkeley differently after banning the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against nonviolent crowds. countless let the members know their feelings about this shut. >> i was drugged forward; my pants ripped and my knees were pleading. >> after 40 years of dealing with berkeley police i know we have the best group around. >> the city council approved the use of body cameras and dash cameras in police vehicles. >> there are new traffic signs in hayward this morning and they
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tell you the same old thing: stop, emergency, watch out for children, but the way they say them is very different. amy hollyfield joins us great hayward. >> city officials are getting cheeky. look at this sign "use your brain." city officials do not care whether you like the sign or not. they hope that it makes you think. >> "rolling stone" down hall on hayward boulevard is easy to get going too fast. plenty of signs tell you to slow down but it is likewise note and easy to ignore but, wait wait wait, what does that sign say? >> it is smart. it is funny. it gets people's attention. it is a good idea. >> drivers are now doing double takes to read signs like this "35 a speed limit not a suggestion." >> it speaks out more. that attracts my attention.
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more. >> for those who walk across the street while looking down at their 15, this is a sign for them: heads up, cross the street, then update facebook. >> it is funny but it is true. >> signs have been up for two weeks and residents told city leaders they were concerned about the speed on the hill and officials decided they needed an attention getter rather than the usual slow down message. >> some absolutely love it and think it is creative and funny. other people say, william, it is corny and silly. there. they are talking. they are noticing the message to slow down. athank you is what they want, to get people's attention. >> it is smart because... [ inaudible ] it and different so it catches your attention. you think about it more. >> officials say this is an original idea and they have heard of in other city doing this but the spokesman got a call from a reporters in new york so it is getting tax
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nationwide. little league, big controversy. why the history-making united states champions just got stripped of their national title and who it belongs to now. >> dancing is back the find out what pro stars are in the ballroom for the 10th anniversary season. >> look of the bay bridge and meteorologist mike nicco is coming up with the
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>> forget everything you have heard about eating high cholesterol food. health experts say they are not as bad as we thought. the guidelines committee is expected to recommend throwing out previous warnings saying that new cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern. next, the committee says eating some foods like eggs and seafood may not be so bad. however, experts warn people with particular health problems such as diabetes should still continue to avoid cholesterol-rich diets. >> hall of fame basketball church "tark the shark," has died leading the school to the champion in 1990 the only time and then played basketball at fresno state. he fought an infashion since he was hospitalized in las vegas on monday with breathing problems.
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he was 84. >> champions no more, little league baseball has stripped a chicago area team of the 2014 national championship after finding it broke the rules when they intentionally built a super team. >> espn reports that jackie robinson west little league used a falsify boundary map to recruit talented players. it was the first all african american team to win the united states title and now in addition to surrendering that they also have to vacate all the wins from the tournament including the regional title. >> that is right. the colleague is on probation, for now, and the coach has been suspended, the little league world series championship is awarded to the run are up in the finals, a team from las vegas. a lot of people are saying, don't blame the kids the adults did something and now they have this. >> thank you is how it is. adults are the ones doing bad things. >> meteorologist mike nicco has
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the forecast. >> good morning, from the top of the news broadcast center, i am watching a few high clouds and feeling less of a breeze blowing a different way. because of that we are going do have near record high temperatures not original here but, also, up in lake tahoe. i will show the weekend forecast if you are skiing and headed to pebble beach. the san francisco girl scouts are at it cashing in on cookie
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this picture the first one we have of the sick
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sea lion pup that is being treated this morning after a rescue at the lake this morning. again, we have been reporting on it found at lake and there were cars in the area. good samaritans stopped to protect the sea lion while rangers captured the sea lion and it is being taken care of. it looks happy and healthy and no sign of injuries. this is a picture tweeted by our editor. thank you viewly. -- julie. they have 115 sick sea lions. >> a nice day outside, right? it will be warm? >> mike? how about near record highs here and at lake tahoe as we head to the holiday weekend and there are hazards lurking at the coast. if you are headed that way, good morning, everyone, we will jump right in to live doppler hd show how it is dry from the chest up to the high country and i got
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this tweet, a highway at highway 50 and can you figure out what year this is from the picture? that is actually this area and lack at 2014 last area they had more snow. remember the lake snow? she is saying usually it is up to the window to have an idea of how low the snow pack it. it will be lower through the holiday weekend with a record high 57 and then low-to-mid 60's and lake level on thursday friday, and saturday temperatures will never be average which is 44 all the way through tuesday and it will be bone dry. on the other hand if you like the warm santa cruz, 74 today possibly 80 by thursday and friday and how calm the weather election now. that is going to pick up with dangerous rip currents tomorrow through saturday. san jose is seeing more sunshine
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than our friends to the north and you are closer to the system that is blowing by us so you will have more high clouds to the north and more sunshine to the south. record warmthursday through saturday when we have the dangerous beach hazards and today mid-to-upper 60's at the coast and upper 60's to low 70's and napa and morgan hill not far behind and san jose and oakland and santa rosa at 70 degrees. if you head down pebble beach to watch the celebrity challenge today 68 at noon and hopefully sunny and nearly 70 the weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend with low-to-mid 70s. tonight pretty seasonal, low-to-mid 40s inland and mid-40's to around 50 for the rest of us and limited fog and maybe less than we saw this morning just a couple of hours around petaluma and fairfield. two areas of high pressure, the system off to the west giving us the high clouds and the ridge is going to bring us an offshore freeze so we will hit the low-to-mid 70 tomorrow friday, saturday, the cooling hits the
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coast on sunday and spreads across our neighborhoods on monday into tuesday and, still above average and no rain in this rest. hope you enjoy the warm weather and watch out for the tree pollen. it will be high the next couple of days. >> we have protect -- breaking news, the can't of the "costa concordia" has been found guilty of manslaughter by an italian court and in are other charges related to the january 2012 shipwreck we had talked about when the shipwreck happened. 32 people died. yesterday, he was telling the court he was made a scrape get and it want his fault and the ship had run aground and the cruise ship was not his fault. however he has been convicted of manslaughter. we will follow this story and let you know what he will be sentenced to. >> the excuse was he want trying to escape but he accidentally fell into a life boat. >> "dancing with the stars" fans situate over.
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>> we know which professional dance weers are joining for the 10th anniversary season. >> va settlement a fan favorite on "good morning america" and along with mark ballas and whitney carson with celebrity partners announced on "good morning america" in two weeks if you want to see the full list of pro's long on and watch them compete march 16. >> next, the girl scouts cash in on cookie cravings. stay tuned.
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>> coming up at 4:00 the windmills will play at powering innovation at technical campus and at 5 o'clock, the i.r.s. is trying to protect your tax refund. they want to make sure hackers do not cash in on your return. >> the girl scout would set up outside a san francisco medical marijuana disresponsery is back in business. according to "chronicle," danielle set up shot outside the green cross medical marijuana
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dispensary in the mission district and told 2308 boxes in two hours. >> thank you is double the four day seals campaign total, and has to sell 440 more boxes to reach her 1,000 box goal and is likely to return this week. >> what you is it about being outside a marijuana disresponseries that makes cookies sell so well... >> hunger? >> is another girl scout going do mussel into her territory? >> it is a great story. >> from all of us nothings for gin -- from all of us, thanks for joining us. >> see you
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