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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, i'm chris nguyen. it's saturday february 14th. happy valentine's day. let's start off with the forecast. here's lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler 7hd. good morning. >> good morning chris. we are looking at mild temperatures. 49 los gatos mid-40s napa. really not hard to take. temperatures in and around where we were yesterday at this time. and with the light offshore flow continuing today, the 70s will be back.
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>> we will pinpoint the ticks for you and holidays coming up. chris. >> this morning president obama will fly out of sfo heading to palm springs ending a whirlwind trip to the area, including an area at a restaurant that wasn't on his official schedule. residents took it in stride. >> obama is right next door to our house. we just wanted cookies. some local folks just looking for a little evening sweet and all we had to do is get a cookie and got in to be close to the president. >> and what a nice treat for them. earlier president obama attended a fundraiser for the democratic party in russian hill. demonstrators were kept a block away but one woman didn't mind. >> here i am.
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brack ball is on my list. i can't believe it. i'm about to have a heart attack. i can't believe it. it's my dream come true. >> unlike earlier visitors, there were just a few protesters to greet the president this time around. earlier yesterday the president spoke at the stanford university cybersecurity conference using jokes to keep the mood light. >> too easy to figure out user names and password pick pass ward or 1 2, 3 4 5. those were some of my previous passwords. i've changed them since then. he also signed an executive order to encourage tech companies to help stop companies scopae tax. police and firefighters responded to complains of loud explosions in of. inside a home near indian valley road they discovered more than 80 explosive devices and arrested a 43-year-old mom.
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abc7 news reporter alan wang has the story. >> a great mother. i mean she's a sweet person. >> joy brown was floored when police arrested her roommate, 43-year-old maureen mason. the bomb squad found her bedroom full of explosives. >> she has the master bedroom and keeps her door locked it's not my area. they were in there and we didn't know about it. >> they said mason ignited some explosives to intimidate someone residents also complained of loud explosions during the week. they searched her room and discovered 87 explosive devices. >> apparently they were so loud they heard them across town. >> homes in the immediate area were evacuated evacuated and other neighbored were ordered to stay inside. they also found bomb making ingredients in the home. she was also charged with ebb
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dengering her 5-year-old daughter who lived in the house. her 33-year-old boyfriend is suspected of owning one of the explosive devices. abc news. the message of an anti-police march in oakland was once again violence. one person in the crowd with a metal baseball bat smashed several windows of a former minutes warehouse store. he was quick will arrested. several blocks away another person used a hammer to smash the atm. they urged to let them do whatever they wanted. police wanted to find a person who shot a man yesterday afternoon over highway 10 is -- 101 in san mateo. a 19-year-old man was shot 2008 in the stomach. officers think he was walking on
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the sidewalk at the time. the victim suffered critical videos. ports up and down the west coast of shut down again after reopening to cargo vessels briefly yesterday. the port, including the port of oakland, will stay shut down through the holiday weekend unless labor negotiators reach a deal. the international warehouse and long shore man 's union met for the first time in a week but ended without an agreement. talks have dragged on about nine months. a san francisco supervisor is suggesting a moratorium to slow down high-end development in the mission district. david compose told the excess business journal he will soon propose legislation to stop approvals for market rate housing. it will affect the out area. the district marked last year. they hope it will delay development while the city develops more low income housing. happening today, the american red cross will be
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canvassing san francisco's mission district to teach residents there about fire safety. last night a deadly fire broke out. they will go door to door from 20th to 24th street in installing smoke alarms that need them and what to do if a fire breaks out in their home. it's part of the home fire preparedness campaign. tux seed dose may be in demand for formal and other vents because one company is shutting their doors forever. felix broke the news on thursday. they said people are now scrambling to find replacements. >> jennifer's brother is getting married next saturday. when she took her sons there thursday to be fitted, they got bad news. >> they wouldn't be able to do my brother's wedding. >> a district manager said all six locations, like this one in campbell, is closing. the company filed for bankruptcy
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but the owner didn't follow-through with his plan so the next plan is liquidation. >> i'm surprised because they have really excellent, dedicated employees. >> she needed a knight in formal wear. and this man stepped up. >> the brides are in total panic. >> he has a dozen phone calls and has scheduled dozens of emergency meetings for the weekend >> we will try to work with them and make sure the price they pay here is comfortable. >> jennifer has been able to replace all 8 tux seed dose for the wedding party with the help of tuxedo fashion. >> i told my brother i hope this is the worst thing that goes wrong with your wedding because this is solvable and we will be fine. >> a bumper for the affected families. weather-wise, it's shaping up to be a long weekend across the area. >> it's out of control. 48 in concord, livermore 44.
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so a little cooler in the inland valleys, but we are in the 70s and upper 70s and perhaps more records. so when will it begin to feel like february again? we will let you know coming up. >> lisa, thank you. a busy day in the big apple for seth curry. the question wasn't where he was yesterday, the question was where wasn't he. larry beil has the answers from new york city. but this valentine's day. michael finney explains how you can make your valentine's day brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
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this is an allen family production. and here's why we love chex. one, we love choices like chocolate, vanilla and honey nut. two, we don't love artificial colors or flavors. does anybody? and's gluten free. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. have you tried gluten free chex oatmeal and new chex granola mix? two more delicious reasons to love chex. >> california gas prices will drop another 7.5 cents this
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summer guaranteed. under state law they are required to adjust the excise tax on gasoline. and because gas prices have already fallen, the percentage tax will be a lot less than the per gallon tax. starting july 1 the excise tax will drop from 36 cents a gallon to 28.5. a company that owns some food companies is taking tobacco products off the shelf. bail list calls it the next big step to provide healthier options. it follows a similar move by drugstore chain cvs last year. if you plan to send flowers to your valentine's sweetheart today, you have more choices than ever before. here's michael finney with the details. >> the most obvious way to get flowers for your sweetheart is to go through a respected florist like this one in
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san francisco. another popular way is by way of internet and package delivery, ftd, 1-800-flowers and goflowers. they all pass add quality test a coupleers back with flying colors. any you have new choices. first up instaclarke. the delivery service is partnering with whole foods. >> we are offering three bouquets. they start at $29.99. if you just want to send a bouquet, a flat 29.99. or we have the deliveries. >> and you don't have to stop there. >> you can add any assortment of chocolates. we have a great selection of san francisco-made stuff. great ideas that you can simply add on to your instacard order and have them delivered. >> another option is task grab it. our guy here has picked up flowers and a card and is now in
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ross buying a discounted vase. >> how much does it cost? >> $7.99. everything here, the flowers, the vase, the card, $40 and including the delivery, 50 $total. >> he writes the message asked for by the client and heads to the drop off location. >> awesome! >> thank you very much! >> job done. jonathan is feeling good about a job well done and how he did it. >> people have said get it cheaper, would you have got it cheaper? >> yeah. i do whatever he wants me to do for him. i'll do it like i'm supposed to. >> look at all these flowers. it might surprise you to know this is safeway. the store really gets it together for valentine's day. >> we make sure we are sort of like a flour shop and a grocery store. >> many. bay area safe way stores have local floral delivery services and all of us have access to safe, which is offering
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a special deal for valentine's day. >> maybe a dozen long stem roses and this is going to be under $20. $19.99. and that that would be on the website. >> if i grabbed those roses and that cake back there, i would hit the $35 limit perhaps and i could have it delivered for free? >> yes you could on safe first time is a free delivery with a $35 purchase. >> if you haven't used safeway before and you spend $35, delivery is free. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> americans are expected to spend nearly $19 billion on valentine's day this year. some will drop a thousand dollars for a romantic dinner. they are offering couples is seven course dueling contest tasting menu. it includes two dishes based on
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the same theme. >> people love the idea, one person gets one, another person other. it's not a lovers quarrel that happens during the menu and people love to share. the menu features dueling caviar seafood and foie gras dishes. the food costs $185 a person and tack on $109 each if you want the wine pairings and brings the bill to $600 before tax tips or any other drinks. it's too late to make a reservation. donor is already sold out. today is valentine's day a day of love chocolate and marriage. february 14th is the most popular day to tie the knot. did you know that? because of it county court offices in alameda county are extending their operating hours today. they will throw in a free long stem red rose to mark the occasion. officials do want to remind perspective couples they must have a marriage license before they can get hitched. this morning the west
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all-stars, including warrior guards seth curry and klay thompson will be at it. the media in new york can't get enough of seth curry, neither can we. >> it is freezing cold in new york city this weekend. but the slash brothers hope to heat things up later tonight in the three-point shootout and klay thompson hopes his good buddy and teammate very disappointed. >> this will be bragging rights over the next year. seth keeps telling me this is his moment and i told him he was lucky i'm not in it because i'm excited for him. >> it started with an appearance on "good morning america" and other events with lebron james. >> thankfully being an all-star this year and it will be truly special. my second one so i'm going to
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enjoy it to the fullest. the city hosting us is doing a great job of spreading the love of basketball to all our fans. that means a lot. >> this will be a huge weekend for seth curry who is blows coming into a true nba superstar right in front of our very eyes. we will be live toe barkley center in brooklyn for the three-point shootout on abc7 news at five and six and a complete wrap-up later tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. i'm larry beil, abc7 sports. a tale of two cities. he has his media on we can wear shorts today if we want. >> not exactly right. 64 degrees today. a live doppler 7hd no rain to speak of. we are looking at temperatures well above average ones again. 71 is the official sunrise and it sets at 5:48.
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we are looking at a few high clouds around but overall a clear start and temperatures anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. low 50s from palo alto, 47 gilroy. 56 downtown in san francisco, and from our emeryville camera some cooler numbers out in the valleys from the north bay, 47 santa rosa over to the east bay with 44 livermore, 45 petaluma and finally back home from our exploratorium camera looking at pretty comfortable conditions. a warm valentines forecast. records are possible this weekend. and we will look for a gradual cooling trend next week. nothing too significant. in fact by the end of next week we are looking at high fire danger as high pressure continues to establish itself around california. so as for today, that high bringing us the light offshore flow. you know what that means. it's been hard not to like. although this is certainly not what we should be expecting in
5:19 am
february with record warmth again on the agenda for today. so in terms of the sierra nevada, all weekend long we are looking at temperatures very mild today. topped out at 64. could be a record. overnight lows in the 20s. cooler tomorrow. upper 50s and about 57 for your monday and president's day. very mild. don't need the heavy jacket there. let's look at san jose the week ahead. the warmest days are over the weekend. 14 to 15 degrees above average. even with the cool down we are still well above average. we will look for highs today mainly in the mid-and upper 70s from gilroy. 79. 76 santa clara. advertised low 60s in the south bay, 75 redwood city and 70 degrees in pacifica. the temperatures coming -- the waves coming down just a little
5:20 am
bit. ocean beach a popular spot. 74 petaluma. near east bay mid-70s in oakland. how about 75 in union city. and you head inland we are still looking well above average with 74 in pittsburgh. brentwood 72 and 77 in livermore. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. today look for the upper 70s to about 70 coastside. very little change. feeling like spring tomorrow. president's day, it's been mild to warm. cooler come tuesday and wednesday and as we go toward the end of the week looking still very dry. you can track the heat anytime with the abc7 news weather app. get it free from apple's app store or google play. we have more information on our website. it's just the same old same old. >> when you have those inland temperatures, crazy to see all 70s throughout the entire week. >> like we all live in l.a. right? >> lisa thank you. turning now to what's coming up.
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the biggest bird in the world just hit the web by storm. what the sesame street namesake had to say on social media. >> and we are using our instagram feed in february to celebrate people who made a difference where you live. we are remembering the oakland unified school district first african-american superintendent. on monday they will honor his life and legacy with a special program. find more information on instagram well, i drove grandpa to speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll. dad, but i practiced my bassoon. and i listened. i can do this. everyone deserves ooey gooey pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop!
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>> a video of a submerges i believe vehicle. it's the largest moon with a large liquid. the submarine would have to be designed for extreme conditions including big waves and temperatures as low as 298 degrees below zero. n.a.s.a. envisions sendth unmanned vehicle on a three month vision exploring the titan sea, analyzing samples and sending them back. by now you may have seen the video of spot. a robot that acts like a dog and making rounds on youtube. we explain it's based on research done here in the bay area and it's technology that could one day save lives. >> last are spring we got to visit with the makers of this robot called wild cat. >> we create the best robotics on earth. >> boston robotsics were just
5:25 am
acquired by google. this robot is called big dog. it runs on gasoline. >> we have used internal combustion engines for a way. it's a lot higher than a battery. >> they showed us something else they were work on. this guy named of is all electric and so is their newest one, big dog's little brother called spot. he can tiptoe around indoors. of course, that might not be where he's most useful. >> uneven services with jagged rocks, steep inclined. there's not a tractor or wheeled vehicle that can go over that terrain. >> he was based on a careful study of how real animals move. bioinspired robotics. >> the animals are so much better than the robots. the more we understand about the animals, the more we understands our robots.
5:26 am
>> they are building these modeled of contact roaches with a little lizard mixed in. >> the lizard can whip its tail around to help with the turn. swings it's tail and makes the turn. >> they were most impressed with how they handle the unexpected. >> it goes upstairs and miss as spot, that's a great test because you want a build a system if things don't go right, it still works. >> already robots like rex are being used for search and rescue. something he may be learning soon because legs can go where legs can't. >> he will go places where eats too dangerous for people to go. >> abc7 news berkeley. >> fascinating. mattel has teamed up with google to create a new virtual reality viewmaster. it uses apps from a smartphone to stimulate 3d images from movies tore tv shows. there will be a view master to enhance the virtual reality
5:27 am
experience. it will go on sale later this year for about 30 bucks. >> big bird has made a appearance on twitter. the social media site muppets posted one word, tweet. the star already has more than 14,500 followers. the biologists yesterday offered heart shaped food to a penguin. it serves two purposes. first the male penguins are typically returned to their nest and offer the valentines to their mates. it encourages the female penguins to food and later the love birds will use the paper to line their nests. much more ahead on saturday morning news. a special weekend at national parks, including miur woods. and a san francisco school where
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>> thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. the time is 5:30. let's start with a quick look at the weather. lisa a nice week toned maybe head out to muir woods? >> that's right, or the beach. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees above average this afternoon. starting out cooler in the valleys. 46 napa. 44 livermore. 52 fremont and san francisco 46. but two or four degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. light offshore flow allowing for another very mild to warm day around the bay except for livermore. you are a little cooler. from our emeryville camera, we have mostly clear conditions. a few areas of fog about 6-mile visibility along the coast. temperatures once again in the 70s along the shoreline.
5:31 am
a beautiful day there with low 70s for san francisco, half moon bay. mid-70s as you head down toward santa clara. upper 70s around moorhead hill. we will talk about ticks and if it will last through the holiday weekend coming up. >> lisa, thank you. about three hours president obama is schedule today fly out of sfo. he pulled a surprise last night when he ate dinner at spruce restaurant in presidio heights. it was not on his schedule. among the guests was the tesla executives. speaking at a cybersecurity conference at stanford. he will spend the three day weekend in a desert in palm springs. yesterday a plane flew into restricted airspace yesterday afternoon. it was escorted away from
5:32 am
san francisco. a fighter jet followed the plane until it landed in half moon bay. new this morning, president obama spoke about giving every child everywhere a fair shot n his weekly address he talked about a new law that would make a real investment in preschool and possible overuse of standardized test. that means investing in what is working and fixing what is not. >> that means testing down to the bare minimum required to make sure parents and teachers know how our kids are doing from year to year and relative to school statewide. that means giving the teachers and principals who do the hard work every day the resources they need to spend less time teaching to a test and more time teaching our kids the skills they need. >> the president added that parents should demand more are of their schools and make sure their kids put down the video games and iphones and pick up the books. oregon's governor has resigned after a long conflict of interest scandal.
5:33 am
he blamed the media for his departure and refuse today speak to them face-to-face yesterday. the governor was in his fourth term. the state attorney general is investigating accusations he awarded government contracts to his fiancee. he explained his decision in an audio recording. >> a person can be charged tried and convicted by the media with no due process and no independent investigation of the allegations involved. he maintains his innocence and vows to help investigators clear his name. oregon secretary of state kate brown takes his place. she will be the first openly bi-sexual governor in u.s. history. an officer in bernal heights has been cleared after shooting. >> alex nieto was killed last
5:34 am
month. officers were involved in a shooter after a call good 911. nieto was holding a takes are but all of the officers said they thought it was a gun. they said they fired in defense of their lives when he drew his weapon. >> a shooting is likely to occur and it's clearly constitutional. >> findings from the da's investigation includes the following. the officers were 25 to 30 yards away when they fired. a total of 59 shots were fired by the four officers. nieto died from multiple wounds from as few as ten gunshots. the report also mentioned one witness who encountered nieto and said he recognized the went to be a taser. he said it was a number to reach police. >> he didn't call 911 he called 311, which is a nonemergency
5:35 am
number. couldn't get through. >> other witnesses called reporting he had a rile gun but nieto's family and friends say the report has inconsistency and they say there's evidence suggest egg may have fired his taser at police. >> then the officers would have clearly seen that what he would have fired is wire out of a taser. it is completely incredible to believe that they would not have seen that. >> one woman said they have a key witness who disputes the findings. >> they failed to interview the eyewitness that claims that alex nieto never held the takesner his hand, never made a move to raise his taser. >> the investigators told the family lawyers that they wanted to talk to any witnesses that they have, but they never offered anyone. vic lee, abc7 news. >> a golden gate bridge spokesperson said the new barrier is safe after a ten food
5:36 am
accident yesterday. a 14-foot long one inch pin came loose and had to be repaired. they said drivers were never in danger. >> it separated slightly because the pin worked its way up and out of that section. it hadn't moved apart any large noticeable amounts. there was traffic in the area so there wasn't a way -- >> it took about a half-hour to replace the pin, causing a backup on the southbound of the bridge a crew was out to check the tension in a previously planned series of tests. eating alone at school was discouraged at one san francisco school yesterday. in fact 700 other schools nationwide went with that. it was a don't eat alone day started three years ago. it's social isolation that can
5:37 am
lead to bullying. leeann melendez explains. >> students at this san francisco school were making an effort to strike up a conversation with anyone they didn't know. >> we are trying to figure out the next day. what do you think it should be? >> the interaction happens here in the lunch room where kids sometimes eat by themselves. students made it a point to sit down with anyone who was alone. >> i learned that like i can go up to people and talk to them and see how they are and maybe meet a friend. >> almost everyone here knows how it feels to eat alone. >> it's lonely and you wish someone would sit with you but you know it's likely not anybody will and that's not a good dealing feeling at all. >> the national don't eat alone day started three years ago in marin county. today schools in 38 states have joined in. excluding someone is a type of bullying. this type of isolation almost
5:38 am
always has an effect on kids outside the classroom. laura created this initiative. >> when we can find kids who need better connection was each other during the lunchtime we can prevent bullying from taking place. >> engaging others went beyond the cafeteria. students were encouraged to share that empathy in the playground. >> even if it's just one day but then you continue talking to them and you make friends overtime. >> students will continue working year around to change the culture here. in san francisco leeann melendez, abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news celebrating love where you live. valentine's day goes vintage. while you may want to think outside the box when it comes to sending flowers to your sweetheart. first a live look from our roof camera. temperatures expected to be in the 70s throughout much of the bay area. lisa argen will have the complete accuweather forecast in just a few
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>> welcome back. we are taking a live look at our golden gate bridge camera. it will be a warm day today. there's a slight breeze in the air at the bridge. we have lisa argen with live doppler 7hd coming up in a little bit >> a legislate wants to extend
5:42 am
the bicycle allow. they want everyone who rides a bike to wear one. and they would have to put on reflective vests. some disagree with a mandatory helmet law say lawmakers should focus on more important issues like speeding and distracted driving. you can enjoy the national park system during the long holiday weekend free of charge. it's in honor of our nation's president. you can see the muir woods without pulling up the seven dollars entrance fee. president obama has created five new presidential parks via presidential proclamation. it will be a very nice weekend. >> do you even remember what the average temperature in san francisco is right now? >> 65? >> 60. 60 degrees and 74 yesterday. more low 70s today. right now it's 56 degrees downtown. so it even feels pretty good
5:43 am
right now with the clear skies. we will talk about mauer february warmth when we return. >> also ahead, hats on an ice was a welcome side for sharks coach todd mclellan cellen. the hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my favorite song and it all starts with you. whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness...
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. time right now 67:45. these drivers getting an early start to their day. not many issues to report but we will have a check of the weather forecast with lisa argen in a few minutes. many people across the region are gearing up for a sweet valentine's weekend and some people in the south bay are finding it's too late to make last minute plans. near the corner of 4th and santa clara in san jose, this
5:46 am
young man is shopping for valentine's day but he has something else on his mind. >> i rewrote the song by just continue beaver to fit our relationship. so i plan on singing that to her. >> at this flour store, employees were slammed since monday. >> if anyone would see us. it's more eye-catching. >> red roses are always a save bet. but these days more people are turning to modern and vintage designs. >> neoni, and these create beautiful arrangements. >> still need to book a reservation for valentine's day? you might be in luck. we checked for a party of two for 7:00 saturday. nearly 40% of tables in the bay area are still available. however, bourbon steak and public isn't one of them. they booked up over two weeks ago. >> we are so happy we got the
5:47 am
positive feedback from the guests and we have a fully booked reservation book. >> still not sure what to do for the special someone? ♪ ♪ >> maybe try a little something that comes straight from the heart. and he actually had an entire book full of songs. he said i have something, you know, let's go off-the-cuff. good for him. >> very good. very good. hopefully you are enjoying the weather. if you are, we have more to come. temperatures once again will be above average, well above average with the record. high pressure in control. our dry weather trend continues and we will let you know in the long-range outlook if we are seeing any rain. 7:11 the official sunrise. 5:48 is the sunset. the days are getting a little longer. certainly feels like spring and beyond the past couple of days.
5:48 am
sutro power camera looking at a clear start with 56. oakland 52. cooler in gilroy at 46. on the coast we are at 50 degrees half moon bay and from our emeryville camera it's cooler in the valleys. livermore 44. good morning fairfield, 47. and a little bit of patchy fog here and there. 45 santa rosa, 46 napa. our exploratorium camera looking nice this morning for valentine's day. the forecast will be pretty warm out there. in fact records are possible today, tomorrow. president's day a little cooler but look for the cooling trend to continue into next week partially. then we are talking perhaps another offshore flow getting going by the end of next week. what does that tell? it tells you the high pressure really isn't going anywhere. in fact it has been building in with the light offshore flow yesterday. we had very high waves. and it keeps the storm track well to the north and brings in
5:49 am
warmth all across the statement we are looking at perhaps a record in south lake tahoe at 64 degrees. but as we go into the future here we are on valentine's day and we will go the week ahead all the way towards, let's see tuesday, february 24th and yes, it does remain dry. so we should average around 15 1/2 inches of rain for february in san francisco. actually we aren't far from that due to a rainy spell that we had in december and a little bit of rain we had a couple weeks ago. but, of course, we need much, much more. 64 could be a record in south lake. 69 in yosemite with 83 windy conditions in los angeles. you see on the coast, closer to home mid-70s. so as we go further down to pebble beach starting out with clear skies. 50s and 60s, low 70s. what a day there. and by 4:00 still in the upper 60s. temperatures around the bay
5:50 am
check it out. low 70s from half moon bay to san francisco. very similar to what we had yesterday. 75 in oakland." but you you head further south mid-and upper 70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows maybe a degree or two of cooling tomorrow and really status quo into monday for president's day. then we look for the slightly cooler conditions tuesday and wednesday. but by the end of the week we are warming back up with a stronger offshore push. so it's crazy. crazy warm out there. but it's very pretty. >> you talk about the possible record out of south lake tahoe. for anyone making the commute out there, make sure to do it earlier in the day because it could be rough from sacramento >> dense fog in the southern sacramento volley. >> good to know. to sports. third round play of the pebble beach national pro-am begins at 8:00 a.m.
5:51 am
the mont tray peninsula country club. the leaderboard is starting to shape up after the first two rounds. ears collin resch with the highlights. >> good morning. after winning at pebble beach two years ago. brandt was number 4 now he's 63. friday a picture for day. condoleezza rice, she can play. starting picking up the game about six years ago and pretty competitive too. the par 3. he played this hole and you know how hard it is. gets it down the alley. comes within about three feet. he will actually make that birdie putt. maybe he should have been a coach. bill murray. he was on the 5 hole and i don't know if he ever left. he must be friends with john daly. back to earth yesterday. 172 at monterey peninsula.
5:52 am
and jones 6 under 66. 12 under over all. so is snedeker. dialed in. hit all 18 greens friday on his way to a 5-under, 67. amazing. snedeker is jones tied. hicks one back and jason day making a big move. he's tied for 14. and daly ties from a tie from third and 6 off the lead. tom mclellan was at 699 wins for over a week. they rallied from a two goal deficit. pavelski off a skate and in. little joe leads the league in power-play goals. tied at 2. third period looking
5:53 am
and pavelski to the red line. that completes the hated stick. the shark fans offered their caps. todd mclellan gets his 300th win. only one coach has that, budro was sharp. the sharks were in phoenix and the rink they will be playing on in seven days starting to take place at levi stadium. crews working around the clock to have it ready. they installed the boards. when the sun goes down tonight they will begin creating the rice. pretty cool. on the farm. stanford and minnesota. they have about three. they still have. hosting usc yesterday. willie thompson taken out of the lineup. four assists, she'll will lay it in and the losing streak ends at 2. stanford wins 79-60.
5:54 am
they said it was mutual but we knew it wasn't. jim harbaugh admitting to it yesterday. harbaugh said the niners informed him he would be let go after the loss to seattle in early december. he opted to stay saying he wanted to coach the last two games and finish what he started. >> i was told i wouldn't be the coach anymore. he said he didn't want to put the niners in a position where he had a coach they didn't want anymore. i didn't leave the 49ers, i felt like they left me. >> that's the sports. have a great day, everyone. >> 5:54 is our time. next the annual san fran
5:55 am
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. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $74 million mega-millions draw.
5:57 am
nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot grows to $88 million. love isn't the only thing in the air this valentine's day. how about feathers? happening today, the annual pillow fight will bust out in justin her man plaza in san francisco. nearly 1,000 people are expected to take part and beat the stuffing out of each other. organizers recommend participants bring a mask or bandana to protect against flying feathers. they also want people to bring a garbage bag to help clean up afterwards. the city has usually cleaned up at a cost of $4300. next on the saturday morning news at six. the president prepares to leave town this morning. the surprise visit he made to a local restaurant last night. and a local formal wear chain shut down suddenly hurting
5:58 am
when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan
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. >> it's saturday february 14th. i'm chris nguyen. happy valentine's day to you. let's start the show with a quick look at the forecast. here's lisa argen tracking live doppler 7hd. good morning lisa. >> good morning chris. we are looking at temperatures not too cool. not a lot of fog, just some patch think fog. we are looking at low 50s in oakland and hayward. 56 downtown. 50 at the san carlos airport and a little >ooler in the valleys with 43 napa, 46 in danville. so it has that light offshore flow that's kept temperatures well above average with plenty of sunshine and our dry pattern with strong, high pressure will continue throughout the day today. in fact, we are looking at more 70s on the coast. upper 70s


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