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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the setting sun on a summer-like day. we'll find out how long these warm temperatures, some ten to 15 degrees above normal will last. hello, thank you for joining us i'm katie marzullo. we're heading live outside showing the setting sun in the east bay, where several cities reached eyes today in the mid-70s. the beach was the place to be. you're leaking live at santa cruz where the high was 8 2. traffic to half moon bay heavy today. let's check in with abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma with what to expect for the valentines evening plan. happy valentine's day.
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>> couldn't ask for better weather, temperatures feeling more like october than february, and the numbers well above normal. bright blue skies sun-soaked across the city. highs today. san francisco, 7 2. oakland, 76. 7 4 , san jose fremont, 76. 77 the high in sunnyvale. looking at valentine's day and evening planner, sunset at 5:48 p.m. starting off mild and midnight, temperatures rather comfortable for this tomorrow of the year. the weekend warmup will be the for sunday. we'll check out the full accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> families around the bay area celebrated the warm weather by
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heading to the beach. >> reporter: i'm going to go out on the limb here. this is not official but i would say based on the traffic in the parking lot and all the people you see here behind me we have record crowds for february 14th at ocean beach, and believe me, a lot of couples were excited to bring the romance to the beach. >> valentines die is all about wearing your heart on your sleeve. only today, many people didn't wear sleeves at all. >> the suns is my loved one. >> he is work only a sun-kissed glow. abbie is more excited about he father-daughter date. >> i'm going to on me board over there, the blue board. >> he might be in diapers but today, as lynn discovered, his passion, sand, lots of it. >> he is being digging and eating sand. >> the sun brought his family and many others to ocean beach. >> we have had some crazy weather this year. more sunny days in the winter. i've been spending a lot of my
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winter days on the beach. makes me want to stay here. why move away? >> reporter: relocating? might sound good to this group of chicagoans who just landed at sfo. >> i was hot stepping off the plane so i'm loving it. it's gorgeous. >> there was one near fatal flaw in the day. a surfer drawn to the waves lost his board and started to struggle. thankfully a good samaritan and fire adapt swimmers helped him to shore. >> going to look at the water but when it's under these extreme hards stay out of the water. >> so while the valentine's day spun inspired tip, the fire battalion chief warns there are no guarantees. advice for life at ocean beach and for love in san francisco abc7 news. >> a much different weather picture in the northeast. the fourth big storm in a month is now bearing one on new
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england and is expected to last through tomorrow. boston roz logan airport hays more than 250 flights have been cancelled for tomorrow and no flights are scheduled for tomorrow morning. transit officials have suspended all rail, bus, and ferry service in the boston area tomorrow. the storm is expected to bring a swath of snow stretching from new england to new york. developing news out of denmark. three people have just been shot and downtown copenhagen including two police officers. this could be linked to an all--day handhunt for two gunmen who evened fire at free speech event, killing one person and hurting three officers. authorities believe controversial swedish cartoonist who attend the event was a target. he has angered many in the conservative muslim community, drawing portrayals of the prophet museum had met. this comes a month after the attack at "charlie hebdo" in paris. >> i can think of no other reason. it's a very peaceful area in
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copenhagen, and a place where the event was has never had any problem, no doubt about it. >> the danish prime minister issued a statement saying, all resources will be used to find the guilty and bring them behalf judge. in denmark we never bow down to violence. a weekend of r & r for president obama. after making several stops in the bay area he is spending the holiday weekend in palm springs without his wife and daughters. the president is expected to play a lot of golf. above leaving the bay area this morning, president obama spoke to a small crowd at sfo, then boarded air force one and took off shortly after 10:00 a.m. the president spent his three-day trip raising money for the democratic party and speaking at a cyber security conference at stanford. >> it was a wonderful to see the president. and so grateful for the work he does and just really supportive of who he is, and it was a little inconvenient having to get in the hotel but happy to see him here. >> great to have him in town. although the traffic is tough. it's great to have him.
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>> president obama made a surprise move last night going presidio heights where he had dinner at spruce restaurant. the stop was not on his official schedule. the in due tails then the west coast port dispute. the secretary of labor is going to california to meet with both sides. details of the trip have not been released. 29 ports, including the port of oakland are shut down. shippers first suspended vessel operations two days last weekend and again on thursday, union holiday. the union says the main sticking points are work rules and safety measures. a fire is still smell during in san jose. flames destroyed and businesses and you can see the snow from our san jose camera. the smoke so thick it traveled for mile is, prompt something evacuations. cornell bernard was there. >> reporter: the five-airplane fire was relentless burning several hours sending up thick
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columns of smoke. two car customizing businesses were destroyed. getting inside to fight it was impossible. >> it's a metal building with large fire in there, turns into an oven. the fire has nowhere to go but to build up and build up and build up inside. >> the owner of car audio shop lost everything, including several classic cars stored inside. he didn't want to go on camera. >> probably have at least a million dollars of product that just went up in smoke. >> reporter: the smoke from burning car upholstery was possibly toxic prompting voluntary evacuations for those living nearby. this ladder shows which way the wind is blowing this morning it was blowing east right into the trailer tell rv park, 100 feet from where the fire started. >> it was scary watching it. it was so thick, a big old cloud storming through. >> reporter: robin shall at thed in place for a time. the fire is not considered suspicious but how it started,
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still unknown in san jose, abc7 news. >> the american red cross bay area chapter canvassed san francisco's mission district today as part of the home fire preparedness campaign. volunteers and city firefighterrers going door-to-door to talk about fire safety, make sure homes have properly installed and working fire alarms and a plan if fire breaks out. >> one of the key things we found through studies is that people really only have two minutes to get out of their home when a fire strikes and most people don't realize that. so by having a plan made in advance, it allows you to be more likely to get out as quickly as you need to. >> the red cross says it targeted the mission district in response to the deadly four- airplane fire last month that displaced 40 people. new details on a story we first told you about tuesday. palo alto police have released a sketch of a man wanted for taking pictures of a woman in a public restroom.
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this man is suspected of following a woman into a bathroom and then taking pictures of her inside a stall. this happened twice. the latest incident just this past monday. another woman reported the same crime in another bathroom at the center back in july. ahead, an incentive to just get out and enjoy nature. also whale-watching. where people come together to help save more than 100 stranded whales. plus. >> really surprised. >> how a lonely soldier's lost love letter made its way home. that's when abc7 news at
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about 140 pilot whales that strands themselves on a remote stretch of a new zealand beach have died. conservation workers and volunteers are hoping the remaining 60 or so whales will survive after they got them refloated. whales regularly become stranded in the shallow watered of the area buffet this is the large nest recent years. you can enjoy our national parks this long warm holiday weekend for free, courtesy of the national park service in honor of the presidents day holiday. through february 16th you can head out to any of 133 national parks that usually charge a fee, like muir woods national park and skip path the $7. the next time you have this opportunity is the weekend of april 18th. that's opening weekend of national park week. music filled the streeted of san francisco's china town during the chinese new year flower market fair. the event takes place the weekend before the lunar new
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year holiday. the families can purchase traditional holiday plants, flowers and fruits, and there's always kinds of music. the fair continues tomorrow. words of love can come so quickly these days in a ticket or e-mail, tweet or post but there's something to be said about holding a real envelope especially one so filled with emotion from 70 years ago. a true love story ahead. some weather changes for our work week.
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this valentine's die is extra special for a world war ii va who received a long lost love letter. he wrote the letter when he was
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20-year-old soldier to a girl he met. he would eventually marry her and celebrates with her 63 years of marriage. bernadine died five years ago but through rafter and tears the couple's love lives on. >> when there's a part for that reason, not knowing if and when you would ever see that person again every chance you got to communicate was wonderful. i loved her. she loved me. and it was a -- that's all i can tell you. was a heartache not being with her all the time. >> he just got this letter back. it surfaced 71 years after it was written. it was found tucked inside a record in a thrift store. the woman who bought the al mum made it her mission to return the letter to moore before valentine's day. first lady michelle obama tweeting sweet nothings to her husband while he is away from the white house this valentine's day. we told you earlier the
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president is spending his weekend in palm springs golfing. his wife opted to post a photo of the two together along with a lyric made famous by the beatles, love is all you need. i don't know what she was laughing at. we'll get to that in a bet. over to drew now and the gorgeous weather. >> we're talking record warmth in some locations, and the warm web site continues for the next couple of days. the warm weather not braining rainfall. outside, from the emeryville camera, a gorgeous picture as the sun lowering the sky, sunset at 5:48 p.m. a gorgeous start to the holiday weekend. temperature-wise, 72 in oakland, the name concord. 66 hayward. fremont, 74. 70, san jose, san francisco, 71. in a few minutes woe have the
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valentines dipillow fight in the plaza. and then by 7:30 as you're picking up faithers, temperatures comfortable. satellite and radar showing you the story we are tracking the pressure off the coast bringing us sunshine and warmth. there is a storm out to sea but can't break through the high pressure and bring us any explain that's the case for the next couple of days. a dry pattern. so the week ahead, specificfully san francisco, average high should be 61. that's how it should feel this time of the year. tomorrow, though back into the 70s. 72. even on the holiday for monday still well above normal. 'll take a dip as you return to work and school on tuesday, but temperatures still above the normal temperature in the mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of the work week. if you're looking for a way to cool off from this warm look at this picture, live doppler 7hd tracking snow showers. through the mid-atlantic and
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northeast, and we have a picture from abc7 news sports director larry beil who is on assign independent new york city where the snow is just starting to fall. he says it is windy the snow is blowing everywhere and this is just the start to what will become a blizzard over the next 24 hours for the northeast. back here at home, it is quiet it is warm. lots of stars out there overnight. 52 for san francisco, 47 overnight low in oakland. 42 in fairfield. 44 livermore, and san jose dropping to 46. once again, the warmth returns for sunday. 70s across the board. 77-santa rosa. north bay 72. 74 in oakland same in concord. 77, san jose, 75 for much of the south bay. accuweather seven-day forecast, just sun-soaked for sunday. great. the holiday on monday, we'll feature a few coastal clouds and get an onshore flow building. the clouds will hug the coast.
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nice and warm, in the 70s. a couple 60s along the coast with the clouds. tuesday, mild to warm out there. then wednesday it's a touch cooler. temperatures dropping relatively speaking but still well above normal this time of the year. thursday a few clouds and then all indications another warming trend, friday, back into the 70s, and this time next week, looks like a very similar day setting up once again. so unfortunately, no rain but looks like maybe the end of the month we could start to see showers move in. >> very good. thank you, drew. over to shu now and sports and we have larry beil on assignment. >> that's right. nba all-star weekend taking new york by storm, and sports director larry beil there is with the slash brothers, steph curry and release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts.
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>> klay thompson getting his first start in the all-star game along with steph curry. the two are squaring off in the three-point contest. larry beil is live from new york. larry, you had a chance to talk with clay and the guy he learned a lot from growing up. >> reporter: we spoke to michael thompson clay's dad and he hays some amusing comments. we'll get to those. but the glamor event on nba all-star saturday for years what the slam-dunk contest. a little different this year. there's a lot more intrigue about the three-point shootout because the field is absolutely loaded. kyle korver might be considered the favorite. shooting over 52% on threes.
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steph curry and clay thompson who has seen steph in this event in the past fuse year and clay said i want that title. >> i've watched him do it the last few years so i always wanted a crack at him. do it in private all the time but i want it to -- great we're doing it on the world stage. it's awesome. >> i heard you say yesterday that you were planning on leaving steph somewhat disappointed in the end. >> yes. that's my goal. and we and steph haven't practiced. we're just going to shoot. it's different shooting off the rack, but still shooting threes and that's what we do best. >> any advice for clay heading into the shootout. >> everybody rip mets about my three-point permanent. i was one for 12, even you, larry. when i shot my threes they were end of the quarter or end of the shot threes from halfcourt, time running out. it wasn't like i was -- i could
5:25 pm
shot them. i that shep in practice but riley and magic told me know your place and get in the paint. michael cooper and magic can do that. >> well, that explains everything right there. we now know the key to clay's prophecy shooting the threes. all his dad's genetics and i'm glad i had a chance to catch up with michael thompson to set the record statement the was a 6'10" center that can shoot the threes but the lakers wouldn't let him. we'll talk to steph curry. live in the barkley center? brooklyn, larry beil seal you at 6:00. >> we'll take a brief time-out before we let the links at pebble beach.
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let's head to pebble beach third round action of the at&t pro am where celebs pros trying to make the cut. alex smith caddied for jim hard harbaugh. brandt snedeker had a share of the lead. nick watney, two back. 7-under 65. this weather, low score. his playing partner, buster
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posey, bogeyed. buster makes the cut so will matt cane. they're eight back on the amateur side. matt jones sunset kerr. one back of old reliable, jim furyk. birdie is seven of his last ten holes. furyk, alone at the top at 18-under. more from larry at 6:00. >> thank you shu. on abc7 news at 6:00, one of san francisco's great valentine's day traditions about to be in full swing, and how east bay officials open their doors so bay area folks can open their hearts this valentine's day. join us for abc7 news at 6:00. that's going to do it for us at 5:00. abc7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook with our an 7 news app. thank you for joining us.
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welcome to "world news tonight." bitter blast. the blizzard warnings at this hour. the whiteouts, the wipeouts and the arctic chill from north dakota to florida. beleaguered boston in the bulls bullseye once again. breaking news. a masked gunman and his deadly attack on a free speech event. the possible target? an artist on al qaeda's hit list. the shooter still on the loose tonight. dash cam drama. the traffic accident caught on camera. how this video saved the day. should we all have cameras in our cars? and, special delivery. from a sailor to his bride to be, mailed to their family 70 years later. the valentine mystery.


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