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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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moments. i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. breaking news this monday night. the next major storm hitting tonight into tomorrow. 20 states, a dangerous morning commute. already tonight, states of emergency. the frozen disaster scene. firefighters battling the blaze and bitter cold. the roof collapsing at a lowe's. the highway pileups. also breaking tonight, the explosion. the train derailment late today. homes evacuated. hundreds sent looking for shelter. the "american sniper" trial. and tonight, for the first time, we're now seeing the accused killer's confession. and, the real money team is back tonight with a real eyeopener. how to save thousands on that car. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. 90 million americans bracing for yet another storm tonight.
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and as we come on, those winter storm warnings across 20 states. the drive to work is going to be treacherous for millions as you head back after the holiday weekend. and take a look at this tonight. the view from space. the big chill across the northeast, and as far south as the gulf coast this evening. more snow in boston than they've seen in 100 years. on the ground, a state of emergency across at least six states at this hour. and the new concerns tonight. roofs collapsing. this is a lowe's in massachusetts, collapsing under the weight of the snow. and in philadelphia, an entire apartment building covered in a thick layer of ice. tonight, those freezing temperatures breaking records and stretching south. meteorologist ginger zee right here with the track of this new storm hitting tonight, but first, abc's rob marciano, in the storm zone in quincy, massachusetts. rob? >> reporter: david, the problems here in eastern massachusetts just keep compounding. this is one of nearly 60 roof collapses that has occurred in the past week coming after yet another big snowstorm. and now they have the coldest
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air they've seen in this area in over a decade. the east coast on ice. single-digit temperatures in new york. the coldest february day in nearly three decades. in boston, a bone-chilling negative 3. and in philadelphia, firefighters battling near zero-degree temperatures and this blaze. the scene turning to ice. but a bigger problem here in new england, snow. weighing down the roofs of homes and businesses. >> beams started to collapse and split and fall into the attic. >> reporter: the roof of this massachusetts lowe's hardware store collapsing. this garage giving way. a woman sitting in her car inside, unhurt. schools at risk, too. students sent home after teachers noticed cracks and ceilings sagging, due to the snow. we met up with diane, worried about her own roof. you got like three, four-foot drifts and icicles. >> and it's right above my bedroom, so, every time it creeked last night, it made me a little nervous it was going to cave in. >> reporter: she called victor grillo and his team to get the snow off and fast. what are you hearing from people? are they nervous? >> panic.
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complete panic. everyone's just freaking out. >> reporter: and they have reason to be. on a 1,600 square-foot home, a foot of night snow can weigh up to 2.5 tons. but the same amount of heavy wet snow can weigh up to 14 tons, putting a strain on the roof below. as for diane, her roof will be cleared by tonight. nearly eight feet of snow has fallen so far this year. most of it in the past month. one more foot and it will be an all-time record. truly remarkable, david. >> rob marciano in new england again for us tonight. rob, thank you. and tonight, scenes like this one playing out across the storm zone. look at this. a highway in tennessee, cars sliding right off the road. drivers stranded. a dangerous commute home for millions, especially in the south. but that system is moving north. another blast of cold air about to make that driving even more difficult tonight. abc's matt gutman in tennessee. >> reporter: the frozen vice gripping the country's midsection bedeviling drivers. this collision in pennsylvania between a school bus and minivan left both drivers and five
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students injured. in virginia a close call. this van sliding out of control. icy roads to empty runways. nearly 2,000 cancellations and counting. treacherous travel along much of i-40. we set out this morning from memphis, a city serviced by only 14 salting trucks like these for 6,500 miles of roads. just a few miles outside of memphis and everywhere we go, we're seeing this. cars spin out. right here, we saw a spinout which resulted in a collision between this bus and that car. the 200 miles to nashville like driving on a ribbon of ice. just outside of jackson, tennessee, we tried to help terry and sarah johnson. >> so i turned the wheel and whenever i turned the wheel so i could counter back this way, we hit another patch and we turned. >> reporter: you skidded once and you skidded again and then you spun around. >> and then we swung over here. >> reporter: we arrived in nashville, a city encrusted with about half an inch of ice. all that snow melted by the salt and the sand during the day
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today is all going to freeze hard overnight, making travel on roads like this even more treacherous. david? >> wow, you can see the highways right there. matt, thank you. you cannot forget that this stretches all the way down to the south. ginger with us now with the timing of this thing. >> reporter: yeah, and we're talking -- it's happening now. there's ice already from mississippi to north carolina. this is the same storm that dropped over a foot of snow in kentucky, more than an inch and a half of ice in tennessee. you see the timing here, david. tuesday, 7:00 a.m., east of i-95. i think southern new jersey, parts of delaware, maryland going to pick up some of the heaviest. and then it's going be out of here by tomorrow night, so, everyone done with it. the heaviest snow totals are going to fall from eastern kentucky all the way through virginia, maryland and again, southern new jersey. that, though, is just the first part. the ice really concerns me. as you saw in matt's piece, from charlotte to raleigh overnight, already hearing of accidents happening. it's going to get even worse as we go into tomorrow morning. and then even colder. yes, i said even colder. these are actual air temperatures. philadelphia, 2 below. cincinnati, 6 below.
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even 9 in charlotte. >> yeah, you mix in the wind it gets even worse. ginger, thanks. great to be with you this morning on "gma" and we'll be watching in the morning. in the meantime, we move on tonight, to another developing story. a state of emergency in parts of west virginia for a much different reason. not because of the weather, but because of this. that massive fireball. a river on fire there after a freight train carrying oil derailed hurtling into the water. hundreds of familying being evacuated tonight. and abc's david kerley reporting in now. >> reporter: towering explosions, fueled by crude oil, sending flames hundreds of feet into the air. at this hour, fires from the derailed tank cars still burning. crude spilling into the river with one witness saying a half mile of that river is on fire. it happened this afternoon about 30 miles southeast of charleston, west virginia, along the kanawha river. one resident tells us the freight engine plowed through the home of a local pastor, who survived. >> the cars were exploding and
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it was a considerable amount of fire. we could see it from a mile away. >> reporter: as these pictures show, the explosion happening very close to homes. tonight, more than 60 nearby homes evacuated. 200 to 300 people sheltered in the middle of a snowstorm nearby. the csx train had more than 100 cars. 25 derailed seven on fire and probably won't burn out until midnight. it is bakken crude from north dakota more flammable than other oil. the amount of crude oil on our rails has jumped dramatically. more than 400% in the last several years. and federal regulators say those tank cars are vulnerable and need to be reinforced. >> and david kerley with us now from our washington bureau. and david, are authorities just going to let those fires burn themselves out now? >> reporter: that's all they can really do david. it will be hours before it burns itself completely out. then a look at the environmental damage.
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the inlets from the river have been shut down. residents have been told to conserve water. >> all right, david kerley with us tonight from washington. david, thank you. now, to new developments this evening in the "american sniper" trial. the man amused of killing navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. his transformation from his days as a marine in iraq, looking much different now in court. well, this evening, for the first time, we see the video of his police confession. here's abc's ryan owens from texas. >> reporter: head down on the table, hands cuffed behind his back. that's how the jury first sees eddie routh in this police interrogation tape the night he killed navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. finally, he sits up when the texas ranger walks in and asks him what he did. "it's so sad how it had to happen and stuff, you know, how it did happen," routh tells the ranger. the judge will not allow audio of the trial to be broadcast until after a verdict, but the jury can hear, as the marine veteran rambles and is often incoherent, but seems clear on certain details of the crime, like shooting them at close range. "i was right up close to them. i didn't mean to be so close,"
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he says. routh even remembers who he shot first. chris kyle, the legendary shot profiled in the blockbuster "american sniper." >> he stepped off. >> reporter: "the one i could clearly identify," routh tells the ranger. "i knew if i didn't take out his soul, he was coming to take mine. i'm just tired of playing chess with my life." routh is arguing he was insane at the time of the shooting at this gun range, where kyle brought him to help him deal with his ptsd. the defense argument that he was paranoid was previewed by his attorney in opening statements. >> what he said was that he had killed them before they could kill him. >> reporter: three, maybe four times, the ranger asks the question that matters most in an insanity case. each time, he gets the same answer. "you know what did today is wrong, right? you understand that?" "yes, sir," replies routh, over and over. in another acknowledgement of
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his guilt, routh actually apologizes to the victims' families, saying, "i'm so sorry for what i've done." using the killer's own words against him may just be the prosecution's most powerful evidence. david? >> ryan owens with us from texas again tonight. ryan, thank you. and there is word out of north carolina this evening, the man accused of gunning down a young muslim family last week near the campus of unc chapel hill has now been indicted on murder charges. questions remain about whether the attack was a hate crime. the fbi is now involved in the case. overseas tonight, to denmark, and to a new development there this evening. officials believe this man, 22 years old, was released from jail just weeks ago. and they believe he was the gunman behind those horrific attacks over the weekend. tonight, thousands gathering to mourn the victims, amid those flowers, the message, not afraid. abc's chief foreign affairs correspondent terry moran from denmark. >> reporter: tonight, we've learned this is the man authorities believe is the gunman in this terror spree. 22-year-old omar el hussein.
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danish-born, a kickboxer and gang member, just released from prison two weeks ago for a 2013 knife attack on the subway. they say he launched the deadliest attack in denmark in decades. saturday afternoon, 3:30 p.m., a panel discussion on free speech. >> they will be always, yes, it is freedom of speech but -- >> reporter: and then -- >> why do we still say "but" when we -- [ gun fire ] >> reporter: el hussein pouring 40 rounds into the building. >> security guard started shouting "everybody out," then i realized my god, this is an attack. >> reporter: one killed, a danish film director. the suspect fleeing in a stolen car. the apparent target, a swedish cartoonist, on an al qaeda hit list for drawing the prophet muhammad as a dog. just before 1:00 a.m. sunday, the second attack, a synagogue. inside, families celebrating a bat mitzvah. a volunteer security guard killed.
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this mom remembering the raw fear. >> my main focus was keeping the children calm and safe. >> reporter: 5:00 a.m., in a working class neighborhood. the final shootout, and the gunman lies dead in the street. tonight, as copenhagen mourns, police are confirming two arrests in the case, alleged accomplices. and investigators are asking, was el hussein radicalized in prison or online or was this terror purely home grown. david? >> terry moran in denmark tonight. terry, thank you. and from denmark now, to libya. that new and savage act by isis. video that appears to show a mass execution of christians on a beach off the mediterranean. we're not going to show you that video, but it does raise new concern tonight. is isis expanding their reach? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross with the map tonight, showing how quickly that reach is growing. >> reporter: the isis propaganda video sent its message of religious hatred with an ugly glee.
5:43 pm
21 christian construction workers from egypt, marched single file in orange jumpsuits in broad daylight on a beach in libya, and then beheaded. the leader, well-spoken in english, without a british accent. >> and we will conquer rome, by allah's permission. >> reporter: the barbaric act got the immediate attention of the vatican today and pope francis. >> translator: they were murdered just for being christians. >> reporter: and it also got the attention of the egyptian air force, whose jet fighters attacked isis targets in neighboring libya. the new isis video underscored the group's continued expansion beyond iraq and syria, to alliances with and allegiance from terrorists in libya, yemen, pakistan and afghanistan. increasingly, what was first seen by the u.s. as a rag-tag collection of thugs, is evolving into a governing body. its recent propaganda videos
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showing what it says is everyday life under the rule of its terror. in fact, recent online messages say isis "not only needs fighters, but also needs doctors, engineers, et cetera." by making a move into libya, isis is now that much closer to europe just across the mediterranean. claiming it is now on its way to rome a place of great symbolic importance for christianity. >> just a few hundred miles away. brian ross, thank you. back here at home, and to las vegas tonight, where this evening, a manhunt is now under way after a mother was shot and killed outside her home in what's being described as an act of road rage. officials now studying this surveillance tape. were the suspects searching for their victim, who hours earlier was teaching her daughter how to drive? abc's kendis gibson with the hunt under way this hour. >> reporter: this grainy video of the car las vegas police say was involved in a road rage shooting, and tonight, asking the public to come forward with any information on this man and two male companions. >> they will be caught. >> reporter: the victim, tammy
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meyers a nurse, mother of four gunned down in front of her children. >> my mom was just an innocent lady. >> reporter: last thursday night, meyers giving her 15-year-old daughter a driving lesson in a middle school parking lot. her son says she was going the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit on the short drive home when, say the family, she's sideswiped by a silver or gray sedan. there's an argument with the three men inside. meyers drives home. police say the suspects weren't done, driving around several neighborhoods, looking for that mother, daughter and car. finding them here, opening fire on meyers, who was standing here. meyers was shot once in the head. police say one of her sons exchanged gun fire with the suspects. 44-year-old tammy meyers pulled off life support on valentine's day. her husband for 25 years giving her roses on valentine's day. putting one final rose on her hospital bed. >> she'll never leave my heart. but she's gone. >> reporter: the family and the community coming together tomorrow night for a vigil. kendis gibson, abc news, las vegas.
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and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the real money team is back. how to save thousands on that car. four things you can do right now that will make a huge difference. our report coming up after the break. also tonight, the harrowing story coming in. the american tourists thrown from a boat while they were whale watching, bobbing in the ocean there in huge waves. the rescue, coming up. and the secret revealed tonight about the washington monument. it got our attention. it's time to drop your pants for underwareness, a cause to support the over 65 million people
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may know a guy, but i know over 60,000 guys. and gals. exclusive hotel deals - up to 60% next tonight, our real money team is back. this is typically one of the biggest days of the year for new car buyers. hard to imagine with that bitter cold out there. but tonight, abc's paula faris on how to get the best deal for your car. >> reporter: there's never been a better time to buy a car. but with so many offers out there -- >> 0% financing. >> exceptional offers. >> $199 per month. >> 0% apr. >> reporter: we went to jon linkov of "consumer reports" to help fine-tune your financing.
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first up, watch out for those long-term loans. >> "consumer reports" recommends no more than a four-year loan. you get into a 60, 72, 84 months you're paying for a car well after some of its safety gear has been replaced by newer features. >> reporter: and, while 8 out of 10 of us finance our loans through the dealership, consumer reports" recommends looking at a credit union or even your local, small bank. >> they don't take out as many risky consumers and they have the act to get you a better loan. >> reporter: don't reveal too much when you're at the dealership. >> you don't want to go in there to buy a new car and say this is what i want to pay for the monthly payment, or this is how much i want to buy. keep all the information to yourself. but be honest that you're looking at a variety of sources. >> reporter: and finally, know your credit score. too many inquiries by multiple dealers can adversely affect it. >> open up the door here. >> reporter: advice to put you in the driver's seat. paula faris, abc news, connecticut. >> paula, thank you. when we come back, the american tourists thrown from the boat. more than a dozen bobbing in the ocean while sight-seeing for whales. and do you remember the year?
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to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. to the index and a harrowing moment off the coast of hawaii. a 40-foot boat a whale-watching tour slammed beeny an 18-foot wave. passengers and crew thrown overboard, including a woman who was five months pregnant. all of them rescued tonight. the incredible shrinking washington monument. it's official now. ten inches shorter than when it was built back in 1884. experts say over the years, lightning strikes have melted away some of the monument. "saturday night live" that 40th anniversary reunion last night. a couple of images from last night backstage. the new cast of ghostbusters. and taylor swift telling shirr paul to shake it off. and a passing to note tonight. take a listen. ♪ it's my party ♪ >> lesley gore. she was just 16 when "it mice party" hit number one. her other big hit, "you don't
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and finally tonight here, america strong. we hope you had a good valentine's weekend. for many, it will be one they won't soon forget. by some estimates, 14 million couples got engaged. and for some, it was a big surprise. and as you're about to see, there might have been someone else in on it. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: photographer james ambler's mission on this day -- >> there's a huge amount of pressure and stress on me. like, i have only one chance to make this work for this client. >> reporter: make someone happy by getting a happy picture. >> this is the most important moment in his life that he wants me to capture. >> reporter: it's his livelihood, and his passion after setting out from school to be a war photographer. he then hit upon this as his subject. ♪ your love lifting me higher ♪ >> reporter: this moment. and this one. and this one. this moment of, "will you marry me?" and what comes after. he made it a genre. >> which one of you sharks will marry paparazzi proposals? >> reporter: and after selling
5:58 pm
the idea on the tv show "shark tank," and getting some money for it he made it a business with a lot of clients some 700 of them so far. including, now, these two. as always, one of the pair is in on the secret. and, knowing timing is everything, ambler rolls camera. and what a great moment for the two of them. ah, make that the three of them. because james is why they'll have this picture forever. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> and thank you for watching here on a monday night. i'm david muir. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. until then, stay warm. >> tonight the final act of a south bay security guard. what he did as shots were being fired that makes him a true hero. >> this woman is fighting a disease that had her family baffled tonight what they're facing as she takes on a flesh-eating
5:59 pm
bacteria. a family-owned golf course is facing closure. why neighbors are hoping to stop it and what will happen if they can't. >> hundreds of families being forced to give up animals what renters are willing to sacrifice for the love of a pet. >> many is a hero. a testimonial for the man who saved her son, killed in the line of duty during a $20 cigar theft. >> a security guard is being called a hero. he was shot at a shopping center on north capitol avenue. vic lee joins us live from the liquor store where it happened. >> we're told there may be a
6:00 pm
vigil tonight at that memorial which is growing today. this is a place he was killed. we're told the liquor store has a good video. zuniga is being hailed as a hero, a person who was killed because of these cheap cigarellos. the tribute outside of the liquor for less store continued to grow. his car, still parked outside became a part of the memorial he worked as a security supervisor at be boss nightclub. as a favor he kept an eye on his business. that is what he was doing saturday night when he was shot and killed. two men came into the liquor


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