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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 on tuesday. back do work. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. with traffic. and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> cloudy this morning. check out winds blowing to the west. the wind property the clouds back as we expected and they have made for a mild morning temperatures are running in the upper 40s to mid-50s. the 12 hour day planner shows clearing inland by noon and cloudy elsewhere, 56 to 60. and cloudy at the cost at 4:00, 54 but mostly sunny elsewhere in the mid-60s. enjoy the mild evening low-to-mid 50s. leyla is the traffic injuriable? >> holiday is over. the long weekend over. you can see the toll plaza cars backing up and the center laps are -- lanes are moving fine though. headed up to mineta san jose international airport we do not
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have delays and no accidents to report. we certainly hope it stays that way. >> right new we have breaking news, the coast guard and agencies are bringing in new crews to search for a missing fisherman at oyster point north the san francisco international airport. one person has already died. matt? >> i was told by firefighters they believe this is where the 12' canoe was launched at the marina here in south san francisco yesterday. the family members were worried last night when they did not return and called the tire department. rescuers say all three went in the water in life jackets. a woman was found after 1:00 o'clock a.m. and a 54-year-old was found a short time later but he has dayed. his son, 2-year-old man, is still in the water and the family spoke with us. >> he just bought the canoe and
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i mentioned not a good idea to fish but...he went fishing. >> because it was so small? >> it was small. yeah. unfortunately, this is what happened. >> the coast guard is sending out two fresh boats and a helicopter to continue the search and the crews from foster city, menlo park and the sheriff and others are arriving. they need to refuel the boats and replace the crews searching all night. the concern for this young man is the chilly waters and hypothermia. the hope is he made it out of the water and yet to make contact with rescuers. we are here all morning monitoring the situation. we will let you know if the coast guard pond anything in the by. a san jose security guard killed while trying on stop a robbery is now being called a hero. the 34-year-old manny zuniga was
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gunned down on saturday near the bboss nightclub where he worked. he was chasing thieves who stole cheapcy gores from a -- cheap cigars. manny zuniga jumped in front of his friend when he heard the shots. >> he saved our life. he took the bullets for me and maria. without him, a lot more people could have been hurt. or killed. he die add hero. i will always respect him. >> friends and co-workers released we balloons in manny's vigil. so far there are no arrests in the case. >> contra costa county sheriff is investigating a double shooting in bay point that left two women injured. deputies responded to a shooting before 8:00 last night and the victims remain taken to the hospital and are expected to
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survive. >> the obama administration's top labor official is in san francisco preparing to jump into a dispute that stalled deliveries and exports through the west coast ports including oakland. our reporter joins us with more. are the ports working together? >> they are working today. lawmakers have been calling on the president to intervene but the white house has been very hands off until now. president obama sent his labor secretary to california. he is in san francisco this morning. he will work with both sides. the union officials and representatives of the companies will meet. the dispute has been dragging on for months causing slow down of operations. 29 west coast ports will shut down over the holiday weekend. growers are suffering with containers of fruits and vegetables rot before being off loaded and forced to delay work. >> this is negotiation that is adversely affecting millions of
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people and hundreds of millions in dollars. >> billions passes through the ports critical for international trade. an issue on the table that both cannot agree on is pay. a labor secretary has been in touch with the unions and employers and they hope the meeting will jump start the talks to end the deadlock. >> happening this afternoon at the state capital lawmakers will talk about future of drones. the state senator is leading a senate judiciary committee holding hearings on the devices. companies such as go pro and others are expected to testify and will talk the impact on privacy rights. >> a new map system shows where you are most likely to be hit by a car in san francisco. the maps used skulls to mark deaths and "x," for severe
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injuries. the maps were designed by a task force comprised of city officials and supported by the san francisco bicycle coalition. each map shows the highest risk corridors and intersections if pedestrians and bicyclists. the information is based on records from 2005 to 2011 officer c.h.p. >> nation's capitol is shut down because of another major snow storm with 4" of snow adding to the 6-10" from yesterday. this is snow falling on the white house. this notice was posted on office of personnel management offices are shut down and washington dc is under a snow emergency this morning. most people are being encouraged to stay home. >> and there was thunder snow back east. meteorologists love that. >> it is a rare treat. absolutely. can you see the blue flash of lightning and snow comes down
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and it makes everything quiet and peaceful. absolutely. here is the radar. the snow showers are holding on in new york and in boston. it looks like over the next couple of hours they will move out. 60 in mount diabolo. and antioch is 48. brentwood is 47. san ramon is 49. everyone else inland east bay is low-to-mid 50s. that is the way it is around the bayshore to the south bay. to the coast, until bodega bay at 49, you have the same temperature at novato at 46 in calistoga. dress for milder temperatures this morning. as we heads into the afternoon, we will be above average but not record-setting, with a few clouds lingering around the bay at 60 to 67 and it will be mild inland at 63 to 68 and at the coast with clouds at 56 to 59. so our microclimate is sunshine in the afternoon after having clouds and they are more
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homogenized. 70s are coming back tomorrow and 60s at the coast for the three day forecast. >> at walnut creek 680 southbound is smooth from pleasant hill. all in all nine minutes from he four to the 24 junction. northbound traffic is not impeded by construction. after the president's day holiday, the roads are calm. >> over to the altamont pass it is fought so calm. it is because of the stall. westbound 580 we have one lane blocked and seven miles per hour so it is adding minutes to the commute. from tracy to dublin it is june minutes. it wasn't that way a couple of minutes ago. the stalled car the sooner it is gone, the better. antioch to hercules is 27-minute commute. at i-80 to the maze it is under 20 minutes.
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into san jose from 87 to 85 at san jose airport it is eight minutes. >> just about 5:50. "50 shades of grey" is coming out nothing but green, with america's money report. >> a new challenge to president obama's immigration plan a federal judge put it on hold. >> a disaster in the hills of west virginia a fireball created by a train derailment and why firefighters are letting it burn. stay tuned. nature valley crunchy
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>> covering san jose, south bay pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a man tried to escape from fresno police running roof to roof to roof yesterday. the man broke into a woman's home dragged her by the hair and threatened to kill her
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before running off. he hopped down to the ground and officers were waiting and tazed him. he will face several charges. >> a judge in texas is putting up a roadblock in the executive order of president obama on immigration giving the coalition of 26 states time to try and permanently stop the order. they pursuing a lawsuit against plans to recollects young immigrants in being deported if they were brought to the united states illegally as children kicking in tomorrow. president obama has pledged it will help protect up to five million people from being deported. >> officials in west virginia will allow the fire on a derailed oil tanker to burn out. a train carrying 100 tankers of crude oil derailed yesterday during a snow storm. 14 of the tankers caught fire sending huge flames into the sky. one of the tankers plunged into a river and hundreds of families have been evacuated. one was treated for inhalation issues. >> california is besting their
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position as leader in solar jobs. the solar foundation from washington dc reports that the state added 7,500 jobs last year, a 15 percent jump from the year before. most of the jobs are in installation, and 54,000 people working the solar industry in california and massachusetts was a distant second in solar jobs. >> a downturn in the markets overseas and tensions in greece could pose a challenge to wall street this morning. >> topping america's money, it could be a rough return to trading on wall street. >> stock futures indicate a lower open because of uncertainty in greece. >> protests want the government to resist european crediters who say greece must make cuts. or else. >> g.m. is facing 4,300 claims of defective ignition switches. >> claims seek payment from g.m. so far 56 deaths have been ruled eligible for payment. >> "50 shades of grey" pulled in
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$94 million over the holiday. >> a big holiday weekend the biggest four day weekend release and the biggest february debut in film history. >> this could be the best response to the cold weather. >> do not come says the visitor bureau showing the florida keys but asking him to come back when it thaws. >> but do come here! it is wonderfully warm here right? if the east coast people want to flee. >> some people like the snow. like some on the cost like the clouds and the dearyness -- drearyness and some like all four seasons. >> i wrote rather be on the beach. >> warm sunshine looked inviting. now, yesterday, we talked about the clouds developing along the coast and pushing inland. isn't that beautiful time-lapse?
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of a written of clouds taking over san francisco? you can see the tower poking up through the tall are buildings downtown and that is fantastic. this is what it left behind: visibility is fought too bad because it is more of a marine layer than fog with the lowest visibility at three in livermore and five in san jose and mountain view with clouds causing arrival delay at san francisco international airport. they will let us know shortly. in walnut creek you can see how hazy it is looking south along 680 into downtown correct vehicle. because of the marine layer we will have slower sunshine and that will mean cooler temperatures today. the clouds and fog will run tonight. and tomorrow night. they do not bring any significant rain. you may need to use the windshield wiper because the air is so saturated this morning. now, a timetable on when to expect sunshine to break out.
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inland east bay in the santa clara valley, 11 o'clock, but there are still clouds around the bay and into the north bay and those will finally dissipate around 2:00 only to see by 4:00 or 5:00 the clouds start to make their march east again. temperatures today in the mid-to-upper sent in the south bay with san jose and santa clara and cupertino 67 degrees and well start with that and palo alto dropping to 62 in mill bay and upper 50s along the coast today and downtown south san francisco and sauce least 60 to 62. mid-60s through the north bay heals -- valleys and richmond is a little bit cooler at 62 with mid-to-upper 60 inland east bay. notice the cloud cover coming back tonight with mid-50s in the north bay and the rest of us in the upper 40s to mid-50s. the area of high pressure shows plenty of storms in the pack but if the high is there the cold
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fronts will not make it to us. because of that, i have a dry extended forecast. temperatures are remaining well above average although we are cooler today. leyla? we will start off looking at an accident over the altamont pass. it is causing quite the mess. we will take a look at all of red. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy. westbound 580 at north flynn road we have a stalled vehicle. seven miles per hour is the top speed. when you get beyond it you can see how green it is westbound. look at this, now, an hour and four minutes, destroying the morning commute. the sooner you get to the road or take ace train that is the best bet depending on where you are headed. 580 westbound tracy to dublin is one hour and four minutes and highway four is clearer and under 20 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes and we have a
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brand new crash southbound highway 101 at brokaw road some sort of a u-haul truck is blocking three lanes. if you are traveling in the southbound direction near mineta san jose international airport there is a big action. kristen and eric? >> tonight at 11 o'clock if you are trying to lose weight most experts tell you to break a sweat but now one is recommending you chill out. a researcher has a cold shoulder an ice vest that cools your body temperature burning up to on hours a day if you wear it for an hour twice a day. >> it can trigger a fat burning reaction in your bodies. >> all ears now, right? >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> a family walks from disneyland to disney world to
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sluggish. i'm taking the activia challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for four weeks. may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. try the activia challenge! it works or it's free! >> here are seven things to know. the breaking news from south san francisco, the search is on for a missing 22-year-old man north of sfo fishing with his uncle and girlfriend and they ended up in the water. his uncle has dayed. his girlfriend was found and taken to the hospital. our reporter will have the report in a few minutes. >> a young woman is recovering from a gunshot wound to the hand after being held up at the little caesars pizza shop in el cerrito. the employee handed over the cash to the robbers but they shot her. >> president obama is back in washington dc, after the
5:23 am
california visit. he flew from palm springs to the snow in the capitol and is expected to meat with recently confirmed against secretary carter. >> united states secretary of labor tom perez is in san francisco this morning hoping to settle a labor dispute between west coast ports and 50 dock workers with the main issue being pay. many hope the meeting will jump start the talks. five, rain should move out in time for the fat tuesday parade in new orleans. people partied into the night at the annual kickoff gras. >> this was 101 and 880 in san jose and i assume you will use that for traffic? i wanted to talk about the cloud cover that is out there. you may need the wipers and we will tack about how many more mornings we will deal with this.
5:24 am
>> now, a look at westbound 580 the commute is destroyed because of this early stalled vehicle and mobile a hit-and-run accident that take an hour and 10 minutes from tracy to dublin and the shot we saw in san jose we have another big accidents with the details ahead. happening today the best of the best among k-9s competing for top dog, seven dogs are strutting their stuff for "best in show," at the westminster dog show. last might, patty hearst toy at madison square garden and will be unof the seven in the final ring, 200 dogs entered the competition and she is the granddaughter of william randolph hearst and was kidnapped in 1984. >> he is back.
5:25 am
>> two time world series champion is become with barry zito signing with the a's and is familiar with the green and cold and will be in spring training later this week. >> left hander for fast ball good curve ball? >> great jump ball. >> he played seven years in oak and seven years with the giants. the deal is worth $1 million. he said he cannot wait to put on the green and gold and his white shoes. >> another former oakland a's is retiring, the oldest player to hit a walk off homer at 42 and turned 44 last month starting his career in 1995 and spent eight season with the a's and he played with the yankees, and rockies and indians and the five time all star won the 2000mvp award in oakland. >> a family from texas is
5:26 am
halfway through a coast to coast walk honoring their daughter waking from disney land to disney world to raise money nor cancer research for childrens. they began the journey in august the year after their 8-year-old died of a rain form of bone canner. -- cancer. >> we can make a difference. we have inspired families. >> she loved disney. she would be a step ahead of everyone walking because she was very competitive. >> the family weekend between 25 and 30 mile as day and have raised $20,000 to the goal of $413,000. >> she is still sprinkling magic even in her passing. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:29. i am eric thomas. i am kristen sze. >> a day make as big difference with the weather. and meteorologist mike nicco has news. >> a lot of moisture the form of marine layer with the clouds and i had to used the windshield wiper because it is so moist but not so much fog as low clouds. you can see it over sfo waiting for them to tell us when the delays and how lock they will be. clouds this morning and mild and upper 40s to mid-50s. by unanimous we have sunshine
5:30 am
inland east bay and the south bay and everyone else is cloudy by 4:00 the clouds are at the coast and we round out the day planner with clouds returning at 7:00. >> let the good times roll. the altamont pass is not looking too good. right now at san jose 101 traffic is fine in the northbound direction but a truck is blocking three middle lanes causing a problem headed to mineta san jose international airport. breaking news, the coast guard and several local agencies are searching the waters of the bay for a missing fisherman. who others who were found with him have been found, one did not survive. our reporter, matt keller is on the scene.
5:31 am
>> a chief from the fire department is here with a couple of south san francisco police officers monitoring the situation. a 22-year-old man is miss on a 12' canoe with two others and they all went in the water. the family spoke with us this morning. >> my sister called at 9:00 and said that her son and uncle were fishing and does not 18 the phone and i said go look where they want fishing and if their truck is there you may need to call the firefighter. it is too late to be in the water. she called right back and said the truck is still there so i said, did you call the coast guard and they were searching. >> the woman in her early 20's was found after 1:00 o'clock a.m. and taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. she is identified at the girlfriend of the 22-year-old man still missing. a 54-year-old man was found a short time later and taken to the hospital. he has died. the cog coast guard sent out two fresh boats and a helicopter to
5:32 am
continue the search with crews coming to refuel their boats and replace the crews who have been searching all night and they are expecting to be here in the next half hour and are expected to go out again at daylight. i talked to the coast guard and they are searching from oyster point marina and will search that area with the helicopter with one boat out there and one poet from the south san francisco fire department searching right now as we speak. they help they can find this 22-year-old man who went into the water. developing news, a pizza shop employee is recovering after being shot by robbers in a brazen hold up at little caesars in el valley. two armed suspects in hoodies entered the show and demanded money from the young lady woring there and she gave it to them
5:33 am
and then was shot in the hand. the woman, in her 20's will recover. >> security guard shot to death in san jose over the weekend is called a "hero," after it came to light he save add colleague's life. the 34 year old manny gowned down. he was chasing thieves who stole cigars great a nearby lirked store. manny saved his fellow security guard by diving into the line of fire. police have not made any arrests. >> the east bay community of densing continue is looking foe a new police chief. the old chief was fired ending a dispute over the failure to discipline an officer. we are in kensington. >> should the chief have been tougher on an officer who misbehaved? many say yes and now the police
5:34 am
chief has lost his job. the vote came last night. this is according to our media partner, kensington's governing board fired the chief and the police sanctionent had his gun, badge, and ammunition stolen by a prostitute last may in reno. that was while he was sleeping, barrow said christina taylor drugged him. the chief left the officer on duty while he investigated for eight months. many thought sergeant should be put on paid leave is then been fired. the chief suspended the sergeant and does not fire him and now the chief has last his job a job that paid $262,000 in cash and benefits a area. the last day on the job will be may 31. west coast ports are expected to be in operation this morning as federal must
5:35 am
superpower -- muscle arrives with tens of thousands of capers stranded at 29 ports including oakland. >> classes resume at oakland middle school a day after a suspicious fire destroyed a cafeteria building yesterday at claremont middle school. an open door was found that led investigators to suspect someone broke in. a witness saw something suspicious before the fire erupted. >> four guys were moving across the dark side yard from the fence area. they were carrying something box-hike. >> the 7th grader piloted his drone above the school to take a look at the damage including a hole in the roof h roof. the fire destroyed the calftoryia and kitchen and the school district will serve sack lunches and future meals are
5:36 am
prosecute in from nearby schoolers. >> a registered sex offer 15 heard accused of molesting a young girl at a school will be in court today. the 33-year-old was arrested two weeks ago. investigators say they are sure he is the man in this surveillance video taken from the 99 cent store on mission boulevard. an eight-year-old stole her mother a man had put his hands down her pants. he ran away but the g.p.s. ankle bracelet led him to her, he was on parole for a similar attack. >> san rafael city council could keep a popular homeless park closed for longer than 30 days. the closure was after come palestinians of residents who told the mayor they are concerned about crime and drug use and they blamed it on the homeless. there is a reno vacation including tearing down restrooms
5:37 am
society on fire and the decision could come tonight. >> registers nurses at the doctors of charity hospital reallyly and urge the sale of the hospitals to a for-profit company. the nonprofit daughters of charity want to sell the hospitals to health care services without conditions. young leaders fear that rhyme will cut services for low-income parks along with jobs the city of san jose is expected to make a big announcement on the planned first ever nonstop service 20 the silicon valley and china. we told you last month when china's airline and san jose airport first announced they were seeking federal approval for flights between san jose and beijing on the boeing 787 directly liner. today, the mayor liccardo and aviation officials are holding a
5:38 am
income possible to discuss the jobs the service would create. we have learned through chinese media that the propped service would be five days a week, monday wednesday, friday saturday and sunday. >> looking at the weather at 5:38 mike would you bet $10 on being arrival delays at sfo? >> we would win but the odds are probably not very good because it is looking like that with the low cloud deck. we are 46 in calistoga and novato is 49 and low-to-mid 50s in the mortgage bay valley and we have mid-50s in lafayette and san ramon and the expire bay shoreline and half moon bay at 512 and fairfield and brentwood at 50 right new. the temperatures are running up to eight degrees warmer because of the cloud deck. this is how it looks in san rafael with fog and a cloud deck southbound on 101.
5:39 am
in the afternoon, no month record highs but still, average to above average where we will see the sunshine first and 53 to 68 in the east bay. the cost is 56 to 59 and limited sunshine. mostly sunny this afternoon around the bay at 60 to 67. this is how it looks in san jose near the shark tank which they are not going to need if they play at levi stadium. wednesday, thursday and friday we will have temperatures in the 60s at the coast and low 70s if the rest us. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> we will look at the maze where traffic is manageable coming in to 580. at the tom thomas eric duncan we will check that out and i would guess the metering lights have been turned on and, in fact: they have not been! we do have a few major things happening including a sig-alert in san jose. if you travel southbound on
5:40 am
highway 101 a box truck took out a lot of fence along the freeway so this sig-alert is blocking three lanes and it will be around until further notice where delays in the northbound direction. there was an early stalled vehicle and it turned into a hit-and-run accident and check out the speeds and the backup all the way from tracy along 205 so to get from tracy to dublin it will take you in excess of an hour, an hour and 10 minutes. a crash is blocking one lane and that is in san pablo and to the north a motorcycle accident just cleared to the shoulder westbound 80 at travis boulevard he has been reading to kids since he was a kid. a bay area teen turns his for reading into a mission to help others. >> ice palace: a test for the efforts to turn leaf stadium into a hockey rink.
5:41 am
stay tuned. ?e
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>> welcome back, the 13-year-old who saved his dog in the san francisco mission fire is moving into a new home today on treasure island. he and his family are going ton a shopping spree. early this month the school board of supervisors recognized his heroism. he broke out a window and tossed the dog to safety and jumped into the arms of police. the officers will take him to target and let him choose whatever he wants maybe even furnishing for the family's new digs. you are about to meet a remarkable bay area teen, 15-year-old brian trainor turned his passion of reading into a passion to spread the word about literacy. the sophmore said he was
5:44 am
concerned about the declining literacy rights so he got to work creating a youth literacy council and started a book drive. >> i have always had a lot boobs and i love to read and you get out there in the real world and not everyone has that opportunity you realize. >> brian had no idea how popular the drive would be but the becomes were rolling in and when it was over he collected a whopping $25,000 backs for kids and created a website to help others get their own book drive started. he helps others will keep future efforts going. >> this store got me taking, think of what you love and how you can share it. >> if you know a star where you live let us know by going to abc7 news/stars. who are partnering with disney to share the magic of story
5:45 am
tolling by doubtnating 5,000 backs. you can help new becomes reach children in low-income families with information on donating on our website. >> transformation of leaf stadium for the hockey game is the first test tonight with the nhl releasing a video of construction of the rink on the field and football fields crown in the middle so crews have build a metal stage 8" off the defend to hold the rink and protect the tub. giant refrigeration units keep the we ice at ideal 22-degree temperature and saturday's game between the sharks and the kings are the first outdoor game in northern california. >> very cool. why is the football field crowning in the middle? for draining? sounds good to me. >> thank you for confirming our
5:46 am
suspicions. did you sign up? >> if they are outside, in new orleans, check out what they would be seeing 32 degrees in new orleans and that is why they are bundled up. the agency low is the upper 40s, so they are cold this morning. a little winter mix fell but right now everything is liquid as they are ready for more fun as we head through the fat tuesday. now as far as...our winds on live doppler hd, you can see they are blowing to the east so we have the thick cloud deck and you can see it is all the way over walnut creek where it is hazy and there is a last moisture hanging in the air not because it is raining but you drive into it it coagulates and
5:47 am
you may have to use it to help you out. we have slow sunshine and cooler sounds like a june or july or august forecast. clouds will return. with the fog much the extended and with the extra moisture we do not have a trigger mechanism to turn it into much needed rain. and you clear out first by lunch and we are cloudy and into the north bay at noon and you will clear out by noon and the clouds are stubborn with 9 coastal valleys and temperatures are 5- to 10-degrees cooler than yesterday. no record highs. mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay with 57 in san jose and santa clara and cupertino and mountain view and palo alto down to 62 and upper 50s along the coast to increasely 60 in downtown and south san francisco, and low-to-mid 60s through the north bay develop from 62 in sausalito to santa
5:48 am
rosa and napa at 66 and the upper 60s at the coast and 6259 richmond and everyone else is around 63 to 66 togethers along the shoreline and 66 at inland east bay. tonight, cloud cover again and mid-40s in the north bay valley and the rest of issue in the upper 40s to mid-50s. the heat are may not run again. high pressure is going interest alas was it is warmer in alaska than in boston. it is not even close, at 15 degrees difference. our weather in the seven-day forecast continues to remain in the secretary along the coast and the 70s for the rest of us >> who are having a very busy morning starting off with the follow toll plaza 9 meters lights have been turned on so it looks like we have at least 15 minutes wait to head in the east bay into san francisco. back to san jose i have a sig-alert and all lanes are blocked southbound 101 at first street so they can bring cars
5:49 am
off the freeway all cars being diverted at brokaw. a box truck crash into fencing and there is major damage to the freeway and it will take time for that to be cleared and repaired. expect those delays and certainly try to avoid it. if you have a flight at mineta san jose international airport you may start to see delays. now, a look at other areas of the bay area, financial over the altamont pass the drive is bad backed up from i-5 because of an early stalled vehicle that turned into a hit-and-run accident so now we have seven miles per hour speed. it will take an hour and 22 minutes from tracy to dublin but it clears up beyond livermore but the crash is causing big delays from westbound 80 and san pablo dam road. >> imagine an an pole that doesn't turn brown after you slice it. the wonder fruit that is about to hit the supermarkets. >> a man has a traffic cop
5:50 am
delivery pull over her girlfriend. >> sunshine in cam but snow snow and more snow on the east coast. staying home is now dangerous for
5:51 am
packing should be simple like nature valley nut crisp bars. let's see if hikers are keeping it simple too. what's happening here? pack inspection station, just got to take a quick look in your bag. a tape measure? yeah. hiking? a tape measure? just in case. in case what? you can measure out the distance you've hiked but there's got to be a better way. i mean. stick to simple. nuts. seeds. sweetness. new nature valley nut crisp bars. boom. delicious.
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>> a modified ambassador people engineered by a canadian company has been given the okay pore seem in the united states. what does a gmo flute offer that an ordinary apple does not? slices of the gmo apple are on bottom and regular apple on top. the gmo apple does not turn
5:53 am
brown. the u.s. government had to make sure the new apple trees were not too aggressive and take over the other plants. >> five days before the academy award and the votes will soon be in. >> this is the final day for the 6,000 members of the academy of motion and pictures to vote no their favorites. preparations continue for the big show of the theater in hollywood with the giant oscar statues used for decor are property in and all academy members vote in all categories and the vote closes at 5 o'clock and the counting begins immediately after. >> this sunday is oscar sunday and our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with on the wrote carpet at the oscars and see what the stars are wearing and watch who wins at neil patrick harris
5:54 am
hosts. oscars for a list of nominees visit >> cetacea will be -- and katie marzull will be this with a look at bay area connections to hollywood's biggest night. >> for katie marzullo and all those who are attending, how will 9 weather look? >> she will look great no matter what she is wearing. >> diplomatic. >> that is how you stay married for a long-term. >> fog is 56 minute flight arrival delays. there were low clouds. high amounts of tree pollen and moderate pollution and low mold spore and weed and grass pollen are nonexistent. this afternoon temperatures are 5- to 10-degrees cooler than yesterday and oakland is no more record highs as we look around the state, we will have 71 in los angeles and 69 in sacramento and another record high in lake
5:55 am
tahoe at 59. katie marzullo want last year and looked stunning. beautiful. >> now, a picture of traffic in san jose 101 at 880 you can see how heavy the traffic is in the northbound direction and that is spectator slowing in the southbound direction using our exclusive waze app we have reports of the action blocking all lanes and traffic is being diverted at bring cause road a box truck pick -- tooked out the fencing the we are hearing this news from our wazer. give yourself center time if you have a flight to cash at san jose airport. getting pulled over on valentine's day would put a damper on the night. >> but for a woman this traffic stop ended up being much more than she expected. >> her boyfriend, alex wanted to propose in a millionable way and, boy did he.
5:56 am
alex concocted a plant with the police department to is an officer set up a fake traffic stop and she said she as scared and slow had no idea what was happening but for alex that was part of the man. >> i had a camera in the back of the car gopro and i told her i loved her and she said did something bad and i got on my knee and asked if she would marry me. >> you are brave brave, brave man. she was surprised and mad she said "yes," but the interesting thing is the officer had pull alex over for a real traffic violation and the two of them came up with the idea after that >> do you get friendly with officers after they pull you up? >> i try to be nice but i don't know about lotting together. >> are big changes coming to apple stores?
5:57 am
the famed head designer reveal as lap. >> and go grocery shopping with "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" to find out if you can get a great tasting snack bar that is good for you. >> stay [prof. burke] it's easy to
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking at 6:00, a search in the san francisco bay, a fisherman the coast guard is trying to find and the extra help being brought in to help find him. >> a police officer gets his badge and gun stolen from a prostitute and now his boss is out of a job. the new fallout hitting the small east bay community this morning. >> winter white out, president obama live california sunshine for what you can see right there. east coast snow and cold.
6:00 am
>> probably wishes he stuck around a little longer. >> thanks for joining us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. here with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will not have record highs but we have it rough too. good morning everyone, live doppler hd is showing visibility around livermore reduced to 1.75 and 2.5 in san jose but otherwise it it and a marine layer cloud deck. at the golden gate bridge we have west wind at ten miles per hour and it is milder this morning upper 40s to mid-50s and by noon we have sunshine inland but still clouds elsewhere at 56 to 60 and the clouds will remain at the coast and the rest of us have hazy sunshine and nice this evening with clouds coming back and low-to-mid 50s. >> president's day weekend is over and traffic is back in a big way. >> a big big way with a sig-alert in san jose and a new


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