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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 17, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> we have download information at our website. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. on this tuesday night, it's about to get even worse. the brutal cold, the new system now sweeping in. 200 million americans. record lows from north dakota all the way east. all the way down to florida. tonight, the deadly accidents. the ice rescues. hundreds of thousands without power. the explosion. the train disaster. and fires still burning. our team on the scene tonight. the "american sniper" trial. and this evening, the new video here. the accused killer in the police cruiser. far different than his days in iraq. under the microscope. the st. louis police and the dash cam video. and you hear the officer alert the others, the camera is rolling. >> everybody hold up. we're red right now, so, if you guys are worried about cameras, just wait. >> you'll see it, right here. and up close and personal tonight. we're at the westminster dog show. can you pick the winner before
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they do? good evening everyone. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and just when you thought it could not get any colder, tonight, from the plains to the midwest, from maine down to the gulf coast, hundreds of mills millions getting ready for possible record-breaking lows. a dangerous blast of cold air and ice in virginia over the last 24 hours. that high speed spinout. the suv slamming into that car there. then, on i-24 in tennessee, rigs sliding right off the slick roads. further north, the rescues playing out. in this case, late today, three people stranded on the ice. teams moving in quickly. and look at this in georgia. this family using flashlights tonight. homes plunged into darkness. we do have team coverage on the brutal cold. the states of emergency. meteorologist ginger zee with the track. how quickly it's moving in. but first, abc's matt gutman in nashville, where the driving has been treacherous. matt? >> reporter: david, we've seen
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crash after crash along this highway, backup after backup. motorists across this country's midsection have been driving on roads they thought may be passable, but instead have skidded on black ice. crippling cold gripping the south. icy roads turning deadly in tennessee, where kristi clark and her 10-year-old son stopped to help motorists when police say, a semitruck plowed into them. spinouts and chaos in north carolina. >> and black ice will make this a very dangerous situation for several days. >> reporter: parades of plows weren't enough to prevent trucks from overturning on i-24 in tennessee. bringing highways to a standstill in nashville. a state of emergency there tonight. the freeze and snow extending to washington, d.c., where the federal government today shuttered. the south walloped monday by sleet, which froze solid overnight. when you look at the stairs here and you see, well, maybe it's just dusted with a little bit of snow. but in fact, these stairs, like
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everywhere in this city, are just totally encased in this absolutely thick ice. and in georgia, where these downed lines turned into fire crackers, about 250,000 homes without power this morning. but linesmen out in force. >> some people worked through the night last night. we got guys working all day today. >> reporter: the ice may have locked them in, but martin and little lily schneider in nashville tried to make the best of it. >> we haven't left. we've been hanging tight here. >> reporter: convoys of these road crews, david, have been going up and down these highways, trying to clear as much ice as they possibly can before all of this wet ice and sleet and slush freezes overnight, making roads that much more treacherous. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. matt, thank you. and from the roads to the rescues on the ice now. further north, the stunning images. young people stranded, one falling through the ice. abc's tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: in the northeast, life-threatening weather leading to life-saving rescues.
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in new jersey, tense moments. three teenagers stranded on a frozen bay. one falling in. rescue workers putting themselves at risk to drag her through the icy waters, back to land and safety. in maine, two 15-year-old boys, snowmobiling to their grandfather's house, disappear, missing overnight as temperatures plunged below zero. but this morning, thankfully, they're found alive. a different story in the mountains of new hampshire. sub zero temperatures and 100 100-mile-per-hour winds. a search for a missing hiker called off. her body discovered a day after she went missing. all over this area, firefighters battling blazes, up against the elements and frozen hydrants. even niagara falls freezing over, steam rising from the waters below. in boston, this, the snowiest month in more than 100 years. >> everybody is working and scrambling as best they can to make the best of it. >> reporter: and tonight, a part of boston you have not seen since this bad weather rolled in.
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fenway park. the green monster doing just fine, but nearly five feet of snow has fallen here since february. so, that right field wall, no match for mother nature. it's going to be cold here for awhile. 55 days until the home opener. david? >> all right, tom llamas tonight. spring training somewhere, just not there. let's get right to ginger, who has more on the cold, the snow, but first, the wind chill advisories for tomorrow morning? going to be brutal, too. >> reporter: right. the focus of that cold air happens early tomorrow morning. 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. is the coldest time. look at the wind chill advisories. from montana to missouri, up to northern michigan. the feels likes are going to be some 25 to 35 below. that's when we transition to that dangerous factor. here's something else dangerous. the same spot where matt gutman was standing earlier gets a little bout of snow overnight into early wednesday. that on top of everything they've already had plus a deep freeze is going to keep us in these really rough road conditions. so, that cold. and we're talking record cold in a lot of places mid south. nashville will be 4 below.
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these are actual air temperatures thursday morning. asheville, 3 below. 9 for richmond. so no one getting away with it. >> just stunning when you look at the scope of this. so many going to feel this. ginger, thank you. we move on to the other developing story, and federal investigators are now on the scene tonight in west virginia. that stunning train derailment. the massive fire. and tonight, 24 hours later, some fires still burning. that train barrelling through a quiet neighborhood, carrying 3 million gallons of crude oil. raising new questions now about safety. and abc's david kerley on the scene. >> reporter: these huge explosions -- >> wow! >> reporter: came moments after -- >> is that coming over here? >> i don't know. it's real hot. >> reporter: two dozen tank cars, nearly a quarter of the csx train, jumped the tracks. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> reporter: more than a dozen cars spewing their crude oil, exploding and burning. >> need you to respond to a train on fire involving train cars and a house. >> reporter: the derailment, right along a west virginia neighborhood, the train hitting one house.
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>> he had ran out of the house and then right after he got out of the house, the house went in flames exploded. the train exploded. i felt the heat off it. made me sweat. >> reporter: today, the cars continue to smolder. the rail company removing others. crude spill into the waterway but tests show the local water system is safe. with only one injury a senator says they dodged a bullet here. >> we could have lost lives here in west virginia. you just can't continue to wait for the next disaster. >> reporter: the 3 million gallons of crude was from north dakota, a more explosive type of oil. the growth of crude shipments has also been explosive, up more than 400% in the past several years. in the past two years, a rash of accidents like this one. critics call these tank cars train bombs. and these rail cars travel through thousands of neighborhoods across the country. >> the crude oil that we're seeing is being shipped past our homes, our businesses and our schools. it's flammable. >> reporter: the federal government is considering new
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rules to make these tank cars tougher. but it would only apply to rail cars made after october. meaning this potentially explosive problem could continue for years. david? >> david kerley in west virginia. david, thank you. and now to the "american sniper" trial. tonight, a dramatic day in court. jurors shown a new video of the man accused of killing navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle in the backseat of a cop car. prosecutors say it bolsters their case. and abc's ryan owens again tonight from texas. >> reporter: defense attorneys for eddie routh start their case by showing the jury chris kyle's navy s.e.a.l. rifle, emblazoned with "american sniper" on the side. the gun and the man who carried it made famous in the blockbuster of the same name. >> she's got a grenade. she's got an rkg russian grenade. she's handing it to the kid. >> reporter: routh's attorneys are arguing the marine vet was so paranoid, he felt threatened by the five assault rifles kyle and his friend chad littlefield brought to that gun range two years ago. to further make that point, they called the killer's mother to the stand. jodi routh testified her only son wasn't the same when he got out of the military.
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she says he was suicidal and in and out of v.a. hospitals. the month before the murders, "you begged the v.a. not to release your son," asked the attorney. "absolutely i did," his mother replies. earlier this afternoon, prosecutors rested their case, after calling 26 witnesses and showing the jury so many videos of routh. often using his own words against him. the latest? routh in the back of a police cruiser, just after his arrest. when the officer asks if he's okay, he says, "i've been paranoid schizophrenic all day. i don't know what to even make of the world right now. i don't know if i'm insane." prosecutors say it's all an act. they say routh only says things like that or does things like lie down in the cruiser, when people are nearby. watch. they say when officers walk away from the car, he sits up normally and appears relaxed. over the next few days, the defense is expected to call more members of eddie routh's family and a long line of his doctors.
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david? >> ryan owens tonight. ryan, thank you. and to the latest horror from isis, and word this evening u.s. intelligence authorities are now studying the video, the voice of the man narrating. some believe this time, it was very different. it was the voice attached to these images. 21 men lined up on a beach on the mediterranean, all of them killed. this is the man, his face disguised. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross with what the voice could reveal. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials tonight say they are seeking to determine if the man behind the mask leading the isis murders of 21 christians could be an american. comparing his facial features and speaking patterns to americans known to have joined isis. >> today, we are on the south of rome. >> he says south instead of south, so, he's not from canada. >> reporter: eric thomas, a professor of linguistics at north carolina state, says a number of distinctive pronunciations -- >> all praise is due to allah. >> he said due instead of due. >> reporter: -- point to a
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possible u.s. background with some arabic influence, as well. >> i think he sounds pretty american. >> reporter: with the pipeline of u.s. recruits to isis a growing concern, the white house today began a new effort to counter the terror group's propaganda machine. >> we need answers that go beyond a military answer. >> reporter: the u.s. state department has now launched its own campaign to counter the estimated 30 to 40,000 isis supporters active on social media every day. the american twitter messages call isis fighters cow worlds who use women recruits only for sex, and show isis leader al baghdadi as promising only death. some analysts say the u.s. campaign of insults misses the mark. >> it's not impacting the people who may be inspired by the isis ideology and willing to carry out attacks on its behalf. >> reporter: officials tonight say there's not yet been a determination if the isis leader on this most recent tape is, in fact, an american. but they tell us, finding out is a very high priority.
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>> intriguing question tonight. brian, thank you. breaking news from the white house tonight. amid a new standoff over immigration. a texas judge blocking the president's executive order that would have offered protection and work permits for up to 5 million undocumented immigrants here in the u.s. well, late today, the president shooting back. >> we should not be tearing some mom away from her child when the child has been born here and that mom's been living here for the last ten years. >> so, let's get right to our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight, because jon, you've just learned how the white house plans to fight this and how long it could take? >> reporter: well, david, this judge's order stops the president's controversial immigration plan in its tracks. the department of homeland security had planned to start taking applications for work permits tomorrow. today, they announced that that is not going to happen. now, while the white house is confident they will win on appeal and they will appeal this, david, officials i have spoken to expect this process to take months. in fact, i am told that they are unlikely to seek an emergency
5:43 pm
stay of this judge's ruling. that means that the millions of people who had expected to be eligible for work permits will now have to wait until this process goes through. the entire appeals process, which could go all the way to the supreme court. i am told, david, we're looking at about six months and possibly more. >> all right, several months. what jon karl has just learned at the white house. jon, thank you. and now to former nfl star, the murder trial of former patriots player aaron hernandez. the prosecution playing surveillance video for the jury today. they say showing hernandez taking apart his cell phone outside a police station the day after the murder. prosecutors say he then called his co-defendant on his lawyer's phone. the defense today claiming the police investigation was sloppy and inconsistent. to another sports star, and his fall. tonight, working on his comeback. with a handwritten apology to millions of baseball fans. yankees slugger alex rodriguez, a-rod, has been on the cover of so many magazines, sports and
5:44 pm
otherwise, but can he reinvent himself? also tonight, the amount of money the yankees still owe him. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: alex rodriguez, a-rod, larger than life. a man used to being on magazine covers and dating superstars, having been suspended from major league baseball for the entire 2014 season for lying about using performance-enhancing drugs. now sending a handwritten apology to fans. the letter, filled with words like "mistakes," "regret" and "sorry," a-rod telling fans, "i accept the fact that many of you will not believe my apology or anything that i say at this point. i understand why and that's on me." because of his famous denials, like this 2013 interview with wfan. >> did you do anything that they accuse you of doing? >> no. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> so, you're guilty, in your mind, of nothing? >> i feel like i should be there opening day. >> reporter: the apology coming at an ironic time. the fake doctor who supplied a-rod with the drugs, anthony bosch, sentenced today to four years in prison, while a-rod is getting ready to go back to the big leagues. the man who kissed himself in the mirror for that famous
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"details magazine" spread finishing the letter with wholehearted belief in himself. "when i go to spring training, i will do everything i can to earn a spot on the yankees and help us win." and a-rod had signed one of the biggest contracts in baseball history. david, the yankees still owe him $61 million. >> $61 million. all right, gio, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the dash cam video from st. louis under scrutiny tonight. on the tape, you can hear one of the officers alerting the others that the camera is rolling. they then turn it off. you'll hear the video and the sound, right here, coming up. the medical headline also tonight. the one thing they now want you to eat. they say it will help you lose weight right away. and ready for their closeup tonight. behind the scenes at the westminster dog show. tonight, the front-runner already, and so, dan harris goes right to the front of the line to show us all tonight. wvo: caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice.
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cam video under the microscope now. many pointing to what you can hear from one of the officers. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: watch as a group of st. louis police drag a young man from his car during an arrest and then later, one of them walks back to the camera and turns it off. >> everybody, hold up. we're red right now, so if you guys are worried about cameras, just wait. >> reporter: "red" is police slang for a rolling camera, and just like that, the video ends. it's only coming to light tonight because the suspect in the car is suing police. the police were responding to reports of gunfire, and 18-year-old cortez bufford was refusing to get out of the car. he's kicked and shot twice with a stun gun. [ screaming ] bufford's lawyers are suing for an unspecified amount, alleging excessive force. >> the officer turning off the camera says, number one, that she knew what they were doing, instinctively, was not right. >> reporter: the video was recorded april 10th, months before the police shooting death of michael brown in ferguson. bufford's attorneys say authorities were worried this would add fuel to the fights and
5:49 pm
asked them to sit on the video. tonight, the city says the officer who turned off the dash cam is being "disciplined," but tell us this is no way excessive force, arguing that bufford was "punching and kicking" the police, and "repeatedly reaching for his gun." police say they found a semiautomatic, ammunition and marijuana during the struggle. despite that, they dropped all charges. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. when we come back here, what they now want us to eat. they say it will help us lose weight right away. and then tonight, the american city that simply gave up with this winter. now, telling everyone to go to key west instead. what? so, we called them up tonight. called them up tonight. and, the one american city that has just given west instead. what? we called them up tonight. all the way until... [birds chirping] the am. new aleve pm. it's the first to combine
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it turns out, the racy scenes are visible from the highway nearby. families stuck in traffic. you can see through the trees there. getting a bit of an eyeful. and have you had enough of this winter? you're not alone. we loved this. the head of tourism for ithaca new york, throw income the towel. check it out. go to their website. and they show you pictures of key west. pan up and visit ithaca right there, crossed out. 80,000 people checked out the site and it crashed. let me just read the quote. due to this ridiculously stupid weather, ithaca invites you to visit the keys this week. i have never heard of a tourism slogan like that. >> look, little counterintuitive for a tourism guy to do that, isn't it? >> your humor struck such a chord that the website went down? >> yeah, today it crashed the website. it's crazy. so i guess theless lesson of all this is if you want to do something that's gob to attract attention, make sure you buy a new server first. >> get a new server, but don't lose that sense of humor. >> pleasure.
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thanks for having me. >> i should say, i'm from upstate and went to ithaca. i know those winters, but i can vouch, summer does come. eventually. don't blink. you'll miss it. when we come back here on a tuesday night, we take you behind the scenes of the westminster dog show. you've got to see these faces. you pick the winner tonight. faces. you pick the winner tonight. ♪ bring your vision for the future to life. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been helping families achieve life-long financial security with innovative tools and strategies. talk to a financial advisor to protect your family and plan today. pacific life. the power to help you succeed. pacific life proudly presents "humpback whales", a whale-sized movie for giant screen theaters. alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours.
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finally tonight, t finally tonight, the westminster dog show. there can only be one top dog. and when we heard there was a front-runner already, dan harris went to find him. >> reporter: the oscars may be this sunday, but this is the academy awards for dogs. sequins, ponytails, berets. i'm very sorry. nail clippers, last-minute trims. even blowouts. is there actual hair spray in there? >> yes, there is. so you don't want to touch it. >> reporter: the westminster kennel club dog show features more than 2,700 competitors from 15 countries. this dog is enormous. they come in 192 breeds. the breed is officially known as rhinoceros. a wire-haired pointing griffon.
5:58 pm
you got all that? we heard about one dog who is the odds-on favorite to win best in show tonight. okay, we're on the hunt for the most favored dog. do you know where we can find matisse? >> right here. >> reporter: oh right here? we have it on good authority that that shadowy figure right there is matisse. this, for the record, is what matisse looks like when he's outside of his crate. despite not getting to see matisse, and despite the fact that i'm honestly more of a cat guy -- this is me with grumpy cat -- i loved every minute of this. you're a good boy. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to dan. may the top dog win. abc7 news obtained surveillance video from a cigar theft that cost a south bay security guard his life. >> and video of a pizza place shooting and weapon they used that might just give them away.
5:59 pm
>> and new signs of life at the port of oakland the cost of a major work slow down. >> some covered california patients can't find a doctor. why some are pointing the finger at the insurance company. >> we have to do something about this escalation of the violence. >> a nightclub that lost it's liquor license has no security. all guards have quit following the killing of a colleague. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the guards quit over the death of a security guard that was shot and killed saturday outside of a liquor store. tonight we've surveillance video of the shooting. david louie joins us live with the footage. david? >> there is sadness here tonight
6:00 pm
where the security guard was shot and killed on saturday. you're about to see some surveillance video recorded inside of the liquor store. we have obscured faces at the request of san jose police. a group of men walk into to liquor for less appearing to be casing out the store. they jive to music from the parking lot. one buys a bottle of cognac and they leave. one man swipes a box of swishers from the counter and trips and falls. the security guard is shot and killed as he tried to help pick up the cigars. no one can understand why he was shot for a few dollars worth of swishers >> we have to do something about this escalation. of the violence we have right now. >> he and eight others worked as security guards for a restaurant and nightclub. they walked


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