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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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adness here tonight where the security guard was shot and killed on saturday. you're about to see some surveillance video recorded inside of the liquor store. we have obscured faces at the request of san jose police. a group of men walk into to liquor for less appearing to be casing out the store. they jive to music from the parking lot. one buys a bottle of cognac and they leave. one man swipes a box of swishers from the counter and trips and falls. the security guard is shot and killed as he tried to help pick up the cigars. no one can understand why he was shot for a few dollars worth of swishers >> we have to do something about this escalation. of the violence we have right now. >> he and eight others worked as security guards for a restaurant and nightclub. they walked off the job as they
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mourned a death of their co-worker. saying the club owner made remarks. >> if they don't i don't know what is going on. >> i think i can help. >> it has been the focus of an investigation by california department of alcoholic beverage control. the license was suspended after investigators discovered employees were performing lewd acts and allowing minors to consume alcohol. the family is expected to visit the parking lot memorial. and there is a go fund me site collecting over $4000. services are pending. >> and now another terrible
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crime that was frightening and violent. robbers were getting money they'd demanded. here is the surveillance video of the hold up. we're live with new information tonight. laura? >> we can see six security cameras there are several more inside that were not a deterrent. but police are hoping they'll help identify this suspect. >> if you watch it reaches up and and there is something over his face >> the first is holding a gun. >> the suspect forced her to open the safe and the man with a gun appears to be talking on a
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cell phone. once career cleared out, the second suspect jumps leaving a bloody foot print. >> there are many cameras visible in plain view. it's unfortunate that that was not enough. >> police say the gun used is very usual. investigators say it appears to be a break action pistol. or a rifle or shotgun shortened. . >> i don't think i've seen 1 on the street. i can see there is no rotation cylinder. you can also see the barrel is pro truing and there is no slide. no moving parts. >> the clerk was treated and released from the hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police >> video released by the patrol shows a helicopter rescue of a
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jogger from rugged terrain in napa. the jogger wasn't identified but injured her left ankle and unable to work. here, you can see her being lifted from the chopper. >> a fishing trip ended in tragedy for one family. the trip began near oyster point marina. lois and his fiancee went out in this boat. her father joined them at one point, the canoe cap sized and rescuers found him yelling for help. a co-worker is at a restaurant >> this kitchen is upset. he was a type of guy that would
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with waiting to get in. >> all three were wearing life jackets. >> a university student has been aested on charges of stabbing his roommate in their apartment. the suspect was also injured and you can see these stitches on his neck. he was booked on a charge of attempted murder. the roommate cut several times but wounds are not life threatening. >> a hahn was found dead next to a u haul truck. identified as a 22-year-old marte thornton. his suspected accomplice in that crime, a 49-year-old tyler johnson was arrested for the murder. and police have closed books on a prostitution case with the arrest of this woman a fugitive
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for four years. she turned herself in this morning. she has been wanted since a 2011 investigation found her part of a ring of operators who force asian women into prostitution throughout the bay area. >> in the port of oakland part of a long-simmering labor commute. now, the obama administration is getting involved. abc7 news wayne freedman joins us with the story. >> good evening. >> there are a lot of people stuck in the middle the independent truckers are doing waiting and wondering as
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this goes on. >> they have idle hands and feet but not minds. for truck drivers it opposite. >> i'm not a rich man but i got my own >> this rig is now running into the red by $3,000 per week since the port slowed down. >> not enough money. >> we found him waiting for assignments at progressive transportation services just outside of the gate. >> what is the traction number? >> these are the trucks that are assigned to pick up and deliver. >> we have a lot of work to do and can't do it. if that makes sense. >> the port announced a 32% decline in total volume and cited a nine-month contract
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dispute. >> we need both sides to agree on a settlement and to do it right now. >> too many people are suffering. >> the worries of truckers and a 32% drop for the port is a 32% drop to the company and workers. >> if they don't figure it out, those in the middle may fall for it. >> a bay area teenager who jumped out of a window to save his dog got a special shopping trip. they met with members at the target store. the family bought household items including clothes, towels and a television they lost everything during an apartment fire in the mission district last month.
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now, the family will be moving to treasure island. >> want to get families what they need for day-to-day living. he wanted a computer to do home work. and he is thinking about his family and wanted to get a tv so everyone can enjoy it. >> the 13-year-old escaped flames by breaking a window and tossed his dog and jumped from the fire escape. >> well, still to come here tonight a man who had a front row seat during the civil rights movement sharing his experience in a new medium. >> also tonight a tool for negotiating the streets of san francisco. it can tell you when there is a bike rider in your path. >> i'm spencer christian. low clouds dropped today's highs 10-17 degrees so what will tomorrow bring? the answer is coming up. >> and later tonight a former
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cal swimmer about to turn pro in or
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during black history month one of the living legends of the civil right moves is in the bay area. abc7 news is here with the story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> john lewis has been called
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the conscience of congress, trying to transform america into what he calls a beloved community. in these days of sometimes violent demonstrations, he still believes in power of peaceful resistance. georgia congressman had a front row seat at the civil rights movement of the 60s . >> i feel like i have an obligation to do what i can to tell the story. because i was a witness. >> what you only read about, he lived organizing nonviolent protests >> you've been sitting there in orderly fashion. and someone will come up and spit on us or put a cigarette out on our hair. >> inhappened >> you saw the movie "selma"? he led the march. the march on washington he is
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the only one of the so called big six, the organizers still alive. the 75-year-old was just a teenager when he became inspired by dr. king after reading a cometic book about the montgomery bus toy cot. he decided to share his experiences hoping to show the power of nonviolence. >> many years ago on the freedom ride a member of the klan beat me left me bloody and on unconscious. many years later the same man and his son came to visit me in washington and said will you forgive me? >> he's on a tour with co-author andrew iden. >> when the combine the story
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with a media as powerful as graphic novels it only makes sense that young people will gravitate towards it. >> it's a better world. >> tomorrow, the congressman will talk with students at san francisco state. a university with a long history of activism. >> thank you for that. and the rescue of dozens of sea birds contaminated by mystery goo is proving costly. international bird rescue the organization today said it spent $150,000 cleaning them up. 300 birds died but 78 still being treated. and there is a length on abc7 >> bart is confronting a major safety issue tonight.
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two employees were killed because they cannot hear an approaching train. bart has been awarded $5 million to develop a system sending out a warning signal and stop the train if the workers don't acknowledge getting a warning. >> if you had a bicycle or motorcycle it's likely your number one fear is being hit by a driver who doesn't seen you. as abc7 news explains a small company is trying to change that dynamic using something drivers and riders have in common, smart phones. >> maybe it happened to you. you're driving your car. a motorcycle or bicycle seems to come out of nowhere. >> i thought i have a phone. >> that is how he dreamed up the app called bike shield. >> put the phone in your pocket and for get bit. >> for drivers the app is in the
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background turning on when the car starts to move and warns you before you would be able to see the bike. >> cars have blind spots. they don't realize there is a bicycle coming. >> some of those the local governments can make city streets safer. >> san francisco is undertaking a huge project to make the streets safer but people have to use it. they want to partner with city bike share programs to be running on city buses. >> especially considering buses and bicycles. so it will help us minimize those accidents. >> they charged a fee but give them something in exchange. a gold mine of data. >> to have an idea of which streets are being used. >> for drivers don't be surprised if bike shields become
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an option on software. >> to become the bicycle. we'll is cars they have bicycles. >> big dreams for guys doing this bart time. now, raising money to make dreams a reality. >> this is a free app free for everyone. >> in mountain view, abc7 news. >> well what a difference a day makes. >> yes. no real rain. >> it feels roomy outside. >> and like winter. >> how do you like winter? >> here is live doppler seven hd. low clouds dropping from yesterday's rain record levels. anyhow we've got some low clouds with us you can see and cool down here is a live view from our camera looking west across the bay. check out this
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column and cloverdale at 23 degrees cooler today. san rafael 14 degrees cooler, yesterday a record high for the day, 75 degrees. today, oakland a high of 78 degrees 17 degrees cooler. you can see the affects low clouds have had we've got readings into mid-50s. and to a live view from our exploratorium camera. forecast features cloudy tonight. patchy fog and sunshine returning after a foggy morning. with mild conditions continuing into the weekend here is despite the presence of low clouds a big ridge of high pressure in our weather picture. this dry pattern will continue for several days into next week. and here is a little forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. overnight, low clouds pushing inland again across the bay and
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into inland locations wide spread today as maybe more moisture producing drizzly drops and lows into upper 40 s to low 50s. tomorrow morning at 5:00 we'll have lots of low clouds and perhaps reduced visibility for commuters. notice how clouds will move out and by afternoon, mainly sunny skies across the bay area. and from upper 50 s to 60s inland. 67 in san jose. 68 morgan hill. and upper 50s on the coast.
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downtown san francisco, 63 degrees tomorrow. north bay 68 in santa rosa. and east bay highs 66 in oakland. 66 in fremont. inland mid to upper 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies and milder thursday and friday, saturday. highs reaching low 70s. mid-60s on the coast. and will be an award winning day. lovely weather and you can see academy awards here on abc7. go next week. a mild and dry pattern. >> yes. >> i think so. >> yes. >> up next, a stairwa
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[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ]
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[ seagulls squawking ] a bill in sacramento would allow cities to curb sidewalk nuisances. a stairway on communications hill. the view is just spectacular but stairs have become home to loiterers and drug users the city has been unable to stop it because the stairway is a sidewalk and must be accessible at all times the bill gives cities greater ability to regulate pedestrians right of ways. >> nonstop flights to china will
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be taking off for the first time. here they made it official, will operate the flights between san jose and bejing five days per week. he says this is a great opportunity for silicon valley companies. >> he's got over 500 companies in this region that have operations in china. ability to be able to have customers in that region. he says it will bring new jobs at $105 million to the economy. >> if you're trying to lose weight, most experts tell you to break a sweat. now now there is one recommending you chill out a researcher has come up with something called cold shoulder. an ice vest designed to lower your body temperatures. >> our trials suggests it burns
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up to 500 calories per day if you wear it twice a day for an hour each. >> how it could trigger a fat burning reaction. >> fascinating. >> more still to come tonight just ahead, you've signed up for covered california. now, try finding a doctor. why you may have trouble. >> winter weather back east, dangerous roadways and a government shut down. and a harjer than life version of ronald rea
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covered california said it does d.not meet it's goal of signing up 1.7 million people before the deadline. >> and thousands signed up last year still can't find a doctor to care for them. >> michael finney is here toechl plain why. >> yes. this is amazing. critics claim covered california does not have enough doctors and
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they say patients are suffering because of it. >> brian edwards points to spots with he feels his head pounding. >> just feels like somebody is getting you into your eye was a hammer. >> he is one of 345 patients who filed complaints because they couldn't find a doctor. two laura filed lawsuits against both companies >> people were locked into plans and suddenly, provider network shufrng. people couldn't go to the doctor or couldn't find a doctor in the network. >> in november, the state released an investigation and found they'd provided an inaccurate list of doctors.
6:31 pm
1313 did not accept them. anthem blue close had the same problem with almost 9% of the doctors listed as accepting covered california patients. >> and there is whether there are doctors. >> brian saw a doctor last year listed as accepting covered california patients and shocked to receive a $900 bill. >> said sorry. we don't take covered california. >> he took a complaint up the chain and blue shield paid for his out of network doctor. he still doesn't have a permanent doctor because he says he can't get an
6:32 pm
appointment. >> he told us the network is somewhat smaller but still provides access to most of the high-quality office of the standard ppo. this is between choice and an testimony blue cross said we've mailed and called every doctor in efforts to update information. our data shows fewer complaints on this issue. >> he's right. those complaints did decline. blue shield went from 92 to 51 and blue cross from 108 to 94. consumer watch dog says that that is not enough. >> makes me outraged i mean, we're caring for hundreds all the time. they're still dealing with it. >> department of managed health
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care plans to follow up with a survey. investigators referred the issue to enforcement division. go to abc7 and most reports are put up right away so they're there. >> a new blast of winter is hitting 20 states in washington, d.c. again tonight. watch how this suv loses control. the storm pounded the nation's capital with half a foot of snow. >> giving cruise an opportunity to melt what is there, making room for another storm that is on the way. >> in north carolina today, rescuers came to the aid of a dog in danger of drowning. firefighters pannaged to get him to safety with a long hook. he was reunited with his
6:34 pm
12-year-old owner. >> well safety regulators are taking a look at railroad oil tankers tonight following a derailment in west virginia. fires are still smoldering tonight. hundreds of homes were evacuated and two plants shut down. the tankers are fairly new featuring safety upgrades adidn't owed four years ago. each can carry 30,000 gallons of crude. >> president obama vowing to apple a jum's decision to block his orders on immigration the first part of the orders supposed to have taken affect tomorrow. and would have allowed immigrants. scomb young immigrants look forward to becoming legal. >> i can work support myself,
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my family. and have been able to contribute to society. >> every department has preparations for processing for applications until the matter is settled in courts. >> a new statue of president reagan will soon take its place at the state capitol. this bronze representation of the two-term governor is over seven feet tall. this sculptor wanted to honor reagan and says his widow played a role in the decision. >> i get a sculpture and have nancy's approval still. and a lot of things they sent me so it would be perfect. >> the statue will replace a statue of columbus.
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no word on where that columbus statue will go. >> just ahead here on abc7 news at 6:00 a local project helping provide can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it.
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nearly too many don't have enough books to read now, two organizations are working together so teachers can help kids get into reading. >> it's a rare sight teachers selecting books to take to zooms. thanks to the childrens book project, every book is free. darla anderson is a teacher in west contra costa county. >> reading is fundamental. it's one of the things that is important to me. is that they enjoy reading. >> teachers and lie rarins can take what they need. >> it's expensive we came here because you give them away for free. our students need the books. >> the project started in 1992
6:40 pm
by a specialist noticing teachers were in need of books >> i realized that california was the second lowest of all states in giving books to teachers and only states lower is mississippi. >> many like the childrens book project were getting attention tanks to first book a national organization providing children with new books. >> for every $five donated, disney will donate two books to a child in need. abc7 owned by disney donates books to organizations like local book project. >> and now abc and disney are partnering with first book to share magic of story telling by
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donating $5000 books to the project in san francisco. >> yes. you can help them just go to abc7 to find out how to donate. >> coming up next finding new drove in the reridge (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over
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we know it can be difficult to find a perfect partner but what if you can determine compatibility without a glance? true love might be as near as your refrigerator. what is in the fridge says everything you need to know about a potential match. what is in your fridge? could it be path to love? >> when i look, i get an idea of their health. their life style. their income. their sex life. >> he is the world's first rde. refrigerator dating expert. >> nothing says more about who you are than what we eat and
6:45 pm
drink. and it is our main activity. >> stonehill has a background in marketing but a date's messy and smelly fridge gave him inspiration. >> a doctor was her residency in columbia. i knew she was smarter than me. second date, things going well. i check the fridge. like godzilla attacked new york ate up harlem then went to the bathroom in her fridge. this is one of the craziest girls i've dated. like oh, my god. chaos in the fridge equals chaos in life. >> he writes a blog called check the fridge. >> i like to see hines ketchup that is a good thing. >> here are things to look for. is it clean? a filthy fridge shows life in disarray. >> off the bat if it is messy or
6:46 pm
smelly, that should be a red flag. >> look at the brands. expensive labels likely a sign of wealth. store brands might mean cheap. >> they're staging that on every fridge, then likely highly likely, that they're cheap in other areas as well. >> is there healthy food? >> is what they're putting in the body now going to dictate what they're going to look like down the road. >> is the fridge empty? >> this person is not available on the social front. >> we wanted to see how right he was. >> okay. >> we asked a single cary to show us her fridge. >> champagne. >> we checked back in with him. >> so you look at cary's fridge. >> fi f.i were single i would go out with her in a heartbeat she has a lot of wine. it shows she's a quality host.
6:47 pm
tons of cheeses beer she doesn't drink beer. and she's looking out for guests. >> john was spot on about the fridge. >> says i'm not home that much. i eat out a lot. when home i serve alcohol, wine cheese, crackers and salami. >> what does cary like to see in a guy's fridge? >> wine, cheese. >> always look for the things you like, too. >> okay. so how well does john's system work? well his wife cleared the test and they'd had their first child on valentine's day. >> let's move on and talk about the weather forecast. >> in spencer's fridge nice cheese and wine. >> you can find nice wine there. chilling affect today.
6:48 pm
we've seen high tides tomorrow and next day. occurring home at 10:38 a.m . these are the king tides that may produce tidal overflow. to conditions tomorrow sunny mild will be mild here in the bay area tomorrow, sunny skies than today by afternoon. high temperatures from mid-60s around the bay to mid upper 60s inland. upper 50s to 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild pattern becoming milder thursday and friday and throughout the weekend. mid-60s on the coast including an award winning forecast sunday. you can watch here on abc7.
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>> well, look who is back with us today. >> yes. >> well i've been described as a fragile flower in the past, but still recovering.
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good evening nhl stadium series this saturday and ice is down now. the challenge making sure surface stays frozen. supposed to be 71 degrees saturday. and i think spencer would verify that that is likely to cover occur. 22 degrees and sharks man handled by the top team in the west. and then predators score five straight goals. and then, craig smith makes it
6:53 pm
4-1 nashville. sharks learn why on that sequence right there. it's now 5-1, nashville. kings are a mess, calling on george carl to try to clean things up today. carl is 63 years old, coached warriors and a great one in denver looking for a shot to try to win a championship. kings are a massive tear down project but two-time cancer survivor said he's excited about the chance to get back on the side lines again. >> this situation is i love the game. >> one of the concerns is
6:54 pm
his weight. if sand joe value can hit his weight this year, it will be impressive. >> and then will concentrate on rio. >> missy franklin was the darling of the summer olympics. and i asked if her experience is all she'd expected. >> it was everything and more. >> she can accept endorsements to help fund training for 2016 olympic games >> this way i'll be able to
6:55 pm
start my career and family for for a while. >> i think on saturday our meeting was just awesome. this is very emotional day on saturday. >> misty is so upbeat that it had to be a treat to be her mentor. >> she has a way of being positive and you can approach her life, that is an amazing gift. >> will you come back? >> yes. i will. i will get my degree from cal.
6:56 pm
>> what a great attitude. and shu had an interesting observation, saying she might be the most positive person he's ever met. wow. >> just bubbly. sees positive in everything. >> bubbly positive. >> yes. >> all right. >> thank you >> join us tonight on nine a football star in the center of a 50 shades of gray fire storm. then for get breaking a sweat one expert says just chill out we'll have a special report. >> now tonight join us for repeat after me and marvel agent
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carter. then we'll be back at 11:00. >> and go to watch or down load the app from your app store. >> this is this edition and we appreciate your time. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening. you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise.
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it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a housekeeper and freelance copy editor from berkeley, california... a children's book managing editor from douglassville pennsylvania... and our returning champion a graduate student in poetry from iowa city, iowa... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thank you, johnny. i could tell even in your voice -- $1,599. when you compare that to what our champions have been wining in recent weeks on our program it's kind of depressing. but andy
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wasn't too excited about it yesterday but he gets to play again today, so he could earn a lot more if he can defeat stephanie and eamon. let's find out how it goes. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. interesting spelling there. notice "keep" in quotation marks. andy. let's go with nfl for $200. alex: andy. what are the new orleans saints? yes. nfl for $400. alex: eamon. who are the chicago bears? yes. can i "keep" it? for $200.


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