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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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america this morning. making news in america this morning, dangerous cold. records falling across the country with temperatures well below zero. in many areas, pipes bursting from the cold. the empty beaches in florida. and concerns over crops. tense encounter. a major development in a deadly road rage case. >> there's the animal. a block away! >> the emotional scene. who is the shirtless suspect taken into custody? and how the victim's family knew him. nfl stunner. two teams threatening to leave their current cities to bring pro football back to los angeles. their billion-dollar idea to join forces. and dinner surprise. a find of a lifetime in one man's seafood stew worth $15,000.
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good friday morning. i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the millions of people waking up to numbing sub zero temperatures. >> that's right. this morning, the dangerous cold stretching from the upper midwest all the way to the deep south. minus 12 in cleveland. zero in philly. 30 in orlando. >> this bitter blast already breaking records in chicago. minus 8 degrees there as the ice forms over lake michigan. >> here's something you don't often see in florida. hat, gloves, scarf, heavy sweater. temperatures dipping into the mid 40s in miami. here's bazi kanani with more. >> reporter: record-breaking cold this morning from snowy new england all the way down to windy florida, where beaches are empty and tourists are bundled up. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> reporter: florida's citrus growers nervous about a possible freeze, constantly checking the crops.
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across the south, concern for drivers unaccustomed to icy roads. at this intersection, car after car spinning out. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. that's going to be a wreck right there. >> slow down, slow down. >> reporter: in michigan, two people lucky to survive this crash. their car pinned beneath a semi. thousands of emergency calls coming in around the country. 4,000 in washington, d.c. in the last ten days alone. one such call to rescue these pups stranded on the ice in revere, massachusetts. >> they jumped over the fence because the snow's so high. >> reporter: for anyone spending time outside, new warnings about the risk of frostbite, which can set in in just minutes on exposed skin. >> your eyes start to water. your toes are numb. it's hard to even take a breath. it hurts. >> reporter: the dangers of this deep freeze inside, as well. an epidemic of burst pipes. watch as this michigan student barely misses an icy deluge. >> remind everybody, keep those
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faucets going. >> reporter: the mayor of louisville, kentucky, warning residents to know where and how to shut off the water. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> the good news is that this bitter cold won't last much longer. but you may not like what it's being replaced by. >> that's right. accuweather's justin povick with the forecast. good morning, justin. >> ryan and reena, thanks, good morning. the northeast waking up to more of winter's chill. yes, it's downright brutal for many spots. thankfully, the winds not going to be too much of a factor as the day wears on. it's breezy in the morning. enough so that we could have flight delays around newark, boston's logan. snow pushing its way out for now. not the case later on this upcoming weekend. early on this weekend, over northern sections of the northeast. south, we're concerned about sleet and freezing rain around pittsburgh and our nation's capital. ice to rain over much of the
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tennessee valley. back off to the south. dry and mild. there will be heavy rain in the deep south and southeast as well. ryan and reena, back to you. >> thank you, justin. another weather emergency happening right now. northern australia getting hammered by back-to-back storms. two powerful cyclones hitting this morning just hours apart. the twin storms are being called the cyclone sandwich. winds hitting 180 miles an hour tore off roofs, toppled trees, and knocked out power to thousands. the surf so rough, a big shark washed up on the beach. we turn now to an arrest in the road rage shooting that left a mother of four dead. the suspect, a 19-year-old neighbor. >> the victim's husband says not only did the family know the teen, they tried to help him, giving him money, food, advice. for more, here's abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: this shirtless suspect taken into custody by police in the alleged road rage murder of las vegas mom tammy meyers. >> we're in the tactical phase of attempting to take a suspect into custody who we believe to be involved in the homicide of
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mrs. meyers. >> reporter: the arrest follows a wild scene only one block from where meyers and her four children lived. meyers' husband rushing to the scene. >> there's the animal, a block away! [ bleep ]. >> cameras off! >> reporter: the suspect's mom visibly shaken arriving during the standoff. police, with guns drawn, surrounded the house of the young suspect, asking him to come out. >> all of a sudden i heard the bullhorns. and people yelling and helicopters. he came in, he's like, they're looking for the kid next door. >> reporter: this coming one week after meyers was shot in the head following an alleged road rage incident. police saying after an encounter with an angry driver near her home, she grabbed her oldest son who brought his handgun, to go in search of that driver. only to return home where the driver shot her in the head in front of her own house. las vegas police identifying the shooter, who is in custody, as 19-year-old eric nowsch.
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they say there is another suspect on the loose. kendis gibson, abc news, las vegas. the u.s. is revealing a major iraqi offensive this spring against isis. the pentagon estimates retaking mosul. iraq's second biggest city. it will actually require 20,000 to 25,000 iraqi troops. it should happen in april or may. it will be a major test of how well the u.s. has trained iraqi troops. they'll be supported by coalition air strikes. u.s. troops may be needed to guide those attacks, but not for combat. former new york city mayor republican rudy giuliani is in the middle of a political fire storm. it started wednesday night when he spoke at a dinner and said, i know this is a horrible thing to say, but i don't believe the president loves america. in an interview on fox news yesterday, he claims he wasn't questioning mr. obama's patriotism. democrats are calling on potential republican presidential candidates to denounce giuliani's comments. doctors know how patients at a southern california hospital were infected by a potentially deadly superbug. seven people were infected after
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undergoing endoscopy procedures. at lauk medical center. role in two deaths. hospital officials are apologizing for the outbreak and promising it's not a public health threat. >> we're very sorry about the anxiety and concern that the situation has posed for our patients as well as our community. >> nearly 200 people were exposed to the superbug, which is antibiotic resistant. the hospital has adopted more stringent sterilization techniques for its medical devices. amidst all this cold, some good news from frigid chicago. the dogs that were inside a minivan that was stolen are safe this morning. they were reunited with their very relieved owners yesterday. the minivan they were in belonged to their doggie day care. it was left running and was unlocked when two men stole it on wednesday. owners feared for the dogs' health because of the arctic temperatures. so glad they're home. well, still ahead, electric avenue. new details on when apple could release its first car.
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and a desperate escape. passengers forced to flee when fire and smoke engulfed a train. plus, the white house apparently overlooking spellcheck. take a look. can you spot the mistake?
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know better sleep with sleep number. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. !® breaking overnight, an nfl earth wake rocking california. two teams say they're ready to move into the same stadium. the san diego chargers and oakland raiders now planning to share a stadium in the los angeles area.
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they say they would move if both teams fail to get new stadium deals in their current home towns. both teams have tried for new venues for years. the announcement may be an attempt to pressure their cities. americans should be paying tax on sugary snacks. that's the opinion of experts helping to draft this year's new dietary guidelines. they say using the revenue to subsidize fruits and vegetables would have public health benefits. walmart is boosting the wages of 30% of its workers. starting in april, pay will increase to at least there are 9$9 an hour. next year, it will go up to $10 an hour. they're trying to improve wages and work conditions. some analysts suggest other retailers may soon follow walmart. apple is charging ahead with plans to produce an electric car. sources tell bloomberg news they want to start building and release them within the next five years.
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apple has reportedly already assembled a team for the project. now there's word that they're being accused of poaching employees from a company that makes batteries for electric cars. mcdonald's is bringing back chicken selects. its version of chicken strips. they were on the mean ewe for a decade until two years ago. they'll join nuggets on the menu next month. the prices are climbing. there's a glut of chicken on the market. mcdonald's been struggling recently. all reasons to bring back an old favorite. >> looks good. crunch which i. i like it. a lot. when we come back, close calls. two planes coming within inches of disaster during a stunt show. and game changer. the new rules set to be announced for major league baseball as spring training gets under way. [bell rings] you're not mr. craig. yeah, i'm confused where's mr. craig? well, i'm sorta mr. craig. we're both between 35 and 45 years old. we both like to save money on car insurance. and we're both really good at teaching people a lesson. um, let's go. cool.
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there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. live pictures this morning from hollywood's dolby theater, where oscar preparations are in full swing. the red carpet may be a little bit soggy. there's a chance of rain, with
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the temperature about 53 before the ceremony. in the mid 60s before the ceremony. watch the academy awards right here sunday night starting at 7:00 eastern. what a show it will be. now for a look at morning road conditions. shipperry from snow in the northern rockies and great lakes. icy in arkansas, tennessee, and kentucky. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in memphis and denver. well disturbing new details about the california man who went on a rampage last year killing six u.c. santa barbara students. >> elliott roger searched online for ways to kill silently with a knife. police also found slash marx on his pillows and sheets suggesting he may have rehearsed the killings. he stabbed two roommates and a friend, gunned down two women and plowed into a crowd before killing himself. attorneys for the man accused of murdering former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle have presented their final witness. a forensic psychologist said
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that eddie ray routh was so pair nod that he thought that kyle and his other victim were pig assassins sent to kill him. closing arguments could start today. hollywood is mourning the loss of a young comedic talent. harris wittels, the co-executive producer and writer on "parks and recreation" was found dead in his home. she was a standup comedian and worked on other television shows. he was just 30 years old. a cause of death has not been determined. the series finale airs next week. mayhem aboard a crowded commuter train in brazil. a fire broke out while the train was in a station in sao paolo. passengers were running for their lives. gasping for air. some struggling to pull others from the car. and scary scene in the sky over india. two planes touched wing tips in a maneuver. the planes were damaged.
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the pilots stayed in control and were able to land safely. neither of them were injured. good news for coffee drinkers. new federal regulations say three to five cups of coffee a day are not only safe but help prevent heart disease and diabetes, as long as you don't load up on the cream and sugar. these recommendations are likely to become formal guidelines later this year. and major league baseball is announcing new rule changes today, designed to speed up the pace of the game. the three new rules doctor managers must challenge calls from the dugout. batters mousse keep one foot in the batter's box. they can only step out completely after a foul ball or an umpire's time-out. and finally, play must resume promptly once tv broadcasts come back from commercials. players can use springtiming to get used to the changes. players say that will throw off their timing. but they want to speed up the game.
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now, some basketball. the nba is back from its all-star break. >> highlights from every game played last night in the league. we get those from our guys at espn. >> good morning to you, welcome to the "sportscenter" studios in sunny los angeles. jay harris, john anderson. lots of hoops on thursday evening. >> all right. here we go. spurs-clippers. from right next door. tim duncan. timmy. third quarter. diondre jordan doing what he does best which is attacking the rim over marco belinelli. i learned a new term in this one. that's called a what? >> a thrunk. >> a throwdown dunk. look at bellinelli. manu can't get back. chris paul creating space. clippers win it, 119-115. jordan 26 and 18, stout! russell westbrook and kevin durant ready to get the second half of the season started. mavericks and thunder. first quarter. monta ellis. chandler parsons in poor
4:19 am
defensive possession. westbrook takes advantage. right at the rim. attacks it hard. watch it again. mavericks are like, duh, we should have guarded him. >> yeah. >> fourth quarter, thunder up 12. gets to the rim. and they're still like, yeah, we should have guarded him. kevin durant comes off the floor limping. he had issues at the all-star game. says he'll be all right. just a little sore. thunder win, westbrook, 34 points, 10 assists. >> do you get the sense that no matter what you played in the schoolyard, russell westbrook would have been the first pick? >> absolutely. >> let's play basketball. i'll take russell. kickball i'll take russ. football. russell. that's all we got, back to you. >> heard he was amazing at jai alai. up next in "the pulse." the one month the white house consistently spells wrong. and what a guy found in his stew worth tens of thousands of dollars.
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time now to check "the pulse." these are stories you're going to be talking about today. attention, white house, it's february, not feburary. is that right? we bring this up because it's been misspeld on a number of
4:23 am
document this is month. >> worse yet, the mistakes are on schedules given to the press, a group more likely to notice misspellings. february is also misspelled on the white house page. it's possible that congress cut the budget for spellcheckers. >> times are tight. what are you going to do? up next, a big announcement from iggy azalea. she just became the latest celebrity to quit social media at least for now. >> her decision was prompted by a flurry of online comments about her appearance in a bikini shot by the paparazzi when she was in hawaii with her boyfriend, nick young. >> the 24-year-old australian rapper unleashed a torrent of tweets on the body shaming. she called the internet the ugliest reflection of mankind there is. i thought she looked good. >> i don't know. but then the body-shaming thing is becoming a thing on the internet. i hope that stops. probably won't. finally, a lucky police officer in massachusetts is set
4:24 am
for quite payday thanks to a dinner he had years ago. >> yeah mike found a small egg-shaped object in his seafood stew. you see it there. it was at a restaurant six years ago. he and his wife decided, we're keeping this thing. it looks pretty good. >> wait a second. he said, wait. he saw a report about a similar object somewhere. he said let me go get this thing appraised, and ka-ching, it's a rare lavender pearl. >> because rare lavender pearls are so valuable? i don't understand. it will be sold at auction next month. es mats have -- estimates have it that it could be worth up to 15 grand. 99 looks like one of those cadbury eggs. >> if that happened to me, i would have thrown it in the trash. >> i would have given it to my son to play with. >> you would give your son that? >> it's a cadbury egg. >> it's the size of a jelly bean. i'm worried about reena's
4:25 am
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i thought, "the red cross does katrina. they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 4:28. thank you for ending the week with us. >> you look good. >> checking. i have tough company here. i am eric thomas. leyla gulen has traffic. meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> a lot like yesterday. we have livermore at 2.5 miles visibility. thick fog inland. around walnut creek with the moisture was causing slick streets with mist. transition to hazy sunshine today. 58 at the coast with clouds lingering. enjoy a quiet evening in the mid-to-upper 50s. i have sprinkles in the forecast.
4:29 am
>> i felt the mist on my skin because the temperature difference it felt line rain. >> you want to be careful you are not driving interest anything that is too slick because there is a buildup and it is slippery. it is dry on the bay bridge toll plaza and you can move along nicely with a few cars willing to pay in the far right. walnut creek: the drive is misty from 680 at pleasant hill. we have something going on through tunnel. >> and chargeers could be stadium in a if you plan. >> people are caught by surprise. we know these are only the beginning stages. raiders are putting together a
4:30 am
plan to move to southern california. the team is looking at a joint stadium site south of los angeles sharing this space with the san diego chargers would would move from their current location. this happened if both teams fail to security deals in their hometown. oakland sports would be saved and hope the team and city fine a permanent solution for the sake of the fans. >> i don't see how this can work for two diverse cities. the chargers have a large percentage of the fans go to san diego to watch the games but the raiders' fan base is right here in the east bay. >> this is what the proposed stadium would look like. it would be privately financed and cost $1.7 billion. the stadium would be located in carson about 15 miles south of los a


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