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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 23, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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using his sense of smell to identify many food items. >> he's a volume producer. >> on this monday night, deadly driving. the 2,000-mile storm from california to the carolinas. the pileups. 14 states. dangerous and invisible ice. the view through the windshield. and thousands of flights canceled tonight. also, the breaking news. the manhunt at this hour. the home invasion. suspects allegedly strapping a device to a banker and tying his mother to a bed, putting an alleged bomb underneath. forcing him to the bank. we are on the scene. on alert. the terror message that includes the mall of america. tonight, the fbi's response. the medical breakthrough late today when it comes to peanut allergies. dr. besser with steps you can take right now. and the oscars hidden moments. julie andrews' whisper to lady gaga, right here.
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good evening. and it's great to start another week with you. and we begin tonight with the horrific driving. this time, it is coast to coast. across the south tonight, watches and warnings up at this hour. and this new image from nasa. a sea of white from texas north to new england. and look at this patch of empty interstate in ft. worth, texas. and that's a good thing. so many highways coated with a layer of ice for a time today. this is the ride home in edmond, oklahoma. whiteout conditions there. the view tonight from inside this person's car in dallas. ice covering the whole thing. you can't even see out the windows there. also tonight, word of hail and a possible tornado in california, and the whole system now moving east. meteorologist rob marciano with the track. but first, abc's clayton sandell from dallas. >> reporter: the coming storm, announced its arrival in dallas/ft. worth with thunder sleet. freezing rain made driving an icy, dangerous mess. 37 cars piled up in amarillo. in oklahoma, crashes closed interstate 35.
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drivers in the storm's path struggled to get traction. >> it's pretty bad. four-wheel drive helps you go, but it doesn't help you stop. >> reporter: even getting out to push. slick roads turned big rigs into 15,000-pound hockey pucks. here in dallas, there's a layer of ice everywhere. not only on the sidewalks, but on the roads. the police have responded to well over 100 crashes already. airports canceled about 1,000 flights thanks to the latest in a series of rapid fire winter storms so far costing airlines and passengers about $1.3 billion. there's a human cost, too. in austin today, two people died in fires blamed on space heaters. >> i didn't know what to think. i mean, you know, the house is on fire. i was hoping there wasn't anybody in there. >> reporter: and recent storms in tennessee and kentucky have killed at least 33 people. meanwhile, out west, snow is falling in las vegas. hail, even tornadoes in southern california. in the east, even the thawing is
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trouble. >> awful. >> reporter: from maine to arlington, virginia, where a sinkhole opened up nine feet deep. and david, here in dallas, they'll be happy to see this storm and all this ice move on. but there's a new snowstorm heed headed this way on wednesday. david? >> clayton, you're absolutely right. which is why we get right to rob marciano now. first, the track of this system and it's a huge one. >> reporter: it is. and the core of it is still back in the western mountains. it's got a long and wide reach. look at the advisories. from california to the carolinas. we have winter weather advisories and storm warnings. the snow will be crossing the mississippi and by noon tomorrow, across northern georgia. just north of atlanta, in through the carolinas. accumulating snow. not much, but just enough in the south to cause slick problems. the other big story is the cold. look at the numbers. once again, below zero tomorrow in boston and in cincinnati. below freezing in dallas. that sets the stage for round two, winter storm watches posted there for snow tomorrow night, david. >> all right, rob marciano, with us tonight. rob, thank you. now, to that manhunt under
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way at this hour in the northeast. after what started in a quiet town in connecticut. a family terrorized, intruders allegedly tying a device to a banker, also tying up his elderly mother, placing an alleged device beneath her bed, forcing the man to take them to the bank. s.w.a.t. teams moving in first in the neighborhood then the bank, where tonight, we're learning our the victim was able to get word out that he needed help. abc's gio benitez is on the scene. >> reporter: police descending on a quiet connecticut community, after a mother and her adult son were allegedly held hostage in an elaborate bank robbery scheme, with threats they both would be killed with explosives, law enforcement sources tell abc news. >> there's no question that this was a very scary situation. >> reporter: a neighborhood evacuated. schools on lockdown. traffic at a standstill as parts of new briton, connecticut, essentially shut down. it all began right here in another quiet town, bristol, connecticut. police responding at 8:00 a.m. to reports of a home invasion. sources say the 70-year-old
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mother was tied to a bed and that some sort of device was placed under it. the son, a bank executive, was reportedly taken 20 minutes away, to achieve financial credit union. threatened that a device under mom's bed would be detonated if he didn't get them cash. the man somehow alerting a colleague, who called police. >> they encountered an adult male in a motor vehicle that had what appeared to be an explosive device strapped to his person. >> reporter: the alleged crooks got away, and by noon, authorities declared the devices safe. but tonight, the fbi is looking closely at them. both mom and son, unhurt. a community on edge. and the search is on for the suspects. gio benitez, abc news, new briton, connecticut. >> gio, thank you. and now, to the terror video that includes a reference to this country's biggest mall, the mall of america, outside minneapolis. tonight, authorities are calling for vigilance, stepping up security at america's malls, as they study this new tape from a terror group with links to al qaeda. this group has targeted malls overseas before. tonight here, we ask, how big is the threat?
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and who are authorities most concerned about? abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight with scenes near minneapolis. >> reporter: today at the mall of america, a full-scale lockdown exercise. preparing shoppers and retailers for how to respond to an attack. >> what if such an attack was to occur -- >> reporter: it comes just a day after fbi and homeland security officials issued a bulletin about that chilling new video from al qaeda's somalia affiliate, al shabab. it's a commercial for killing. a call for an attack on the mall of america. the nation's biggest shopping center, just outside minneapolis. an area with a large somali immigrant population. more than 20 men from that community have gone overseas to join al shabab. >> i think this video is an effort to increase their profile and to help them recruit westerners to join al shabab. >> reporter: al shabab is responsible for the deadly 2013 massacre at the westgate mall in
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nairobi, kenya, leaving 67 dead. since that kenyan attack, u.s. authorities have stepped up training like this, staging mock mall attacks to test readiness. but today, federal officials said there's no specific evidence of a plot against malls. >> and pierre thomas with us live from our washington bureau tonight. and pierre, authorities are concerned not only with this video, but with lone wolves who might be inspired by it? >> reporter: yeah, david law enforcement officials tell me that such propaganda video might inspire radicals they don't know about to attack on their own. >> pierre thomas, thank you. we turn overseas now, and to the new headline on iran. secretary of state john kerry tonight, saying "we have made progress." the associated press reporting that there could be movement on a plan to restrict iran's nuclear program for at least a decade. those restrictions would then slowly be lifted, according to the a.p. it is still unclear if there will be an agreement in place before the march 31st deadline. meantime tonight, here at home, the white house taking new action in the fight over immigration. after a judge in texas blocked
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the president's executive action last week. tonight, the obama administration filing its appeal of the judge's order. the president's executive action would have allowed up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to apply for work permits. the white house is asking that the plan be allowed to go forward while the judge's ruling is appealed. now, to a medical headline late today. new research out tonight being called a medical breakthrough on peanut allergies. and the one thing families can do to slash their child's risk. dr. richard besser standing by, but first tonight, abc's linsey davis with one family, very hopeful. >> reporter: inside this new jersey home -- hi there, i'm linsey from "world news tonight." leeann and her son josh view peanuts as poison. have you ever not been able to breathe? >> yes, when i was 2. >> reporter: that's when josh experienced a violent reaction after eating a bite out of his mother's peanut butter sandwich. >> in under 30 seconds, he couldn't breathe, he -- his blood pressure had dropped, you know clutching your throat you
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know it's almost like you're being strangled. >> reporter: but with today's new study, hope that other kids won't have to go through that. researchers fed peanut snack puffs to babies prone to allergies and found early exposure actually prevented most babies from developing the peanut allergies themselves. the conclusion? introducing peanuts to babies between 4 to 11 months reduced peanut allergies by 80%. encouraging news for parents and kids. linsey davis, abc news, livingston, new jersey. >> all right, linsey, thank you very much. dr. besser, you were in the newsroom today, saying, this was, in fact, a game-changer. so what do you tell patients tonight? >> reporter: well yeah this is a dramatic change. this is so different from how we used to approach this. if your child already has food allergies, they run in your family, they need to get skin tested before you introduce peanuts. but for every other child, you want to make sure when you start them on solid foods, they get a wide variety. stopping these foods, not exposing them to them could be the biggest risk of all. >> could be the wrong answer. >> reporter: exactly. >> all right, dr. besser with us tonight. we'll stay on this. thanks, rich. now, to the campus drug scare in connecticut.
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ten students and two visitors at wesleyan university treated for an overdose of the drug called molly. eight still hospitalized. two in critical condition. the designer drug, a refined form of ecstasy. police believe they ingested a bad batch of the drug. they are now looking for the source tonight. we turn this evening to an abc news exclusive. an extraordinary undertaking tonight in texas. a high stakes surgery, more than two dozen doctors and nurses, a 26-hour surgery to separate two little girls, conjoined twins, just 10 months old. "nightline" anchor juju chang takes us inside the o.r. tonight. >> reporter: knatalye and adeline mata have shared every breath since they were born conjoined ten months ago. their mother hoping to hold them each individually for the first time. but first, they must endure a complex, highly risky operation, 12 surgeons ten months in the making costing millions of dollars. the doctors here at texas
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children's hospital in houston, texas, working in unchartered waters. the twins are conjoined from the rib cage down to their pelvis. some of their internal organs, like their livers, are fused together. >> we have to separate things and then we have to put them back together. we have to reconstruct them. >> reporter: when you think about the potential risks, what goes through your mind? >> sadness. i just don't want to lose them. and i know there's that risk. but i have this peace of mind, this faith in god that he's got control of it. >> reporter: and you have faith in the doctors, as well. >> i do. >> reporter: the mata family waits anxiously during the 26-hour surgery. and 16 hours in -- >> five. four. three. two. one. separated. >> reporter: the girls' future looks bright. >> two, three. >> reporter: a true testament to their middle names. hope and faith. juju chang, abc news, houston. >> just extraordinary, that team. and much more of juju's
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reporting tonight right here on "nightline." in the meantime tonight, we turn to hollywood's biggest night. the oscars. millions watching from around the world. and this evening, look at this. every burst of yellow there representing tweets during the oscars. and that explosion of color came during patricia arquette's comments last night. but she wasn't the only one who made headlines in hollywood. the 87th oscars and the speeches making headlines. j.k. simmons, winning the oscar for best supporting actor for "whiplash," with a simple request. >> if you're lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them. don't text, don't e-mail, call them on the phone. tell them you love them and thank them and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you. thank you. thank you, mom and dad. >> reporter: and there was patricia arquette, who played the role of mom in "boyhood." shooting over a span of 12 years, growing up, just as the children did. >> i don't have the answer.
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my "boyhood" family, who i love and admire. >> reporter: she went on to talk about the moms and families across this country. >> to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> reporter: from meryl streep to her co-star, ethan hawke, cheering her on. there was stephen hawking cheering on someone else, the young actor who played him, eddie redmayne, in "the theory of everything." playing hawking, his life-long discoveries, his life-long battle with als. >> thank you. >> i'm fully aware that i am a lucky, lucky man. this belongs to all of those people around the world battling als. >> reporter: afterward, hawking writing, "congratulations. well done, eddie. i'm very proud of you." there was the music, "glory," from "selma." john legend and common.
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♪ one day when the glory comes ♪ ♪ it will be ours ♪ ♪ it will be ours ♪ >> reporter: which moved the audience to tears. and lady gaga, performing 50 years after "the sound of music." ♪ til you find your dream ♪ >> reporter: a standing ovation and one more surprise for the audience. julie andrews, with a hug for lady gaga. the performer shaking. julie andrews asking, "are you okay?" best picture went to "birdman." >> look, it's great to be here. who am i kidding? this is just great fun. thank you very much. >> reporter: and lastly, best actress for "still alice," julianne moore, whose husband walked her to the stairs. >> thank you so much. >> incredible moment.
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and later here tonight, julianne moore's joke that had the crowd roaring. but it was something else she had that had a profound response today and we'll get to that a little later here. but we wanted to turn to another image, 70 years ago tonight. one of the most iconic images of world war ii was taken. five u.s. marines and a navy sailor hoisting that american flag over iwo jima. the second flag raised that day. in fact, the first deemed too small. three of those men would not survive the war. the image did. winning a pulitzer and becoming a symbol of american resilience and sacrifice. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the new twist in that alleged road rage case in las vegas. you'll remember the father screaming at the cameras, his wife shot in front of their home. well, what lawyers are now saying for that young suspect. was it road rage after all? also, the big news coming in tonight. who could forget the long lines for that powerball jackpot? tonight, the winning mother in that line coming forward, and what a story she has. and then the surprise headline today involving yankees slugger a-rod, making a surprising move. a lot more ahead.
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now i am giving back. ask their doctor about adding... once-daily namenda xr. >> next tonight here, what began as a road rage case in las vegas making national headlines. tonight, the teenage suspect in court with his own version of events. his lawyers now claiming this wasn't road rage at all. abc's kendis gibson in las vegas. >> reporter: a shackled erich nowsch was silent today during his first court appearance in the so-called road rage shooting death of tammy meyers. but the 19-year-old's lawyers now telling abc news it was nowsch who felt victimized that evening, and it wasn't an incident of road rage at all. >> there was no original road rage situation between tammy meyers and krystal meyers and anybody. >> reporter: tammy meyers' family claims her death followed an altercation that started when she was teaching her daughter how to drive. meyers' husband, who sat in court today, told us that his wife was targeted.
5:49 pm
>> the guy that killed my wife had plenty of opportune chances to drive away. >> reporter: according to the police arrest report, nowsch told friends he felt threatened and called a friend to pick him up. the report claims meyers went home, grabbed her son, who was armed and went in search of the silver audi nowsch was in. they were fired on, and retreated home, where they were fired on again. tammy meyers is shot once in the head. police say nowsch reportedly told friends he fired 22 shots in all that night. tonight, authorities still remain on the hunt for the driver of that silver audi. until he is captured, las vegas police keeping a 24-hour watch here at the meyers' home. david? >> kendis, thank you. when we come back here, julianne moore. and those giant powerball lines. we knew there were three winners. tonight, one coming forward. a mother with one incredible tale. and a big move today by a-rod, after his handwritten apology last week, making another move today. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus.
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now coming forward. mother of four, marie holmes from north carolina. her oldest son with cerebral palsy. the family had been living in a trailer -- not for long. $127 million richer. she says she can finally give her kids anything they ask for, within reason. she pointed that out. a-rod apologizing to fans in that handwritten letter last week. well tonight, showing up at spring training three days early, in a move to show he's taking his return seriously. and not for the faint-hearted. two men in wing suits hurtling off a cliff, soaring through the french alps, up to 105 miles per hour. their video being watched by so many. when we come back here tonight, julianne moore's joke that had everyone roaring. and the profound response today to something else. else.
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winner, bringing so many along with her. >> and the oscar goes to -- julianne moore, "still alice." >> reporter: julianne moore, winning the oscar. after so many breakthrough roles, this was the one. >> i read an article that said that winning an oscar could lead to living five years longer. if that's true, i'd really like to thank the academy, because my husband is younger than me. >> reporter: but there was another family she made while making this movie. the women who helped her shape her role as a mother, a wife in her early 50s, diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's. sandy one of those women. julianne telling me, these women inspire her. >> i do think that everybody's a hero. you know i think we're all the heroes of our own story. >> reporter: the alzheimer's association saying julianne and the women behind "still alice" have helped ignite a national conversation. last night
5:58 pm
trending. and something else. from #stillalice, so many sharing their own stories. still joyce. still dad, still paula, still david. still my beautiful mother. and backstage for julianne, her family coming first, too. her husband taking this photo for their kids, telling george of the nerves back home. >> he said, let me take a picture for the kids. he was almost -- he was sick with anxiety watching. >> reporter: last night, his mom won. >> for my husband bart and our children, cal and liv, thank you for my life, thank you for giving me a home. thank >> new labor trouble at the port of oakland. >> a silicon valley executive boss takes on some of her giants. >> a pot plant shoot out in a
5:59 pm
north bay neighborhood. >> a demand for late night transit and looking at options facing those who work the other 9:00 to 5:00. >> that breaking news is on the peninsula. a woman is in critical condition after her car was hit by a cal train. >> sky 7 hd is live. this happened about an hour ago. the afternoon commute was getting underway. >> cal train says the train is leaking fluid now, so that track could be closed for quite a while. you can see the car off to the side just mangled under a crossing arm. >> authorities tell us the woman driving was extra cated from the vehicle. >> and abc7 news reporter david
6:00 pm
louie will join us live from there in just a few minutes. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley we'll move on to something else. port of oakland is back in business tonight, but not quite back to normal the deal announced friday puts workers on the job but things are still moving more slowly than hoped. abc7 news is there live. a lot of trucks are waiting for cargo. >> that is right dan. i can see a shift. this labor dispute supposed to be over, but there are signs all is not perfect between long shoremen and management. yesterday, long shoremen were sent home, because they were taking a break in large numbers and large groups. there is a shortage in your


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