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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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reporter david louie will join us live from there in just a few minutes. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley we'll move on to something else. port of oakland is back in business tonight, but not quite back to normal the deal announced friday puts workers on the job but things are still moving more slowly than hoped. abc7 news is there live. a lot of trucks are waiting for cargo. >> that is right dan. i can see a shift. this labor dispute supposed to be over, but there are signs all is not perfect between long shoremen and management. yesterday, long shoremen were sent home, because they were taking a break in large numbers and large groups. there is a shortage in your
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crane operators. >> i'm going to get a container and go load it. at the dock. and bring it back. >> it has been a long wait for truckers at these ports. but it appears to be over. operations slowly resume. that said truckers may have to pay millions in penalties and charges for something they couldn't do anything about. >> there is penalties on both sides if we don't pick up the loads we have penalties. and then, if we don't return the empties, there is also penalties called perfiem. >> the federal maritime commission is looking into it. we hope they give us relief. >> the trucks are moving, 18
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stacked up at the port and in the bay. >> there is limited loading and unloading of vessels this morning. there is a temporary shortage of skilled and experienced crane operators >> it could be sometime because ships could be brought in and sent back out. congestion from the port will be likely not cleared for months. >> jury selection began in what could be a landmark silicon valley lawsuit dealing with gender discrimination. >> this isn't the case about patents but what it is like to work in silicon valley if you're a woman a female ceo is bringing allegations of sexism against a well respected venture capitol firm she used to work for.
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things could be about to get ugly. leaving for lunch she smiled and declined our request for the interview. now, the ceo of reddit, she used to work at kleiner perkins. now, she's suing them for gender discrimination. . >> i think this case goes far beyond the charges by ellen powell. >> she says it strikes at the heart of the complaint from the male-dominate worlds of tech and finance. >> we hear about exclusion from meetings at which there is key decisions made. >> this law professor rory little says allegations don't make head lines because they're usually settled out of court. >> a high-powered firm aloud aloud -- allowed to go to jury selection. >> little says dirty laundry
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will center on powell, including an intimate relationship with a co-worker. >> it's a brave act for a plaintiff to decide to take this into light of a trial. she will be accused of all sorts of things some of which may be true, some may not be true. >> kleiner perkins attorney asked perspective jurors feelings about teamwork and employees who won't work well with others >> it's a classic defense when women try to raise their rights they're called not a team player aggressive. >> both of our legal commentators tell us there is a chance they can settle before testimony begins. if it does reach a verdict they say it can have far-reaching impact in the work place. >> in santa rosa one home ininvader is dead after a gun fight with the owner of the
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house being robbed the two men shot ended up at kaiser permanente hospital a few miles away. vic lee is live in santa rosa with the story. >> this is what it looked like at kaiser hospital's parking lot in santa rosa. sheriff deputies firing tear gas after two home invasion suspects refused to come out. it started just before 2:00 in the morning here at a house on the 600 block of acacia lane. two armed men broke through. inside the homeowner, wife and two kids. >> homeowner armed himself and engaged suspects in shots fired at both, between the suspect and homeowner. >> the homeowner shot the two en -- intruders sheriff deputies saw the truck and ordered the suspects out. all but the driver refused.
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a long standoff ensued and deputies fired tear gas into the truck and took suspects out. >> one suspect had critical gunshot wounds and another located deceased in the back seat of the vehicle. >> investigators roped off the block where the shooting occurred, taking evidence from the home, a home police say looks like a marijuana grow. >> but it appears that that home was targeted due to the fact there was large quantities of marijuana being grown there. >> neighbors were caught by surprise. >> i heard bang, bang, bangs and i thought someone had, was shooting firecrackers. you know? >> scary. definitely. yeah. so two little kids. >> police detained the driver of the truck who says he had nothing to do with this crime, picking up two strangers and took them to kaiser hospital because they were injured. police are looking into his
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story. >> friends of a south bay man struck and killed by a suspected drunk drivering remembering him today francisco hernandez was running a fruit stand with his wife when the collision happened. this is video of the growing memorial. is he live there with the latest. sergio? >> this used to be the place where people in the neighborhood knew they can come to get themselves a refreshing cup of sliced fruit. unfortunately for most of the day, we've been seeing groups coming to the memorial to pay their respects. they try to get more information on a formal memorial for fran sis being yes hernandez. on this corner is where people knew to find francisco and his fruit refreshments >> he's a public figure. like a 7-11. he's known here. >> ivan gonzales and friends say they saw the aftermath of the
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crash, a collision deadly for hernandez. >> the trailer was off to pieces and food everywhere. mayonnaise here, and mustard there, you know? scary. >> he died yesterday afternoon. his family is trying to make arrangements for a church service his wife also injured, has been released from the hospital. a regular customer says she just talked to him he knew the children were not here for the crash. >> he sent his kids down to mexico for the week. >> this man was booked on driving under the influence two witnesses said people in the neighborhood pounced on him to keep him from getting away. >> they saw him get out of the car and started to jump him you know?
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so kept him down until cops came. >> the first court date is scheduled for wednesday. >> animal control is looking for whoever threw two dogs out of a car last week. a six week old puppy died and his mother survived. investigators believe she chewed her way out of a sandbag and tried to revive the puppy. officials issued a reminder if you have an animal you can't keep, you can drop it off at a shelter at no charge. >> san francisco has a thriving night life but could be better if easier. and safer to get in and out of the city at night and not just for people that want to visit bars and restaurants but people who work there, too. there is a new plan today designed to do that. >> san francisco considers itself a world class city. but the supervisor scott weiner says there is something lacking
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at night. >> despite the fact that late night is a critical part of the culture and economy i think our system didn't match up. >> the supervisor organized a working group called other 9:00 to 5:00. finding the late night industry contributes to the economy, and generates $50 million in tax revenues. but it's hurting the bottom line for local businesses and taking a toll on workers. >> people refer to late night employees as human atms because they're alone on the street, without security. >> the report calls for seeking public private partnerships to
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expand all night bus service. and then, there is bart. lack of 24 hour service was the number one issue in the survey. a board director wants to know what can be done to speed that along. >> there are good reasons it is difficult. and so that is why we need to push hard. >> the working group will continue to work on strategies they say the city doesn't sleep neither should public transportation. in san francisco carolyn tyler abc7 news. >> more is ahead here tonight. the 411 on dialling 911 from a cell phone. why uber can pib pinpoint locations. >> cheryl jennings continuing reporting from afghanistan tonight with a interview with the new afghani president. >> temperatures going to drop down near freezing tonight in parts of the bay area.
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and i'll ha
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>> if you pull out a cell phone and order an uber or lyft car ta driver knows where you are. so why is silicon valley one of the worst places for dispatchers to find you. >> dispatchers at 911 call centers are supposed to get a
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read out but it doesn't always happen. and when pressing a button, this location may not display. >> network designed for legacy land line system. and now, everyone has a cell phone and it is a different technology and a different way of calculating where location of the caller is. >> 70% of the calls originate from cell phones. the location detection system uses satellites. the gps doesn't work indoors same true for cell phones existing system can't pinpoint what floor the caller is on. that is a problem. the fcc regulates the networks just issued new rules requiring locations for 911 calls. this 8-year-old company tests a
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location system. it uses beacons >>. >> it's similar to gps, operating at a different frequency in a band like your fm radio station where it can penetrate well. >> that demonstrated capability as part of a national test the person's location is accurate. wireless carriers will be reviewing this to choose a solution in the next 18 months. in sunnyvale, abc7 news. >> the city of san francisco is closer to overcoming accreditations aare threatening it's employer. announcing the board will resume
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full control by july then introduced dr. guy lease he was shouted down by student protestors. >> over last couple years we should be -- >> staff members joined the student activists in shouting go home. >> we've got major issues with accreditation and finance. that i, and the board of trustees have to make sure we're on the right path so don't run into this again. >> city college is in compliance with the standards. >> a rare vote in silicon valley the bus drivers who shuttled facebook workers ratified a contract. two thirds of them said yes to
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the deal boosting pay perfect $18 per hour to 24. also getting improved benefits and bonuses. drivers vote on a similar deal on friday. >> well on to weather. we're still on the lookout for rain. there may be something to talk about here. >> that is right. >> there is a little bit of rain head. right now, we're feeling the chill of dropping temperatures today. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. let's talk about snow in the sierra. statewide, 19% yesterday it's still at 19%. so not enough to help snow pack situation. looking live, clear skies across the bay area it's breezy but there is act yi weather. there have been showers and thundershowers now into evening.
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lightning strikes near bakersfield. thunderstorms interest and today, just before noon there was a land spout, a type of tornado occurring in western concern county. this is not the typical tornado this is generated by ground level circulation. interesting, looks like a water spout. it's a land spout. temperatures 61 in san francisco and half moon bay. and 62 in hayward. upper 50s to low 60s. and clear tonight, chilly inland. and there is a chance of showers friday, and saturday. it's rain. so here is our forecast starting thursday evening at 7:00. low pressure system dropping down into the bay area into
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northern california. there is a chance of showers here in the bay area and then system will sort of push through. it's a dry system. so there is just a chance of showers behind that system saturday. but saturday looks mainly dry here. this night, clear skies, doim minutishing winds and lows into mid to upper 30s inland. and only low 40s around the bay. so it's going to be chilly to cold most of the bay area. and by afternoon, warming up into 60s low to mid-60s on the coast. mid and upper 60s around the bay and inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. a steady pattern, then milder thursday despite clouds. friday temperatures dropping
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there is a chance of showers friday, slight chance of a lingering shower or two, saturday, then dry throughout weekend and not much change in high temperatures. 60s for next seven days. >> we need storms. >> yes. >> lingering storms. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> still to come an instand millionaire, hundreds of times over. >> one of the big power ball
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>> bom spent the day warning of dire consequences if they do not fund the budget correctly. the department runs out of money at the end of the week. some 200,000 employees would stay on the job but not get paid unless laums reached an agreement by saturday. >> tie that to funding of the men and women behind me who have missions on behalf of homeland security. >> we can't afford to play politic was national security. >> this after a new call by a terror group for an attack on minnesota's mall of america. some worry they'll be blamed not the democrats. a poll shows 73% of those surveyed view muslim americans
6:25 pm
as victims of chris crime nation that begins at the top level s of the government. saying a summit on violent extremist focused on american muslim communities. he says are responsible for only 6% of terrorist attacks. >> idea we can see who is becoming more religious or growing a beard is going to lead to us a person to do something horrible is untrue. >> authorities say they are falsely viewed as a threat by using the term perrorist. >> we have a double exclusive coming up on what is first reported as a road rage killing. what happened and why it would be self-defense. >> share jennings continues reports from afghanistan the new president has your
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security on his mind >>
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a frightened las vegas teenager appeared in court on a murder charge his attorney says it was a road rage. what did happen and what the likely defense will be. >> standing in shackles sh 19-year-old eric nosh didn't speak in las vegas on monday morning he is accused of killing mother of four, tammy meyers in what police describeds a road rage murder but his lawyer says that is not what happened >> there was no road rage situation between tammy meyers and crystal meyers and anybody. >> police believe mier was giving her 15-year-old driveing lessons when nosh and another man threatened him, sparking
6:30 pm
what ended up as a gun battle between nosh and meyers 22-year-old son brandon. >> facts seem to point to self-defense in this situation. it seems to explain the facts we have in front of us more sensibly than any other explanation. >> bob meyers in an interview says his wife and son went searching for the son sh his wife should not have been shot. >> they're home trying to get into the door he follows them and kills her. >> police are still looking for the suspect with nosh at the time of the killing. >> abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings travelled to afghanistan and met the newly-elected president. >> here kicking off a five-part
6:31 pm
series. >> it was incredible to have a one on one interview with the president of afghanistan about the need for afghanistan and america to work together. >> what is he doing is enabling americans to lead secure lives. and were very to face it would be an unsafe place the president says common interests bind us and our culture will lead the way. >> that meeting took place in the presidential palace in
6:32 pm
kabul. he wants afghanistan to become an exporting machine. >> taste of our fruit is second to none. we're an acquired taste. i think once they get to know us sh they won't for get us. >> he knows about the works with roots of peace nonprofit, leading to traders and international markets. >> a big thank you to roots of peace. >> it's a source of prosperity. >> the president entrusted the plan on agriculture in 2010. >> we're sharing that because it's his blueprint for how to step forward in agriculture. >> with great honor to meet
6:33 pm
president gauny discussing importance of agribusiness. we need to take bold steps so future generations can live in piece. within hours a poster was created for international trade fair. president gauny wants to foster entrepreneurship. they were college roommates overseas. >> he's exceptional. >> he was in kabul advising president begany on rebuilding infrastructure. >> that spirit of a if you make a mistake, you can bounce back and learn from it.
6:34 pm
and that connects well with the culture. >> just thank you for helping me. >> so great to have you have first interview. >> and president begany has other connections to the bay area. >> i have more family. >> where in the bay area? >> fremont. >> fremont has the largest population outside of afghanistan. his son graduated from stanford and attends uc berkeley he wants to provide job opportunities throughout afghanistan. admiring lessons taught and wants to see it expand. >> we have inherited a million unemployed jobs john jobs, that is it.
6:35 pm
this is creating a job is a friend of mine. >> thank you. >> he was so charming. tomorrow night here on abc7 news you're going to meet brave young women working for roots of peace in afghanistan. helping widows learn how to support their families. i'm going to post as a preview of the story. >> just amazing. >> incredible opportunities. >> thank you. >> we'll move on. back to owe breaking news now, one person has now died from a horrible cal train crash in menlo park. >> david louie just arrived and is live there now. david what have you been been able to learn? >> we're standing in the middle of ravenswood avenue. police say they're about to open the street so we're going to have to step out of the lane of
6:36 pm
traffic. you can see this area is still filled with investigators from other agencies trying to still figure out what happened we know this, that a car was on the tracks, on top of the tracks when a southbound train going about 79 miles per hour, hit the car and driver. the driver indicated has died in the where hessage. we'll give you a better sense of the damage. there appears to be a single passenger vehicle. it is demolished from impact of a 79 miles per hour impact. the cal train was going from san mateo station on the way to make its next stop so that is why it's going at a rapid speed.
6:37 pm
you can see damage caused to the crossing gate so the westbound lanes will be open soon. that is what we have now the latest. we know 400 passengers were on that train and will continue to keep you updated. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead at 6:00, a north carolina single mom needed a win and got one. big time. >> yes how lottery changed her life
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a single mother of four became a multi millionaire today the 26-year-old was one of three winners of a february 11th power ball jackpot. she showed up in raleigh today to claim her share of the prize worth $88 million after taxes before she won holmes was
6:41 pm
living with her parents in a small home, working at mcdonalds and walmart before quitting to care for her kids. >> it's not going to change the person i am but just going to change our situation like, financially we're going to be able to have our own everything. >> she will. another winning ticket holder in puerto rico elected to remain anonymous. >> good for her. tonight on abc7 news would you hire a private investigator to check out your dates. julie jackson is a licensed investigator providing a new kind of background check. >> providing an affordable chenning where you know about them but are fearful about taking it the next step further. >> the private investigator
6:42 pm
reveals what is discovered tonight at 11. >> that will be interesting. >> yes. just ahead tonight an suv on ice. >> yes. you can have
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a new blast of winter weather tonight. here is what it was like to be driving through oklahoma. very slow going. and difficult to read the highway signs. this storm system has been moving across the southern tier of the country. a thousand flights were cancelled today. southern california got a share of the blast of winter. and the reporter from big fair in the mountains. >> several feet of snow and this is a welcome site.
6:46 pm
>> we drove from huntington, to be in the sunshine, then woke up here, this morning and everything is pretty. >> claire stevens and family were happy they got to experience the city, beach and mountains. >> businesses are happy about six inches of snow of a high, dry winter. >> people want to come ski. there is fresh powder you know? >> slopes are expected to be busy. >> you have snow and just have to take the day off. making snow getting ready for expected rush, hoping for more wintery weather. >> seems hike we're back in the pattern. and
6:47 pm
>> this good to see there. spencer is updating us in just a moment. first, look at this. someone having fun in a parking lot north of dallas. most responsible drivers were not out and shopping this morning the vuv driver is taking advantage of the layer of ice. and spinning doughnuts in a shopping center. now, we don't recommend this, but that looks fun. >> i know. >> careful yes. >> but man. >> does look cold and we cooled off a little bit. there is a little bit of rain coming our way and snow over the weekend in the sierra. just a few inches that has not affected snow pack. it was 19% yesterday and today. so we go to the bay area looking
6:48 pm
at hiv doppler bay area. temperatures plummeting tonight but nothing like winter storms dutching snow here. and icing from northern louisiana into jackson mississippi. it's very cold around the east and mid west and south now. temperatures four degrees in cleveland. 25 in nashville. tomorrow, state of california, sunny skies, mild conditions including the bay area, highs into mid-60s here is the accu-weather forecast. two days in a row like tomorrow, high temperatures upper 60s, up to 70 thursday a chance of rain friday and a slight chance of showers saturday. >> yes. >> not much but raining. >> certainly is, thank you spencer. >> larry beil is here with the latest. >> baseball. >> yes.
6:49 pm
>> baseball season is giants full squad reporting for workouts and we take a look at a's new home away from home in
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they've got new players and moved to a new spring training home in mesa. shu? >> we got here it started raining. the lights went out. and now, her we are, going live. and as have renovated this place and let's take a look. >> the stadium is the new field of dreams. it shows a high definition video board. it's part of the renovation and players just love it.
6:53 pm
>> what are your thoughts? >> it's beautiful. inside, they did an incredible job. and this is so much bigger than anything else we've had. >> field looks like it's in great shape they've got a state of the art video board they did a great job. >> this is incredible facility. and everything they've done. and it's first class right now. kwiement manager told me it doesn't get better than this. >> we've got a restaurant sized kitchen and a huge locker room. our weight room is as big as a 24-hour fitness center. so we're happy here. >> i sit here and look around. it's going to be tough for the
6:54 pm
coliseum. >> right. >> we'd love to have something this size >> the lou wolf training complex is down the street where they'll be doing training for the next few weeks until the games begin. we'll be at the points tonight reporting live in mesa abc7 sports. >> giants full squad reported training workouts despite three world training titles they believe dodgers and padres are the two best teams in the al west. some have questioned whether madison balmgartner will be as good as he was and that is a huge number if matt cane remains
6:55 pm
his stuff, giants rotation may be strong the difference is that he wants to see the team eased into workouts. >> we have ht of time and this is about getting into type of condition you need to be in. early part of it is just getting yourself ready. >> and channelling his inner paul bunyan for a photo in "giants" magazine he had ridden a bowl from north carolina to scottsdale. >> the warriors on their most difficult switch of the season started with a loss. here he's working out today looks better. warriors in washington tomorrow night. and able to go against wizards, looks good there. >> we're going to be careful regardless of injuries.
6:56 pm
with all of that but you know particularly with steph. he's had surgery on it. >> you're going to be careful. but this is not believed to be a serious set back in any way. >> no? >> all right. thank you larry. >> the state is now paving the way for a fuel efficient future. >> then, on abc7 news at 11:00 would you hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on your date? tonight, taking a look at whether this pricey service really pays off. >> here is tonight's line up here on abc7. and direct tv customers can now use watch abc to see all programs on your smart phone,
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tablet or computer. >> check that out if you can. that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. >> i'm ama daetz from the entire abc7 news team, we hope have you a great evening. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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