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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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for a newer bigger googleplex that will have an impact here on the city of mountain view. but google will have to convince them a new, bigger googleplex is not going to ruin mountain view. >> if google expands it means good things for this gas station. >> more people, more gas we can sell. >> but he's watch the jobs bring high rents. >> one bedroom, $2400, $2700 is hurting many people. >> google dominates the local economy. one city council sounded relieved. >> just glad to have a company that didn't begin with "g". not that we don't love google.
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but they've become pacman. >> google has been gobbling up mountain view's real estate. now, the search giant wants to build on top of the old one. >> is there existing buildings that will be razeked and reconstructed. >> the plans are not public yet. google convinced the city to allow a giant headquarters some say resembles a space ship. >> buildings through plans that are shared with me are impressive in their own right. it's a series of buildings that are close together. >> some favor new zoning to allow housing nearby. >> i'm a person in favor of housing and that would reduce traffic. >> it's fine but with google in
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the restaurant business... >> hopefully they don't open a gas station and $0.30 below me. >> a cab driver, beaten by a passenger is talking with abc7 news tonight. police say several people witnessed the attack but did nothing to help him. vic lee is live where the assault happened. vic? >> he was brutally beaten here just across the street over there, just across from the cow palace. he's been driving a cab for 4 or 5 years, and nothing like this ever happened to him so he never suspected that a passenger would attack him. february 15th. the 60-year-old solomon nguyen
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picked up a passenger. it seemed he had been celebrating valentine's day nguyen told us what happened but did not want his face shown. >> when he coming up to the cab he said he drink a lot. >> the dash cam shows a dress shirt and pink or reddish tie, telling nguyen to go to daily city to geneva avenue. he kept asking the man for specifics he wouldn't give any. >> then asking can you give me at dress? and he was sleeping. i opened the door, he run, run away. i followed him saying give me the fare. give me the fare but he had to attack me. and then i almost dizzy. >> the dash camera keeps recording. the passenger knocked him to the ground.
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you can see the man beating nguyen. the 60-year-old yellow cab driver suffered serious injuries the scars are still evident. he'll return to work but with trep yidation. >> this is a very dangerous job. >> also troubling is the fact there were people walking by who didn't intervene. >> and sometimes it's better to be a good witness. >> take a look at this video. call daily city police if you know who this man is. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the body of an infant found along a rural waterway. police confirmed it is a 20 day old justice reese reported missing monday with his mother the body discovered not far from where his mother was found safe, tuesday evening the family could be seen hugging after word of the terrible
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discovery. >> he was a good boy, only here three weeks. less than three weeks. he never had a chance. >> this is not real for me. this is -- i can't imagine. the house is full of baby clothes. >> the sheriffs say they'll look into all possibilities, including the claim that both she and her son were abducted so far no arrests have been made. >> there is a new version of events tonight from the driver whose truck was hit by a train in ox in order yesterday a cording to the attorney, the he driver made a wrong turn and was looking for help when taken into custody. a mile and a half away. he didn't call authorities. the lawyer says, because he was in shock and didn't realize he had a cell phone. >> to say he was trying to run
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away is incorrect. >> three cars derailed and four passengers in critical condition the driver a 54-year-old from yuma, arizona was arrested for hillary hit and run. >> passengers put up with a second day of delays today the airline grounded part of a fleet because of a maintenance oversight. and stranded passengers continued well into the afternoon. >> no one knew it needs to be checked. they may know about it now. >> why should i have to suffer? why should me and my friend have to suffer our traveling? >> it's become the public relations issue trailing a
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maintenance one. yesterday, southwest pulled 128737s, one fifth of the fleet after discovering the planes needed checks. stranded flights left slights through oakland on a trip to seattle, that should have ended yesterday. and this is my vacation time. >> there are random inspections. >> it's random. and making history of disputes with faa. that agency fined airline $22 million since 2008 over maintenance issues. faa granted permission to continue for no more than five days until inspected.
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aviation experts say don't worry. >> it's important. but procedural. >> now, patients are worried anyway. >> they have people flying on them? >> any message for south west airlines? >> not that are appropriate. >> they say the truth would have been better if they heard it yesterday. >> there is no way i'll get on another one of their planes. >> from oakland international airport, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> steph curry took center stage at the white house to champion a personal cause. the fight against malaria. hi carolyn. >> the two talked about the fantastic season and about playing golf sometime this summer the key reason was to port the
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ten year initiative on malaria. it's something steph is passionate about. steph curry is having a sensational season. and one payoff has been his crusade against malaria. he's been celebrating progress to eradicate the disease that is devastating sub-saharan africa. curry has been active in reducing deaths since his college days. >> sending $three for every three-pointer i make. >> he went to hand out the nets, treated with insect yi side-- insect yi -- insecticide. >> we're protected, so mosquitos
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can't get through. >> a child still dies from this disease, malaria which is preventible. >> chris is from the east bay and director of the campaign. steph's pledge to donate nets for every three-pointer is matched by warriors and met more than 2300 of the life saving nets over the past two seasons. rick welch is the warriors president and ceo. >> the year steph is having today, i expect that there is going to be more focus on his personal efforts in this area, which is nothing but increasing effectiveness of the program. >> and warriors are hosting an event the team will donate a net for every special event ticket purchased and will have a
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opportunity to see him give a post-game talk. >> still ahead we're going to give you 50 yard line seats for the super bowl of computer hackers and how information can be stolen from your iphone. >> and abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings continuing reporting from afghanistan the bay area nonprofit transforming the afghan economy. >> clouds are getting thicker in the bay area sky now. we may actually have rainfall. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> one bike is stolen every three hours in san francisco. but now, you can fight back. i'm michael finney. ahead,
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sky 7 hd is live in a homicide in hercules. >> authorities got a call a short distance from lupine hills elementary school. >> you can see they have a house and a street around it cordoned off for the investigation. >> it's an estimated 4,000 bikes stolen in san francisco every year. >> yes, but now there is a new bay area bike owner a new way to protect your bike if you live in the city. >> that is right. michael? >> this is interesting. a nonprofit is celebrating it's
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one-year anniversary tonight and reuniting an owner with stolen bikes bikes. how this woman got her bike back. >> spike khan bought this bicycle after being diagnosed with breast cancer. >> started riding from the beach because it cleared my head and gave me exercise. >> it gave her strength through gruelling cancer treatments she says her wheels set her free. >> it's liberating to get on the wheels in ten minutes, i'm almost anywhere in the city. >> spike came out to find her beloved bike stolen. . >> i locked it up at a bike rack at 10:00 in the morning and at 10:30 it was gone. i could not believe. >> a thief sawed through the u lock and whisked away the wheels
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she'd depended on seven years. >> then i started to march throughout san francisco looking for the bike which did not help. >> she posted and searched flea markets. she gave up hope until a call from san francisco police department. >> we found your bike. it has a sticker under neenl it. we were able to find you. >> police caught the thief trying to sell her bike. spike registered it with >> today the program celebrates it's anniversary spike is the first person to recover a bike through the registry. >> we have 7,000 registered bikes every day. >> that is nowhere near the
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number of bikes. officers recover hundreds of bikes and most wind up near a police warehouse, with no way to identify owners. >> this important to register so we can reunite the owner was their bicycles. >> the work for spike. >> and i'm back on my horse and i'm really happy about that. >> tonight celebrating with a party and a benefit. anywhere you live you can register your bike, too. just go to abc7 and look under sections tab and then click on 7 on your side >> yes. >> that
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is a problem. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. clouds and readings 62 in oakland. and most locations are in the upper 50s, check out this sky. colorful the sunset at 5:59 this afternoon. one more mild day tomorrow, then cooler and windy on friday. and we still have a big ridge of high pressure this is
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a low pressure system sliding south ward and bring a chance of showers. it's low getting closer friday, we'll see snow showers developing friday evening. maybe a shower or two friday evening. it's a better chance of showers here on saturday. just light showers. we can use a bit more rain here and more snow. saturday into sunday, overnight look for clear skies here with exception of the high clouds. mid-40s around the bay and a low of 51 here. then, tomorrow, sunny skies and mild with highs into low
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70s about low to mid-60s on the coast. numerous low 70s from santa rosa to napa. highs around or just above 70 degrees and inland east bay, low 70s from fairfield and livermore. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday windy and a slight chance of showers friday. better chance of showers overnight into saturday. and then drying out sunday and nice pattern from sunday until next week. >> so shows significant rain. >> faith of the chimpanzees in the san francisco zoo. television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is on now. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece
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a group of employees is spending the week trying to learn about hackers to stop them from stealing valuable information. >> they're engaged in a cyber war game. showing them trying to attack medical devices filled with personal data. >> these 40 employees are
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considered the best of the best flown in from around the world. three days they're thinking and acting like hackers and their target is health data from pharmacies. >> we're seeing the value of health care electronic records. roughly ten times that of a credit card number. >> >> so office or a hotel, hundreds of people can walk through that toor way? >> it's correct. under cushions. >> antonio was last year's winner. he works for symantech in italy.
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>> so easy to explain. you're able to understand how to move into your company. and you can better understand. >> right now, this game is struggling to get out of last place. >> he says it will share with security community what hacking teams learn the president called for more cooperation and these war games are an example of that. >> charges filed in new york against three americans accused of trying to join isis. >> the role of a nonprofit group
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in transforming afghanistan's economy. >> it's a reborn, reengagement. >> abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings continues her reporting from afghanistan. >> only on abc7 news
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a bay area nonprofit is hoping to transform the economy of afghanistan. >> cheryl jennings has exclusive opportunity to see the work firsthand and is here to tell us about that. >> that is very exciting the president there says he wants afghanistan to be an exporting machine and believes roots of peace is helping to provide a tool to be a game changer in this country. >> it's reborn love. >> to talk about moving his
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country's economy from aid to trade. >> they're scaling up the effort. >> roots of peace is eager to have planned work to stand on their own. now, thanks to long term funding from u.s. ated aid, a major transformation is underway to improve the agricultural economy. >> the new president told me it's crucial for the world to help afghanistan create jobs. >> the image of a number of a smaup group is not the majority of the people. .
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>> in spite of the threats, the country is on the move after decades of war. >> this is progress and success that can only happen with a sole yigs of security provided. >> general talked with me at military base in kabul about the contributions by roots of peace. >> their passion and energy is remarkable. >> roots of peace is a, have shown they're dedicated here and have some impressive results. >> they're enabling us to do good things in the country. >> they met to talk about the goals, drive the agriculture
6:32 pm
economy faster link farmers and traders to international markets. >> farmers are making money. there is a growing number of trainers helping out. >> the team includes experts in science, and business. >> they've been identifying types of products and saying this is a product you should be growing and take care of that the product. >> it's important shaw trains farmers on how to grow grapes and pomegranates. >> they were starting with why are you showing these times?
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>> they needed to understand the big picture. >> we've gone from wholesale markets to selling to chains. those aspects classify as being game changing. >> millions of dollars of deals are starting to happen thanks to to that partnership z now president ghani jumped in, promoting the produce. >> they're sons and daughters of farmers and believing they can be entrepreneurs. >> tomorrow night we're going to hear why he is asking silicon valley to help him rebuild his country. his trusted advisor is working on connections and they both say opportunities are only limited by hour imaginations. >> that is very progressive. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you sure. >> here is video from a part of
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afghanistan hit by a number of avalanches today the worst from 60 miles from kabul, damaging or destroying 100 homes there. >> officials filed charges against men plotting to travel overseas the men arrested the men and authorities say the men plan to lauvenlg attacks if not able to get out of the country. one man tried to assassinate president obama. they've been charged with opportunity to provide material support. >> a frightening incident at international space station. two astronauts completed a job
6:35 pm
requiring them to go outside. as coming back in, one reported water in a helmet. two years ago an astronaut nearly drowned. water escaped from the cooling system of the suit. this time the lake wasn't as big and there was time to get out of the suit. >> guinea pigs are on the prowl in dolores park tonight. officials say six guinea pigs were abandoned in the park overnight. and the guinea pigs will be held and as long as they're healthy will be put up for adoption. >> coming up next, why chimps at the san francisco zoo may be losing the only home they've known for decades. >> changes are hard on
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officials at the san francisco zoo are preparing for a conscious meeting tomorrow. >> last night revealing the zoo is preparing to ship out it's
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three elderly chimpanzees. >> dan noyes is here with a story only an abc7 news dan? >> the chimps have been in the same enclosure since 1970s but take a look at this. a dia gram for new exhibits seven areas for chimps skyways for them to play in and zoo goers could walk beneath. but officials tell me they don't have the money to build it. the san francisco zoo has three elderly chimpanzees. mini and maggie arrived after being caught in the wild 45 years ago. the oldest male chimp in any american zoo is believed to be in his 50s >> our male has some arthritis. >> john has a special connection. he was their keeper 16 years
6:40 pm
from the time they arrived at the zoo. >> it's minnie, and many and maggie. >> he is upset the chimps may be forced from homes. >> changes are hard on humans. and hard on chimps especially the males. >> the san francisco zoo doesn't have final say what happens to the chimps they're part of a chimpanzee species survival plan. >> we make decisions about which we should breed and have babies as well as about moving chimpanzees from one accredited zoo, to another. >> ross told me it's important to create groups with three adult males, five mature females and off spring. >> in the case of san francisco zoo, we're looking to give them social options. >> san francisco has a choice.
6:41 pm
upgrade aging exhibit or send them to another zoo. >> are you considering perhaps expanding? so you can take more chimps? >> well, i don't know. i haven't heard that. you've heard about moving forward? >> i have. >> the i team confirmed an amusement park is one contender. >> it was in the best interest of the chimps we'd be happy to help. >> lion country safari has a mini camp and a drive through zoo, with 19 chimps >> we have extra space and asked if we have experiences with mixing chimps. >> to try to introduce him to that situation is i think,
6:42 pm
criminal. >> he tells me caby has been the only he male so long. >> he fights too much. bothers the trains or cars going through. and they'll put him to sleep. they'll get rid of him. >> the director told me he would make sure they have enough time to adjust, before introducing them to the other chimps but that is not enough for the zoo's super fan and blogger, kim. >> i have great anxiety over it. and moved to tears over the situation. i just think it's wrong. >> she's launched this petition drive. don't kick chimps out. she points out the zoo director spent $3 million on this playground and $1 million for a new sculpture garden but the chimps lived in the same exhibit with, out major renovations. >> just more can be done for
6:43 pm
them. and they don't need to move to get that. >> instead the i team learned the zoo is taking steps to move them out, borrowing shipping crates from the oakland zoo. >> it's we're looking at moving our chimps what do you have? >> after seeing the condition of the crates, zoo employees told me they decided to build their own and construction is now underway the keepers are beginning to crate train the three. >> we want them to go into the crates and so they're comfortable in there. i posted links on abc7 so check it out. >> a lot of people came in.
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the goal of a huge silicon valley event is to oem power tomorrow's leaders to solve today's problems. wii day is part of the program providing a platform to learn about some of the pressing social issues. >> all of these people, it's just amazing. >> it was a star studded event. and a few of the celebrities in attendance encouraging those around them to create change they want to see in the world. >> fabulous and positive. >> yes. it is.
6:48 pm
it's great. >> let's update the forecast. >> it's lovely. this is a time lapse view of the sunset. from our camera. afternoon sunset was gorgeous and colorful. speaking of choudz, another one there is thunderstorms and showers south of atlanta and this is moving toward mid atlantic coast as did the last storm. back to the state of california tomorrow looking at showers around eureka that may work their way into the bay area. here in the bay area tomorrow, we'll have a sunny mild day. highs into low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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and another dry pattern. >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. it's induction time in arizona. >> yes. >> a lot of that going on in mesa. a's (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over
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if you remember the routine "who is on first? "." i don't know. did billy bean just make another trade? hi, mike. >> a's have so many new players on the roster. and there is interaction and so did the players. >> you needed name tags to identify your new look. >> major league catcher. there is a buzz around the team. a lot of new guys. it's kind of a new club house,
6:53 pm
almost. so everyone feels like they're a new guy. there is a lot of m mingling. >> he will be part of a revamped for the a's. >> they know each other building that team chemistry. and we will be covering all three positions >> the former royal brings leadership to the line up. >> expectation is just you know you know make the club house again. that is the standard set here. and change of culture and club house. >> there are a few familiar faces. >> josh thought he might be gone but now understands the method of the madness.
6:54 pm
>> just because he's trading guys away doesn't mean we're giving up. we're going to have a great team here and the same goal we have every year. >> there have been plenty of changes over the year. i like the roster that we have. >> i think fans are are going to enjoy these new-look a's. i have a one on one interview with barry zito. i think you will enjoy. >> thank you, shu. we'll see you at 11:00. we're less than 12 hours away until we find out if buster posy wins face of mlb
6:55 pm
contest. tight race right now. >> giants fans, there is no secret how passionate they are. again, any time you're voted on whatever it is it's an honor. >> voting ends tomorrow morning. >> honors and recognition continue to grow for steph curry, invited to the white house to meet the president. in addition to being a star involved in nothing but nets initiative visiting tanzania. >> he joins his teammates today at arlington national cemetery. and later weeped at the tomb of the unknown soldier. it was a moving day for everyone. >> it was an honor to be able to
6:56 pm
lay the wreath on the tomb is an incredible experience. >> yes. more important than basketball and a great stop on the road trip tomorrow. >> they'll never forget that. >> certainly not. >> join us tonight at 9:00, blossoming trees and thieves. dozens of beehives are targeted. >> then at 11:00 a new option for men who are losing their hair. check out this hair tattoo. >> when it looks fresh is 2 or 3 days i cut my hair once per week. >> we're going to take you to a salon where men are getting new hairlines to show how it works. >> and tonight we have the middle and goldbergs. >> whether you have comcast, dish or direct tv you can get
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programming on your smart phone, tablet or computer. go to abc7 >> that is this edition of abc7 news our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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