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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:00 a.m. on friday, thanks for joining us. >> we made it to the end of the week. leyla gulen here. meteorologist mike nicco is happy because you are watching the chance for rain. >> "chances." and "still watching." >> breezy. but live doppler hd is dry. we will look at the 12 hour day planner from sutro tower. it is breezy. that is keeping the temperatures up to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. 46 to 54. we are breezy at noon. and partly cloudy and only 58 to 612. the temperatures are ten degrees
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cooler than yesterday with increasing clouds and it will be breezy in the evening with low-to-mid 60 and we have a chance of an isolated shower today and better chance tomorrow. i will show you that coming up. and the roads? >> just after 4:30 we were doing great and then this happened, a big accident. to the south through hayward on southbound 880, at tennyson we have an accident blocking three lanes but it does not appear to affect the san mateo bridge. in san jose, that drive is convey it and we do not have accidents reports if you have flight to catch at san jose san jose you will not be delayed. >> developing news here, san francisco police are investigating the officer-involved shooting of an armed man in the mission district. the plane closed officers responded to a man with a long kitchen knife at 24th and full
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som trying to problem a bicyclist. the officers shot and killed the suspect after he refused to drop the knife. abc7 reporter amy hollyfield will have the latest from the scene in the next half hour. >> in a few hours, hearings are scheduled for hernandez and richard cruz inside a superior courtroom charged with murdering a security guard outside a san jose liquor store two weeks ago. manny zuniga tried to intervene when they told a box of cigars from the store near his work. a fellow security guard on duty that night said manny zuniga saveed him by diving into the line of fire. >> we learn more of jihadi john the man sign in recent beheading votes from isis. now, the parents of one of his victims is speaking out. our reporter is in the newsroom.
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>> the parents of james foley call the news tragic given the background of the man. yesterday, the identity of jihadi john the terrorist seen in isis votes was revealed. he has been named as mohammed emwazi a man in his 20's, born in kuwait but raised in london. he studied computer programing and american journalist james foley was the first to be seen beheaded by the man on camera in august. his parents spoke before a journalism panel at the university of arizona saying if it was not him it would have been someone else. >> he did have the benefits of a comfortable upbringing and yet he is viewing his differents and talents for such hatred and brutality. >> i would hope the international community will come together and work together to defeat this group. >> she said she hopes he and other isis leaders are brought to trial for the crimes.
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authorities say they have known the identity of jihadi john for months but the white house is not confirming or denying he is, in fact, emwazi. thank you, war plane are pounding buildings in iraq occupied by isis. the pictures show the results of some of the 2,500 airstrikes conducted by the united states and coalition forces. military officials say the air strikes have deprived isis of a sanctuary in iraq and add that isis is no longer able to assemble move, and communicate as an effective force. >> house republicans have decided taught to shut down the department of homeland security. custody, republican legislators push a three week funding for the agency and leave in president obama's immigration policies that have made them furious. the president used his executive power recently to spare millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. house republicans have long insisted in money be approved
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for homeland security security as long as the any immigration directives remain in place. >> bart is putting out a new measles alert a sick passenger was on the system on friday and 1,500 may have been exposed. our reporter is at the millbrae bart station with the details. the warning going out to bart riders who may have been on board a richmond bound train on friday, february 20, san mateo county hilt officials say a person sick with measles, road bart from milt bray to sick center 20 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. exposing 1,500 other riders to the virus which can linger in the air for two hours. family members, friends and co-workers of the patient have been notified necessity may have been exposed to measles. bart riders reacted to the case as the fourth in the county. >> did you hear of the case? >> you get scared. if it happens it happens.
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there is not much i can do. i will not be walking around with a mask. >> they should make them do something to avoid the measles outbreak here. a linkedin employee with measles traveled bart during commute hours from february 4-6. berkeley health officials are warning that a person infected with measles dined as a restaurant on february 20th between 6:45 and 8:00 people and it is not clear if this is the same person who may have ridden bart on february 20th. that person also from san mateo county. anyone who feared they may have been exposed to measles is urged to be tested. here are the symptoms to watch out for were. measles starts with a fever
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runny nose, cough, red eyes and sore throat. you may also feel very tired. as the symptoms go away people get spots inside their mouths and then a rash all over. it usually takes between 7 and 18 days to get the symptoms after you have been around someone with measles. >> police are looking for a man accused of groping a 22-year-old student at uc berkeley on campus miss say the student was walking around 4:00 p.m. on wednesday, and a stranger aprevioused her and grabbed her chest. the man kept walking. police looked for him but did not find him. >> the california highway patrol will be accepting applications next week to hire cadets to fill vacant officer positions throughout the state. applications will only be accepted online starting on monday at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. on thursday march 5. the c.h.p. is having trouble recruiting women and minorities. tomorrow, an informational seminar is held at the concord
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pavilion at 10:00 a.m. designed to feature women thriving in law enforcement careers with c.h.p. but all persons interested in a c.h.p. career are encouraged to attend. the driver accused of triggering a commuter train derailment in southern california is free of charges and out of jail. family members escorted the man out of jail last night covering his face with jackets. he did nottance questions and took off. on tuesday his truck was stop on the tracks in oxnard causing a train to crash and derail leaving dozens hurt. three are in critical condition. the district attorney is investigating and said they could charge him in the future. mike, it is getting breezy out there. >> it is keeping the temperatures up. our usually coolest spots are running mild danville and san ramon at 45 that is the same as the temperature of 3800' on mount diabolo and mid-50 for
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pittsburg, antioch brentwood, concord, lafayette at 51 and everyone in dublin at 50 and everyone else in the upper 40s and you can see low-to-mid 50s around the bay shore whether it is san pablo bay and novato or the financial district and cupertino and milpitas and 54 at half moon bay and fairfield and calistoga are the cooler spots and this is how it looks in walnut creek under a partly cloudy sky. as we head into the afternoon, notice the clouds will increase and it will be chilly at the coast with breezes and temperatures in the upper 50s and the rest of us around 60 to 64 degrees with isolate the shower possible. notice, because of the winds there is no fog on 101 and san rafael as we look south to the golden gate bridge and it is going to be breezy this morning compared to the last couple of morning. the best chance of scattered showers, upper 50s to mid-sin sunday calmer and dry and low-to-mid 60s and ever so slight chance of a sure on monday and, in fact probably ought to take it out it is so
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small. leyla? >> yes, this is taking it to the accident in hayward that now is a sig-alert. here is a look at walnut creek southbound 680, with extra tail lights out of pleasant hill to highway 24 and this is where the trouble spot is in the bay area and the backups are growing as a result of multiple vehicle crash with possible injuries and a big wig involved. southbound 880 you can see the solid backup coming up from highway 92. that drive is going to be hampered for a while while crews are there and cleaning up the situation. we do have quite a bit of activity there and the sig-alert is in effect until further notice. northbound traffic is not affected and we will look at the south bay commute next report. saying goodbye to new music tuesday, the money report is next. >> llamas on the on the >> once one of the most feared
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. llamas on the lam. they got loose in arizona yesterday after nearly half an hour and led authorities on a wild chase as they tried to get the two. someone was finally able to get the two llamas pat after group therapy animals visiting residents at an elderly care home. they were spooked and made a dash. >> detectives are looking for clues including surveillance video to find out who stole the most talked about dress at the oscars someone swipeed direction of lupita out of her
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hotel room, the $150,000 gown -- yes $150,000 -- is made of 6,000 pearls. authorities say security footage may have caught the culprit in the act. the 31-year-old won best supporting actress oscar last year for her role in "12 years," a presenter at this area's ceremony. >> if you have been frustrated by not being able to bet on olympic sports nevada is now the place to go voting yesterday to allow the sports backs to offer bets on the olympics for the first time in 10 years. the last decade nevada has allowed bets on their own sports teached but banned noncollege amateur events. in great britain and australia they have been allowed for years. >> what wins and would loses over internet access? a change for the music industry. here is america's money report. good morning, topping america's money historic vote of the future of the internet.
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>> the fcc will announce high speed broadband and it will be like utility connections. the industry is vow to get a vote overturned. >> new music releases drop on the same day everywhere in the world, on friday. >> fore decades it was drop on tuesday, and the new arrangements starts this summer. >> finally attention baltimore a new flavor cotton candy. >> golden cookie with blue and pink icing and there is still a sampling phase so do not get too excited yet because it will not be in stores for a couple of months. >> are they accepting people to sample? >> in arizona, giants pitcher is trying to regain his old form that struck fear in batters in spring training.
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>> he mentioned he needed his father's help to find special spot. he has struggled with the mechanics the past few seasons and mike shumann called with him at the stadium. >> for my mindset and just, you know building my confidence and obviously i came from years and years of being we able to do the mcs and trying to get back do that. he is a big part of that, high dad, and just trying to have time he could give to me important to what i can do. >> he is to be the giants 5th starter, and the giant as open league place for practice against the a's and it is emotional getting back together with his dad because they have been estranged, so to say dad i need you it is a huge step.
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>> congratulations, tim and his dad. get to be tough on a parent. >> you would know. we are rooting for you. >> absolutely. how does it look? >> windy. that is what we will deal with today. we are going to feel much cooler. the leaves will be russelled and it will feel cooler than it is. our fastest wind on live doppler hd is picking up half moon bay at 23 miles per hour and it is coming right down the coast and blowing on shore through sfo at 17 and 12 at san carlos and 12 at novato and heading directly inland and that is why we will be five or ten degrees cooler, and winds are light at the golden gate bridge at seven miles per hour and necessity will also pick up as we head through the afternoon hours especially when the sun comes up because the fastest winds are just off the ground right above the friction layer when the sun comes up and it overturns the cold other air will come in and the faster breeze comes in so
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expect that to pick up. best chance of showers is tomorrow and healthy sierra snow this weekend, healthy, up to a boot is possible. we need it. the cold front notice it is following the jet stream down the coast with a cold pocket of air with a lot of energy but not a lost moisture. scattered showers not steady rain at all. low-to-mid 60s but the coast has upper 50s and don't cooler, low-to-mid 40s inland and money 40s around the bay and to the coast. now, watching this thing as it unfolds, 7:00 this morning partly cloudy and you can see it is partly sunny by noon and by 5:00, you can still have scattered showers and the water is still well warmer-than-average in the upper 50s so when that cold air comes over, the warmer water is where you get the greatest instability so you will see the best radar return over the ocean
5:19 am
and with a southeast movement some of that will climb ashore and head across the santa cruz mountains and the least likely area to see showers is inland east bay because you are further from the coast. we could get nothing to up to quarter of an inch and santa cruz mountains is carter to .5" by saturday evening. partly cloudy. calmer. still, low-to-mid 60s on sunday. low-to-mid 60s on monday into tuesday and wednesday and sightly warmer on thursday. march is starting dry like february is going to in. leyla? here is a look at walnut creek and in the northbound direction, the headlights are empty, southbound is building coming away from highway 4 to the 24 junction it will only take you eight minutes to get so not too bad at all. we still have this sig-alert in hair southbound side of 880 at tennyson road we hear that one lane has opened up and we have two lanes shut down and it is slow and the backups are growing as you pull away from 238. if you are trying to travel out
5:20 am
of castro valley or coming in from oakland you want do make sure to give yourself a few extra minutes. the south bay wide open spaces with green and top speds and accident tree to 65 miles per hour into cupertino and looking clear and it is traffic that makes you want to sing and dance. >> santa fe perhaps? >> exactly. >> i recently saw a broadway show in san francisco the tony award winner, what did you think? >> fantastic dancing, you danced for many years what did you think? >> the choreography is fantastic. right here you can see auditions or the rehearse a.m.s are taking place and this tour is coming to san francisco and it is the first time it is touring sin opening on broadway in 2012 it was great to get me to
5:21 am
audition for them, it was a ploy and they said i could join the troop off, off, off, off off broadway, which, in other words is my living room. i can deliver newspapers but i cannot be in the show. however, can you see the full story at 4:00 this afternoon. >> dotcies know what newspapers were? >> right, had to be taught that. >> straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. >> the new roam for an old fire station in the south bay and a generous donation. >> he and his dog were an interpret sensation and the man is sharing his amazing devotion with another four legged friend^. >> stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ tigers, both
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are seven things to know before you go. >> number one, investigators are looking into the shooting of an armed man in the mission district officers responded to the call of a man with a long kitchen knife at 24th at 9:45 last night and fired when he refused to drop the he was trying to problem a bicyclist. >> plea hearings are scheduled for the to machine accused of killing a security guard outside a san jose liquor for nearly two weeks ago. manny zuniga tried to intervene when a man stole a box of cigars from a story near his work and was killed. >> the parents of james foley are speaking out about jihadi john, he was the first person seen on camera beheaded by the marked man part of isis. jihadi john was identified as a london man born in kuwait. >> google is unveiling plans for a massive new headquarters in mountain view. the new google plex would include buildings with walls that can be moved and it is
5:25 am
feared google is too big for the city taking land that could be used for housing. >> the great dress debate. a social media fire storm has erupted over what color the address is. some see white and cold and others blue and black and the topic is trending on twitter and facebook but it is based on the eye and how your brain interprets the light it receive ed. >> check out live doppler hd, the low that is responsible for our scattered showers and possible thunderstorm is still well up to the north and i give you a timetable for when it gets to our neighborhood and if you should change your plans this weekend. >> seven we have a sig-alert in hayward but san jose it is looking quiet and we have a few extra cars traveling in the northbound direction are the headlights but the commute on 880 is gumming up and i will tell you how to get around it. >> a very special gift will help preserve south bay history, we
5:26 am
were in san jose when the fire museum was presented with a $1 million check. the donation came from a couple going to purchasing old fire station number 1 on market and st. james street. the museum officials have tried to purchase it since 2000. last weekend the city cleared the way finally and now they want to get rid of the asbestos in thing and help to raise $14 million for the design and renovation with the goal to on the doors by august of 2019. >> starting over is never easy but a man is lending it is possible to love again. >> remember this picture? john and his dog became an internet sensation three years ago after a photographer snapped a sweep moment. arthritis made it hard for the dog to walk so the man held the dog on his chest for hours.
5:27 am
ship -- the dog passed away. >> it was relend how to live and once i learned that and when i got through the toughness of his loss, that is when i started searching again. >> that is when he found a new friend, this is one-year-old bear and after a week together they have their walk down but there are still things they are learning like whether bear like playing with sticks. or a ball. >> it is 5:27. coming back with another gulf -- 90 minutes of news including two men who were rescued by a helicopter from a cliff and then were taken into custody. >> a look outside the embarcadero this is abc 7 keeping you up t (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at 5:30. thank you for ending your week with us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> it is friday. i am with leyla watching traffic. and meteorologist mike nicco is were watching the weather. what is happening? >> now a look at what is going on. good morning check out novato at 15 miles per hour for the wind and 18 miles per hour at half moon bay keeping us 11 degrees warmer with the flags on the ferry unfurled because of that and we are in the low-to-mid 50s and by noon, upper 50s to low 60s like yesterday and in the afternoon, increasing clouds and only mid-50s to 60 so dress for cooler conditions this afternoon. notice i don't have much rain in the 12 hour day planner because it is very isolated today and a
5:31 am
better chance tomorrow. that is in the bigger forecast in a minute. >> i know you will like to hear friday light can we do it. >> no, especially if you are in hayward we have a couple of accidents and one is cleared in the northbound direction but the southbound direction is where we have a sig-alert at ten son -- tennyson and the bay bridge toll plaza is 5:31 and traffic is building, as we take you over to the san mateo bridge, you can see the flashing lights in the eastbound direction those are the head lights and that is crews picking up cones at this hour so you could see delays pushing in toward hayward. thank you, leyla. in the news this morning at 5:31 san francisco police are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting having a man armed with a knife and our protest is is -- and our reporter is in the mission district. >> the officers were not in
5:32 am
uniform but in regular street clothes but the chief says their badges were visible. the police say the man they shot was trying to steal a bicycle from a man and three was armed with a knife. police say they yelled for the man to drop the knife and he refused and they drew their weapons. again, they told the man to drop the knife. they have several witnesses who heard and saw everything. >> at some point in time the officers are only allowed to fire in against of themselves or others and they felt one of the situations what in play and they fired on the suspect. witnesses heard between four and six rounds and we found six casings so that appears to be consistent. >> this happened at 9:45 last night between 24 and 25th and the officers are on paid leave. the chief will hold a townhall meeting to answer any questions about the man's death. they have not released the man's
5:33 am
name but it appears he was in his 20's. the man with the bicycle was not hurt. the chief suhr is againsting actions of an officer accused of using excessive force against a homeless man. surveillance video shows the officer chiu tried to wake up the man and remove him great a bus and the officer can be seen pepper spraying warren, and hitting him with his baton. the officer said warren threatened him and the bus drive. the chief said the officer was doing what he is trained to do. the video was released by the public defender which is representing warren. two men are in custody for vandalizing a historic military we structure at fort baker but they got stuck on a cliff and had for be rescued before they were arrested. park rangers found them in a restricted area. though ran. a c.h.p. helicopter pulled a man
5:34 am
from the cliff and lifted him in the air. the second man was saved by using we ropes. graffiti is on the structure in the area and rangers say it is not clear if the two men are responsible for this. >> it is a haven for people who like to vandalize. it is a historic park. it is a historic area. >> both men are from san rafael. they face charges including dress passing and resisting an officer. >> a mel helicopter made an emergency landing last night. the f.a.a. says an air ambulance was on way to a hospital in san francisco. it experienced a strange vibration. the pilot put the chopper down if a shopping center next to a lucky super market. there was a patient and three people on the helicopter. no one was hurt. the patient was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. >> this morning a young child is being treated at the burn unit at santa clara valley
5:35 am
medical center. firefighters responded to a home before 7:00 last night and the girl was treated on the scene. she required a life flight helicopter to her injuries. there is in word on how the child was burned. the injuries are considered serious but not life threatening. >> residents in san francisco who lived in an apartment building that bun down are rejoicing. a logger blogger raised $180,000 on a site for find new homes. 54 tenants were forced from their homes by a blaze that killed a man. last night the man hand at checks at the salvation army shelter where many have been living coming from 2300 individual donors. >> three men are arraigned in the brutal rape of a woman who was held captive for two months. the 2-year-old woman showed up
5:36 am
at a police station last week and told officers she had escaped from a santa rosa compound where she was repeatedly raped and held captive. officers arrested three men in the case on wednesday but now new doubts are being cast on the william's story. another woman who said show lives at the compound said the story is a lie. the woman showed abe a photo on sole media that reportedly shows the victim cozy with a system. police say they believe the woman was kidnapped. >> police now say a murder in evening lease happened after a home invasion robbery. police have this man in custody, he is 27-year-old marc anthony carr of san pablo. carr was seen choking a man wednesday afternoon. the man died. carr also critically injured a woman. officers found carr a block away with blood on him. they recovered a bb gun that is believed to belong to carr. >> health official say a person infected with the measles had dinner at a restaurant last week
5:37 am
that exposed hundreds to the virus. the resident visited the restaurant on member 20 and dined between 6:45 and five o'clock p.m. at the time the person did not have the rash. the incident comes on the homes of another potential exposure on art and infected resident took a richmond bound bart train from the millbrae station to civic center in san francisco danny 4:30 and 5:00 people and health officials say 1500 people everyone exposed to the virus but the risk of infection is low. our reporter will have a report from millbrae at the top of the hour. >> we find out what exactly google has in mind to expand their campus in mountain view. the plan includes up to four new buildings, some will be able to shift. a structure will allow google to move walls and offices to make a building smaller or bigger and will unveil the plans today. a push is underway to fund the land owned by google interest
5:38 am
housing for employees and residents. now a check on traffic and weather on friday morning. mike? >> we start with the 24 hour change, we talk about how it will be piled this morning up to 14 degrees warmer in novato and 11 in half moon bay and hayward only one. but the rest of us around four to seven degrees bush administration of the breezes. in fact, we are 44 at american canyon and napa at 46 and calistoga at 48 and guerneville at 47, and otherwise low-to-mid 50s, up and down 101 from santa rosa to novato and mill valley at 56. you are warmer in san francisco at 54 and half moon bay at 55 and same in alameda and el sobrante 52 and same in newark and cupertino and southeast and brentwood at 52 and san ramon as usual,44 degrees. looking into the san ramon veal we will see increasing clouds and seasonal highs with
5:39 am
low-to-mid 50s bay and inland and upper 50s along the coast and brick this morning. san jose partly cloudy right now, and you will be close to see the showers with the best chance of them tomorrow will be in the santa cruz mountains with no chance on sunday and a minor chance on monday. more on this in the big weather but, first, a check of traffic. >> it has been busy and the bay bridge toll plaza shows still early, it is friday and we have a ton of company coming from the east bay towards the toll plaza to get to san francisco though it will take you just under ten minutes to get there. the metering lights are not turned on and fast trackers and car poolers have an easy time of it and from the east bay camera, this is toward the eastern span of the bay bridge traffic is winding its way around foe foe -- to treasure island and looking sluggish. in hayward we have an alert with heavy backwards with traffic
5:40 am
stacked up at 238 with two lane blocked a multiple vehicle we lane block with a sig-alert and maybe new at 6:00 here is a look at drive tame traffic 580 looking busy from tracy to dublin at 34 minutes. 5:40 next, no hemming and hawing about this a great debate that has social media in stitches. what colors do you see? the photo that has everyone talking. >> imagine waking up to this at your door the visitor that has a local neighborhood on edge. stay tuned.
5:41 am
5:42 am
covering daly city dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
5:43 am
good friday morning. on the abc7 morning news a look at our sutro camera at san francisco with the twinkling lights and a beautiful shot to start the morning. the roads are not so beautiful. a check on them is coming up. >> the bart board is making changes to the cars do make they will wheelchair friendly with the design to move the wheelchairs to the middle doors and remove the poles in that area allowing more than one wheelchair rider to sit together rolling now two years. drivers of the shuttle buses that caused controversial in san francisco are voting on whether to become teamsters together including yahoo and google. unionization improves wages and working conditions for the drivers who are employed by a contractor. >> a mountain lion sighting has residents on edge with the most
5:44 am
recent seen yesterday morning off of 280. jeanette anderson snapped this picket of the animal moments after arriving at work >> i locked dart and wonder my god, what do i do? >> the sheriff arrived as the animal headed back into the woods. this is a natural habitat for mountain lions and they say as long as you leave the animals alone, they will leave you alone. >> moving along now to the photo that has friends and co-workers and families divided this morning. >> the question is, what color do you see? which colors? >> blue and black or white and gold? leyla weighed in with white and gold. the answer is parking major debate on the streets and online. >> blue and black. >> blue and black. >> gold and white.
5:45 am
>> how did you get blue and black? >> people are it ideas. gold and white. >> whoa, whoa whoa. >> the answer has to do with the way your brain interprets what your eyes are seeing. we posted the scientific explanation on our website at and joined the debate, are you seeing white can gold or blue and black? sound off on twitter. >> we will not use the word "idiot," if you see it differently than you do. >> both ways is the way it is seen for some of us. >> you are a flexible thinker. >> the biggest question is, would kristen wear it? >> blue and black? white and gold going. >> what do we see today? gray? gold?
5:46 am
>> what color umbrella would you match that with? >> maybe a blue and pink sunrise if we could see some of it out this. very diplomatic, you have a future in politics. good morning everyone, here is a look at live doppler hd you and -- can see the areas of low pressure spinning off of the coast of seattle near the sound. our camera is brisk on the bay water and rougher than it has been the last couple of mornings and notice, a few clouds as we look off to the southeast and under the bridge to the pots of oakland. we see the clouds and breezes pick up in the afternoon and that will keep us five or ten degrees cooler. our best chance as we have been talking about of showers tomorrow and that could include a chance of thunder with small hail and brief heavy rain. the same store will -- storm will bring better prescription
5:47 am
in the sierra up to 1' so take the chains. here is our low and here is our cold pocket of air, the air is so cold that it has a lost energy over the warmer-than-average ocean water and unfortunately it is not grabbing much moisture with it so it is a dynamic system and not going to be a steady rain producer more of a shower producer. low-to-mid 60s, gone are the 70s and the 60 at the coast and upper 50s for you. cooler around the bay and the coast and mid-to-upper 40s inland, and low-to-mid 40s. as we go through time i will step out of way the radar returns are over the ocean like they are at noon and as we head into the afternoon hours they start to slide to land especially around the santa cruz mountains and that is going to be the case as the storms will be moving to southeast. here we are tonight at midnight, and showers during the overnight hours especially over the ocean and a better chance
5:48 am
for the rest of us to have scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and the early evening and by later part of the evening hours gone. look at this, you get an idea of how scattered they are, some areas no rain at all up to quarter of an inch and santa cruz mountains are quarter to-an inch and my seven-day forecast shows what is most steady about the forecast, low-to-mid 60s all the way through when and slightly warmer by thursday. have a great weekend. >> the metering lights have been dunder on at the bay bridge and look at the wait. ten machines to get you from the maze right interest san francisco and we will talk about mass transit as far as bart is concerned there are 45 trains running on time and ace train one and a minute late or four minutes early on ace train 3 and a.c. transit has in delays but delays on 880 if you are picking up the car keys and grabbing the coffee, i suggest you skip the cream and sugar
5:49 am
because you have heavy traffic from 238, southbound 880 at tennyson road, a multiple vehicle crash involving a big rig and we have two lanes now shut down and the sig-alert is in effect until further notice hoping to get thinged clears up by 5:30. right now we have big delays so take mission as the alternate and it can get you around. we have a brand new crash, and it is southbound along 101 at rohnert park expressway, a solo crash in the center divider with no delays. >> a not twist, the page turning under to the battles of a popular san francisco bookstore to keep it open. political shock in the show me state, as a popular candidate for governor takes his own life. what he may have been trying to expose just before his death.
5:50 am
>> a look from the rooftop high definition camera of the san francisco skyline i love this new
5:51 am
sirachi burger. it's siracha. sluracha? no. si-rah-chah. siriracha. no. watch how i say it. si-rah-cha. that's not helping. bam! that's jack's new spicy sriracha burger comin' in all hot and melty with jalapeños and bacon! but the best part? it's not just sriracha sauce it's creamy sri-rah... slur-rah cha... whatever it's called, it's awesome sauce.
5:52 am
>> welcome back, a mission district bookstore that faced the prospect of shutting doing has a new lease online. border land becomes was going out of bit because they could not pay the mandatory $15 an hour minimum wage. a few days later the bookstore came up with an alternate funding plan that should keep it in business until march of next year. the plan called on 300 sponsors to pay $100 a year to keep the doors open and the response? better than projected.
5:53 am
>> 500 sponsors signed up. >> san francisco has the transamerica building, right new york city has the empire state building? >> now aing to make you think of tulsa, oklahoma, in the summertime. here it is: it look like a giant tornado complete with funnel cloud with a restaurant possibly at the top and offices in between, and classrooms occupying the lower levels and of course a place for the psychologist who gives the therapy to people who go to a tornado office building. tulsa people magazine shows three design firms to come up with something to reimagine downtown tulsa and this is june design. no word on when we will see the other two designs. >> that is like we had a fault line building. hanging ten on ice waves of slish washing ashore in massachusetts. the record setting when step left so much ice in the water
5:54 am
the waves look like a big slurpy rolling ashore. >> that tornado building reminds movie the shaking office building, you get a level eight when i walk in. >> i love it. special stuff happening this weekend with special people including kristen in redwood city for the lunar new year celebration, and do not let the we chance of showers scare you off it will be in the mid-to-upper 50s and breezy and if the shower comes through it is only five or ten minutes. winter weather across the grapevine tomorrow and, also we will see snow moving in to the sierra as we hold and the afternoon hours at 44 in lake tahoe, and the winter storm watch or the advisory starts at 1:00 o'clock until 1:00 o'clock tomorrow morning with up to a foot of snow possible. have fun. >> a brand new accident in dublin, westbound 580 to
5:55 am
northbound 680 involving a couple of vehicles with no injuries reported and one lane is blocked. we are looking at some delays with slow and go traffic away from highway 84 and two lanes are now blocked as you make the transition to northbound 680. we take you back to hayward where the sig-alert is in affect southbound side at tennyson with the big backups barely moving from 238 with a sig-alert in affect until further notice. hold lights at the san mateo bridge coming toward you from hair. >> a new york man is asking apple whyly iphone 5c exploded in his pants giving him third-degree bins. he was at his cousin's wake on valentine's day when the phone exploded spontaneously, and his thigh injuries from the scalding lithium landed him in a bun unit for 10 days. the small of the bit of damage to a circuit board can cause an
5:56 am
explosion and apple said they are looking into the case. >> thin mints? get ready to see a last girl scouts out today for "national girl scout cookie day weekend," outside byes and going door to door with the cookie program a $770 million business with all the money staying local to benefit activities and community service projects the girls take part in. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback kaepernick and carolinas quarterback cam newton want you to eat your fruits and vegetables to get teens and mom to eat healthy inspired by ads for big consumer brands that use celebrities to sell products. >> additional votes will be released stars the warovers steph curry and victor cruz and others. >> the man accused of causing a deadly train crash in southern california walks out of the jail a tree man and why the d.a. had
5:57 am
to let him go. >> netflix released the newest season of "house of cards," and we have the early reviews. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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grains you can't help but see the good. try new cheerios plus ancient grains. ancient goodness, great taste. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, officers onleave after a deadly shooting in san francisco. they say they had no choice but to open fire. >> bart passengers on alert after another potential exposure to measles. >> and looking outside at the cool morning across the bay area. meteorologist mike nicco says the scattered showers are on the way. good morning at 5:59. thanks for joining us on this friday. i am kristen sze.
6:00 am
>> i am eric thomas and meteorologist mike nicco. so, i will right now. good morning, everyone. here is live doppler hd. it will be dry compute. as the ferry building shows, the winds have picked up. we are in the mid-40s to mid-50s, up to 14 degrees milder this morning. the 12 hour day planner shows breezes increasing and the temperatures nearly 60 at noon and 60 at 4:00 and we do not warm much. low-to-mid 50s and cooler this morning, a slight chance of a shower, a better chance tomorrow and i will show you that coming up. >> and the traffic leyla? >> it was heating up this morning. quickly. but it looks like it is calming down. here is a look at the follow toll plaza and a look at a very busy drive.


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