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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i am eric thomas and meteorologist mike nicco. so, i will right now. good morning, everyone. here is live doppler hd. it will be dry compute. as the ferry building shows, the winds have picked up. we are in the mid-40s to mid-50s, up to 14 degrees milder this morning. the 12 hour day planner shows breezes increasing and the temperatures nearly 60 at noon and 60 at 4:00 and we do not warm much. low-to-mid 50s and cooler this morning, a slight chance of a shower, a better chance tomorrow and i will show you that coming up. >> and the traffic leyla? >> it was heating up this morning. quickly. but it looks like it is calming down. here is a look at the follow toll plaza and a look at a very busy drive. you are looking at 15 minutes
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across from the east bay into san francisco and that is the san mateo bridge. the tail lights are heavier than the headlights which are pushing to hayward and that is where we have problems. the sig-alert we had at tennyson is cleared. i will tell you how to get around it. >> bart is putting out a new measles alert a sick passenger was on the system on friday and 1,500 may have been exposed. cornell bernard is at the millbrae bart station with details. >> the person that may have been on a richmond-bound train on friday february 20, and health officials say a person sick with measles was on bart from millbrae to civic center between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. exposing 1,500 riders to the virus. family members, friends and coworkers of the paint have been notified they may have been
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exposed to measles. the advisory list can linger in the air for some time. >> the virus can stay active for up to two hours. that is enough time for the richmond-bound train after the individual has disembarked to get to richmond return to millbrae and return to rich bond. -- richmond. >> this month another traveled bart february 4-6 from lafayette to san francisco. berkeley health officials say a person from san mateo county infected with measles but showing no symptoms had dinner at a local restaurant on february 20 between 6:45 and 8:00 p.m. but it is not clear if this is the same person who was on bart on friday. if you fear you may have been exposed, you are encouraged to get tested. developing news, san
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francisco police are investigating the officer-involved shooting of an armed man in the mission district. the plainclothed officers responded to a call of a man with a kitchen knife at 24th and folsom street at 9:45. the man was trying to problem a bicyclist. the officer shot and killed the suspect after he refused to drop the weapon. the man on the bicycle was not injured. amy hollyfield will have the latest from the scene next half hour. in a few hours a hearing is scheduled for hernandez and cruz inside a officer courtroom. the two are charged with murdering a security guard outside a liquor store two weeks ago. manny zuniga tried to intervene when a man stole a box of cigars from the store on north capitol avenue. the fellow security guard on duty said that manny zuniga saved him by jumping into the line of fire. >> a man is accused of groping a student at uc berkeley that took
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place on campus. police say the student was walking around 4:00 p.m. on wednesday and a stranger apred her -- approached her and grabbed her chest. three kept walking. he was not found. >> we are learning more of jihadi john from isis. the parents of a victim are speaking out. our reporter is here with what they have been saying. >> the parents of james foley say the whole thing is tragic and some friends and neighbors say though knew him before isis are surprised. they describe a different person than the killer seen in the votes. the man flown as jihadi john is believed mohamed emwazi born in kuwait and now in his 20's and preisis was raised in a mixed income london neighborhood playing soccer and graduated from college where he studied computer programing were throws would knew him defend him.
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an employee with muslim lobbying group met with emwazi when he complains of being morassed by british officials while trying to travel. >> the mohammed i knew was kind and gentle and soft spoken was a wonderful young person. >> officials say they have known the identity of jihadi john since shortly after the beheading of american journalist james knowly back in august. one of the top law enforcement officials says the government is working on ways to kill or capture him but the white house will not confirm or deny the man is, in fact, emwazi. it is 6:05. war planes are pounding build inin iraq occupied by isis. the pictures show the results of some of the 2,500 airstrikes conducted by the united states and coalition forces.
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military officials say the airstrikes have deprived isis of sanctuary in iraq and adds that isis does for longer able to assemble move and communicate as an effective force. house republicans have decided not to shut down the department of homeland security. instead g.o.p. will push a three-week pending for the agency and leave in president obama's immigration policies that made them furious. the president used his power to spare millions of illegal immigrants from being departed. house republicans have long insisted that no money be approved for homeland security as long as the new immigration directives remained in place. >> the driver accused of triggering a commuter train derailment in southern california is out of jail free of charge. the family escorted him out of jail last night covering his face with jackets. he did not answer questions and took off. his son read a statement.
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>> my father and the rest of my family are praying for everyone's speedy recovery and our concerns and thoughts are with the victims of the accident. >> on tuesday his truck was stopped on railroad tracks in oxnard causing a metrolink train to derail leaving dozens hurt. three are in critical condition. the district attorney said he could be challenged in the future. >> c.h.p. will suspect legislations to fill vacant officer positions throughout the state. politicians will only be send onlane starting on monday at 8:00 a.m. and ending thursday march 5. c.h.p. is having trouble recruiting women and minorities. tomorrow an informational seminar is held at the concord pavilion at 10:00 a.m. designed to feature women who are currently thriving in law
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enforcement careers with c.h.p. all persons interested in c.h.p. career are encouraged to attend. >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco to see not outlook for rain has changed. >> a little bit. it is scattered. that is the problem. the system has so much energy, not enough moisture and it is kicking up the winds. we will check out the temperatures on the peninsula 52 to 55 and in the hills it is 45 in wood side with low 50s along the each bay shoreline to 53 in concord and 57 in mill valley and napa is 43 and fairfield is 48 and san ramon is 45. on the peninsula you and see a few clouds and no issues at sfo this morning. we are going to have upper 50s along the coast and up to 64 for the rest of us. the cool breezes are bringing our temperatures back in line. clouds over san jose and our best chance for showers is tomorrow and again scattered but thunder and small hail and
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brief heavy rain is possible, with sunday being dry and monday will be dry too. leyla? >> we have a two-car crash first reported as a two-car crash and new a multiple vehicle crash in dublin when 580 to northern 680. two lanes are blocked. delays are starting to stack up away from highway 84 so the altamont pass now has extra traffic. give yourself extra sometime from livermore toward castro valley. this sig-alert has cleared southbound 880 at continue any son, and look at the speeds 12 miles per hour, ten miles per hour leaving 238 and all lanes have re-opened at tennyson but mission boulevard is the best book. the golden gate bridge is clear. a calm drive. >> a real life political drama
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unfolding in the show me state a candidate for governor shocking missouri and taking his own life. >> a pricey dress warn on the read carpet is stolen in a hotel heist. >> and a giants star reveals to mike shumann why he is so confident going into spring training. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in
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breaking news from missouri, near the arkansas border in south central missouri, nine people have been found shot to death in at least four crime scenes in that town in south central missouri. the reports we are getting is that the dead include the apparent shooter who was found in the add joining county, and we hear from law enforcement officials this morning that the six crime scenes could be involved in the shooting around the area and we are not sure what sparked this. this area of missouri though; known for having a history of making drugs such as methamphetamine. not say that is what caused it but that is the history of the area. the police if that area are very busy and are calling the feds to first out what the heck happens. there are multiple crime scenes and at least nine victims in
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missouri. tyrone is 100 miles south of st. louis. now, in missouri an autopsy will be performed on a gubernatorial candidate who called reporters to his home and took his own life. thomas schweich left a voice mail to reporters yesterday asking them to show up at the st. louis area home and minutes later he shot himself. doctors pronounced him dead at the hospital. skit believed the 54-year-old was about to go public with accusations that the missouri g.o.p. chairman had made antisemetic, razz against him and thomas schweich has in history of mental illness there is no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved. >> if you have been frustrated by not betting on olympic sports nevada is now the place to go. gambling regulators voted to allow the sport bookies to offer bets on olympics for the first type in 10 years.
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nevada has allowed bets on their own sports teamed but banned amateur events that were not college. great britain and australia have allowed it for years. >> the district of columbia is the latest to legalize recreational marijuana despite threats from congress. the city went heed and legalized pot after saying it violated federal law. muriel bowser said she had to choice because 65 percent of the voters said yes to legalization in november. possession up to two ounces of pot is legal at low-to-mid and you can grow up to three mature plants at home. >> detectives are looking nor clues including surveillance video to find out who stole the most talked about dress at the oscars. someone swiped lupita's pearl covered dress great her hotel room on wednesday. the $150,000 gown is made 6,000 pearls.
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the culprit could be caught in the at on surveillance video. she won best supporting actress for role in "12 years," and was a presenter this year at oscar ceremony. the san jose earthquakes are holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for the through soccer stadium. the festivities start at the stadium at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and they will play a reseason game at their new home tomorrow against the rival galaxy, the full opening for the 18,000 seat stadium is march 22 significance the chicago fire but there remains a possibility of a players strike as negotiations for a new collective blaring an agreement come down to the wire. >> in arizona giants pitcher tim lincecum is trying to regain his old form. he had mentioned in the off season he needed help ofly father. he and his dad had about 50 throwing sessions together in seattle and the 30-year-old has
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struggled with mechanics the past few seasons. mike shumann talked with him yesterday. >> for my mindset and building my confidence again and obviously that came from years and years of being able to work on the mechanics and just trying to get back to that. my father is a big part of that. i am trying to get any time can give to me. this season, he is slated to be the fifth starter in the rotation. the giants open practice play on tuesday again the as, so he worked really hard during the off season and hopefully he will do well. >> a lot of stuff is going on with traffic. good morning everyone, we will start off with mass transit it could be a good idea. 52 bart trains are running on time and it could be a good idea to take mass transit because the
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freeways are full of problems. muni has no delays in san francisco and now we are going do head over to los altos with report of a big-rig fire that is out but it is causing activities and causing delays in the northbound direction as you head away from cupertino along 280. expect the delays to be around. these delays cannot be shaken because it is an early sig-alert with traffic slow coming out castro valley and 238 is affected as you hold in the number direction and as we pull away, this is good news the crash is cleared blocking a couple of lanes, westbound 580 to the northbound 680 connection and all the red is backed up, bumper-to-bumper from highway 84. >> we will start with the winds they are more aggressive overnight and through the morning and fairfield is 20 miles per hour, and it is pointing inland and that means the sea breeze is back and so are cooler conditions today and we are gusting up to 25 in
6:19 am
novato and 23 in fairfield, and 24 in san scar rose and 26 in half moon bay so it will be a brisk day. the ferry ride looks tranquil and you look at the water and see how churned up it is. the blowing winds are faster so the least calm morning on the ferry. clouds show breezes all increasing through the day and our best chance of showers tomorrow we and a healthy sierra snow this weekend and that puts a smile on my face and hopefully put skis on your boots. now a look at the cold front shawl pockets of cold air riding over warm ocean water and temperatures are running in the mid-to-upper 50s and that crate as lot of energy but it does not have a lot of moisture so this is that it a steady rain event. you can see the i nature of the grown, few and far between this afternoon, and partly sunny for the most part upper 50s at the
6:20 am
coast and low-to-mid 50s elsewhere. some of us may we go into the south bay and you will notice much cooler tomorrow morning and low-to-mid 40s inland and mid-to-upper 40s around at the bay and the coast. at 7:00 all the way through noon you can see most of the initial radar returns over the ocean during the afternoon and evening and overnight through tomorrow morning and when the low is sit on top of us tomorrow, that is when we have our best chance of showers and thunderstorms with small hail brief heavy rain and nothing in your neighborhood to up to quarter and .25" to .5" in the santa cruz mountains and headed up to the sierra here high is my forecast, up to a foot of snow developing this afternoon. grab the chains. you will need them. it will be a lighter snow not a heavy snow like we are used to. the seven-day forecast shows the main part of the forecast low-to-mid 60 through when and notice we have taken the rain
6:21 am
out of the forecast for monday so when we get through saturday that is it for a while. >> you have made a lot of people very happy it is time for toyota lake tahoe report with the numbers you see here, they are only going to go up and that is fantastic news. we will start with north star, we have a base of 18-38" and squall valley is the same, and alpine 18-35" and take you 3-32345s -- 3 1/2 hours to get there. keep the chains on. heavenly is 35 inches so make plans, have fun in the sierra. be safe. kristen? it is 6:21. we have the early reviews from the new season of "house of cars." >> loose lamb has on the lam capturing the nation's attention we with llama drama. >> weather and traffic during
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good morning everyone, look at the beautiful shot of san francisco. the bay in the background. another lovely start to a friday. there will be a change in the weather and mike will talk about that ahead. now a check with amy and at 7:00. next on "good morning america" jihadi john identified. this morning the latest in what we know of mohamed emwazi the british man believed to be scene in isis execution votes. we have all at the details in the international investigation with a report from london this morning on "good morning america" next.
6:25 am
>> that is at 7:00 a.m. abc morning news. >> netflix launched season three of "house of cards." netflix greeted fans with a new season on twitter with the emergency "welcome back." if you have not caught up you may want to turn around, picking up with kevin spacey picking up and now he is president. so, "time" magazine said he has to take a break from murder and manipulation to run the country. season three has 13 episodes. you have heard of the llama driver, loose lamb has on the lam capturing the attention of the nation. >> they have been rounded up. here is how it unfolded. >> we were a nation united by lamb has on the run -- llamas on run part after group of therapy llamas visiting residents at a
6:26 am
elderly care home. they were spooked and made a break stopping traffic and moving through the streets. in guy tried to play it cool but barely misses the grass. the calls start from people offering all kinds of advice. >> they said, feed them pumpkin and they will stop. >> faster than the llamas an explosion of 220,000 llama tweets and photoshop mashups invoking thelma and louise. with expertly thrown lassos from the back of a pickup, llama one and two were back in custody. high five's all around. >> how long did it take? >> 2 1/2 hours or three hours. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> dress debate. are you teal blue or black or team white and gold? we have the internet buzzing
6:27 am
like crazy this morning. >> from cliffs to cuffs two men rescued by helicopter after getting stuck and why though were then taken into custody. san francisco bliss slot and killed a man in the miss district and we tell you what happened next. >> live doppler hd shows our area of low pressure well to the north and we will talk about increasing clouds and increasing showers and thunderstorms headed through the weekend forecast. >> in the traffic center a ribbon of headlights pulling from the maze with flashing lights. we have our troubles across the bay area roadways with the days coming up when we retu
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grains you can't help but see the good. try new cheerios plus ancient grains. ancient goodness, great taste. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning. it is 6:29. we start off with a lovely view
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from our explore inform program in san francisco looking across the bay. it will be a gorgeous sunrise. we have some clouds. right? >> i am christian. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am here with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco with the weather. >> now, a look at what is going on with the winds, 20 miles per hour in fairfield and it is blowing toward the mountains so we have onshore wind and that is why it is up to ten degrees cooler today and we have gusts up to 30 miles per hour in the hills as we look armor clouds over the ocean. the day planner is mild with most of us in the low-to-mid 50s and notice the temperatures do not change much mid-50s to 60s and mainly dry in the low-to-mid 50s in the evening. better chance for wet weather tomorrow with details ahead.
6:31 am
we hoped for friday light. we did not get it. >> we did not. this is the last friday of the month and we are ending with a few bangs on the roads. here is the san jose and 280 freeway near highway 17 and we see a lot clouds in the skies and a bit of gloomy condition and ahead we have more traffic building because of the big-rig fire that is here as you leave cupertino headed into los altos and the san mateo bridge is packed in the westbound direction and the tail lights over the water, slow going and no word of accidents on the bridge or 101. we will try to find out exactly why there is so much slowing. >> we follow breaking news, nine people have been found shot to death in a small community in south central missouri in the unincorporated community of tyrone missouri, three hours southwest of st. louis. investigators say there could be up to six different crime scenes
6:32 am
authoritieses came to the door to check for anyone fatally shot or wounded at 4:00 this morning. other people say they were told to stay in the house and not to on the door to strangers. the dead included the apparent shooter whose body was found in shannon county. according to the houston herald staff at the school district have been told to arrive early for counseling sessions so there could be some sort of link but there is no confirmation on whether children were killed. san francisco police are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting involving a man armed with a knife. our reporter is in the miss. -- in the mission. >> he refused to drop the knife and they have several witnesses who can verify that. police say that the man was trying to steal another man's bicycle. this happened at 10:00 last
6:33 am
night. officers in plain clothes pulled to the crime in progress. the police chief said the badges were visible. the officers drew the guns and the man refused to drop the knife and both officers fires. the man who owned the bicycle was grateful. >> the victim told the captain from mission station that he was coming after me with a knife this big and that -- it was not that big -- but it was large. he thanks the captain say you saved my life. >> the victim was not hurt in the incident and the man with the bicycle will be investigated. the officers will be on paid leave. there will be a townhall meeting next week to answer any questions of the shooting death of this man whose name has not been released. the chief says it appears he was in his 20's.
6:34 am
thank you. a medical helicopter made an emergency landing last night. check out this video just in to newsroom. the faa says a air ambulance was on way to the hospital in san francisco and it experienced a strange vibration. the pilot put the chopper down in a shopping center next to a lucky super market. there was a patient and three others in the helicopter. no one was hurt. the party was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. another helicopter rescued two men in marin county and this morning, they are in custody accused of vandalizing a historic military structure. before they could be arrested they were stuck on a cliff and had to be rescued. rangers came upon them in a restricted area and they ran. c.h.p. helicopter pulled one from at the cliff and the second man was rescued using ropes from
6:35 am
the airplane. you can see the graffiti from the military structure but it is not clear if the two men are responsible for the graffiti. >> it is a haven for people would like to vandalize. it is a historic park. it is a historic area. >> both men are from san rafael and face charges including dress passing and resisting an officer and vandalism. police now say a murder in heck lease happened after a botched home invasion robbery. police have this man in custody. he is 27-year-old marc anthony carr of san pablo and witnesses saw him choking a man on wednesday afternoon. the man died. police say carr critically injured a woman and officers found carr a block away with blood and recovered a bb gun that belonged to carr. >> today we find out what, compete, google has in mind to exspokesman the corporate campus. city officials say the plan included up to for new buildings
6:36 am
parts of which can shift. a crane structure will allow google to move walls and offices to make a building smaller or bigger. the push is underway to turn some of the land owned by google into housing for employees and residents. shuttle bus drivers who take apple employees to and fro can be close to unionizing. facebook drivers unionized in november. it is affecting 120 gulf and part time drivers for yahoo and ebay and more. >> the companies should be a good community partner and they can improve things in the society by raising people up that do work for them to at least make a decent living and have decent benefits with a future for their families. >> we reached out to apple
6:37 am
though had "no comment." 6:37. coming up, measles alert, the bart passenger getting warned about potential explosion -- exposure. >> and apple is going after a high end luxury client base with the new want. >> santa cruz beep a -- beach a gorgeous ♪ ♪ wow something sounds
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no? must be the honey!!! >> a spell event tomorrow in redwood city, the 5th annual lunar new career -- new year celebration, with kristen sze,
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and mid-to-upper 50s and it will feel cooler because of the breeze. through the grapevine tomorrow watch out for snow, four inches down to 4,000', low-to-mid 60s through the central valley to monterey and 43 in lake tahoe today. i will show you what will happen through the day, at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon to 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, 4-8" of snow are possible and up to 12-inches are possible on the slopes by saturday. i hope you can get and enjoy it. >> sounds like a blast. finally, come to the road and you can use our 360 cameras through pleasanton, this is the drive westbound side of 580 as you start pushing to dublin and the reception is cell i warn you, so it could be spotty but the track is not spotty. we did see two lanes blocked on the westbound 580 to northbound 680 transition and use the 380 camera to turn it around and see how traffic is moving around eastbound direction it is not
6:41 am
there. on the maps i will show you in 280, a moment ago it is now starting to slow down and the brakes are allied because of this the brand new accident involving a car fire blocking two lanes northbound 280 at lawrence express way so delays are evident coming up from highway 17. 6:41. trading is underway on wall street and we will go to the nasdaq for the money report. >> trending threat that is breaking the internet what color do you see? that is a trending internet "thread." >> the san mateo bridge traffic right here shows haze. mike will told us more of the forecast coming yoplait greek 100.
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covering be19s san ramon, san mateo, this is the news. >> bart has a new measles alert. a sick passenger was on the system on friday and 1 1,500 may have been exposed. cornell? >> yes, the health warning is out to bart riders on the richmond-bound train last friday february 20. health officials in san mateo say a person sick with measles was on bart from millbrae to san francisco between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. exposing 1,500 riders. family and friend and co-workers of the patient have been notified they may have been exposed to mes much the virus can linger in the air for two hours. >> you get scared. but if it happens it happens. there is not much i can do. i will not walk around with a
6:45 am
mack. >> they should make the public alert to avoid the measles outbreak. >> this month a linkedin employee traveled during heavy commute from february 4-6 from lafayette to san francisco. berkeley health officials say a person from san mateo county infected with measles showing no symptoms had dinner at a will although restaurant on february 20th but it is not clear if it is the same person who was on bart last friday. anyone who feared they may have been exposed is encouraged to be tested. it is 6:45 and the i.r.s. has begun writing checks to taxpayers. >> verizon had a clever response to the fcc decision on net neutrality. jane king has all eyes on nasdaq today with the stores and more.
6:46 am
jane? good morning, we are getting further away from nasdaq moderately lower with gross domestic product numbers showing the economy slowed down final three positives of last year and the markets are down. a in into tax season and the average refund so far is just over $3,100. as of february 20, the i.r.s. paid $125 billion in refines and eight out of ten filers are due a refund. verizon issued a public statement completely in morse code upset on net neutrality they called antiquated and companies sake net neutrality hurts their ability for innovation. apple bought a -- page spread in vogue do celebrate apple watch part of a push to be a luxury
6:47 am
fashion fad. apple has sent out have it takings for a march 9 event widely expected to feature that watch. eric and kristen? >> have a great weekend. >> okay nasdaq photo that has funds -- a go to that has everyone seeing different colors in this dress. black and blue or white and gold? >> blue and black. >> blue and black. >> blue and black. >> gold and white. >> how did you get blue and black? >> people are it ideas. gold and white. >> that is a little harsh. the answer has to do with the
6:48 am
way your brain internets what your eyes are seeing. we posted the scientific explanation on our website at are you team white and gold? or are you team blue and black? sound off on twitter. >> we are all sure it was kim kardashian who broke the internet but this dress. >> my, my my. moving along mike, how is the weather? leyla, you are look at traffic. how is that look increasing. >> we are not moving so well but here i saw white and gold but i have receiver own pictures blue and black. we are seeing clear conditions that is a look at 580 in the when direction headed into castro valley and eastbound traffic the tail lights pushing around the corner moving quite nicely and on the maps, i have traffic for you, and that is a look at hose, 280 northbound,
6:49 am
bumper-to-bumper traffic to highway 17 because of this, a multiple vehicle crash involving a car fire with flames seen under the vehicle and that is at the lawrence express way and you can see the backup building on the peninsula and we had an early big-rig fire and that is cleared and continues along 280 and 101 where the drive away from sfo to the city you are cleared. >> i know you have been busy, and the weather will be busy headed into the afternoon especially tomorrow, here is a look at where our low pressure center is around the pacific northwest and still, our cloudy conditions are over 87 in san jose and no rain. check out the exploritorium showing the bay is more than this time yesterday. the clouds and breezes will increase in the afternoon and it will be up to ten degrees cooler. our best chance of showers and tomorrow and that is when we get
6:50 am
the healthy snow. the navy snow fall is tomorrow. when you get cold air over warm water, and the ocean is three to eight degrees warmer than it should be, we have a lot of energy but not a lot of moisture so it and a scattered event. upper 50s at the coast and only about 61 to 63 and 70's, gone from the forecast. tonight, we are up to ten degrees cooler with low-to-mid 40s inland and mid-to-upper 40s to the coast. here is how the storm ever involved increasing clouds and at noon not much going on. over the ocean, mainly, and we will see our better radar in the high country as we head through the evening overnight hours and into tomorrow morning, there is greater instability offer the ocean and as we hold into saturday afternoon, there you go, more energy coming back as it and that is when we get a chance of scattered showers with thunder and possible small hail
6:51 am
and brief heavy rain. by the evening hours gone. that is it. one and done. end of february. some areas have no rain. some areas up to quarter of an inch and with the storms moving in the initial stage northwest to southeast santa cruz mountains have the best chance of anything significant up to half an inch. low-to-mid 60s and a chance of rain out of the monday forecast so march is starting just as dry as february has been unfortunately. back to you guys. >> all right extra, extra read all about it. broadway has arrived although i don't remember a female in the role. i had the pleasure of meeting up with the cast and they are on tour for a wheel year traveling the country and they came to san francisco.
6:52 am
they are in san francisco through march 15. you can see them rehearsing. they are doing fantastic choreography. whoa! they gave me a try. they say it is like a nordic track and the newspapers are a compiling of real articles from back in the day from 1899. this is based on the news boy strike in new york and i had a fabulous time, i talked to the dancers and asked what it was like to be in the production and you can see my full step today at 4:00. >> you keep dancing like that they will recruit you. >> i tried. >> back with seven things do know before you go. >> first, we will keep you up to date with weather and traffic so you do not miss a thing including the
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6:55 am
for a fatal police shooting of an armed man in the mission district. officers responded to a call of a man with acien -- with a kitchen knife last night artful some and they shot him when he refused to drop the knife. he was trying to problem a bicyclist. two machine are accused of vandalizing a historic military structure before being arrested they were stuck on a cliff. they had to be rescued. c.h.p. helicopter pulled a man from a live and airlifted him. the firefighters rescued the second man with >> we 14 degrees warmer than yesterday at bart stations. the sun is up. the cooling is minimal. upper 50s at coast and up to 64 for the rest of us and mostly dry today and breezy. >> a look at san jose at 280 at highway 17 the cars are stopped. it has been a busy friday commute. it and because of this a
6:56 am
two-car crash with car fire and we have 15 miles per hour and 16 miles per hour pulling away from highway 17. the backups will take you extra time so give yourself extra time. >> public can get the first look at laps for google new headquarters in mountain view with buildings with walls that can be moved. resolution dens federal google is getting too big using land that could be used for housing. >> get ready for "national girl scouts cookie weekend," going door-to-door selling their famous cookies including two new types. one is gluten free. >> there goes the diet. >> by a if you belt. >> fantastic, just delicious. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and mobile devices.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. and new this morning, unmasking a killer. new details about jihadi john, the london educated man behind those brutal isis videos. security services tracking him for years before going overseas. questions now about how he was able to join the terror group as the families of the americans he's accused of killing speak out. happening now, double trouble. freezing temperatures, icing over roads, more snow moving from dallas to chicago and a dangerous storm taking aim out west with heavy rain and fears of mudslides on the way. breaking her silence. the woman who accused college football star jameis winston of sexual assault speaking out for the first time. >> i kind of just want to know like, why me? >> her emotional story driven out of the school she lo


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