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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday march 1st. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> hi carolyn. as we start the new month, it is really quiet up in northern california. a few leftover showers in the sierra nevada. those soon will be ending and in southern california that's where they have all the action. they have the wintry weather the snow and the rain from here through santa barbara and los angeles and san diego. so for the bay area that means we will be starting out chilly. 35 in napa. some fog in santa rosa, 50 in san francisco and 42 in san jose. so with all the sunshine this morning, temperatures will be in the 60s once again. the rain pushes south or has pushed south. but by tomorrow here's another weak weather system that wants to bring in more rain. we will talk about it and talk about the high temperatures throughout the first full week of march in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. weekend weather has been rather odd. families in south san jose could not believe their eyes when they
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looked out their windows yesterday. they saw what appeared to be snow. just a few neighborhoods were hit with the unusual wintry mix. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson has the story now from the south bay. >> toto, i don't think we are in san jose anymore. the mode dough lands look like a neighborhood from the midwest. i said what happened? it's a miracle. video from steve baker shows the hail. at one point he joked about the need for a snowplow. these kids focused on the no balls, or should we call them hail balls instead? >> have you ever seen this before here? >> no. my hands are frozen right now. usually we have to go up in the mountains to find snow and now we just need to go in our front yard. >> the sidewalk snowball fight is certainly a first for this nine-year-old, but it's not the first for the neighborhood. >> it's probably been maybe 20 years since it last snowed. it's been a very long time. >> they loved seeing their car covered and backyard saturated. >> we aren't afraid of a little bit of snow.
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just a little up the wards family swarmed around a white lawn. some drove over from a few miles away. >> we got in the cars. we said we are two minutes away, let's get down here and let the kids play. >> father and son snapped selfies by the snowman and more than a few drivers attempted to take on the souvenir. we will so what the police say about frosty's lack of seatbelt. >> it's a lot of fun. >> they said it's a memory they won't soon forget. >> it's fantastic. we are all having fun. >> in south san jose, tiffany wilson abc7 news. >> people are posting lots of pictures on the snow on social media. robin took this picture near the evergreen neighborhood in san jose. and john took these photos of the hail in that city. you see how thick it looked coming down. alyssa took this photo of a lightning strike over the mission district in san francisco. you can send us your weather photos to ureport.
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that's as you can also post them on our abc7 news facebook page or share them with us on twitter @abc7 news bay area. windy weather has closed part of the great highway in san francisco. you can see sand covering the southbound lanes between slope boulevard and skyline. it is expected to remain closed today. firefighters suspect lightning sparked a small fire last night and san francisco's bay view hunter's point neighborhood. it happened west of interstate 280 behind an industrial building on revere avenue. one witness says she heard a loud crash, walked toward the noise and heard lot of crackling. >> i could actually see the smoke. i went home and called the fire department. they said they haven't seen anything like that in a long long time, and it was caused by lightning. >> san francisco firefighters were able to quickly knock down that fire.
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the storm brought lots of snow to the sierra. the first major snowfall in two months. it's causing some problems on the roads. chains are required right now on highway 50. this picture was tweeted by the truck tee fire department along with the warning "be safe out there." the storm is good news for ski resorts. this is video from northstar california. they have received 16 inches of snow since friday afternoon. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. we also have more information at this morning a gilroy man is recovering from major injuries after falling off a cliff and into the ocean in the north bay. you are looking at new video released this morning by the chp. police say a 24-year-old man was hiking with a church group near
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arch rock when he fell around 4:15 yesterday afternoon. plunging around 60 feet, hitting the rocks below before driving -- or falling into the surf. he was able to pull himself back on to the rocks and a chp helicopter was brought in to hoist him up. the man was taken to the hospital with major injuries but police say he is expected to survive. abc7 news was there when san francisco firefighters rescued a man and his dog off a cliff. it happened yesterday afternoon. frank stark said he was walking his dog when the dog fell off the cliff and starks immediately ran over to the edge. he said the ground gave way and he fell down, as well. firefighters used ropes to full starks and his dog up. both are okay. the mother of a 20-day-old baby boy found dead in a swampy area near the sacramento river has been arrested. police believe 23-year-old
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samantha green is responsible for her baby's death. we have the details. >> the investigation into the death of baby justice reese took a turn friday night after they interrogated the mother, samantha green. >> she made comments she was there for so many hours screaming and hollering. we were sort of able to determine that perhaps didn't transpire. >> they determined that her tale of events never lined up and arrested her on murder charges early saturday morning. >> we have come to the conclusion that mrs. samantha green was the sole individual responsible for the death of her child. >> it was monday when family members reported baby justice and samantha missing from their woodland home. the 23-year-old mom was found a day later near the slough. it was in knots landing. wet and hysterical and without her baby.
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an intensive rescue effort went through the night, but no rescue. instead wednesday they found the lifeless body after newborn baby lying in the brush near the tree. it would later be determined the baby died from either hypothermia or drowned. in the beginning she claimed to have been abducted and her family stood by her side. >> we know from samantha what happened, that she was abducted, and despite the fact they haven't been able to prove that, we totally believe her. >> samantha even game the investigators names. kidnappers but in the end they said they found no validity to the claims. >> we eliminated some of the allegations and some of the comments that were made. and snow stone was left unturned. >> samantha greening is being held on murder charges at this woodland detention facility. she's on a no-bail hold and investigators say their investigation is far from over. abc7 news. the post office is trying to track down a group of male thieves in san jose.
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take a look at them in action. staff at villa torino apartments provided abc7 news with this video saying they want the thieves captured. but they say the police will not investigate. a postal investigator is working on the case. they say mail from four or five boxes has been stolen. >> well-being can you believe we are heading into march already? >> can't believe it. wish we had morrow of the rain. but it's southern california hogging all the rain today. it's chilly this morning. 50 in san francisco. that's the warm spot. plenty of 30s and 40s around the bay. we will talk about a dry sunday and a chance for some more rain for your monday. that's when we return. >> thank you lisa. also ahead the protest against isis in san francisco. what demonstrators are demanding of the u.s. ♪ ♪
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>> broadway arrives in san francisco and we get the scoop on what it's like to take "newsies" on the road.
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happening now, the third spacewalk in over a week is on the way for a pair of astronauts. we just had a cool shot of them
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out there. there they are. terry and butch ventured out of the international spaceship this morning. they are installing cable and data lines that will be needed for future american crew capsules. n.a.s.a. is paying to develop a spacecraft capable of going to the space station. the first flight is target ford -- targeted for 2017. there's a growing memorial in san jose created by friends of a teenager killed in a car crash early yesterday morning. investigators believe two cars may have been racing at the time. this is video taken by a neighbor just minutes after police say one of the cars crashed into a light pole at hillsdale and meridian avenue. both drivers left the scene. last night friends of the victim, a passenger in the car gathered to light candles and reflect on their loss. >> he was smart. he had a lot going for him. he could have been a mechanic, an engineer.
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>> two other teenagers went to the hospital with serious injuries. police say alcohol was a factor in the crash. also in san jose, a man is dead after a crash between a car and an s.u.v. it happened just after 7:00 last night on leeward drive and north of the airport. the read-hillport airport. the victim was a passenger in one of the vehicles. one adult and five children went to the hospital. firefighters had to pull one of them out of the wreckage. the survivors are expected to be okay. >> dozens of people marched in san francisco trying to raise awareness about the polite of christians in the middle east who are being targeted by isis.
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abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> outside the san francisco federal building, several young men were dressed in orange overalls. a show of solidarity for the 21 christians who were brutally killed by isis in libya and the flag of the syrian people was waved, a symbol of the hundreds of syrians kidnapped by isis. isis videos have tormented us. >> this san francisco group is made up of several eastern christian denominations. all of them say their religious families and history is under attack by isis in the middle east. but the christians as a concert or a group that has been there since the birth of christianity, they are not really seriously endangered. >> among the syrian christians here there was a combined sense of anguish over the destruction of a price priceless artifacts at a museum in museum that survived for thousands of years. >> you name it, it lasted and here you have a bunch of animals with sledgehammers and with saws cutting it it down?
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>> he is a board member of a syrian church in san jose. they held a prayer vigil for those who have been kidnapped. and now they are hoping some of those prayers might have been answered. cnn is reporting that 23 of the hundreds who had been kidnapped by isis may have been released in syria. abc7 news. and coming up on "this week" more on the threat of isis with secretary of state john kerry. kerry speaks live to chief global affairs correspondent martha raditz in an abc news exclusive. the interview is his first since the identityn of isis member jihadi john was revealed. it comes two days of that netanyahu addresses congress on the nuclear threats from iran. you can catch it right here at 8:00 this morning. >> stop the presses. disney's tony award winning musical "newsies" is on tour.
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they will be putting on a show at the orpheum theater for the next couple weeks. leyland gulen checked out rehearsal and got the scoop. they are taking the show on the road. >> "newsies" has been a favorite on broadway since it opened in 2012. ♪ ♪ now for the first time audiences across the country can enjoy the heart-stopping show as it travels on a whirlwind 25-city year-long show. an action-packed show of this magnitude takes months to germinate in the rehearsal studios. but once the music and the steps are down, it doesn't end there. continuing to perfect their moves before an evening performance, the cast of "newsies" laid it all out for our abc7 news cameras at the lines ballet studios in san francisco.
6:18 am
james dodgson is the show's music director and he's been working in theater for years. >> i love t you see such a sense of enjoyment and fun on people's faces. >> the story is based on the new york's pivotal news story strike of 1899. and like those news boys, to be part of the cast it takes persistence. >> i auditioned for it for three years before i got it, and i knew i was supposed to do it, i knew i needed to do it, so i refused to let them tell me no. >> so i took his advice into twisted their arms into giving me an audition. ultimately i didn't make the cut. performing in the bay area for this actor is like coming full circle. >> i was at san francisco ballet and i took classes in this very studio. it's so crazy. so nuts that i'm here right now.
6:19 am
and not dancing and learning but i'm doing a tv interview with you right now. it's like surreal. all of the hours i spent in this studio looking at the fog through the window, you know. this made it all worth it. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at me! ♪ >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and you can catch disney's "newsies" through march 15th. for more information or about tickets you can go to our website at disney is the parent company of abc7. >> february a bit disappointing in the rain department and march not starting out so well either. >> no. you see all the clear sky behind us. it's certainly come plenty of 30s. we are looking at another system upstream that heads our way tomorrow. we will talk about it in detail in just a moment. right now you see snow in the sierra pushing down to the southern sierra and mammoth. they will see more unsettled weather today from the central
6:20 am
coast through southern california. we are dry here and the rain is off the coast right here. santa barbara looking dry right now. you see the snow in the higher elevations and los angeles. look at that. as well as san diego. some wet weather for you. but back home it's calm, it's cool and a look at the bay from the perspective of mt. tam. and we are looking at numbers ranging from 35 in gilroy where it is really chilly there to 45 in san carlos. 50 san francisco. and 48 in half moon bay. from our roof camera it's clear and the numbers range from just the mid-30s here so another chilly start from napa, petaluma and livermore sitting at 40 and fairfield dropped into the upper 40s. 33 concord. 24 hours ago we were slightly warmer. look at mountain view. it's 10 degrees colder for you. in san jose also a chillier start but a much calmer afternoon for the south bay and the east bay.
6:21 am
had a lot of those build up. most of you saw some precip but many in the north bay didn't see anything at all. today is a new day as we begin a new month. numbers on the cool side along the coast. we are looking at another system to slide along the coast slightly offshore, that will keep the rain mainly away from the bay but a few chances around it. we will show you that. just a chance of a shower. then we are looking at a dry and warmer weather pattern for the upcoming work week. the area of low pressure you can see it. the counterclockwise circulation right there. and for the bay area we are looking at dry conditions. but another system will slide just off the coast. instead of going right over the land. because of that, we are looking at just a slight chance of showers. so with high temperatures today from the low 60s, it will be pretty nice afternoon out there if you are headed out from the central coast through
6:22 am
sacramento. but you will notice the rain showers through los angeles. so the path of that system for tomorrow looks like it will just provide an isolated shower, perhaps around the east bay santa cruz, and the rest of the bay will feature partly cloudy skies. that's tomorrow. today 64 in oakland and san jose. livermore coming in in the mid-60s. 63 in san francisco. and on the coast we will feature some relatively light winds cool temperatures. 60 half moon bay and santa cruz. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the numbers in a narrow range today. near average. tomorrow with the clouds a little cooler coastside. maybe a light shower around the south bay. otherwise it's a milder day on tuesday and we don't stop there. wednesday, thursday and friday numbers climbing through the low 70s around the bay and inland, and finally 70 at our beaches by next weekend. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc news weather app. it's free on apple's app store
6:23 am
or google play. we have more information on you shouldn't be surprised at anything i say, carolyn. >> i chuckle because i'm thinking of the other parts of the nation that are just getting hammered while we have this unseasonably warm weather. >> and generally locking into that same pattern for a long time. >> thank you lisa. up next, a piece of space history ends up in an unusual spot. the bargain someone got from this famous singing astronaut.
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a thrifty shopper got an out-of-this-world deal. ♪ ground control to major tom ♪ >> a space suit belonging to astronaut chris hatfield, known for his "space odyssey" performance on the international space station, has made its way to a canadian thrift shop. he retired after his trip to the international space station and says he has no idea how his suit got to the thrift shop. the shopper who bought it said
6:27 am
hatfield has confirmed it is his. >> and my jaw just dropped. i said i can't believe this. and this flight suit looks just like the flight suit he wears in the back of his book. >> yep it's his. the price she paid for that authentic space suit? forty bucks. the winter blast hitting the rest of the country and the effects being felt all over the nation. and why a dallas nurse who contracted the ebola virus said she's filing a lawsuit against the hospital.
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] deal. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. hi, everyone. just about ten minutes until the official sunrise from mt. tam. nice and clear and cold this morning with plenty of numbers in the 30s. gilroy has dropped another degree at 34. san francisco sits at 50. oakland request good morning to you, 47. upper 40s on the coast. from this shot it looks nice and calm but the cool numbers once again in our north bay valleys
6:31 am
from 35 napa, 36 petaluma and we are sitting at 40 in livermore. finally from the sutro tower camera it's a clear start all around the bay. we will talk about a dry day today with upper 50s to low 60s from the coast to san francisco. low to mid-60s elsewhere. keeps us where we should be for the first day of march. i'll tell you about another chance of rain and look at the full week ahead when we return. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. this morning another massive winner storm is barreling straight through the heart of the nation. the storm has caused problems for travelers both on the road for drivers like these in texas, and in the air. abc news reporter tom yamus has the details. >> snow and ice taking their toll across thousands of miles. in north carolina, it was black ice reducing these cars to roadside wrecks in mounds of mashed metal.
6:32 am
on i-44 a chain reaction sent this pickup face-first through a metal guardrail. in wichita this s.u.v. struggles after sliding off the interstate. at dallas-fort worth slush and ice forced the cancellation of hundreds. flights. it was this storm system that turned an american airlines flight from dallas to oklahoma city into a nine-hour no-go that had passengers waiting. >> i'm not flying american again. >> in new england roofs came tumbling down. at this ice rink a youth hockey team escaped disaster. >> we were right next to us. it blew us back. very scary. >> florida even wasn't spared. this car stuck in a manhole when the cover floated away and the male in this truck won't reach a mailbox anytime soon. the forecast shows more snow moving eastward across ohio and pennsylvania and into the northeast by monday. as a series of storm system
6:33 am
stretches more than 3,000 miles from california to maine. abc news, new york. a dallas nurse who contracted the ebola virus while caring for an infected patient said she plans to file a lawsuit against the hospital where she contracted the illness. according to the news, she plans to file her lawsuit tomorrow against texas health presbyterian hospital. the 26-year-old said she has nightmares, body aches and insomnia as a result of contracting the disease from the man who died from the illness. she said the hospital and their parent company failed her when she cared for duncan. >> fireworks are to blame for starting a small fire at disneyland. the fire broke out in a tree just after 9:00 last night. in the backstage area near the "it's a small world" attraction. the flames were quickly extinguished and no one was hurt.
6:34 am
the attraction was not damaged. disney is the parent company of abc7. britain's prince william is closing out his first visit to japan. the royal is using his influence to refocus the world's attention on japan's ongoing struggle in the fukushima nuclear melt-down zone. he met with children affected by the tsunami who devastated their towns and villages four years ago. they are now just able to go outside and play since radiation levels are down. you see his visit packed with traditions like trying en a warlord's helmet and sword. >> i'm ready for action. >> prince william's good will work is reminiscent of his late mother's diana when she comforted victims of japan's earthquake 20 years ago. next up, china, to help stop the illegal dragged of elephant ivory. new details, the oakland
6:35 am
radars are thinking small when it comes to building a new stadium in the east bay. according to our media partner the contra costa times, they want to build a stadium with 55,000 seats in oakland. that was the smallest in the nfl. it would keep costs down and cause ticket prices to stay low. he would like to keep the team here but the team is also planning to build a joint stadium with the san diego chargers outside of l.a. if it fails to secure the stadium deal at home >> excitement in san jose as the earthquakes take to the soccer field for the first time at their new stadium. yesterday the team tested out their new privately-funded $100 million home in an exhibition game against the l.a. galaxy. the european style horseshoe stadium seats 18,000 people and has a canopy roof and the steepest seating it in the
6:36 am
league to optimize viewing. >> beautiful. we are so excited. >> we have seats pretty high up but the view is great and it still feels like you are on the field. >> it's a great day for the bay area. a wonderful day for quake fans and let's hope it's a start of a wonderful season for all of us. >> the new stadium offers a double-sided video scoreboard, the largest outdoor bar in north america and a two-acre fan zone. the quake beat the galaxy 3-2. san jose will have their first regular season game at the stadium on march 22nd. today amtrak is opening its new ticket office after closing its old location at the san francisco ferry building last night. the ticket office and bus stop have been relocated to the temporary transbay terminal at folsom and beil streets, about a half-mile south of the building.
6:37 am
amtrak will share the space with greyhound. starting today people with disabilities can ride muni for free. in january the san francisco mta board unanimously agreed on funding for the free rides. the program available on clipper cards only. officials say over the past month alone they processed more than 38,000 applications for the free muni program expansion. last year the mta approved a two-year free ride program for low income young people. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, a project to help secure water for many people in the bay area reaches a major milestone. and here's a live look from our exploratorium cam. this is a beautiful shot. sunrise about to begin. lisa argen will have the forecast. will it be as strange as yesterday with that hail and rain in the south bay in lisa will explain in just a few.
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happening today, a 5k walk in san ramon to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings will m.c. participants will carry photos of those who have died from prescription drug-related causes. there will also be a health expo and a drug take-back program where police will be on hand to manage the save disposal of unwanted medications. march is prescription drug abuse awareness month. today's event gets underway at 8:30 this morning at iron horse middle school. >> no rain for that event? >> no. in fact, we are starting out cool and dry here with temperatures just around 40 in livermore. here's our east bay hills camera. 43 in concord and dodd you will see plenty of blue sky. still an opportunity for just a stray shower. i'll tell you when and where coming up. >> thank you lisa. also ahead, deja vu. the sharks' struggles continue at home, losing their eighth straight in an eerily similar fashion to thursday night's defeat. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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6:45 am
precariously over this 12-story deep hole. at the bottom an engineering feat, now delivering water to more than 2.5 million people in the bay area. >> the bay area is safer today than it was even yesterday. >> the $340 million project is part of a massive plan to secure the water supply in the region. this new tunnel replaces a pipeline completed in the 1930s. >> on the one side of the tunnel is this fault and the east side is the hayward fault, so in a major earthquake there was significant concern that there could be a disruption in the water system. >> not anymore. >> this tunnel is designed to resist that earthquake and continue to deliver water to the customers. >> voters approved a $4.8 billion ballot measure in 2002 to repair and replace the aging hetch hetchy water system. an engineering marvel at the time. the system of pipes, dams and reservoirs carries water 167 miles from yosemite national park across the central valley and into the south bay before going up the peninsula to san francisco.
6:46 am
>> the project had a lot of technical challenges inside the tunnel, as well as outside the tunnel. >> in 2013 we showed you the view from hundreds of feet below ground. that's when workers tore through the final bits of earth to complete this 3.5-mile long tunnel. this video provided by the san francisco public utilities commission shows the moment when miners drilling from fremont met another crew from the other side. >> we had freezing ground, heavy ground water intrusions during the work and hot rock and soft rock and everything in between. >> it is dangerous work, but critical to securing a reliable water system in the bay area. dan ashley, abc7 news. >> the san francisco public utilities commission said it's now turning it's attention to completing it's next big project, a new calavarus dam. prep work on that project is already well underway. >> hey lisa, this time next sunday something happens that
6:47 am
you and i dread. >> that's right. oh, that's right yes. >> daylight savings time and moving the clock forward. one less hour of sleep. >> and it's been feeling like spring with the warm winter and march starting off. you can see a very sunny note. but, boy is it cold. we need some sun to warm us up. a few areas of snow in the sierra nevada. in fact, an additional one to two inches for tomorrow. another system will slide down the california coast. it won't be as active by any stretch of the means as it was yesterday. and we are still looking at activity in southern california particularly in san diego where there is some rain off the coast. more rain in the forecast. in fact, some thunderstorms. high elevation snow and all the way up through santa barbara and off the central coast. but in our neck of the woods it is quiet and a beautiful shot from emeryville where it's clear and temperatures in the upper 40s n oakland, 50 san francisco, 42 san jose. good morning gilroy.
6:48 am
dropped another degree. 34. it's cold in gilroy. take you to the beach. yesterday 63 about the rain in santa cruz. today a little cooler. you see all the clear sky. 43 concord. look at the 30s with one mile and three quarter visibility in santa rosa. you are the only spot that has that dense fog. cold over in napa at 35. and down around san jose nice way to start your sunday with a clear start with afternoon sunshine. a lot different than yesterday and temperatures rebounding into the 60s. so seasonable today. tomorrow we will cool it down a few degrees from that next system and then dry and warm as we go through the next full week of march. here's the low. you see it in suggests earn california. the counterclockwise rotation keeping the rain to the south of us. another system will slide along the coast or slightly offshore. so since it doesn't move over the land we aren't going to get the activity we had with the
6:49 am
system yesterday. in fact barely any rain at all to report for tomorrow. today starting out with plenty of sun. here's what happens as we head into your monday morning. you see the cloud cover. so partly cloudy skies and by 10:00 we could see a few showers throughout the afternoon. notice more showers could be popping up, but most of the activity remains offshore. then as we get into your monday night, things really clear up. highs today 63 milpitas and gilroy. 65 cupertino. peninsula numbers in the low 50s. plenty of sunshine there. 63 downtown. this is what march should feel like. 65 in novato. mid-60s for santa rosa and sonoma. vallejo 65. on the east bay you notice low 60s from richmond to fremont. out over the hills warm we're mid-60s today and plenty of sunshine. 66 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast that system tomorrow
6:50 am
clouds us up. maybe an isolated shower. slightly cooler. tuesday we are back to upper 60s bay and inland. 60s coast. by wednesday thursday, we are warming up everywhere. 70s return coastside and mid-70s around the bay by next weekend. >> yeah, we just don't know what to expect these days. >> very true. >> all right. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. the warriors are back in action taking on the celtics this afternoon. tipoff in boston is at 3:00 p.m. our time. but the dubs will be without their backup center, he was suspended without pay for one game for initiating an altercation with a toronto player after the blowout victory over the raptors. both players were ejected following their third-quarter scuffle.
6:51 am
last night the sharks battled the senators at the s.a.p. center hoping to avoid a winless month of february at the tank. here's shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, february is the shortest month of the year but it did a lot of damage to the sharks who are 3-7-2 this month. lost seven straight last month and tried to get back into the race last night against the senators. monday is the trade deadline. senators came in with two straight shutouts. tommy wingels scores in the beginning of the game. 1-0 sharks. antti niemi is among the trade rumors. he could be making his final start with the sharks. two big skate saves to end the first. sharks got a power play. patrick marleau on the rebound. he has goals in consecutive games. just like thursday night, sharks blow a 2-1 lead in the fourth. -- or in the third. mark stone ties it at two. the shot off the board. mike hoffman drills it home. senators get the empty-net goal and win 4-2. eighth straight loss at home. the sharks longest losing streak since 1995.
6:52 am
>> usf, santa clara and st. mary's are the three teams in the bay area representing the conference. the broncos knocked off the gaels last night in santa clara. senior day. andrew pappenfus brain surgery last year to remove a tumor, making his first start. classy move. he had two steals and this assist. where is waldo? brad averages 19 points, 9 boards. only 5-7 last night. dishes to kerry carter for three. he had 19. two minutes left. tied at 67. aaron bright, the three. gaels up three. 10 seconds left. broncos down one. jared brown with his drive lays it high off the glass. 71-70 santa clara. still time left. jackson for the win. no good. santa clara the huge upset on senior night 71-70. the gaels drop to 13-5 in conference play. the wcc tournament begins on friday. usf and pacific. these kids loving the highlights. here they are. eric thompson gets fouled hard.
6:53 am
throws it high and gets it to go. that was sweet but this is sweeter. mark tollefsen. the reverse dunk. usf wins by 10. thin 7-11 in conference. >> upset special. byu and gonzaga. zags had the nation's longest home win streak at had 1 games and byu didn't care. cougars up three 3. he grabs the rebound. puts in two of his 20. byu stuns gonzaga 73-07. the zags first conference loss this season. cal women on the road facing oregon state. bears down 14 at the half but cuts into the lead. the bucket in transition. three-ball killed cal. 7-9 from beyond the arc. she had 23. jaymee weisner, wide-open three. they made 15 threes. oregon state the pac-12 champs. 72-55 the final. bears finish 13-5 in conference play. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
6:54 am
up next, it's almost prom season. how hundreds of high school girls who can't afford a dress can get a free gown.
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i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $80 million power ball draw. there was a ticket purchased in
6:57 am
concord at monument wine and spirits that matched five and that ticket is worth more than $1 million. wednesday's jackpot grows to $90 million. happening today, a fran nonprophet will be giving away free prom dress toss teenagers in need. give away is sponsored by the princess project. interested girls must book an appointment online and bring a valid high school i. d. to receive a free dress. today is the first of four giveaways in san francisco, with others scheduled for march 7, 15 and 21. they take place at 2099 market street. the princess project has supplied over 20,000 dresses and accessories to bay area students in need since 2002. what a wonderful thing to do. let's get a final check of the weather with lisa. >> but it's just march, right? not prom season yet? >> not quite. >> we are looking at chilly start. 30s in the north bay, fog in santa rosa. 66 later on. look for 62 palo alto and morgan
6:58 am
hill. and a little cloudier a chance of showers tomorrow. very isolated, though. then we are sunny and warmer all week long with 70s by the end of the week. >> wow. well, that is going do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00. "good morning america" is i am next. ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly sweetened whole
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for $79 at lowe's. good morning, america. happening now. march roaring in like a lion. 100 million people in the cross hairs of a new winter storm. the massive pileups on the road. roofs collapse. and in the south, miami streets swamped. >> i -- it's just mind-boggling. plus, the airport turned into a hotel. stranded passengers this morning. hoping to wake up to better news. caught on camera. heading to isis. new video this morning of the three british schoolgirls trading in their books for radical islam, and now catching a bus for the border. drag race dragnet. the manhunt is on for a driver involved in a street race turned deadly. a car careen


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