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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 1, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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for $79 at lowe's. good morning, america. happening now. march roaring in like a lion. 100 million people in the cross hairs of a new winter storm. the massive pileups on the road. roofs collapse. and in the south, miami streets swamped. >> i -- it's just mind-boggling. plus, the airport turned into a hotel. stranded passengers this morning. hoping to wake up to better news. caught on camera. heading to isis. new video this morning of the three british schoolgirls trading in their books for radical islam, and now catching a bus for the border. drag race dragnet. the manhunt is on for a driver involved in a street race turned deadly. a car careening out of control
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as cameras rolled. plowing right into the crowd. and, who let the dogs out? we're checking out the american kennel club most popular breed. you can see why they're more popular. who is the king of the canines? and the surprising breed nipping at their heels. [ laughter ] the embarrassing thing about that dog gnat knockthat knocked me over actually, it was a small dog. >> what does that say about you? >> technically, meteorologists consider this to be the first day of spring. in actuality, the weather is not cooperating today. look at the map. we have a snowstorm marching out of the south and up into the deeply, deeply snow-weary northeast. >> and in the southwest, a separate system is bringing heavy rains and possible flooding. florida not being spared either.
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we want you to look at the floods there. after nearly a foot of rain. the big story this morning? thousands of flights canceled and delayed by snow and ice. it's forcing some, look at this, to stake drastic measures and sleep at dallas-ft. worth airport overnight. that's where we find gloria riviera this morning. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right. over the weekend, 5,000 people forced to sleep -- try anyway -- here at dallas-ft. worth. this morning, many of them now back here trying to get out to get on a plane. one man told me his flight canceled last night. he's now confirmed on another one. it doesn't leave until tuesday. this morning, working the backlog is the new nightmare. overnight, thousands of travelers trapped again. >> i -- it's just mind-boggling. >> reporter: winter weather causing nearly 3,000 flight delays across the country. here in dallas, more than 1,000 cancellations. leaving some here for their
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second day of torment. >> we had to get the plane deiced. we were in line to get ready to do it. it took 20 minut where now are we going to go? >> dallas/ft. worth said for the ainges without hotel rooms, they'll provide cots blanket, toiletries. those who truly had enough something a little stronger than coffee. >> i doubt we'll get out today, either. >> far better conditions for more than over 200 on board friday's american airlines flight from dallas to oklahoma city. the trip turned into a nightmare, subjecting passengers to nine hours of delays. stuck on the plane and then in the terminal the entire time. >> people were obviously very frustrated. seemed to be no crew for a bit. people going into the liquor fridge pulling out what they wanted to drink.
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it got chaotic. >> overnight american airlines issuing a second apology to those on board, writing we wish would could have done more to overcome the severe conditions we remain committed to provide service safely and reliableably. one traveler told me we got you on a plane, but when we got to the airport the lines to check in were so long he missed it. the weather is supposed to improve. that's the good news. dan, paula? >> it made be getting better where you are but the nasty weather is heading to the northeast. look at this collapsed roof of a skating risk. across the country today, tens of millions of people are going to be affected by various storms. rob is tracking it all from atlanta where they've add incredible weather. rob, good morning to you. >> reporter: not just this week
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but the last couple of weeks, across northern dixie, flying back to dallas and they still have their problems there. now, another storm, cutting a wide sloth of winter weather across the entire u.s. this morning unsettled weather affecting millions of americans from coast to coast. 11 inches of water in south florida in just six hours. >> i didn't think it was that deep. by the time i realized -- >> knee-high watters bringing the city of miami to a halt. new england could get up to 8 inches of snow by this evening, a region that could not take any more. saturday morning this skating risk roof in massachusetts caved in becoming the latest of a string of collapses as a youth hockey team was on the ice. >> i was on the ice, i heard banging and everything. >> reporter: this missouri highway turning into a skating
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risk overnight. rare ice and snow this week sending georgia drivers into spin-out and downing trees across the street. veteran meteorologist glen burns at our atlanta station wsb tells me the pattern of storms this week is unheard of. >> so these back to back to back storms have you earn experienced that? >> i've never seen that in my life. we've seen big storms that shut the city down but back to back to back is unprecedented. >> reporter: georgia getting hammered with rain snow and ice all in the last two weeks. >> the last ten days we've had three winter storms here. the second one was a bear because it produced a ton of ice. >> reporter: 33 years he's been working in the atlanta market. he's never seen this. >> i think atlanta has gotten the worst of this storm. look at the advisories really
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coast-to-coast. now winter storm warnings posted through much of missouri indiana, illinois. now new jersey. and eastern parts of boston. here comes the snow. we've already seen six inches in st. louis. and we'll see 4 to 8 inches in spots as this thing pushes across north and east tomorrow across much of the area. things creep a little bonk the freezing mark. it's march 1st. guy, and we're really still in the throngs of winter. back to you. >> spring can't come soon enough. and back to the international manhunt for the world's most wanted terrorist. are we any closer bringing that masked executioner to justice? brian ross is in london with the very latest on the manhunt. brian? >> reporter: well, good morning, paula. now that the game of mohammed
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emwazi is made public the search ince tense fide. authorities kept his name secret hoping he would contact family and friends in london but he practiced incredibly good operational security. almost as if he scrubbed his name from social media sites. as best it's known he's still somewhere in syria and still alive, paula. >> you've heard from of mohammed emwazi's days in school his childhood and reported obsession with violent video games? >> reporter: that's right. at the age of 11 teachers at his school already detected a violent streak. so much so they put him in anger management therapy. he told his teachers he liked violent video games, including
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duke nuclear'em: a time to kill. and he joined eye group north london boys and some preceded them going off to fight in terror groups. in somalia. and that's when he joined up at the age of 23, 24. he went off to syria, isis carrying out brutal executions and today he's probably the most wanted man in the world paula. >> so many wondering how much longer he can hide since all of the executions have been in the open. brian ross in london for us this morning, thank you, brian. >> one much the most wanted men in the world. abc's martha raddatz is back from the syrian border where from jihadi john is supposedly hanging. martha what are the odds of actually finding this guy? >> reporter: well the real
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problem, dan, we don't really have any intelligence assets on the ground in syria, nothing. we have the drones we have the reconnaissance aircraft we have surveillance but as brian said jihadi john practices operational security. he doesn't use a cell phone. he doesn't use a satellite phone. unless you get intelligence on the ground unless you get somebody infiltrating it's going to be very v the other officials said eventually we'll find them. i don't how, but they seem somewhat optimistic but eventually they'll find them. they'll find them. >> somewhat optimistic let me ask a bigger question about isis. you have been near the syrian border near the down where a major batting was fought with isis. what do you think about how difficult it will be to take them down militarily? >> it's quite stunning dan. you look over the border
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ka kabani. and you think, they took it back from isis. it's a small town they carried out 750 air strikes on that turn. we were in refugee cants and saw almost the entire population living there in refugee camps. they will not be going back for a very long time. when you think about taking a town like mosul, which is 33 times as big, that's a very very tough fight. >> mosul is the second largest city in iraq. it won't be easy. i want to remind everybody. martha has an exclusive one-on-one interview with secretary of state john kerry later on "this week." martha wants to know what questions you ask
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we begin with the texas nurse infected with p ebola virus, reportedly planning to sue the hospital where she worked. nina pham will file a lawsuit in texas. seeking unspecified monetary damages, pham says she suffers from nightmare, body aches. after after treating first person diagnosed with ebola. he of course died from that disease. and the city of cleveland said the death of a 12-year-old boy, tamir rice killed by police while brandishing a pellet gun is the boy's fight. the city denies any wrong-doing. city officials say the pain and suffering were directly and approximately caused by their own acts, not this defendant,
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referring to the police officer. rice was holding a pellet gun when he was shot and killed by an officer. and new images this morning of the three british schoolgirls believed to be going to syria to join isis. these image show the teenage girls waiting at a bus station in turkey. also the girls waited until the next day and took a bus to a syrian border town before being driven to a border crossing point by human smugglers. officials believe they are now in syria on their way to join the terror group. and thousands of people expended to attend a march across the bridge in moscow because of the death of boris nemtsov. he was gunned down by the kremlin friday night.
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finally, what can do you in 14 seconds? but ultimate fighter rhonda rousey took down her opponent in less time than it will take to tell this story. she got a submission in lightning 14-seconds fast with acrobatic arm bar seen here by sara haines. it was the fastest of her career. rousey, not haines. . pretty impressive. >> looks like she dislocated her right arm. >> that looked like a mismatched duo if it ended in 14 seconds. >> is it an arm bar? i call it -- >> it's an arm bar. >> the screen door just worked. oh my gosh. >> yes. we -- thanks to you. let's go to sara haines. >> thank you, ron. now we have to switch gear tragedy caught on camera
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involving a deadly illegal street drag race, a mustang careening out of control, look at this and plowing directly into that crowd watching. two people died and this morning police in los angeles are hunting for one of the drivers and abc's kendis gibson is on the face. >> video obtained the our affiliate, showing an illegal street race between the mustang and another vehicle. the mustang spiring out of control into a crowd of 60 onlookers. according to please this is the man behind the wheel. this morning he turned himself into questioning about why he allegedly ran off from the scene of thursday's accident leaving two dead onlookers and another severely injured. >> we have information people there stayed to help the injured party. >> reporter: the other driver involved still unidentified and on the loose. >> our investigators are pursuing leads to identify who that american is. we would like to speak with them and to help determine what
7:16 am
happened out here this morning. >> reporter: neighbors dedescribing the scene, they say, is all too common. >> two cars from this lane that's where they start and they shoot all of the way down blowing through the stop sign. >> reporter: police say the mustang had been modified to race and he may have lost control while shifting gears. >> street racing is publicized as glamourous entertainment. here's a case where street racing is criminal dangerous and unfortunately this morning we see it's deadly. >> reporter: california no stranger to street side shows like this one earlier this year in oakland where drivers shut down major highways to show off. this morning, the police are charging him with murder as the second suspect is still at large. and the other victim in critical condition in the hospital but is expected to survive. police say there were dozens of witnesses to this drag racing
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so they think it won't be long before the second driver is captured. paula? dan? >> they are not shy about it. plenty of witnesses. thank you. and we want to bring you to some big, breaking news from the dog world and my partner -- >> all over it. the kennel club came out with a list of the most popular breeds. there's some prizes this year. check it out. >> for the 24th straight year the labrador retriever is the most popular breed followed by the german shepherd and the golden retriever but the real news is the rise of the bulldog hitting the number four spot, the highest ever. >> you can see why they are more popular this year. >> i want you to relax. >> and at number five the trusty beagle. just last week the being the named miss p. won at the westminster dog show. i got to meet her at her packed
7:18 am
press conference the next day. >> how does it feel making canada proud? >> top ten, yorkshire terrier poodle boxer, french bulldog making its debut in the top ten this year and rottweiler. >> i loved you in star wars. you were so good. >> if you don't want to shell out big bucks for a pure bred you can always go over to your local shelter and get a dog at a very low cost. >> you can save a life and dra tickly improve your own ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ >> how did the chihuahua not make the list? >> i think there's some justice to that. >> it was rigged. it was rigged. >> sara is the national ambassador for the chihuahua association. >> remember you can go to a shelter and adopt a cat or a dog and save a life any time. i want to make that pitch. >> i love that voice. >> he weighed 8 pounds when he knocked you over.
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>> thank you. i appreciate that. i'm not a large man. this is a special day. at "gma" our atlanta viewers can see us every sunday on channel 2 action news. >> they sent us these great vests. rob, i'm told they gave you one as well? >> oh! >> right there, baby. nothing like a little swag. looks good huh? they are so cool. you know guy, i spent ten years down here in atlanta, when i worked at cnn, so i consider atlanta to be my second home town. i watched wsb the whole time. it's such an incredible station. i put it up against any city across the country and atlanta is very very lucky to have wsb as their abc affiliate here. let's talk about the weather. we're at piedmont park by the way. i spent a lot of time here over
7:20 am
the years with the great skyline behind me. we have temperatures in the 30s. out west we have a storm forso-cal. it comes with some rain. gusty winds, 60 miles an hour and some thunderstorms could be on the severe side. one or two inches of rain heavy amounts around the phoenix area. we could see flooding there also. going to see a little bump in the jet stream. this pattern shift instigated about what is he coming on out west. into the 50s across the south. even though we're seeing winter weather move across the ohio river valley looks like things will movewarm up a little bit. icy today, icy tomorrow and bump in the temperatures.
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hello. >> all right. the sun is coming up over atlanta, georgia. they had the -- hi guys. >> they're laughing at you. >> they had the oysterfest here last week. we're getting into festival season. >> yay. >> by the way, don't laugh too hard sara and ron, i got a couple of these for you. >> yay! >> you're not left out. >> appreciate it. >> thank you very much we appreciate it. we're happy to be on the air in atlanta. >> someplace warm.
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>> warmish. >> coming up on "gma," a cold case heating up. the search for a florida mom who vanished has started again. we'll look at that. plus an "snl" skit just aired overnight about isis. has a lot of people talking this morning. did "snl" go over the line? you can see it and judge for yourself. and reports that jennifer laurence got in a screaming match with her director on the set of a new movie. what she is saying ahead in "pop news." hi there! new colgate optic white express white. wait, don't you mean me? new colgate optic white express white toothpaste has the professionally recommended whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth in 3 days. without the hassle of whitening treatments. think of it as your smile bff. i thought i was your bff. i mean my other bff!
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. coming up here on "gma," what happened to a mother who went missing almost four years ago. why police are renewing their search this weekend. and the "snl" spoof about isis that's raising a whole lot of eyebrows this morning. keep it right here on "gma."
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♪ i'm alive i'm alive i'm alive i'm alive i'm alive ♪ this is amazing. it's a human version of one of my favorite childhood games. remember hungry hippos? they're moving it from the dining room to the gym. throwing in music. to pull it all together. i loved hungry hippos growing up. >> i always was the pink one growing up. i loved that. >> you remember it that specifically? >> yes. >> because i always had to fight my siblings for the pink hippo. >> you know you could rig it? by putting something underneath it. >> no. >> i loved the pink hippo. >> i love that we're getting into sara's childhood wounds early on. >> much more on that in "pop news." also coming up, the brewing controversy about this skit
7:31 am
which aired just hours ago on "saturday night live" it shows a father dropping his daughter off to join isis. too soon to make this kind of joke? you be the judge. we're going to start with the new efforts this morning to solve an almost four-year-old mystery. >> what happened to a mother of three who went missing? some 100 officers involved in a new search. mara schiavocampo is here with the story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the parents of michelle parker are still holding out hope that police can tell them what happened to their daughter. authorities in orlando, florida, now focusing on finding something that was missing from her vehicle. this morning, orlando police following new leads in their search for michelle parker, almost four years after the mother of three mysteriously vanished on the same day she appeared on "the people's court." >> he said he wanted his ring. i took it off. i threw it at him. >> reporter: parker, seen here, bickering with her former
7:32 am
fiance, dale smith, over an engagement ring. >> he gets pretty malicious and vindictive. he's a mean person. >> reporter: duking it out on the national television with the father of her twins, who is now the primary suspect in her disappearance. >> mr. smith, do you have anything to say about this? >> reporter: this week, the police revisiting this wooded area located between two key sites in the investigation. dale smith's home, where parker was last seen dropping off their toddlers. and the body of water where her cell phone was found two weeks later. search teams spending hours combing the dense, wooded area, not far from the orlando airport. a 2011 search by cadaver dogs came up empty. so did this one. >> it's agony not knowing what happened to your child. they thought maybe we should go back and take a look at these woods. >> reporter: parker's mother said authorities said search teams were looking for this decal. it was missing from her humvee when found days later in a park lot across town. >> i want to find michelle alive.
7:33 am
not dead. >> reporter: while parker's loved ones remain optimistic, smith has never been charged in relation to her disappearance. his lawyer told reporters smith committed no crime. he now has custody of their children. >> we'll find michelle. it's a matter of time. >> reporter: now smith has since moved to tennessee, with the couple's children. investigators haven't said when there will be a new search. they are, of course, urging the public to come forward with any information on this. quite a mystery. >> i remember when this story broke. it's really sad. >> reporter: hopefully, they come up with new clues, continue looking. >> great, mara, thank you. let's go to ron who continues to track the stories developing overnight. hi, ron. >> i do. working hard on these. good morning, everyone. in the news, we are beginning with the travel nightmare at situation in texas. thousands of passengers once again stuck waiting for their flights to take off at the dallas/ft. worth airport. some flyers spent a second straight day not flying at dfw airport. the winter storm causing nearly 3,000 flight delays across the country.
7:34 am
benjamin netanyahu is headed to washington, d.c., this morning ahead of tuesday's address before a joint session of congress where he's expected to urge lawmakers to approve new sanctions against iran, which the white house opposes. dozens of congressional democrats said they will not attend. bill cosby took the stage in georgia before a packed audience. many fans who lined up for the show are sticking by the comedian despite recent sex assault allegations against him. cosby thanked all of his sum porters before saturday's show saying quote, he's far from finished. finally take a look at this dose of cuteness. these are adorable polar bear twins at their first outing at the rotterdam zoo in holland. they picked the best day for their first romp. saturday as everyone knows, is international polar bear day. >> oh, it is? >> the 28th day of february every year. i'm not making this up. they were born in december. they haven't been named yet. naming them might have to wait
7:35 am
until zoo officials figure out their gender. >> which is a tricky thing. >> thing one and thing two. >> if it's a male, it should be mighty joe young, i think. >> back to that? that was from yesterday. >> that was a joke from yesterday. >> it wasn't a joke, though. >> it wasn't. moving on, let's check the weather. this is like the third time, i think. moving on now, let's go back to rob in atlanta. good morning, once again, rob. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yeah, it's starting to rain a little bit here and some freezing drizzling possible here. we're in piedmont park in mid town where yesterday, they started celebrating st. patrick's day. for the next three weeks, they do st. patrick's day. it's like irish history month. we have a winter mix across the ohio river valley in through the northeast and mid-atlantic. d.c. to philly, i think you're going to start to get icy later on tonight. tomorrow, the morning commute will be a bit of a mess. we should warm up above freezing in the afternoon. just give yourself some extra
7:36 am
time tomorrow morning. snowfall across st. louis, in parts of ohio and upstate new york. could see 4 to 8 inches in spots. that's a significant weather event. and we had some snow in kansas city. they had 3 inches of snow, i don't know if you saw some pictures. across parts of the southeast, we had heavy rain yesterday across florida. heavy downpours. that's going to be the case again. across that stationary boundary. temperatures in the 80s. the temps will be around 50 just north. >> reporter: that's the latest from -- by the way, that weather report brought to you by flonase.
7:37 am
the dogwood festival, a big deal, it happens in april. i'm pitching for the entire show to come down here. >> we would love that. >> do they have actual dogs at that? >> probably not. it's probably like a tree. >> wooden dogs. >> you can -- they've got dogs. they've got the whole works. >> all right. all right. maybe we'll go. thank you, rob, for the invitation. we'll see you later in the broadcast, i hope. coming up on "gma," "snl's" spoof of a popular super bowl ad. a girl ready to join isis. does this go too far? a lot of people saying yes. and a big new adventure for adventure time up ahead in "pop news." adventure time up ahead in "pop news." en we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the
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expression comedy equals tragedy with time. the question is, did saturday"saturday night live" break that roll with this skit about isis. it just aired overnight. some people already furious, calling it insensitive. >> reporter: good morning, humor
7:42 am
can be tricky, especially when it comes to a group about isis. grudging last night's parody about a toyota ad, may have pushed it too far. >> this is it. the skit starring "fifty shades of grey" star dakota johnson shows a father dropping his daughter off at the start of a big life adventure, presumably, the armed forces. >> okay. just make sure to -- >> call you when i get there? >> yes. >> reporter: spoofing the super bowl ad, my bold dad. "snl's" parody has a twist. this is no greyhound bus taking her off. >> you be careful, okay? >> dad. it's just isis. >> reporter: to a flat bed full of bearded militants. >> take care of her. >> death to america. >> reporter: that twist, a clear reference to misguided girls who have voluntarily joined isis, subjecting themselves and their families to a gruesome ordeal. the skit drew immediate fire on
7:43 am
twitter. unfunny. vile, and in horrible taste, those are some of the early reviews. one person asking, is isis really a subject of humor? some also pointed out that the dad character in the skit even looks like the father of kayla mueller, the american aid worker recently killed by isis. others side with the producers. one writing, so the worst people in the world of off limits to ridicule? bullies need to be criticized and ridiculed. otherwise, they become a normal part of society. well, this is a subject that's likely to get some discussion in the coming days about humor and politics. people will be debating where the joke comes at the expense of isis or of those girls and their heart broken families. >> hits a little too close to home. for a lot of families out there. >> thank you, david. >> david, thank you. coming up on "good morning american, iggy azalea, teaming up with jennifer hudson for the new video you just have to see. we're showing you clips right now. a whole lot more in "pop news "?
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7:48 am
straight. she writes i enjoy this man and does not deserve this malarkey. this movie is going great and i'm having a blast making it. >> i think they do that to inspire you. >> when you are involved in a creative endeavor. you need inspiration. >> like this broadcast. you should see me and ron go at it. it. >> next add venture time is hitting it big time. now comes word there's a lot more of finn and jake to love. >> warner brothers is developing a big-screen movie. the emmy-winning series is a regular phenomenon. guest appearances from the likes of neil patrick harris and andy samberg. with the announcement of gem yesterday, which i'm personally excited about, >> me, too. >> we have a lot to look forward to. >> a whole lot. >> ron can't wait. and iggy azalea is moving from fancy to trouble. she's burning up the internet. she just released her new video
7:49 am
for her single called "trouble." featuring jennifer hudson. it's already got over 1 million hits. the individual know features iggy as the girlfriend of a bank robber. who doesn't love a bad boy? maybe not that bad. who helps him break out of jail. jen is the arresting officer. hudson said she was inspired by iggy's creativity since she also directed the video. >> she directed? cool. >> i think it's really neat. >> can we just keep watching it? >> you should watch it. it's kind of a fun one. girl power. and when it comes to our pets, we sometimes think of them as humans. it's not surprising when they think of themselves that way, too. take a look at what happens when an 8-month-old puppy named ramsey tries to explain himself. >> oh, my word. what? [ dog making noises ] [ laughter ] >> wait, he's not done.
7:50 am
he's got a big point to make. [ dog making noises ] >> oh, my -- >> is that old man mcgurder? >> kind of creepy. >> supposedly, he had just been scolded for eating dog food that wasn't his and figured maybe he could talk his way out of it. you'll see, the other dog, i think that's the food he stole. >> that is fantastic. >> that is fantastic. it reminds me of the goat screaming video that we played a million times. >> yeah, but george and lara have an ongoing bet, i think, that people are off screen making those noises. >> like a ventriloquist? >> yes. >> that's their theory. >> i think he was very well spoken. i understood him. i forgive him. >> could you get to the bottom of this? >> "pop news investigates"? >> yes. >> on it. >> we'll be back. after a quick break, with an answer to that question. keep it here.
7:51 am
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we leave you with a lo we leave you with a look at martha raddatz, getting ready for abc's "this week." for that exclusive one-on-one interview for secretary of state john kerry. she wants to know what questions you'd ask. you can tweet her questions @martharaddatz. one final thank you to the city of atlanta, our affiliate wsb, we're on the air in atlanta on sundays for the first time in "gma" history. >> that's great.
7:56 am
>> it is great. it's bowled us over almost as much as the eight-pound dog that bowled dan over. >> that was slightly embarrassing. >> he might have been nine pounds. [ laughter ] >> you can hear everybody in the room laughing. this is why i believe cats are a superior species. >> oh, coming on. come on. >> adopt an animal. save a life for a very low cost.
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