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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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building at the restaurant. it looks like the garage area was impacted here in san francisco. firefighters got the call at 1:30 this morning of a report of a fire in the building same building as the restaurant on sacramento street. firefighters had to bust in to get to the fire. >> we had to breakdown the garage door and get through the basement parking bar rage. we found a trash fire down there smoke and smoldering. >> no one was hurt in the fire. there are residents who live above the restaurant and we talked to a tenant who told us that everyone is fine. it was not a huge deal. they are okay. the debris that was left behind a pile of rubble that firefighters have left burned out...just junk. this is the damage. this is what is left behind of the fire. the restaurant, itself the
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building is in tact and looks okay. >> that vallejo investigators are trying to determine the cause of a three-alarm fire at the former school district offices. it broke out at 10:00 last night at napa and valley vista avenue. police say the officer o offices were vacant but homeless were living inside. wants saw the homeless inside. but they were not found. >> developing news dozens of passengers who survived the asiana airline crash at sfo have reached a settlement. the terms are not disclosed but it involves 72 passengers. flight 777 clipped a seawall and slammed into the runway in july of 2013. three teen girls were killed. more than 180 were injured. the settlement also involves boeing which manufactured the plane. the settlement still needs the court's approval.
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we will have reaction from the passengers' attorney. >> all passengers and crew of a turkish jetliner escaped when it slided off the runway. the video shows the passengers sliding down the emergency chute. it was flying from turkey to n." pal and it hit dense fog at the airport. after circling for half an hour it made a second attempt and the runway was slick from two days of rain. one passenger needed treatment. >> 9 man what wants to compete in 2016 paralympics has more work cut out after someone stole his prosthetic electric. -- leg. 24-year-old ranjit steiner found someone stole his car laptop and his leg. for this agent heat time is of the essence.
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>> i have four months until national championships and this is -- every day counts at this point at any given point but especially now we are in the thick of the season. every single practice i miss is hurting. >> he could miss a bunch because it could take two or three months to get a replacement that costs around $30,000. >> new details in the murder of a gilroy man in his hope. police are looking for another suspect in the case. 17-year-old and a 22-year-old man arraigned on murder yesterday. the two including a 19-year-old woman were seen? surveillance video where they used the victim's credit card hours after his death. ortiz in is in custody. 56-year-old was found dead in his home february 16. police are releaseing few
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details because it is ongoing investigation. >> new details involving the fatal shooting of a san francisco man in antioch. police have identified the victim as a 21-year-old christopher monaco found lying on the street on hudson court on monday and died at the scene. police say an officer patrolling the area heard the gunshot and saw scar speeding off without its lights on. the car crashed into a woman's garage. she was shaken but okay. the three people inside the car, to men and a woman are now under arrest on suspicion of murder. officers also found a shotgun two blocks from the shooting. >> santa cruz county animal control officers hope an increased reward will help find the person who threw two dogs identities of a moving vehicle. the reward is $25,000. a mother dog and its puppy were stuffed into a sandbag and tossed on to the side of the road near watsonville last month. the puppy died. the mother dog chewed its way out of the bag and refused to eleven the pop. a large contribution from
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anonymous donor is funding the reward. >> three terrier pups stuffed in a garbage bag in january are making progress and today the public is invited to meet them. the east bay animal rescue refuge in concord is hosting a pleat and greet in hopes of finding the right people to adopt them. they were found abandoned at a park by a couple walking their dog. a foster family caring for the people will keep one and the other two will go up for adoption as soon as the vet gives them the all-clear. >> the san francisco hue necessary pal transportation agency is ok'g a controversial land aimed at making one of the city's busiest streets safer taking advantage of a repaving project on polk to create wider lanes, bicycle lanes and parks. it will take away metered partnering spaces. merchants say the redesign is bad for business because customer parking is scarce. agency officials say the plan
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will be evaluated after a year. >> applicants to the university of california are caught in limbo the result of the latest budget battle between governor brown and uc president janet napolitano who told the legislative hearing yesterday uc is about to sends out accept an letters but must limit enrollment to last your's level unless the state increases funding by $218 million. the governor offered move of that and the president said whether it comes through she is were canning out-of-state enrollment at berkeley and ucla schools with a large number of students from outside california. it will be allowed to chime at the other eight campuses. near uc santa cruz three lanes of highway one were shut down by students period of timing too business hikes. police brutality. and racism. this is part of 96 hours of action calling for student demonstrations through thursday. they will block 9 campus entrances tomorrow. yesterday they chained
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themselves to cans filled with cement. this picture was tweeted of officers holding a blanket over a protester. a jackhammer was used to break up the cans of cement. six students were arrested. >> california is on the verge of another year of drought and residents are going backward as far as conserving. new data released snows that california reduced water use by 8.8 percent in january over the same month last year. that and far below the 20 percent goal the governor group asked the residents to hit. it is a huge decrease from the 22 percent drop the state reported in december. the record dry january caused many to turn their sprinklers back on to water their lawns. on march 17, state water officials will consider new rules to increase water savings. >> snow levels at 16 percent of normal in the none sierra and lake tahoe has only 20 percent of 9 normal amount of snow and southern sierra it is 22 percent. 9 water content of what snow
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this is, is 5 percent of normal and it could be the lowest snow pack in 25 years. >> we have little snow and it is extra dry. >> not were moisture in the snow. as we drown the reservoirs in the some are, that is where they are filled. when the snow melts. good morning, everyone, cool temperatures. crissy field mission district 49 degrees and 48 in ocean beach. 46 in west portal. through the ferry building 52. downtown and the financial district 50. could be cooler, 36 at petaluma and american canyon and palo alto and santa clara and safer together and pleasanton, fairfield 40. belmont 45. richmond is 46 and pittsburg is 47. the ferry building from the camera the flags are not moving. when they do pick up, it will be offshore breeze so the coast is
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going to see the biggest jump at 62 to 65 and inland and bay neighborhoods around 65 to 69. clear down in san jose near the shark tank on 87 and as we head into the weekend temperatures are going to be in the low-to-mid 70s but for the coast in the upper 60 and warmer in the seven-day forecast. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights yet. light traffic interest san francisco when you are on the upper deck. it is beautiful eastern span. traffic is flowing nicely to the tunnel making the turn and interest san francisco looking good. elsewhere road work this early wednesday morning. we have a full freeway closure eastbound 4 at hillcrest and traffic is diverted off of that and westbound was just picked up. they are still out there in 9 eastbound lane and road work eastbound 580 from greenville at
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north flynn road and abc7 waze app shows traffic flowing nicely. >> it is 4:40. sue was talking about waze and it helps you navigate the commute and it could help keep your children safe. that is next. stay tuned.
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. welcome back, it is 4:42. ways users now receive amber alerts on their app targeted to the drivers' location to guard against distracted driving they will only appear when the driver has been stopped for at least
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ten seconds. it helps drivers navigate around traffic problems. you can download it on the smart phone and join the abc7 group for free on apple app and google play. northern california nonprofit is offering a new way to lift people in the poorest countries out of poverty. we explain it is as simple as riding a bicycle. >> no one thought of combining a pool pump and what already exists in rural countries an the world which is bicycles. >> from the home in dublin drew is helping dramatically change the lives much small scale farmers in africa. he and a team of mostly volunteers with a nonprofit called project 41 are gathering pool pumps many of them recycled and sending them to uganda and kenya. >> a farmer now is taking buckets from a river and moving buckets all day long. they can barely irrigate the field or waiting for the rain. >> using a bicycle attached to
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the pimp farmers can transfer 50 gallons of water a minute from rivers and lakes to fields. this is another volunteer from gonna ma -- dawn flaw who has seen this increase the wage each month from $200 a month to $800. >> can you now send a child to school and hire someone to do what the child did and you can buy things you can grow. >> unlike traditional aid organizations that focus on donations project 41 helps farmers purchase the pump to help build self reliance. >> you increase the of efficiency of a system you help people do more create more and everyone does better. >> so far 600 pumps and bicycle stands have been assembled and sold to >> the a's and giants square off in arizona today. >> got my dvr set.
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oakland will send chavez to the mound the giants first home game of the spring with first pitch at 12:05. oakland won yesterday and marcus blast add two run homer off world series mvp bumgarner giving up two runs. the a's won 9-4. they tweeted thought photo of the coliseum being prepared for new turf. no scoreboards. new ones are about to be installed. >> madison not in post-season formed. he is saving it when it matters. >> exactly. it takes a while. >> what did they do with the turf? it is beautiful turf. i would love do have some of that. >> we need to do a lost ming and watch out -- a lot of
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a lot of pollen. the dry air is here with unlimited visibility. in walnut creek southbound into the san ramon valley it and clear this morning. it is cool. temperatures are in the upper 30s. we will be sunny today. we will be sightly warmer. we will see the biggest jump at the coast with a light offshore breeze. our nights because of the dry air, the fog free and cloud free conditions remain cool, still looking at a big 20-30 video between morning low and afternoon high. today it will be warmer-than-average. right now the golden gate bridge has no wind and in plenty of tree pollen pine and cedar and oak. temperatures today, 64 at half moon bay and 65 at santa cruz.
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bodega bay is right around 62. 66 in san francisco. a cool spot. 67 to 68 just about everywhere else under more sunshine than we had yesterday. now with the warmer afternoons we could see a degree or two of warmth in the overnight but still, up bother 30s to mid-40s and the low pressure is pulling away and the high pressure is moving its way over land right now. it will keep our pattern well to the north. it will keep us dry. here is my seven-day forecast, baby steps upper 60s to low 70s tomorrow. friday upper 60 to mid-70s over the weekend. we will still be warmer-than-average on tuesday, hoping next wednesday and thursday have a pattern change
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with rain. got my fingers crossed. sue? >> thanks mike, i had pollen all over the car. a shot in san jose 880, san jose 101 headed in the northbound direction. a lot of headlights and southbound is looking good with no problems. we have more traffic here and this is the walnut creek thing, and this is san rafael turning at lucas valley road northbound with the had lights headed south to the civic center. we will hook now at 9 road work coming off of the golden gate bridge at richardson and doyle drive construction project down to one lane. the bright lights, the construction lights are blinding. use the extra caution here as you go beyond the palace of fine arts. highway 4 to cleveland to the pinole area is looking good.
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apple is officially the king of smartphones. >> you can order pizza from the car's dash board. apple can call itself the new smart phone king. >> sales of iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus propelled the sales beyond samsung during the 4th quarter, with samsung being the to which seller since 2011. >> new uses for the apple watch which allows users to unlock the hotel room doors and order food at chains >> you can soon order pizza from the car's dashboard. >> do you want do? >> there is new technology that will allow drivers to make purchases using voice commands. as you drive to the nearest restaurant workers are alerted to your arrival using blue
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tooth. >> 9 -- a lesson students may get in california about sexual violence. >> many 12-year-olds are into ting and video game but one is setting sights on a chilly challenge. stay tuned.
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"a@qy"p tt2wút2núq4 bm@qr)é tt4wút2núq4 " dztq 0n@ tt4wút2núq4 " entq @j tt4wút2núq4 " gzt& ymx tt4wút2núq4 " hnt& ic4 tt4wút2núq4 " iztq #ál tt4wút2núq4 " jntq 1z, tt4wút2núq4 " lzt& )7p when it comes to high school students and sense two lawmakers want them to learn "yes means yes," before they get to college. senate president and assembly woman jackson announced legislation to require most school districts to make sexual violence prevention part of the curriculum to get a head starred on preventing sex assaults on campus. students have to say "yes," to mean sex is consensual opposed
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to saying "no," to stop it. >> berkeley soda distributors are complaining of a tax passed two months ago the first city in the united states to have a tax whiched as a penny to each ounce of sodas. the distributors are responsible for paying saying the city has not given guidelines. officials say this is a change for everyone. >> distributors have to rate differently in berkeley than elsewhere. they will find challenges they do not have else where. as they have questions --. >> city postponed collecting money until now. the first bill is due at the end of april. >> with a flip of the switch san francisco is back in time. >> three, two one. abc7 was at the ferry building in san francisco yesterday evening where officials including mayor lee and former mayor brown honored
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the 100th anniversary of the world fair back in 1915. >> a look at the ferry building from the roof camera with the outline of the l.e.d. lights 1,100 being used. what is interesting is not only is it going back in time to 1915 but to the future with the l.e.d. lights. >> very nice. very clear outside. mike, no fog covering the ferry building. >> you could see it for a long way this morning. we will talk about what to expect during an average march in oakland the we start at 63 and 49 for high and low and warm to 65 and 50. we have been as warm at 88 and cool as 34. we do not expect frost. rainfall 3.39 is the westest. around the state sunshine to the coast and 64 in monterey and
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59 in eureka, and mid-to-upper 60s through the central valley and low-to-mid 70s around los angeles and palm springs. and close to average in lake tahoe and as we move through the weekend we are going to warm into the 60s and they will stay interest early next -- into early next week. >> now mass transit everyone is getting off to a great start and bart is on time and caltrain is out of san jose and ace train one from the central valley is looking good, south 680 at north main to highway 24 is looking good and 24 to the tunnel has in delays and just road work out there and eastbound highway 4 we have a full freeway closure for just a few more minutes and there is a detour in place westbound road work is picked up but so far, so good. >> a relaxing day at the beach in brazil turns to chaos as the waterspout comes ashore.
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it formed and people were running to safety as the sand whipped up and strong winds picked up umbrellas and chairs. it looks like a small tornado at sea. in injuries were reported. >> the mars recovery curiosity is taking a rest this morning as nasa tries to figure what caused it to short circuit. engineers say the problem happened over the weekend when it was transferring powder from a rock. the shock stopped the robot am. testing is expected to take several days. it has been on mars since 2012 and uncovered evidence that life could have existed on mars. >> many 12-year-olds are getting into texting and video games but one is thinking of the upcoming trip toantartica, with a
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renowned environmentalist. >> this is our world. these environmental issues are basically what is happening to our world. >> whale watching are part of the experience and he does not know what he will be when he grows up but he knows what he wants do do: definitely something to help the environment and the journey begins in a week. >> next at 5:00 a.m. an east bay 5th grader attacked at school is afraid to go back and the parents want to know why the boy that bullied him is still there. >> also, the unsupreme court is hours away from hearing a case that could unreal a -- unravel a big part of obamacare. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. nice to have you here. nice to have sue here for leyla. and meteorologist mike nicco is packing the chilly air. >> absolutely. may want to grab a heavier coat this morning. temperatures are running in the 30s and 40s. that is because of dry air and the lack of cloud cover. live doppler hd shows rain-free this morning. we can see all the way over to emeryville berkeley and here is the 12 hour day planner: 38 to 52. the


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