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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. parents in lafayette received an alarming e-mail from the school saying police are investigating an incident involving a young child and an adult. good morning i am eric thomas here for kristen sze. >> an e-mail says it involves possible inappropriate conduct by an employee with a preschool child. amy hollyfield? the employee is not allowed to be here and is instructed to stay off the grounds at the school in lafayette while the investigation is conducted.
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the school sent out an e-mail to parents telling them that the lafayette police department is investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct of a student toward a preschool student. the school add ministration said this is receive the highest level of attention. a mother is very concerned and wanted to remain anonymous. other parents refused to comment. the employee has been placed on leave. the school says it reacted quickly. in the statement to parents the rabbi and president at the school said "we take the allegations very seriously. it is important to understand the investigation is in the very preliminary stages. no charms have been filed. we ask you respect the ongoing process and refrain from speculation or spreading unfounded rumors." the school did not name the employee or say the gender of the child in question whose parents are the ones who went to the police. as far at lafayette police are
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concerned, a spokesman said at this point they do not have a comment while the investigation continues. thank you. classes are canceled at uc santa cruz because of a huge protest, with entrances and exits blocked to bring attention to tuition hikes for students while the administration get big raises. i am at the west entrance where protesters are not letting cars in or out. officials say that this type of protest is highly disruptive and the demonstrators say they need to take drastic measures to get administrators to pay attention. >> chanting and holding signs and forming a human wall at the main entrances a couple hundred protesters rallied and started early gathering before the sun came up. their goal was to shut down the campus. that happened. by 5:30 a.m. the university sent
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out alerts to students and staff warning them to stay off campus. >> leadership looked at the crowds and decided the best course of action was to let the protest condition rather than clearing the roads. >> they turned drivers away like a student who also works on campus. >> i saw the alerts that said do not come. i figure i would go. >> demonstrators are taking part in a movement called 96 hours of action. for four days they have been holding events to raise awareness about issues like tuition hikes policing and what they say is mismanagement of the uc system. >> i would like them to prioritize departments over their salaries and prioritize education services in general and keeping certain programs alive. >> on tuesday a group branched off from the rest and chained themselves to cans of concrete on highway 1 stalling traffic for hours. c.h.p. officers had to jackhammer them off.
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six were arrested and according to others were slapped with a 14-day suspension. officials will not confirm if they were, in fact suspended but i was told students can be held accountable on campus for their actions off campus. >> california students at uc berkeley are expected to rally against tuition hikes and police brutality. like students in santa cruz they are taking part in a 96 hour "call to action," for students across the nation. yesterday students from both uc berkeley and oakland technical high school organized two demonstrations on campus, one to protest proposed tuition hikes and the other to advocate committing more public schools to uc berkeley. >> an oregon company is accused of a number of charges after taking their ingrant from the legal grandparents in oregon
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the grandparents and were arrested after an officer found the disailed car north of cloverdale. the two had driven for a long-term without a left front tire and the wheel had been worn down to the hundred. the officers say both the 25-year-old man and 22-year-old woman were high on drugs. the baby was rescued and run to oregon. >> oakland police are searching for two suspects after a highway shooting that led to a traffic nightmare nor commuters. someone firsted six bullets into the side of a car on eastbound 580 near the highway 24 interchange in oakland yesterday afternoon. seconds later, three cars crashed. witnesses saw two people jump out of a car and run off while another driver was hurt and the passenger was detained. police say the driver of the third car was not involved in the shooting and that opinion was not injured. eastbound 580 was bottlenecked for four hours. palo alto is reminding drivers do keep valuables out of the car.
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this happened after a series of nine late night car burglaries. you can see the garage on high street, three cars were broken into it. four other burglaries happened on webster and hamilton avenue university avenue and litten avenue. laptops and tablets were stolen and most of the cars were rentals. >> the d motorcycle vehicles in oakland is back online after a brief outage that had people lining up for longer than normal in those applying for driver license or registration could not be helped. there are 174 dmv offices across the state. >> the ringling brothers is announce this morning they are phasing out the use of elephants in all of the shows by 2018. we explain. matt? >> ringling brothers has three
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shows that visit 115 city throughout the year. but if you want to see the elephants you better go soon. the biggest stars of the greatest show on earth are leaving the big top, the ringling brothers circus will phase out the elephants from the performances over the next three years. executives from the parent company said it was a difficult decision ending the circus century old tradition of showcasing elephants. >> it is bittersweet because the elephants have been on the circus for 145 years and this is a real shift in what will be but it is the best thing for our company for our associates and for our consumers and most of all for the eminences. >> they own 43 elephants with 29 living at the 200 acre center for elephant conservation in central florida and 13 will tour
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before heading to the florida center in 2018. protests have taken place across the country where they hold the circus including in the bay area. officials say some cities and counties have passed anticircus ordinanaces so it is difficult to plan tours. activists including peta claim they are mistreated. officials deny the accusations but told the associated press they came to the decision because of growing public concern of how the animals of treated. >> there is a move among consumers a shift in the mood and we went to get back to it crag live entertainment and creating incredible expenses -- experiences. >> center in florida will only be open to scientists and researchers study the elephants but hope the public will be allowed in. thank you matt. new york's la guardia airport is shut down because a
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plane skid off the runway. >> self went to the hospital with injuries. delta originated in atlanta with 130 passengers and crew. officials say the plane was landing in the snowy and icy condition and it slid and skidded over a berm and came to resolution -- rest against a fence. they open to re-open one runway soon. the snow storm is crippling the commute in kentucky with hundreds stranded on interstate 65 after trying to get home from work last night. some drivers are tweeting out had they have been stuck in the cars for more than 12 hours. all of this is having a domino effect on travel in the bay area. this is sfo where 11 flights have been canceled today on the heels of the storm back east. according to the website www. they were headed to boston, chicago, new york and dallas. there is one cancellation at san jose hose and nothing at oakland
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and we are seein warmth. meteorologist mike nicco has more on that. >> it is a possibility. what a difference between what most of the country is dealing with and what we have at home. good morning everyone. we have big changes in the temperatures but we are going to see something we extra special because of the drought. the air is dry. the ground is dry. it does not hold heat. we are starting off in the 30s and 40s and ending up in the 70s this afternoon. almost 25-30 degrees warmer with temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s and redwood city and san francisco and santa rosa and livermore and san jose and oakland, you name it, the best chance for record high is in mountain view. a better chance as we head into the weekend. back to you. surgeons in san francisco are making history today booming a rare six-way kidney transplant involving 12 patients, three transplants happening today. three more are scheduled for tomorrow. they involve six back-to-back
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transplants that will last three hours each. six of the patients of donors and the other six are recipients. the hospital transformed a five way trans plants but this is the first for a six-way procedure. four of the recipients are from the bay area and two from central california. >> crews are ready for the new year parade in san francisco. we caught up with the craftsman finishing the floats. many of the floats and decorations reflect the year of the ram and this is among the top ten parades in the year by the "international fairs and events association," starting 59 -- 5:00. >> a new parking land for disney, to make it better for mom and dad. >> the best states for women. how california is as far as living and working
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>> new this morning convicted killer jodi arias has avoided the death penalty. a jury deciding whether she should get life in prison or be put to death and the judge declared a mistrial and the debt penalty has been removed. now the judge has to decide whether she deserves life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years or life without parole. she was convicted in 2013 of
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murdering her boyfriend. lawmakers are holding a joint hearing to review last month's fiery explosion at an exxonmobil refinery near los angeles that injured four people. tonight the committees will meet to talk about the emergency responsibility crews and the effect on the community. the explosion stalled production at the facility and that helped to drive up the gas prices across the state. >> happiest place on earth is making an upgrade to keep moms and dads happy. disney is taking parking high-tech in florida park goers can find registers when they pull into the parking garage. >> it shows how many spots are available in each row so you do not waste time driving around looking for a spot. this system was designed to hope get out of the cars and to the rides faster. disney is the parent company of abc7. i like that feature. >> ahead making the most of where you live. it is possible if you know where to go.
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we will clue you in to the hotspots for women to live and work. >> the story behind this credittive fashion made entirely of fast food wrappers. >> taking a look outside, what a gorgeous day in the bay area and meteorologist mike nicco is up next with the weekend forecast.
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covering santa rose berkeley san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a new study reveals the best days for women to work in the states and california is not at the top but is 26. in honor of women's history
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month, the 50 stays were analyzed and the washington, dc, to find the best and worst environments for women. they looked a 59 paid health care access economic success, unemployment and protester rates. researchers found women did the most in minnesota, followed by massachusetts, vermont maryland, new hampshire. here is a look at the worst states for women: south carolina oklahoma, louisiana, mississippi, and arkansas. >> where is california? >> way way, way, way way down there. >> but mike is working in a lot of those states. our what are you inferring? i have worked with you in those states. i like the weather there. >> new what is really nice here, thanks to the drought and this high pressure and warmer-than-average temperatures, watch the sun. it was shy at first and then it explodes over the diabolo range
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and all the way over the bay bridge this morning and absolutely gorgeous. there go. in case you missed it. you have to wake up an hour later next week with daylight saving. live doppler hd is bone dry and the winds are blowing offshore and you can really see that when you look at 24 hour temperature change with the biggest jump half moon bay at nine degrees warmer than 24 hours ago and now at 66, the warm spot. oakland is 67. we get to 75 at the airport and that would set a record and mountain true is 61 and up to 75 to set a record. sunny and warm through the weekend and the dry air at nights because of a lack of clouds will be crisp and next weekend we will get a chance of rain. until then the tree pollen is high again today and for the foreseeable future. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast until you get to santa cruz at 71 and the rest of us at 70 to 74 this afternoon. tonight, we will have upper
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30s inland valleys from low-to-mid 40s the rest of the neighbor inland and low-to-mid 40s from fremont to palo alto and the south bay and up to 50 around richmond and oakland and san mateo and san francisco. the set up yesterday we talked of a high pressure developing overland. there it is. that is bringing us the offshore breeze and making today and tomorrow the warmest. to go to the beep, that is the warmest. over the water steering all the storms away from us and lake tahoe with the minuscule snow pack notice we are going to be in near record territory with low-to-mid 60s on saturday sunday and monday and tuesday and hopefully a chance for rain or snow on wednesday and the same storm you can see is coming to our neighborhood wednesday into thursday and unfortunately it is a pretty week storm with most of the energy and wet weather staying north of us. i hope we can get .5" that with be nice. until then, today and tomorrow upper 60 and 70s at the coast and then back into the mid-60s
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and low-to-mid 70s for the rest of us all the way through tuesday until the chance of rain on wednesday and then it will be cooler. do not forget to set your clocks ahead on saturday night. we lose an hour of sleep. dozens of san francisco school kids are doing what they can to help the homeless and kindergarten and first graders got together to make hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches deciding on this because the kids know the comfort the sandwiches can bring. the salvation army will hand out the sandwiches to the homeless. >> people like to eat at taco bell but few like to wear taco bell. >> unless you are olivia the design student from north carolina made an spire dress out of taco wrappers and hot sauce packets. part of a contest she entered three years ago. >> guess what? she earned first place but just found out. >> a it wasn't until two weeks ago they called and asked if i still had the dress and i was in
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los angeles for a commercial. it was very surreal. >> they are lucky no one had eaten it yet. she and the dress are featured in a new ad for taco bell. she hopes to make costumes for lady gaga and katy perry. >> it looks great! >> giving it the only college try. a student's attempt at beating boredom is turning into a viral hit. >> getting a jump start on easter, with egg design techniques your family
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the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at coming up at 4:00 an upclose look at a family of california mountain lions and what makes these pictures so unusual and what park rangers have been able to do for the first time. >> at 5 o'clock, your credit score. "7 on your side" reveals why there are some concerns about website promising to give you your score for free. >> students from central washington university are you hooked on bubble ball soccer the latest sports offering. >> i don't know...players are mostly protected in bubbles held up by shoulder straps with blocks banned but it is a free
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for all. what student said it was the most ridiculous thing she had ever seen and definitely wanted to give it a try and now she cannot stop. >> that was illegal. illegal block. >> how can you tell? >> i would like to try it in the newsroom. we can set it to music. >> we can. from all of us at abc7, thanks for joining us.
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[dramatic music] >> yo! hey! hey! hey! hey! [cheers and applause] i'm terry crews, and i'm ready to give somebody that $1 million today here on millionaire! [cheers and applause] today's first contestant is always giving from frequent volunteer work to being in the peace corps. so today i'm hoping to give her something back. from new york city please welcome seyi falade! [cheers and applause] >> so nice to meet you. >> how are you? >> good. >> please tell me about your time in the peace corps. >> oh, i loved it. i worked with children in an underprivileged school. i worked as a lite


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