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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 5, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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missed time during the filming of the new star wars movie after breaking his leg on the set. we'll keep tabs on that story in southern california. on to some other news in oakland tonight. some of the city's most dangerous gang members are off the streets. that's from police, who made a series of raids early this morning. laura anthony is live at oakland city hall with the story. laura? >> mayor libby said today that oakland residents should sleep better tonight knowing the suspects are in custody, they are part of the same gang. at least some of them are responsible for the murder of a toddler several years ago. carlos is perhaps the most tragic recent example of the violence between two east oakland gangs that police targeted as part of operation cease-fire. >> it focused specifically on two notorious violent gangs operated in the city of oakland. specifically the 69th avenue
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gang. >> in august 2011, carlos was an innocent by stander shot and killed at 64th and international avenues. last summer, two members of the 65th avenue village gang were convicted in his murder. this morning, police served warrants all over the city. as far away as stockton. arresting 16 members of the rival gangs. two of them juveniles. the violence between the two groups centers around east oakland housing projects between 65th and 69th avenue. dating back more than three decades. >> the individuals that were arrested today were not only guilty of gang violence, but also of terrorizing oakland. >> oakland police working with the fbi and other local agencies have also seized three dozen weapons. >> these are very important cases to us as it is to the communities and to everyone. we have our best prosecutors in court prosecuting them to make
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sure when we present the evidence, there is sufficient evidence and it's presented in a way that will result in their conviction. >> before making the arrest the city and police reached out to individuals linked to both gangs. offering them a variety of social services as long as they chose not to engage in violence. most of those contacted since 2012 accepted that offer and have not been rearrested for violence or gun related offenses. in oakland laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> there may be a big break tonight in the search for the killer of a 14-year-old oakland high school student. ellis was gunned down this past saturday as he walked with friends in the fruitville area. police revealed they have located a person they believe is connected to the fatal shooting. >> the police department has identified a person of interest that is currently in custody for an offense outside of the city of oakland. >> police would not say anything else about the person in custody. he has not been charged in
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connection with the shooting. he was an honor student and football player at oakland tech. a brentwood man convicted of a large scale mortgage scheme was convicted of mail fraud and money laundering. michael finney first reported in 2011 that tiko promised distressed homeowners he could refinance their mortgages. he collected nearly $6 million from homeowners. he never gave any money to the banks. bad news for hunter pence he's going to be out of the game for some time after he was hit by a pitch today and broke his arm during spring training. according to the giants, pence has a fractured forearm, he's expected to be out for six to eight weeks. pence seen here during the 2014 world series is a staple of the giants. he hasn't missed a game in the last two seasons. san francisco recreation and
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parks employees in critical condition tonight after he was injured on the job. 57-year-old robert watkins was working in hilltop park when a tree fell on him. >> watkins seen here was working with tree trimmers when this tree came down. he tried to get out of the way but was hit in the back and trapped. park employees helped free him and he was critically injured. >> police are investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct with a preschool child. parents received notice this week. the person has not been named or arrested but has been placed on leave. administrators issued a statement, saying they're taking the allegations seriously, and ask that all of you respect the ongoing process and refrain from spreading unfounded rumors. >> student protesters shut down the uc santa cruz campus all
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together today forcing classes to be cancelled and other students to cram belg to prepare for their final exams. the campus has only two entrances, two ways to get on and off here at empire grade and heller drive, and here at coolidge drive and high street so the protesters were able to target their efforts today to those two entrarnss. chris winn is live on campus with the story. chris? >> some of these protesters have been out here since 5:00 this morning. the crowd has dwindled down. you take a look behind me you can see what remains here we expect them to finish up within the hour. classes will resume tomorrow at this point it appears unlikely that these student protesters will be facing any disciplinary action from the university. anger and frustration at uc
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santa cruz as students rallied against tuition high. >> what they're doing is villainizing their cause. they're not going to gain any support. >> alexis tried to get on campus today but was turned away. >> i understand their anger over it. i totally get it but at the same time i paid for this quarter. our finals are coming up in two weeks. i have four papers to write. >> they came before the crack of dawn. protesters blocking all entrances to the university. >> we're not going to let business as usual continue as long as these fee hikes are on the table. >> campus officials sent out an alert this morning to students and staff cancelling classes and warning the community to stay off campus. >> these things are disruptive to a lot of people. we have research to conduct. classes to teach. people have appointments they need to get to. >> i wish people would be more
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willing to be out here and help us. i understand studying, you can't afford to take a day off. >> reese morgan is currently on crutches. protesters wouldn't let his friends pick him up. he had to hike. >> there's stuff off campus for the rest of the day, because they won't let you through. which is pretty frustrating. >> inconvenience for many but a call to action for others. >> the only way the trend is going to be reversed is if students stand up and say they've had enough. >> at uc santa cruz, chris winn abc 7 news. an update on a story abc 7 news first brought you last week. dozens of bay area little league teams will be able to play ball this weekend. they're reopening the baseball field at its refinery. the company and the union engage in an ongoing labor dispute. agreed to not ticket so the kids could safely play on the field. for the past four weeks, 600 players and 48 teams have not
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been able to use their home fields. that's changing. >> the santa clara county district attorney says there's been no decision on sexual assault charges for former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald. his agent sent a letter to all nfl teams saying mcdonald will not be charged in the case. the d.a. told abc 7 the investigation is still open and there's been no decision about the charges. the former defensive end is looking for a place to play next season. the 49ers let him go in december after his history of poor decisions. new at 5:00 the first three surgeries in a rare back to back six-way kidney transplant chain are complete. surgeons at california pacific medical center in san francisco tell us there were no complications. the donors and recipients are all in recovery and all of them are doing well. tomorrow, three more surgeries are said to take place. a total of 12 people are involved, all were matched by software called match grid.
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this is the largest chain of kidney donations ever at one hospital on the west coast. time is running out if you want to see the light show on the western span of the bay bridge. the display which has delighted people and tourists for two years will be disconnected tomorrow morning. a farewell celebration is planned for tonight atwater bar restaurant on the embarcadero, another celebration will take place tomorrow at dawn at epic roast house restaurant. the light show is not going aware permanently. enough money was raised to have it reinstalled permanently in time for super bowl 50 next february. they have to take those lights down and they'll put up some more durable lights. >> pretty. >> we got used to it. >> we're spoiled. >> just ahead the circus says good-bye. a decision sparked in part by the city of oakland. >> it was just a matter of time before another city passed the ban. the ripple effect across the country now that elephants are
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packing their trunks. spring is in the air i'll let you know how long this warmth will last coming up. the california congressman who is a french bulldog may lead to a big change for amtrak. seven on your side reveals the concern behind life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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this is bittersweet, the elephants have been on the circus for 145 years. this is a real shift. >> ringling brothers and barnum bailey is phasing out its elephant acts over the next three years. leann in a joins us from the oakland zoo where that news was welcomed.
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>> certainly a lot of animal rights groups applauding today's announcement including the oakland zoo, which has been at the forefront of elephant conservation awareness the greatest show on earth was under enormous pressure from the public and cities to stop mistreating its elephants. something ringling brothers has denied. >> live entertainment is what we do best. we don't want to be fighting off legislation week in and week out, city to city. basically they use this to jab them, hook them. >> denise is the founder of humanity through education, one of many groups fighting ringling brothers. >> it was based on public education that led to cities adopting ordinances to protect ordinances. this was the result of ringling seeing the writing on the wall. >> bull hooks have been used for years to get animals to perform. >> i've seen them use it in their mouth and they take it to
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hook. >> all elephants will be retired by 2018 and moved to central florida where ringling brothers keeps orel fants. >> it is bittersweet because the elephants have been on the circus for 145 years. >> they were the lifelong symbol of the circus. today's announcement was welcomed by the oakland zoo. it has four elephants in captivity brought here in the 70s and 80s. the zoo is seen as a model for others because of its 6.2 acre habitat allowing the elephants to roam freely. >> there's so many circuses out there handling elephants in poor conditions. >> he and others believe it's only a matter of time before these small circuses also phase out their elephants. in oakland, leann melendez abc 7 news 37. silicon valley heavyweights return to the courtroom today.
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powell was expected to take the stand today but did not. she is expected to do it tomorrow. she's seeking $16 million from her former firm claiming she was discriminated against because she is a woman. attorney steven hirsch field conducted an independent investigation. he testified today that powell told him about a private jet flight spent discussing porn stars, all male dinners and being passed over for a board seat. he also recounted how powell was described as having a female chip on her shoulder. san diego's chavez is the first republican candidate set to replace barbara boxer. he plans to focus on national security education and the awe taken my. harris is the only other candidate who has launched a bid for the same seat. congress approved a new spending bill to keep amtrak
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running for another four years. the bill includes a pilot program that allows passengers to take pets on board. one car per train can carry dogs or cats. the provision was sponsored by jess denim. he takes his dog on planes and was upset when his dog was not allowed on an amtrak train. that bill will move to the senate. it has the support of president obama. >> when it comes time to rent an apartment, buy a car or home. your credit score can make or break you. what is the best way to get that score? >> consumer reports have partnered with seven on your side. >> remember we debated what is is? >> yes. >> this is what is free. what is free free. a lot of talk for free credit scores consumer reports says they may come with strings attached. it may not be that helpful. for those eager to find out how their credit score measures up.
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>> i think a credit score is very important. i don't have an idea what mine is. >> i want to keep my credit score -- >>, and karma are just a few of the many sites that promise free credit scores. the score you get may not be the same score lenders use to determine your credit worthiness. >> there are hundreds of different ways to score the same credit information. there's no guarantee that a lenneder you approach will use the same score that you got on line. >> many of the sites like free credit will start charging a monthly fee after a free trial period. the consumer reports says there is a program using fico scores that could help some consumers get more accurate and truly free scores. fico is the most widely used system among lenderses. >> under the open access program, a number of big lenders are now providing free phico
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scores. these free scores are the ones the lender will really use to judge your credit. >> some of the big financial units that participate are barclay's bank. >> you may have to have a certain type of account with them. usually a credit card. >> keep in mind your credit score is based on your detailed credit report, and you need to check that regularly too. >> there's only one sight consumer report recommends getting your free credit report. that's annual credit you'll also get a credit report free every year from trans union, ex-perian and equifax. this was a good day to get outside, maybe even hit the beach in santa cruz as we look
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live at the board walk. >> for more on the warm streak. >> sandy patel -- it is beautiful. sleeveless time. a lot of people on the embarcadero in shorts and t-shirts. we'll call it a spring like streak, how is that? let me show you how warm it got today? a lot of 70s on the board. 75 in santa cruz 72 in freemont. 70 degrees, half moon bay, san francisco, santa rosa richmond, concord. 69 in livermore, a warm day by winter standards certainly doesn't feel like it out there. clear skies as you look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see another prospective from our golden gate bridge camera. it's close to 70 degrees in san carlos and san jose as well. blue skies from our exploratorium camera as well.
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beautiful out here. 69 in santa rosa napa 65. beautiful view with nothing showing up on the horizon. from our emeriville camera other than the sun. mild to warm through the weekend, showers are possible next week. let's take a look at a quick el nino update about a month ago. we fast forward to this week the latest advisory out from the climate prediction center says weak el nino has developed. no significant rain is expected, so no impact as far as igt impact on our drought. the controlling factor, that means we're going to keep it spring like for the upcoming weekend if you do have outdoor plans. we're watching the long range forecast, the reason for that is still showing the possibility of rain. next week wednesday slight chance, better chance on thursday march 12th.
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tomorrow morning the only sign of winter will be the chill with the clear skies mid to upper 30s. you may want to grab a sweater when you head out the door, dress in layers and make sure the kids are dressed in layers as well. short sleeve weather again tomorrow. warm day, 75 degrees in los los gatos. 67 in half moon bay. great day to hit the beach. 66 in daily city, 69 downtown san francisco. north bay you'll be in the low 70s from napa to santa rosa rah vallejo, san rafael. inland spot ss sunscreen and shade is all you need. 71 in brentwood. the warm weather is going to hold on right on through the weekend. we will see subtle variations in those temperatures as we head toward early next week. by the middle of next week, slight chance of rain wednesday.
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chance of rain on thursday, don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour saturday night before you go to bed. you want to set it ahead one hour we go to daylight savings time sunday at 2:00 a.m. it becomes 3:00 a.m. we're going to lose an hour of sleep, but we will see the sun going down at 7:10 p.m. another hour to enjoy the daylight. >> thanks very much. coming up next a day in the life. >> how the state is maintaining the s
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workers are racing against the clock to build the floats for this saturday's chinese new year parade in san francisco. this is the year of the ram also called the year of the goat or the year of the sheep. it starts 5:15 saturday evening. it will be busy in the city and bart will run extra trains after the parade to accommodate all of
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those people. tens of thousands of salmon are on their way out to the pacific ocean tonight. they were born in a hatchery, and spent the past month in flooded rice fields in the central valley. >> these salmon began their lives in a state hatchery, but for the last month they've grown fat and strong in a flooded yolo county rice field within sight of i-5. jacob cass says this is where fish used to feed on their way to the bay. before we stopped allowing our rivers to flood the valley each winter. >> when you spread rivers out on to their historical flood planes, you can expect a lot of food to be built. >> the salmon grow up to five times faster in this insect rich water and are morrow bust than hatchery raised fish. that's extremely important during periods of drought that's why millions of hatchery
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salmon were trucked to the area last spring the sacramento river had become too treacherous. the department of water resources one of the partners in the salmon project points out the water flooding the farm fields is simply being borrowed on its way out to the ocean. >> very important part of this project for us is that we don't make it a water cost about. >> what this project is showing is that we can have both fish and farms. >> this is still a test. a demonstration, but early results are encouraging. based on the program's short history. we can say those fish leaving the rice field this week are far more likely to make it back home than if they stayed at the hatchery. in yolo county, george warren, abc 7 news. >> fascinating process. >> really interesting. there's only one albert einstein right? yes, and no. coming up the famed frizzy haired genius and why so many people are trying to look like him in berkeley.
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, from victim to educator, tonight from 7 on your side, the work a local woman is doing to help prevent others from being scammed like she was. also, out go the lights on the bay bridge. and for quite some time. you'll hear from the people behind the ert to turn them back on for good. that's all coming up at 6:00. a bay area school is trying to set a world record for the world's largest gathering of albert einstein look-alikes.
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>> e equals mc squared. >> cute. dozens of teachers and students dressed up as the scientist today. as part of the school's annual science week. >> the kids have been learning a lot about albert einstein. >> albert einstein was someone who is a very good scientist. >> he makes me feel special because i have dyslexia. >> what a sweet -- >> if you're wondering whether they broke the record? yes, they shattered it. >> they needed 250 young einsteins they had 319. they did really well. the record needs to be confirmed by guinness before it can become official. what a fun learning experience. they field of cotton balls. >> you think they know what e equals mc squared means? >> they will. >> eventually. i forgot it.
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we appreciate your time, we'll see you again at 6:00. tonight, the breaking news as we come on in the west. actor harrison ford involved in a small plane crash. rushed to the hospital. you can see him on the stretcher. the actor, a known pilot. tonight, new details coming in on the extent of his injuries. our reporter on the scene. also tonight, the passenger jet coming in for a landing. crashing through the fence. finally stopping just feet from the icy waters. the emergency evacuation. fuel leaking. and the major storm, deadly driving across the country. from boston tonight, the unforgettable day in court. the video, moments after the bombs went off. >> get her out of here. >> the heroic rescuers. the officer who saves a 3-year-old boy. the american ambassador attacked overseas. the images now. and the moment the man with a knife is wrestled to the ground. and the superbug warning in


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