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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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thieves steal cars from four bay area dealerships. year of the ram. san francisco hosts the biggest chinese new year's parade outside of asia.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. a brazen crime caught on video. a pack of car thieves strike four dealerships in one night. now police are on their trail. good evening, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. four car dealerships were ransacked and cars stolen. two break-ins have cost one business owner $50,000. hive in fremont with the surveillance video. >> reporter: katie, three of those businesses areright here in this building and i was going over the surveillance video with one of those business owners and he realized that this group seems to be pretty well organized. one of the young men will case
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the property and then act as a lookout while the other young men break in ransack the place take car keys. last night they even stole some cars. this is surveillance video of last night's break-in. seven young men rushing into one of two car dealerships run by omar tahib. >> breaking into our office and trying to find keys. there he goes to one of the cars we have parked in front so they can drive off. >> reporter: he's resorted to taping these signs on his window warning future burglars a break-in would be useless. tahib has lost over $50,000, including this totalled fiat 500 that was stolen during a break-in last sunday. it was found on monday. >> all the cars seem to be recovered in oakland somewhere in oakland. this one i think was on the highway in oakland. chp picked it up. >> reporter: the front window a few doors down, smashed. burglars made off with keys and cars. >> they're skilled. they know what they're doing.
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they were successful last night. they were able to take a couple of mercedes. >> reporter: a total of three used car dealerships were broken into here on thornton. a fourth was also hit. they were repositioning this truck to block their driveway and attempt to prevent anyone from using keys stolen during last night's break-in to return for the cars now. police are combing through surveillance video to see if they can identify the seven young men. till they're caught tahib has advice for other car dealerships. >> i suggest other dealerships in the area to not leave their keys on-site overnight. because obviously these juveniles really don't care. >> reporter: he will also be installing more surveillance cameras. oakland police are searching for anyone who may have witnessed a deadly stabbing of a woman near broadway auto row. officers found the woman at webster and 23rd near the ymca
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around 4:00 this afternoon. police are calling this a homicide. oakland police are also looking for the driver of this geo prizm. they say the driver hit and killed a woman at eighth and pine just before 2:30 this afternoon. the driver left the car and ran away. police do not have a description of the driver. a man in his mid-30s is in critical condition with serious head injuries after his bicycle was hit by a fire truck early this morning in san francisco. it happened just after 2:00 a.m. at mason and turk streets. a witness posted this picture to inis gram. you can see the bicycle underneath the fire truck. the witness tells us the firefighters had the green light and were also learning that the truck was returning from a call. it did not have its emergency lights or siren on. a dangerous situation tonight in a parking lot at crossroads shopping center in
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pleasant hill. the driver hit a fire hydrant sending water shooting more than 50 feet into the air. the water pressure sent rocks and asphalt flying. some pieces as heavy as two pounds. the falling debris damaged at least one parked car, but no one was hurt. in hayward, police are searching for a man wanted for attempted kidnapping. neighbors say his sketch looks familiar. this is that sketch. the man is accused of trying to force a 15-year-old girl into his car on whitman street near sycamore avenue after school yesterday. the man is in his early 20s has a scruffy beard with no moustache, was wearing prescription glasses. parents and students say they've seen him in the area before. >> i have seen him here. watching here. >> she's saying she's seen him. >> reporter: the man was driving a white honda sedan. police think he may have also
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tried to snatch a 14-year-old girl near joshua and ebony way last month. a house caught fire tonight in san jose but it wasn't the only thing that went up in smoke. police found 443 marijuana plants inside the house near north capitol avenue and mckee road. the fire started in the garage around 7:30 tonight. neighbors say no one lives there but they did see people coming and going over the past couple of weeks. the pot is valued at $500,000. the home bypassed pg&e and stole electricity to power the marijuana grow. temperatures well above normal today with some areas getting into the 80s. let's head over to abc 7 news meteorologist for a first check on wedder and live done tear 7. >> we're coming off a very mild start to the weekend. one that did include record warmth. take a look at highs across the bay area. ukiah 83 degrees. oakland set a record with a high
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of 78. got up to 77 in concord. and fremont today mild with a temperature of 76 degrees. live doppler 7 hd is going to show you we are dry but we are tracking a shield of cloud cover that the going to try and push inland and around the bay overnight tonight. that means changes are headed our way in the next 12 hours. so as we look ahead what you can expect the next 24 hours, we're going to watch clouds move in along the bay and along the coast tonight. daylight savings is going to begin tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. expect cooler temperatures along the coast but still warm in some of our inland spots. we'll detail the highs for your sunday with the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. it was nice to have good weather today for the hundreds of thousands of people from around the bay area who poured into san francisco today for the chinese new year parade. the parade is the largest of its kind outside of asia. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson shows us the colorful floats and elaborate costumes.
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>> reporter: anticipation. thousands of people behind sidewalk barriers waited for the splendors to come. then a dazzling display of dance, martial arts music and culture. >> it's my first chinese new year's parade ever. >> reporter: it's the first for 6-month-old isaac. >> he's excited, he's watching. >> reporter: his parents emigrated from china. >> it's important for him to understand he's chinese. >> reporter: in a few years perhaps he'll be like these young martial arts students or one of these dancer. mayor ed lee celebrated the parade's ability to unite everyone. >> a great cultural celebration. but it's diverse. you look at the parade and everybody's in it and i think they're all having a great time. >> reporter: spectators watched the extravagant floats, lion dancers and dragons. all 126 participants leading up to the grand finale. >> the highlight of the parade is this 200 foot long golden dragon. it requires 100 men and women to
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carry it through the streets. the dragon is covered in colored lights and rabbit fur, detail that is amaze the crowd. >> it was awesome. i was really excited. especially the children like all around, their faces just lit up. >> reporter: just before 8:00 with one last hurrah the parade marched off a success. happy year of the ram. in san francisco tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. with daylight savings time hours away you'll probably let your smartphone change the time by itself. for people who still use or just appreciate an old-fashioned timepiece, this has to happen. at the turno luxury watch shop in san francisco, watch professionals have to spring forward thousands of watches by hand. also of note, turno will be offering complimentary time resets. daylight saving time begins this weekend sunday at 2:00
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a.m., springing forward. set your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed tonight. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, president obama joins thousands of people crossing the famous bridge in selma on the anniversary of a civil rights milestone. only on abc 7 news, a bay area photographer who was there 50 years ago. you can see his memorable images. later, caught on video, a roof collapses during a rowdy party at a california university. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick.
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covering cupertino concord, wipe country, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news.
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protesters marched through san francisco's mission district tonight where police shot and killed 21-year-old almacar peres lows relate last week. police say two plain clothes officers witnessed the man trying to rock a bicyclist with knife and opened fire when he refused to drop the weapon. lopez's family disputes the officers' account of what happened. in selma alabama, president obama joined thousands of others to mark the 50th anniversary of a landmark moment in civil rights. in 1965 peaceful protesters demanding the right to vote tried to cross that city's bridge only to be met by police brutality. abc news reporter mary bruce was there on the anniversary of bloody sunday. ♪ >> reporter: the nation's first african-american president walking in the footsteps of the freedom fighters who paved his future and altered history here 50 years ago today. ♪ >> reporter: thousands gathered
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in selma to remember that day in 1965. when peaceful protesters marched across the edmund pettus bridge demanding equality. >> your order is to disperse. >> reporter: they were met with horrific violence. state troopers armed with clubs and tear gas. it was a tipping point that proved the power of nonviolence to spark change and spurred congress to pass the voting rights act. >> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. >> reporter: but for all the progress made echoes of selma remain. in the shooting deaths of unarmed black men by white police officers -- to the rolling back of the voting rights act. the president enlisted the next generation who came to witness this moment in history to come together to be foot soldiers for change. >> we know the march is not yet over.
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we know the race is not yet won. >> reporter: that message was felt here today. so many people telling us they came not just to remember or to cross that historic bridge but to finish the work of those who marched before them. mary bruce, abc news, selma, alabama. a man from palo alto was in selma on this day in 1965 capturing moving moments with his camera. next week steven summer stein will showcase those images at modernism gallery in san francisco's union square. it's called "marching for freedom: selma to montgomery." abc 7 news got an exclusive sneak peek on this 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. summerstein was a senior at city college of new york and editor of its newspaper at the time. he said he heard about a rally in alabama and knew the importance of being there to document the events. >> it's directed to create an effective change in society that people will have their opportunities opened up.
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and my photography had to share the limelight of not only the people on the march but the people to which the march was directed. >> summerstein's selma photographs go on display thursday. some of his shots were models for scenes in the movie "selma" and he says they'll be included in its dvd package release. a major road in san francisco will be closed most of the day tomorrow for a big street festival. the first sunday streets event of the year is happening on the embarcadero. the road will be closed to traffic between fisherman's wharf and at&t park from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the roadway will be open for walking and biking. sunday streets is free. the three-mile-long stretch of the waterfront will feature lots of family-friendly entertainment, including a rock wall and a segway obstacle course. sounds like we'll have more sunshine for that. let's turn it back over to abc 7 news meteorologist to check the forecast drew?
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>> clouds early on tomorrow morning at a lot of locations. but more sunshine on the way for the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd showing you a dry scan. we'll take you outside a live look from our exploratorium camera. we'll show you downtown san francisco. you can see on the horizon, a thick layer of cloud cover beginning to push in off the ocean. that will move inland and especially around the bay overnight tonight. talk about daylight savings. it begins soon. 2:00 a.m. early tomorrow morning. we spring ahead an hour. that means sunrise a bit later, 7:31 the sun comes up tomorrow. that means sunset is later. sunday 7:10 p.m. is our sunset. we'll have longer daylight hours as we head towards summer. temperatures, 52 in fairfield. 55 oakland. off that record high of 78 degrees today. 53 in downtown san francisco. 56 in fremont and san jose right now sitting at a mild 57 degrees. satellite and radar will show you multiple areas of high pressure creating a ridge of warmth the next couple of days.
11:19 pm
this heat dome will be with us at least through tuesday of next week. so future weather, you do notice those costal low clouds are beginning to move in and will push into the bay overnight. 8:00 early tomorrow morning you're waking up to sun, cloud cover. by the afternoon watch as the clouds evaporate around the bay. it's mild around the bay and inland. right along the coast, the clouds will cling. so that means cooler temperatures along the way for those locations. future temperatures will confirm lots of 70s in fairfield antioch, livermore santa rosa by the afternoon. the clouds that are going to stick with us, half moon bay only getting to a high of 63. even downtown san francisco, one of the last spots to see the sunshine by the early afternoon once the clouds get out of here, getting only into the mid-60s by sunday afternoon. so overnight lows tonight, 36 in napa, 46 in richmond. san francisco only dropping to 50 degrees. fremont 46. morgan hill dropping to 41 overnight.
11:20 pm
take a tour of the bay area for highs sunday. up to 76 in san jose. 76 cupertino. 70 milpitas. look along the coast only making it into the low 60s in half moon bay and pacifica. palo alto up to 74. downtown san francisco tomorrow getting up to 66. daly city a cool 60. 75 for santa rosa. 74 petaluma. up to 74 for sonoma. east bay will see clouds early on. break for sunshine by the afternoon. up to 70 in oakland. 70 san leandro. 72 cass voe valley. pittsburg 75. 75 san ramon. livermore 76. seven-day forecast sunset tomorrow 7:10. monday sunshine and clouds. a weak system cooler temperatures, the chance of an isolated shower, nothing significant unfortunately. temperatures rebound quickly on thursday, back into the 70s. and the 70s stick with us friday and even to this time next week.
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lockheed martin has tested a new laser weapon and it disabled a truck's engine from a mile away. take a look, the fiberoptic laser is known as athena. the light weight prototype bumped through the engine manifold in seconds. the technology could help protect military forces and critical infrastructure. athena is based on a laser weapon system developed by lockheed martin in sunnyvale. when this could be the coolest way to get accepted to college. the massachusetts institute of technology posted this video to youtube that appears to show hundreds of drones flying out of
11:25 pm
the top of a campus building. each drone is carrying an acceptance letter. whether or not this video is authentic, up for debate. but it certainly builds anticipation for next saturday when mit will make acceptance decisions for anxious students all over the world. those are some hard weeks of waiting, right? >> can you imagine? >> big envelope little envelope? >> madness. speaking of. march madness. >> ah. we're getting close. it's starting. conference tournaments in full swing as teams try to get to the big dance. stanford women pulled off an upset of second seed arizona state advancing to the pac-12 finals as a potential familiar foe.
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it's unusual for the stanford women not to be the top seed in the pac-12 tournament. they came in at number three and advance to the finals knocking off the second seed arizona state in the semis. the sun devil orchestra rocking the arena in seattle. amber orchestrated an 11-point stanford lead with this three. a jumper of her own. 50 seconds later, protected by kalie johnson one of stanford's blocks in the game. davis misses the tying three-pointer. stanford wins by three they're on their way to the finals of the pac-12 tournament. cal and colorado. buffaloes upsetting oregon state. jeff making sure that won't happen with the three. britney boyd, 18 points 10 boards, drives in for the lay-in. a nine-point lead. gabby green, st. mary's and berkeley, in the corner for the dagger. cal wins facing stanford sunday
11:30 pm
in the pac-12 big game finals. stanford men hosted by arizona, won 37 straight at home jason ranne dell. 16 points in his final regular season game. his team was outmatched. gabe york three before the buzzer. wildcats led by 16 at the half. senior t.j. mcconnell playing his final home game dishes to jefferson. two-handed slam and one. mcconnell, 10 points, 11 assists. arizona wins big. stanford finishes 9-9 in conference, ape-12 overall. cal and arizona state beautiful tempe, arizona. senior day for shag he went out with a bang. the steal. the one-handed flush. tyrone wallace led the bears with 53, weaving through for the lay-in. 21 points, 7 boards including that lay-up cal lost five of their last six, finishing 7-eleven in conference. st. mary's one and done courtesy of portland.
11:31 pm
they led wire to wire. kevin bailey led with 16 points. this is the first time in 13 seasons the squad failed to make the semis. usf and gonzaga. dirkson had 21 points, 10 boards. u. sf up two at the half. the alley-oop, now up three in the second half. zags too much in the end. kevin pangus hit a bunch of late threes. usf eliminated from the tournament, 81-72 the final. santa clara spaced byu. broncos down two. the steal, tied 76-76. 5 seconds left. the jumper got it. byu back on top. 2.5 seconds left. santa clara has to go the length of the floor. brandon clark from half court. santa clara falls 78-76. not a good day for our local wcct teams. coming up later
11:32 pm
sharks/earthquakes. sharks/earthquakes. and march madness before march madness. still ahead, a frightening end to a college party in san luis obispo. a garage roof collapses leaving several people hurt. the new trend in cosmetic surgery. why the back side has moved to the fore why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the s60 sedan. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo s60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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deliciously fruity dinner feels a million years away grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening. tonight, new cell phone video just in shows a home with 443 marijuana plants inside going up in flames. this happened on prairie wood court in san jose around 7:30
11:36 pm
tonight. only a abc 7 our first look at police officers bringing the marijuana plants, bags and bags out of the house. the street value is $500,000. neighbors say the house was vacant. caught on video, police are trying to find seven thieves accused of stealing cars. it happened friday night in fremont. four used car dealerships were hit in one night. cleanup is under way after the largest chinese new year parade outside of asia. colorful floats and costumes filled san francisco's market street tonight. the highlight, the 200 foot long golden dragon. happy year of the ram. several cal poly san luis obispo students rushed to the hospital. a night of partying ended when dozens fell through the roof of a garage. abc news reporter adiddy roy has the story. >> reporter: tonight this dramatic cell phone video showing close to 1,500 partying
11:37 pm
students in federal california as the roof of a garage holding nearly 40 revelers caved in. >> seeing it realtime real life this is happening 20 feet away from me. it was surreal it was scary. >> reporter: it happened near the cal poly san luis obispo campus. officials say nine people had nonlife threatening injuries including one victim who was impaled in the thigh by a piece of wood just before 6:30 this morning. it's known as st. fratty day which starts the week before st. patrick's day, when officials say fines for drinking and partying double. tweets from the scene. besides the roof caving in our first st. fratty's day was a success. pictures from police showing a sea of revelers wearing green standing shoulder to shoulder in the residential neighborhood. the university president telling abc news we averted serious possibilities of loss of life. a sobering reminder during a day dedicated to partying.
11:38 pm
adiddy roy abc news, los angeles. the united states flag will no longer be on display in the lobby of the student government offices at uc irvine. this week, student leaders voted to ban the flag. they said it's been flown in times of colonialism and imperialism so they removed it to make the offices steel more influencive. a lawmaker from santa ana says she may introduce a constitutional amendment to prohibit state-funded universities and colleges banning the flag. more protests held in madison, wisconsin, after the fatal shooting of an unarmed 19-year-old black man last night. >> black lives matter! >> protesters gasered outside the police department and throughout the city chanting and holding signs that read "black lives matter." madison's police chief says officer matt kenny shot and killed tony robinson after the suspect assaulted him. >> we have to be clear about this. i want to be very transparent.
11:39 pm
he was unarmed. >> my son is now another statistic. another black kid shot by the police. for no reason. >> robinson's family is asking protests to be peaceful. the officer involved has more than 12 years' experience and was cleared of any wrongdoing in a previous shooting. the wisconsin department of justice will lead the investigation. authorities in santa clara county are still on the lookout for a jail inmate escaped from valley medical center in san jose yesterday. police say he was being treated when he attacked a deputy and ran off. a search through the evening did not locate him. 40-year-old john l. carter was arrested last year on suspicion of child molestation. six patients have new individualnies thanks to surgeons at california pacific medical center and six donors including this woman zelly broussard, credited with kicking off the largest kidney donation chain in the 44-year history of
11:40 pm
cpmc's transplant center. she wanted to give the organ but had no one to accept it. brew assured found a recipient through match grid. her match led to five others, creating the six-way kidney swap. the hospital shared this interview with abc 7 news. >> it has been a magical experience. i just feel like everything happened -- everybody played an integral part and everything that was supposed to happen with all 12 of us everything went well. >> broussard says she plans on running a marathon later this year. doctors say those who have surgery thursday are already up and walking. some of the youngest baseball players took over eo dot cocoliseum today. the oakland a's invite potential future major leaguers to parade through the coliseum grounds and play in a special fun zone. the kids are from all over the bay area and range in age from 5
11:41 pm
to 17. it's become somewhat of a rite of passage just before springtime. >> it's a special day for us. >> yeah, it's a great way to start the season off. >> i feel great. it's a big responsibility. >> more than 1000 young players took part today. next on abc 7 news, bringing up the rear. cosmetic surgery traditionally focuses on flattening stomachs or removing wrinkles. but now the bottom moving to the top of the list. speaking of top of the list. record highs set in many spots today. clouds are move until tonight. a live look from our exploratorium camera showing you change is on the way for sunday.
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11:44 pm
covering fremont, palo alto north bay, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. for decades many cosmetic procedures marketed to women have focused on thinning the waist or enlarging the chest. but now the backside has moved to the forefront. abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings has a look at the art of augmenting the derriere. >> reporter: from red carpet to pop music to the photos that jam the internet. some of america's biggest stars are getting attention for their
11:45 pm
big backsides. and google "butt lift" and you'll find hundreds of cosmetic or augmentation procedures that promise to plump up your back side. >> a lot of women coming in talking about kim kardashian or beyonce's body j. lo. >> reporter: this doctor as plastic surgeon based in mountain view. she says there are serious considerations before selecting a procedure. including a track record of problems with older techniques which relied primarily on implants. >> originally when we first started augmenting breast implants were used which have a funny shape. >> reporter: she says models now on the market have better shape but can still be prone to side effects. and she believes it's important for prospective patients to inquire about the risks. >> for a lot of women, i don't recommend it. they have to be placed a little bit in the muscle to decrease the risk of complications. it's a very high infection rate. >> reporter: this young woman who wants to remain anonymous told us she works out her legs
11:46 pm
and backside at least five days a week. but isn't always satisfied with the results. >> lifting with weights has helped to build my muscle in the back, but not in comparison to my actual legs. so i was a little bit more curved. emphasis on my butt. >> reporter: the doctor says an increasingly popular option involves a technique known as fat transfer. sometimes known as a brazilian butt lift. first surgeons use liposuction to remoffat from another area typically the stomach or love handles. the fat is then processed into a pure concentrate of living fat cells. >> it's put back into the buttocks in multiple layers, creating shapes. little droplets of fat laced throughout the tissue and the muscle. and these fat cells actually graft and live. >> reporter: she says the combination of thinning the middle while augmenting the rear can often enhance the appearance of a bigger backside and potential side effects with fat
11:47 pm
grafting are far lower than alternate procedures. but, while safer, the question then becomes one of aesthetics. >> i don't know if i want to go as big as kim kardashian. but i want something that is going to be proportionate to my body. >> reporter: in the end, deciding how big is big enough seems a movable target. as american pop culture continues to round up the curve on which figures make the grade. >> costs vary but dr. zelder says a good guide is the general cost of liposuction which is in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. john stamos played a joke on fans in san francisco. yesterday he visited the fictional home of the tv show "full house." a friend snapped this photo wearing a black outfit sunglasses and hat in front of the house on the left. fans had no idea uncle jesse was standing right behind them. in an instagram post he said
11:48 pm
boy, these youngsters have no idea what they're missing. #fullhousehouse, #turnaround. too funny, i would have missed him too. back over to drew check of the forecast. we've been enjoying beautiful sun and warmth. and you say more to come? >> more changes. we're tracking more sunshine on the way. a lot of spots the clouds early on. the shield of cloud cover just over the pacific ocean is trying to push in at this hour. right along the coast and eventually into the bay. so some spots waking up to clouds, others to sunshine. nationwide, we'll show you a pretty tranquil united states. one location that will see wet weather, right along the coast in texas near houston, thunderstorms headed to new orleans. warming up nicely in new england. highs tomorrow in the 40s and 50s. they haven't seen those numbers in over a month. highs in california 77. 78 fresno. l.a. 77. palm springs, a toasty 88. reno getting up to 68.
11:49 pm
closer to home we'll see early on sunshine and inn a lot of spots except for the coast. that's where the clouds will cling on. half moon bay high of 71. 72 in fremont. fairfield getting up to a mild high of 76. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you sunset tomorrow at 7:10 as we spring ahead our clocks tonight. coastal fog to sunshine monday. sun and clouds tuesday. chance of a shower on wednesday. temperatures back up into the 70s for thursday, friday, and saturday. >> set clock forward. >> don't be late. >> i wouldn't be late but i could forget. how could i be that late? >> i've been waiting. >> oh, big break. >> that's right. >> let's see how you do with boxing. >> gilroy's own guerrero is back in las vegas facing welterweight champ.
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the pride of gilroy robert "the ghost" guerrero, back in the ring tonight for only the second time since 2013 when he lost to floyd mayweather jr. he faced off against wba welterweight champ keith thurman, who was undefeated. guerrero has never been knocked out. showed ring rust early on. taking some big shots from thurman. then in the ninth guerrero gets knocked down after this combination. he would get up with a cut above
11:53 pm
his left eye. robert would rally but needed a knockout to win. wasn't to be. keith thurman wins a unanimous decision, improving to 25-0. retaining his wba crown. guerrero 32-3-1 losing two of his last three fights. sharks want to make the playoffs, there's little room for error, hosting vancouver tonight. who they beat 6-2 on tuesday. they wasted no time before fisticuffs. 2:30 in. tuesday, sharks jumped out to an early 3-0 lead. sharks 2-0 lead in the first. thornton hit the wide-open net unfortunately in the sec, 2-1. patrick marleau misses an open net. he's going to regret that one. that turned out to be costly. beau horvac ties it 2-2. in the third sharks get into penalty trouble. daniel intra dean finds vrbata.
11:54 pm
sharks' hopes gindling 3-got final. the last place i'd expect to see jim harbaugh would be in arizona coaching first base for the a's. that's where he was this afternoon, wearing number 4, the number he was when he played. harbaugh manager bob melvin are good friends so he invited harbaugh to coach first i was for a few innings. a's trailed 6-1 but battled back. tied 7-7 nunez drills it off the mound latten dorff scores. 8-7 the final. i don't think jim can take credit but he talked about his friendship with bob melvin afterwards. >> the best thin is talking or texting during the season. got something to bounce off of him, he's always very responsive and very helpful. giants and padres in scottsdale. full house. former "a" derek norris. off the field, eye i don't careence.
11:55 pm
minimum barder in on the bump, lincecum giving up the long ball. padres win 7-6. season opener for the earthquakes under the new head coach kinnear. facing fc dallas. quakes keeper bingham punches it to hernandez whose shot was headed in by peres. quakes fall in the opener 1-0. let's tee it up. south florida, saw something today i've never seen in a professional event. the par 3 4th. 7 iron. this is going to be an ace. that would be a hole in one. the three putter to lose the lead. now in the same hole same club. same result. two hole in ones on the same hole. unreal. now dustin johnson. birdied 16. he's only one back of j.b. holmes. he'll find the zone. birdied four of his last five for 270.
11:56 pm
bogeyed 18 active-shot lead at the cadillac championship going into sunday's final round. men's college hoops. kentucky looking to go 31-0. they had to get through florida who beat the wildcats last year. kentucky wasn't to be denied. harrison the steal and finish. kentucky wins 67-50. 31-0 for the first time in school history. senior day is always special, especially for tyler adams, recruited to georgetown. expected to be the starting center. hour, he was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and four days in his career was over. until today. on senior day adams not only started but with help from seton hall got the first bucket of the game. a one-handed jam. he would leave the game ending his basketball career in style and in front of his dad. what a special moment for this young kid, who became a student manager for the team after his diagnosis. unbeknownst at the time, tyler's dunk kick started a wire-to-wire victory for georgetown.
11:57 pm
73-67 was the final. what a great story what a great way for that young man to end his career. jim harbaugh got coco crisp's autograph on the back of the jerry and his helmet. not only a coach but a big fan of the a's. >> nice keepsake. >> bob melvin and he played on the same team in palo alto growing up. that's the connection. >> i think we knew that. >> sorry. >> thanks everyone for joining us. i'm katie marzullo. have a good night. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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