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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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i don't understand. i hope they turn themselves in and do the right thing. >> a heartbroken sister issues a plea for a hit-and-run driver to surrender following a crash that killed a notable east bay artist. good evening i'm katie marzullo. and we begin with developing news. beloved east bay artist seles howell has been killed and oakland police are on the lookout for the hit-and-run driver. cornell bernard is live in berkeley with the story. >> reporter: celeste howell's family cannot believe she is gone. they're demanding justice tonight. she was a well-known artist who showcased her jewelry at this
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gallery. >> the biggest heart anyone on the planet. >> reporter: brian mason is grieving the loss of his partner, celeste howell, killed saturday afternoon by a hit-and-run driver. >> just couldn't get out of the way in time and -- yeah. i'm devastated. >> reporter: howell was walking down pine street in west oakland when the police say the driver of small car may have lost controlled, jumped the sidewalk and killed her instantly. the driver left the car and ran away. >> i can't imagine why someone would do this and leave her. >> her sister sheryl william came frock albuquerque when she heard the news. she says celeste was a practicing buddhist. >> her belief is you don't cause harm to anyone else, you go through life and do not cause harm to anyone else. >> reporter: sell ewes jewel howell lived up to her middle name an artist who created
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custom jewelry. she showed some pieces at a gallery in berkeley. >> great to have her here. she was super sweet and incredibly knowledgeable about jewelry and her work. >> i want justice. to be done. >> reporter: brian hopes police find the driver who took away something precious. >> she was the love of my life. and the world just lost a woman of grace. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> new details top about a house fire in santa rosa that injured two people. it happen last night on petaluma hill road. police arrested samuel alvarez sell on suspicion of attempted murder and arson. investigators say he lived at the home and set the fire after allegedly threatening to kill a woman who was injured in the fire. the bay area's effort to conserve water could lead to a new increase in water rates for
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most of us. our media partner the san jose mercury news reports three water stricts, the santa clara valley, the san francisco public utilities commission, and the east bay municipal utility district, are considering rate hikes of up to 30% this year. the agencies serve 80% of the bay area's pop late. they say they need to increase rates because they're selling less water as customers conserve due to the drought. the water district districtors will discuss a rate increase during the meeting on tuesday. today marks one year since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared from radar. family members of passengers and crew gathered in kuala lampur where the flight departed. 239 people were on the flight. no trace of the wreckage has been found and families want the search to continue until they get some answers. >> need to stop searching for him.
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he gave everything to us. he was amazing. and so is -- i know if the shoe was on the other foot he wouldn't stop looking for me. >> we want them to keep on searching, search and rescue, for the plane and everything that we want them to release the things they are still hiding. >> family members have been critical of the way the authorities have handled the crisis. the first comprehensive report into the plane's disappearance revealed the battery of the underwater locator beacon had expired more than a year before the plane vanished. a community group in madison, wisconsin met today to discuss the fatal shooting of an unarmed black 19-year-old man by a white police officer. protesters gathered overnight in front of the home where tony robinson was shot friday night. incident began when officers responsibled to calls that suspect in a recent battery had gone into an apartment. one of the officers heard commotion inside and forced his way in. police say when robinson assaulted the officer, he shot
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him. the police chief says he understands the anger people are feeling but he urges the community to act with restraint. the second day of honoring history in selma alabama. it has been 50 years since the pivotal moment in the civil rights movement took place there. ♪ >> thousands of people gathered again today in selma in remembrance of bloody sunday. rallies at churches were held across the state. and people from around the world made their way across the historic edmund pettus bridge to commemorate the freedom happen matchers who were clubbed and tear gassed as they peacefully floated on sunday march 7 1965. >> i thought it was our duty to just come out and represent represent those who have died for us. >> i don't want people to come and just get a selfie or photo shop and then leave itch want them to be enlightened. >> protesters in 1965 were
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calling on the government to give black people the right to vote. today the city of selma also honored late president lyndon johnson, who signed the 1965 voting rights act into law. today is international women's day and a speakout was held this afternoon in san francisco. the even was held at 24th and mission streets and joins voices globally as a day of protest to win full equality for women's rights. the theme make it happen. it's a call to action for the numerous issues facing women today. >> as women we face a number of conditions in this country where we're denied access to our reproductive rights to health care to education, to live in poverty and face effects of racism and it's essential we're doing this today as much as we can. >> international women's day has been celebrated in the u.s. since 1909. as part of the clinton foundation's not there campaign for general equality, hillary clinton and daughter chelsea
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have disappeared from their twitter profiles. you see here hillary's profile picture is blank and there are no images currently of chelsea clinton on her twit are page. other notable women are taking part including serena williams who was redacted from a billboard in times square. in developing news, california senator dianne feinstein is urging hillary clinton to explain her e-mail actions as secretary of state. today clinton's colleague said the former secretary of state should fully explain her actions involving the use of a private nongovernment e-mail account while she was the country's top diplomat. feinstein says she thinks the silence is going to hurt clinton. >> i think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> hillary clinton has only said she had turned over all relevant e-mails totaling a 5,000 pages to the state department for review.
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buzz abound as apple prepares for an announcement tomorrow. tech insiders say it will be the applewatch. apple is likely to announce when the watches will ship and how much they will cost. several versions of the applewatch are expected, ranging in pry from $349 to $20,000. tech industry analysts say apple's known for announcing more than one product at a time and predict that will happen tomorrow. we'll be at tomorrow's 10:00 a.m. announcement in san francisco and will bring you the details on abc7 news mid-day. >> nothing but net for the warriors but this net is designed to save lives. how the team is helping children at risk. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. a gorgeous sunday across the region temperatures above normal, but we have our next storm system approaching the area. we'll talk about
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>> in marin county seven people were rescued from a burning boat. you can see the smoke coming from the boat. the fire started in the engine room. it happened just before 3:00 in richardson bay. luckily no serious injuries were reported but one of the people onboard was groups of peace cofounder hidy coon. the warriors not only beat l.a. today the team also took part in a global effort to beat malaria. for self special event ticket purchased today the warriors to
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nateed a life saving insectty side treated bed net. steph curry hosted a post game chalk talk with fans who purchased the special ticket is and before the game union city high school student was honored for his work raising thousands of dollars to fight malaria. >> one child do is in africa every 60 seconds so in a class period of 85 minutes, 85 kids die, and just to make a difference of one or two bed nets to save two or three kids' lives in a family it's a big deal. >> well done. of course we'll have highlights of the warriors game against in the los angeles clippers in sports. the bay area's food truck scene is foot get sweeter. we'll explain next. ahead, free wheeling and having fun in the sun. no cars allowed. check out the kickoff to this year's sunday streets in san francisco. a live look outside for you right now. gorgeous and another
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unseasonably warm day in the bay area, but cooler weather is coming, meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast after the break. here a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> good evening. coming up, new details of the moments just before a black teenager shift bay white police officer in wisconsin. and malaysia flight 370 vanishing one year ago. tonight why the mystery is deepening. the miracle rescue. a toddler found alive inside a car that plunged into an icy
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♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. this year's first sunday
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streets was held today along san francisco's embarcadero. the three-mile route was closed to vehicles and open to people walking, biking, and other recreational activities. sunday streets free and was another great day to be outside. the next event is april 12th april 12th in the bay view dog patch area. the food truck trend is about to get cute and here why the hello kitty truck will make its first stop in san francisco parked in japantown next month. it's on a promotional tour for the first hello kiltie cafe set to open in orange county this summer. the truck serves sweets, including doughnuts. looks delicious as does the weather. now to meteorologist drew tuma with what was another gorgeous day. >> 2-2 over the weekend. you want to bottle up the weather, and that's what we have.
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mid-week cooldown, otherwise warm temperatures on the docket. live doppler 7hd right now showing you we have a few clouds along the coast but sunshine. live look outside from the emeryville camera showing you some high clouds along the coast but a beautiful sight once again as we switch our clocks forward at 2:00 a.m. this morning, and that means that sunset today -- look at this -- 7:10 in the evening. the forecast calls for this winter warmth to continue for monday and also on tuesday and then we track our next storm system approaching the region mid-week and that means a cooler temperature for wednesday, also clouds and the potential for a few showers out there mid-week this week. talking about our average rainfall in san francisco. january, february march are typically our wettest months of the year, when you total the three months it's just over 12 inches of rain. nowhere near what we have seen this year. take a look at this so far the past three months only an inch and .47 of rain. that's nowhere near where we need to be. and this week no soakers in the forecast unfortunately.
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temperaturewise, wide range of numbers. thanks to the clouds hugging the coast. 55 in half moon bay. look at antioch. cities at 78 degrees. a warm 76 in livermore. 67 oakland napa, 68. satellite and radar showing you high pleasure still firmfully in control, bringing sunshine and warm temperatures. look off to the west and this spiraling cyclone right here is our next storm system, and moves in on wednesday. going through the forecast's monday coastal clouds and around the bay keeping temperatures on the mild side, in 50s tomorrow. going into mid-day, the clouds stay along the coast. y you see sunshine inland you're already into the low 70s. by monday evening, the clouds will be pulled back so warmup into the 60s 'around half moon bay, and livermore, antioch and fairfield, low and mid-7s so. overnight tonight, a mixture of stars and clouds. 49 oakland falling to 47 in
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palo alto. highs for your monday, a wide range again the clouds hugging the coast. look at this. concord will receive total sunshine throughout the day. 74 the high. 75, san jose. 66 downtown san francisco. napa, high of 72. the accuweather seven-day forecast calls for the coastal clouds tomorrow. on tuesday, ahead of our next system we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day. wednesday, we cool down significantly into the 60s. it's rather cloudy, and perhaps an isolated shower mainly in the north bay, but it's quick rebound on thursday. look at that. saturday, we have 8s so -- 80s on the board some 20 degrees above normal and that warmth still continues sunday with a mixture of sunshine and clouds and temperatures in the 70s. >> hard to complain. >> it is. >> thanks, drew. over to shu now and sports. some 49ers news. >> can't complain. you 49er fans won't be happen about this.
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frank gore looks to be headed to philadelphia. he felt disrespected be the niners who let him become a free agent, and apparently he found
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the heart and soul of the 49ers, frank gore, has found a new home. reports have him lining up with the philadelphia eagles next season. jed york thought the team and gore could work something out. frank got tired of waiting and the rushing leader is gone to philly. eagles offered a three year deal
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with 7.5 million guaranteed. more than the niners wanted to spend on a running back who has 2400 rushing attempts. frank needs only 927 yards to become the 15th running back in nfl history with 12,000 yards. he ran for 1106-yards so still has gas left in this tank, and the eagles rank second in rushing yards in the nfl. frank fit disrespected he had to deal with free agency, and has so much pride he went to prove to the niners and the league they're wrong. it's business for the niners. we understand that. but frank deserved better than this. they left him hanging and wouldn't commit. he was the heart and soul of the team. last night gore's boxing trainer posted a singing message for the niners on facebook page saying it's over. niners horrible business, you deserve everything that is coming your way. wow. the raiders had another swing and a miss as lions defensive tackle ndamukong suh will reportedly sign with the
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dolphins instead of the silver and black. miami will give suh $114 million. that's quarterback money. raiders targeted suh to bolster their defense so they lose out on randall cobb and suh in the past two days. warriors and clippers continue their rivalry with a matinee in oakland today. the war users improve to 27-2 at oracle arena winning their sixth straight at home. doc rivers all smiles before the game. first quarter duke star from deep. time running out in the first, klay thompson looking to get back on track. he powder in 21. high light of the game was steph curry showing off his skills. behind the back, knocks down the three. amazing. that was basically four on one but steph was only 3-9 shooting for 12 points. that's just sick. draymond green led all scorers with 23 points. warriors up 12.
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then big baby davis, the floater and one. he is pumped. warriors pull away. curry misses the layin. he had 21 points warriors beat l.a. 106-98. >> want to sent a message in a game like this and we did a great job today, whether we went small or big, we dominated the game. that was the message today. >> to the blue monster at doral. final round of the cadillac championships. bubba watson, two-stroke lead after nine but couldn't make a putt on the back for third place. j. before holmes had a five stroke lead coming in blew it early, ties for the lead but great putt, shoots a 75. second place for j.b. that left dustin johnson, a month after a six-month leave of absence and his putter was working. the birdie on 15 gave him the lead at 9-under. his ninth tour victory.
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you wgc cadillac champion at doral. final round 3-under. is baby blow and fiancee, wayne gretzky's daughter. >> more from the warriors and a behind the scene incident with draymond green, and i am going to miss frank gore. great player, great back, and the heart and soul of the team, but it's business for the niners. don't want to do a time share with carlos hyde and frank. so probably best for both. up next, see what former governor warts arnold schwarzenegger has been up to
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the governor's new plan to help reduce the time it takes california college students to graduate and therefore spend less on tuition. how two adventurers plan to fly around the world without using any fuel. join us at 6:00. an ohio girl strong-armed arnold schwarzenegger into terminating a chess game. the movie star and former california governor took on eight-year-old emma chang at a kid's expo in ohio. emma was ahead when, surprisingly, schwarzenegger had to leave. hmm. she tells the columbus dispatch she's going to tell her friends she almost beat arnold but he game. yeah. a little convenient. interesting. that's going to do it for us
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here at abc7 news at 5:00. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." tense situation. tears, questions, and outrage in the midwest after a white police officer shoots an unarmed black teen. tonight, new details about the moments before the shooting. mystery flight. malaysia flight 370, vanishing into thin air a year ago. the new report about the pilot and crew, and a problem with the locator beacon. miracle rescue. a car found by a fisherman. inside, a toddler, alive, still strapped to her car seat. and, lifesaver. one act of generosity saving six lives. how it started, and how it all came together.


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