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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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y, nature at its most delicious. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news it is 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze along with leyla. i covered the patio furniture hoping it would be rain. >> you need to do more. washington my car. actually, all of our cars. here is the visibility in your neighborhood, half a mile at santa rosa and petaluma and a quarter in livermore no fog in san jose at the airport, and we have looked around with fog in the south bay but not hitting mineta san jose international airport. from the roof camera you can see
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the foggy conditions and 12-hour day planner is 44 to 52 degrees and off to a piled start and 58 to 66 with mostly cloudy conditions and it will be gray this afternoon 58 at the coast and 72 inland and dry at 7:00 at 56 to 64 so a mild evening because of the cloud cover. light jacket. grab one if you are outside. >> the roads? >> misty in the north bay. mike has been telling us of quarter mile to half mile visibility in san rafael with more fog than just 15 minutes ago. use the low beams and give yourself plenty of space. the bay bridge is looking like it is clears a bit so if you are coming in from the east bay as far as weather and fog it does not appear on affecting the commute. >> happening today the sports spotlight is on the san francisco 49ers. several players who helped the
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49ers become the elite teams of the nfl will announce they are leaving or retiring and another player is in trouble with the law. our reporter is in the newsroom. >> more and more bad news for fans struggle olding to keep up with all the changes. the latest disappointment the arrest of bruce miller on suspicion of spousal battery. details of what happened have not been released. he was taken into custody on thursday. miller has been with the team for four seasons. he is the 11th player to be arrested since 2012. the team released this statement reading "the organization is aware of the matter involving bruce miller and we were disappointed to learn of the reports and will do our still conference in collecting all relevant information." >> a shock for 49er faithful the new players that are leaving, frank for is rumored to be out the door, and a guard is signing with another team and line becomer patrick willis is
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expected to announce retirement by today. he has been with the tomb eight years and was injured most of this past season. big changes expected in the 19 chinese which just saw former head coach harbaugh eleven and saying good big to candlestick park the home nor so long. new this morning, stanford graduate and ambassador to south korea mark lippert is out of hospital after being attacked. in seoul last week a man slashed his face and hand the he was released in the hospital after five days of treatment. lippert needed 80 stitches to his face and will need physical therapy on his arm. >> i feel pretty darned good all things considered. it was obviously scary but i am walking, talking and holding my baby and hugging my wife.
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>> the suspect was against joint united states and south cent military drills. >> today, the woman behind a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the silicon valley venture capital firm is expected to be back on the stand today. ellen powell testified on monday a male colleague relentlessly pursued her and she broke off the affair learning he lied about his wife leaving him and said she was passed over for the board seat because she was going on leave for maternity and her mentor did not want her to take on more work and she is seeking $16 million in damages. >> a task force is on a manhunt to track down an escaped infant in santa clara county open run since friday. he has a tattoo that said "amy," and the sheriff said quarter took off after an appointment at medical center cater is an accused sexual molester.
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deputies think he is still in the san jose area. >> salary and teacher staffing cuts will be discussed tonight at a public meeting with the san bruno park school district board. the district wants to balance the budget by cutting $2 million and a way to do that is to increase the size of all classes to 31 students which results in 14 teachers and a counselor being laid off. they want teachers to take 4 percent pay cut although they have not had a raise in eight years. teachers say they are making them pay the price for the mismanagement of the board. >> drug companies could be nosed to foot the bill for san francisco's drug kickback program. the board of supervisors will take up the proposal today. under the program consumers can give back unused mode to be properly disposed of. supervisors will discuss whether to expands the program and make it term. the program began fay areas ago in an effort to provide a way to dispose of unused drugs rather than flushing them down the
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toilet. bart wants your input on proposals of which lines to be extended from the current terminal in fremont to the new southern terminal in warm springs. a proposal affects righters in san francisco. they are holder meetings to gather rider input. we have information on the proposals and the times for two other meetings on our website this week at >> san francisco is more diverse and the board believes more languages should be taught in the schools with a resolution introduced today to add arabic and vietnamese to classrooms multilingual programs reflecting the grow numbers of students who speak these schools. they now offer nine languages including russian and mandarin and it will propose arabic and vote needs be taught from kindergarten through 12th.
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>> thousands pack the mascone center for are defining event for women to inspire and motivate each other in their careers and their lives. amy hollyfield is at mascone center with a preview. many of us will be this, amy. thank you is right. i will see you after the newscast when you head down here. we are a proud sponsor of the event and we will have a booth and be here this morning to greet people with want to stop by and and say they set up yesterday for the huge event and they are expecting 5,500 people at the mascone center. the conference is 26 years old the attendees have been none to call it life changing. some consider it a good opportunity to meet mentors. the founder of the conference likes to call them "f." ject spear -- jackie speier is
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the unthat started it. she said emhave come a long way but they still have a long way to go. >> discrimination still goes on, open college campuses, the sexual assault issues are previous plant and in the workplace. women are still making anywhere from 79 to 83 cent for every dollar earned by a man doing the same job. >> she appeared with cheryl on our program and cheryl will be a prominent personality today. the key note speaker is an emme award winning journalists and radio host and best soling author and will speak between 2:30 and 4:00. at 4:00 there is a chocolate and wine reception. we will cover the event all day. stay with us throughout the day with the highl
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>> now the forecast with patchy fog. >> especially in the north bay and east bay shoreline where we are seeing the thickest on the peninsula, we have some but not so thick. menlo park is 49 and foster city and san mateo 50. belmont is 51. palo alto is 53. san carlos is 50. san jose is 51. oakland is 52 and mountain view is 54 and los gatos is 53 and our inland neighborhoods are in the mid-to-upper 40s including 4659 san ramon and concord and livermore at 48 and mill valley is 44. on the peninsula, back to sfo we will have delays because of the cloud cover and the clouds will be stubborn all day and dry upper 50s at the coast and 66 to 75 inland and around the bay 63 to 75 and the fog is getting
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thicker and thicker in san rafael and it will be that way until 10:00. the next three days scatter showers and quick sunshine and 70s and the coast on thursday, and you will be in the 70's on friday and warmer this weekend. san jose drive away from 17, we have the low clouds but in fog to report. it does not appear the visibility is a factor in the drive. southbound traffic moving to highway 17 is still empty with plenty of fog but not here. there is an (a) and traveling northbound in the center divider near stone valley road if you are traveling in the northbound direction to walnut creek be careful with a little bit of activity. southbound is senator a problem at this hour. loading up over the altamont pass and tracy to dublin is 38 minutes to get you this and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 18 minutes and 101 southbound is slower because
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folks are taking it easy driving through the thick fog. >> still ahead kal." is a new stay pole at mcdonald's soon in the america's money. >> chilling new video of the boston marathon bombing where the surviving system went shopping moments after the explosion. >> lawmakers take on the herbal supplement industry to ensure they are safe for you. stay tuned.
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. covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. an orange county man is recovering from minor injuries after the e-cigarette he was puffing exploded without warning. it happened yesterday. the man was if bed smoking when the electronic metal device started making a humming sound and he pulled it away from his mouth and it blew up. pieces of the e-cigarette were wedged into the ceiling and this was a small fire. he will be okay but it is not clear right now can the e-cigarette exploded. he has bumped to his face. >> if you video from the trial of boston marathon bombing dzhakhar tsarnaev.
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the prosecution introduced this video compiled by the f.b.i. from stores and restaurants along the route. tsarnaev is in the white house walking with his brother and ends up if front of a restaurant. watch as the crowd reacts to the first bomb and looks to the explosion. the circle shows tsarnaev walking away in the other direction and the prosecution said he dead natured -- detonated a second ball killing they and injuring 250. moments later he carried on like nothing happened heading to whole food for to buy make. >> the fbi is investigating a first bombing of a fast food show in nevada as domestic terrorism at a kentucky fried chicken. it is likely referring to an animal rights group animal liberation front a serious critic of kfc over the years. someone tossed a rock through the window and through a molotov
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cocktail damaging a few boxes. a lighter was found out of the drive through meeting. >> hillary clinton is expected to hold a news conference to talk of an e-mail scandal dogging her. that is according to the associated press much the potential 2016 democratic presidential candidate has ignored the issue and questions are still coming why she used a private e-mail account to conduct state department business when she was secretary of state. this was against protocol. the state department is new going through 55,000 e-mails that she has turn over. >> attorneys general from several states are teaming up to go of a false claims in the herbal such supplement industry. an investigation in new york found supplements that contain little or no medical herbs listed on the label and others were made up of filler like powdered life or wheat. they demand the manufacturers
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verify how they make the claims and the supplements were sold at target and wal-mart and walgreens and gnc. >> burger kings moves toward healthy kids meals and apple make as flashy debut. good morning everyone details on the apple watch. it will be on sale political 24 starting at $350. >> but it can cost up to $17,000. in are three bake models and pre-orders start april 106789. >> add burger king to those deemphasizing soda announcing this after similar moves by mcdonald's and wendy's. >> the choices police dead for kids now are milk and chocolate milk and apple juice. >> sales slump at mcdonald's are getting them to offer kale at restaurants.
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sales are off 4 percent last month more than expected and it could make mcdonald's seem more healthy and change their image. if you put kale on a double cheeseburger you are negating all the calories and fat. >> nice try. not buying it. >> speaking of mother nature what is she doing weather-wise? creating a lot of fog. we that is all of us below 1,500' and the dense fog advisory made quarter-mile visibility less likely through 10:00 and i will take you to an area that has seen the thickest fog and rohnert park and southwest boulevard and the express way and lancaster drive, all areas including sierra eve all according to live doppler 7 hd are dealing with fog this morning and it is down to the
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golden gate bridge and a difference from year's commute across the golden gate bridge where we had clouds. now the cloud deck is on top of the road deck which is why we will have issues there and a west wind at ten miles per hour. not too gusty. sunshine is limited today. we will still have mild temperatures averaging to above average to many neighborhoods. scatters light showers tomorrow and record warmth this weekend. the temperatures today warmest inland, low-to-mid 70s east bay and the south bay and mid-to-upper 60s around the bayshore to san francisco and into the north bay valley and 56 at bodega bay to 59 at half moon bay to 66 in santa cruz cooler than yesterday. as far as tonight we are looking at low-to-mid 50s and not much in the way of radar returns but mild when you
5:20 am
step outside. we have two areas of high pressure. they have produced a very dry layer if the lower levels of the atmosphere. when the fog mixes it is not going to moisten the layer much. that is tomorrow. today we are going to be mild and gray by the end of the day and the dry layer will undercut the chance of rain. we we as we head through today the high and mid-level clouds increase and that will slow the fog and it will be slower to get rid of than yesterday. overnight you will see a few radar runs and that is it because we have the dry of tomorrow it will moisten but the america is gone and so is the chance of scattered showers. tomorrow it will be in the low-to-mid 60s but check out the 70s to nearly 80 degrees friday through monday. leyla?
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>> we have a sig-alert in sonoma highway 12 because of an accident involving an overturned vehicle. right new the san mateo bridge is soupy away from hayward to foster city and no slower conditions but you want to use caution driving through the thick fog. in the east bay along 580 out of tracy to dublin you are on the breaks away from tracy boulevard at 19 miles per hour along 205. at 580 it jumps up conditions at 36 miles per hour. until 11 o'clock we have construction blocking eastbound 580 between greenville road and north flynn road. the south bay commute is ahead. >> straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day.
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83% try to eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. if you are headed out the door here are seven things to know, in san jose police are on the scene of a shooting after a man was shot three times. the victim was take were to the hospital. our reporter matt keller is gathering new details at scene and will have the latest in a few minutes. students if hayward have been warned of a schoolmate diagnosed with tuberculosis. the identity of the student is a secret so other students do not know if they are exposed. tuberculosis is a contagious airborne bacteria damaging the lungs. 49ers full back bruce miller was arrested by police on
5:25 am
suspicion of spousal battery. he was engaged in august and police have not said what exactly happened. our reporter will have pore on this at to which the hour. >> authorities in southern california are working to reunite a one-year-old boy with his mother after an amber alert to fine him was canceled. the father whose picture you are look at was trying to cross into mexico with him. he stabbed his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend before taking off. >> the iditerrod is underway and 78 began the thousand mile trek yesterday which was moved north because of a lack of smooth but competitors say they are just happy it wasn't canceled altogether. six, too much moisture if the lowest levels of the atmosphere creating thick fog across most of our neighbors and it will be this way through 10:00. i will tell you if it translates to showers tonight and tomorrow.
5:26 am
>> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the traffic thickening like the fog as it go overseas the east bay and the bay bridge and the traffic is gumming up but go have a couple of problems with a sig-alert in sonoma with more details ahead. this morning the bachelor is no longer a single man after getting engaged to his soul mate on the hit show. chris said whitney is "the one." he bond the question on the finale of "the bachelor," and asked the fertility nurse to marry him. she sobbed and said "absolutely." the runner runner-up and farm agreed she wasn't ready to make a lasting commitment. the two have not firmed up wedding plans but she is moving to his hometown of arlington iowa. rescue crews in southern california had to bring out the jaws life to rescue a stuck dog
5:27 am
stuck if an elementary school in san diego expect three was trapped between two huge metal storage containers. the 12-year-old could not move so his owners called 9-1-1. the jaws of life cut people out of mangled cars are smash buildings but to time they got spike's owner enough wiggle room to get the scared dog out. >> stay tuned. presidio slow down what had traffic coming to a crawl over might and will there be an impact on the morning commute? >> we know fog has an impact this morning. this is the embarcadero in san francisco. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:29. thanks for starting your day with us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas alongside leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco is were watching the weather. >> watching the fog. it is nation a few spots. all of us below 1,500 feet are under a dense fog advisory with quarter-mile visibility or less through the commute until 10:00 and the thick of the fog is san rafael. you can see the headlights southbound 101. we could see some sun at noon going from low to high clouds and upper 50s along the coast and mid-to-upper 50s along the bay and low 70s at 4:00 east bay and clouds and dry and mid-50s to mid-60. >> no high beams right?
5:31 am
>> no high people -- >> and now a look at san jose beyond foggy. use the low beams. give yourself plenty of room. we have a sig-alert in sonoma possibly pause of fog. >> police are at a home in san jose after a man was shot three times this morning. our reporter matt keller is gathering new information on the scene. matt? >> kristen, this was a shoot that took place at 3:40 this morning right in front of this home of the victim who is described as 22-year-old the he has three gun wounds: the face, the abdomen and heart.
5:32 am
he and his friends were drinking outside, a car pulled up two people got out, an argument took place and shots were fire. >> the victim and the friends were on a bench in front of the apartment complex. after the shooting, i am not sure how the victim may have been moved but he may have been moved or staggered away from the bench area few of the bench. the shooters were wearing all black and hats driving a silver sedan one of several shootings in san jose most recently last night and anotherring a burger king at white. homicide detectives are speaking with the suspects taken into custody after a high speed chase from san jose to pleasanton so the homicide detectives are on stand by and the victim in this case is currently in surgery.
5:33 am
new video from overnight of roadway flooding along doyle drive in san francisco with cars moving carefully through deep puddles after a leak sprang part of the park presidio remodeling project. clears worked to clear the standing water and do not expect any impact. >> anxiety is high on campus after a student became infected with tuberculosis. authorities cannot release the student moves name because of medical privacy laws. no one knows for sure if they have been exposed. the hayward school district sent a letter with the students saying a student tested positive for t.b. and could have infected others. >> students are nervous. >> they say if you have classes with the person would contracted it necessity will we tell you if that student is in the class and give you a free blood test. >> the health department is trying to figure out the infected student's class schedule so it can five the students who are in close
5:34 am
contact. >> new details in the search of a novato home overnight marin county sheriff deputies and the bomb squad rapped up the -- wrapped up the search. neighbors heard loud explosions yesterday. no word on what was found. this is the home why 90 explosive devices and bomb make materials were found last month. the 43-year-old was arrested february 13 after police pulled her over and find four more explosive devices. she is scheduled to be arraigned for the charges this morning in marin county superior court. >> new details on a shooting at oakland's highland hospital. the city shotspotter reported 25 to 30 shots at 8:00 last night near the hospital ambulance bay on east 31st street. no one was hurt. police reported seeing a dodge leaning the -- leaving after the shooting. the car was stopped and it was determined the people were not
5:35 am
suspects. they were either the intended victims or trying to get away from the gun fire. >> the san francisco 49ers are in the spotlight after the arrest of a team member bruce miller on thursday on suspicion of spousal battery. he has been with the team for four seasons and was engaged in august. police have not said what happened. miller is the 11th player arrested since 2012. the organization is is aware of the matter and are disappointed to learn of the charges. abc7 will have more on the arrest and big chains coming to the 49ers today at the top of the hour. members of a disgraced fraternity deny claims of a pattern of racist behavior. the national sigma alpha epsilon organization released a statement denying the racist
5:36 am
chant seen in votes from the university of oklahoma was a tradition. last night the student paper released a 2013 video showing the chapter house member rapping the "n," word and laughing. she denied it. the members of moved out of the house after the ou chapter was closed. >> madison, wisconsin is being victim i'd by a cyber attack affecting computers used by law enormousment. an unarm black teen was slot and killed open friday night by a white police officer. it led to a huge peaceful rally at the capital. the police chief apologized to the family of tony robinson and is promising a transparent investigation. attacks have hit other cities where unarmed blackmen have been shot and killed. >> officials say a protected fish could be put at risk if
5:37 am
caltran detonates a pier on the old span of the bay bridge, with the smelt swimming in the bay waters in november which was said to be the best because there would be fewer fish at span. fish and wildlife said 2,000 smelt could be at risk. they are struggling because of the drought. caltran and the environmental regulators are discussing ways to reduce the impact of a detonation. >> sold the santa clara water district board is holding the first public discussion on a possible rate hike because of the drought. the 31.5 percent rate increase is over three times higher than last year. the rate hike would generate $42 million for moving water from sawyers outside the county. some wonder why the water district cannot dip into the $557 million reserves. >> the board will consider the federal reserves the organization has.
5:38 am
many of those are in place for very catastrophic emergencies such as an earthquake. the consumption is less now so they want to charge you more? like refinery. they change you more although oil is plummeting. another way of taking the people's money away to pay for other things. >> final decision is expected in may. today, 5000 people are coming together in san francisco for huge event to empower women. the business women of california conference is underway at the mascone center. crews have been setting up. the conference is 26 years old. attend yankees have been then to call it life changing and some consider it a chance to meet mentors. the founder is jackie speier who started it because women needed a place to net working. we are a proud sponsor. stop by our booth and say hole
5:39 am
low. the key note speaker is an acclaim author and cheryl jennings is the conference host. i will enthere with leyla gulen and amy hollyfield. cheryl is the host. great even. we are happy and inspired. now the weather. mike? we will look at what is going on inland east bay we are 35 in danville and san ramon and dublin and walnut creek. most of us in the upper 40s until pittsburg and antioch at 51. there is mild air above our fog and cooler conditions this morning. we have low 50s from the financial district to cupertino at 52 and around alameda at 52 to north bay the cool spot at novato at 42. one of the few non-foggy spots
5:40 am
looking at walnut creek south along 680 and it is foggy to the north and concord and if now starting to move into the san ramon valley. by the afternoon hours the clouds will take over all neighborhoods at 66 to 75. 66 in the mortage bay and 75 under land east bay and 57 to 59 along the coast and 63 to 75 around the bay. can you fought see the top of the buildings in downtown san francisco because of the fog, low-to-mid 60 tomorrow and a run at record high temperatures and i will show thank you in a timeframe. >> if you are not comfortable driving in the fog you can take bart with 44 trains running on time and capital corridor system-wise delays because of a possible trespasser indepth between sacramento and david so expect those delays to persist and i will tell you when it loosens up. ace train one and three is a
5:41 am
minute late each. we will look at other parts of the bay area starting with the south bay we have clear conditions except for 101 and the nimitz and the 280 freeway is looking clear and continues along the perches that at 68 miles per hour headed into woodside and 101 not finding problems there and to the north 101 and 280 is accident free but not accident free is where we have the foggy conditions at sonoma northbound and southbound highway 12 a sig-alert shutting down both sides of the road because of an overturned injur accident. >> a huge day of action planned by bay area city beatens -- area tibetans and their supporters. >> and the san francisco skyline is obscured by the fog so be careful as you drive to work
5:42 am
this morning because this is
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5:45 am
house minority leader pelosi will speak at 10:00 a.m. to supporters at city hall and will march from sick center to the chinese cobs lat holding a roast rally marching to the plaza for 5:00 p.m. vigil. the movement has been protesting the day in 1959 when the chinese moved in on tibet and forces dalai lama into exile. tone, officials in san pablo try and prevent the closure of doctors hospital. the city is negotiating with the west contra costa h care district on a rally deal that could use enough cash to keep the medical center open. our media partners at the "contra costa times" say it could secure $1.5 million going to next week's pay recall for staff. last month san pablo offered to buy most doctor's campus in an attempt to keep the hospital open. city council will discuss the plan tonight. the city of palo alto is
5:46 am
trying to figure how to save a mobile home park in danger of closing. the buena vista mobile home park is located in the area and the only one. hundreds packed palo alto city council urging support for 400 residents facing eviction. the property owner will sell and if residents are kicked out they can barely survive. $8 million has been set aside for the buena vista mobile home park and the city council could do the same. >> could be purchase. a lease. non-protest. we do not know the final answer for buena vista mobile home park. >> in spot an official approved the plan to comment residents with would be displaced. the decision was appealed by residents. the city council will meet next month to hear bothsides and oval wait the relocation plan again. the san francisco port hold a closed door meeting to discuss three possible sites to be the home of the alcatraz ferry.
5:47 am
the park service is roping moving -- is proposing moving from embarcadero to fort mason. to there is no agreement on the 50 year lease the supervisor believes fort mason cannot accommodate the increase in traffic and would hurt businesses along the wharf that depend on the ferry for customers. the other options are keeping the ferry where it and on the embarcadero or moving back to pier 41 where it was based until 2006. the current lease expires next year. a public meeting is held on march 31. now a check on the forecast. we saw low clouds and fog. >> you could not see alcatraz. the fog is taking over all of our neighborhoods below 1on' with dense fog advisory until 10:00 so visibility is less than quarter of a mile. right now, half moon bay in santa rosa and petaluma and
5:48 am
novato and three-quarters in half moon bay to 1.5 mile moving around hayward. i were at a quarter-mile and now you have quarter-mile at concord at 242 and 680 and 4 all covered in fog this morning. watch out. willow pass road, concord avenue, many of those areas very foggy. we have clouds all over san jose. just not so foggy at 280 and 17. limited sunshine. but, still mild temperatures today. we have scattered light showers tomorrow. nearly record warmth this weekend. we will start at the coast, 66 at santa cruz and 59 at what half and 58 bodega bay and upper 60's to low 70s for everyone else and a few areas with no fog
5:49 am
this morning such as antioch and livermore and san jose and morgan hill could get to 73 to 74. tonight, mostly clouds. a lot of dry air under this next system. tonight, sprinkles are possible. a light shower. mostly dry and low-to-mid 50s tomorrow morning. the two areas of high pressure are stubborn today. it will push high and mid-level clouds over the dome of dry air and it will be moist enough that tomorrow we could get a few showers to reach the ground. today, transitioning from low clouds to mid-to-upper cloud by afternoon so during the transition, maybe a little bit of sunshine and a great day today. did you see a few sprinkles just not a last moisture because of that dry layer and by action tomorrow we are seeing it break up in the cloud cover. we can go great nothing to .15".
5:50 am
tomorrow, low-to-mid 60s. by the weekend, 70s at the coast and nearly 80 for the rest of us. capitol corridor has a system-wide delay between sacramento and davis because of police activity. more details in a bit. it is murky at the bay bridge. the metering lights have been turned on so if you are driving into the vapor into treasure island and toward san francisco we have a 10-minute wait. heading up to antioch we have delays along highway 4 at 17 miles per hour approaching amount street. we have construction more of an inspection rather than construction for antioch through thursday, monday through thursday of next week starting at 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. and one way traffic control in affect.
5:51 am
from antioch to concord at 14 minutes and 101 is clear in the north bay. thank you stanford is the top business school in the country and the third best law school and cal is not so shabby curing to analysis by united states news for business schools stanford is number one and then harvard and university of person at wharton. berkeley is in 8th tied with university of virginia and duke. >> pretty good for a public university. >> that someone attended. not me. >> go bears. >> the push increase healthy drinks and a plan to slap warning labels on soda ads. >> firefighters spring into action to rescue a toddler
5:52 am
trapped in an apartment building. >> infant formula targeted. stay tuned. ?e
5:53 am
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it's the thought that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx. give them brands they'll love, at prices that help you be generous. make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life! welcome back. a toddler is safe after firefighters rescued the child from a burning building. flames are coming from an apartment complex in los angeles. firefighters used a ladder to get to the second floor window and rescue the girl, the toddler. the mother handed the child to a
5:55 am
firefighter. another little girl was still inside. firefighters went back up and rescued her, as well. the children's mother escaped through the window. they all required medical attention because they are all expected to be okay. >> now a check on the weather forecast. mike? watching sfo this morning there are no arrival delays but it could change because of the low cloud deck and fog. tree pollen is the main pollen again although grass and mold are coming up. they are still low. 64 in monterey. 78 in los angeles. 90 in palm springs and record high is 60 if lake tahoe. we were close yesterday, 62 was a degree short in lake tahoe of a record. sun returns on thursday and the near record high temperatures in lake tahoe through the weekend. in san mateo bridge it is foggy down the peninsula and over the bay waters as you come out of hayward to the peninsula but it is not affecting the
5:56 am
commute yet. you are still running at top speeds but make certain to use the low beams and give yourself plenty of space. we have if news here with a sig-alert canceled opening both sides of highway 12. it was shut down a little while ago so if you see traffic arnold drive is a go alternate but it will dissipate. it is early. san francisco supervise is proposing new legislation to require warning labels on advertising for soda and other sugar drivens saying it is important for warn residents of the dangers of soda as for alcohol and done to be. it included billboards and buses and sports stadium ads. the label will said drinking these benches contributes to obesity and diabetes and tooth decay. the industry fought hard against a state proposal that failed
5:57 am
last year. plans for a new nfl stadium in southern california are side lined. the reason a developer and no longer moving ahead with the plans in los angeles. >> snack healthy, "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" to taste test new chips that are not made with potatoes. a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can keep tabs on weather and through through the
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a shooting in san jose is under investigation right now. police are still at the scene. coming up what we know of victim and the search for the gunman. a team with players in trouble of the another player from the 49ers just arrested. the tables are set.
6:00 am
in a few hours thousands gather to hear from inspirational women of all walks of life at the professional business california. >> guess who going to the conference after the newscast? >> women or the men? it is a tough question. >> until be men. leyla gulen will be here and mike is were watching the forecast. >> we have anything fog. that is the big story. live doppler hd is showing where the dense fog advisory is and below 1,500' even the ferry ride is foggy. visibility is less than quarter-mile through 10:00 and from the camera we will put that behind our 12 hour day planner and show you we are off at 44 to 52 and by noon sunshine as we transition from low clouds to middle and high level clouds and 58 to 66 and


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