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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making n making news in america this morning, a rally in ferguson, missouri turning violent overnight. two police officers shot. new details just in on their condition. plus, the hunt for a gunman. more misconduct. another black eye for the secret service. this time two agents allegedly drunk crashing into the white house barrier. why were they not arrested? found alive. two women making their way out of the woods after 24 hours. how they were discovered and the emotional reunion with family. and golfing gator, a giant predator taking a stroll across the green. the pictures going viral this morning. and good thursday morning to you all. we have this breaking news out
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of ferguson, missouri two police officers shot overnight outside police headquarters. >> it happened at a demonstration with dozens of protesters celebrating the police chief's resignation and calling for more dismissals. those two officers both wounded seriously were not from ferguson. abc's bazi kanani has the latest. >> reporter: protesters and journalists in ferguson say they were packing up and clearing out when suddenly at midnight gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> we saw the muzzle fire from the gun atop the street so we all just ducked down and once we ducked down we saw the cop was shot right next to us. >> reporter: the bullets hitting two officers from neighboring police departments, a st. louis county officer struck in the shoulder, a webster groves officer shot in the face. they were there to help keep watch over the protesters gathered outside the ferguson police station after the resignation wednesday of police chief tom jackson. he is the sixth city employee to resign or be fired since the release last week of a scathing
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justice department report finding widespread racial bias in the city and police department. ferguson first erupted into protests becoming violent at times after the fatal shooting in august of unarmed black 18-year-old michael brown by a white officer, darren wilson. police say this morning at least three shots were fired from north of the police department. >> these police officers were standing there, and they were shot just because they were police officers. >> reporter: the gunman still on the loose and dozens of witnesses shaken. >> bullets were really right past my head. it was kind of traumatic. i'm still kind of in shock because of it. >> that's abc's bazi kanani, thanks so much. now, joining us live over the phone is our abc producer, mary moore. mary, good morning to you. can you tell us exactly what you're seeing right now? >> good morning.
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i'm looking at the police tape, and we have different municipalities parked in front of the ferguson police department, and then there's also -- it looks like they're still looking for someone so, you know, they're armed and walking around. >> as you mentioned, these officers from different municipalities, and we heard about two officers shot and, sure enough, they're not from the ferguson police department. what do we know about their conditions at this point? >> haven't really heard mig about their conditions. i mean, i tried asking questions but, you know, they were identified as having the brown uniforms, so that's typically st. louis county officers. >> mary, what is your sense right now? officials for a very long time have been worried about things escalating yet again. do you get that sense this could sort of set things off again? >> definitely. i felt like that was going to happen after the press conference earlier, you know, we came outside the press conference, and there was kind of a problem with some darren wilson protesters that showed up because they were, you know, not in favor of chief jackson, you know, stepping down, so all night, you know, there's kind of been a tension in the air.
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>> okay. abc producer mary moore, mary, thank you so much. >> we are getting new video now just in from that scene. >> you can see, take a look. investigators going over evidence from the shooting. it appears to be the officer's helmet on the ground. this video taken just minutes ago. that's a grassy area across the street from the ferguson police department. >> and, of course, as soon as news broke of the shooting pictures started popping up immediately on social media. >> many of the images on twitter showed protesters standing toe-to-toe with police officers. others with their guns drawn. >> we're keeping a close eye on the story. again, the breaking news overnight. two police officers shot in ferguson, missouri, during a protest there. you can stay with abc news for the very latest on the officers shot. another update later on "america this morning" and, of course, we'll have another roundup for you on "good morning america." and there's a new scandal hitting the secret service. two agents now under investigation facing allegations they were driving drunk in a government vehicle. >> yeah, one of them reportedly
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was a top member of the detail that protects the president. and at first it seemed they were going to get away with it. abc's andy field with more. >> reporter: the latest embarrassment for the embattled secret service, two agents allegedly drove into a barricade at the white house. according to "the washington post," they were drunk in a government vehicle after attending a retirement party for a fellow secret service agent. officers on duty wanted to arrest them but a supervisor let them go home. the incident comes as a brand-new director leads the secret service. >> i think when you fail, and we have failed, we own it. now it's up to us to correct it. >> reporter: strong words just weeks ago from director joseph clancy, whose agency is on major damage control. before this incident, there was the prostitution investigation into more than a dozen agents in colombia in 2012. agents drunk on presidential detail in amsterdam in 2014, and just months after that, perhaps the most embarrassing, a man who scaled the white house fence making it to a stairway leading
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to the first family's living quarters. >> the president, the first family, the white house are going to be secure. >> reporter: the white house will only say that president obama has been informed of the allegations. clancy says the secret service inspector general will investigate the two agents accused of driving drunk in a government car. andy field, abc news, washington. for the first time we are hearing from the university of oklahoma now closed sigma alpha epsilon chapter about that racist chanting video. the chapter's board of trustees and alumni say a, quote, horrible cancer entered the house several years ago and was not immediately stopped when it should have been. their statement also asks for forgiveness. yesterday a small group of protesters made their way through the dallas neighborhood where the family of one of the young men seen in that video lives. >> the world needs to know where he comes from. it's not ou. he comes from here. he was raised here. he went to school here in the dfw community. >> that was outside of the house parker rice's family.
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not known if the family was actually there at the time of the protest. meanwhile, ou's president says he's creating a new executive position responsible for overseeing campus diversity programs. a candlelight vigil was held last night in the florida panhandle to mourn the 11 service members killed in a helicopter accident. hundreds gathered near the beach where debris was found and the black hawk crashed into the gulf of mexico during a nighttime training mission. intense fog four of the victims were national guardsmen from louisiana. the others that died were marines based at camp lejeune in north carolina. prosecutors at the boston marathon bombing trial asked jurors to focus on the death of an mit police officer. shane collier was killed three days after the bomb blast. this video allegedly shows dzhokhar tsarnaev and his now deceased brother tamerlan on mit's campus. they approached collier's car from behind killing him in order to steal his gun. just hours earlier, the fbi showed images saying the brothers were suspects in the marathon attack.
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time for us to turn to weather across the nation. there will be heavy rain in the deep south today. up into the ohio valley there could be flash flooding but dry in the east and west coast, expect snow showers in the rockies. >> a bit cooler in the northeast today with just a high of 48 in new york. minneapolis will hit 64. 66 in memphis and atlanta despite the rain and the upper 80s for the southwest. well, still ahead, getting drunk off powder. the new product about to hit the market. also, more on that breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. two police officers shot overnight during a rally. more information continues to come in to us. and later, a tearful reunion. looking tired and dirty but alive, two women safe after spending 24 hours in the wilderness.
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so carrying booze with you is about to get much easier. for the first time the treasury department has approved a powdered alcohol product. its maker says palcohol will go on sale this summer but individual states regulate alcohol seas and some have moved to block sales of powdered liquor. the varieties of palcohol planned are vodka, rum and several cocktails. >> well all right. the most popular way to spend a tax refund is to pay down debts but two new polls differ on how many of us are going to use it that way. a new survey says more than a third will use the money to pay down debt but another survey says two-thirds plan to use their refunds to pay off debt. very few plan to blow the refunds on something fun. the average refund last year was more than $3,000. apple says it's fixed a rare
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breakdown of its itunes in its apple store. it lasted for more than five hours and the company apologizing blaming it all on what it calls an internal error that bogged down its stores. apple lost out on some of its most profitable services. apple shares dropped nearly 2% yesterday. another pair of sneakers said to have been worn by michael jordan about to go up for sale. according to a former l.a. lakers ball boy, this pair red and white pair of nikes worn by jordan in december 1984 the earliest pair of game worn jordan sneakers to ever hit the market. they could go for more than 50 grand, experts say. >> how do you prove his foot was in it. >> i think a signature would be enough for me. >> yeah? >> i'd prefer a more sanitized version. when we come back new details on the attempted kidnapping caught on camera. who the person is under arrest. no stitch no surgery. could this be the new easy fix for the dreaded double chin.
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take a look at roads now. they should be fine in the detroit area this morning. look for problems in the deep south up into the ohio valley with wet roads and possible flooding. snow in the rockies. everywhere else it's a good day to put the top down and crank up that radio. >> right. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in new orleans and memphis. well, we're going to turn back to that breaking story overnight. two police officers shot in ferguson, missouri. this happened at a rally celebrating the police chief's resignation. the latest top city official losing his job after harsh criticism from the justice department. one officer was from a nearby town. he was shot in the face, and a county police officer was hit in the shoulder. both expected to survive despite their serious injuries. the county police chief says the officers were targeted. >> this is a very, very, very
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dangerous environment for the officers to work in regarding the amount of gunfire that we have experienced up there. now, this evening, the only shots that we were aware of were the shots that were taken from across the street. in other words, these police officers were standing there and they were shot just because they were police officers. >> at least three shots were fired. no one has been arrested and police do not have a description of the shooter. more details as we get them. a teenager in washington state has been arrested in that attempted kidnapping of a child caught on camera. police say this video helped them track down the suspect. they say the 15-year-old lives in the same small town where the attempted kidnapping took place. because of his age, police are not identifying the boy by name. and in southern california, emotional reunions for two young women who were missing in the wilderness. they had gone hiking, but when they didn't return, their families called authorities. in all they were missing for about a day. but they're safe now.
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one of their fathers was the one who found them. they were tired with some scratches but otherwise okay. all right, getting rid of your double chin may soon be as easy as a visit to the dermatologist. the fda is close to approving an injection which actually destroys the fat under the chin. previous options were surgery or liposuction. >> options at the moment for some fat is cut it out or suck it out, however, this is going to be noninvasive in the office, a procedure that can be performed by your dermatologist and excellent results. >> some of us might prefer to keep our double chins. dermatologists have been testing the shot for years. it's a version of a naturally occurring chemical already present in your body. it produces part of the digestive process to break down fat. >> that was a heck of a sound bite. you can cut it out or suck it out. oh. geez. >> how about sports highlights. >> let's do that please. let's turn to our guys at espn. save us. good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los
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angeles. along with neil everett, i'm stan verrett. nba action fantastic. >> that's a great slogan. >> yeah. >> the league should adopt that. >> they did a few years ago. >> warriors, fantastic at home. they hardly ever lose. steph curry only had nine points, slacker, had 11 assists, though, that was a beautiful one to leandro barbosa. klay thompson. michael smiling. warrior, thompson 27, 11 and 19 shots. this golden state club they'll shoot you up. drummond, 27. clippers and thunder. thunder went seven straight at home. third quarter, clippers up ten, chris paul. stops and pops, watch as serge ibaka go right by him. you see, he has that hard dribble. he's able to corral it. he had 33 points and 9 assists, really outplayed russell
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westbrook tough night at the office. says it right there. tough night for him. gets fouled. falls on the ball, gets whacked in the face. and as you can see he's already been whacked in the face. and that's why he's wearing the mask. later got a technical. he also got another triple-double. wanted he wanted no part of with the turnovers. clippers win it 120-108. >> my tie has beer glasses on it. i don't know if you can see that at home. >> that may be a rules violation. >> maui brewery. >> back to you. >> we appreciate the detail, fellas. pretty soon they will be showing us baseball highlights but for now this baseball highlight is going to have to do you. >> yep. there you go. it's coming. oh, sorry, dad. >> oh. >> that little slug erger clearly not meaning to hit that line drive right back at father. we know getting videos these days are important, but, come on, daddy. do you have to do it while he's pitching?
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>> the best part of that the kid says sorry, dad, the cutest thing you've ever heard we're told. up next "the pulse." wrapped in controversy, why a simple picture looks adorable, right, wrapped in an american flag is causing quite a stir. plus, talk about hazard. the giant surprise some golfers got on the green. claritin-d presents two allergy sufferers. one had allergies with nasal congestion so he tried the newest allergy spray, which could take several days to feel the full effect of relief. the other went straight to the pharmacy counter for the fast, powerful relief of claritin-d. it's tough on allergies with nasal congestion and starts to work in just 30 minutes. the moral? nothing works faster than claritin-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. and live claritin clear. my trainer didn't believe me that trop50 could taste so good and still have 50% less calories. can i stop, jane? no. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually
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..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios. ♪ ♪ all right, let's do it. let's check "the pulse" now, stories you'll be talking about today. one of them an online firestorm over a military baby's wildly viral photo shoot. some calling this pic adorable. others say it's unpatriotic. >> the newborn named landon wrapped in the american flag carried by his father in his navy uniform. mom is a vet and so is the photographer. she says the facebook page is slamming her for violating the u.s. flag code. >> very specific about what they say you're supposed to do and not do with the flag and say
4:23 am
this is a violation no matter how adorable it is. don't use the flag that way. well, going to turn to barbie. kids you need to be careful what you tell your barbie doll because she's a tattletale. the wi-fi barbie has voice recognition software to respond to the children playing with it. >> but it also records conversations, sending them to a cloud server. that gives the toymaker and others the ability to listen in on the secrets a child confides in her doll. but ma sell says quote, they're committed to safety and security. >> yeah, the doll is scheduled to go on sale sometime this fall. >> i think it's kind of cute. >> kinda until -- okay, boy, i can't keep talking about barbie with this picture behind me. what's going on back here? >> steve carell, now an oscar nominated megastar but in the early '90s he was doing improv comedy at second city playing fabio in a video that's now going viral. >> sketch comedy released a clip of steve carell portraying the italian fashion model back in 1994.
4:24 am
carell was 34 years old at the time. >> oh, it was just a wig. some flexing of the pectorals. plays a pretty good fabio. >> i am fabio. [ laughter ] and i would like to make special lady tonight -- >> it is impressive. >> it is impressive. check this out, though. there's a guy sitting in the front. he had a hat on. you couldn't see him. the guy that was actually providing the fabio voice was a young stephen colbert. >> no? really? you have to rerack the tape. some large gators making quite a scene at one golf course where, where else, in the sunshine state. >> your home state. this is how you roll down there. some of the monsters, if you will, roaming the green, 13 feet long, the course on florida's gulf coast surrounded by swamp land is which is where gators hang out. >> the rules actually say golfers aren't allowed to harass or feed the gators. of course, been there 40 years, no one has been injured yet by a gator. >> we have to say yet. well, for some of you, your
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with sue and drew here with the weather forecast. >> good morning, guys. patchy fog. nothing widespread. live doppler hd shows no precipitation but on the visibility map you notice petaluma specifically do quarter-mile visibility and santa rosa to 2.5 miles visibility. we are clear to go with temperatures for the low 60 and mid-70s. enjoy the warm weather. >> we will. >> what is going on? so far, so good.
4:29 am
we have road work and an accident. early road work san mateo bridge the crews are picking it up and lanes are re-opened southbound and northbound and golden gate bridge is clear with road work off the golden gate bridge with the tunnel. an accident in san jose the transition to 80 southbound 87 in one lane. the truck is en route. >> law enforcement officers are in action in the sunnyvale area searching for a carjacking suspect who led officers on a case before disappearing. matt keller is at the scene. what is going on matt? >> this is where the car chase ended and the foot chase began. there are several law enforcement agencies including sunnyvale and santa clara and the sheriff and police department starting at tully road at east san jose near the santa clara fair grounds a man was carjacked by to men. they used a gun. police were able to track the car and found it in san jose and
4:30 am
that is when a chase ensued from 280 to 8 a and ended up in sunnyvale adjacent to highway 85. they ran into a deadend and that when they jumped out and ran into a waters' way that runs parallel to 85 and into a culvert. a handgun was found. the lieutenant with san jose police department joins us. where do you believe the suspects are? >> they my be either in the culvert or densely brush creek area. >> how are you trying to get to them? we heard reports of manhole covers being removed. >> we think they could be in a piping culvert system so we are trying to find a safe way to fine the suspect or get them to surrender. >> this is a huge perimeter. if you drive in this area on 8 a of los altos or sunny side you will find law enforcement vehicle


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