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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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for allover us we appreciate your time, we breaking news this friday night. authorities in ferguson coming before cameras. new clues, the widening manhunt after two police officers are ambushed. and the mayor says i'm not going anywhere. and the landslide caught on camera. >> the power lines! >> families racing from their homes. millions bracing for flooding this weekend. and the american automaker and the major settlement. after faulty inignition switches send cars out of control. our abc news investigation. your money. are iraqi forces paid for by americans using the same brutal techniques as isis? the head of the cia tonight with stern reaction after our report. iron man and the little man
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joining forces to name our persons of the week. good evening. we begin this friday night with the breaking news from missouri. the st. louis county police chief talking to reporters moments ago. revealing they have several leads after two police officers were ambushed. happening this week after the police chief resigned. that peaceful protest that suddenly took a turn. gunfire erupting. protesters and police running for cover. hiding behind the brick wall there. and when it was all over, that image of one of the officers down. tonight, authorities do not know if they're dealing with one shooter or if they're dealing with more. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: a pouring over the
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images saying they have leads. >> i think we have a good idea on the investigation. >> reporter: authorities trying to track down the gunmen that shot two police officers. >> detectives are working around the clock. they will not rest until we get to the point where we have a conclusion. >> reporter: thursday, investigators scouring this home tearing apart the roof, but so far no arrests. >> got an officer down, officer down, shots fired at their station. >> reporter: the image, police tending to two of their own at the scene. others scrambling for wherever they can get it. this is that brick wall where officers were taking cover. everyone hit the ground around here and investigators believe those gunshots, were coming from across the street, up the hill, as you can see, several hundred feet away. ferguson, a tinderbox since that police shooting here last august that killed michael brown, the memorial still standing, scars from months of protests everywhere. the mayor telling npr late today
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he has no plans to resign. but thursday night, much calmer. a prayer vigil for peace. tonight, investigators saying they're busy following up on dozens of credible leads that have been called in. >> alex, thank you. now to the developing headline out of oklahoma. the fraternity brothers with the racist chant. two students expelled. tonight, the outrage is growing. some members of the fraternity, told to be out by midnight earlier this week. they've now hired a high-profile lawyer. they want their rights protected. ryan owens in oklahoma. >> reporter: their greek letters stripped off the frat house. their members forced to move out. tonight, the brothers of ou's sigma alpha epsilon say enough is enough. they've hired prominent defense attorney stephen jones, best known for defending oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh.
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>> every 19-year-old male is entitled to five minutes of foolishness. i think that might in these circumstances have been a good guideline. >> reporter: the university and its president david boren. >> i think it's time for us across america to step up and show zero tolerance for racism. >> reporter: -- have been widely applauded for their quick action to shut down the chapter and expel the two frat brothers seen leading the racist chat. but some fraternity brothers feel it's not fair to punish an entire organization based on a nine-second video of a few freshmen. jones agrees the students actions were inexcusable but says their rights should be protected. >> this is likely a pre-emptive strike. by other members of the fraternity. what they're essentially saying is be careful here if you're thinking about going after any other students.
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>> reporter: tonight, the national chapter saying it had nothing to do with the decision to hire an attorney. david? >> ryan, thanks. and we move on to the punishing rains now, dangerous landslides already. 30 million americans under flood watches. 13 states from arkansas to new york. the saturated earth giving way. in the west virginia charleston here. >> oh my good. >> screams as the earth starts to cave. the power lines going down in front of them. and just feet from the runway at a major airport. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight in charleston, west virginia, a rush to clear debris, the governor surveying the scene after these frightening moments. a huge landslide, sending onlookers running for c
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>> the power lines! >> it was like the ground cracked and it all came down. >> reporter: take a look from above. the whole side of a mountain sheared off right next to an airport runway, planes still landing above the slide. tonight, the airport on emergency power. the destruction below, this church, damaged beyond repair. 25 families beneath that cliff out of their homes tonight. this creek blocked by the slide causing the valley to flood. heavy equipment scrambling to clear a path for the water. >> we've got every available resource down here and terrain is obviously difficult to work in. >> reporter: swollen rivers in ohio sending ice floes downstream. record rains are swamping streets in shreveport, louisiana. causing this wall to come down luckily, no injuries. and in
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slide. >> rob is with us now. >> the storm system has grown in intensity and size. you see the swirl? still tapping moisture from the gulf of mexico. flood watches out from arkansas to western new york. let's time it out and watch this, driving the rain across the ohio and tennessee valleys, into parts of pennsylvania and the virginias. heavier rain in new york and boston. some of it will start as sleet and freezing rain early. but will change to all rain. and on the backside, will become snow. they'd love this rain out west. record heat today in the west, and into the 90s across southern california. this is expected to last through sunday. >> rob, thank you. and now to another travel nightmare this evening for families headed to costa rica. extraordinary images of a volcano spewing ash. flights diverted forced to turn back. ash reaching 30 miles away. the biggest eruption in 20 years. and news about the faulty
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ignition switches from g.m. drivers losing control of their cars. tonight, the automaker agreeing to settle in the case of a young woman that started it all. rebecca jarvis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, word of a settlement in the case that exposed a deadly defect in gm ignition switches. leading to 2.6 million recalls. 29-year-old brooke melton died in march 2010 after the ignition switch on her 2005 chevy cobalt slipped out of the run position, causing the car to lose control and crash into a creek. her mother telling abc last year -- >> nhtsa knew about it from general motors that there was a car stalling and they didn't make it right. but there were all these opportunities that came up. and she died. and she didn't need to die. >> reporter: it was only after milton's case that investigators began putting all the pieces together, dozens of deadly crashes linked to the same ignition switch. which could shut down the car
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and its safety systems unexpectedly. as early as 2001, some inside of gm found a problem with the ignition switch. >> and there were many other families in this case. what about them? >> gm has paid $172 million to them, and we expect more to come. and we're learning more about the american heroes that died in the black hawk crash. off the florida panhandle. another black hawk turning back just moments before. martha raddatz with the story. >> reporter: today, off the florida coast, salvage efforts began for the helicopter that went down in bad weather. the two black hawks were doing night training when the fog rolled in. the mission was aborted. the first helicopter made it back to base, the second with the four-man army crew and seven marines did not. the shock of this loss, even more profound because of this young marine, staff sergeant andrew seif.
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one week ago today, the 26-year-old stood with his wife dawn, where he was awarded the silver star for combat valor. the marines will mourn all those lost on that helicopter, but also will be celebrating the good things they did as well. this will be a very long celebration. >> just extraordinary talent on board. do we have any idea what caused the crash? >> it will take a investigate. the fog can come up very quickly and can disorient even the best of pilots. >> martha, thank you. we have new reaction tonight after our abc news investigation this week into the battle against isis. known for the brutal videos. the victims in orange jump suits, single file on the beach. now, some iraqi forces, some paid for by u.s. taxpayers,
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accused of being just as brutal. tonight, the head of the cia weighing in. brian ross now. >> reporter: on the eve of what could be a major victory against isis by the iraqi army and militia forces, the director of the cia, john brennan, today said both sides appear to be involved in horrific human rights abuses. >> it's tough sorting out good guys and bad guys in a lot of these areas. >> reporter: brennan was reacting to an abc news report this week which revealed dozens of graphic videos and photos of seeming war crimes, with gunmen carrying u.s. weapons or men who appear to be iraqi security forces or militia fighters. in this scene of torture, american-supplied weapons against the wall in the background. >> i didn't see any of the photos or any of the videos where someone was trying to stop someone from doing something. >> reporter: these men celebrate a beheading, the very forces the u.s. is counting on to stop the atrocities of isis.
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>> when we see it, we do bring it to the attention of authorities and we will not work with entities that are engaged in such activities. >> reporter: the cia director's tough talk comes as the u.s. has sent almost 3,000 american soldiers to help train iraqi army troops, which are being supplied with $1.5 billon of u.s. weapons and equipment for the fight against isis. >> could some of that u.s. aid now be in jeopardy? >> action -- absolutely, and they're looking to see if some good guys have become the bad guys. now, to wisconsin, and the new developments in the trial of the two young girls that attacked their friend leaving her to die. at issue, should they be tried
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as adults? here's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, a wisconsin judge ruling the two will face attempted murder trials. and tonight, it remains in adult court. leading their friend into the woods, stabbing her 19 times, and leaving her for dead. all to please fictional internet character, slender man. the ruling leaving parents in tears. but the victims' parents, speaking exclusively with david muir, say they are focused on their daughter's well-being. >> dough -- do you they they should be charged as adults? >> it's about making sure payton feels she can move on and feels safe, with no fear. >> reporter: just last month, we heard from the girls for the first time. telling investigators about their victim. >> she was my only friend for a long time. >> why would you hurt your only friend? >> it was necessary.
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>> reporter: but now, if convicted in adult court each faces up to 65 years in prison. both of the girls were granted separate dates. they could face a lot less time confinement up to 25 years if convicted in juvenile court. and scientology under fire in a new documentary covering tom cruise, and nicole kidman. the film claiming scientology plotted to split them up. and the church with answers of its own tonight. and the mystery lottery winner. the answer is right there in front of you. he won $1 million, so why can't he get his money? and the contestants that bombed on "jeopardy." what happened? there was just one left and when it was over even alex trebek was shaking his head. don't go away. medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied
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health is everything. next tonight, the new documentary taking on scientology. among the claims in the film, church leaders plotted to split up tom cruise and nicole kidman.
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the church firing back, and here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: "going clear," the new hbo documentary, is a full-frontal assault on the wealthy, controversial, celebrity-studded religion. repeating allegations that david miscavige slapped and punched his underlings. and that scientology operated something called "the hole" where church members were sent for punishment. >> the doors had bars on them, the windows all had bars on them. >> reporter: the film, which airs on march 29th, also says the head of the church was so worried that tom cruise was being pulled from the faith by nicole kidman that they plotted ways to split them up.
5:48 pm
>> the hbo piece is textbook propaganda. >> reporter: scientology is fighting back hard with online videos. >> he presented a one-sided, false diatribe that can scarcely be called journalism. >> reporter: it says the site called "the hole" has a lavish scientology center. >> yes, this is the spot he portrays with ants crawling up a wall. >> reporter: the church attacks critics as misfits, admitted liars and professional anti-scientologists. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> dan, thank you. when we come back is pope francis already plotting his exit? this man has won $1 million. just one major problem. and you've seen mean tweets on "jimmy kimmel". but did you see what the president had to read? come on back. kimmel". but did you see what the president had to read? when we come back.
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four or five years, maybe two or three. adding the thing he misses the most being able to get a slice of pizza without being recognized. and this man, coming forward that he's lost his lottery ticket. prize. it's too late to claim the prize. and alex trebek saying it wasn't one of the greatest days on "jeopardy". and president obama on "jimmy kimmel live". >> is there me any way we could fly obama to a golf course around the world and just leave him there? >> a good sport. and when we come back, iron man is helping out with our person of the week, and you do not want to miss this. person of the week, and you do not want to miss this. with tena, let yourself go.
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finally here, we've been following the story of a 7-year-old boy, born missing part of his arm. and the team that changed his life. the first thing he did with that arm left us speechless and a certain super hero, too. tonight, "iron man" with that little man. our person of the week. it's the new video out. "iron man" robert downey jr. opening the curtains and about to open some eyes. >> we're looking for 912. >> reporter: 7-year-old alex pring from florida walking down a hallway in an atlanta hotel, unaware of the big surprise waiting for him. we have reported on alex for some time now, born with only part of his right arm. it never stopped him. riding his bike, becoming a transformer, nothing could keep him from smiling. especially his little sister. enter albert manero, an engineering student at the university of central florida, where he and a team of researchers were working on a way to create a 3-d arm, a
5:57 pm
bionic arm, made from a printer. the camera right there when that first bionic arm arrived, picking up on electrical signals from the alex's brain. and one of the first things he did with his new arm, hugging his mom. >> i lost it. i cried. >> reporter: already their superhero, he is about to meet another one. >> hey, alex. how are you? pleasure to meet you. have another bionics expert on hand, so i thought i'd drop by. >> thank you. >> yes, a pleasure. nice bow tie, but the way. >> reporter: that same smile we'd seen before. >> ready? >> yes. >> great. >> each one looks the same. >> i think yours might be better than mine. let's both try them on, and get a progress report. >> okay. >> reporter: before the gift one last question. >> do you know who that is? >> iron man. >> reporter: they put on those arms.
5:58 pm
>> it's even cooler than i thought. look at that. it's a marriage of robotic technologies. >> reporter: the average cost for parents buying a prosthetic limb, $40,000. this bionic arm built by student engineers, no more than $350. >> we'll have a whole army of super heroes that can go off chasing their dreams trying to make the world a better place. >> good job, albert. >> thank you. >> reporter: job well done, and a new iron man just getting started. >> bang. nailed it. >> nailed it. so, we choose 7-year-old alex and the team that built that arm. and iron a controversial guardrail system and the i team has the developments. >> fire claiming nearly everything they own now looters have taken the rest. >> the uc berkeley student
5:59 pm
accused of sexual assaulting a fraternity brother. >> the bay area's new high tech libraries are more than just books these days. and highway safety officials say a controversial guardrail system passed eight crash tests. >> critics insist problems with the guardrail are responsible for deaths and injuries here in the bay area and across the country. >> dan noyes has been covering this issue two years and is here with the developments. >> these crash tests are one important step towards analyzing the end piece. another task force will check data and issue findings by summer, the news does not end this controversy.
6:00 pm
the federal highway administration concluded the end terminal passed eight tests in december, and january. >> we conclude that had if the height of 31 inches it meets criteria. >> that is welcome news to the company making the et plus. >> it now is the most-tested in guardrail end system on the roadways. and this information confirms it passed tests. >> lawsuits claim it could fail it's supposed to absorb the impact allowing the guardrail to ribbon to the side. in cases it has sliced through cars. >> among accidents i first reported about a 24-year-old darrell blackman a football star, who died on


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