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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, it's sunday march 15th. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. let's start off with a quick look at the forecast. lisa argen also has the day off so we will send it over to frances dinglasan. she's track live doppler 7hd. hi, frances. >> good morning, everyone. starting off with a lot of clouds over the bay area with live doppler 7hd. but we will see warm temperatures once again. in fact a very mild start now with many areas already in the
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60s. check out mountain view. 67 degrees right now, as well as los gatos. already 61 san francisco, 63 brentwood. compared to 24 hours ago, we are quite a bit warmer in many locations, as well. is it 11 degrees warmer, in fact, compared to yesterday at this time in moundsview and also in san jose. but what does it mean for temperatures this afternoon? not quite as warm. i'll have the details and the being weather seven-day forecast coming up. chris. >> frances, thank you. this morning chp investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of a traffic collision in the east bay this led to a deadly pileup this killed one person, and injured six others, one critically. at least 16 cars, eight in each collision, were involved in the collision this slowed traffic to a crawl in alameda county in livermore. lisa amin gulezian has the latest.
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>> this is what emergency crews rolled up to. >> it was pretty comic. they were getting calls of 15, 16 vehicles. mangled metal. cars piled up on top of each other and broken glass spilled across the highway. it started when a few cars rear-ended each other east of the north flynn road exit. no one was seriously hurt, but then the backup started and that's when the real trouble began. >> when my car hit, i see the whole back broken off, and then oh wow, we just kind of panic and jump out. >> one by one the cars piled up again. this time the damage was worse. >> we have about seven vehicles in this collision. we have one fatality, one critical injury that was life flighted and five other just minor injuries. >> the man in the truck died at the scene. medics tried to revive him but couldn't. his passenger was airlifted to a medical center and the others were taken to hospitals in stockton and tracy. emergency responders admit the heavy traffic held them up as well.
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>> it was very difficult to get here. once we got here and we realized it was multiple vehicles, it wasn't just it 3 or 4. we saw 8 here and 8 below. >> they blamed speed and inattentive drivers for the chain reaction. in livermore, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. a contra costa sheriffs deputy likely saved dozens of teenagers when he noticed their tour bus was on fire. he saw fire come from the bus at walnut creek around 8:30 last night. he made sure everyone got out safely. the sheriff's department said the kids were from out-of-state and on a field trip. 7 students were taken to the hospital to check out for months possible smoke inhalation. no one else was hurt. >> san jose fire officials say it may have been faulty wiring in the attic that sparked a two-alarm fire and displacing two people. a neighbor caught these flames leaping from the house on rose creek drive on his cell phone.
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the fire again at 9:00 last night and out about 30 miles later. firefighters managed to keep the flames contained to the attic. no injuries were reported but the damage was pretty extensive. the two residents of the home will be staying with relatives >> four san francisco police officers are under investigation for racist and homophobic text messages that the chief calls disgraceful. the messages are full of slurs particularly against black hispanic and gay people. the public defender is calling for an independent investigation. >> we are going to have to look at all the cases that these officers were involved in. one of the things we are entitled to under the law is evidence of racial bias. that's when a police officer it
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was. it could have wide ranging effects on our case, as well as the criminal justice system. >> the chief said he reassigned all four officers to positions with no public contact. the chief said he will seek nothing less than termination for conduct and character in compatible with being a police officer. bay area native and seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch was caught on video trying to break up a fight outside a nightclub on friday. this is lynch on the baseball cap on a sidewalk in front of infusion lounge on ellis street. a man with lynch got into a fight with a heckler who called lynch a seahawk chicken. lynch then left the scene. marshawn grew up in oakland and starred at cal. a 41-year-old man was rushed to a hospital, but died friday night.
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abc7 news reporter sergio quintana spoke with family members held in his memory. >> why did you have to do that to him? >> friends and family of 41-year-old jimenez led people to the candle light vigil to the spot where he was shot by police. his mother and sister say this wasn't the first time police had been to their home. >> they had been there a couple weeks ago? >> yes, and found nothing. >> and found nothing. >> and they came back again? >> and found nothing. >> following the shooting napa police chief steve potter immediately expressed remorse that officers shot someone. >> for us the incidents are always tragic. it didn't matter who the individual is who is involved in it. we don't like to see the loss of life. >> police were serving a search warrant at jimenez's home for drugs and gun. officers say when he crashed his vehicle officers saw a handgun on him. they believe he was about to reach for it. one policeman fired three times. they say a handgun was found on scene. his family and friends said he
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did have several run-ins with the law, but he wasn't a bad person and always had time for his nieces and nephews. >> won't be as athletic and who i am if it wasn't for him. >> the fatal shooting is being investigated by the napa sheriff's department. police officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave. in napa, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> new details on the teenager who was severely beatsen at the westfield valley maul in san jose. we spoke to the father of 17 year old christian rasner last night. he said christian is showing improvement and responding to his parents' voices. christian has been in a medically-induced coma since wednesday. two men attacked him in the bank of america parking lot apparently for no reason. officers say they have surveillance photos of the suspects from inside the maul, but the images have not been
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released. >> dozens gathered yesterday to celebrate the life of a mother when was shot and killed while protecting her kids from gunfire. family and friends came out to honor her and condemn weapons and violence. the 34-year-old woman was caught in the crossfire in front of her home. that was monday afternoon. 19-year-old anthony sims has been charged with her murder. oakland police are searching for additional suspects. 6:08 the time. a nearly three-year search for a missing morgan hill teenager has ended. volunteers say they have exhausted all leads in the search for sierra lamar who was last seen in 2012. dozens have gatherd to search for her. >> instead of regularly-scheduled searches, we will be operating on call. if we get tips or leads that justify another search, we are ready.
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>> anthony garcia torres is in jail for abducting her. he could face the death penalty. his trial date is set for april april 8ing. new details about a woman who sneaked on to a parent checkpoint last week. she slipped past the checkpoint to reach the opposite side from the terminal. she waved her arms at a plane. she's homeless and was living on -- in a shelter when she tried to stow away, she says, to get back to her native guatemala. they say the security worked because they were able to prevent her from further access. in his first state of the city address, san jose mayor sam ricardo plans to increase public safety, keep kids off the streets, address the homeless problem. and bring more jobs to the city particularly on the east side. >> as manufacturing continues, we can do more to grab san jose's share. we've reached out to manufacturers, brokers and
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industry experts to enable tech manufacturers to overcome the challenges they experience in finding sites, face and skills to grow here. >> yesterday's speech was held at a school gym on a weekend so more people could attend than in years past. the event also featured performance business local artists and students, and a job fair. california could impose stronger water conservation measures. on tuesday the state water resources control board is expected to order statewide urban water agencies to limit outdoor watering. for many it would allow watering just two days a week and violators could be fined $500 a day. time now is 6:10. weather-wise it's shaping up to be another nice day across the bay. >> a beautiful sunday in store for us. now temperatures really warmed this morning. a lot warmer compared to yesterday. does that mean this afternoon will be warmer or cooler? i'll let you know and i'll have the complete accuweather
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seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, a new twist in the battle against ebola. more american aid workers are rushed back to the u.s. plus celebrating all things irish. a look at yesterday's st. patrick's day parade seen here on
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>> this is abc7 news an unarmed bi-racial wisconsin teenager shot to death by police has been buried in his hometown of madison. hundreds of people attended the funeral service for 19-year-old tony robinson. on march 6th he was shot and killed by a police officer who said robinson assaulted him. this is the latest killing by police nationwide that have sparked racial passion. those who knew him said robinson made mistakes in the past, but he was on his which to a brighter future. one urged kids in the action to get an education and take action in robinson's memory. the violence in ferguson missouri will be the topic on "this week" with george. two missouri legislators will speak about the violence against unarmed black men, the ambush slaying of two police officers, and the resignation of the city's police chief and city manager. it airs at 8:00 right here on
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abc7 following good morning america. paying your bills on line could be easier than writing out checks, but it could be easier to make a mistake. a bay area woman paid thousands of company to the company and couldn't get it back until "7 on your side" michael finney stepped in. >> patricia horton still likes a good old-fashioned newspaper. >> i get my coffee and go out and get the paper and sit and read for half an hour. for the past 30 years she started her day flipping through the pages of "the san jose mercury news." >> just kind of a calming way to start the morning. >> she reads each section in a certain order. >> the cartoons and the obituaries. >> and looks for her favorite features. >> she's like ann landers. >> patricia pays $350 a year to subscribe. however, she wasn't willing to pay $2,800 for it, which she did. >> i inadvertently paid mercury news almost $3,000. >> it happened when patricia went online to make her house payment.
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her bill pay list puts the mortgage company right next to the mercury news. >> they are kind of like in alphabetical order and i clicked on the mercury news instead of the mortgage company. >> she was horrified when she realized her house payment just went to the mercury news. so she called the newspaper to get the money back. >> she said, oh, yeah, i see that. we will get it back to you. >> customer service promised to send her a check for $2800. but weeks passed and still no refund. she called the paper again. >> oh, just wait. just wait a while. you know, it should come. so it didn't come and didn't come. >> now patricia got worried. maybe the check got lost or stolen. >> i called them again. can you put a stop on this check or can you just credit my account? oh, no, we don't do that. >> she kept calling the 800 number and getting the same promise of a check. >> i said who am i talking to? what state are you in or where are you? they wouldn't tell me that. they just didn't take it
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seriously. it was like it was no big deal. >> patricia never did get that check. she contacted "7 on your side." we contacted "the mercury news" and immediately patricia got a call. >> we are sorry for the inconvenience. >> the mercury news quickly issued this credit to patricia's bank account telling us it took longer than it should have to refund the money and we apologize for the delay. we value ms. horton as a subscriber and we are glad you called to make sure we got it handled. patricia is way more careful now when she pace bills online and offline she's still a loyal reader of the printed news especially when it doesn't cost $2800. >> it's a lot of money. >> the spokesperson for the paper said they did indeed send a check and wasn't sure when happened to it. a reminder, when you pay bills online it's often not a simple matter of reversing the charge back to your account so always double-check before you hit send. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side".
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time is 6:17. st. patrick's day isn't until tuesday, but yesterday thousands of people in san francisco got into the spirit of the holiday with the 164th annual saint put tricks day parade. the parade was hosted by "7 on your side" michael finney. it airs live here on abc7 and we streamed it online at in case you missed it, abc7 reporter katie marzullo shows us some of the more memorable irish highlights. most memorable irish highlights. >> in a sea of green, it's heard to tell the spectators from the people in the parade. >> the parade is awesome. it represents, of course st. patty's day in a city, my favorite city in the world. >> we are natives and we have been coming here. it has a lot of significance. >> the weather certainly cooperated this year. the hot sun forcing kids to cool down with ice cream and dogs to drink bottled water. >> happy st. patrick's day!
6:19 am
the annual st. patrick's day parade, a treasured tradition in san francisco, that brings out the irish in everyone. >> everyone is having a great time. it's a great day to be a san franciscan. >> thousands crowded the sidewalk to get a glimpse of the dance scene, the irish pipers, the marching band and the decorative floats. susan smith watches the parade every year with her family. >> my grandparents are from kari and county cork in ireland. it's a lot of fun. every year we have so much fun coming. >> this mom brought her three girls complete with green glitter in their hair. >> we just moved to san francisco, and this is our first big event. we are so happy to be here. >> city leader, including the police chief joined the parade route. the grand marshal, local business owner bill duggen. >> i was overwhelmed. >> this year's theme is technology. linking the bay area to ireland. but don't underestimate the simple joy of a song. ♪ ♪
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katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> great to see those people have wonderful time-out there. frances, the st. patrick's day celebrations aren't over just yet. >> in fact there's a free celebration today. if you can guess what city it's in in the bay area? >> dublin. >> dublin! temperatures will be quite mild in the mid-and upper 70s there. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. lots of cloud cover right now. it's warm out there, and yesterday check out the temperatures we broke. record winter warmth in san jose. we hit a high of 89, breaking a record of 81 degrees set in 2004. we tied a record in livermore. we also broke records in oakland and in san francisco. it was 84 for that celebration yesterday. today, not quite as warm, but i'll let you know how high it's going to be. currently in san francisco it's 63.
6:21 am
oakland 61. san carlos and san jose, 66 degrees. so a very mild start already. this time a beautiful shot looking toward the financial area from the exploratorium camera and some 50s out there, as well. santa rosa napa low 50s. concord 60 degrees right now. but these numbers of extremely high. in fact, our overnight lows are normally in the 40s. so that kind of tells you how extremely warm we are right now. from sutro tower looking down toward san francisco and the bay bridge, winds should be light today. in fact very calm. you might experience a slightly breezier conditions in the higher elevations. so we have high clouds throughout the day starting off with a muggy morning. no record warmth expected today. so the 80s and 90s are gone, but we will still be above average. then look for a mild dry pattern over the next seven days. so here's why. we have two areas of high pressure.
6:22 am
this has kept the rain to the north. that stationary front will start to push in a little bit with high pressure weakening. that allows for a very slight chance of sprinkles in parts of the north bay and some of the higher elevation necessary the north by overnight tonight, into tomorrow. but very slight chance at left. we still have high pressure and warm weather, but notice the southwesterly flow. that has helped bring relative humidity up. check it out. it's already 92% in santa rosa and 82% in novato, 72% at afo and 82% san jose. temperatures today will be more comfortable. we will be coming down about 10 to 15 degrees in many locations. lack for a lot of upper 70s through san jose. 79 through gilroy and morgan hill, as well. some upper 70s on the lower part of the peninsula. and a comfortable 72 in millbrae. 72 downtown san francisco instead of that 84. lots of 70s in the north bay.
6:23 am
low 70s there. and mid-70s mainly in the east bay. the warmest locations will be in the inland areas where we will see mid-to upper 70s. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a slight cool-down into tuesday for st. patrick's day. little change through the middle of the week. and then spring begins on friday. but we are just above average all week for the 7 days. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. we have more information at >> it's still hard for me to believe we around even about into spring yet. >> i know, and we saw 80s and 90s yesterday and we are technically in winter. >> we will see what comes up in the next weeks. thanks. this guy is more than a dog. he's a hero.
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the s60 sedan. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo s60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. a huge house party in menlo park was held last night to honor the ronald mcdonald house in stanford and help critically-ill kids and their families. cheryl jennings and mike niko mc'd the event on the grounds
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where the largest of 337 ronald mcdonald houses worldwide will be built. it will more than double the current facility with 6 new private guest rooms for families of kids being treated at lucille packard children's hospital. a stray dog in dallas, texas spent weeks on the lamb and one day he wouldn't stop barking. now rescuers know why. a dog behaviorist suggested they follow him. when they did, he led them to a mother and ten puppies in the woods. the dogs were shivering and the mom was exhausted. all the dogs are safe and warm in a foster home. much ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. new developments on ebola and why several american aid workers are being rushed back to the united states. and finding your perfect match to get back in same. -- ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in
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♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. >> good mourning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. carolyn tyler has the day off. and here's frances dinglasan. she's in for lisa argen. >> hi chris.
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we have a lot of high clouds over the by area right now. temperatures will still be above average, but hopefully not as warm as yesterday. we will see the high clouds throughout the day with filter sunshine by this afternoon. here's what you can expect around the bay today. look for a very mild start with temperatures near 60 degrees at 7:00. by noon we will bump it up to the 70s even mid-70s by this afternoon, and then cooler by this evening with clouds moving back in. now i don't expect to break any records, but i'll let you know how warm it will be in your neighborhood and where we can see a slight chance of rain with the accuweather seven-day forecast. chris. >> frances, thank you. the cdc is rushing ten americans home from africa where they may have been exposed to ebola. the healthcare workers are all part of the same aid group. chuck severson has the details. >> at the nebraska center in omaha they are preparing to take in some of the americans being rushed home from west africa. one of three medical centers
6:32 am
will be closely monitoring for symptoms of ebola. >> nebraska, maryland and atlanta. they will be under quarantine and if they get a fever, they will be immediately isolated. >> an american healthcare worker who is very sick with ebola was brought to bethesda, maryland. the new patients may have been exposed to that worker. >> at some point the healthcare worker fainted and some provided assistance, and they all lived in close quarters together in sierra leone. >> the ten people coming home now are not ill and not contagious and require none of the elaborate precautions against spreading the disease we saw in the earlier cases. >> the reason they are being brought back now when they aren't even sick is that way if they do get sick, they can immediately go the best care available. >> the world health organization estimates the current ebola outbreak has killed more than 10,000 people, mostly new guinie, liberia and sierra leone.
6:33 am
the good news is the ebola deaths have slowed down in the past months. >> there was a powerful cyclone on an island nation. cyclone pam, with winds near 170 miles an hour, tore across the islands in the south pacific on saturday. at least eight people have died. but that number is expected to rise as soon as aid workers assess the extent of the destruction. it's still unclear how bad the damage is because communications on the island have been wiped out. >> a new government study benefits the -- studfy questions the benefit of high-tech scans over the traditional treadmill tests for people with chest pains. it's effective way to detect people with heart disease. all were given high radiation ct scans or echo cardiograms. they found people who received the pricey scans had no less risk of heart attack or dying then those who received the basic test.
6:34 am
keeping americans fit is now a $22 billion a year industry and one of the fastest-growing segments of what is known as boutique fitness. here's a look at some of the creative way exercise experts get you coming back for more. you can try yoga on the water, surfing on the sand or defying gravity. as you work muscles you didn't even know you had. these are just a few of the huge range of fitness classes now available all around the bay area. this class is at pull-tential. it began with pole dancing, but now a growing number are here to exercise in the air, upside down. >> it isn't scary for me. >> it's really different and it's really fun. at first it started with just people who had circus backgrounds and now it's people
6:35 am
coming out of their cubicles and into the studio. >> annie is a computer programmer. >> you get to be like pretty and sexy while doing exercise and you actually use a lot of upper body strength. >> beginners start on a continuous loop of fabric called a hammock. the more advanced students use aerial silks and they learn to wrap themselves up so they don't fall. >> everybody's body is different so it's a nice way to explore themselves. >> the demand for new ways to get people moving is so strong 12,000 fitness professionals showed up at this convention in anaheim, all looking for new ideas and the very latest equipment. one new apparatus that's a hit in the bay area is surf set. createed to simulate surfing on dry land. classes are offered inside and out, and this one is at crissy field. >> the moment that you step on a moving surface, your heart rate increases bus your body is kind of like what's going on.
6:36 am
so it's a great cardio workout. and also you are engaging your core muscles and little tiny stabilizer muscles. >> similar principals are at work in this class in sausalito. lee teaches yoga on stand-up paddle boards. >> your brain is going to balance the board before you shift too far to one side. >> the boards are anchored so you won't float away, but you might attract an audience. >> pretty much anyone can do it. the learning curve is very quick on the paddle boards. >> this group ranges from an 11-year-old to a 68-year-old retired teacher. >> it's just changed my life completely. i have better balance, i have better self-esteem. >> no one fell in the water during this class, but it does happen occasionally. nonswimmers have to wear a life jacket. of this boutique fitness does not come cheap. classes range from 15 to $35. but you can save money with a service called class pass. $99 a month buys you unlimited classes at 280 studios all over
6:37 am
the bay area. >> pretty much every kind of workout that you can think of. it makes it really easy for people to find the right thing for them. >> larry tells us with class pass you can go to as many classes as you want. the only catch is you cannot take more than three a month at a single venue. we have links to class pass and all the activities we showed you online at our website, still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. a new start-up called masterpiece. how it can unleash the artist you've always wanted to be. but first a look outside from our east bay hits camera pointed penalty killers bridge. no major traffic accidents to report. stay close
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♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ >> time is 6:40. good morning to our friends in the south by. a live look at 280 through san jose. not too far from downtown. the sun getting ready to rise in the next 40 minutes or so. frances returns in a little bit with the accuweather forecast. a.c. transit riders in the
6:41 am
east bay have a lot more options this is morning. the agency is expanding its service on 17 east bay lines beginning today. that means the popular 72-hour line connecting richmond and oakland has weekend service and that line will run to the oakland zoo and the science centers on saturdays and sundays. a couple of lines will run until midnight on saturdays in fremont. >> a great week tone get outside and enjoy the sunshine. >> yes but warm once again. you saw a beautiful shot there from san jose. here's another shot. we are looking from mt. tam. also seeing little bits of red in the sky before the sunrises. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. >> thank you frances. also ahead, steph curry celebrates his birthday
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>> good morning to you san francisco. we hope your morning is off to a great start. a beautiful shot from our exploratorium camera. warm temperatures are on the way. frances will break down the forecast coming up in a little bit. the bay area is home to a lot of entrepreneurs. making the leap from an idea to a company can be a big challenge. we have a look at a success story with a new product that could have your kids creating the next money lisa in no time. >> known ever wants to google themselves. it's good someone did it for me and e-mail me with peculiar video.
6:45 am
taking this photo off the video they traced every line and wrinkle using a gadget i used before. at the time it was used for playing games along start-up alley. it's widely said nine out of ten startups fail. this one defied the odds. >> i think it's hard to imagine what the future will look like. the founders never guessed they would ship a retail product now sold in apple stores worldwide. called ozmo. >> we refocus the front facing camera of the ipad by putting a mirror in front of it. that mirror actually the camera is looking at the table. there are games for one and two players. >> oh, my gosh! and now a totally new app that explains that mysterious e-mail. take a photo and the app automatically turns it into an outline, then projects it as a guide so you can draw your own version with real ink on real paper. >> here i am drawing a con tour of the face. the goal is to help kids learn a skill that can sometimes be
6:46 am
intimidating. >> people get scared of drawing. our hope is once you do it enough times, you build your confidence. >> it's different because it's not a game. it encourages kids to experiment and play around the way they want to. by the which, this isn't the only souvenir they will create out of it. >> people are very interested in looking at the process you follow. >> so ozmo lets you record time-lapse video and send them to anyone. >> grandparents get very emotional when they see a child actually drawing. >> the price of the original can take the coveted spot on the refrigerator, a true masterpiece and that's what the app is called, masterpiece. >> it makes you proud of your work and confident. that's our dream. >> in palo alto, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> frances i know that app is meant for kids, but i think i might check it out for myself. i'm pretty impressed. >> i want to do it but my kids will probably be better than me. >> speaking of course other
6:47 am
activities, maybe this morning is a good time to go out for a run or early morning jog oreo guy before the warm temps set in? >> exactly. i think morning will be better because it will be comfortable and cooler. we will see another warm day today but hopefully we won't break any records. here's a look at high doppler hd. lots of clouds over the bay area right now. we are off to a very mild start. now beautiful look from our kgo roof camera, looking over the bay and the bay bring. we are starting to see peaks of the sunrise which is at 7:21 this morning. yesterday some areas hit the 90s and we broke a lot of records. san jose hit a high of 89, breaking a record of 81 degrees set in 2004. we side a record in livermore and we broke records in oakland and san francisco, as well, hitting a high of 84 degrees. now we are well above average. and as we take a look at temperatures right now definitely on the mild side with some numbers already in the 60s.
6:48 am
san francisco 63 oakland 61. son carlos at 64. san jose 66 and gilroy 52. half moon bay at 55 degrees. from the exploratorium we are looking at the couple waters. winds are very light at this point. and you see some of the high clouds in the distance. some more 50s out there in santa rosa and napa and concord. that's a 60 degrees right now. looking toward downtown san francisco, the cameras shaking just a touch from sutro. but overall very nice day ahead. here's what you can expect. we are going to see the high clouds passing throughout the day. a muggy morning though. and no record warmth expected today. gone are the 80s and 90s. we should see upper 70s in the warmest areas. mild and dry over the nextsen days. so here's why. we have a couple areas of high pressure and that has kept the rain to the north. now, high pressure will weaken, allowing some sprinkles to move
6:49 am
farther south. so in some of our very northern-most counties, we could get some sprinkles overnight tonight into tomorrow. but it will be a very slight chance, at best. highs today, warm once again. look for upper 70s in san jose. 9, 78 in morgan hill. and santa cruz a great day to head to the beach. 71 for you there. some more 77s in palo alto and mountain view. 72 in millbrae. along the coast is where you will find upper 60s. and downtown san francisco coming town by about 12 degrees. so today only 72. i say only. it's still pretty warm out there. a lot of low 70s through parts of the north bay with 70 novato and 73 calistoga. look for mid-to upper 70s, mainly mid-70s in the east bay. there's the beer and bacon festival in oakland. tickets are sold out. very warm and mid-to upper 70s in the inland areas with 74
6:50 am
san ramon, 77 in livermore. now i've been talking about how warm we are. this kind of gives you an example. the average high in san jose, it is winter, keep in mind, is 67. today will still be well above average and there are are minor fluctuations. we cool down the beginning part of the week as the on shore flow returns but we fluctuate throughout the week and still above average. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. winter warmth continues. just not quite as warm. cooling a bit monday and then a pleasant day for st. patrick's day. little change. get ready spring finally arrives on friday. even though it feels like we are in summer right any. >> seven days of 70s? >> exactly. very good. >> frances, thank you. >> warriors coach steve kerr responded back to fans who were disappointed he sat his starting lineup during friday's game in denver.
6:51 am
one family drove from south dakota to the mile high city and spent a lot of money on tickets to see their favorite players play. he says he feels sorry for the people, but he has to prepare the team for the playoffs. and they have done the same thing for years. last night the warriors returned home against the knicks and didn't rest any of their starters there. here's abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. steph curry celebrated his 27th birthday with warrior fans last night the oracle arena as they played host to the knicks." best in the west against the least in the east. fans made sure to wish the warriors star a happy birthday. normally you receive gifts on your special day, but he was in a giving mood. behind the back to andrew bogut. the lob for the alley oop. warriors had 33 points in the first half. sean livingston. nice move for the jumper. count it.
6:52 am
livingston, and the sprinting andre iguodala. then with 2 seconds left in the half, bogut, the inbounds pass. curry catch and shoot. beats the buzzer. warriors led 73-52 at the half. couldn't forget about the other splash brother, klay thompson. led all scorers with 27. birthday boy putting on a show. up-and-under. how did that go in? steph two-point shot matching his age. warriors improved to 52-14. they came out with the victory. oregon and arizona squared off in the pac-12 championship. off the glass and in. plus the foul. 2 of his 20. wildcats, an 18-0 run in the first half for the wildcats. 15-point lead at the half. and jefferson throws it down. but i like the dance. fifth-ranked arizona wins the pac-12 championship. 80-52, the final. they could get a number one seed to the ncaa tournament. well, the sun is setting on the san jose sharks playoff hopes with only 13 games remaining.
6:53 am
blackhawks in town. the men in teal with the must-win had no answer for chicago last night. sharks just three more games at the s.a.p. center this year. 1-0 in the first. the shot stopped. carlson there for the rebound. 12th of the year. we have a 1-1 game. sharks again found themselves down in the second. but joe thornton on the power play. pass deflected in by a blackhawk stick. 2-2 after two. bad luck a minute into the third. mueller falls, allowing brandon saad to score. and despite the troubles, the team remains positive. >> we were sharp. we were sharp from the drop of the puck. carson made some great saves. we could have easily had the lead after two. >> the last 48 hours, and the team preparing for the game. >> no. we support each other and we want to play and we want to play hard. guys responded pretty well.
6:54 am
but you have to find away right to the end. it can't get away from us like it did. >> that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> 6:54 the time. coming up next, the super makeover for three ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 am
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♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! >> here are the power ball draw numbers.
6:57 am
8, 13, 49, 46, 87. the power ball number 18. a ticket purchased in new york matched all six numbers. so wednesday night's jackpot resets to $40 million. a makeover for three classic comic book characters. superman, wonder woman and archie reviewed their new look last week. wonder woman is wearing pants. superman in t-shirt and jeans, and archie is getting ready for his promised tv show by having a modern look betty and veronica won't be able to ignore. this new look is expected to be introduced in june as part of a d. c. comics event. it will be introduced to generation toss come. very cool. what can we expect to round out the weekend? >> we will have a great weekend in store for us. around the state records continue in southern california where we will see low 90s in fresno los angeles and palm springs. for us things will cool down although we will still be well above average.
6:58 am
look for upper 70s in some of the warmest locks like san jose. 72 san francisco. 75 in oakland and in concord. here's that accuweather seven-day forecast. winter warmth continues, cooling just a bit for the beginning of the week. >> all right. thank you, frances and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. for frances dinglasan, i'm chris win. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m.
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e good morning, america. happening right now. flood fears. rivers rising. the mighty ohio ready to crest. boats barely squeezing under bridges. neighborhoods underwater. one man swept away. is the worst over? rob marciano is tracking it all. [ train horn blows ] tragedy on the tracks. it has happened again. a train unable to stop in time. the car demolished. >> those flashing lights there. >> it's the fourth time in just weeks. what is going on here? caught on camera, dragster disaster. >> oh! >> whoa. >> hold on! >> the driver's brush with death. his car snapping in half. thrown 20 feet in the air. >> he was up in the air for a long time. >>


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