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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nd how the renter is trying
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is. >> from 2100 dollars a month to nearly 9,000. outrageous rent hike l facing one san francisco resident who either have to pay or move out. but is this legal or move out. but is this legal? good evening. amma is off tonight. the story is going viral after the tenant posted a letter from herland lord on facebook. 7 news is live with the story tonight. janet that is staggering. >> this story is hard to believe but we hear from the representer herself and she even tells us that she thought parts of the letter may have been a type o. lived here on the block for 10 years and now being forced in and out a move many are calling an illegal eviction. >> i was served papers on march second. >> she has until may 5th to
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find a new home. still too iing to make sense of what happened to her as she packs her belongings. she was given the letter by the landlord attorney that states her rent going up from 2145 to 8900 dollars. it also states her security deposit would go up to aid astounding 12,000 dollars per month. >> didn't seem believable. but kind of sickening. basically a price so high that i could no one should afford something like. that but certainly i couldn't afford something like that. >> full-time acupuncturesist shared the news on facebook on saturday. has gone viral with more than 4000 shares. if anything, she wants her story to help others. >> i just hope that these loop hole can get closed and being exposed so that other people don't lose their homes. >> the loop hole he's referring to is when lapped lord take a multi-unit complex such as hers and turn night a single family home where rent prices can be as high as landlord wants.
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tenant rights group say this problem is all too common. >> landlord to increase rent by 400 percent assuming they can legally is just outrageous. >>reporter: the law center won lawsuit against the family that owns a house where they had lived. that case also involved a huge rent hike. >> this is an area where the landlord can oftentimes get away with doing this kind of activity only the most blatant example where it draws attention and ladies to lawsuit attention and ladies to lawsuit. >> the law center in talk with her in san francisco janet abc 7 news. >> breaking news. passenger on plate from dalles airport in washington, d.c. rae moved in. 3 people grab the man. this photo shared on the web site red it. quantityed airlines spokesperson says they were on a flit to denver when the passenger failed to comply with crew instructions. the plane returned to dulles and man removed. he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. other passenger rebooked for tomorrow
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morning. hassle for them. >> stunning new details coming out tonight involving a murder-suicide and napa valley winery. business dispute between the owner of doll vineyard and millionaire investor turned deadly. alan live at crime scene along highway 29 in napa tonight. what a story. >> this is normally a quiet road for wine taste terse but in crime scene investigators been out here since about noon when it all happened. it started out as business dispute between the 2 men but got so nasty it was written up in on line wine tasting magazine. >> napa county sheriff's deputy arrive with the killer still on the scene. the body of investor phillies lying on the corner along highway 29 in nap a.just made a frantic call to 911 claiming he had been shot and someone was trying to kill him. >> they go to approach at the
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time parties in the vineyard the armed subject flees in a dark colored or black suv an leaves the scene. >>reporter: suspect robert doll, doll vineyard. deputy chase him in the napa hill where he crashed through a kalts gate then took his own life with a gun. >> this was a business dispute that was not an unusual business dispute. >>reporter: he's the attorney for doll and says the sheriffs office has confirmed the death of both men. he says phillies was suing robert doll claiming doll defrauded him out of more than 1 million dollars both attorneys were on a conference call with the 2 men shortly before the shooting. >> there was nothing odd or ironic or dramatic or violent about anybody demeanor. >>reporter: phillies died from gun shot wound to the head. first found bullet casing on the street. doll purchased the vineyard last summer and also
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owned napa point brewing company. in napa, alan abc 7 news. >> tz in napa in the city police investigating 2 deaths they consider suspicious. 66-year-old man and 55-year-old woman were found dead inside an apartment at river glen drive near sis avenue trying to figure out how they died. >> former forty-niner mcdonald suing the woman constitutesing him of rape. his attorney says mcdonald not able to get another job in the nfl because of the allegations she made so tonight he's trying to clear his name through legal action. lillian is in san jose. >> former forty-niner defensive line man mcdonald insist he's no rapist. now he's fighting back. in the complaint mcdonald says his accuser defamed him and hurt his career. he has since been fired from the frainers and not able to get another job. >> teams are sitting back waiting but to see what is
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going to happen in this before they make a decision. basically changed his marketability in the nfl. >> mcdonald claims he and accuser met at the willow den bar december 13 in san jose. with two other frain that's night and according to the bar owner it was a low key evening. >> i wasn't tracking or cringe >> i wasn't tracking or cringing but but i would say they weren't even drinking that much. >> but the big question is what happened when they ended up at mcdonald's house. she claims she was raped after she fell and hit her head near the pool waking up naked in the bed with no memory of whether happened. mcdonald's claims video captured by the joyed camera proves otherwise n.the complaint the attorney says she even went to the store with plaintiff to get more alcoholic beverages and over the course of that day had consentual sexual relations with plaintiff mcdonald several times aware of what was occurring. we tried reaching out to the accuser but family member said they had no comment. as for the 49ers response the team simply said he doesn't play for us any more he
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doesn't play for us any more. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> san francisco district attorney says he is quote deeply consist turned by racist homophobe ick text among 4 police officers and he's launch police officers and he's launching his own investigation launching his own investigation. in a statement today george says quote in order to ensure our criminal justice system is fair my office is conducting immediate assessment of every prosecution within the past 10 years where these officers were involved. the text include comments about burning crosses and include derogatory terms for african americans and gay people. >> out there with the officers on daily basis and they are just in complete shock. make them sick to their stomach. the it's disgraceful for all of us. >> all 4 officers involved veteran cops. messages came to light during a hearing for a fifth officer involved in the text exchange convicted on corruption charges. >> moving on some surprise
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sprinkle today that we didn't expect. here's a life look from the exploratorium camera. sandhya is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. kind of nice to see. >> yes. we are talking about sprinkle here. show how desperate we are in this severe drought. show you live doppler 7hd still seeing some moisture in the atmosphere. some of thinks hitting the ground in the form of sprinkle around the east bay. richmond condition cord out towards antioch could be possible. trace amounts ofe- light showers in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, ukiah not tipping the bucket trace amounts as you notice here the moisture stream is starting to weaken a bit. i'll be back to let you know about some big changes that are coming as we head towards the rest of your work week. dan. >> thanks very much. witness say truck driver in pits about you are who died in crash when the brake went out period to do everything he possibly could to avoid hurting anyone. and he was successful in that. we show you the accident scene
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along railroad avenue. truck driver hit 3 cars and plowed into a restaurant ignite ago fire. he was killed but no one else hurt. fiery crash caldecott tunnel snarl the morning commute. this is the view from an oakland firefighters helmet camera about 7:00 a.m. thick smoke force 50 people behind a burning car to abalboa done the car in the east bound bore. car stalled in the tunnel and went up if flames when another car crashed into it. nobody seriously hurt but awfully frightening. tunnel shut down for more than 4 hours. as we continue here. keeping your resume up to date is important but what about your look? next on 7 news. trend of older workers who feel they are being overlooked in increasingly younger job market. now they are turning to bay area doctors for some help. >> plus new charges tonight against new york millionaire accused of killing a former bay area journalist. stay here. 7 news
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>> real estate heir murder suspect durs faces weapons charges in new orleans. he alledgedly admitted to murder of friend susan burman during the taping of hbo documentary that aired last night. a p sources duringt durs was charged because!bus charged because of new handwriting evidence not the confession. police in new orleans arrested him saturday. they say had he a gun and small amount of marijuana. prosecutors could try him before sending him back to los angeles to face murder charge. >> well tonight a big promise from tesla ceo musk n.a tweet the high tech billionaire wrote
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about to end range anxiety. affects entire model s fleet. range anxiety is the term to describe being worried about the battery running dray the biggest complaint about electric cars. rate now model s can go at most 265 miles per charge. musk will announce software update this thursday and says owners won't even have to bring the car into the dealership. tesla is based in palo alto. we will see. bay area tech industry tough. you know. that to compete you have to have the education. skills. and often something else. as amma explains bay area doctors have noticed a agreeing number turning to cosmetic procedures to stay relevant haven't. in a job market that seems to favor youth. >> dan who asked to us disguise his identity runs a commercial real estate business that indicator tech company. but lately he has noticed a disconnect. >> i go out and meeting people in my 30's and i'm feeling like
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their grandfather. >>reporter: she noticed being ignored at meetings. >> they started referring to one of my colleague whose was 10 or 15 years younger. >>reporter: katie who did agree to appear on camp are has had the same experience. >> i feel sometimes like they might discount my ideas because i'm the older one. >>reporter: all 3 believe they are fighting the tech effect. job culture slanted toward younger workers. >> number of bay area doctors we spoke with say the they are seeing an increase in older patients lacking for quick cosmetic procedure. >> job market simply very competitive. the they are competing with folks half their age. >>reporter: san francisco dermatologist says the eye and jaw line are popular starting points for both women and men in their 40's to 50's. >> you put botox in this area. that's one of the biggest thing that men like. >> result from botox and filler temporary, the procedures are quick and subtle. less likely
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to draw unwanted attention from co-workers. >> there are also procedures that use laser and heat waves to smooth the skin. katie who we met earlier turned to dr. we met earlier turned to dr. kong you will from sound base treatment called old therapy. >> reduce deep collagen prussia in deep layer of skin which will help the patients who have eyebrow lift and chin and neck lift. >>reporter: result can tighten specific areas associated with aging. >> nice lift. >>reporter: patient dan and kerry willing to good a step further and choose a surgical option as simple as an eye lift option as simple as an eye lift. dr. chang says key for working patients is to limit the down time. >> especially if young. most important is to keep the subtle important is to keep the subtle. i recommend to did less surgery rather than more. >>reporter: slightly more youthful look might not replace killer resume. doctors say the best results reflect useful energy employee job seeker
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already feeling on the inside. >> i think part of it is it gives people internal confidence as well as better look. >> amma, abc 7 news. >> now popular procedures vary in price from few hundred dollars for about talks to 5 to 10000 dollars or more for surgical facelift. but doctors say more and more people are get thanksgiving done to try to stay competitive. let's focus on the weather once again. few spritz out there nothing to write home about but when this desperate take what we can get. sand ya is here with the forecast. >> hit or miss variety here in the bay area. and as you look at live doppler 7hd still tracking some moisture as i mention earlier in the broadcast not all hitting the ground. few sprinkle out there ground. few sprinkle out there. season to date we are not doing good. most areas are below normal as you can immanuel with the look of rain exploratorium 81 percent of ample. oakland 78 percent with just over 13 inches of rain.
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since october 1st. livermore 93. 96 san jose. santa rosa pretty bad. 76 percent of average. moffitt field hanging on to some of the moisture from back in december and that's why you are still above normal since you got quite bait of rain in december. so we are desperate for rain. state wide sierra snow pack only 13 percent of average. we need the snow there as well. mild outside. look at the temperatures mid 60's hayward san carlos san jose. 50's around the north bay. not too terribly chilly you look at leif picture from the emeryville camera. visibility good hear. clouds patchy fog overnight. sunny for st. patrick's day and we look at warmer weather for the middle of your work week. pacific satellite picture showing you most of the day we have just been seeing the stream of high clouds mid level clouds and few sprinkle in between. high pressure is taking control again so this next system is going to get diverted to the north unfortunately not going to bring us any rain. here's what will happen. overnight
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tonight a lot of cloud cover. fog around as well for morning commute. clouds partway in the north bay. clearing from north to south. brighter for your st. patrick's day. lots of sunshine out there and while inland high and bay side community will come autopsy few degrees coastal temperatures will go down tomorrow sea breeze kicking in. 67 san jose average temperature tomorrow coming up above normal and stay coming up above normal and stays well above normal but you see where the temperatures are going. peeking on thursday before they drop-off. tomorrow morning i don't think you have to worry about bundle up because it's not very cold. upper 40's to mid 50's with the clouds around then for the afternoon in the south bay you look at 75 in gilroy. sunshine 72. santa clara san jose. 71 in sunnyvale on peninsula. beautiful day. 70 redwood city. menlo park. cooler and breezy tomorrow half moon bay pacifica low to mid 60's downtown san francisco. 67 degrees. north bay communities
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you are up that the low 70's for napa sonoma santa rosa san rafael out towards the east bay rafael out towards the east bay. 71 oakland. castro valley sun will be shining. it's going to be a mild day. 72 concord. san ramone 73. livermore accu-weather 7 day forecast saint patrick's day green and blue is what i call it for tomorrow. as we head towards the next few days. temperatures will continue to inch up by thursday. we look at 80's inland. mid 60's coast and although the numbers fall few degrees still above normal for the first day of spring friday. 3:grave in the afternoon dan. >> i'll be right there. ready
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like tribune says the 2 will square off may 15 for charity vision that help diagnosis and treaty eye problems in poor country. romney is a boxing fan but never in the ring before. he said either the 2 will just spar a bit or it will drag on and he will get knocked unconscious. that's interesting match. >> ground recalls you can't hit mitt in the face. the or hair. >> l frainers dealing with another surprise over the weekend yet another linebacker. no surprise to anyone warriors spent play off spot tonight
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re . >> warriors play off spot
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tonight dallas beat oklahoma city. lakers in town this evening. warrior fans standing o finding out they were in the post season. lakers up 3 in the first. thompson off green screen. bury the 3. led all score with 26. on the break. brown. finishes with the dunk. game tied at 30 after one. curry didn't score a bucket until late second quarter. captain keep up. a magician look at this. guy just sick. scary moment in the third. clay drives down the lane steps on black foot. turn the ankle. get a retake and return to the game. he went off. the foul. 4 point play. struggled finish with 19 on 5 of 8 shootings then in the fourth. warriors running. green. finds livingston. beautiful pass to andre. hang on to win with
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beast from the east atlanta coming to town on wednesday. 2015 play off t-shirt. pick 1 at this web site. were yours temperature store. band wagon bonnie officially open. willis announce early retirement last week after 8 years in the league. replacement was pencil in to carry the load but he told the 49ers last friday he was retiring. borrow land told espn outside the line today that he talked it over with his family friends team mates and concussion researchers and decided to retire because the long-term effect of repetitive head trauma. it wasn't worth the risk. he suffered a condition concussion in training camp. played through it trying to make the team. 49ers respected his decision although unexpected. leaves huge hole linebacker position as borrow land replace willis. team high 108 tackle. i
11:31 pm
applaud the 24-year-old decision. i think will see a lot of those question your own future. might be a wake up call for the entire league. >> raiders as expected release quarterback matt after one year. 5.5 million against the salary cap. signed as back up a mother of time before he was let go. and that's the way the ball bounces good for chris borrow land a lot of guys will take a look at that. >> nfl really good look
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jimmy kimmel kevin hart enjoy the show. see you tomorrow >> dicky: from austin, texas -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kevin hart brad paisley matthew mcconaughey and tomi fujiyama with cleto and the cletones. and now word back y'all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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