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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 18, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> does the premier catholic church in san francisco have a confession to make. the homeless trying to find shelter said that the church is using wat wither on to get rid of them. >> there's accusations that they are used well timed sprinklers to prevent the homeless from taking shelter at the land mark. we are live at the church with the story. >> reporter: homeless like to sleep in these covered doorways to protect themselves from the elements if you look up, you can see a spout.
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it sprays water on them while they sleep. >> i come here to sleep. >> reporter: this man slept outside the cathedral last night. he placed his sleeping bag near the main entrance to stay dry, under the covered doorways -- >> the water comes down like every 30 minutes. >> reporter: he said throughout the night water sprays from a spout above, soaking the homeless and their things. one person camping out came prepared with an umbrella. this morning we found damp socks and other clothing, the ground and stairs still wet. there are no trespassing signs on the walls the church will not tell me when the sprinklers are for. but a spokesman sent a statement. it reads catholic organizations in san francisco serve thousands of homeless people every year. providing shelter food and critical services. that is the true pick of
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compassionate catholic care. they are are going to address the situation. the people outside are not sure if the sprinklers are to keep the place clean or clean people off the property >> i want understand they don't want to have transients camping out or like, you know using drugs or who knows. >> reporter: rocksy said that the church should be welcoming to everyone and worries about the health of those sleeping in the cold. >> one can contact several illnesses such as pneumonia or high poe-- and hypothermia and become ill and die. >> we did not see the sprinklers go off, but thelady we just heard from said that she comes comes here at
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night to meditate and has had the lights turned on to make her leave. >> police are hunting for a gunman. police say he wounded six people and at least one prnerson has been killed there may be more victims. he is described as a bald man in his 40s with a large tattoo on his neck two the nearby schools are on lock down. meanwhile at home a public alert will be going out in the east bay city of fremont now that three dead bats are have been found two tested positive for rabies and the third is being tested. amy. >> reporter: today is about educating people. officials just arrived to talk
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to people about bats and a administrators sent a notice home with parents at home so they could learn more that a rabid bat was found here. it was a hot topic among the parents as they dropped off the kids. the bat was pound on the school's black top after hours but it was tested for rabie s dog walkers are concerned, if your vaccinate aed dog picks it up, it will have to be quarantined for a month. >> the more you know about rabies and people know about having their pets vaccinated for it and not to touch any or have any interaction with wild animals the better off we will be. yes, i i learned online, something about the bats how
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they are dangerous to kids and the local people as such. so i guess today we are just going to tell them a bit about bats. you know. for the kids and just show them a video about bats or something. how do you stay away from the creatures and animals. something to be just make aware of them. >> reporter: here are the dates and locations of the bats. one was found near the community center and one was found friday on school grounds and yesterday's bat was found just behind the cool that one is still being tested. the key today is to educate people to stay away from animals that act strangely. if your pat touches one or comes in contact one you have to contact animal control. they cannot control the bat population. so they are going to be pro active and work with people to try and prevent people and pets from touching them. live in fremont.
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abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you happening now the uc the the the uc regents issuing a first public approximate report about meetings they have held in recent months to examine the system's finances. they are considering a umpire c proposal to increase tuition by up to 5% a year for the next 5 years in the state does not provide more funding. stunts staged a previous bro test over securing local jobs. a 24-year-old man who led the chp on a dangerous chase is facing felony evasion and driving under the influence of drugs charges. the chase lasted 100 miles yesterday, through four counties this shows the suv speeding with a rim exposed after hitting a spike strip. the driver lost control and and
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it flipped. watch that. 280 and los altos the driver amazingly step theed out of the vehicle and calmed looked around and assessed the damage. he was taken to jail. >> the woman shot and killed by san francisco police was examined. two plain clothesed officers were investigating reports of a stolen car when they located alice brown of san francisco and the vehicle. she sped toward officers and went the wrong way down pine street, they fired when she started to drive on the sidewalk. putting the lives of all around in danger. developing news in africa, tunisia's prime minister said this at least 21 people are dead after a shooting attack at a
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major tourist attraction. it happened in a museum in the capital city of tunisia these are people running for their lives. steen of -- 17 of those killed were tourists. dozens of people were injured. the prime minister said that two the of the attackers were killed in the gun fight with police. the officers are hunting for 2 or 3 are others that are on the loose. >> officials are investigating calls made to the embassy in tokyo threatening to kill care line kennedy. first lady michelle obama started the 5 tour asia tour in tokyo. i believe that should be 5 country asia tour. today she plans to announce a new partnership supporting girls education with japan's first
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lady. japan plans to cooperate with the let girls learn initiative. that is a community based aid program to help 62 million girls fwhak to school. and still ahead, bracket redemption. president obama's pick to win this year's ncaa basketball tournament. and riding in luxury style the new option for commuters in san francisco. and later on a boy living in what you might call a bubble has one big request how you can help make it happen. and a live look outside right now this is santa cruz at the beach you can see is clear out, there a gorgeous sunny day. we will have the forec
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t. a push by starbucks to tackle the touchy situation of race relations. they will put race together to encourage people to talk about race relations. not everyone likes the idea. starbucks is dealing with a storm of angry tweets and one said there's people with the time and training to facilitate the conversation about race but they are not baristas, the twitter account was deleted temporarily bus of the-- bus of the avalanche of on criticism. >> the san francisco based
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insurancer will convert to a private insurance company. blue shield's tax exempt status was revoked. they are protest thing the edition. the public policy director resigned after 12 years at blue shield he said that the insurancer has been shorting approximate the public for years. >> there's another way to get to work and ride in style. leap is a blend of a coffee shop, a work space and a liveringliver ing -- a living room and there's an app for that. >> ride sharing companies have grabbed a lot of attention but now a new bus service called leap is jumping in to the transportation game. >> leap has redesigned the daily commute. think of it as a lounge on wheels. we have taken the hassle of getting to work. >> four buses run, and they have
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eight stops but the company has plans to ss to expand. >> we are looking at the cost benefit analysis. you get to meet people in the tech community. yeah, i like it and there's food. got to love that. >> the food option is unique and riders get with wifi and usb outlets. you pay for everything on your app, and single rides are $6 or can drop to $4. if you have questions someone is there with answers. each leap bus has an experienced manager here kurt. leap said you will not have to wait for the bus stop, you can see where the next bus is on the app and the approximate the seat is available. the buses we saw only had a few passengers leap expects more investors to jump on if the numbers are impressive. in san francisco matt keller.
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>> march madness is under way, president obama this morning filled out his bracket. and here is who he picked to win the national championship. >> and i'm putting kentucky in there. now, the fact of the matter is is that the since north carolina, my first year in office, i have not won the pool in any subsequent years. so the good news for all the teams that are out here the fact that i did not pick you may mean good things for ya. >> well kentucky is the overwhelming favorite to win it all as the only unkey feeted team in men's college basketball. the only time president obama has correctly picked the ncaa winner was in 2009. first year in office. >> at least he did it once. meteorologist mike outside with a a look at the forecast. >> a lot of sunshine up here on the weather deck, good morning from the top of the broadcast cent canner. we have a couple of chances of
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rain and cooler weather before a brief warming trend in the next couple of days. i will map it ut for you in the seven-day forecast. >> why breast feeding may be the key to your child's success in the classroom and career. plus he cannot go outside to play or go to school. how can you help make his one wish come true.
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>> covering walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. whoa, check this view out from space. this is a wonder to behold after a powerful solar storm created
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this display of colorful lights. the astronauts are enjoying the view up close and beautiful. and on earth just as beautiful. in is near christ church new zealand the northern lights were visible from michigan. the people there enjoyed dancing bands of green and purples the storm is expected to last in today and could effect gps and mobile phones. >> amazing stuff we have blue skies. >> almost as magical the clear blue sky. let's look at the radar and show you what high pressure and dry air does. it takes away the cloud cover and any chance of wet weather. you can see the high the winds are lighter than they were yesterday and that will be the trend going forward except for the coast where it will be breezy. here is the satellite with the slight off shore wind from north
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to south, we have cleared the coast out of any clouds. in fact if if you look, all the way out to the ocean you do not see anything but blue. whether it's the water or sky. sunny today, not as breezy, a bit warmer than yesterday. mainly clear, cool again tonight, if you had the windows open and it was comfortable. keep them open tonight. a shower there was a chance across the north bay, friday, and for the rest of us monday. let's talk about how we get there. first by looking at 280-17 hazy, and that has to doo with tree pollen. as we look at santa cruz with the wind, the temperatures have have dropped a couple of degrees, but still warmer than normal with temperatures in the upper 50s. all right that said we are about four degrees warmer today than average in san francisco, red wood city and san jose, 78, we should be in the mid to upper 60s and most of us in the low to
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mid 70s. 71 san jose, and look at santa cruz, he we will have upper 60s to your near 70 and low to mid 60s along the coast. 66 in downtown san francisco and low to mid 70s through the north bay valley and upper 60s along the east bay shore. and mid 70s in the east bay neighborhoods inland. dry air, lack of moisture and clouds. high pressure is dominating the the forecast, keeping the storm track to the north for now, that's why we are going have warmer weather today and tomorrow. but if you look at friday, there's a stray shower possible up in the tahoe, in the sierra and a better chance of a wintry mix monday. now you look at our forecast and and it will mirror it almost. we will have a chance of a stray shower across the north bay friday. spring comes in at 3:45 and look
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at the temperatures drop about 2-8 dwreez compared to thursday. we will hapg out close to average, saturday and sunday and then the next storm has a better chance of light rain for us all monday. fortunately it's a long ways away and it not a lot of rain, but something we will keep an eye on for you have a good wednesday. >> mike thank you. good research suggests this breast feeding is a key to helping your kid succeed later in life. children that are breast fed for at least 12 months score almost four points higher on iq tests than babies that stopped early. and they the end up make more money. earning 15% more by age 30. the intelligence up tick is linked to saturated fatty acids in breast milk it's not just because moms that breast feed are more educated and are more wealthy. you may want to things twice for drinking the diet soda. drinks who of it can lead to greater belly fat in.
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those that never drink diet sodas increase by .8 inches and occasional drinkers increased 2 inches and those that drink it every day had waist sizes increase by 3 inches. a boy that lives in a bubble is asking for people to wear yellow a as he waits for a marrow transplant. he has lived in a jury room free hospital room for more than half his life. the family started a campaign called wear yellow for seth. he would like you to wear the favorite color and post a picture on his facebook page next friday. nearly 3 million people have is seen the video and they will have a map of the world in his room and put a pin where all of the countries that people posted a picture.
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>> you think it's hard to give your little ones a bath? >> imagine dealing with that.
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coming up daring escape for a family after their boiler rblows up. it's all caught on camera.
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we will show you more of on the just released incredible video. it's a less op for every homeowner and nearly 30 million people have diabetes and now there's a rosetta stone to help manage the disease. >> and a new addition to the san francisco zoo, it's a howler monkey. >> the baby has yet to be named no matter what it's called you will know it when he hear it. howler monkeys are the loudest animals in the new world. >> okay so guess what? when is the mom say when the baby is does something naughty? >> watch this get in. get in. >> that is a no no. >> we will leave you with
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