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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this is huge. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. "good morning america" coming up. making news in america this morning, terror rampage. tourists scrambling to safety as gunmen shoot their way through a museum. new details about the victims and the search for more suspects in a live report. tattooed and well known to police. the face of an accused killer. a man is in custody after a shooting spree. what investigators say sparked this off. store settlement. target's plan to reimburse customers hurt by its widespread hack attack. are you one of them? and game changer. why there's talk of a possible nine-point touchdown coming to the nfl. well, good thursday morning. we begin with a global fallout from the terror attack on a museum in the north african country of tunisia.
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>> police here in new york have beefed up security now at the museum of modern art and other famous museums popular with tourists. the same being done in other cities, as well. >> and countries around the world are mourning citizens killed in the rampage. abc's carolyn costello is live with details. carolyn, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and t.j. it is still unclear who is responsible for this deadly attack, and this morning people are also asking could something like this happen here at home? the gunmen armed with assault rifles opened fire at a crowded museum in tunisia's capital. security forces scrambled to respond as tourists inside the bardo museum ran for safety. >> translator: several shots were fired. we found another couple with their children. we didn't know what to do so we hid. >> reporter: at least 20 people were killed including two gunmen and many more injured. most of the victims were tourists from poland, germany, japan, spain and italy, shot as they got off a tour bus that brought them to the museum from a cruise ship. tunisia's parliament building which is next door to the museum
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was put on lockdown as lawmakers defiantly sang the country's national anthem. ♪ tunisia's prime minister called the act cowardly. first lady michelle obama traveling in japan expressed condolences. >> on behalf of myself and my husband, i want to join in with the others to express our condolences over the horrific event yesterday in tunisia. >> reporter: this latest attack has raised concerns around the world that other museums could become terrorist targets. just last month isis destroyed priceless antiquities at a museum in mosul, iraq. >> they have to think now, is isis going after cultural heritage? are they going after museums? could our museum be next? >> reporter: a warning being taken seriously at museums here at home. security forces shot and killed two of the gunmen inside the museum, but the manhunt is under way for two or three other accomplices. reena, t.j. >> all right, carolyn costello live for us this morning. thank you so much. new details this morning on the suspect in a deadly shooting
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rampage near phoenix. police in mesa released this mug shot overnight of ex-con ryan giroux. it shows his face and neck tattoo including the words skinhead where his eyebrows would be. they say he killed a man during an argument at a hotel and wounded others including a carjacking and home invasion forcing nearby buildings into lockdown. police still searching for a motive. the pentagon now says that an extremist accused of planning the deadly kenya mall attack two years ago has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. adnan garaar was a key operative for the group al shabaab. he's accused of masterminding the 2013 attack on the westgate mall in nairobi that left 67 people dead. the pentagon says garaar was a major threat and his death is a significant blow to al shabaab. also as expected, the air force veteran accused of trying to join up with isis has pleaded not guilty. tairod pugh is being held in new york. he was returned to the u.s. in january after being stopped by authorities in turkey and sent back to egypt where he had been living.
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pugh has reportedly said he had no intention of joining the terror group. the secret service director says most of the surveillance videos documents two agents smashing into a white house barricade have been erased. director joseph clancy showed members of congress tuesday some videos of that accident providing only limited views. other videos possibly showing better angles were erased after 72 hours. that's part of normal policy. that means proving whether the agents were drunk will be very difficult, if not impossible. donald trump hoping now new hampshire voters will give him a "you're hired." he attends a reception and meets with veterans and business owners there today. just yesterday he announced he's forming an exploratory committee to help him decide whether or not he's going to run for president. he also has hired campaign staff in the granite state, as well as iowa and south carolina. well, the evidence is piling up at the boston marathon bombing trial. a technical expert testified yesterday that blood on gloves found in the car of defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev was that of a slain mit police officer. tsarnaev's attorneys don't deny he took part in the bombing and
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shootings but claim his brother was the mastermind and dzhokhar should be spared the death penalty. and millionaire murder suspect robert durst now on suicide watch at a facility in louisiana. a prosecutor there says if he's convicted on weapons charges stemming from his arrest last weekend, he could face life in prison. that's before any prosecution in los angeles for the murder of durst's friend susan berman, and a northern california prosecutor says they would be interested in what durst has to say about the 1997 disappearance of a teenage girl he lived nearby but is not a suspect in that case. a criminal investigation is now under way looking into a fraternity at penn state university. police say at least two photos on kappa delta rho's secret facebook page could lead to criminal charges. that page included pictures of nude women, some asleep, passed out. the school's president calls those photos "sad and offensive." also, he says students could be expelled because of this. there's a health crisis at a high school in kansas. more than two dozen cases of
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tuberculosis have been diagnosed at the school in olathe. 300 students and staff members were tested after coming into contact with an infected student. so far none of those who tested positive for tb have shown any symptoms. they'll be treated with antibiotics just as a precaution. >> all right. don't scream at me folks when i say this. this has been the warmest winter on record? seriously, that's according to the federal government, reena. would i lie, reena? >> you wouldn't lie, but this doesn't feel to be the case. >> the federal government also says that last month was the second warmest february on record but not in 23 states where february was actually the coldest ever. so a lot of people in the northeast and around are saying this is impossible. all the snow we got and the cold we got. the record high temperatures, it seems, in the rest of the country more than made up for those low temperatures and all that snow in the eastern part of the country. so when you weigh it out, it still was the warmest on record. >> the next step is we need to isolate those warmer parts and move there immediately. >> we should have thought of
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that about a month ago. among the warmer areas is actually southern california and a low pressure storm system last night swept through the area. it brought rain, thunderstorms and even hail to antelope valley including palmdale about 50 miles north of los angeles. residents were warned about possible flash flooding. some showers are still possible there this morning, as well as in arizona and new mexico. heavy rain extends into texas and oklahoma then showers over the mississippi river valley. there will also be showers for much of the southeast. >> temperatures will reach the low 50s in the midwest and southeast. nearly 80 along the gulf coast. the west and northwest will be in the 60s. well, still ahead, the alzheimer's test that researchers say can predict the disease a decade before the first symptoms. and a campus community outraged and the uproar growing louder overnight after a student says he was beaten during an arrest. the video and pictures that sparked it all. plus, a man snorkeling suddenly in the fight of his life. new details just in about a shark attack.
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wall street opens higher this morning after word that the federal reserve will raise interest rates but not right away. the dow jones gained 227 points yesterday on the news closing well above 18,000. the fed signaled that it needs a better job market and inflation to rise above levels, above low levels before it begins nudging borrowing rates up. target is agreeing to pay up to $10 million for its data breach. the plan will be presented to a federal judge this morning. anyone who can show actual harm from the data breach would be eligible for up to $10,000. just an invasion of privacy isn't likely to result in an award. as many as 40 million accounts were compromised during the
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breach in 2013. target also extending its returns policy. customers will now have up to a year to bring back certain store brand items, as well as items purchased from a gift registry. the limit had been 90 days. bed bath & beyond, however, is tightening its return policy. customers who don't have a receipt will be penalized 20% and only get store credit or an exchange. starbucks will begin testing two very different delivery services later this year. one partners with the delivery service postmates to bring hot coffee to members of its loyalty program. they'll be able to order using the starbucks app. the other test only includes one building. it's a big building, though, the empire state building. an employee will ride the elevators from the starbucks store in the landmark building and deliver coffee there and see how it works out. >> i'm all for that. you're not a big coffee drinker. >> i'm not a coffee drinker at all, but you know what, they should have tried this building, the abc building. >> you're absolutely right, especially this hour. when we come back, taunting the police. a biker decides to do some tricks during a high-speed
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fireworks being purposefully set off by authorities in midland, texas. the explosives were seized from an unknown source. police had to set them off during the day because this wasn't supposed to be a show. >> oh, the potential there. they could have put on a great show. >> it's like a tornado with lightning. oh, now a look at some of your morning road conditions, it will be wet times for southern california, the southwest and large portions of the southeast, even the lower midwest will see puddles, as well as the twin cities. if you're flying, airport delays are likeliest in atlanta and charlotte. virginia's governor has ordered an investigation into accusations of police brutality in the arrest of a black college student who was left bloodied in a takedown. >> witnesses say state liquor agents forced martese johnson to the ground and restrained him as he lay bleeding even though they say he was not resisting. students later turned out last night at the university of virginia in a rally in support of him. >> he is a good friend, and i was very upset about what happened. i wanted to see what the school is going to say about it and also just to show love and support. >> johnson needed ten stitches
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to close his head wound. the agents say johnson was drunk and belligerent. they've since been placed on administrative leave. well, a kansas man vacationing with his family in hawaii has been attacked by a tiger shark. police say he was snorkeling about 20 yards from the beach on the big island along with more than a dozen others when bystanders noticed a commotion in the water and scrambled to drag him away. that's when the 10 to 12-foot shark got away. >> we were just driving through here and come to take pictures. i noticed something by the lava rocks right there. i saw it kind of swim off, and it was larger than that guard shack right there. >> the bite victim suffered severe cuts to his left arm and left thigh. authorities have temporarily closed all nearby beaches. meantime, a motorcyclist in southern california hitting speeds around 100 miles an hour following an attempt by cops to pull him over for reckless driving. along the way he was seen -- you see this -- he was standing
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up -- you see this, folks, standing up on his bike at high speed. moments later the guy seemed to surrender pulling into a gas station where he was taken into custody after that wild ride. well, singer liza minnelli is said to be making excellent progress after checking into rehab. she's one of the few performers to win an egot, an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony. but minnelli has battled drug and alcohol abuse over the years and her mother judy garland died of an overdose in 1969. well, important health news, a new test may predict the first signs of alzheimer's disease ten years before an actual diagnosis. the test which can be performed right in the doctor's office identifies patients who are at higher risk of cognitive impairment. it's an important marker for alzheimer's, and while there is no cure for the disease, early intervention has been shown to actually slow its progress. the cathedral in san francisco is backing down after outrage over its use of sprinklers to deter the homeless. they like to sleep, the homeless do, in the church's covered doorways to protect themselves
4:18 am
from the elements. but if you look directly above, you see it there, you see a water water waterspout. that thing sprayed water on them while they slept. after critics pointed out this wasn't very charitable or christian-like, the church says it will remove the sprinkler. okay, so if you've been watching us, you know t.j. has been telling me that march madness is a big deal. >> because you seem to not know. >> all right, i get the point. >> i'm trying to get you there. >> apparently you have some proof this is a big deal. >> look at this. everybody, look at your screen. the university of kentucky is going to be playing, all right, they're going to be playing in that arena. they're going to be playing hampton. what you're seeing is not the game, you're seeing practice. those are the folks who showed up just to watch the kentucky wildcats have practice. >> wow. >> that is a big deal. >> i get it. that is a big deal. you're absolutely right. i get it. i get it. here's a couple of other big deals over at espn. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" studio here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. he's neil everett. >> yep. >> you handle the nba. i'll handle the ncaa. >> okay. what game do you want to see,
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golden state/atlanta? klay thompson, no. the coach says he might be out ten days. he sprained his ankle. hawks didn't have kyle korver. he broke his nose. draymond green just broke this game open. he had five threes. he said no thompson, hey, man. michigan state, i can throw up a three. andre iguodala, when i was young i liked to go to the circus. he had 21. i mean, 114-95. it wasn't that close. all right, it's the first four, they're already in the tournament. don't call it a play-in game. highlights. let's check out the play-in highlights. dayton and boise state, the first to play on its home court in the ncaa tournament since 1987. 16-0 this season. dyshawn pierre goes up and gets the rebound and, well, his pants fall down. pants on the ground. dayton down seven. 38 seconds to play. dayton down two, jordan sibert doing something about it. dayton up one. 4.6 to go. same score derrick marks, the pump fake gets his man in the air.
4:20 am
is that a foul or not? >> yes. >> no. no call on the play. >> they didn't call it. >> dayton survive, 56-55. you really thought it was a foul? >> listen, he made contact. but boise state should have never been in that position. they were in control and let it go. >> all right. that's all we got. >> dayton advances, so do you. >> thanks. we got "the pulse" coming up next and going for nine. the nfl might at least consider changing the number of points that a touchdown is worth. and flame-grilled fragrance. is burger king releasing a new perfume? perfume? their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults
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4:23 am
parker brothers acquired the rights to publish the real estate game. back then a set cost $2. >> the past 20 years or so there have been more than 300 special editions of monopoly currently published in four dozen languages and in 114 countries. there's a special edition for the 80th anniversary, as well, so happy birthday to you. we just have the regular -- no, we do have the 80th anniversary edition. >> i prefer the original. >> i think everybody does for the most part. we have a "frozen" edition, as well. >> that's right. >> i'd like to slide that in there. next up the nfl holding its league meetings next week and one proposed change is getting a lot of attention. the headline, a nine-point touchdown. >> yes, the idea here is that a team scores a regular touchdown and then is successful on a two-point converse now up to 8 points and at that point they're offered a chance for a 50-yard field goal worth a bonus point that gets you up to nine. now, the indianapolis colts are proposing the new rule. may be getting a lot of attention and talk but indications are it doesn't have much of a chance of passing. >> why did you tell us about it? come on. >> sorry. it's interesting. >> confusing me.
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the math, too much math. well, up next, no math, just some cereal. an artist with a creative flair is using frosted flakes and other cereal to create these amazing pictures. >> sarah rosado makes portraits of her favorite musicians. using different types of cereal. that's taylor swift. it looks like puffs for her hair and maybe fruity pebbles for her background. >> so we have -- who is that? beyonce, sarah says it takes eight hours for each cereal creation. >> next. who could that be. >> iggy azalea. the new zealander rapper has a trademark mole. >> we thought it was lady gaga. i was questioning the mole. and who do you hi this one is? stevie wonder. >> good. >> had trouble with that earlier, as well. let's move on to a warning to vegans and vegetarians. next story offensive to your sensibilities. burger king is announcing it's releasing a new whopper scented perfume called flame-grilled for sale in japan april 1st. >> it may sound as though this
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 4:28. i am christian. >> i am matt keller here with sue hall and meteorologist mike nicco. looks like we have a this day? >> warmest day. the last day of winter the warmest day this weekend. i want to show you fog language the coast this morning. some of it is trying to develop around santa rosa four visibility and from sutro tower we are clean. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. we will have a few more high clouds but that will not stop us from reaching low 60s at the coast to low 70s inland and we will stay in the low 60s at 4:00 at the cost but low-to-upper 70s bay and
4:29 am
inland a delightful evening and then it is cool quickly. >> sounds delightful. sue? >> the last minute road work shows that is it no major stalls or actions, and just early thursday morning. we have road work on the san mateo bridge you can see the flashing lights in the eastbound direction and tail lights are headed westbound and there is cones in the road that will be picked up by 5:00, eastbound, though, you have to wait until 11 o'clock for the road work to be picked up. looking good in san rafael, southbound 101 no delays and the golden gate bridge has three lanes headed southbound. breaking overnight in napa firefighters are still on the scene this morning of a huge apartment fire that broke out at a complex on brown near g street before 11 o'clock last night with dozens on the street watching the firefighters try to get the place under control. you can see the crews has to deal with large shames coming from the to story building. our reporter is at the scene
4:30 am
gathering the details with a report at the top of the hour. a scandal at the san francisco zoo. the employees union is holding a news conference today after zookeepers discovered management may have been listening in on private conversations. our reporter is at the zoo with more details. good morning. a union representative said that employee radios were used to eavesdrop on workers. the radios belonged to the zoo executive director and the vice president of operations. they include a microphone feature that allows them to pick up the private conversations, a union representative for the zookeepers is calling for a thorough express. he said it was a non-union member of management. >> one of our union stewards said i ever heard the director of operations and a couple of buddies listening in on the conversation of another manager making fun


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