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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and spring surprise. millions of americans on alert for a snowstorm set to bri us a half a foot in some areas. temperatures plunge below zero again. when will it end? museum massacre. gunmen in military uniforms open fire at a crowded museum killing tourists the terrorists killed as well. authorities hunting for accomplices as security is stepped up in museum all over the u.s. shocking stash. search warrants revealing what accused killer robert durst was hiding. the latex mask, more than 300,000 in cash, the books about himself as the fbi reportedly is looking into more unsolved murder cases in places durst once lived. ♪ how you like me now ♪ and wild ride. a daredevil motorcyclist leads
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police on a dangerous high-speed chase taunting officers with a crazy stunt show, standing on his seat, weaving through traffic, and guess what he said after he was caught? and good morning, america. happy thursday. the weekend is in sight, which means a storm is in sight too. the snowiest winter ever in much of new england and so many places like chicago have had their coldest months ever. >> and just when you thought it was over, there's more on the way. up to a half a foot in some areas. freezing cold temperatures and ginger is going to start us off. >> that's right. here we go again winter weather advisories in place from parts of virginia up through connecticut and, yes, just a little piece into the cape there that could see some snow mixing on in as we get into that last official day of winter and the start of spring so let's time it out for you.
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it's all rain in the southeast through today and then overnight into early tomorrow morning. right there at 7:00 for washington, d.c. it changes over to snow. some of the heaviest snow totals will fall between philadelphia and new york city. you can see right there in the evening drive time it's not going to be pretty going into your weekend and then it's all gone by 10:00 p.m. and it's plenty cold behind it. i have to tell you guys, it has snowed as late as may in new york, so really -- >> we're lucky. >> we're lucky. there you go. i like that. i like that attitude. >> thank you, ginger. we'll move on to that deadly terror attack. two gunmen storming a museum killing more than 20 people, most of them tourists in the north african nation of tunisia. authorities hurting for accomplices as museums around the world go on high alert. brian ross with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. the attack seen by authorities as a wake-up call for museums and popular tourist sites around the world including here in the u.s. overnight new york city police
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assigned extra details to the most popular museums here in direct response to that deadly tunisia attack. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the attack in tunisia came without warning. and security forces did not arrive in time to prevent the massacre. tourists inside the crowded bardo national museum ran for their lives some shielding their children as two gunmen approached with heavy weapons. some of the tourists hid inside the galleries beneath priceless antiquities. this french tourist tells how police told her to run. when we left we saw dead bodies, she says. most of the dead and wounded were tourists from poland, germany, spain and italy. many of them massacred as they got off a tour bus that brought them to the museum from a cruise ship. one eyewitness said one of the gunmen actually got on the tour bus and opened fire. the parliament building next door to the museum was put on lockdown as defiant lawmakers
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sang the country's national anthem. the two gunmen were killed and officials say they have arrested nine people as suspected accomplices and are searching for more. alex marquardt of abc news is on the scene. >> reporter: this is the where attack started outside of the museum. due knee shan officials say at least 20 people were killed. >> reporter: the location of the attack at the ba are, do museum as terror groups are calling for attacks on soft targets and on cultural centers. >> my concern would be that an individual who's becoming radicalized in their basement is watching video on the internet of an attack and decides that they want to replicate it. >> reporter: it was just last month that isis destroyed rooms full of centuries-old antiquities at a museum in mosul, iraq.
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this morning, jihadist sites are applauding the attack in tunisia with one calling for more efforts killing european or american tourists. wherever they can be found in museums or their hotel rooms. >> was there any sense that isis was behind it from the beginning? >> isis called for attacks in tunisia but so far there's no indication that it's isis. it could be another group like isis has no hesitation about slaughtering innocent civilians. >> brian ross, thanks very much. all right, george, now to the arrest of a college student sparking accusations of excessive police force. the incident caught on camera showing a 20-year-old university of virginia junior on the ground, his face bloody and the school is angry. abc's linsey davis is here with that story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. right away the university's president ask virginia's governor for an independent investigation into the incident, e-mailing the campus community saying, she had deep concern about it. and now the governor is investigating the use of force
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in martese johnson's arrest which you can see the end result caught on cell phone video. >> his head is bleeding! >> reporter: outrage this morning surrounding the now viral video of this arrest of 20-year-old martese johnson, a black male student at the university of virginia. >> i go to uva. >> reporter: the college junior wrestled to the ground by alcoholic beverage control agents early wednesday morning after trying to get into a bar near uva's campus. >> how does this happen? you racists! >> reporter: his blood splattered on the pavement. witnesses say police acted with unnecessary force and hit his head on the ground reportedly requiring ten stitches. johnson was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication. overnight thousands of students gathering at a rally on campus in support of johnson who's a member of the school's honor committee. johnson, emotional, wiping away
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tears. >> please respect every here. we're all part of one community. >> reporter: his lawyer telling abc news that martese is a smart young man with a bright future. he is absolutely devastated by yesterday's events. we're preparing to investigate and defend this matter vigorously. the university's president echoing that sentiment at the rally last night. >> my heart went out to him. i thought how i would feel if i were his mother. >> reporter: this video yet another example of racial tensions between civilians and authorities. at one point you can hear someone in the background chanting hands up. >> hands up! >> reporter: parts of the "hands up, don't shoot" mantra recited following the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, last summer. johnson pictured here with his hands up in a demonstration after the unarmed teen's death. johnson was released from jail wednesday morning. an e-mail from one student organization signed as concerned black students said the arrest was unprovoked and he was not resisting questioning or arrest, george. >> a lot of questions left here. okay, linsey, thanks very much.
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we're going to turn now to that deadly shooting spree in arizona. one person killed, five hurt when an ex-convict went on a rampage. he is under arrest this morning and abc's kendis gibson brings us the latest from mesa. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning, george. and that shooting rampage started at this motel right here. for several hours, this phoenix suburb gripped with fear. this morning we're learning more about the accused gunman and his white supremacist groups connections. police say this man, ryan giroux is responsible for this shooting spree that killed one and injured five. terrifying the citizens of mesa, arizona, during a five-hour manhunt which paralyzed this community. the 41-year-old has an extensive rap sheet, seven felonies and spent 14 years behind bars. in this mug shot you can see the words skin head tattooed on his face. >> suspect is armed with a.422 handgun. >> reporter: it began at this
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motel when he walked into a room and an argument started. he shot three people and one man died. >> we know that there was some type of argument or they possibly knew each other. >> reporter: he races across the street to a restaurant next to a high school where he shoots a student worker. >> i got up and immediately just felt warm and knew what happened and told everyone to stay back. >> reporter: then carjacks a vehicle. >> gray dark honda accord. >> reporter: as a massive manhunt featuring five law enforcement agencies gets under way, the community placed on lockdown, police going door to door. two other men are shot within a three-mile radius finally at 1:09 p.m. the suspect spotted on an apartment balcony. authorities quickly surrounding the complex. >> they were marching through the apartments and trying to find him. helicopter out. you know, i have a 6-month-old son, and so it's pretty nerve-racking. >> reporter: authorities apprehend him at last, tasing him and leading him out in a hazmat suit. this morning, police still trying to figure out a motive. two victims were released from
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the hospital. isaac martinez, you saw in the story right there, moments after he was hit, his shirt still soaked with blood, he posts a selfie on snapchat with the caption "i just got shot." george. >> okay kendis thanks very much. let's go to dan harris in for amy today and starting with more questions for the secret service. >> good morning, everybody. the secret service is now revealing that some of the surveillance tapes showing a recent incident at the white house may have been erased. the incident in question is from earlier this month. you may remember two agents who allegedly had been drinking drove into a security barrier. the director of the secret service showed members of congress two videos of what happened but those videos provide only limited views. agency officials say the other videos from that night were erased after 72 hours as part of a routine deletion policy. some members of congress though are skeptical and say it may now be impossible to prove whether they were in fact drunk. this morning the pentagon confirms the mastermind of a deadly terror attack on a mall in kenya has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. adnan garaar was a senior member
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of al shabaab, which is an offshoot of al qaeda in somalia, and he's believed to be responsible for the attack on the westgate mall in nairobi back in 2013. the pentagon says his death is a, quote, significant blow to the terror organization. an army unit in alaska is being investigated for a tradition many will find offensive known as racial thursdays. the army times newspaper says a platoon of soldiers based at ft. wainwright were allegedly given a free pass to use racial slurs against one another on thursdays. this is the same unit to which private danny chen once belonged. authorities say chen took his life four years ago after being hazed over his chinese ancestry. if you got caught up in last year's big data breach involving target, you could now get up to $10,000 from the company. target has agreed to put $10 million into a fund to settle a class action lawsuit. there's a hearing in federal court this morning on that settlement. catholic church officials in san francisco are now backing down after using sprinklers to
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prevent homeless people from taking shelter in the doorways of st. mary's cathedral. the sprinklers were placed above the doors dousing the homeless while they slept. the church says it was only trying to, quote, redirect those folks, but after a public outcry they have agreed to remove the sprinklers. and finally, on a lighter note, we all get distracted at work. let's be honest, for some of us it's twitter. for george it's youtube videos of talking goats. but this state lawmaker in iowa it's a book called "sex after sixty." >> oh, no. >> representative ross paustian was caught on camera reading during a debate. on the house floor. now, he actually insists that he was paying attention and that the book -- >> yes, he was. >> the book is not his. it was a gag gift for the guy who sits next to him. >> of course. >> and recently turned 60. reminds me of the time strahan told me he only reads "playboy" for the articles. >> i'm actually holding a "playboy" with a comic book
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inside. i'm really looking at "playboy." >> this is what you do during my newscast, right? >> just put it down. >> he looks so chilled reading it. >> he was owning it. >> yes. >> oh -- i thought he was engaged -- >> oh, boy. >> all right there, dan. >> engaged with the content of the book. >> always good to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. >> i'll be here many days in a row. >> should we move on? >> no. >> we'll do it, lara. starbucks, the coffee chain is not backing down from its decision to tackle race relations. the company's ceo defended the campaign in a big annual meeting wednesday. abc's neal karlinsky has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning starbucks' ceo speaking out just hours after launching a huge campaign about race relations in america which went over like a cold cup of coffee. people were incredibly vocal. here's one race together is what happens when a 1 percenter has a
7:14 am
midlife white man's burden crisis. >> well, you know what i say to that no good deed goes unpunished. >> reporter: starbucks hoping to get people talking about america's race problems by having baristas right race together on cups, an idea quickly met by an avalanche of criticism online and on the air. >> are white people cranky in line before they even have their coffee? >> yes, they are. >> is a black man that's in line talking about his oppression with his people going to make them cranky white people crankier? >> probably, yeah. >> reporter: starbucks ceo howard schultz says he genuinely wants to help by using his company's popularity to do some good. why do you think people are so angry with your campaign? >> all we're trying to do is create awareness but what i would say is that the rules of engagement in trying to create change in america is a very difficult thing to do. >> reporter: he says he wasn't surprised by the reaction but even one of his own executives temporarily shut down his twitter account because the
7:15 am
backlash was so ugly. this morning starbucks isn't cutting its campaign short but rather hoping people take it to heart. >> i think this is an issue facing the country and facing our people. and we're trying to do some good. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> and it definitely has people talking. >> oh, yeah. >> it really does. >> absolutely. >> what do you have for us, michael? >> that daredevil motorcyclist is behind bars this morning after leading police on a wild high-speed chase for an hour. on wednesday. his wild ride was caught on camera and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> here we go again. here we go again, showing off. >> reporter: overnight, a dangerous high-speed police chase turns into a motorcycle stunt show through the streets of southern california. >> and look at these speeds, i mean, he's just continuing to bolt here. >> reporter: watch this reckless rider topping speeds of 100
7:16 am
miles per hour standing on top of his seat, and then, look, doing it again, weaving through traffic. >> ahead he's approaching traffic here. >> reporter: appearing to make obscene gestures at california highway patrol officers in hot pursuit. >> but he does seem to be looking back at them. he does seem to be almost taunting those two officers. >> reporter: the biker driving on the wrong side of the road at times, narrowly evading officers. >> blows by him. he may have hit that door. >> reporter: the high-speed drama ending here at this gas station. the biker giving up, putting the brakes on his joyride. >> officers are out. they do have their guns out which is, you know, very dangerous situation. >> reporter: and booked on charges of driving on the wrong side of the road and failure to yield. >> i just want to say that i love my family and my two baby girls and i'm sorry i disappointed them. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and there were some bystanders who were cheering him on as if he were evel knievel but very dangerous, no laughing matter. his bike was taken away by a tow truck and he's due to appear in
7:17 am
court tomorrow on $500,000 bail. >> he said he was disappointed and -- what he did -- maybe he should have thought of that before. >> love your family, stay healthy. >> when you do things like that you can also put people who aren't involved in danger, as well. >> good point. >> thank you, michael. back to ginger, back to the snow. >> yes. let's detail the forecast more. i didn't get to the snow totals. it's not going to be a ton of know that falls on friday but it is going to be enough to make those roads pretty murky and not going to be easy. from washington, d.c., you're in that half to 1 1/2-inch area up to philadelphia. a lot heavier it looks like on long island. just to detail that quickly, it's all coming, well, most of it from a storm that did this, close to corpus christi, texas. look, the animals there in the barn fighting through floodwaters, it wasn't just the horses and goats, thankfully everybody is okay. but, of course, the roads around there too, and more heavy rain still falling and this is through saturday. you can take some 2 to 3 inches
7:18 am
from parts of louisiana and mississippi, back to san antonio, and then even just south of atlanta, some heavier rain totals. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. on this last day of winter it will be warm and sunny. temperatures are ten degrees above average with a few high clouds. cooler air and more clouds friday through sunday and light showers on friday and again on sunday. low-to-mid 60s along the coast and 69 in san francisco and low-to-mid 70s around the bay
7:19 am
and upper 70s to nearly 80 inland. the seven-day forecast shows it is only cooler from now through >> and look at this. yosemite, it looks so majestic. so beautiful with those clouds wrapped around the mountains, but the people out there are saying this is not beautiful. there should be snow all over these mountains. that drought is real. there is no joke. >> we got extra snow we can send them. >> we sure do. and we'll have it tomorrow. some sort of tunnel. i don't know. >> thank you. coming up we have new details about accused killer robert durst. the shocking stash police found in his hotel room and also in his apartment. and "gma investigates" a new report about new cars being sold under recall with potentially dangerous defects what you need to know. plus, what this little boy is doing that has everyone talking and what millions of people are planning to do for him. and sam smith sharing the secrets of how he is transforming his life and his body.
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just ahead here on "gma," new details on robert durst, the surprising things police found when they raided his hotel room and apartment. and puppy love. the new study revealing why dogs truly are man's best friend. good morning we have developing news out of napa where firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at an apartment building. it happened at 10:30 last night on brown street. fire officials say it looks like part of the building was under
7:25 am
construction possibly work from the post earthquake work. that will all be part of the investigation. no injuries. let's see how folks are doing on the roadways. >> it's pretty jammed out there. we have a capital between martinez and richmond due to a fire near the tracks. no other mass transit problems. let's take a look out there westbound at 580. we have a car getting into it that's moved off to the shoulder and the off ramp from eastbound from southbound 680 remains closed with an accident on the shoulder. >> we'll
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good morning welcome to the last day of winter. it's feeling like it in napa.
7:28 am
52 in san francisco. 50 in oakland. 49 in san jose. 48 in concorde. sun is up, let the warming begin. it will be a warm one. temperatures above average. mid-70s for the rest of us. just watch out for that tree palm and look at that sunshine. slowdown if you're heading eastbound. our seven-day forecast, cold front will bring us increasing clouds and cooler weather tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower tomorrow night. the rest o
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good morning, america. right now, a spring snowstorm gets ready to dump up to half a foot of snow in parts of the east coast. also right now, accused killer robert durst on suicide watch while police reveal they found lots of cash and a gun when he was arrested. a "gma" undercover investigation finds brand-new cars being sold even though they're under recall for potentially dangerous defects. we say good morning, america, on this friday eve. yes. yeah, a lot of dog lovers here. i know you love your felines. more of a cat person. >> i love them both. >> but there's new research revealing why our connection with dogs is so strong. t.j. is going to bring us that and he's in the social square. >> robin, so strong because the same hormone that helps a mother and her baby bond is the same hormone that helps a dog bond
7:31 am
with a human. yes, why they love us and we love them explained coming up, george. >> we have an answer finally. okay, t.j., thanks very much. we're going to get to that. but first, the latest on robert durst. a search warrant turns up new details about the millionaire real estate heir's life right before he was arrested for murder. abc's matt gutman is tracking the case in new orleans. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. the web of mystery surrounding durst is expanding, the fbi now reportedly investigating whether he's connected to other unsolved murders and they're asking local law enforcement in places he's lived in the past, california, vermont and new york, to take a fresh look. the 71-year-old may now be on suicide watch in a local louisiana jail, but the hunt for evidence against him nationwide. a newly revealed search warrant offering a glimpse of a life on the run. in houston authorities raiding durst's luxury condo tuesday removing computers and bank statements indicating he recently withdrew $315,000 in cash in barely a month.
7:32 am
they also found copies of two books, "a deadly secret" and "without a trace," both chronicling the multiple mysterious deaths he's suspected of, the literary versions of hbo's "the jinx." the warrant also detailing the remarkable stash found in durst's new orleans hotel room when he was arrested saturday. including a full face latex mask, more than 42,000 in cash, mostly in hundreds, and enough pot found for 300 joints, a fake i.d. plus a real passport and a .38 special revolver with four live rounds. police hauling him into court early this week on possession of a weapon with a controlled substance. it's a charge that orleans parish d.a. leon cannizzaro tells abc news exclusively could permanently end his life on the run. so just for those gun charges here in louisiana he could face up to life in prison? >> if he has a prior criminal history under what we call our repeat offender statute.
7:33 am
>> reporter: durst does, including three felonies. prosecutors in l.a. want a piece of durst, too, planning to extradite him on a charge of capital murder for the 2000 execution of his best friend, susan berman. >> it's exactly like the cadaver note. >> reporter: her death a main focal point of "the jinx" and many even crediting the show with cracking the case wide open. undercovering this note from durst, which seems like a near-perfect match to an anonymous match police believe berman's killer sent telling them where to find her body. >> very similar. >> reporter: durst's legal team calling the revelations in the hbo's "the jinx" junk science. they concede their client may seem a little eccentric but say he is not a suicide risk and they eagerly want to get him out of louisiana and to los angeles to fight those murder charges, but, robin, george, that may not happen. >> all right. but still bizarre. let's go now to michael who
7:34 am
is in the social square with "the speed feed." michael? >> all right can't wait to tell you about this story trending on twitter and facebook this morning. wear yellow for seth. everyone is talking about this little boy, 5-year-old seth lane, well, he has immune deficiency disease, also known as bubble boy syndrome, but as you can see that does not dim his smile. what a beautiful smile. big smile, happy kid but seth is facing a bone marrow transplant and thought of something to cheer himself up so he's asking people to wear his favorite color yellow on march 27th and seth, he asked his mom, is anyone watching this video? the buzzfeed tells us that more than 1 million people have been watching this video which made seth extremely happy and his smile even brighter. let's do it next friday, let's all do it for seth, okay. so let's all wear yellow, tweet it with the #wearyellowforseth and that's it, let's make this little boy extremely happy, everybody. what else is brightening your feed today? tweet us at #socialsquare.
7:35 am
>> i'm so in. friday is it yellow. let's do it for seth. time for the weather and ginger. oh that's a beautiful scene behind you. >> this is where we want more snow and going to get it in a couple of places. west of denver, ski season a couple of weeks left. if you're a snowboarder or skier and looking at steamboat, good news, you have a storm slowly making its way through and going to see winter weather advisories and warnings from breckenridge there down through parts of northern new mexico. year talking 6 inches to 12 inches in some of the areas especially higher than 10,000 feet. but roads on the way to the skiing might get a little sloppy so something to look for into your friday. much drier and more mild to the west, certainly cooler than we good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. we are off to a calm start in last day of winter but we will be warmer-than-average this afternoon with low-to-mid 60s and up to 8 81 inland. the seven-day forecast show as
7:36 am
stray sure on friday and >> all that weather brought to you by target, and i know amy is off but finally she got some warm weather, florida, in the 80s. >> whoo-hoo. >> it's been months and the poor girl has been followed around -- >> she's cold. >> even phoenix, even in l.a. anyway -- >> you better be sleeping in and not watching us right now, amy you deserve it. hey, coming up, a major "gma" undercover investigation revealing dealerships selling cars under recall, what you need to know. and grammy winner sam smith is making headlines this morning, sharing the secrets of his dramatic transformation. ring the secrets of his dramatic transformation. goldfish in the car. off to grandma's house they go. the trip is rather long. but mother quickly sets the tone. with a classic disco song. they start a game of license plates and quickly find kentucky. then brother spots alaska! he's never felt so lucky.
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yeah, it's right over here... oh! there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold. back now at 7:40 with a major "gma investigates." this morning, new vehicles that are being sold with open safety recalls. the defects, not fixed, and potentially dangerous. hard to believe but we had no trouble finding vehicles with
7:41 am
open recalls and even buying one ourselves. abc's gio benitez is here now with the story and good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: lara, good morning to you. take a look, this is the truck we bought with that potential defect. it was brand-new but not problem-free. our exclusive abc news investigation now shows it and hundreds of other new vehicles were sold across the country with major safety recalls. this morning, "gma investigates." "gma investigates" undercover inside a new car dealership. this salesman named arnie is selling us a nearly $50,000 truck which is under recall for a potentially dangerous defect. our undercover producer jerry giving arnie the down payment. >> 10. >> 2,000. >> reporter: here's what we're trying to find out. will a brand-new vehicle be sold to us with an open safety recall? for used cars, buyers are usually on the hook. expected to do their own
7:42 am
homework but for new cars the vehicles are supposed to be sold free of defects. the dealer not fixing it is against the law. during our investigation, we visit multiple dealerships in two states, new jersey and new york, asking about cars with recalls. some salesmen find those defects. >> thanks. >> i appreciate it. >> reporter: but let's go back to hawthorne, new jersey, where we identified chevy silverado with an open safety recall. some trucks like these can unexpectedly lose power on the road. >> any recalls or anything on this one? >> no. >> reporter: if there's a recall, the dealership does by law have to fix it before it's in our hands. four days later, jerry now owns that brand-new pickup. then, using the truck's vin number, we immediately check gm's website to see if the recall has been fixed. >> here it is, recall status, incomplete. arnie has some explaining to do. listen, you sold jerry this car
7:43 am
and you said that there were no recalls on it. but, in fact, there are recalls on it. in fact, a very serious one. >> there's a recall on this? >> yes. >> oh, i have to check it out and see. i don't know. i wasn't aware. >> reporter: remember, he said there was no recall. >> no, no, absolutely not. i made a mistake. >> reporter: the dealership's president telling "gma investigates," we have realized that our failure was tied exclusively to human error. from now on we will be cross-checking serial numbers with our service records. but it's not only this dealership. we've uncovered hundreds of new cars from many manufacturers from around the country that were sold with unfixed safety recalls and we're told that's just the tip of the iceberg. incredibly the national highway transportation safety administration, nhtsa, which is headquartered right here in the nation's capital, only fined two dealerships in 2014. senator ed markey sits on the senate subcommittee for consumer protection. we found hundreds and hundreds
7:44 am
of new cars that have recalls on them and guess what, they were sold. >> yeah, and that's wrong. you have to assume that when there's a brand-new car with that new car smell in it that there are no defects. >> reporter: nhtsa has 51 people on that enforcement team. we have a couple of producers looking at this, why can't nhtsa do it? >> nhtsa should have done this work. it shouldn't take an investigation by abc to find this problem. nhtsa is now put on notice its job is to be the cop on the beat. >> reporter: and nhtsa declined to do an on-camera interview but tells us there is no excuse for dealers to sell news cars with open recalls. the makers of our truck, gm, says they tell dealers not to sell them with open recalls. ways to check if your car is affected. you can use the my car fax app or check the nhtsa database. we posted links to those on our website, on yahoo! but, remember, guys, these are brand-new cars. you shouldn't have these issues.
7:45 am
>> and they did fix it for free in your case, right? >> they did and guess how long it took? less than 20 minutes. >> i mean, wow. >> all right, gio, thank you. really, you are on it. and you can see more of gio's report tonight on "nightline." and coming up here, a possible breakthrough in treating alzheimer's. detecting the disease up to a decade before diagnosis. plus, the science behind the unbreakable bond between man and dog. puppy love explained. ♪
7:46 am
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i love chico's. and it definitely gives me stories to tell. some say i know how to make a statement, but really, i just wear what i'm wild about. i'm always up for colorful conversation and like to keep things easy and carefree. i know what i love, and there are many sides to my story. if these clothes could talk. only at chico's and
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now we all know dogs are man's best friend, even though dan harris, you're a cat man. that's okay. but now, we're learning a little bit more about why they love us so much and why we love them. abc's t.j. holmes has the story. >> reporter: ah, the pooches of "gma." >> a kiss. >> daisy, our newest member of the family. >> reporter: special studio guests. >> it looks like brody is giving it a seal of approval. >> reporter: and spoiled rotten. >> i might have treated my youngest puppy to a new coat. there she is, that's cocoa. >> reporter: this morning a new study now revealing our deep canine connection comes from
7:50 am
oxytocin, the love hormone produced in the brain that helps mothers and babies bond. as dogs evolved from their wolf an ses on or thes their brains develop and they begin to bond with humans. when dogs in the study were given a boost of oxytocin they were more in sync with their owners. >> they read their owner's every mood and it's really an amazing thing. with my dogs they know when i don't feel well. i think they read your facial expressions. they're just so in tune to their human parents. >> reporter: the study finding after just three minutes of petting and talking to your dog, oxytocin spikes in both humans and pups. we'll have to get back to you, dan harris, on how cat lovers and their feline companions bond. dan, back to you. it wasn't my idea. they forced me to put that video in there. >> thank you, t.j. we'll have a talk during the commercial break. >> your cat gave you the backhand. >> my cat is definitely in tune with my emotions like suck it up. i don't care.
7:51 am
>> the bottom line is any pet can make you feel great. i think it's an amazing thing to have. coming up, empire is the hottest show in the country and it's taking on madonna. let's find out how. coming up "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back. you know, i think about money kind of a lot. money is freedom. money's always on my mind. car insurance. credit cards. preschool. debt. cell phone bills. it's complicated. it's not easy. i am not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. savings. investments. retirement. man: the more educated i am, the better decisions i can make in the future.
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7:56 am
kristen good morning, i'm kristen sze. governor brown will unveil an emergency plan to deal with the drought. this it will mark the second year they have had to act on to drought relief. meteorologist mike nicco, no rain in sight? >> last day of winter. you'll need the sunglasses and short sleeves into the afternoon hours. most areas in the 70s except for along the coast into san francisco. seven-day forecast, a stray shower across the north bay friday night. the rest of us a light shower
7:57 am
monday. slow and go out there this hour. southbound 101 is slugging along past the civic center. there's the bay bridge. past the lights, traffic moves nicely. an accident at pleasant hill on the
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and grammy winner sam smith shedding major weight. how the superstar lost 14 pounds in 14 days. secrets of the new lifestyle he's latching on to. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ and trending big right now, what happens when he wants kids and she's not sure. the new parenting problem dividing couples. ♪ and primetime your look. joe zee breaking down the hottest styles from your favorite shows. we're giving your wardrobe a tv star makeover. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ and get ready for spring with amazing "deals & steals" as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:01 am
would you look at that great crowd outside here in times square? just one day until spring, and we're trying to get into the spirit even though the weather isn't quite cooperating. >> yeah, spring break is here. we're right upon it right now, and for everyone still shivering this morning, we want to bring a little spring to you. >> yeah, in fact, i believe ginger has already jumped into spring break. doing a little -- look at her hanging ten. >> yeah, hanging ten over here. it's so gnarly on the waves. whoo! yeah. i'm in hawaii, by the way. >> oh! >> careful, michael. yes, careful. that's a big one. we'll make it through. the dolphin. oh. that's the biggest dolphin ever. >> the biggest dolphin ever. >> it's time to get dangerous. >> since we're already in hawaii -- >> zip line.
8:02 am
>> we're still in hawaii. yeah. >> whoa! >> whoo. >> hey, look, ginger, no hands. [ laughter ] >> ah! >> high-five. high-five. >> yeah. >> enough. enough. stop zip-lining. please. >> this is enough adventure. >> what daredevils they are. >> you guys, we're feeling spring. >> you guys are good sports. see, we feel better already. right? >> yes, we do. >> a little dizzy but -- >> okay. that was nice, no hands. >> that was good. now, dan, bring us some news. we'll start with here the breaking developments in that deadly shooting at a museum in the north african country of tunisia. two tourists and a guard have been found safe inside that museum nearly 24 hours after the attack. one of the tourists who hid in the museum all night was four months pregnant, and the guard who was just found, he spent the night hiding in a stone coffin fearing the attack wasn't over. at least 22 people, most of them european tourists, were killed along with the two gunmen who launched that attack. police in tunisia have now
8:03 am
arrested nine people in connection with the violence. here at home authorities called the attack a wake-up call. security has been tightened at museums in new york city. we are learning more now about the ex-con who allegedly went on a deadly shooting rampage outside of phoenix. a new mug shot of ryan giroux shows his face and neck tattoos including the word skinhead where his eyebrows should be. police say it all started when he killed a man during an argument and then shot and wounded five others. his hours-long spree also included a carjacking and a home invasion before police finally took him into custody. an encouraging development in the treatment of alzheimer's this morning. doctors say a new test being studied at the mayo clinic could help predict the disease up to ten years before an actual diagnosis. the test is performed right in a doctor's office and measures the patient's risk of mental impairment including how quickly the patient can walk a short distance which may be a physical
8:04 am
cue about -- physical clue, rather, about brain function. doctors acknowledge more research is needed before this multistage test can be recommended, but they are encouraged by the results thus far. this morning, mitt romney weighing in on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. romney telling yahoo! global news anchor katie couric, the questions being raised about why clinton used private e-mail during her time as secretary of state could hurt her presumed presidential campaign. romney even called it a mess. >> i mean, we've seen this before. i mean, it's always something with the clintons, which is that they have rules which they describe before they get into something and then they decide they don't have to follow their own rules and that i think is going to be a real problem for her. >> if you want to watch katie's full exclusive interview with mitt and ann romney, you can logon to yahoo!.com. a new twist now in the controversy over the hit song "blurred lines." a jury last week awarded marvin gaye's kids more than $7 million saying "blurred lines" copied part of gaye's song "got to give
8:05 am
it up," but gaye's children now say that's not enough saying they're trying to stop the sale and distribution of "blurred lines" altogether until an agreement is reached on how to split the royalties. and finally, march madness tips off today. robin is rubbing her hands together with anticipation, as you know, there will be plenty of rebounds, most likely, however, none of them like this one. in last night's qualifying game, dayton's dyshawn pierre goes up, gets the ball and loses his shorts. >> oh, no. >> okay, here's the good news. he was wearing bike shorts underneath, so nothing r-rated transpired and check this out. the best reaction from the cheerleaders on the sidelines. >> whoo! >> look at their faces. >> oh, no, he didn't! >> surprise and maybe something else. some people are now calling for the ncaa to investigate the quality of the drawstrings on the team's uniforms. i made that up. i'm only one calling for that investigation. >> plainly g-rated. >> yes. i mean, luckily he was wearing bike shorts. that's why i wear them every day.
8:06 am
>> this is a perfect segue. pam cook, who was a star at southeastern louisiana university where i played -- >> she was going like this. >> she was so much better than i ever was for the lady lions is here with her family. this happened to work out. shout-out -- lion up, pam. "pop news" and weather coming up. now let's go to michael in the social square. >> you know, the amazing thing is he didn't travel even after his pants fell down. now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news" how "empire" is knocking off madonna. we'll explain that to you. plus, this is trending right now, when men want kids more than women. the big conversation you need to have. and grammy winner sam smith revealing the secrets to his dramatic transformation, shedding 14 pounds in 14 days. all that and great spring "steals & deals" coming up live on "gma" here in times square. tory johnson, everybody. >> peeps. >> got our peeps with us.
8:07 am
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. welcome back, everybody. it's time for "pop news" and today, it is the dawn of a new "empire." the hit show starring terrence howard and taraji p. henson taking the world by storm and
8:12 am
now this week, guys, the show's new album debuting at number one on the billboard charts. >> yeah. >> taking the throne from the queen herself, madonna's "rebel hearts" debuting at number two. that is the power of a great tv show. the "empire" soundtrack features superstars such as rita ora, jennifer hudson and that was since "glee" made the billboard chart in 2000. >> i thought you were doing a spoiler. >> no, no. >> okay, i missed last night. >> no, but just listen to the music. that's one of the songs from the show too. >> that's dancing. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> gentle. >> just lost your cameo on "empire." >> that was only one of my moves. one of my many.
8:13 am
oh, yeah. you guys hear this, all right -- ooh. >> go there. >> i think i pulled something. [ laughter ] we're playing "brick house" because we could not find a song called shingled mansion. that is what tom cruise is putting on the mansion. -- on the market. the "l.a. times" reporting he listed his l.a. estate for just under $13 million. it's 2 1/2 acres with walls of glass, a gorgeous kitchen, a resort-style pool where you can take in incredible views, and you may remember in other real estate-related "risky business" cruise also recentlied listed another of his properties, the colorado ranch that he made famous on an episode of "oprah." remember? when he showed her. >> uh-huh. >> these properties are beautiful. selling them will not likely be a "mission: impossible." thank you. >> i'm wondering is that real or are you trying to do that?
8:14 am
no, seriously. >> i don't know what to say. >> she can dance. she's just playing. she can dance. yeah, she can dance. >> ah. >> that's my girl. that is my girl. ♪ she's a brick house ♪ >> i choose not to show you. >> that's right and the reason is because we have a "pop news" investigation, everybody, featuring the age-old question, what do women really want? this comes from a new survey from eharmony, they are cracking the code and good news, stephanopoulos right on target as we always suspected. a survey of more than 100,000 people revealing that the number one hobby or trait that women find attractive -- >> get out of here. >> -- is an interest in politics. >> there you go. simple as that. >> ali is like, duh! trailing far behind in attractive traits, but these are still the top ones, travel,
8:15 am
health and exercise and as for what men want, what they're looking for in a lady, personal growth. their health, taking care of themselves and, of course, food. >> so men are more shallow than -- >> food cannot be last. >> food cannot be last. >> really? that's very important. the woman is interested in eating or cooking or both? >> watch it. watch it. >> i won't say. >> you know, i wouldn't do that to you just because you took me down with my dancing. >> your dancing is fine. >> we have to go to ginger with the weather. >> pop news is over. >> you know what, lara, what i'm interested in is your sweet dance moves. we got to see more of those. all right, my friends from kansas and from annapolis. welcome and stay warm out here. it is most definitely a chilly morning and the snow coming tomorrow, so we thought why not warm up and go to hollywood beach. how about a picture from south florida. actually, a live look at a beach. that's what they do there. see, they don't have jackets on. it's amazing. oh, that would be nice, 86 for a
8:16 am
high down there. stationary front moving through with that low, the one that will create the rain showers in the southeast, and eventually from washington, d.c., to philadelphia and new york, tomorrow's the day where we switch over to snow, oh, spring officially begins tomorrow, just good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. on this last day of winter it will be warm and sunny. temperatures are ten degrees above average with a few high clouds. cooler air and more clouds friday through sunday and light showers on friday and again on sunday. low-to-mid 60s along the coast and 69 in san francisco and low-to-mid 70s around the bay and upper 70s to nearly 80 inland. the seven-day forecast shows it is only cooler from now through >> this crowd today, i'm going to tell you, i love these spring break crowds. we have some good signs out here. let's get inside. >> thank you, ginger. we kick off our "heat index"
8:17 am
with this question, what does a couple do when one wants kids, the other doesn't. a recent survey reveal more men want to be parents than women and it's trending big on "new york" magazine's website. here's paula faris. >> reporter: it's a predicament we've seen before in movies like "my cousin vinny." women pushing their more reluctant male partners to have kids. >> my biological clock is ticking like this. >> reporter: but for many couples these days, it's the man coming down with that case of baby fever. >> i want a little april. >> i know. i just can't wrap my head around it. >> reporter: it's a gender role reversal we're seeing more and more. women on the fence about having children while their male partners are ready for parenthood. >> i think women are thinking more than ever do i want to have children and it's not about, okay, i have to have children, it's do i want to have children now. >> reporter: according to a 2013 poll, eight out of ten fathers said they'd always wanted to have children. more than the number of mothers who felt the same.
8:18 am
"new york" magazine examining this growing trend in a new article interviewing multiple women who were unsure or ambivalent towards having children. the women citing concerns over loss of autonomy, a nonequal split in child care and the effect it might have on their career. >> today's young women are so much more integrated into the workforce and i think that integration is a lot of what's going on when women are weighing whether or not they want a kid. i think it's a different dynamic than we've seen maybe in previous generations. >> reporter: it's a question the article's author, 30-year-old bryce covert, married for six months, even grappled with herself. >> my husband does want kids and, you know, for awhile i was not sure. i really truly felt ambivalent. i'm not going to have a kid now. i still don't feel quite ready. >> reporter: a parenting dilemma for a new generation of couples. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> thanks to paula for that.
8:19 am
joining us now is dr. joseph cilona, expert for a&e's "marriage at first sight" and also relationship expert andrea syrtash. welcome to both of you and i got to say i was surprised by this, dr. cilona. does that mean men have a biological clock? >> i wouldn't say men have a biological clock, but i do think many men have a strong preference to be of a certain age when they have children. they may want to be youthful enough to participate in their lives or even just want to be part of their grandchildren's lives should they have them or increase the likelihood they are. >> don't women want that too, though? >> absolutely. but for men, i think they're used to having a lot more choice around that question and it's becoming a lot more relevant. >> i see. >> when should the couple have this conversation? it's a pretty big conversation. >> it's a big conversation and it's an important one and i'm always shocked that couples wait so many years before it comes up. don't have it on date three but if you're seeing a big picture with the person you have to put these topics on the table. >> and once you put it on the table i would think if you disagree over this, that's kind of it.
8:20 am
>> it could be a big deal breaker. it's perhaps the most important decision you're going to make as a couple and you can't have one person say no. it cannot be that. >> how do you have that discussion how do you approach that do you think? >> i think this is a discussion again, that has to happen early on in a relationship. i think the earlier the better. the more emotionally engaged you are, the more difficult this may be so something that should be identified early. >> easier for the guy to push when the woman is the one who actually has to carry the baby. >> the woman's pushing. >> well said. yes. >> you know, this comes up in the conversation. how would you talk a couple through? what kind of tips would you have? >> well, the first tip i have is, do not make assumptions. if many years ago your partner said i don't know how i feel about kids. don't assume they have the same answer. we evolve. we change our minds so keep the conversation open. hear your partner's perspective. don't go into a fight with boxing gloves and say, we're not going to find a resolution. you'd be surprised.
8:21 am
>> i think it's also important to be very honest and get clarity around your needs and values, around children and parenting, roles and responsibilities in parenting. that's one of the most important factors that causes dissension and contention. identifying those roles because those roles are changing. >> you really do need to be unified. >> thank you both very much. next up here in the "gma heat index," sam smith's startling transformation. he shed 14 pounds in 14 days and revealing how he did it. mara schiavocampo has the story. ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ >> reporter: he's the british pop star who's no stranger to winning big. >> sam smith. >> reporter: sam smith sweeping the grammys last month taking home four coveted award,s but now smith also losing big, 14 pounds in fact in just two weeks. the singer sharing his weight loss success on instagram tuesday saying his relationship
8:22 am
with food has been completely transformed. his secret, this book, "eat, nourish, glow" by british nutritionist to the stars, amelia freer. >> i don't use the word diet. i don't believe that any diet works for anyone. for me, it's all about getting healthy and into good relationships with healthy food. real food. >> reporter: instead freer proposes ten principles to live by, including tips like cutting out processed foods and sugar. stocking your fridge with fresh produce and lean proteins and creating one healthy habit at a time to avoid failure. >> it's nutritional therapy. it's becoming more conscious about, you know, eating good quality real food, cooking from scratch. eating food that hasn't been made if a factory. >> reporter: smith has been vocal about his struggle to lose weight in the past. joking he was the vision of health in this elementary school photo on instagram. even mentioning it in one of his grammy acceptance speeches. >> i was doing everything to try
8:23 am
and get my music heard. i tried to lose weight and make -- i was making awful music. ♪ so let me restart ♪ >> reporter: but now the restart singer is restarting his diet. posting pics of his healthy meals and workouts but his transformation has some wondering if this approach is safe. >> when you talk about eating properly, people who do have weight to lose will see dramatic results. ♪ stay with me ♪ >> reporter: for now, smith is staying with it, posting it's not even about weight loss, it's about feeling happy in yourself. amen to that. now, smith hasn't said whether he wants to lose more weight, of course, we all think he looks terrific. freer's book is available in the uk. but us americans can find it on her website, too. i think a lot will be looking for it. getting rid of processed foods
8:24 am
and added sugar, the basics. sometimes it's hard to do what you know you should do. good for him. >> what a talent he is. lara. >> thanks, robin. hey, next up in the "heat index," everyone, fancy or frugal, we know cashmere is not cheap but can you get the same quality for less? abc's becky worley found out. ♪ >> reporter: cashmere, so nice, so expensive. ooh-la-la. $258 but marked down to 154 but budget cashmere has become a thing. wow. 59 bucks. pure cashmere. the question, will a less expensive sweater wear as well over time? 15 months ago i bought these two sweaters on the very same day, in fact. and i've worn them a lot. now, this is the inexpensive sweater, there are areas where it's definitely got a lot of pilling down by the waist, anywhere it's rubbed up against a jacket or my jeans. the expensive sweater, you can
8:25 am
see it's really pilling up. it has a pretty significant hole right here up near the neck. $100 difference between these two sweaters. well, if we're talking about how they wear over time, i don't see a big difference. in 2009, "good housekeeping" tested cashmere sweaters and gave $139 sweater a higher grade than a $248 sweater. but even today when they talk about durability. >> paying a high price does not always mean that you're going to get a high quality sweater. >> reporter: what does matter? they say buy 100% cashmere, not a blend if you want the sweater to last. >> any blends such as a cotton or another type of wool or synthetic will make it more likely to pill. >> reporter: look for knit seams. >> which mean the armholes and necklines are knitted together and not just separate pieces that have been sewn together. >> reporter: and thickness is key. >> stick your hands on the inside and hold it up to the light. if you see your hand it's too thin and want to avoid something too thin.
8:26 am
>> reporter: in part because pilling happens and your best weapon is this bad boy. a sweater shaver. it's doing its job. all the little cashmere balls are pretty much gone. so less expensive cashmere and this thing may keep you warm and cozy even on a budget. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> those are great tips, thank you, beck, and coming up here great "deals & steals" to help jump-start you into spring. elp jump-start you into spring.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. we have breaking news to tell you about. one person has died following a crash involving a bus. let's take a live look of that bus. it happened just before 6:00 this morning in berwood way and davidson drive. the bus involved is a tridelta transit bus. buss in the area are being rerouted. no word yet on what caused the accident. the rest of the morning commute, let's check on that. >> bumper to bumper on the bridge from hayward in the toll plaza towards foster city. it's slow and go. no major stalls or accident here's. lights still on at the pay bridge. the car pool lane is a good way to go. we have a very serious accident
8:28 am
involving a motorcycle at west 24 at pleasant hill road. traffic is slowing from the junction. it's the thought that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx. give them brands they'll love, at prices that help you be generous. make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life!
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around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. we're off our morning lows, but still a chill out there. 50s everywhere else. it's a little hazy also as we look from future tower. we'll talk about 6 to 10 degrees
8:30 am
above average with o 60s along ♪ bang bang into the room i know you want it ♪ ♪ bang bang all over you ♪ ♪ i'll let you have it ♪ ♪ wait a minute let me take you there ♪ >> ben stiller. [ cheers and applause ] >> he was strutting his stuff in true "zoolander" style even grabbing a phone and shooting a little selfie action. look at that. that's the best. he's here tomorrow live, so excited to have him on the show. it's also less than 24 hour s till the first day of spring and ginger has been busy celebrating spring. >> what you got going on? where are you? >> here i am. skiing in the french alps
8:31 am
just shredding a little fresh cord, if you will, thanks to gopro. whoo! yeah. no hands, indeed. hello. so, yeah, i'm going to snowboard for a little bit. whoo. that snowflake gets in your eye. that's nice. and how about we switch it up and go ahead and mountain bike a little bit. how about we go to salt lake city. oh, yeah. careful. my bike has no -- we spared no expense making it look real. yeah, thank you. whoo! >> all right. >> yes, ginger, you could file for workmen's comp. we'll get you a lawyer. [ cheers and applause ] bravo. we are so over the cold. are you over the cold? >> so over the cold. >> george has browbeat me into not wearing a jacket. i'll also be hiring an attorney for that. coming up, "deals & steals," springtime "deals & steals." with tory johnson and robin going one-on-one with the 13-year-old little league star, mo'ne davis. this young woman throws quite a fastball.
8:32 am
and pitches. an unbelievable story and robin is now inside with joe zee. hey, robin. >> all right, you two. time for "gma" yahoo! your day, we're loving this and we're showing you how to kick off spring in style, hottest looks from the hottest shows. yahoo! style editor in chief joe zee is here to help us get us started for spring. first of all we are loving this collaboration. thank you to you and all your colleagues. >> it's fun, right? >> it really is. okay, so spring is going to happen. >> spring is going to happen. >> what is the major trend you think we'll see in fashion? >> believe it or not, every spring we see white and it comes back again but this time it's about head-to-toe white. just white layered on white, the more white the better structured white, loose white. it's all about summer white, winter white. it's all there. >> we see a little coming up. primetime your closet. emily, of course from "revenge." she has a dress and this is a take on that. >> it is. so this is inspired by emily's character in "revenge." you know it takes place in the
8:33 am
hamptons. it's always summer there, well, sort of. but this is about white and the floral trend is huge for spring but the great part about this dress is that it's ombre so you don't have floral all over. it doesn't feel too sweet. got that sort of killer edge i want to stay with her character. of course, the pockets and this is by ralph lauren, $129. >> thank you. we could see this and there's that white you're talking about. >> yes, there's the white and then you have it with the other trend florals. just have little bits of it. >> now we'll continue to primetime your closet right here. a show that we know, "girls." >> "girls." >> come on out. >> yes, absolutely. shoshanna in "girls" so cute, upper east side girl, a little neurotic at times but she wears, you know, a lace dress in the show with flats, but we want to do this. lace isn't practical for every day. so we love this dress. can you believe this is $28. >> $28. >> $28 at macy's. i love this, but we put it with heels to give it
8:34 am
an edge. of course it's that kind of dress you can wear all through the day, into the night on the weekends. >> that's what i was going to ask you, what occasion? go shopping go to bump and throw a jacket on and go to work. >> that looks great. looking good. oh, here we go again. i love this. >> white. i'm telling you white is the thing to do. so inspired by "pretty little liars." >> yes, thank you. >> lucy hale's character. so i love this whole thing because it's actually in essence just a really simple skirt, a black t-shirt and we put a pair of suspenders on almost as an accessory and reversed it. not the typical way to wear them but you can wear it like a necklace in a way. decorative and put it altogether. it's under $50. >> can everybody come out and see it altogether? you were talking about the price point. >> yes. >> reasonable because you want to keep that in mind. >> absolutely. i think the great thing about trends is you don't have to break the bank to wear it and you can wear it in variation.
8:35 am
if floral isn't for you, wear it in a little bit. if lace isn't for you because it isn't practical find something that sort of mimics that. >> are we going to see color too? >> we love color. go online to see our big color looks. we have a great color look for everybody, as well. >> okay, you little tease, you. lady, thank you very much. looking great. joe zee, as always, a pleasure and you can learn more ways to primetime your closet on our website at on yahoo! our thanks to joe. now to ginger with a final check on the weather. >> oh, robin, we love joe zee. love that last name and all of us just we're trying to stay warm. where are you from? >> el paso texas. >> it's her first day in new york or second day and you're loving it. >> i love it. >> loving it even though it's cold and feeling winter-like. let's warm ourselves up. port charlotte, florida, just through the grass, so pretty then long island, it doesn't know, huh. they don't know those little flowers coming through we have snow on the way. we do. just a few inches but will still be messy especially on the commute home on friday
8:36 am
from new york city back to philadelphia. washington, d.c., it'll start earlier, late morning, the heftiest, so you're looking west to east. denver going for a high today of 51 and warming almost close to 70s as we get to the weekend. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. we are off to a calm start in last day of winter but we will be warmer-than-average this afternoon with low-to-mid 60s and up to 8 81 inland. the seven-day forecast show as stray sure on friday and b >> all right, you guys, ready for this. a special sneak peek of "scandal" tonight. let's take a look. >> are you someone who would ruin careers, who would ruin families for your own selfish gain just so you can be rich and famous, get a nice spread in "vanity fair". is that who you are? >> no, i would never. >> then that book is a problem, isn't it, sue? here's what's going to happen. you're going to call the publisher, tell them you made a mistake, withdraw your book proposal then you're going to start hitting the delete button and turn on your paper shredder
8:37 am
and hold a good old-fashioned book burring, make that disappear from the plan net. it doesn't matter how you do it just get it done. >> ooh. lena and olivia pope. i can't wait. you can check out the extended sneak peek of tonight's episode and vote for the best of tgit at on yahoo! and, of course, i'm channeling her today because i'm going to watch the episode with you tonight, "scandal" starts tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc and she was singing my name. >> i was. i did. ♪ ginger ♪ >> very pretty. all right, michael. >> thank you, ginger. >> spring is in the air but this morning's "deals & steals," tory johnson is here bringing the heat with big bargains that will chase the cold away. hello. >> if you say so, ready. >> you always bring the heat. >> okay. >> let's heat it up. >> first up, one of our favorites, spin it around, from amelia rose, these are the brand-new cabo shimmer quartz earrings, ten different opaque
8:38 am
color, totally gorgeous. semiprecious stones, a "gma" favorite, not just these but a big assortment when you go to our website, big discount on these, as well. >> what's the price? >> normally $69, these are slashed by 58%, 29 bucks. >> whoo. >> 29 bucks. >> starting it out -- already bringing the heat. >> okay. >> haven't even got started yet. >> i love this company. for our whole set, yedi houseware, really beautiful porcelain pieces, brand-new daisy collection and what i love, you can buy individual pieces, there you go. you can buy -- >> my pinkie is bent. i really can't put it out. >> it works. whatever you have to do, it works. the big mug is for you. little teapots. choose all of them or individually, amazing, amazing prices, normally $30 to $60, slashed in half, so 15 to 30 so, for example, a teapot 15 bucks and the most gorgeous packaging they come in online. >> okay. >> from personal creations this is the deluxe all in one easter basket.
8:39 am
so we've got you taken care of. it's the rattan basket, several different liners you can choose from. there are ten characters so you can put a name up to ten characters on it and it comes with all the goodies stuffed inside. how easy is that? how convenient is that? >> what does it start out at. >> $35 slashed in half, $17.50 including personalization. >> oh, that's nice. >> that's nice. right? >> my girls would love that. here we go. >> it is not easter without peeps, right. i got a little fun yellow chick there for you. so, yeah. ah, so it's not -- >> i will never sleep bad again. >> there you go. yeah, we'll get you a -- find a t-shirt for you. big, big assortment. all kinds of stuff from peeps including sterling jewelry if you're really a peep fan. these prices start at just $3, big assortment that you'll find because it goes all the way up to $250, slashed in half, 1.50. if you're looking for easter fun, peeps are it. >> yes. go out and get my peeps.
8:40 am
>> your peeps. then last but not least, we've got charlie here. >> come on out, charlie. >> charlie, so we got -- got to pick up charlie because she was telling me she's not sure if -- if it's her doll she loves more or your teeth. it was -- it's a debate, right? so let's see. look. you can show both together. charlie is modeling from forever princess, it's a matching dress for the doll and for charlie. she's wearing a maxi dress but there's an enormous assortment. charlie, are you okay? are you good? >> charlie is a pro. >> she is okay. she is okay. so normally in any 18-inch doll, she's got this one, but any 18-inch doll will work with this particular outfit. normally $79 to $89. these are all slashed by 70% starting at $24 and free shipping. and free shipping. >> hey, charlie, give me some. you were awesome. there we go. tory, thank you very much. we got to say thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals.
8:41 am
head to on yahoo! to get the codes and the links for these bargains. and now coming up, one of our favorite all-star teenage athletes, little league hero mo'ne davis in here. good job, charlie. teeth or doll? >> doll. >> the doll? >> "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back. the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models.
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8:44 am
♪ ♪ at the young age of 13 mo'ne davis has already made history. last summer you remember she became the first female pitcher to throw a shutout in little league world series history. she's only the fourth american girl to participate. the youngest athlete ever to appear on the cover of "sports illustrated," and now she's telling her story, it is a sweet book, it is called "mo'ne davis: remember my name." and we've got some little leaguers you can see with us with their own questions in just a moment but first, mo'ne, how are you doing? >> good. >> i was surprised you said here you are, little league world series, everyone is talking about you guys and you had no idea of the phenomenon. none? >> not really because i mean everyone just wanted to go out and play baseball and just -- that was like everyone's dream on the team. and no one was really paying attention to everything going on outside of it. >> you have a mighty busy schedule.
8:45 am
at the nba all-star game you played in the celebrity game with kevin hart. how was that playing against him? >> it was fun but i mean he was a little distracting but it was funny, though. >> how was kevin hart distracting? >> just wouldn't top talking. just keep talking in your ear. >> that wasn't trash talking, was it? >> yeah. >> what was it like for you to meet the president of the united states? >> first i didn't think he would be that tall. that was one thing i was shocked about and how nice he was and how nice the first lady was and how like you could tell they're not just like pretending, that it's actually their character. >> you're very wise beyond your 13 years, i like that. enough questions from me. are you all ready to weigh in? who wants to ask the first question? is it william? >> what's your favorite subject in school and why? >> my favorite subject would probably have to be history because i like learning about the past. >> and how does it feel to know that you will forever be part of little league history?
8:46 am
>> it will be pretty cool to read about yourself when you're older and just to think back, the memories that you had and all the fun times. >> yeah. you like history, and here you're going to be in the history books. who has it over here? there you go. >> how did you feel when you first played against the boys in baseball? >> i know that i struck out my first time. so that's one thing i remember. >> and i understand your mother wasn't crazy in the beginning. >> yeah. she wasn't a big fan. >> adam, what is your question? >> what advice would you give to young baseball players? >> to follow your dreams, don't let anyone stop you and to have fun with everything you're doing. >> well, mo'ne davis, i don't think we're going to forget your name. i think we're going to remember your name and i think you're going to give us a lot to talk about in the future, as well. >> thank you. >> let's give it up for mo'ne, mo'ne, thank you again. "mo'ne davis: remember my name," and we will. it's available now.
8:47 am
and we're still cheering for mo'ne. sean penn opening up about marriage, what he said at the oscars and his brand-new movie. come on back t (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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8:49 am
"g sean penn taking a turn as an action hero in the new film "the gunman." the two-time oscar winner teaming up with the same director behind the hugely successful "taken" series for this new role and abc's nick watt went one-on-one with the star and says nothing was off the table. >> you're the trigger, jim. >> reporter: sean penn is jim terrier, a sinewy sniper whose past comes back to haunt him. >> jim, we have a surprise for you. >> reporter: is this the reinvention of sean penn, the action hero? >> no. well, the geri-action genre. i've never felt reinvented.
8:50 am
i don't see it happening now. >> i will look for you. i will find you, and i will kill you. >> reporter: remember liam neeson reinvented himself as an action star in "taken." same director as "the gunman." >> is sean penn trying to be the new liam neeson? no, 6'4", melodically masculine voice, a deeply decent man putting his life on the line for those he loves versus a 5'9" sort of awkward-voiced guy who's a conflicted man really fighting for himself. it's a different story. >> reporter: and different from a lot of action movies, you know, where the hero walks away from the explosion. >> there are only two things that come out of being that close to a real bomb of those sizes. either you're never going to hear again or you're dead. this didn't have that. >> reporter: there isn't a volley of shots and then a smart one-liner. >> no, and i appreciated that about it. >> you did your part. i did mine. we all found a way to justify
8:51 am
it. >> virtually all violence has consequence in it both human individual consequence and political ramifications. >> keep your eyes open, my friend. it's the ones who aren't after you that do you in the end. >> reporter: i'm assuming you have met guys a little bit like him. >> yeah, and that was part of the -- my interest in it. >> what the american people need to know -- >> reporter: penn is activist, humanitarian, mainly helping haiti. he's actor, director and slightly reluctant star. why did you move back to l.a. because i mean you've been fairly not scathing about this town but sounded like you were pretty glad to get out of it at one point. >> my ex-wife had gone to live back in los angeles, and i stayed -- i was single parenting my son for most of that first year following that and within that time i felt that, you know, that he and his mother should see each other more and so it was really that that brought me back. >> reporter: he's now dating charlize theron. are you going to get married
8:52 am
again? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: you haven't asked her yet? >> asked who? >> reporter: okay, this might not make him smile. remember penn's criticized oscar joke. >> who gave this son of a [ bleep ] his green card. >> reporter: this green card issue. i've got my green card interview coming up. any tips, sean? >> yes, my tip is that there's a very self-righteous group of people who hurt their own cause for their own benefit by seizing the opportunity to criticize things that they haven't considered the meaning of, and so what you should do is you should say whatever is on your mind, ask whatever is on your mind, and always consider the possibility that everyone else is wrong. >> reporter: yeah, he's a pretty cool cat, offscreen and on. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> "the gunman" opens nationwide
8:53 am
on friday. and wait till you see where we're headed next on spring break. it's coming, really. spring is coming. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom."
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by soma, your new bra destination in sizes 32a to 44g. >> my dancing friend and i would like to thank you and dan too. our friends at kohala zip line.
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helping us to get into the spring break mode. >> we are and that's because of our friends at trimmer who have given ginger the ride of her life today and, ginger, where are you now? oh, hang gliding, i see or paragliding. >> hey, guy, yeah, just here in california. paragliding.
8:57 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. let's check out your forecast today with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everybody. hard to believe this is the last day of winter when you look at our highs today. 6 to 10 degrees above average. 69 in san francisco. mid-70 nz san jose. oakland at 80. low to mid-60s along the coast. sunshine and a passing cloud or two. mid-40s tonight under partly cloudy sky. a slight chance of rain across the north bay. an accident clearing at pleasant hill road. th result, southbound 68 680 is jammed coming out of concorde to the 24 junction. it was a motorcycle and down in the left lane. that should be out of lanes
9:00 am
shortly, but the damage is done. now it's time for live with kelly and michael. join us for announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, actor, comedian kevin hart. and film and broadway star, carey mulligan. plus erin andrews returns for another day of co-host duty. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are michael strahan and erin andrews! [cheers and applause] ♪


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