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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 19, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a gruesome accident between a car and a bus sends a bus up a hill injuring several. the driver of the car died at the scene. thanks for joining us. this happened at division drive in antioch at 5:45 this morning. our reporter joins us from the scene. what led to the crash? >> investigators are trying to determine if a driver ran a stop sign or was speeding at time of the collision. the bus ended up on a hillside and you could see tire tracks in the dirt. the car left demolished in the middle of the street in the
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process of being cold. the coroner removed the body and the identity of the person is being determined. you can see the moments after this happen from video. the transit bus was traveling eastbound on davidson drive at 5:45 this morning and the car was headed northbound with the bus driver reporting the car pulling right in front of him at the intersection. the bus driver tried to swerve. he crossed the center divide, hit the car and ended up on a hill. the impact crushed the saturn. >> the vehicle involved did have a stop sign. upon impact it appears the driver was ejected. he was pronounced deceased at the scene. the bus ended up on the embankment. we had five passengers on the bus plus the driver. the passengers did suffer minor injuries. the driver was not injured but
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obviously, is distraught over what occurred here. >> four of the passengers were taken to a hospital. the extent of their injuries is not known. this is bus route 388 which travels to the pittsburg bart station near a park-'n-ride where the drivers packed the bus so it was not as full as it could have been. the driver has been with the company 20 years and is getting drug tested which is a standard procedure. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. davidson drive is a main thoroughfare throughout antioch so there is traffic criminal out here and detours in place. >> thank you. sever people are looking for new homes after a raging fire at their napa apartment building that left firefighter injured. amy hollyfield is on the scene off brown street. amy? >> kristen, three units were
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destroyed. one of the units was vacant but two were people's homes. >> man and woman who were home when the fire started thought they could handle it but it grew swiftly and they had to surrender. >> they noticed the fire on a back patio and called sunday and made an effort using a garden hose to extinguish the fire but it had grown to a size they could not control it. >> it was burning a napa apartment building on brown street at 10:30 last might and was threatening another apartment building across the driveway. >> i heard "fire fire, fire." >> elizabeth was in bed across from the fire in a building and a neighbor knocked on her door and told her to get out and move the car out of the fire's path. >> i went to manufacture my car and there were giant flames coming out of one window and billowing black smoke out of the other. it was a big fire. >> residents came outside from nearby to see what was going on.
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a crowd gathered to take it in. >> it was really a full raging fire. you see it on tv all the time but i could not believe it. it was amazing. >> two of the apartment units in the burned building were occupied. a woman lives in and was not home at time and the couple who lived in the other and made it out okay. their homes appear to be destroyed. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to any other building. >> i felt confident in the firefighters and they did a great job and were out here and there were so many engines. >> the firefighters who was hurt got met am in his eye and was treated at the hospital and released. investigators are trying to figure out the fire's cause. they do not know what started the fire. at this point it does not look
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suspicious. one of three suspects charged with murdering an oakland mother during a shoot out was in court. his case was continued until next week and he admitted to being involved in the gun battle and that battle killed a 30-year-old mother who just parked her car and walking her children home. she died protecting her two children from the across fire. he is praying for the family. >> for our children i have grandchild and children myself. >> two other suspects are facing homicide charges in the case. >> the governor is addressing emergency legislation to address the drought crisis in california. the legislation calls for $1 billion in drought relief spending as the state enters a
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4th dry year. the package will provide immediate aid to communities facing dire water short averages and unemployment and it also includes money for emergency drinking water, food aid for the hardest hit counties and fish and wildlife presentations and ground water management and now goes to the state legislature. >> virginia governor is calling for an investigation into accusations of his brutality involving the arrest of a black university of virginia student, the 20-year-old was left bloody and the take down was caught on camera. our reporter has more on the fallout. >> freeze. >> 20-year-old martese johnson's arrest was call on this surveillance video. a thousand supporters of the university of virginia student calls the use of force "excessive and unnecessary." bringing johnson to sears. >> i beg regardless of your personal opinions to respect
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everyone. we are all part of one community. >> on wednesday morning alcoholic beverage control agents wrestled college junior to the ground after johnson tried to get into a bar near campus. you can see the blood on pavement. the lawyer said the head injuries required 10 stitches angering the students and prompting the university president and the governor to call for an investigation. >> my heart want out to him. i thought how i would feel if i were his mother. >> one some the background is chanting "hands up," sparked by the shooting death of michael brown. this is john son in the picture, with his hands up at a rally himself after brown's death and now some say this video is yet another example of racial tensions between authorities and civilians. johnson was released from jail verdict after he was charged with public intoxication and obstruction of justice. his lawyers say they will fight the charges. >> uc president joint powers act
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jap is apologizeing for comments she made during a regent meeting, it is hard to say so we subtitled it for you. the exchange was caught on a video stream on the web site and she said her word choice was mention to be private and "unfortunate." students were protesting plans for tuition increases and jobs connected to future jobs enhancement enrichment. they wrap up a three day meeting today. >> san francisco supervisor this afternoon is holding a hearing with the fire department and building inspectors to talk of recent fires in the mission district. three huge fires over the last seven months with inspectors checking buildings and the san francisco chronicle is reporting those inspectors are now asking the city to take legal action against three landlords in
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trouble for violates that include nonworking smoke detectors and blocked fire escapes starting at 2:00 at city hall. a fourth rabbit bat has been found, two near an elementary school and two in fremont. last year only two tested positive all year. if you find a dead bat do not touch it. call animal criminal or vector control. >> san francisco zoo employees union is calling for an investigation saying radios were rigged to spy on the employees. radios belonging to the executive director and vice president of operations had a feature that allows them to listen in on employee connections and the executive director said the feature was designed to help in medical and safety emergencies and when she
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learned of this she has it disabled. the union say they learned from a non-union member of management. >> dozens of puppies get a new "leash," on life because of international volunteers. look at these. they are at the spca after a long trip from south korea. the humane society international rescued the 57 dogs from a dog farm. 42 arrived on monday and 15 more get here this afternoon. right now the dogs are under quarantine until they get a clean bill of health and then they will be put up for adoption. >> speaking of adoption, "national puppy day" is monday. we are getting you in the spirit now. check these out. send us a photo of your favorite cute pupty -- puppy. >> on monday we will life stream
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our puppy camera all morning at abc7 news and tell you how you can take one down. >> the monarchy and the presidency represented in one room the highlight the british royal family's visit to washington dc. >> more than 100,000 additional vehicles recalled by honda and the safety concerns that. frommed them to pull some popular models off the road. and meteorologist mike nicco is coming up with the world is filled with air. but
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>> prince charles and camilla are wrapping up the trip to washington, dc with another marked day in the capitol. the royal couple is meeting with president obama and vice president biden right new. early today the duchess toured a forensic science center and he visit add washington, dc charter school for adult immigrants. this is the 20th visit for prince charles to the united states. >> honda is recalling additional 105,000 vehicles because of the airbags affecting 2008 s.u.v.s and 2004 civics and 2001 accords. the driver side abags -- airbags can explode after inflation. >> now the number of hondas recalled is now 5.5 million vehicles across the country. >> can you feel the heat?
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>> it is warm. >> and for the last day of astronomical weather of winter, we will look three months into the future to see if we can find any rain then. >> looking to the sky coming down a san francisco high-rise today. >> this is a great weekend to explore where you live if you are a wine and cheese
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a kitten is giving the phrase "cat burglary" new meaning it looks like a giant cat is destroying a house but it is a kitten playing in a doll house. >> the photo was taken in austin next to fine foster home force a liter of five kittens. >> the photographers took the pictures and said the kitten in the picture was the wildest picture of the liter but was adopted even after it tried to eat the chandelier. >> i thought that was an alice and wonderland things. >> anyway we are shaking up the sunshine. >> it has been beautiful and i bet it will just get warmer. >> we have a couple more hours
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of heating to reach the temperatures nearly 80 in a few hours. now what is going on with the three months outlook, from the climate prediction center and here are the temperatures: april may and june and they are giving us the highest category they can that our temperatures will be well above average. it is the whole western third of the united states just like during the winter, the same area of high pressure they think will stick there and keep the storms away from us, too,'s normal precipitation, the four corners area and the mid-atlantic states. our rain, though the amounts of dwindling rapidly as we head through april may and june. we are still making up for what we have lost. >> our high pressure you allow you to feel the haze but we are at unhealthy levels. a few high clouds are rolling across the jet stream and will mix with the sun stream the next
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couple of days. it is a bright day. from emeryville you can see the haze as we look to mount tamalpais and san francisco and warm mostly sunny on the last day of astronomical weather or winter a couple of cold fronts sneak by with a chance of a sure on friday might and better chance on sunday into monday. tree pollen, nice to receive enough rain to knock this down but it will be strong all the way through the weekend. here we are looking at san jose hazy there and it is warm today at 75 eight degrees above average and places like concord and oakland, 76 and 74 and ten degrees warmer-than-average today. the neighbors down in the south bay, 79 and santa cruz is 74 and santa cruz is 74, also and we will start at los altos at 7 a and drop to 69 northbound on the peninsula and along the post in the low-to-mid 60s and we 30 with accident around downtown
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and petaluma is cooler than everyone else across the north bay and 72 and the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 70s and 80's in cloverdale and low-to-mid 70's for a couple of hours and oakland and union city at 74 and inland mid-to-upper 70s but for antioch and brentwood nearly 80 degrees. tonight the temperatures are running in the mid-40s to low 50s with high clouds and patchy fog along the coast. here is our two areas of high pressure steering most of the clouds and deep moisture away from us but that storm will swipe us friday night into saturday and bring us a slight chance of a shower across the north bay and induces the sea breeze tomorrow so temperatures are about two to six degrees cooler and will hold steady through the weekend with partly sunny to mostly cloudy and a possibility sunday night into monday we could get .1" or a quarter of an inch in the north bay with temperatures on monday the coolest, in the 60s. enjoy sunshine while you have it cooler weather is on the
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way. today and tomorrow you will see a scene reminiscent of spiderman at hyatt hotel in downtown san francisco. it is the second annual outward down city skyline challenge and this is video if last year's event. giants mascot and as mass accounts will rappel down the building hoping to get students involved if outdoor learning activity raising $1,600 for a spot. for more information and a link to streaming video go to >> food flowers, and fancy footwork are a lot to do this weekend. leyla gulen has suggestions on how to explore where you live. >> it is coming up roses and daisies and lilies. spring has sprung in union square for the annual macy's plow we are show arts in bloom
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is the floral extravaganza. check out multidimensional displays and styles ranging from impressionism to modern art featuring thousands of floral a varieties. the flamingo festival is starting sunday and supports 10 years of flamenco dance, drawing inspiration from different regions of spain. >> say cheese the cheese festival is this weekend in petaluma. learn from experts, cheese makers chefs all will teach you how to pair cheese varieties with food and wine and go on a cheese journey from farm to table. for more information on these events check out abc7 news. >> we will be
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silicon valley giant joins an elite group of companies. apple's first day on the dow and it could provide a big boost for investors. and arsenic and red wipe, the industry responds to a lawsuit saying some wines have a high legal arsenic. a utah museum will become
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home to 125-year-old dinosaur skeletons. >> ties as old as t rex. >> in are up to ten utah skeletons found in a quarry then years ago but it took careers of planning and coordination to remove them and to bring them to the museum in utah. >> it is believed the site is the first documented example of dinosaurs trapped by quick sand. can't wait to see that display. >> in utah? dinosaurs? not too far to travel. thank you for joining u
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