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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and meteorologist mike nicco. the oakland marathon sounds like it is perfect. >> runners like the cooler temperatures and it will be cooler today and through the weekend. the live doppler hd is showing an increase in the clouds dimming our sunshine. the cold front will indouse a non-shore breeze bringing not so warm temperatures today but 12-hour day planner is the same as yesterday at 46 to 56 and by noon we are only in the low-to-upper 60s cracking the upper 60 by action, and 56 at the coast and low-to-mid 60 for the rest of us. leyla are drivers keeping their cool? >> mostly. we had an accident in the santa cruz mountains that now is cleared. we have residual backup. san jose beyond julian street, the traffic is getting busy there and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it
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is certainly hot and you can see the traffic is 10 minutes from the macarthur maze to san francisco with an early accident in the center divider and it moved on with the details in a couple of minutes. police are still on the scene in palo alto more than 15 hours after a murder-suicide. tensions were so high than was forced out. we are in palo alto with more. good morning, police say a tenant shot and killed another man in the lobby of this apartment yesterday afternoon. here is video shortly after it happened at 3:30. police say a tenant in his 60s shot and killed another man in his 70s inside the management area with a semi automatic handgun. he then shot himself in the elevator. this is at the face alta torrey patches a senior living facility where neighbors are stunned.
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>> i don't think anything like this has happened here before a super safe neighborhood. it is really surprising. >> police were called about the shooting and they evacuated the building before determining it was reasonable a murder-suicide. police have been at the scene for 14 hours frying to determine what led up to the shooting. the elevator is covered by a tarp inside the building. officers are still here speaking with other tenants of the building and trying to determine a motive. we are learning chilling new details of the man accused of killing a federal investigator from oakland. the 56-year-old is accused of strangle sandra coke and living her body in a park. her sister testified she never knew of his plenty criminal history including manslaughter kidnapping, rape and robbery convictions. she things her sister was too
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ashamed to tell her family about him. they had a long romantic interest together. he killed her because she was furious she got him arrested on a parole violation for stealing her car and taking herring do. >> a man is in custody facing charges in connection with a sexual assault of a 10-year old boy in oakland. police arrested miguel baraja, 48 on tuesday. he lured a boy and assaulted him near 98th on january 27. >> we are hopeful to put the children parents and families at ease knowing there is one less child predator on the streets with the arrest. sky 7 shows the area where police say the sexual assault happened. baraja is held at the jail in dublin without bail. former santa clara county we supervisor shirakawa will be
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sentenced after pleading no contest for launching a fraudulent campaign to benefit a former city councilman and served 15 months behind bars in unrelated corruption case and could get a year in county jail for this case. a video showing the arrest of a 20-year-old junior at the university of virginia has sparked outrage is now his lawyer is speaking out on his climb's behalf. we martese johnson was taken down by agents after being barred for entering a club. he was arrested and charged with on instruction of justice public swearing and intoxication. >> my face was shoved into the brick pavement across the street from where i attend school and three officers pinned me to the ground while blood flowed from my head. >> the attorney said his client will fight the charges and
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protest idea been sparked. the virginia governor ordered an investigation. authors in mississippi investigate the death of a man whose body was found hanging from a tree believed to be 54-year-old otis byrd reported missing early this morning. he was convicted of murdering a woman back in 1980 and was paroled in 2006. the fbi and justice department are conducting separate investigations into possible civil rights violations. today, former rap mogul shut -- suge knight will appear in court for a bail hearing and is charged with murder and exempted murder after a hit-and-run accident that killed a man in southern california in january. the prosecution wants his bail set at $5 million. they say he has a history of threatening others and using violence. he has been involved in money laundering and extortion we themes. >> president obama is telling the iranian people that the united states and tehran are making progress negotiating a
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nuclear deal. the president said that despite progress, some gaps remain. officials say the draft of the two nations will require iran to commit to 40 percent cut in the number of machines it can use to make an atomic bomb. >> the iran leaders have a choice: if they cannot agree to a reasonable deal they will keep iran on the math they are on today that is isolating iran and the iranian people from the world. >> the president said with a reasonable nuclear deal they would get quick relief from crippling economic sanctions and a lift of convention am arms. >> the oakland city council will hold a special meeting of the development of a new coliseum complex considering establishing an agreement define alameda county and developers for the project. the development would involve a new stadium and a new ballpark for the as and packing facilities for commercial and residential development.
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>> san jose earthquakes will open their new home this weekend the $100 million stadium seats 18,000 people and they have played in an exhibition but on sunday the matchup is the first regular season game at the stadium. it boasts a little bit of everything including a double sided video scoreboard, two acre fan zone and a largest outdoor bar in north mechanic. >> the running festival in oakland is this weekend and a 10-year old hopes to set a record taking runners from downtown to the oakland hills with a half marathon and that is what elliott daniels is looking at: setting a world record for 10-year-olds. >> elliott needs to run 13.1 miles in less than 1:31:8 set by soot ten-year-old working to 15 minute as mile. elliott runs because he is good add it and enjoys it.
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>> 10,000 people will run on sunday many coming out to here on the runners. expect quite a few road closures throughout the morning. >> california's drought has water agencies working on ways to get more reliable water supplies and the advanced water fewerification plant is reducing the need for friend water by eight million gallons a day and they now are pushing to expand the system by 2020 or sooner. the water water is purified and milked with ground water which you would think. >> i don't think so. >> i don't trust it. bottom line. it is filly. it needs to be for plants. for humans? no way. >> officials say the regulations for drinking purified wastewater could be a few years away. >> officials have been exploring the possibility of taking out
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the salt from u.s.a. the sea. environmental issues could be a concern. that was the case in san diego when 14 lawsuits tried to block a plant there that would supply drinking water to 300,000 homes when it is online in the fall. speaking of new technologies to figure how to sox the drought issue in california. >> meteorologist mike nicco has what is on the horizon? >> a few sprinkles. nothing substantial whatever. >> here is the friday morning temperatures, dress for 41 headed out woodside and menlo park is 45 and palo alto is friction and redwood city is 48 and belmont and san mateo at 50 and san bruno at 52 and san francisco and hair at 53 and los gatos and san ramon at 45 and mill valley is 44 for the cool spot. we have increasing clouds and
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cooler weather for the first day of spring and 66 to 74 around the bay and inland, 68 to 75 and coolest at the coast up to 63. leyla? >> here is a look at walnut creek and the drive southbound 680 is light but you will see a bunching up of tail lights as they make the approach closer to highway 24 with no accidents. traveling in the northbound direction we do not have construction. at highway 24 this is how it looks from walnut creek to lafayette at 71 miles per hour which is too fast, slow down at the caldecott tunnel and you make it to piedmont and oakland still at top speed with the exception of 36 miles per hour that is on the transition as you head away from 580 to emeryville . the trouble with tanning. a life or detect warn -- a life or death warning this morni
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 6:13 from the east bay hills camera checking out the eat eastern span of the bay bridge crossing into san francisco a pretty morning. breaking news, 26 people are
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dead and dozens injured after a passenger train derailed in northern india. a train overshot a stop and jumped off the tracks. police and rescue workers used gas cutter to rip apart the wreckage. it is not clear if the train was going too fast or there was a technical problem. >> and now there is a preliminary report on last in's deadly metrolink train derailment in oxnard. a student engineer operating the train did sound the horn a quarter-mile before the train slammed into a pickup truck and the driver made a wrong turn and was stuck. three train cars overturned killing the engineer and killing 28. the truck driver was arrested but released. >> a study isen watching gay and bisexual men to stay clearest tanning beds. the habit is making them twice as likely as heterosexual men to
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get skin cancer according to new research from the american academy of dermatology. the study found this gay and bisexual men are particularly audit risk because they are most likely to tan indoors rather than outside putting them in closer contact with harmful ultra violet rays. additional results are presented in san francisco later today. >> an apple a day keeps the doctor away but a texas woman has a certain beverage to the she turned 104 and has been drinking three dr. pepper's a day for 40 years falling in love with the trademark 23 flavors when she was in her sin. -- 60. >> i started drinking three a day and all the doctors said it would kill me but they have dayed. there must be a mistake. >> for her birthday she got a big surprise: birthday cake
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shaped like a dr. pepper can and a gift basket from the company c.e.o. sullivan never thought they wouldly to be 104 but is still going along. amaybe it is the caffeine. >> hear people yes, i lived to 103 because i drink hard liquor. the doctors are cringing that are listening. >> how is it going? >> she was listening to the right doctor dr. pepper. here was the g.p. that is who she was listening to. >> here is a look at the drive at the bay bridge toll plaza and 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco with heavy delays and it is thinning out a little bit. as we take you to the south bay we have one accident that has cleared to the shoulder northbound 101 to northbound 680 connection and the star fire at blossom hill road on southbound 85 is cleared with no delays in
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the area and we do have something going on later tone at sap and i tell you what in a couple of minutes minutes. we have quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa and light and variable winds onshore this afternoon and that will aid the cooling trend along with high clouds that will be thicker during the day. you can see a few of them oversan jose at 280 and 17. increases clouds spring starts at 3:35 with a chance light shower sunday and monday and warming trend next month. the fog has not made it to san rafael. the winds are only seven american and this is the cross wind. temperatures are from six degrees cooler than yesterday and redwood city and san jose at 72 and 74 a ten degree drop
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from 80 yesterday. low-to-mid 70s throughout the south bay and if you head to santa cruz sunshine and 73. low 70s for most of the peninsula at 68 to millbrae and 73 at los altos and cross the golden gate bridge to sausalito up to bodega bay it is equity. upper 60 to low 70's through the north bay vietnam and great -- bay valley and great day for wine testing. low 70s throughout the east bay shore with oakland and union city at 70s. speaking of wine tasting livermore is as night at 73 degrees and low-to-mid 70's through the neighborhood. tonight it is milder than this morning upper 40s to mid-50s . here is a look at high clouds increasing as we head through the day and tomorrow we are behind cold fronts early sunday morning, the moisture runs in
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the form of light showers and we get a break for the better part of the day and on sunday evening, that is when the scattered showers come in at .1" possible in the north bay and it will bring sunday night into monday a winter mix to lake tahoe other it is warmer-than-average with no new snow. the seven-day forecast shows cooler conditions today through monday and the 80's return by thursday. sue talked about closures on the we lake tahoe report with a handful of ski resorts closed because we do not have any snow but i will talk about the ones that are open. heavenry -- heavenly had 39" base. and 36" at diamond kirkwood is 3 hours and 25 minutes and 52" base and 10-15"
6:20 am
at sugar bowl and mike said on sunday we coe have -- we could have higher elevations with a little bit of snow. >> we have good news and that is we have made it officially to friday. >> that does not have you feeling happy today is the international day of happiness. in the united states, pharrell williams who wrote "happy," you have her it? it took off on the radio he is mashing the occasion in new york. ♪ 'cause i'm happy ♪ >> he will johnny for -- forum today. >> there will be the happiest lay list which is released later today. >> all because... >> you are happy!
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amazing! i've been claritin clear for eight days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin i'm living claritin clear. every day. >> and now a look at america america at 7:00. good friday morning a mystery in mississippi: the f.b.i. trying to determine if an african-american man found dead near his home hanging in a tree
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--. [ inaudible ] >> notwithstanding you for that we will look forward to hearing all of the stories on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> when it comes to some fruits and vegetables spending extra is worth it for your family's health. >> "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to shop smart. >> good morning, everyone, we know it is healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables but a lost provide contains pesticides. that is especially a citizen for children -- concern for children because they are still growing. "consumer reports" identified ten foods always to buy organic. >> most supermarkets sell a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including samples tested each year by the united states department of agriculture for pesticide levels. "consumer reports" food safety center has analyzed the data and
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developing a risk guide for 50 fruits and vegetables fining risk levels vary depending where the produce is green. >> for example, cantelopes in honduras and mexico and guatemala all have a lower risk level than cantelopes friend in the united states. >> produce always fell in the let or very low risk category. "consumer reports" said buying organic is the best option. organic produce coughs an average of 49 percent more so "consumer reports" ranked frights and vegetables on when it is must important to buy organic. for fruits, five: peaches tangerines straw barrys and cranberries. green beans, hot peppers sweet potatoes and carrots. >> the good news we found some fruits and vegetables where the conventional vehicle was --
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version was at safe including broccoli grown in the united states and mexico, united states cherries grapes and lettuce from the united states and mexico. >> whatever produce you buy, "consumer reports" said wash it thoroughly. the recommendations are based on fruits and vegetables writtenned and peels removed along with the rinds. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> getting giant fans all warmed up for baseball season with a new attraction that could be a local hang out. >> a dozen dogs get a new lease on life with the unfortunate fate they were saved from overseas. >> in palo alto, the lobby of the senior living facility is a crime scene in a murder-suicide.
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two cold fronts will affect our weather, one cooler temperatures and the other is the rain. in the traffic center, that is a look at walnut creek and the drive to head away from highway 24 is a short commute, and it is still friday lite.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy friday, it is 6:29. we are checking on a picture of the embarcadero in san francisco. looks like it is going to be nice. great way to start the weekend. and the >> mike, for some they have
6:30 am
friday off and a three day weekend and friday light sometimes with the traffic but we are getting friday cool down as we head into spring, right? >> absolutely. spring starts today too. i need another cup of coffee. >> be right back with that. you saw the high clouds on live doppler hd and they are not bringing us any rain right now but will make for a colorful sunrise. even a bit of green out there the day planner is low-to-upper 60 at noon and low 60s hanging at the coast and the rest of us are cracking 70 by 4:00, with a light coat this evening but not an umbrella with 66 inland neighborhoods. we hopes for friday light. what do we have? >> friday light but as far as accidents not a high cloud but we have congestion.
6:31 am
here is a look at the san mateo bridge, brake lights are starting to be applied away from hayward into foster city eastbound traffic could not be better. san jose 101 at the nimitz traveling to mineta san jose international airport the traffic is light with a big even over the weekend at sap center with more details. breaking news in petaluma officers are searching for a suspect falling reports of a shooting before 4:00 this morning at the shopping center at old redwood highway closed off for several hours and just re-opened l is a seven 11 and a far bucks and ihop. employees were ordered to stay inside good while officers investigated. there is no information on a victim or that person's
6:32 am
condition but they are looking for a shooter in the area. follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> two people were found dead a senior facility and police believe it is a murder-suicide. the question is: why? our reporter is at palo alto with more. good morning. inside the lobby you can see a tarp covering the office and part of the elevator where two men were found dead in the murder-suicide. officers are still here investigating trying to determine what led to the shooting. this happened at 3:30 yesterday. miss say a ten an shot and killed another man in his 70s in the management office with a handgun. then the 60-year-old turned the gun on himself and found shot to death in the elevator at the
6:33 am
alta torrey at senior living facility in palo alto. >> this is isolated to the scene. we are canvassing the area to look for additional witnesses cameras or other information. >> police evacuated the billioning before determining this was a murder-suicide. the motive is not known. police towed a vehicle from the scene that belongs to one of the two men. officers are still here and we are going on 15 hours they have been speaking with potential witnesses and other tenants and anyone who could know what led to the shooting. happening today a hearing will take place in san francisco to review a decision to house sexually violent predator in a walnut creek community. the 71-year-old charles crissman moved into a home in late february after being convicted in assaulted against children in the late 80's and 90's outraging
6:34 am
families and the d.a. they hope to move him out of neighborhood. >> one of the four officers implicated in the texting scandal has resigned. he is openly gay member of the san francisco police force and was with the department since 1992. he and three other officers are being investigated in connection with racist and homophobic text messages. a spokesman said that because he in longer works for the department he is no longer part the internal investigation. the supervisor said that the case still, need to be reviewed >> we are talking a large public of cases involving african-americans. i have a real concern about that. >> the texts were released by the prosecutor during a bail hearing last week for former officer furminger.
6:35 am
>> and zoo officials are saying they were not eavesdropping on zoo workers. union representing the zoo worries says microphones on the road are remotely activated letting the manages listen in on private diagnoses. we the zoo's executive director said that is not true. >> to my understanding there is no intentional eavesdropping of any employee at the zoo. >> this feature has remote accessing that is more of a baby monitor. i could be on my lunch break where i keep my radio with me. it could record my conversations. the radios were upgraded six months ago after we uncovered serious safety flaws with the previous system. the very much could stop plans to build more at the zoo.
6:36 am
>> there is a long battle over development on a proposed 12,000 acre area that environmentalists want to protect. the epa could limit development the if it fines the area falls under the protection of the clean water act. a decision is expected by early next year. >> today a parking lot near at&t park in san francisco will be a lot more crowded although there is no giants game. "the yard," opens at noon and is a new restaurant and retail center made from recycles shipping containers. you can shot and enjoy local food and drinks and there will be community events here and could be permanent. >> dozens of dogs raised to be sold as food in south korea have a new chance at life in the united states. >> we were there went last 15 of the 57 rescue dogs arrived at the san francisco spca.
6:37 am
after 11 hours on a flight from seoul, where they much destined for a mark where people buy meat and produce. after the dog are spayed and neutered they will be up for adoption. >> pension problems and what has california teachers fired up and when they will make a plea for change. >> uber expansion and launching a startup to take business to the next level. >> check this out, the bay bridge toll plaza is stacked up now on friday.
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we are back is coming up on 6:40 on friday where tree pollen is high. sorry if you have been suffering you will continue to suffer.
6:40 am
cloudy and 66 at monterey, and more sunshine and 84 around fresno. the swirling area around san diego and los angeles and 90 headed to...palm springs. the snow pack is only 12 percent and this is how it looks at lake tahoe. we will be warmer-than-average with more clouds sunday night into monday a chance of a winter mix and then until it is dry. such a disappointment with the snow. 56 trains on time and ace train has in delays on trains three and five and san rafael in the north bay travels southbound headed to 580 and the ribbon of tail lights up to 580 and beyond the waldo tunnel you can see the traffic is looking busy into san francisco. we do have a big event happening over the weekend at sap center
6:41 am
with marvel universe action packed show ton at 7:30 and over the weekend at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and 3:00 in the afternoon. >> doing your part to help california survive the ongoing drought with three things you can try to conserve right away. >> inside the secret laboratory inside the cupertino hundred combining creativity with health and fitness. >> you can stay in the snow with remark and weather together during the commercial ♪ ♪ the goodness of nature in your
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covering benicia, san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a lucky shareholder can spend a free week at warren buffett's
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home because of a special contest. he lived in the home from 1936 to 1966 and three night stay coincides with the we shareholder meeting the weekend of may 2nd. shareholders must submit short essays that prove they own stock with the company. you have to be a good writer. the key is always writing. >> senator jerry hill hold as hearing about what california should do to curb i.t. delays and cost overruns including statute auditor howell and officials. the state has incurred $2 billion inned a costs on seven big technical projects since 2011. the state flames lack of guidance and conflicting roles and staff turn over for project problems. >> the apple watch is on sale and the most anticipated feature is the health kit.
6:45 am
>> this morning we get a first look inside a secret laboratory one of the most advanced fitness laboratories in the world. for two yards members of the team have been testing health technologies including a china -- a climate change better to eleven -- learn how other body responds to different temperatures. we have a report on "good morning america" at 7:00. california teachers are made their pension funds homes stock in a gun company. jane king has the money report. happy friday, to you. so far the markets look good on this friday with the dow up 100 points and sap up of a percent with the nasdaq. shares of apple closed down a
6:46 am
dollar but the dow would have closed lower if at&t were still in it. the california teachers pension fund has now shaken east investment in gun maker two years after the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. they do man a protest at the annual meeting april 2 and necessity have sold off the shares of other gun makers including smith and wesson. >> uber is expanding to the former chevron headquarters on market street. this is the latest part of their office leasing with more than 500,000 square feet leased in three market street buildings. peanuts and crackerjacks? the texas rangers will offer this season bacon flavored cotton candy and chicken fried corn on the con and chicken fried bay coe and a deep fried oreo with graham crackers
6:47 am
drizzled in chocolate part of a tribute to the texas state fair. i will be thinking about that all day. >> we have sushi and lobster rolls so... >> that sounds good, too. >> now we just need the chicken fries. >> there is now a billion dollar emergency plan to help california deal with our drought and only a third of the money goes to measures directly related to the drought and the rest to flood control including food for workers would have lost their job because of the detroit. >> turn off your faucet while you brush your teeth and you will save two gallons a minute and each minute off of a shower saves 2.5 gallons. we have other steps to take to
6:48 am
conserve water right now. a rare sight for sky watchers across the world. a total solar eclipse. it took several hours town fold as it covered the sun and it lasted just a few minutes. this was not visible in the united states anywhere but people in europe and russia and north africa saw a partial eclipse. the faro islands and in norway on some islands it was a total eclipse. do not take a selfie of the eclipse. >> why? >> not unless you are kim kardashian with optometrists saying taking a selfie could actually put people's eyes if harm's way although the most hurtful eclipse is "total eclipse of the heart." take it away. a full moon selfie.
6:49 am
athat broke the internet. >> you can have that visual if you want. >> here we go, above normal the highest category climate prediction center believes we will be if that april and may and june but we have equal chance of below average, or above average as far as precipitation. each consecutive month it goes down so if we are average or above average we will not made it up. check out a gorgeous sunrise, orange yellow purple, blue a good looking we morning. a chance of light showers sunday into monday and 80's returned next week. in san jose, hazy this morning and 280 at 17 and temperatures from six to ten degrees cooler that starts at 3:35 for the as
6:50 am
drove -- we tonight we are in the upper 40s to mid-40s -- the clouds, the high clouds for spring tomorrow, are between systems and we will call it partly sunny and cooler than today, and look at the scattered light showers and sprinklers on sunday morning a break for the better part of the day and moving in on sunday evening is a boater chance of showers. waking up here we are, to a few areas of measure measurable rain and only .05" in the peninsula and south bay. a big event the running festival on sunday in oakland oakland from 5-k to a marathon.
6:51 am
54 at 7:00. drive weather all the way through the 10:00 at 58 and noon is 60 and 3:00 is 65. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures sliding all the way into the low-to-upper 60 on monday with a cold front and tuesday we try out and wednesday and thursday we have spring-like warmth. leyla? >> good morning, oakland, i will look at your neighborhood right now where we have a stalled vehicle southbound 880 at 23rd. it is blocking one lane. there is slow-and-go traffic northbound away from high street toward the maze. we stay in your neighbor the arena tonight looks like the warriors will take on the pelicans with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. so take bart
6:52 am
the altamont pass it is easy at 42 miles per hour, and it could be worst moving into livermore at 55 miles per hour and clear to the dublin interchange and slow at southbound 680 at sunol boulevard. you got your calendar marks for monday? "national puppy day." >> it will be fun and we have a big adoption event on monday. check owe the faces sent in by you and members of the newscast. >> you can fine a puppy there, we and #puppieson7. we have been getting great photos all morning. >> we will live stream our puppy camera all morning and tell you how you can take a puppy home. >> back with seven things to know before you go. stay tuned.
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♪turn around!♪ ♪every now and then i get a little bit hungry♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around♪ ♪turn around!♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air.♪
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♪turn around barry!♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack!♪ now try fiber one protein bars with the great new taste of cookies and crème. how can i help my daughter with her reading? [beep] searching for help with dachshund breeding. why do you not get me? [beep] i do. this is what it feels like for kids with learning and attention issues. redirecting to whether you are just joining us or headed out the door number one, breaking news in petaluma deputies with the sonoma county sheriff are across north petaluma looking if a suspect in an early bring morning shooting after re-opening the shopping center at old redwood highway no information on victim or
6:55 am
suspect. >> palo alto police are investigating a murder-suicide yesterday afternoon at a senior living facility. a tenant in his 60s shot and killed another man before turning the gun on himself. >> the federal regulators are finding graaco $3 million for failing to refall four million faulty seats and they will have to spend $7 million on safety seat awareness. >> a new dining experience at at&t park in san francisco with "the yard," restaurant opening today at noon. it is made from recycled shipping containers. >> many march madness hopes have been shattered. espn said 99 percent of the brackets were broken following long shot victories yesterday between panthers upsetting baylor and uva take down of iowa state only 87 of 11 million
6:56 am
brackets remain. >> only 273 are still perfect. >> six, in the mid-40s to low 50s in the south bay and everywhere. check out mother nature painting the spring colors. we are warmer-than-average although the temperatures are ten degrees cooler today. >> slow and steady. that is the san mateo bridge with traffic taking you seven minutes from hayward to foster city and on sunday, the marathon is going to start at 7:0 a.m. so expect road closures and traffic build up around lake merritt. >> and closing weekend for mis at broadway by the bay. ♪ one more day." >> last day. >> that is it for us. see you in 25 minutes.
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on 2015 jetta and passat models. good morning, america. happening now, say it ain't snow. 40 million americans on alert. a new storm dumping up to half a foot and flooding fears in the south. heavy rain threatens to overflow rivers already running high. ginger here with the latest. new overnight, mystery in new details about that museum massacre isis claiming responsibility. medical miracle. the 22 month old pulled from the icy creek with no pulse. how he survived this harrowing odeal. and cinderella story. the stunning upset to kick off march madness. >> georgia state pulls the upset! >> t


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