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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 29, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. off the runway. a flight skidding and crashing after a hard landing in blizzard conditions. >> a report of a plane crash. >> the wing badly damaged, passengers rushed to the hospital. while across the ocean, a new terrifying timeline. chilling details from the plane's voice recorder of the last minutes of the germanwings flight. did the copilot have a secret vision problem? the spring break shooting. gunfire erupts at a house party in panama city beach, florida. seven wounded. >> emergency, 5121 gulf drive. >> the county sheriff warning, with all the alcohol and firearms, there could be more violence to come. daring dive. >> are you gonna jump, tom? >> the patriots' tom brady
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giving fans a heart attack with his flying leap off a cliff. in front of his kids. what was he thinking? and more importantly, did he put his career at risk? and maleficent the magnificent. angelina jolie makes her first appearance since revealing her latest surgery to the world, grabbing a kids' choice award. >> don't ever try to be less than what you are. when someone tells you you're different, smile, hold your head up and be proud. >> her inspiring message to the children of the world. >> cause a little trouble. it's good for you. hey, good morning, everybody. on a sunday when the dangers of air travel are very much in the news.
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there are new reports providing a fuller and fully terrifying picture from the last moments of the ill-fated germanwings flight. >> what the captain reportedly said as he pounded on the door, desperately pleading for the co-pilot, andreas lubitz, to let him in. we are going to start here with breaking news overnight. new video coming in. an air canada plane skidding off the runway after landing hard in near-blizzard conditions. nearly 20 passengers hurt. >> abc's david kerley who covers aviation for us, joins us with more from our washington bureau. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the calendar may say spring. but it's snowing in halifax. that appears to be what results in another jetliner skidding off the runway. at 12:40 in the morning, passengers were calling 911 from inside the plane. they say when they hit the runway, they bounced, and then slid for a very long time. >> just jumped out on the wing and we started running away from the plane. because there a liquid and it smelled like kerosene. >> reporter: overnight, difficult conditions over halifax as the pilot hits the runway hard and slides off. >> a report of a plane crash. >> we have an aircraft emergency. >> airplane down. >> reporter: officials called it abrupt.
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it was worse than that for the 133 passengers and five crew on board who were flying in from toronto. ambulances rushing to the scene and were busy. 23 of those on board taken to hospitals for minor injuries. all this made worse because the power went out at the halifax airport. unclear if it was related to the hard landing. but passengers huddled in the dark in blankets, finally able to take shelter in a hangar. >> put a rush on that. we've got pretty much everybody headed to the airport for the plane crash. >> reporter: halifax was expecting a half on foot of snow. and it would appear those conditions would have contributed to the smashed airport craft and injured passengers. >> hard to say how close this came to even a worse disaster. anytime you have an airplane full of people that leaves the
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runway in snowy conditions at high speed, you've got the potential for a much worse disaster than just a few scratches and bruises. >> reporter: the pilot, according to flight aware, circled the airport at least twice before attempting to make a landing. a female passenger jumped out of the plane with no shoes on to the snowy runway. she was helped by other passengers. of those injured, 18 have been release the from the hospital. five are still being treated. a scary early morning in halifax for those folks, guys. >> scary, but glad to hear everybody seems to be okay at this point. thank you. the new developments in the germanwings crash. there are new reports about a medical condition that could have derailed the copilot's flying career. as we learn more about the harrowing last minutes before the plane went down, alex marquardt is outside the apartment building where lubitz lived in dusseldorf, germany. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hi, paula, good morning. we have learned this morning
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that the last checkup he had with his airline was last year. clearly, it didn't uncover that mystery illness that authorities believe drove him to crash that plane. this morning, we're hearing more about the horrifying moments before the crash. this morning, chilling new details about the last minutes of germanwings flight 9525. german media outlets publishing partial transcripts from the cockpit voice recorder. that describe a calm and collected lubitz, who locked the pilot out of the cockpit, before flying the plane into a mountainside. abc news is working to confirm the details of the transcript. according to a german newspaper, the first 20 minutes of the flight seemed normal. the captain saying he needed to go to the bathroom. lubitz offering to take over. 26 minutes after takeoff, the captain leaves the cockpit after reaching a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet. two minutes later, the
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transcript says lubitz puts the plane into a descent. reportedly heard breathing normally. which french prosecutors confirmed on thursday. then, air traffic control calls the cockpit and gets no response. the captain then allegedly heard yelling, for god's sake, open the door! as violent blows are heard at the cockpit door. around 10:37, warning messages blaring for the pilot to pull up. lubitz says nothing. then the last sound heard. the passengers screaming just before the moment of impact that killed all 150 people on board. we know that lubitz was hiding a medical condition from his bosses. a german newspaper reporting medication for a psychosomatic illness and evidence of severe depression were found in his apartment. the new york times saying he sought treatment for vision problems. a potentially career-ending condition. abc has not confirmed those reports. along with a torn up prescription and doctor's notes in his garbage, including one saying he was unfit to work the day of the crash, it all paints a picture of a deeply troubled young man grappling with illness that may have driven him to kill himself and so many others. and a pilot who flew with lubitz has said he came out and gave a completely different impression. he talked about his hopes for the future as a pilot with
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lufthansa. and that matches everything we have heard from people we met who knew lubitz who said there were no red flags. this morning, still so many unanswered questions. dan? >> and the investigation continues. alex marquardt, on the ground in germany, thank you. we are going to turn now to the new -- the gunfire and bloodshed at a party in the spring break hot spot of panama city beach, florida. seven people shot. the situation there is out of control, says the local sheriff. he's worried there could be more to come. matt gutman is on the story from florida. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the scale of the violence is staggering. this is one is of six shootings in panama beach that very same night. police say it was by far the worst. they got that the vacation rental and found victims in the house, outside the house, in the street. across the street. in the median.
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some of them shot multiple times. this morning, panama city florida's party paradise and shooting gallery. seven were wounded in a shooting early saturday morning. >> i need the emergency 5121 gulf drive. going to be four patients. gunshot wounds. >> reporter: emergency crews racing to the scene. and police overwhelmed. >> it is complete chaos here. we -- we have 100 witnesses or so. we have a mess. >> reporter: among the seven shot, alabama a&m university telling abc news three of their students. all women. they're hospitalized this morning with one in critical condition. the university writing in a statement that its students were innocent victims in the wrong place when an altercation broke out resulting in shots being fired. one of the possible victims, 22-year-old tykeria etheridge, says she was shot in the neck. posting this photo to facebook
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from her hospital bed. in the post, she writes, nobody but god. police arresting david jamichael daniels, of mobile, alabama. the 22-year-old who was out on bond for drug possession during the shooting, this morning, back behind bars. charged with seven counts of attempted murder. >> we're looking at something that will bring more and more trouble on the beach if we don't get control. >> reporter: the county sheriff far from surprised. warning that with so many drunk and armed during spring break, something horrible was bound to happen. >> we have drunk people under the influence of drugs with guns and no respect for themselves, others, and most of all, authority. we have a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: the panama city beach council already voting to add $200,000 for security measurements. they narrowly voted down a bill that would ban all alcohol sales on the beach through mid april. but the question that all of the beach towns in florida are
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facing is how do you secure and contain 20 plus million vacationers during this time period? paula? >> that recipe for disaster was an accurate description. matt gutman, thank you. and there is growing outrage this morning about indiana's new religious freedom bill. so much so the governor is trying to propose new legislation just to clarify. opponents say this bill is simply a license to discriminate against gays. and there is a push to boycott the state of indiana, which is the home of college basketball's final four next weekend. and gio benitez has the very latest. hi, gio. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. the governor sparking a fire storm by signing the bill. everyone from hillary clinton to miley cyrus is sounding off. overnight, the governor saying it's been misconstrued. telling "the indianapolis star" he's working with lawmakers to clarify the law. until then, he's facing heat. >> whose state? >> all: our state.
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>> reporter: this morning, thousands are taking on indiana's governor at the state house. >> all: no hate in our state. >> reporter: holding signs saying no hate and god welcomes everyone. governor mike pence signing the controversial bill into law. the religious freedom law. it could allow businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers. all in the name of religious freedom. pence defending the law. >> if i thought it was about discrimination, i would have vetoed it. >> all: this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: some big names joining the protesters on social media. hillary clinton tweeting sad this new indiana law can happen in america today. larry king calling it absurd and insulting. miley cyrus posting an instagram of the governor with words too hot for tv. and even apple ceo tim cook tweeting, apple is open for everyone. we're deeply disappointed. just this weekend, seattle's mayor banning travel to the
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state of indiana for city business. >> we need to stand with the folks of indiana who are fighting for equality. >> reporter: even college basketball could be affected. former nba star charles barkley calling for the ncaa to pull the final four tournament out of indiana. the ncaa already taking a stand, saying it's concerned about how the law could affect student athletes. still, governor pence insists this law protects religious freedom. >> indiana will continue to be a place where we respect the freedom of religion of every hoosier of every faith. >> reporter: and the indiana pacers, the nba, and the wnba also taking a stand against the new law, saying overnight, anyone is allowed at games. the governor is saying he did not intend any discrimination with this law and says 19 other states have similar laws. but again, a firestorm. so much uproar. >> he's hoping to pass that new legislation. proposed at some time. very controversial. thank you, gio. dan? later this morning, right here on abc's "this week." governor mike pence will speak exclusively to our chief anchor,
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george stephanopoulos. george is here now. the governor argued this law has been mischaracterized. he says it will not lead to state-sanctioned discrimination. 19 other states have similar laws. and barack obama voted for a similar law when he was a state legislator in the state of illinois. does the governor have a point? >> he does. on that point. on the religious freedom law. here's the problem for the state of indiana. they do not include gays and lesbians as a protected class. under the civil rights law. it's a combination that a lot of critics are saying could open the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians in indiana. this backlash has been furious across the state. hundreds protesting yesterday.
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real concern on the governor's part about the economic impact on the state of indiana. that's why he's coming out this morning. we're going to press him on the details. and try to figure out exactly what he's talking about when he says he wants to clarify the law with the legislature this week. >> yeah, he has not added a lot of details on that. george, very much looking forward to your interview. a reminder, george will be conducting an exclusive interview with the governor, mike pence, later this morning on "this week." george wants to know what questions you might have. you can tweet him @gstephanopoulos. with your suggestions. thank you, george. >> we're tracking all of the other headlines. for that we go to ron. good morning, ron. >> good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. lately, it's been a dangerously familiar scene on the track. a commuter train crashing into a car in los angeles. the driver fighting for his life this morning. aditi roy has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, a horrifying scene on the tracks, after a metro link train slams into a car near downtown los angeles. >> i saw the firefighters coming up to the car, with the jaws of life, trying to cut off the top of the car to pull the guy out. >> reporter: new details from officials saying the driver of the car made an improper left turn. the train operator unable to stop in time. the train derailed, two cars flying off the track. >> looks like two cars derailed, expo line. >> reporter: more than a dozen emergency workers racing to extricate the man from the decimated car. that driver now fighting for his life. the train operator in serious
7:15 am
condition. it's one of close to a dozen serious train collisions in two months across the nation. in february, a new york crash leaving 6 dead and 12 injured after it slammed into an suv. just last month, another commuter train crash in southern california killed the train operator, after a driver got stuck on the tracks as the train approached. those injured on the train in this latest crash now considered walking wounded. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. a decorated boston police officer remains in critical condition this morning after being shot during a routine traffic stop. boston's police commissioner says officer john moynahan is in a medically induced coma. he called him a fighter and says he will pull through. he was shot in the face just below the right eye friday night.
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the bullet lodged below his right ear. the suspect was fatally shot by police. the wounded officer was honored at the white house just last year. and here in new york, emergency crews are still looking for two people missing after an apparent gas explosion and fire apparently killed two people. thursday's explosion may have been caused by someone tampering with a gas line, which could result in criminal charges. utility workers had been in the basement 75 minutes before the explosion occurred. and gave the building a failing grade. and it was lights out for famous landmarks around the world overnight. the empire state building here in new york city, for those who don't know, briefly went dark. on the manhattan skyline. the eiffel tower in paris. and the kremlin, in moscow, all turning their lights out. all part of an effort, earth hour, the annual global event to raise awareness about climate change around the world. and finally, basketball fans and all you others. millions of kentucky fans are breathing easier, or more easily this morning. the wildcats of kentucky are going back to the final four after narrowly fending off the fighting irish of notre dame.
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68-66, the final score. kentucky, now 38-0 on the season. they need two more wins to be the first team to end the season with a perfect record since the university of indiana in 1976 under bobby knight. they take on wisconsin, the badgers next weekend. they beat arizona, saturday. kentucky still perfect. >> wildcats. >> how are you doing? >> we won't see a wildcat-wildcat national championship. >> we won't see a wildcat fight. >> i'm still -- my bracket's -- >> alive or dying? >> it's alive. i won't be burying it any time soon. say your prayers for it. thank you, ron. a lot of buzz about tom brady this morning. why? because of this video posted from his vacation went viral. it shows the patriots' quarterback taking a daring plunge. it was edited with music and all of that. >> so here's the question. if you're worth roughly $100 million, would you be jumping off a cliff while you're on vacation or would you be ordering pina coladas by the pool? i know the answer when it comes to my friend, sara haines here.
7:18 am
>> i'm that predictable? pina coladas and then the jump. maybe tom is not a frozen drink kind of guy. who doesn't see a cliff and think jumping off is not a great idea. plenty of people. just not tom. >> are you going to jump, tom? >> reporter: watch how tom brady answers his supermodel wife with this death-defying dive. watch again as the nfl's most valuable player jumps off an estimated 40-foot cliff while on vacation in costa rica. the qb living to tell the tale on facebook. sharing video of the plunge with his 3.2 million followers on saturday. overnight, the clip sending pats fans into a frenzy on social media. tweeting oh, no, no, no, tom. tell me they used a stunt double. others speaking up for the family man, saying he's just living his life. leave the guy alone.
7:19 am
coach belichick and the new england patriots may not see it that way. >> if tom brady got hurt and it was a career-ending injury, you could bet that the team would try to recover some of that money. >> reporter: touchdown tom isn't the only athlete obliged to behave well. >> touchdown! >> all pro athletes sign contracts that basically say you shouldn't do anything stupid. >> reporter: drew brees poked fun after his own deal last year in this motorcycle ad. >> my football contract forbids me from riding motorcycles. i'm retiring. >> reporter: the patriots declined to comment on the stunt. but with offseason training approaching, surely they would rather see their quarterback stick to playing in the sand with his three kids. and don't worry, new englanders. tom said it himself. never doing that again, #airbrady. ♪ one of those things you kind of, i forget that all this money is on the line. a lot of these athletes have a clause that says they cannot take part in recreational
7:20 am
activities. i was like -- they forbid me from talking offset at the risk of hurting anyone. >> don't say anything without the teleprompter. >> you have to preserve. >> thank you, sara haines. we appreciate it. let's check the weather now. we're happy to have julie durda from our abc station in miami, wplg, back with us on this sunday morning. good to see you. >> great to be back. i have to tell you, america. you have to see these pictures. we're well into spring. but you're seeing snow that occurred in smithtown, new york. that wasn't the only place to see snow. we saw other snow areas throughout the northeast. boston received just about a third of an inch. a trace in new york city. the cold weather continues. a hard freeze warning and frost advisory as far south as georgia into alabama. that temperature, you can see right now, 23 degrees in raleigh. 47 the cold air continues over northern florida. that's the air temperature. feels like temperature is even colder. got to head to the southwest. a whole nother story. the heat continues.
7:21 am
>> so some of that snow was >> so some of that snow was associated with a low. it's all moving offshore. we're not expecting snow today in the northeast. it will be a bit warmer. then i have another twist in the weather coming up. a little bit of a roller coaster. >> that was a tease, julie durda. >> a good twist or a bad twist? >> she can't give it away. >> it doesn't sound good. >> yes. it's called a tease, dan. she can't reveal it quite yet.
7:22 am
coming up on "gma," on the stand, the fiance of former football star aaron hernandez testifying at his murder trial. what does she know about the murder weapon? surprise appearance. angelina jolie stealing the show at the kids' choice awards. just days after announcing she's had more surgery to prevent cancer. what she told the kids. and blake shelton's sexy new video, it's called sangria. i'll drink to that. that's ahead in "pop news." from the farm families of fairlife, this is our promise. we promise to do better with every delicious sip of our ultra filtered milk. from grass to glass. we promise to start with high quality, real milk that's then ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and calcium. to help you live better. at fairlife, this is our simple promise. to believe in better.
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"maleficent." an especially poignant moment for angelina jolie. hugs from her children as he accepts her kids' choice award. her first public appearance since revealing her latest surgery. good morning, america. we'll have her incredibly inspiring message to children all around the world. coming up a little bit later on "gma." >> she stole is show. coming up, a new role for comedian sacha baron cohen. you may know him from "borat." he's going to play a rock star. he's writing, directing, and starring in the movie. sara will have much more on this coming up, a breaking "pop news" story. first, tomorrow could be the most important day yet in the murder trial of the former new
7:31 am
england patriots' football star aaron hernandez. >> his fiance heads back to the witness stand with questions expected to center around a mysterious box. marci gonzalez has been following the case. she's here with more. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula and dan. shayanna jenkins has immunity. so she can talk freely about what she nose about that box and other key details and she won't face charges. she could potentially make or break the case for the prosecution. a pivotal moment. in the aaron hernandez murder trial. the former patriots' star's fiance on the stand, about to face the toughest questions yet. >> the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god. >> i do. >> reporter: before court recessed for the weekend, shayanna jenkins testified for more than four hours, denying that hernandez had anything to do with the shooting death of his friend, odin lloyd, two years ago. >> i asked him if he did it. he said no. that was the end of our conversation. >> reporter: she admitted her fiance appeared drunk the day lloyd was shot to death.
7:32 am
and telling the jury that hernandez later asked her to withdraw money to give to one of the co-defendants in the case. >> he told me to meet up with bo and give him money. >> through this witness, prosecute irs are trying to put pieces of the puzzle together >> reporter: one of the biggest puzzle pieces, what happened to the missing murder weapon? believed to be a .45 glock. prosecutors believe jenkins may know. alleging it was in a box inside this garbage bag jenkins is seen carrying out of hernandez's home the day after lloyd's death. >> the defendant called you and said it was important that you go down and get this box and get rid of it, is that right? >> i believe so. >> reporter: that stunning admission happening with the jury not in the room. just as they were about to hear her testify about the box and possibly its contents, court adjourned. the dramatic day of testimony ending in a cliffhanger. but of course, that is where the prosecution is expected to pick up tomorrow morning. they'll likely ask jenkins more about a cryptic text message
7:33 am
hernandez sent her about that box the day after lloyd was killed. >> we're heading into a big day in court. marci, thank you. >> thank you. now let's go back to ron with another update of the stories we're tracking overnight. >> i do. i do. hi again, paula and dan. hi, everyone. we begin with breaking news overnight. a rough landing for an air canada passenger plane injuring almost two dozen people in halifax. the flight originated in toronto made hard landing in bad weather went off the runway. at least 23 people are being treated for minor injuries there. new report this is morning about the final moments before the plane crash in the alps. the copilot, andreas lubitz accused of flying the plane into the ams and hiding an illness. the pilot heard on the cockpit voice recorder yelling, for god's sake, open the door. pope francis celebrated palm sunday mass at the vatican. this is the beginning of holy week, leading up to easter. and finally, here at home.
7:34 am
a solemn moment far from the basketball court for the houston rockets team. james harden, dwight howard, and coach kevin mchale paid a visit to arlington national cemetery, where they laid a wreath on the tomb of the unknowns. mchale's father fought in world war ii. you can watch houston take on the washington wizards later today. the rockets already going to the playoffs in the west. the wizards are closing in on a playoff berth in the east. i went to see houston play the clippers a couple of weeks ago. james harden is amazing. a scoring machine, as some say about dan harris before he got married. >> oh, oh. >> just kidding. >> wow, all of a sudden, in lots of trouble. i grew up watching kevin mchale play for the boston celtics. a very familiar name from my youth. that is called changing the subject. and further along those lines, let's check the weather before paula says whatever she was going to say. julie durda. our meteorologist, from wplg in miami. >> i was going to say happily
7:35 am
married with a child. >> what's the forecast, julie? >> keep going, paula. >> very happily married with a child. >> weren't we going to talk about the weather? >> we are. >> something big is happening. a twist. >> indeed it is. we're going to start off live in philadelphia. the liberty bell. you can see the sunshine. don't let this picture fool you. my friend there is waking up to temperatures in the teens. that's what it feels like as you walk out the door. now here's what we're going to watch. a little twist in the atmosphere. the next system moves in, toward the ohio valley. bringing some showers and precip precipitation precipitation. ahead of it is a warm sector. warmer temperatures. ahead of the system. once the system clears, a bit of a cooldown. but what you'll ♪ ♪ is high pressure guilds so fast around it not too big of a dip in our temperatures. we're expecting the 50s for new york. yay! 50s. back to the west, precipitation
7:36 am
falling over portions of mainly canada and into the northern parts of seattle. a very nice day across the southeast once temperatures warm up. the cooldown, remember, across the southeast, providing for a hard freeze watch and warning. >> and that weather report brought to you by expedia. you're welcome, dan. i know you'll love me forever for taking over the weather. >> i have always loved you and i will continue to love you. coming up, angelina jolie. a woman a lot of people like. her surprise appearance overnight. her message of courage. why she says being different is a good thing. and country star blake shelton's sexy new video, an homage to sangria. up ahead in "pop news." and it's sexy guys, seriously. >> sangria? and it's sexy.
7:37 am
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♪ this time baby i feel bulletproof ♪ it was quite a moment. angelina jolie's children embracing her in the audience overnight right after she won a kids' choice award.
7:41 am
>> they probably think she's a rock star for winning that, don't you think? especially after this week revealing the measures she took to make sure she would be around for her children. she delivered an inspiring message in receiving her award. >> angelina jolie! >> reporter: it was a night of celebration in her first appearance post surgery. attending the 2015 nickelodeon kids' choice awards. after announcing last week, she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. sitting next to higher children shiloh and zahara, she took home the blimp for her role in maleficent. in her speech she told the crowd, it's good the be different. >> different is good. so -- don't fit in. don't sit still. don't ever try to be less than what you are. and when someone tells you that you are different, smile, and hold your head up high, and be
7:42 am
proud. >> reporter: which is why she and husband, brad pitt, has embraced their daughter shiloh's request to be called john. telling "vanity fair" in a 2010 interview, she wants to be a boy. so he had to cut her hair. she wants to wear boys' everything. jolie explains she's always felt different and out of place. just last week publishing a confession about her decision to have a preventative surgery. after doctors discovered she tested positive for science of early ovarian cancer the type of cancer that killed her mother in 2007. she wrote, i will not be able to have any more children. but i feel at ease with whatever with come. jolie, who also lost her aunt and grandmother to cancer underwent a preventative mastectomy a few years ago. >> it's generally low risk. it's not zero risk. with the removal of the ovaries and the entire fallopian tube, there's immediate menopause.
7:43 am
>> reporter: as always, she appeared poised and still a little mischievous. >> cause a little trouble. it's good for you. >> you know something about that. >> i'm sure the parents are like, great. thank you, angelina. that really hooked us up. >> thanks for egging them on. >> she is very poised. coming up on "gma," speaking of poised, kind of. sean hayes gets into trouble. the result, hilarious? we'll see it with sara coming up. ir ra coming up. intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss
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♪ more cowbell. >> got the fever. >> got the fever? >> and the only, what is it, remedy? >> and the only cure is more cowbell. "pop news." sacha baron cohen is ready to rock you. rock you. the multitalented comedian's newest project has him writing, directing, and starring in a film about queen singer freddie mercury. he has been tied to the project years ago but had a falling out with some of the band members. however, everyone's worked out their creative difference and the film is back on track. mergry died in 1991 at the age of 45. i got that say, that resemblance
7:48 am
is uncanny. it's not who would pop to mind right away in thinking who would play him. it will be cool to see. >> he's really gifted, sacha baron cohen. >> writing, directing, and starring, that's -- >> he could probably do "pop news" he's so talented. country star blake shelton is getting fans all hot and bothered, including me, with his new video. it's for his song "sangria." it starts with mixing up a pitcher of the tasty drink. before you know it, love or something like it is in the air. ♪ your skin is begging to be kissed by more than the sun you take my hand in yours your lean in and your lips ♪ >> all i can say is it's a good thing they actually get a room in this video. it gets pretty hot. i, for one, will never look at a batch of sangria the same way again. going to be a beer girl. >> you're going to be a beer girl now? >> going to be a beer girl. always a blake shelton girl.
7:49 am
up next, my favorite lip synch video. starring actor sean hayes and his husband in an epic version of ig zi azalea and jennifer hudson's songing trouble. ♪ i should have known you were bad news i'm trying to figure out if that's you ♪ ♪ don't you come and play ♪ ♪ you seem like trouble to me ♪ ♪ky tell by the way you're mean ♪ >> i gotta tell you, when you meet someone that will do this with you, you it's true love. this is a match made in heaven. iggy is a fan. she even retweeted the video. >> why did that do this? >> just for fun. i mean, when you're married to sean hayes, you better be ready to do some lip-synching. >> you better be ready to do anything. >> he looks good. >> remember he's lip-synching. everything, with the way his face -- you can almost hear him.
7:50 am
it's amazing. they go big. >> i sense they practiced this for awhile. >> i'm guessing this is the first take. i don't know. >> you think so? >> no, i'm sure they did. what a friday night. this is what i call an awesome weekend. dan, you want to hang out? >> all we need is -- >> some ansangria. >> and we're done. this next one is a good one. everyone knows when you go fishing, you to have patience. it could be hours until you get a bite. >> and sangria. >> unless you know where to go. check out this guy. he doesn't have to mess with a rod and a reel. >> what in the world. >> never mind those squirmy worms. they jump right into his boat. >> that's fly fishing, guys. >> i researched this a little bid. >> this is weird. >> that's something out of, like, "the bible." >> it's not biblical. it might be something similar. like an outboard motor. some fish, i have calls put in. >> "pop news investigation." >> sometimes, when you have an outboard motor they say the
7:51 am
sound might be doing that to the fish. >> is there one there? >> no. that make it possibly the second thing. sometimes when they're being chased or hunted, they jump as a defense mechanism. what they don't recognize is they're jumping right into the hands of a guy that's doing them no favors. >> interesting, sara. i had never heard that before. >> they don't call it "pop news" for nothing. >> b plus pop today. >> oh. >> come on. >> below a b? >> a c minus yesterday. a b plus today. >> stop causing trouble. >> i love you. i love you. >> you'll get there. rgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom! lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and for a tasty snack that's 100% real dairy
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and that's all from us on this sunday. coming up on "this week" george has an exclusive interview with indiana governor mike pence. who this week signs a
7:56 am
controversial bill called the religious freedom bill. george wants to know what questions you have. there he is with his producer. all you have to do is tweet him @gstephanopoulos. if you're celebrating palm sunday, everyone, enjoy the day. >> thanks for being with us. julie durda, thank you for being with us. we really appreciate it. dr. rob marciano will be back next weekend. have a great day. >> see you, everyone.
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