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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 31, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze along with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> doors open. fan on last night and i slept good for the first type in a long time. it will be noisy in all neighborhoods today. you will be joined by the rest of us tomorrow morning sleepy eyed. live doppler hd showing the winds are around 10 or 20 miles per hour and many neighborhoods but our deepest valleys and weapon the sun comes up the winds will pick up. look at walnut creek, not
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shaking as we look southbound on 680 into the san ramon valley. we are 47 to 56 this morning with a few passing clouds and the dry air rushing in and we will have sunny conditions by noon, 56 at the coast and 62 inland and 4:00 68 at the coast and 72 inland so inland will have biggest drop in temperatures. grab a coat, 54 to 64 with the breezes it will be cooler than that. >> leyla, hopefully everyone is out and awake. >> hope so. had a horrible sleep. now, a look at the drive the commute headed to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza traffic is light. we do not have any issued hi wind advisory by c.h.p. but we do for san mateo bridge, 101 pulling up to 580, the drive is quiet and action free -- accident free but we have one
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wreck with more details ahead. >> we have breaking news from richmond a person has died after being hit by a bart train at the richmond station this morning. police say the victim was hit bit train as it pulled into the station. train service is now affected. the coroner has been called to remove the body and conduct the investigation. our reporter is headed to research monday and will bring us a report at the bottom of the hour. developing news, fire investigators are trying to determine if it was a deliberate act that started a fire that destroyed four homes in dublin. our reporter is at the scene. the homes were under construction? >> that is right. fire crews are not exactly sure what caused the fire but they are not ruling anything out at this point. the homes are basically stage when necessity burned down and were destroyed happening in the new subdecision last night
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at 9:00 people. known was hurt in the fire. four homes in all were burned down. multiple calls came in for those who saw the flames shooting in the air and viewers sent cell phone video and crews had to work kickly to make sure the flames did not spread. and the wind also was a factor last night causing embers to play in a few spot fires as a result. admittedly the fire department got confused where this was happening pause it is a newly constructed neighbor. >> they had difficult time navigating the neighborhood to find out where we were, the first officer arrived on the scene and called for a second alarm pus of the multiple home on fire and the volume of fire. >> the fire department will continue the investigation today to try and determine what caused the fire today and in a similar case when two new homes were being constructed they originally thought that workers were to blame for the fire there but it was later determined that
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copper pipes that were heating throughout the day caused the fire. again, this fire is still under investigation. reporting in dublin for abc7. >> san jose police have finalized the route for the funeral of officer michael johnson would was killed in the line of duty last week. the procession will pass through three cities starting at the chapel in los gatos and parts of win chesters and stevens creek boulevard is closed ending in downtown san jose where a memorial service will take place at 11 o'clock at the sap center. johnson will be laid to rest at oak hill cemetery and a collection of flowers and notes paying tribute is grow outside police headquarters and a suicidal man killed officer johnson if an ambush. the memorial service is held on thursday at the sap center in san jose. we will have coverage at abc7 and we will stream it at
5:05 am . >> the district attorney is launching an investigation into three separate scandals at the police and sheriff department. the sheriff would prefer an independent agency handle it. the investigation will look and a series of racist texts sent between police officers and allegations that the sheriff deputies phossed -- forced inmates to fight each other and d.n.a. evidence is said to have been changed to lead to anviction. now they are seeing if pending prosecutions at the d.a.'s office could be affected. >> slights are slowing coming back on across turkey that is affecting dozens of cities including istanbul and the capital, ankora. major airports are open and air
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traffic control is working but the local airports are closed down. this is no explanation much the prime minister said all possible causes are under investigation including terrorism. a major newspaper in inend is making -- in indiana is making a bold statement saying it makes it legal to discriminate against gays and lesbians but the emergency on "indiana star," is "fix this now." protesters are calling for a boycott of the state. a san francisco supervisorren what as review of automatic city contracts with companies headquartered in indiana. the governor pence is standing behind the decision writing an op-ed to appear tomorrow in the "wall street journal." "if i was presented a bill to legalize discrimination against any group i would veto it but this contains no reference to sexual orientation." >> law is evidence that former secretary of state hillary clinton used more than personal
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blackberry to conduct government business. she e-mailed her staff on an ipad, as well as the blackberry. that contradicts her statement that she used a personal e-mail account and smart 15 so she did not have to carry and use multiple devices. this dispute is casting a cloud over hillary clinton the current front runner for the democratic presidential nomination. >> would you believe sales taxes are hitting double digits in five east bay cities paying 10 percent sales tax in albany hair union city, san leandro and is 7.5 percent right now with the 2 percent local limit, the lawmakers passed pills allowing alameda to ask the voters to push it higher and voters did. now we will find out what the weather holes today. mike? >> check out the temperatures on mount -- blow, -- on mt. diablo they are 15 to 20 degrees cooler
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it is lingering. enjoy, the temperatures mid-to-upper 50s pittsburg antioch and brentwood along with livermore and pleasanton and walnut creek and concord and everyone else pleasant hill and lafayette and danville and san ramon and dublin in the upper 40s to low 50s and we have low-to-mid 50s all around the bay shore until you get to cupertino at 47 degrees and 54 in half moon bay and bodega bay is 51 and you will have the fattest winds today at 50. now, at look at afternoon temperatures i have breezy and breezy and breezy. and cooler, 64 to 71ant bay inland and 67 in the north bay and 74 east bay and the coast and brick in the upper 50s. sfo is push around 20 miles per hour and you can see the clouds moving across right now and well keep an eye on it and see if there are delays because of the clouds and the winds. each day wednesday is breezy but thursday and friday are calmer and warmer.
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i will show you that influence moving through in the weekend. >> traffic is fine with no problems. 280 near highway 17 traffic northbound and southbound direction is without a hitch. >> we video a couple of problems across the roadways this is due to construction in the area westbound 580, that is are we have a four-car crash and one hane is blocked with slow-and-go traffic approaching the dublin interchange office just's the interchange. it is slowing. we have had a few accidents there yesterday, yesterday morning, so be careful if you make the travel out of livermore to dublin. >> if san francisco, southbound 101 the off-ramp has another crash and it is off to the for point and not blocking any lanes but we do have a crash at 101. how does this sound mc
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muffin for dinner? >> the pilot who is out to prove you are never too old to live your dream were >> comment the dream. >> the comment causing a furor over a "dancing with the stars" judge. stay tuned.
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>> covering son ralph, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new details involving a massive december fire in downtown los angeles. investigators say that surveillance video shows a suspected arsonist parking a vehicle on the 110 freeway and walking into the apartment complex under construction carrying several cans of fuel. new information was released at a community meet but did not release the video, the fire scums a seven story building and damaged maining buildings and part of the free. $170,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. >> iran and six world powers including the united states are agreeing to continue negotiations after wrapping up six days of nuclear talks. the joint statement will reportedly announce a new phase aimed at reaching a comprehensive agreement by the end of june. it is supposed to include additional documents that she the two sides have made enough progress to justify another rounds of talks. today was supposed to be the
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deadline for a bake agreement -- basic agreement. >> making us hungry: hard browns and hot cakes whenever you want. mcdonald's customers could be able to have breakfast all day. >> here is the america's money report. >> good morning everyone topping america's minute, mcdonald's testing all day breakfast. >> on the menu is some of the breakfast sandwiches and hash browns and the company said that customers have been asking for it. >> new they figured how the restaurant small kitchen can handle both, it is now just being tested in san diego. apple has expanded the trading program to include programs from the competitors now offering credit toward the purchase of new devices in exchange for older mcs droid phones to customers of other brands. >> tesla parts will reveal a if you product next mo
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not a car. c.e.o. has sent out this tweet saying a major new product line will be revealed by april 30 with shares for the palo alto company rising 3 percent after the tweet and in february, he announce the tesla would unveil a home battery ready to go into production in six months. >> multipurpose battery, right? >> 9 a year old passion if flight could land him in the record picks. >> keith has been flying for his life the resident is a decorated air force pilot who performed combat missions in two wars. now he is trying to make it into the book of world records as the oldest activity pilot. he said it would be cool to hold the record but he will not be offended if i goes to someone else. >> if someone else comes along later, and older, more power to them i would be plaid to call him up and con >> they need verification for
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the attempt. he his 70-year-old son is helping dad become the record older. >> way to go. >> we are blaming the weather for a if you things not the weather forecaster, of course, the dry air getting to us. >> getting to me. not the allergies but the dry air is making me do that. maybe you, too, this morning. or the presses may make you grab the steering wheel hopefully with two happens. >> live doppler hd shows a few clouds picked up as the comet prompt is nearing but when it passes the breezes that are already pushing at ten or 20 miles per hour will become 20 to 30 and sunshine will break out of the rush of cool and dry air and look on the left side of the screen you can see the flag completely unfurled on the ferry building this morning with the breezes here and it will be
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cooler today especially inland east bay where we did not see a drop yesterday. sunshine and you will need the sunglasses and dry. you will need the lotion when your happens are dry. calmer and warmer thursday interest friday and the weekend is trending cooler and dry as the cold front passes to our north. here is the cold front that we are look at today, absolutely no tropical connection, no atmospheric river, nothing, nothing but gusty winds developing behind the front as the cold and heavy air rushes in hype it. here is what it does to the temperatures: 59 at half moon bay. mid-to-upper 60s throughout most of the bayshore and we will touch 70 in napa and santa rosa and palo alto and 71 in san jose and low-to-mid 70's inland east bay. tonight, the winds are keeping our temperatures up and if they were not around we could be dealing with 30s but we will be dealing with manically mid-40s to about 50 degrees. as far as the gusts they are
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around 25 to 30 miles per hour in the afternoon and evening and they stay up did you the overnight hours and tomorrow they will be around 15- to 25-miles per hour and that is why it will be cooler tomorrow. here is the warming trend and the dry air for thursday and friday, and notice the weekend, yes, temperatures are back in line with where they should be by easter sunday. >> we have started off with a couple of problems and they are kickly clearing. walnut creek shows the drive is clear. we are brick. away from pleasanton hill to walnut creek. the drive out of walnut creek to alamo and danville san jose has construction. it will be with us until 6:00. morning and southbound 880 project is going on pore months. stevens creek boulevard lanes are taken away and not sure what the red is indicating maybe just a blip on the map.
5:19 am
rest of san jose is moving along at top speeds at 73 miles per hour headed up to mineta san jose international airport with no crashes to report. clear on 280 and highway 85 and 87 and 17 the crash has cleared westbound 580 with just back here be careful we have a c.h.p. issued high wind advisory so keep both hands on the wheel. seven things to know use start your day. >> mom's heartfelt apology for her kids' rude behavior is going viral. stay tuned.
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and it will be more widespread later on today so keep an eye out for that. >> whether you are just join us or headed out the door fire officials are strengthsing the cause of a fire that destroyed four homes unconstruction in dublin. the homes were in the develop president called "the preserve." we are at scene with a report at top of the hour. >> a man has been found safe and sound after an overnight search that lasted for hours. francisco mali was report the missing at 11:15 and authorities were concerned because he is deaf and blind and considered at risk. they found the 22-year-old a few hours ago. >> another twist in the bizarre kidnapping case involving a vallejo woman and according to the chronicle, several e-mails from self from claimed kidnappers have surfaced now claiming responsibility for the taking of denise huskins and threat being violence on police
5:23 am
if had do not apologize for calling it "a hoax." >> in virginia a daring police chase has come to a dramatic end. a pickup spun out-of-control and several police cared rammed the silver truck on i.r.s. 95 and fairfax county and arrested the driver. this is no connection to an escaped inmate. >> wrestlemania got another night of wild action at sap center with 13,000 fans turning out for the last in a series of wrestlemania vents. ww. returns to the south bay in august on a you will thatter scale. check out mount tamalpais the gusts are up to 40 miles per hour and that is with we. have later this afternoon and cooler conditions. i will show you how much we will drop and how long the winds will hang around in the seven-day forecast. a look from 9 macarthur
5:24 am
maze, the emeryville camera is bouncing sever so slightly committee with have a c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for the bay bridge with a up cough accidents and a brand new one in san jose and all the days are straight ahead. 5:24. huge crowd last night in los angeles for a free van halen concert performing during a taping of "jimmy kimmel," and hollywood boulevard was shut down as hundreds took to the street to see the original front man. if you pissed it part two airs tonight right here on abc7 after the news at 11. >> a mother's apology on facebook for her children's bad behavior. >> she dropped off her three kids on friday night and after, her teen son said his sister and stepsister were both 13 were rude and a woman asked them to
5:25 am
be quiet and told them they were being disrespectful. she looked for woman on ace book and found her. >> after the move she approached the girls and told them her husband was laid off and this was the last movie she would be able to take her daughter to. >> the hero is her. miss body. the reason i say that is because she took it upon herself to correct my girls and no one else around them did. >> rebecca said the note brought her to tears and she said her daughters will donate some of their allowance to the boy's family next movie and rebecca's husband is offered a few jobs since the story went viral. >> that is refreshing because these days it is a lot of "how dare you talk to my kids like that," but it used to be it was a you village >> if the parents found out they would be reindoctrinateed.
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>> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:28. thanks for seasoning us -- for joining us. >> it is breezy on this last day of march. >> look how clear the visibility is on live doppler hd but for a few clouds along the peninsula
5:29 am
coast trying to slip into sfo. keeping an cry on that. this is how it hooks from the east bay hills camera we are gusting to 20 miles per hour and the day planner is mild, and low-to-mid 50s by noon though, we are in the mid-50s to upper 50s through the afternoon at the coast and in the low-to-mid 60s bay and inland for the lunch time history and it will be breezy this afternoon and upper 60s to low 70s and a cool evening in the low 60s. to hands on the steering wheel. >> and quite busy and now we have word of a planned new accident if san jose, 101 at 880 and we are hearing that it is a three car crash blocking lanes on 101 near the nimitz so south of this view and it looks like traffic is slowing from the nimitz so i will find out more information and the bay bridge toll plaza shows cars are committing in the cash-paying lanes and metering lights are not turned on. breaking news overnight
5:30 am
part investigators are looking into how a person was hit and killed by a bart train this morning. our reporter is at the richmond bart station with the latest information. we learned that bart police officers discovered the body while doing their sweep at the end of service at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and found a dead man on the tracks below a main platform. a sergeant said they believe this man jumped. there is no rope to -- no republican to suggest foul play but they will review surveillance footage. he was hit by a train, one of the very last trains to come to the richmond station so the operator did not notice. earlier they were single tracking while the coroner was culled. now, service is getting become to normal with no problems on the way out but it could be a little slow on the ride in. they are still investigating why this man end the up on the
5:31 am
tracks and are trying to fine people who may have seen something. his identity and approximate age have not been released. thank you. developing news this morning the alameda county fire department is investigating a two-alarm fire that destroyed four homes under construction in dublin. firefighters arrived after "the problem." winds blew up betters to a hill and sparked small spot fights which put out. our reporter will have a report at the top of the hour. power is become on to residents in bigburg -- pittsburg after two car act knocked out power taking out a pg&e power pole leaning people without car. the cause of the crash is "under
5:32 am
investigation." >> police are looking for one shooter in a fail whom invasion robbery in richmond. the victim was found inside a home on sutter avenue. police got a call of a home invasion robbery in the area follow by reports of "shots fired." the person on was shot and killed was someone inside the house not a robber. the victim's identity has not been released. >> san francisco police have detained a man who barricaded himself inside a residential building for four hours on monday night. he was taken into custody without incident at 10:45 and told police he would harm himself and would not come out of the residents in the nopa neighborhood a hostage negotiator brought the situation to the end and streets have now re-opened. funeral arrangements are being made after the death a cal soccer player what died while open spring break.
5:33 am
eloi vasquez disappeared on saturday morning after leaving a frat part at usc. his body was found along interstate ten hit by a car as he tried to run across the freeway. the 19-year-old freshman recruited from the academy did not have any i.d. and it took officers two days to figure out would he wasp the injuries were so gruesome officers note he was an older map. >> sometimes he was soft spoken eloi vasquez had a way... >> when you combine his talent level and that men attempt -- mentality you could say he was safely headed to the mls. the woman would hit him remained at the scene and said there was no way to avoid him. >> a new twist in the bizarre kidnapping after woman with the kidnappers send e-mails since police came failure calling the whole thing a hoax.
5:34 am
an e-mail sent to the "san francisco chronicle" outlined a veil threat against the lay he police demand they apology to denise huskins and her boyfriend by noon today. it is naming lieutenant park, a spokesman for the department much the attorney for hugs husband said he also received a 16-page e-mail from the kidnappers and he said the alleged kidnapers claim to be car thieves who wanted to go bigger with the crimes. >> this is so well researched, so well planned, by individuals would claim to have a college education would have written a 15-page e-mail that would get an a at stanford. >> abc7 asked to see the message sent to the lawyer but he denied our request and said his klein did not his client did not have any part in the e-mails. authors are 14 --
5:35 am
an escaped risen main mate fairfax county afters scaling from a. who he was last seen wearing a hospital gun no shoes and armed with a gun. he was being therefored from the jail to the hospital and he overpowered a private security guard, stole the gun and took off. >> palo alto police are searching for a man accused of expose himself to at least three people. this is surveillance video of the man. the victim in one of the incidents on thursday contacted the mall security but the officer misunderstood the victim and let the map go thinking he had detained the wrong person. >> this morning the city of san bruno will announce actions and response to a preparal to pine and penalize pg&e for causing the 2011 deadly explosion. the mayor and city officials will call for additional safety
5:36 am
reforms with to proposals to punish peg we peg 100 fining the utility $1.6 billion and require shareholders to pay $850 million for safety upgrades. and the other plan includes a $1.4 billion penalty for safety upgrades. they will issue a final decision april 9 if it is not postponed. >> the drought could be to blame for bad tasting water in the east bay. our media partner reported that east bay mud has receive hundreds of complaints that the drinking water is pungent and they say it is because of a temporary change made to conserve cold water for fish this fall. >> water being drawn as moral gentleman than expected and district officials suggest adding a lemon slice to mask the taste. >> so it is safe? they are saying do what you can to mask the taste.
5:37 am
>> okaaaa >> good morning, thank you. 43 in rohnert park and upper 40s in napa and american can n. most of the bay area, low-to-mid 50s and cupertino is 47 and brentwood is at 54. at 87 and san jose under partly cloudy sky and our afternoon will be full of sunshine and breezes and cooler weather especially inland east pay areas that were warm yesterday. 67 in north by and 74 inland east bay along the coast a brisk day with temperatures in the upper 50s and blowing sand possible around the bay 64 in san francisco to 68 in oakland and 71 as we head down and the south bay. from sutro tower you can see it and not bouncing so much as our
5:38 am
other cameras that are higher but it will in the afternoon. tomorrow our coolest day is still breezy and now it will be calmer and slightly warmer nor thursday and friday with temperatures a little bit above average but the weekend we are going to see a change and i have that coming up in a second. >> we are taking a look at 101 in san jose right near the nimitz and we are being told by c.h.p. that there is an accident south of here. however, traffic keeps falling so it does not look like there is anything to get in your way as you approach 880 but on the map there is little bit of extra slowing building from the 280 and 680 split and i saw slow on 880 and it is possible that the accident is on the nimitz north of 101. we do have possible problem in this area. to the south a couple of cars crashed into a tire at tully road with slowing in the southbound direction so slow-and-go traffic there as you maybe it away from the scene of
5:39 am
that accident. c.h.p. issued high wind a vasery for the altamont pass and building traffic at 30 miles per hour as you leave tracy and it is looking slow at livermore and it eases up as you make it closer to the dublin interchange and an early accident because of construction so be careful as you make the commute into dublin wrestling shakes up the south bay yet again with the action shifting from levi stadium to the sap center and we will take take you ringside next. >> the warriors are back in action after a break and a matchup that gives fans the taste of a playoff blockbuster. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪
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it's the thought that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx. give them brands they'll love, at prices that help you be generous. make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life! covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. more now on video we showed you, a wild scene in fairfax county virginia, show as violent end to a police chase. the silver pickup is hit by at least three police cars before he is surrounded and the driver is pulled out of the truck at gunpoint and taken into custody. local authorities say the chase is not connected to a serial
5:43 am
bank robbery suspect who escaped from custody at a local hospital the it is not known what the driver of the truck was wanted for but he led authorities on a wild chase. >> new details in the crash of a germanwings plane over the french alps. live tan ask said insurers are setting aside $300 million to tell with possible costs associated with the crash. 150 people died when the co-pilot 27-year-old andreas lubitz deliberately crashed the jet last tuesday. lufthansa officials have offered immediate aid town $54,000 a passenger to relatives of the victim. the santa rosa city council is scheduled to consider new regulations that would make it against the law to smoke tobacco, marijuana or e-cigarettes inside attached housing units. the regulations expand boundaries beyond restaurants and bars and work space. it would also add electronic
5:44 am
smoking devices including marijuana to definition of "smoking." if approved the new anti smoking regulations take effect on may 9. >> excitement over the sunday wrestlemania at levi stadium carried over to the sap center. >> weekly show on monday night raw aired before a sell out crowd of 13,000 and fans got to see more of the big names in wrestling. >> just positive action all this weekend has been the best part. a giant buildup. >> san jose has treatied us well. easy to get around. good people. very nice. very nice to look at. >> 77,000 fans from all over the world packed levi stadium on sunday for wrestlemania 31 and it is the equivalent to the super bowl with a return to the sap center on august 3. >> the warriors are back in action against the clippers at the staple center in a potential
5:45 am
send round playoff. >> steph curry was named western conference player of week for averaging 30 points and eight assists a game as they went 4-0 for golden state and now have taken nine straight and are at only nine games left before the playoffs. clippers are on a roll winning citizen straight. tip-off is at 6:30 and the first round the nba playoffs is april 18. >> do not for get we are the home for the nba finals with coverage june 4 right here. 5:45, what do i hear? the crowds clearing or the wind? i cannot tell. >> probably the wind. you have to compensate for playing basketball. it will be fun to watch the game
5:46 am
tonight. >> our breezes kept a few of us up in the studio. it will probably keep us up tonight if you have the witnesses open. all the pollen will be rolling away and all of the dry air. at the golden gate bridge we have a cross wind at 20 miles per hour but it is fairly clear. sunshine, a if you clouds this morning and when the dry air rolls in early or later this morning, it is going to take ambassador the clouds and the breezes are going to chase around 9 clouds. calmer and wednesday on thursday and friday and the weekend is trending cooler and more dry. do not get too worked up about the chance for rain it is looking less likely and the cold front with the jet stream behind it and it is surging and that is why the winds are going to develop as the cold air rushes in and here is what it does to the temperatures, a brisk day along the coast with mainly upper 50s like 59 at half moon
5:47 am
bay and santa cruz is warmer at 66 but the 70s and 80s they are gone, and we will have mid-to-upper 60 san rafael richmond, san francisco, oakland, san mateo, fremont vallejo, everyone else in the low-to-mid 70s with most of the mid-70s being inland east bay neighborhoods and tonight the wins will keep our temperatures up mid-40s to around 50 and we did not have those winds but mainly clear sky and the dry air could have had 30s but not going to happen pause of this. 25 to 35 miles per hour wind is the gusts we are going do have. it will be faster along the coast at 40 possible. overnight the winds are going to stay up around 15 to 25 and that is where they are going to be tomorrow also, and tomorrow we will be in the deepest part of the cold air and that is why i am dropping our temperatures a couple more deaths on my seven-day forecast and it is calmer on thursday, into friday and a little bit warmer as temperatures push to mid-60s loop the coast and mid-to-upper 70's and when you thing the
5:48 am
80s are coming back to the forecast a cold front will bring a sea breeze back and bring us cooler weather to the weekend and more clouds. >> we have bart train 44 running on time, and single tracking through richmond because of an emergency there. we do have caltrain and ace train running on time and a brand new crash in newark gumming up one lane and causing delays southbound side of the nimitz involving four vehicles and we have had several actions to get us going and it looks like that is causing slowing. metering lights are turned on at the maybe maybe and backups extending from the maze for telephone minutes from the maze to san francisco and you have flee or more folks in the car great to use the car pool lane. it is worth it. >> the eastern spokesman of the bay bridge until 6:00 there is construction and if you go through berkeley you are at top speed and approaching the
5:49 am
richmond-san rafael toll plaza no problem. eric and kristen? >> it is 5:49. "dancing with the stars" fans are saying goodbye to another celebrity. >> charlotte is the second celebrity to go and she said she did her best and enjoyed the expense. and riker and his partner tied for first place with the gymnast nadia and rumor willis is in third place with 33 points and bottom two are michael sam and partly labelle. >> but it wasn't the stars but a judge who stole the show last night, "dancing with the stars" judge bruno is called out for what he said to the model. >> you are never going to win the nobel prize for quantum physics but you are easy on the
5:50 am
eye. >> boo! >> what? >> can you say sexist? >> social media lit up with reaction and some say the passionate judge who often said wild and funny things went too wild. >> sheehan expert in quantum physics? >> maybe relativity is his >> or not. >> the end of the radio by radio shack trying to lure customers before they close up. >> iconic restaurant back in action 59 the french laundry. >> how hard is it to find an apartment in the bay area? >> ask oakland a's pitcher why he struck outlanding a place to live. >> weather and traffic through the entire commercial break.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
good morning, to you. the french laundry is re-opening the dining room a week from today. it has been closed for renovation since december and improve presidents not finished until the fall so the staff will cook out of a temporary kitchen making it easier to score a table by taking reservations up to two months in advance now. however, we checked for the next two months and every table is still booked. >> when the window opens the first five minutes it is all again. >> another indication how roughhouse hunting is in the bay area, oakland a's pitcher said
5:54 am
at an apartment he had to fill out a three page resume for his dog and he said his girlfriend got creative calling her school "depaw university," and employment as "dog." they did not get the place. the small family has found another home to take them through the season and possibly through october. >> you know they were in the news yesterday on a story of how they wanted to my up tickets for everyone would had tickets for lgbt and did not want to go some are saying on social media they did not want to be part of it. they have set up a gofundme page and you can see $5,400 has been raised and they will match so they can distribute the tickets they purchased for people who do not want to be part of the lgbt game and distribute it to ruth in --
5:55 am
youth who want to be part of it. >> that is a solution to a problem. well done. everyone is happy. >> time for a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> thanks, guy watch out for the my mountain tree pollen with dust and dry air. if you are headed up to lake tahoe, 2-3' waves with winds up to 35 miles per hour and going through the grape june or palm springs it will be windy today and tomorrow and temperature is 96 in palm springs falling by tomorrow and low-to-mid 70s san diego and los angeles through sacramento and fresno and temperatures are pick to normal at lake tahoe but no snow is coming. leyla? the accident never materialized in san jose 101 northbound at 880 because traffic is slowing smoothly. as you make it up to the san jose airport, southbound traffic is sparse with no delays whatever. here is a look at the san mateo bridge with c.h.p. issued high wind advisory and an through for
5:56 am
the bay bridge and the altamont pass so keep both hands on the wheel and traffic is building away from hayward into foster city. to the south we have an accident involving four vehicles southbound side of the nimitz we are seeing heavy backups as you approach highway 84. marin county supervisors will consider a new speed limit for bicyclists traveling along a popular north bay bicycle path the three mile mill valley sausalito multi-use path is very popular with bicyclists d walkers and it is not wide enough to accommodate both groups safely and bickers have been zipping along on the path at high speed. walkers want them to showdown. supervisors will vote on a ten mile per hour speed limit on the pathway with the current speed limit at 15 miles per hour. you may know the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away but health wisdom is more complicated. it is more like an apple a day
5:57 am
keeps the pharmacist arrest. researchers looked at 8,000 people and found those who eat an apple a day take fewer prescription medications but they are as likely to go to a hospital or visit a mental health professional. t.s.a. tips exposed the three behaviors they watch for in security line that can slow down your trip or make you a target. >> from watching tv to being wanted, "consumer reports" pans -- partners with "7 on your side" on how family time can turn
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, more questions than answers, after a fire destroyed
6:00 am
four homes under construction in dublin. the added factors that gave firefighter as run for their money. >> making plans for a final farewell, what we are lending of the sane off for a san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. >> making the statement in the face of controversy, the growing push for indiana to change a law that many say is discriminating. >> thanks for joining us on tuesday. a lot is going on. >> leyla gulen alongside looking at traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is here with the weather. >> we will talk about the breeds. they are gusting up to 50 miles per hour through the altamont pass. what you are looking at is the same winds around 10 or 15 miles per hour and even on miles per hour on live doppler hd. they are only going to be faster this afternoon. as far as the day planner the next 12 hours we are 47 and 56, so the same this morning and warmer. by noon we are 56 at cost and 62 around bay and inland and 58 to 72 but most of us in the 60s at 4:00


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