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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 31, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in santa clara county sky 7 over the scene where the far right lane of interstate 680 southbound is shut down in milpitas because of a collision involving a launch better truck. a short timing a all lanes were shut down because they have cleared three. >> traffic is moving slowly in one lane only. this all happened less than half an hour ago and there is an injury reported. the big rig's load was unstable and tipped over. you can see traffic is diverted off and now it is backed up. you can use interstate 880 as the alternate.
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there is no estimated time to re-open roadway and we will follow this online and on twit tter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> foul watering coming from taps in the east bay should be gone by the end of the week. hundreds of complaining about the change in taste and odor. it is related to the drought. our reporter joins us to explain but, first, is this water safe to drink? >> east bay officials say, yes the water is safe to drink. i have a small cup and i pick up a very faint almost rusty smell. the change in quality is a direct result of the drought. the tap water is running through homes and businesses of east bay customers. a woman said her started tasting funny a few days ago.
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>> it is not so...fresh. a little algae taste but nothing harmful. >> we have been hearing there is mostly a metallic taste they are not used to or earthy taste having to do with a change we made in how we operate our reservoir. >> the spokesman said that they have received more than 300 complaints since they made the switch on thursday. here is what is going on: most of the 1.3 million customers reline on water from the party reservoir in the sarah foothills as do salmon from the fall run. they are required by law to save cold water for the fish stored at the bottom the reservoir. because of the drought they had to pup from other areas for customers. the water higher up is warmer and has moral gentleman which is filtered out." ". -- filtered out and it leaves
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behind a taste. >> the water is safe but they have reversed their course of action. workers now are pumping lower in the reservoir and the back smell and taste should be gone by the end of the week. >> that could be temporary because of the drought as we approach the summer months they may have to do this again. they suggest chilling your water to get rid of the unpleasant taste and smell. in a few hours customers in the district please let us know what you are experiencing with your water open facebook. >> new revelations in the investigation into a fire in alameda county that destroyed four homes unconstruction. firefighters have their suspicions about last nature -- night's fire in dublin. janet? >> i spoke with the chief this morning would said that this fire is im"under investigation," it does appear to be
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"suspicious." >> firefighters were back at the scene to put out hotspots. four family homes were destroyed sitting next to each other at preserve in dublin. >> other than the construction work going on there are no other reasons it should have started so we are looking into it as being possibly suspicious. >> the homes were in the framing stage and burned intensely. crews got lost lying to find the exact location in this new subdivision but they worked quickly to contain the two-alarm fire. >> the way the wind was blowing was blowing away from the adjacent structures otherwise we could have had more structures threatened. >> i was very concerned very worried about my house and my family. >> new construction in dublin is a common sight but not were who live shear a fan of the massive growth as seen bit failure of measure t last fall that would have allowed for more
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development. >> not much space between the houses. it is more aggressive than needed. >> antigrowth sentiment prompted rumors it could all the more suspicious. >> what would happen if this was summer? over 100 degrees? >> others moved here because it is an up and coming area. >> it attracted us to the area. >> fire investigators are working with alameda county sheriff to find out where and how the fire started. >> fire investigators are interviewing project managers and workers. developers are waiting to get the clear to start rebuilding. in dublin for abc7 news. police in vallejo are trying to determine if a driver is to blame for hitting and killing a previous. it happened at marin street at 6:00 a.m. a 23-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the sketch. the driver stopped and is
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cooperating. police are trying to determine if the woman who was killed was in the crosswalk at time. >> new information in the east bay police are looking if more than one suspect in a fatal home invasion robbery in richmond. police say that the 62-year-old victim was found inside a home on sutter and san pablo avenues. they got the calm of a home invasion last night at 10:00 followed by reported of "shot fire." the person who was shot and killed was someone inside the house, not a robber. this is not a random act. police have arrested two people for a double homicide at a san francisco park that we first brought you on the midday news. two young membership were gunned down as they sat in their car at the crocker-amazon playground in san francisco three weeks ago. investigators arrested two, 21-year-old-year-old men. several agencies worked together to crack the case. >> san bruno city leaders want to put a dark chapter in the history behind them of the city
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calling for additional safety reforms five years after a deadly pipeline explosion killed eight people. the city also urged california public utilities commission to uphold the $1.6 billion person amount against pg&e and the commission is scheduled to issue a final decision april 9. now the bizarre kidnapping of a vallejo woman last week that police are calling "hoax." now, the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that the newspaper has received another e-mail from alleged abductors saying the ordeal was ream and they want to clear her name. the kidnappers demand vallejo police apologize to denise huskins and her boyfriend aaron quinn by noon today for calling the kidnapping "orchestrated." denise huskins' attorney said she did not make it up it was legitimate and he claim he has an e-mail from the kidnappers to prove it. >> i have come to receive a 15-page single spaced e-mail from the kidnappers.
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>> the attorney refused to health us look at the e-mail which appears to be a long apology for the kidnapping of huskins from her vallejo home. she and her boyfriend could face charges for leading police on what they call "a wild goose chase," if, in fact, they made it up. >> fall out from indiana's new religious out freedom law. democrats are calling for repeal although the governor is already promising to "clarify," it. our reporter reports on the controversy spreading far beyond the state lines. >> today the indiana governor mike pence vowing to "fix," the controversial religious freedom act which opponents say legal ized discrimination by protecting business owners and allowing them to turn away gays and lesbians and other customers if they feel serving them infringes on their religious beliefs. >> it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear this law does not give businesses a right to deny
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services to anyone. >> the law leading to profits and boycotts. connecticut and washington state now are banning taxpayer funded travel to indiana. ahead of the final four college basketball tournament in indianapolis the ncaa headquartered in indiana is reconsidering the long term investment there. >> we have to say, what are we going to do if this law goes into affect in july? >> despite outrage highlighted in the front payment headline this morning "fix this now," lawmakers will not change the law but will "clarify," the law. >> to make crystal clear that discrimination is not allowed. >> there are similar laws being considered in eight other states today including arkansas where amidst protest it is expected to go to a vote today. funeral arrangements are made as family and friends and
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teammates mourn the death of a cal soccer player who died on spring break. eloi vasquez disappeared on saturday morning after leaving a facility party at usc and his body was found along interstate ten being hit by a car when he tried to run across the freeway. he was 19 and did not have i.d. on him so it took officers two days to figure out would he wasp the woman who hit him told authorities there was no way to avoid him. >> a case of stolen valor and an army veteran chased a panhandler through traffic and why he is defending the aggressive action. >> pickup truck spinning across the highway and the dramatic ending to the bizarre police chase. >> a beautiful day across the day and meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. sky 7 is over the scene of an accident an overturned big rig right there, possibly carrying metal and junk debris blocking a major artery right now through the city. >> and the boulevard is closed off and the area is going to remain closed for the next several hours as police investigate this. we will continue to follow this for you online and on twitter at abc7 bay area. new details on a wild scene in fairfax county virginia that had a very determined
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suspect try to get away. a woman wanted for credit card theft, forgery and other charges -- watch as they dodges traffic with a fleet of cars on her car and coming into traffic and making a few quick moves to get around it but officers moved in and clipped the back of her truck and sent her spinning. she spins away and takes off again and then is stopped, they got her cornered. she would not get out so officers busted her window and she is taken into custody but only after putting herself and a lot of people in danger. >> amazing video. >> a veteran is againsting his decision to talk to a pan happened dealer pretending to be
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a veteran. >> he unloaded the video to facebook and was drying by a tampa airport and the man was asking for money, and he said he told them to take off the uniform after he could not give him a straight answer abut the service the many are praising him and others call him a bully. he said he is no bully, it is the panhandler bullying people out of their money. >> nor being bullied it is the wind. >> it is gusty. >> good morning from the top of the news broadcast center where the winds are ping to get faster as we have at least three cold fronts that will affect our neighborhoods over the next seven days and i see if they bring rain to the forecast. >> the rolling stones announce a united states stadium tour. >> the controversial excepts that has a judge on "dancing with the stars" underfire today.
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>> if your co-workers are distracted today you can blame the folks at google because in away of april fool's they have turned google maps into an interactive pac-man punching his way through the streets without live trying to avoid the traps. >> a big announcement for rolling stones ready for their first north american stadium tour in almost a decade. the calmed zip code tour will visit seven cities kicking off
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at san diego at end of may. that is the only california stop. the last time keith richard and woods played and mick jagger was in 2006 but many of us saw them when they played in oakland and the sap center in san jose if may of 2013. >> dan is a big fan and he will probably sign up for that. >> it is breezy out there. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us what is going on. >> dan ashley has seen flee or four of their farewell concerts. mick jagger is 71! hello! love that energy. >> we had a gorgeous morning and here is the sunrise, a golden sunrise from the exploritorium as we had some left over clouds during the overnight hours. they are being whisked away by
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the cold prompt and dry air. watch the clearing from the left to right across the scene -- screen and that will continue so we will have total sunshine today. here is a look at what is going on as far as the ferry building, flags are unfurled and they are going to remain that way through the overnight hours, the winds will stay up. right new we are sustained at 10 to 20 miles per hour but we will have gusts around 25 to 35 in the higher elevations and along the cost headed through the afternoon. sunny and cooler today and breezy. that will include tomorrow with high pressure bringing slightly warmer and thursday and friday for the third cold front this weekend but it does not bring us rain. there will be a lot of pollen and dust the next several days. here is a look at what is going on the cold front and the west
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to east zonal flow that brings us dry cold front and gusty conditions and slightly cooler weather and that is what who are going to have. your temperatures today are upper 60s and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and low 70s in the south bay and mid-70s inland east bay. tonight the breezes keep our temperatures up even with the born dry air and mid-40s to low 50 and? we did not have the winds we would have more 30s. the winds are gusty this afternoon, especially along the coast where we can see 40 or 45 miles per hour at point reyes but that would be the exception. the valleys will calm a hilt bit if you have the weapons open it may not be so noisy as it was last night. as we head through thursday the winds will calm down and the temperatures jump up thursday and friday and we drop back down on sunday, easter sunday, and it will be dry for the easter egg hunt and temperatures are the coolest we will have going
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forward. enjoy the sunshine but watch out for the breeze. >> the latest celebrity to be booted off "dancing with the stars" is responding to a controversial remark made by a judge. model charlotte mckinney is the second celebrity to go and does her best and enjoyed the experience. she was all smiles until "dancing with the stars" judge bruno gave his two cents. >> darling you are never going to win the nobel prize for quantum physics but are easy on the eyes. >> social media lit up with reaction as you might imagine saying the judge went too far last night and she say the commend was "uncalled for," but handled it well on "good morning america" this morning. >> the warriors are playing the clippers in a potential second
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round playoff preview. >> year, steph curry was named "player of the week," after 30 points and eight assists a game and now the warriors have only nine games best playoffs. the clippers have won seven straight since graven returned from surgery. the first round of the playoffs is april 18. >> and we are your home for the nba finals with coverage june 4 on abc7. >> children are not the only ones who can be accompanied by a lullaby
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and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day. >> coming up at 4:00, we will continue the coverage of the fallout from indiana's new religious freedom law with two bay area companies blasting the new legislation. outsmart by your smart tv? "7 on your"7 on your side" shows how you may have turned over your privacy. >> now an encounter between a
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signature piglet and his adopt -- a sick piglet and his adopted human mom. >> sometimes all it takes is a sweet lullaby to make a sick piggy feel better. she posted this video on face book said she decided to sing to her nine-month-old piglet named bentley to drown out the noise at the hospital at the illinoisan mall hospital and bently is recovered from a possible case of meningitis, no doubt feeling better already just hearing that sing. >> the human mom is good for his spirit. thanks for joining us.
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