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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. terrifying twisters. >> go, go, go! >> a truck topples over as deadly tornadoes tear through the heartland. >> please don't hit this town. please don't hit this town. >> one town completely destroyed as rescuers pull people from the wreckage. the severe weather moving east right now and ginger has all the latest. new overnight, tale of the tape. new dash cam video released from that fatal traffic stop showing the moments right before that south carolina officer shot and killed walter scott. and this violent arrest caught on camera. a high-speed chase to tackle this horse thief but did police go too far? what's your name? >> sandra bullock. >> home invasion. an intruder enters sandra bullock's house while she's inside. the horrifying 911 calls as she hid in the closet for safety.
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bullock's stalker now in court facing 19 charges. forget the dress. is this the purr-fect picture? the cat that's got the internet in an uproar. so, is the cat climbing up or down those stairs? i hope our mikes weren't on. good morning, america. on this friday morning, as always a lot to get to starting with that severe weather tearing through parts of the country. a massive tornado crossing a highway in rochelle, illinois. >> and we have a live shot now from fairdale, illinois, that's from our wls helicopter out of chicago. that town hit so hard every single home in the town was hit and now the storms are moving east this morning threatening millions. our extreme weather team has been tracking it all through the night. ginger starts us off. >> and, george, this is an area
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where i covered for years. i used to work in chicago. so to see this and know these towns and watch the beast of a wedge tornado come across, someone in their backyard just watching it suck and vacuum parts of northern illinois. it was 1 of more that 230 severe reports from texas to north carolina up to wisconsin and michigan but right there, along the wisconsin state line in northern illinois, the worst of it happened, and that's where we find our gio benitez in rochelle. >> reporter: ginger, good morning to you. what an unbelievable storm. we're talking about 20 homes destroyed. and take a look behind me here on this side we've got a semitruck totally on its side and on the other side of me you've got a restaurant completely destroyed. in parts of illinois this morning, this is a crisis. >> [ bleep ]. >> he's over. he's over. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: overnight powerful tornadoes plowing through the prairie state. >> this thing's got to be a ef-3.
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>> oh, no, it's a 4 at least. >> reporter: a massive system ripping apart rochelle, illinois. >> please don't hit this town. please don't hit this town. >> reporter: the supercell crossing highways with commuters. >> i saw headlights go flying. >> reporter: barreling through neighborhoods. >> that's going through subdivisions. >> reporter: even trapping a dozen people in this roadside restaurant. >> we pulled in here and ran inside. the owner said, in the basement. 12 of us in the basement. when it hit, definitely we knew it hit, we didn't know how bad. >> reporter: rochelle authorities rescuing all trapped inside the leveled business. >> this time we don't have any fatalities that we're aware of. we do have several what we consider walking wounded. >> reporter: but nearby fairdale, illinois, not so fortunate. city officials reporting one death and at least seven injuries. the town hit hard. >> there's some houses that were just basically pushed into a big pile. some of the others, all there's left is a foundation. >> reporter: storms popping up nationwide. this funnel cloud looming over texas and strong winds flipping
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over this semi in iowa. we even chased developing storms in missouri. we have that tornado warning. we have that rain. we have those heavy, heavy winds here. this morning, crews in northern illinois just starting to sift through the debris. >> look at that. >> reporter: and back here in rochelle, illinois, in the midst of all this destruction incredibly, george, nobody was seriously hurt. >> that is so lucky. okay, gio, thanks very much. we showed you that hard-hit town of fairdale, illinois. alex perez is there for us. let's go to him. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george, that tornado tore right through fairdale. now, i want to step out of the way, because i want you to see a look at the scene behind me. there are huge piles of debris just like this all across town and if you look closely you'll see not one but actually two cars underneath that mess there. now, this is a small town, population only about 200, and there are only about 50 homes here but authorities say that
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tornado, that storm damaged every single home in town as gio said there at least one dead and seven reported injured. now authorities won't be able to assess is the damage here until they can get back here. >> a lot of cleanup to go. okay, alex, thanks very much. let's go back to ginger right now, what's coming next? >> you could hear gio and alex say how cold it was so behind that front it is very cold and windy but what i want to show you ahead of the front more severe storms possible today. so afternoon and evening is the timing. and you look from virginia down through the carolinas, georgia, parts of alabama, mississippi and louisiana. a little pocket back in texas all could see damaging wind, isolated tornadoes and, yes, some large hail so, again, it is that swath that today we have one more day to deal with this. 24 hours, we'll finally be done with this system but it is the season and we'll be covering it all. >> a ways to go. thanks very much. now to new details on that tragic shooting in south carolina.
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police releasing dash cam video of the routine traffic stop that turned deadly. the officer now charged with murder and his mother is opening up to our steve osunsami saying she's heartbroken for both families. steve joins us now from north charleston, south carolina, good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. this dash cam video shows just how quickly a random traffic stop turned violent. they were parked right here where i'm standing in this parking lot, and when the two got out and started running, they ran in this direction towards an empty lot about a half block away. this morning, new dash cam video moments before police gunfire took this driver's life. it all started with a routine traffic stop. here we see officer michael slager pulling over walter scott for a broken taillight on his black mercedes. scott explains he plans to buy the car in two days. >> okay, let's start with your license. >> reporter: scott is in the driver's seat and at one point he tries to get out. >> gotta stay in the car. >> reporter: and then, perhaps
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worried about an outstanding warrant for unpaid child support, he runs for it. officer slager off camera chases after him. >> get on the ground. >> reporter: moments later slager shoots him dead. this morning state investigators say the shooting seemed suspicious from the start because of multiple gunshot wounds in scott's back saying the cell phone video confirmed our initial suspicions. >> i miss my son. >> reporter: today there are two mothers grieving. >> nobody likes to see their child sitting in prison, you don't think it's something that will ever happen to you. >> reporter: karen sharpe is one of them. her son is the police officer in the video. >> i just -- i can't watch it. i can't read the papers. i just can't. and maybe to some people that's, well, you're being in denial. but i'm sorry, i just can't. >> reporter: and now this man has come forward saying he filed a complaint against the officer in 2013. >> i felt threatened, i tell you that.
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>> reporter: police are planning to review all cases connected to slager including this one. despite what people are saying, karen sharpe says she has to stand by her son. but she also cries deeply for the family of walter scott. >> i just have to let it be and hope god takes care of everybody involved. >> reporter: walter scott will be buried tomorrow. slager remains in jail. his family says that he's been asking about his unborn child due next month. how the doctors' appointments are going and if the baby is healthy. robin. >> all right, steve, thank you. as was reported earlier despite being fired his family is still receiving health care benefits until the child is born. we're going to bring in abc news legal analyst dan abrams now with more. does the dash cam video change anything? >> no. look, it makes you wonder what led him to become so enraged so quickly. but all that really shows is what seems like a routine stop. >> as you know there have been other cases where there's videotape and also in the case of south carolina, there have
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been officers there that have been indicted but no conviction. any difference you think this time around? >> yeah, this video is different. this video changes everything i think. look, i think he's still would have been indicted if there had been no video but it would have been a very different case. you would have been talking about bullets in the back and fights over ballistics, et cetera. this videotape is devastating in a way that i've never seen before. in the context of any case and so i think that to those saying why will this case be different, the answer is, that video is so clear and so convincing. >> and to those who are saying why the charge of murder? >> look, i think it's the right charge in the context of this and watching that. is it possible that a jury could later on find it was manslaughter? sure, that's possible. i think the only way that's really going to happen, though, is if this goes to trial and if he takes the stand. meaning, i don't think the authorities are going to make a deal with him.
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they aren't going to say we'll cut you a deal in order to avoid a trial. that videotape prevents them from having to do that, but if he's going to get a lesser charge i think he's going to have to get up on the stand and explain frame by frame what were you thinking? what was it that led this to be a heat of passion shooting as opposed to simply murder? >> so, even if he is charged with murder, the jury could come back on their own with a lesser charge. >> yes, there will almost certainly be one in this case. >> thank you, dan. we're going to turn now to politics and the long tease almost over for democrats. hillary clinton expected to make her second run for the white house official this weekend. jon karl covering it and this won't be a traditional big rally kickoff. >> reporter: no, this is going to be quite different, george. we are told to expect something more low key, likely an announcement over social media, probably on sunday, and including a video message. that will be followed by a trip to key battleground states but, again, george, not big rallies, not big crowds, the aim here we are told is for mrs. clinton to have interaction one-on-one with
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voters in the key states at least in the beginning. >> and, jon, the clinton team knows they have some work to do since hillary clinton left her job as secretary of state, her poll numbers have taken somewhat of a tumble. >> reporter: oh, this has been a long drawn-out process getting to this point of announcing and it has not been good to her popularity. take a look at our poll, when she left office as secretary of state, she was one of the most popular political figures in america. now, our latest poll shows her less than 50% viewing her favorably, so she's had some problems of late and they hope now that she gets out officially as a candidate she can turn that around. >> yeah, although some of that is inevitable when you get into the political fray. okay, jon, i know you'll be on top of this and we'll cover it sunday on "this week." okay there, george, now to that deadly shooting at the u.s. census bureau. headquarters in maryland. the suspected gunman kidnapping a woman, shooting a guard and then leading police on a car chase that ended in more gunfire. abc's pierre thomas is in washington with the latest on all this. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. it was terrifying at u.s. census bureau headquarters with a running gun battle in the nation's capital. the violence began at 6:15 p.m. during rush hour. a suspect gunning down a security guard. the main entrance of the u.s. census bureau just outside the nation's capital. within minutes local police and federal agents swarmed the scene including snipers with rifles drawn. the neighboring metro is shout down and there are initial concerns that the suspect may be barricaded inside the massive complex that employs more than 4,000 workers. >> they told us to stay away from windows and stay in a secure area and that we weren't allowed to leave. they had the whole facility on lockdown. >> reporter: then reports surfaced that the suspect had escaped the scene driving a green honda sedan. a high-speed chase begins, the suspect firing shots as he and police race through d.c. >> we have a shooting at 1121 h street ne. >> i heard a crash. everybody stood up and rushed to
7:13 am
their windows. police had guns drawn. we heard gunshots and then everybody hit the floor. >> reporter: the chase coming to an end at 7:20. police crashing their patrol cars into the suspect's vehicle. >> they collided with the suspect here. the suspect again opens fire on police and there's an exchange of gunfire between mpd and the suspect. >> reporter: fears of terrorism put to rest after police discover the incident was a domestic dispute that came to a head with the suspect and victim in a car near the census bureau. >> when the guard approaches the car, the guard is shot. >> reporter: overnight, the security guard died at a maryland hospital. an officer was wounded in the exchange as was the suspect. their conditions this morning unknown. robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you. now to "gma" weekend anchor dan harris in for amy with the other top developing stories. some major concerns with a major airline. that's right. the story breaking overnight. the faa is reportedly taking a closer look at united airlines because of concerns about pilot qualifications. this comes just weeks after an internal memo revealed major safety lapses and even some near-misses at airports. abc's david kerley is on the
7:14 am
story. >> reporter: faa inspectors this morning are stepping up oversight of united airlines citing risks from repeated violations, violations of mandatory pilot qualification and scheduling requirements. "the wall street journal" reporting it viewed a letter the faa sent to the airline citing 12 apparent violations in 13 months. this comes on the heels of united's own safety warning in january to its pilots, the airline's top safety officials worried about four recent and separate safety events and near misses including one incident in which a flight crew had to make an emergency pull-up to avoid crashing into the ground. that stern warning concluded that all the incidents were preventible. >> every major airline has lapses at times. it's whether they have a system that's going to catch it in time that's the most important question and here that's the way it worked. >> reporter: united tells abc news it's already implemented changes to ensure the safety of its passengers and provided the faa with a, quote, full outline
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of corrective actions and continues to believe safety management system programs are the best solution to identifying any issues and addressing them. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. in southern california this morning, a violent arrest caught on camera has provoked at least two investigations. watch this man on a stolen horse. he's thrown off the animal when a police helicopter flies by. deputies move in using a taser and then pummeling the man kicking and punching him for about two minutes. the suspect was arrested and later treated for undisclosed injuries. his attorney is calling this beating, quote, worst than rodney king. the utility company pacific gas and electric has been fined $1.6 billion for this massive gas pipeline explosion near san francisco. back in 2010, it killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. this is the largest penalty ever imposed by state regulators who noted a continuing pattern of safety problems at pg&e.
7:16 am
m president obama has arrived in the country of panama for what could be a historic meeting with the president of cuba, raul castro. the two are expected to meet this weekend at a regional summit where mr. obama is likely to remove cuba from the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism. just ahead of this summit, secretary of state john kerry met with his cuban counterpart. this is the highest level diplomatic meeting between these two countries in more than 50 years. a remarkable discovery along the coast of oregon. take a look at what's left of this fiberglass boat. it is believed to be debris that was carried across the pacific ocean after that tsunami in japan four years ago. crews are now trying to retrieve the wreckage before it reaches shore. and finally, the vice president, joe biden is known for occasionally putting his foot in his mouth but this -- this is a whole new level. if you look closely at this picture you will notice that biden has taken this child's pacifier and put it in his own mouth. the little boy is the grandson
7:17 am
of the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg on the facebook -- rather on her facebook page the child's mother said, "what is a boy to do when the vice president steals your pacifier?" as the father of a 4-month-old baby i can solemnly vow to my son, daddy will never let you near the vice president of the united states of america. i'll keep you safe. >> come on, that was cute. >> you would think the secret service would get in there just for germ reasons. >> vice president, that's a gift now. >> that's a gift? >> that's a keeper. >> you keep the kid too or the pacifier. >> just the pacifier. >> okay. >> we're still smiling. we want to go back to ginger right now. we've seen the tornado, the rain keeps coming and now floods. >> flash flooding and lightning also are concerns we don't get to mention when we're talking about those severe storms but look at cincinnati, ohio, easily 2 to 3 inches and looking at an ohio river valley, like louisville, that's already almost a foot above average for the month. so this is an inundated region that is going to get more. flood warnings and advisories
7:18 am
still from west michigan where they had a lot of rain. now it's almost cold enough for snow, but from pennsylvania to west virginia and eastern kentucky, those storms move through, the southern part of them the most severe, but right here in new york city up to boston will eventually clear out by tomorrow. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast with upper 50s along the coast and a lost sun line and inland
7:19 am
valleys warming into the upper 60s to lower doesn't. tonight, mainly clear skies and 46 in richmond and the same in oakland and 43 in the bay. the seven-day forecast shows mild today and warmer tomorrow with the weekend is looking spectacular after a drop in temperatures coming on >> not far from where those tornadoes were in northern illinois, now waking up to snow in wisconsin. so that's how cold it is behind this system. up to almost a half foot in wausau. >> you are a busy girl. >> yeah, there's plenty to talk about. >> when does spring start? >> may. >> if we're lucky. thank you, ginger. coming up here on "gma," sandra bullock's frightening 911 call. the oscar winner pleading for help when an intruder enters her home. what she told police on those calls. and another astonishing home invasion. a woman trapped in her bedroom. she watched it unfold on her phone. and "gma investigates" what's lurking in your kids' lunch boxes.
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coming up here on "gma," sandra bullock's alleged stalker back in court. what she told police and the dramatic 911 calls as she hid insider her closet. and the secret behind this famous "star wars" scene. c3po and r2d2, they're here live. good morning. i'm eric thomas. breaking news, you're looking life at live at the truck fire near the richmond san rafael bridge. >> not too much has changed as we continue to look from sky 7
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. good morning.
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good morning, america. right now, tornadoes tearing through the midwest destroying a town in illinois. the severe weather heading east this morning. also right now, sandra bullock's dramatic 911 call for help telling police she was locked in her closet. the audio revealed as her stalker faces 19 charges in court. royal baby watch. princess kate confirming she is due the second half of this month. she'll give birth in the same hospital where prince george was born. i guess that's not a surprise. good morning, america. a lot to get to this morning taylor swift opening up about her mom's scary diagnosis. >> she did. she reached out to her millions of devoted fans and they showed their support for taylor and her family. her mother andrea will have much more on this coming up. her mother, every time taylor has been here her mother and
7:31 am
father have been here too, so we wish them the best. >> we certainly do. that's coming up later. but right now, we're going to get new details in that sandra bullock stalker case. you hear her terrified voice on the 911 call played in court where her stalker is facing 19 felony charges. abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> what's your name? >> sandra bullock. >> reporter: you're listening to movie star sandra bullock calling 911 as an alleged stalker roams through her house feet away from her. >> i just saw them walk up in the attic. >> a man or woman. >> i think it was a man. >> reporter: the actress asleep last june in her bel air mansion when she hears a noise waking her up. >> they have had to have gotten in somehow. >> reporter: these chilling recordings playing out in a los angeles courtroom thursday. >> i'm locked in my closet. i have a safe door. i'm locked in the closet. >> reporter: locking herself behind a safe door in her bedroom closet while her alleged stalker joshua corbett walks by.
7:32 am
>> i hear someone banging on the door. >> reporter: the oscar winner shaken staying on the phone with the operator for nearly 15 minutes until help arrives. her young son, louis, wasn't at home at the time. >> they will tell me when they're coming in and i will tell you. >> i'll open, you tell me when to open up. okay, it's them. it's them. thank you. >> reporter: corbett is facing 19 felony counts including first-degree burglary and stalking. he's pleaded not guilty. they found him inside the house walking down a staircase clutching a two-page love letter addressed to the actress as they took him into custody. >> in his mind thought he was married to sandra bullock. delusional as it is that's what he thought. >> he said i'm sorry. i love you, sandy. >> reporter: a desperate declaration of love for the silver screen darling. corbett pleading not guilty and after that day-long hearing an l.a. judge ruling there is enough evidence to hold over corbett for trial. he will be arraigned later this month but, robin, so many people
7:33 am
here in hollywood talking about that tape. i listened to all 15 minutes, so hard to listen to. >> i'm sure, kendis, thank you very much. now to another home invasion. this one caught not just on one camera but on 16. the scary moment a san jose woman watched an alleged intruder enter her home while she was in it, the whole thing playing out on her cell phone. abc's aditi roy has more. >> reporter: this morning, a brazen burglar caught every step of the way on 16 surveillance cameras. take a look at the intruder early tuesday morning checking out a window of this home in san jose, california. on the other side, homeowner heidi quezada alone wakes up from the rustling outside. >> i was just petrified. >> reporter: she reaches for her phone, opens up this app and looks at the video from her four surveillance cameras in horror. the burglar just steps away. >> i called 911 and stayed quiet because i thought they could get here and hopefully catch him.
7:34 am
>> reporter: while she's on the phone, watch as the burglar gloves up and pops the lock on this sliding door to get inside. >> look at how calmly he walks through. >> reporter: the security alarm sounds off, but the burglar unfazed. look at him walking through her home. >> i can hear him rattling around, and i'm telling 911 he's in the room next to me. >> reporter: what was going through your mind? >> oh, i was just trying not to hyperventilate and i was trying to whisper and trying to tell them, please hurry. >> reporter: he then goes for the master bedroom door. >> i can hear him wiggle the doorknob. he pushes the door hard. >> i came out of my closet at that point and started banging on the door from the inside yelling at him saying, get out of here. the police are coming. they're going to shoot you. >> reporter: as she yells, watch him swing back then flee out of the home and over the fence, 1 of the neighbor's 12 cameras capturing him escaping on a skateboard. police arriving 14 minutes after quezada called 911.
7:35 am
this morning, the intruder still at large. his face now splashed all over social media. >> oh, they'll find him. there's enough social media coverage now. somebody will know him. somebody will recognize him. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, san jose, california. >> thanks to aditi for that. sflmpblt we're going to get the latest now on royal baby number two. will and kate expecting a younger sibling to prince george and laid out their plan to introduce the little one to the world and abc's linzie janis has the details from london. >> reporter: this morning, new details about the upcoming birth of royal baby number two. princess kate already revealing her due date is in the second half of the month. but royal sources now confirming the duchess will indeed give birth in the same private wing of the london hospital where she and prince william emerged less than two years ago with a newborn baby george. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him. that's for sure. >> reporter: princess diana had william and harry here too, but
7:36 am
no word on whether baby george will visit his new sibling at the hospital like his dad once did. royal sources also reiterating that for the duke and duchess, the baby's sex will be a surprise. >> a lot of people are hoping it's going to be a girl. it would be exciting if it would be a girl. it would be something new. a girl would be a welcome change. >> reporter: either way when it comes to royal succession it no longer matters. a baby girl would follow prince george as fourth in line to the throne. even if she has younger brothers in the future. another sign of the times, kensington palace planning to announce the big news via its twitter account. but only once the traditional bulletin is placed outside buckingham palace. prince william and kate are once again expected to choose a traditional name. if it's a boy perhaps philip, albert or james, if it's a girl, alexandra, victoria, elizabeth with the middle name diana, and there's a possibility the newest royal could just share a birthday with the queen, april
7:37 am
21st. robin and george. >> all right, linzie, thanks. alexandra, my family hits the jackpot. >> that's right. that's right. >> we'll see what happens. sflmpblt let's go to ginger with the weather. >> i have unfortunate news to start with. there was a death because of lightning in north carolina overnight. a 28-year-old was killed and i think this photo just reminds us it is not just the severe part of the storm, wind or tornadoes that can hurt you. so just something to note, because along that cold front, anywhere from virginia down through the southeast and right here back into texas, there will be drenching rains along with those storms and then the front stalls out and so from new orleans back to brownsville you look for up to 2 inches and in some places locally more. so, a lot of rain there and certainly some rain in the pacific northwest. storm coming in. some of the snow levels, snoqua >> i am meteorologist, drew tuma with the forecast. a lot of sunshine on way. mid-60s on the coast on friday and lower 70s inland. the seven-day forecast shows a
7:38 am
spending tack particular welcome on the way with >> all that weather brought to you by macy's. and this hailstone got our attention. just to remind everybody not all hail has to be rounded. we thought we saw kind of a bunny. i don't know. >> i see a turtle. >> a turtle. >> i see a turtle. >> i see a turtle. >> me too. whatever it is, you choose. >> a window into the psyches of the "gma" anchors. >> yes. >> it's blue, no. coming up, "gma investigates" what may be inside your kids' lunch boxes besides food. what you need to know before packing their next meal. and alyssa milano's real-life international drama. her fight with airport officials
7:39 am
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♪ and we're back at 7:42 with "gma investigates" and this morning it's all about kids' lunch boxes. many of us parents packing them every day.
7:43 am
you might be doing it right now, but we may not stop and think about the germs lurking inside. abc's alex perez has more on why we might want to. >> reporter: a ham sandwich, an apple with a side of bacteria? your child's lunch box may have more in it than the food you pack this morning, including some yucky germs. >> all: hi, mr. perez. >> reporter: so, with the help of a fifth grade class, "gma investigates" how germy is your child's lunch box? how many of you don't know when you clean your lunchbox? just about everybody, huh? >> my dog knocks my lunchbox on the floor and then he probably licks inside of it. >> reporter: how many times have you wash it? >> my mom says she washes it every week.
7:44 am
>> reporter: still, the teacher says the school encourages kids to keep their hands clean to avoid spreading germs at lunch. >> we actually in our lunchroom have hand sanitizer, machines that the children can access. >> reporter: we swab 24 lunchboxes, both inside and outside to see what kind of bacteria could be growing. we send them off to dr. susan whittier, a microbiologist with new york-presbyterian hospital at columbia. >> i was shocked at how wrong i was. >> reporter: every single lunchbox we test was growing some sort of bacteria both inside and outside. most of the lunchboxes carried the bacteria bacillus often found in soil. >> so, it's not unexpected that we would find bacillus on the outside of fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: but some lunchboxes included really nasty bacteria. four had staph. three had e. coli and we found three other bacteria commonly found in bathrooms. >> some of the lunchboxes had as much bacteria as you'd expect to find in a train station toilet
7:45 am
and the fact that your food is sitting in there, yeah, it's gross. these bacteria were to get into a cut or your eye by touching your face they could cause an infection. >> reporter: parents were pretty grossed out. >> i think that i'm very surprised. i'm glad it was not as bad as it could have been. >> her lunchbox will be immediately burned this evening. >> reporter: but whittier says there is an easy fix. >> take a disinfectant wipe or bleach wipe and just clean them out and let them dry overnight. >> there will not be an ounce of bacteria in that lunchbox the next time you guys come to swab. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, new york. >> and from the desk a collective yuck. i know what i'm doing this afternoon, kids. coming up, everybody, look at this home video of a very young taylor swift. there she is with her mom and now the superstar is revealing that her mother is facing a scary health battle this morning. >> love looking at those pictures.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> hey, guys, taylor swift shared some sad personal news on her tumbler page inspiring this #prayformamaswift. swift wrote "i'm saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. she has an important battle to fight." swift and her mom, and we discussed this earlier, they're very close. mom travels with her daughter and has appeared in her music videos, in fact. these are some home movies included in the video for "the best day," which is a song that salutes her family. swift is keeping the details of her mom's illness private right now but the response has been huge. lady gaga tweeting, god bless you and your mama and family. we will all be praying. mindy kaling adding, stay strong, love to your mom and we should say that we at "gma" are also sending our best. let us know what's in your feeds this morning. you can tweet us using the #socialsquare. back to you guys. >> i can't think of a time that taylor has been here that her mom hasn't been here with her in the studio and just as we said a loving, loving family.
7:51 am
>> beautiful person. we are thinking about you all. >> and also taylor was saying to her fans, you know, who have mothers and loved ones who are going through it, be there. be there as a family together. >> going to see mom this weekend. can't wait. >> get checked. "star wars" takes over times square. the secret behind the filmmakers. what were they thinking when they made these lightning bolts and r2d2 and c3po, they've been when i'm shopping for a used car, i want to be comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision. when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive cereal. i just want to shop like i do everywhere else. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck.
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instantly quench your skin. . good morning. i'm eric thomas. let's get a check on the big traffic mess near the richmond san rafael bridge. >> here is some earlier footage over san rafael. this is westbound 580. you can see the clean up is continuing right now. those are packages that were on that first trailer. jammed up traffic coming out of richmond. so you've got bumper to bumper traffic on the richmond san rafael bridge. you are advised to totally avoid it. >> and weather-wise take a live look outside.
7:57 am
generally clear skies and lots of sunshine on the way. temperatures are seeing 30s in the north bay right now. a mild pattern and lots of sunshine for friday, saturday and even into sunday. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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8:00 am
♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and real-life drama for alyssa milano. the actress' battle with airport officials over her own breast milk. why fellow moms are rushing to her defense this morning. and she's the former teacher who made headlines around the world for her love affair with a student. she went to jail twice. now, barbara walters sits down with the couple after ten years of marriage. her abc news exclusive. [ playing the theme to "star wars" ] i find your lack of faith disturbing. >> and "star wars" taking over times square. >> laugh it up, fuzz ball. >> we'll reveal the secret behind this famous scene and so much more. c3po and r2d2 live this morning.
8:01 am
that's not all this morning. look at those girls go. a double dutch team from newark, new jersey. >> yes! >> all right. and they're going to try to get ginger into the action in just a little bit. >> that is one of the things that i'm afraid of. >> have you ever -- >> because i'm not a double dutcher. >> oh, look at that. oh. >> kind of psyched. >> very good. >> so, if i learn from anybody, it'll be from those girls. >> they know how to double dutch in newark, let me tell you. we are very excited. the one and only, one of my all time faves, garth brooks, live from nashville. hey, good morning there, garth. ♪ >> good morning. >> so you are going to have a special surprise that you are going to -- you're cooking up something. we can't wait for you to tell america there, garth. >> we're excited.
8:02 am
it's all about moms. that's my favorite kind of person, so, yeah, we're real excited. stick around. >> and my favorite song from you right now, "mom," too, so garth will reveal all. he always comes here on "good morning america." >> he brings stuff. >> he brings stuff. thank you, garth. we'll be back with you. and hey, robin, we also have exciting news for "star wars" fans this morning. ♪ i mean "star wars," the digital movie collection is here and to help us celebrate, the one and only c3po and r2d2. in the house. come over here, fellas. ladies, i don't really know. >> hello. >> hello, sir george. >> hello. how are you? >> good morning, everyone. >> so proper. >> yes, very proper. and they're here to help us reveal those "star wars" secrets. that is coming up. first to dan harris with news. all right, guys, good morning. good morning, c3po and r2d2. we'll begin with those
8:03 am
devastating tornadoes -- [ r2d2 noises] i think r2d2 said good evening or good morning back to me. we're going to start with tornadoes in the midwest at least one person killed in northern illinois. every building in the small town of fairdale damaged. the twisters carved a path 50 miles long and half a mile wide through the countryside in one town. a dozen people had to be rescued after the roof of a restaurant collapsed. crews now searching through debris to make sure there are no other victims at this hour. much more from ginger coming up. now, though, to a deadly confrontation that put the u.s. census bureau on lockdown leading to a wild chase and gunfight. a security guard was shot and killed as he approached a car at the agency's headquarters in maryland. police say the suspect had just kidnapped a woman at gunpoint during a domestic dispute and he drove back to washington where he exchanged fire with police and was wounded along with another officer. new developments this morning in that police shooting of an unarmed man in south carolina. walter scott's death has the naacp now demanding a federal investigation into the north charleston police department. the group wants the same type of investigation as was done in
8:04 am
ferguson, missouri, following michael brown's death. new dash cam video shows former officer michael slager approaching scott's car. he tells scott to stay inside then, however, scott takes off perhaps worried about a warrant for unpaid child support. investigators say the shooting appeared suspicious from the start because of multiple gunshot wounds in scott's back. and here in new york city, another law enforcement story and this one involving a police detective who has now been suspended after he was caught on this surveillance video stealing cash from a deli during a police raid. the manager says $2600 stolen from a box under the counter. new worries this morning for the millions of americans struggling to care for their parents or elderly relatives. a survey out this morning finds the typical nursing home now costs more than $91,000 a year. that cost has been rising at twice the rate of inflation. two teenagers in washington state are being praised this morning for doing something a lot of kids their age would not
8:05 am
have had the guts or the know-how, frankly, to do. the kids were in a mcdonald's parking lot when they saw a man unconscious in his car. the girls ages 14 and 15 jumped into action immediately performing cpr. they had recently been trained in health class and it's a good thing they were paying attention. police say, if the girls had not acted so quickly, that man likely would have died. and finally, the family in minnesota that should now have no trouble falling asleep. that's because they have plenty of sheep to count. they just welcomed a set of octuplets to their ranch. mama sheep delivering eight little lambs all at once. the average litter in case you didn't know just one to three lambs. the sheeps -- the sheep's world version of octomom this morning and that's going to do it for news at 8:05. back to you guys. >> that sheep will write a book, i am sure. >> yes, have a reality show, no doubt, yeah. >> all of that. >> thanks, guys. "pop news" and weather coming up. now, let's go over to lara in the social square. >> thanks, george. here's what's coming up on
8:06 am
our "gma morning menu," in "pop news," it's the cat walk that's got the world talking so is this cat going up the stairs or down the stairs? it's the dress part deux. then, alyssa milano's real-life international drama. her fight with airport officials and the moms who are rushing to her defense. and then this guy, kevin o'leary from "shark tank," there's the shark, here's the real shark. we're gearing up for a spring cleaning product pitch-off and i saw some wine in there. >> you bet. >> i want to discuss. >> we're talking about wine. and then, finally, it is a double dutch party in times square if i don't fall down. all that and more coming up live on "gma." ♪ nobody does it like i do ♪ ♪ i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted.
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♪ very excited, everybody, on "gma" coming up, are these guys like the coolest ever? yeah, of course, they are. they're here to help us reveal secrets from "star wars." is that true? >> my goodness, how interesting. >> yes, no, it is interesting. >> i know. >> and amazing, and i'm like dorking out. i'm so excited so stay with us on "gma." t. i'm so excited so stay with us on "gma." , but will it make people confident enough to go commando? how was your wiping experience? ok. why do you think ripples are so great? probably ripples would just clean better. yeah, why? just...would pick up more layers. do you feel confident enough to go commando? go commando...uh...yeah sure. congratulations! i did it! how do you feel? fresh! only cottonelle has cleanripple texture, so going cottonelle means you can go commando. ♪ to you, they're more than just
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allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™. all right, welcome back, everybody, to "gma." we are going to get right to "pop news" and we begin with dustin hoffman, of course, a man of many talents, the winner of not one but two academy awards, six golden globes, none of them were for playing the invisible man. this is a series of photos the actor -- they keep catching him, the paparazzi, doing this. they don't know why but it's a series of photos posted online of him trying to hide in plain sight with rather humorous results.
8:12 am
you see the leaves, there's the sign post, the book. not clear on whether or not hoffman is trying to disappear or if he's just having fun with the paparazzi but it's now become a thing and it's being called online dustin hoff and go seek. >> he turned the tables and had some fun with it. >> why not. >> if they're following you all the time, i guess you have to have fun with it. >> why not. okay, also in "pop news" this morning, i told you it was a real winner, robin. also in "pop news" this morning, this is a dilemma plaguing our nation, it is a problem our parents never had to deal with, and the question is this, what do you do when you're using your selfie stick and the phone rings? i mean, it is a conundrum, people. these are some photos of people who have had to deal with just that. i mean, you're going for that perfect selfie and then suddenly your friend calls, what is a kid to do. buzzfeed, we thank you for this collection of photos, and this, you know, i really feel like
8:13 am
this is a water cooler chat. >> it's not a conundrum because the answer is don't use a selfie stick, stop taking pictures of yourself. >> thank you. >> you're not a fan of the selfie stick. >> wow! >> you're not. >> i mean, i think they should be used sparingly, let's just put it that way. like, never. >> dan is in a very severe mood this morning. >> yeah, dan, you really are between the pacifier and the selfie stick, what's next? be nice to c3po. all right. and then -- >> i will be nice to him, i promise. i promise. >> because you and i are the biggest "star wars" fans ever. >> i know. >> give him a cupcake. >> what? >> give you a cupcake -- >> or a lollipop. >> kevin o'leary brought wine. >> okay, there we go. finally, everybody, in "pop news" remember the picture of the dress from a few months ago? george and i thought it was white and gold. robin and amy thought it was blue and black. so now, the next rendition in this, again, another heated debate this morning. this one is about a cat, is it going up the stairs or down the stairs, first glance viewers usually say down but then the image kind of flips. the image was posted online on a
8:14 am
website that racked up thousands of comments. >> this one is different. the white and gold dress, they only ever saw white and gold. i see both. >> well, so some people say if you say it's going down it's because you can see the front edge of the stairs and the bright light behind the cat. those arguing that the cat is going up the stairs say that bright patch is the floor at the bottom of the stairs. i mean -- >> so what is it? >> and that is the esoteric question of the weekend. >> you're not going to tell us. >> it's up to you. you tell me. is it up or down? >> i said it's both. i don't know. >> well, that's very politically correct. >> no, i saw both. there's also the cat lovers say the cats put up their tail when they're going down for balance. >> you should know this, dan. >> they do -- >> so, dan. >> this is proof that cats are magical, mysterious creatures and superior to all other animals. >> i mean, if these weren't three of the most scintillating "pop news" topics i've ever done. thank you and good night. >> you did one into the wall in
8:15 am
social square. so that's probably -- >> i know, i almost spilled my c3po cup. tgif, everybody. >> thank you, lara. the "heat index" coming up. let's go to ginger. >> such a good reminder. it is friday, isn't it? i even have a lightsaber umbrella. how cool is that? yeah. it doesn't light up. but that's okay. we're good with that, right? where are you? >> from syracuse. >> my new friend. what's your name? >> matt. >> hello, matt. how about we go to washington, d.c., together and start out our morning by looking at those cherry blossoms, which will peak a little bit late, by next week and then it will be quite a bit drier after the rain moves through. just south of washington, d.c., strong winds, large hail, even a few torn i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast with upper 50s along the coast and a lost sun line and inland valleys warming into the upper 60s to lower doesn't. tonight, mainly clear skies and
8:16 am
46 in richmond and the same in oakland and 43 in the bay. the seven-day forecast shows mild today and warmer tomorrow with the weekend is looking spectacular after a drop in temperatures coming on >> i love all these signs today. they came all the way from michigan. these folks are from north carolina. somebody said they came through the lincoln tunnel. wow. >> thank you, ginger. great crowd as always. and inside here with us in the studio, as well. first up on our "gma heat index," actress and mom alyssa milano sparking a heated debate when she shared her frustration about airport security personnel confiscating her breast milk. abc's paula faris is here with more on that. good morning, paula. >> good morning, robin. i can feel my blood pressure rising about this story. this isn't about an a-lister being above the rules, it's about the rules needing to be re-examined and in this case a mother trying to do the most natural thing for her child, and it was taken away.
8:17 am
real-life drama for actress alyssa milano this morning and it all played out on twitter after the nursing mom's milk was confiscated at london's heathrow airport tweeting, "heathrow airport just took my pumped breast milk away, 10 ounces, gone, not okay." milano was passing through heathrow airport to switch planes, and when she went through security, breast milk she had pumped on the plane was taken by security. she went on to tweet "they said they would let the pumped milk through if i had the baby with me. why would i need to pump if i had the baby with me?" fellow moms rushing to her defense. >> a lot of moms feel that there should be an exception when you are pumping and you have breast milk and you're going through security, that's for your child. >> reporter: heathrow airport responding to her tweet saying "if you aren't traveling with your baby milk is subject to the 3.4-ounce liquid restriction." those regulations different than the tsa. in the u.s. mothers can carry on as much breast milk as they need
8:18 am
to. but in the uk and eu the child must be present in order for the mother to take more than 3.4 ounces. >> breast milk is like liquid gold. anything that interferes with that process is something that is taken very seriously by any new mom. >> reporter: milano later putting out this statement, "it's not the fault of the security in the airport, they're following orders to keep us all safe, but i do feel it is a policy that needs thoughtful reconsideration." the mom to 3-year-old milo and 7-month-old elizabella is a breast-feeding proponent sharing intimate pictures on her instagram account. >> where is your wedding ring? >> reporter: most recently the 42-year-old actress starred on the abc drama "mistresses" but left that show earlier this year after the show relocated because she wanted to be closer to her family. and this morning as her battle over breast milk strikes a chord with moms everywhere -- >> you two crazy kids. >> reporter: -- the star of
8:19 am
"who's the boss" is fighting to be the boss. >> nursing isn't easy. you don't want to worry about it when you travel, especially when you're trying to store milk for your child who isn't with you. >> can i get an amen? milano also added that she realizes there are bigger issues going on but she's glad that this has started a dialogue and that she hopes it gets better for moms everywhere. you guys, i pumped. i nursed all three of my children but this happened a lot through the airport and it's so frustrating because nursing, pumping is a full-time job. >> it is. >> it was tested, never confiscated, that would have made me lose my mind. >> mama bear faris coming out. i like it. >> i'm with you. also on our "heat index" this morning, mary kay letourneau made shocking headlines almost 20 years ago when she had an affair with a then-13-year-old student, vili fualaau, serving 7 1/2 years in prison for child rape. she's now 53. he's 31, and on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary, barbara walters sat down with them. i spoke with barbara about her exclusive interview airing top
8:20 am
tonight on "20/20." >> barbara, this story continues to fascinate. >> well, when i mentioned to people that i was doing it, everybody seems to remember, oh, this is the schoolteacher who served 7 1/2 years because of her relationship with him and now they've got this big tenth wedding anniversary from the story that still shocks people. how could she do it? >> right, and they're still together. >> yeah. they're still together and have two teenage daughters. born when she was in prison serving prison for the child rape. >> and you reminded me of something that she went to prison not once but twice because they said, look, go to prison for a year but stay away from him. >> and she couldn't stay away, so then they said, okay, now you're going to serve your whole sentence, and people thought that this was -- i mean, there are still people who are shocked and disgusted but, you know, they've been married ten years. they've got two teenage daughters who think that this is -- they're unfazed. you know, this is mommy and
8:21 am
daddy and they seem to be okay. you'll meet the daughters tonight. i wanted to keep it a secret. >> yes. well, and i want to show if you don't mind a little clip of the secret from your interview. take a look. >> i don't know if enough time will ever pass where it will take away what the media did to our story because it was so big and they ran with it so fast. there's the story of us that has a life of its own but it's not our story. >> vili, you became a father when you were just 14 years old and again the following year. tell me about that time and what role you've had in your daughter's lives. >> it was a huge change in my life for sure. i don't feel like i had the right support or, you know, the right help behind me. >> from your family? >> from anyone in general. my friends couldn't help me because they had no idea what it was like to be a parent.
8:22 am
i mean because we were all 14, 15. >> it has not been an easy road for you. you suffered from depression, yes? >> a lot. it's a feeling where it's like there's this hopelessness. you just feel like you can't go -- you can't do anything. you know, like nobody understands you. you can't talk to anyone. i wish i just had a little bit better guidance through everything. it was kind of like -- it was really confusing to me. we're going to label this kid as a victim and we're going to make this woman an example for all other teachers who try to go down the same path. >> it really is fascinating to see them as a married couple and to think he was the same age as my little boy when their affair began. >> well, and then you have to -- you can see what he was attracted to but then the other side, what did she need and what did they go through to get to the point now where they can come sit down and come on television. >> and have a seemingly normal marriage.
8:23 am
ten years married. >> ten years, and when you see the kids tonight, you know, the kids say, well, yeah, i know, we know what happened. you do? you know, mommy and daddy, really? >> really interesting. barbara, i can't wait to see it all. >> thank you, dear. >> this interview is part of a new series called "american scandal" with barbara walters on "investigation discovery" where you can see some of the most famous interviews she's ever done. tonight, though, "20/20," more of her interview with mary kay and vili fualaau. george. >> thank you for that, lara. we're going to move on now. next up in our "heat index" "star wars" taking over times square this morning. it's all to mark the first digital release of the series and we're revealing more "star wars" secrets today. nick watt found out what the emperor has in common with frankenstein. take a look. >> okay, hit it. ♪ >> reporter: how do you create a galaxy far, far away? well, we know now thanks to never-before-seen conversations with the film's makers. >> that's impossible. >> reporter: let's start with the sound for those star destroyers. >> i had an appointment to
8:24 am
record various military and scientific rockets taking off and they weren't all that great. i was back in the motel, and i went to bed and i heard this great rumbling sound. >> uh-huh. >> this is great. i look all around. i figure it's the air conditioner. it's like broken or it's moving slightly. and that ends up being the star destroyer. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> reporter: you heard it here, darth vader's ship, a mere household appliance. >> i find your lack of faith disturbing. >> reporter: here's how it worked for the last trilogy. the great george lucas wrote the script and doug chang created that galaxy. >> literally what he said was just take a le mans car and put two jet engines on it. >> reporter: which morphed into this in episode 1. this sketch morphed into this. what about those great costumes? >> this is our great tuscan reader. with the classics the designers went around collecting odd bits. they went to plumbing stores, hardware stores, camera stores and then created this beautiful mask.
8:25 am
>> the emperor firing bolts at luke at the end of jedi. a lot of that was the frankenstein stuff. and i had tracked down the gentleman who built all of those props. we're still using those recordings today. >> reporter: in the upcoming "episode 7" perhaps. >> i can talk about the other ones, the previous six. no, i want to save the surprise for you. >> reporter: we've already seen those, doug. i flew all the way to san francisco for this. >> i don't want to ruin the surprise. it's like christmas. >> reporter: i want you to ruin the surprise. >> laugh it up, fuzz ball. >> reporter: until december, all we have is this trailer. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, san francisco. >> we might find out a little bit more before december. right now, let's go over to the social square. >> i'm over here with dan and obviously r2d2 and c3po, our new friends. >> the 7-year-old me is freaking out right now.
8:26 am
>> so am i. we are all freaking out because we get to see more from the digital collection episodes 1 through 6 and i have heard that fans are more than elated because they get to see more of you, c3po. >> did you hear that? i do believe they think i'm some sort of god. >> we've watched you travel through multiple galaxies in these movies. do you get frequent flier miles? >> my goodness, well, sir daniel, you wouldn't want my life to get boring, would you? >> never, never. >> you travel more than us. so, wait, you guys, we are so beyond ourselves that you're here this morning. thank you for coming to "gma." >> it's our pleasure. [ r2d2 noises ] >> all right. "star wars," the digital movie collection is available right now. we want to see your "star wars" nostalgia moments so tweet us on instagram with the #starwarsthrowback. you can see more photos on our website and we'll be right back. garth brooks will be here too. you can see more photos on our website and we'll be right back. garth brooks will be here too.
8:27 am
. good morning. i'm eric thomas. the talk all morning has been the mess at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> and it is still a mess. westbound 580 right at francisco boulevard, the san quentin exit you can see them off loading all of these packages, charred and soggy. you want to use the bay bridge instead. also, southbound 101 is a busy drive if you're
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. live doppler 7 hd showing you we're off to a clear start on this friday morning. that sun is up. it's bright and blue out there and lots of sunshine on the way for your friday. as we're stepping outside, it's 50 51 in hayward. 49 in fremont. napa at a temperature of 45. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. today, a mild pattern, lots of sunshine. 50s along the coast 60s in the bay. the weekend looking sun soaked
8:30 am
and spectacular. temperatures really take off. by thursday ♪ i got friends in all the wrong places ♪ >> say hi to garth brooks. who doesn't love that song "friends in low places". we have a big surprise from him in just a little bit. a lot going on out here in times square right now. i cannot wait for this. kevin o'leary, you're ready to go here respect you? >> go kevin. go, kevin. go, kevin. >> one more time. >> all right, kevin o'leary. >> yay! [ cheers and applause ] >> how is that for double dutch master from kevin o'leary from "shark tank."
8:31 am
>> a man of so many talents. >> i don't think he's going to stop george. >> no that's his cardio for the day. >> nice. >> ginger is all suited up, as well. >> is ginger -- is it now? >> no no. >> she's ready to go. that's coming back in a little bit. "shark tank: your life" is also coming back. we'll see more of kevin o'leary. back inside to robin. >> that was a moment. that was certainly a moment. and it's a huge friday here on "gma." not just because of that because joining us live from nashville, my dear friend number one selling solo artist in u.s. history, mr. garth brooks. he's here to help us share a special announcement about a once in a lifetime surprise for one very lucky mom. it is so good to see you, mr. brooks. i appreciate you -- >> look forward to seeing you. >> always always. so let's not make anybody wait any longer. we are launching the "gma" garth
8:32 am
brooks mother's day surprise contest and the grand prize is you, my friend. you're going to go and serenade a very special mother for mother's day and you're going to sing my favorite song right now "mom." what more can you tell us about this garth? >> you know what it's just going to be a day of mom, mom, mom, mom. we love moms. so we'll find a mom and surprise her. we're going to come right to her doorstep. give her a big hug and sing "mom" for her so should be a fun day. >> it will be and we remember when you premiered "mom" right in our studio in november. everyone was in tears. even you, my friend. and this -- tell everybody a little more about the song "mom." >> mom is just this wonderful thick that i think somebody finally painted the perfect salute to what i think is the greatest human being on the planet and that is a mom. being a dad was the greatest thing on the planet.
8:33 am
if i could be something better i'd be a mom. >> i know how special your mom was to you and we have a -- i love this picture right here garth, of you -- that sweet embrace. what does that image mean to you? >> well i think you can see in the face there it's all about safety. that's what moms have. moms have safety they have love they have understanding. they're your biggest fan and when you lose them in life that's a big kind of hurdle to get over but the truth is moms are so cool they live forever so i fill got my mom with me. wearing purple today for my mom and cannot wait to find another mom out there and just smother her because that's what you do on mom's day. >> that's what you do and my beloved mere too, she lives on in my heart and i know that your mom is smiling down on you and it's well known how you took 14 years off. you were a megastar and took that time off because you wanted to raise your three girls which
8:34 am
you did so wonderfully well and said because the most important thing is not being a megastar superstar or even president of the united states but it's being about being a dad and being there for your family. is that something your mom taught you the importance of? >> yeah. you know what i don't think you -- i think everyone can talk to they hand you that child you don't understand that language. you realize you're holding the greatest gift you'll ever experience in life and life just -- i tell all parents it just gets better every day. i had maybe the greatest conversation i've ever had with my youngest daughter yesterday over lunch and so i remember hugging her good-bye watching her drive off and just going, thank you, man, because it's -- the parent thing is fantastic. >> you really open up. i can't wait -- on the cover of "people" magazine and you really share what it was like to be there and to raise your children. raise your three precious precious girls and now you're back and bigger than ever. miss yearwood was just here
8:35 am
made raspberry chicken. so good and apple pie she had and chickpea and avocado so good but talking about being on tour. you're breaking your records from years ago so many people are coming out to see you and then you're also a billboard finalist for country music album of the year and already up for another entertainment of the year -- entertainer of the year so i think absence did make the heart grow fonder there, garth. >> you know what for me it was like eating ice cream in one hand and candy on the other. got to be a dad 4/7 then when they became their own babies and the empty nest syndrome is about to hit and scared to death it will drive you crazy then all of a sudden the tour hits so you're too busy to go through the empty nest syndrome and come out and see us on the road the babies do so it's phenomenal. the best of all worlds. i can't thank god and the people enough for that. >> they say you bring out warm
8:36 am
memories for a lot of fans and you'll make a very special memory for a very special mom, aren't you? >> yeah and i'm going to tell you whatever whom this is going to make a special memory for my. it's been a long time since of's looked forward to mother's day in this way. >> thank you, garth brooks. god bless and keep enjoying yourself on tour and certainly do appreciate this. this is such an honor. we'll see you on down the road, garth. thank you. >> i love you, robin. >> i love you too. to find out how to enter and nominate your mom or any special mom go to on yahoo! i got chills thinking about those videos and lers we'll receive. now to ginger with a final check on the weather. >> we have a whole crowd out here from louisiana. you guys are from louisiana. you came here for what? >> spring break. >> and doesn't feel like spring break necessarily, does it. a lot warmer behind the front. let me show you some of the morning temperatures so it is in the 30s and 40s behind that cold
8:37 am
front that created all the severe weather. it's windy too in much of the great lakes so feels even colder than it actually is. here you're looking for temperaturewise, slightly cooler in the midwest and northeast. new york city staying in the 60s, st. louis going to 74 by the time we reach our sunday. there's a look from west to east and a >> i am meteorologist, drew tuma with the forecast. a lot of sunshine on way. mid-60s on the coast on friday and lower 70s inland. the seven-day forecast shows a spending tack particular welcome on the way with a lot ofhe >> all right. all that weather brought to you by cottonelle and all morning long we have been seeing these talented young women working wonders with the double dutch jump rope all part of a new series on lifetime. it's called "jump" and goes into the competitive world of double dutch.
8:38 am
welcome, you guys. this is huge. this is so good to have you here. the energy, yes. so let me start with you, laila. i'm going to get out of the way of the rope right here. why is it so competitive? who knew? >> it's competitive because we go against teams from all over the world. from japan from canada france you name it and we've beaten all of them. >> you are based in newark right. >> newark new jersey? and why do the girls love it so much. >> because the friendships they build and camaraderie we work so hard for they get to go travel all warned the world and jump. they do what they love. >> some of the tricks you guys have done are a little before my league. somebody will help me. iyana. i didn't get much in the playground double dutching. how can i the simplest way to get in the best way. >> the best way to get in put your two feet together and bunny hop up and down. >> are you going to help me? i'm nervous. >> come on.
8:39 am
let's try. >> let's do it. okay guys oh my god. can we jump in. >> yes. >> in in in >> all right. >> up up, up. all right. >> coming up seven ways to get your exercise in. common fitness families. oh no, we have a dress code here, and it's not see through. next! whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. so sorry - this lunchbox is already at capacity. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese. a good source of protein and calcium, and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
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♪ what a morning it has been and now it is time to yahoo! your day with the no excuse workout. seven simple moves to get in shape without putting in you know a time crunch. plus, some common fitness fallacies that could be holding you back in the gym. abc's sara haines has all the details for us. ♪ yahoo ♪ >> time time time. it's without a doubt the number one reason so many of us say we don't make it to the gym.
8:43 am
so with michele promaulayko editor in chief of yahoo health we're finding way to fit it in. to make sure you get the most out of your time we're setting the record straight with three big fitness fallacies. number one -- >> if you work out in a hot room you burn more calories. that's not true. your body burps more in a cold environment. >> reporter: two. >> if you eat less you'll lose more. not true. you don't want to consume too few calories because your metabolism slows down to conserve energy. >> reporter: fallacy number three. >> crunches will help you lose tummy fat. not true. what you want to do is burn fat all over your body then those obs will be revealed. >> reporter: with that in mind we head to crunch in new york city and turn to trainer to the stars and author of "5 pounds" harley pasternak to get his no excuse workout moves. >> each day we pick a different exercise that does a different part of a body. >> how long will it take? >> five minutes. >> monday. >> a reverse lunge and step back
8:44 am
and drop our knee down and return. back. >> tuesday. >> we'll do a super woman. imagine the ground is on fire. >> getting hot in here. >> oh gosh. >> reporter: wednesday. >> a lying dumb bell extension. bring them down on either side of your head down down down up all the way. perfect. >> reporter: thursday. >> this one is a called a stiff legged dead lift. push your back back. it's biceps break your radialis and shoulders all in one. curl press, back down and extend. >> saturday. >> single arm dumbo row in the lunge position form across your left leg like we're chilling. >> totally chilling? and row. >> sunday. >> tilt away from me around your belly button and feel a stretch through your right oblique, come back and squeeze your right obliques. perfect. you should be doing so much more weight than this. >> no, it's so heavy.
8:45 am
one a day moves to get you closer to fit fabulous. for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> don't know about you but i was taking some notes. i know a lot watch us from the gym. "shark tank: your life," these entrepreneurs are facing off. whose spring cleaning gadget is best. kevin o'leary, that man, will
8:46 am
8:47 am
and we are back now with a new edition of "shark tank: your life." two entrepreneurs ready to go head-to-head. kevin o'leary from "shark tank" is here. we've already seen him double dutch. just one of his many many talents, wearing that sommelier's cup all about wine.
8:48 am
you have a big launch that started at "shark tank." >> it did. it's the largest deal done. $2.5 million. it's mine. it's about changing the wine industry. the only beverage in america that we can't find a single serve is wine and to do it -- i'm a huge wine lover. five cellars, and i collect i decided to launch my own wine in single serve so o'leary wines is being launched on qvc april 26th then online and at the end of may, launching single serve. when you go to a rock show or football game single serve of wine in a plastic container never been done before. i think it's going to be huge. we feel on "shark tank" today that we're big enough now as a platform to change and innovate industries. >> cannot wait to see that. ready to be a judge. >> we'll begin with julie fehring and where is she? [ cheers and applause ] there she is. tell us what you got.
8:49 am
>> okay. garbage and diaper pails smell. now get rid of those odors automatically with the new battery operated pail refresher. hang it on the side of the pail or it attaches to any lid. just the slightest motion of the pail operates pail refresher's nontoxic deodorant spray. no more spraying no refresher does it automatically. it has a refillable canister. a built-in timer and it's washable so say no to toxic products and get your pail refresher now. >> you've been studying those old commercials. that was great. we'll get your take but first we wanted to have it tested at home. let's take a look at that. >> since my trash can is so much smaller i prefer to take the trash out more frequently so this wouldn't be a product that i would use for me this would be a thumbs down. >> the pail refresher worked just as advertised on the box. it sprayed out a nice vanilla scent.
8:50 am
i definitely give it a thumbs up. >> we'll hear from kevin in a little bit but now specifically for men. >> good morning, kevin. george. guys sometimes get a bad rap. i'm with you. we should all be doing our part especially when if comes to laundry but, look countless single men, husbands and fathers doing their laundry since lavender or spring breeze. i can't speak for the rest of you but i've had enough fresh meadows in my clothing. that's why we created real the first laundry detergent for men from packaging to its unique cologne inspired scent and powerful detergent, guy, give real a try and join the rest of us men. >> i never would have thought of that one. thanks thanks leif very much. let's see what the home testers think. >> stocks smell good. that's key. real did its job.
8:51 am
>> aim going to have to give this things a thumbs up. i'm definitely going to buy it in the store. >> i thought it smelled great. clearly my laundry is clean. >> awesome. >> all right. two thumbs up right there. it's your turn kevin. the pail refresher first. >> the pail refresher interesting idea because we know there's a market already in terms of another way of putting it in with a spray aerosol but julie's idea sits there and i can kind of get why it's very, you know impressive. and she's a walking infomercial. >> she is. >> no question about it. >> real detergent. >> i would have thought that wasn't going to work until i saw leif and his buddy pitch it. how crazy and cool. i'm really struggling with these two. you know usually one just rises to the top but i like the guy detergent thing too. >> so? >> oh i got to give it to julie. i do. >> close one, julie wins. >> thank you. >> on our wall of winners, right
8:52 am
there. congratulations. good job to both of you. there it is. going up right there. you guys were great. >> thank you. >> thank you, thanks to you, kevin. we'll be right back. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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do you know a mom who deserves ace once in a lifetime event for mother's day. we want to give one lucky mom a doorknock she'll never see coming and look who is doing the knocking. >> are you ready? supply am. >> garth will even perform a private concert for this lucky mom. go to on yahoo! to find out how to enter your mom in "gma's" garth brooks mother a day megasurprise. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by silk silk helps you bloom. >> big thanks again to kevin o'leary. you can watch "shark tank" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on abc.
8:56 am
great having c3po and r2d2 here this morning. from a galaxy far, far away. [ r2d2 noises ] >> have a great weekend, everybody. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos
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. good morning. i'm eric thomas. let's check on that big truck fire. >> it's been at least three and a half hours since this ups big rig caught fire. we've got updates from chp. the east bay lane will be open shortly. the other will be shut down due to diesel in the roadway. we're looking at an estimated time of reopening of 2:00 p.m. traffic snarled coming in. through the north bay use the golden gate to the bay bridge instead. >> temperatures as we stepon this friday morning 55 oakland. highs today will get into the 60s around the bay low 70s in
9:00 am
our enland valueinland valleys. accuweather seven-day forecast shows a announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, award-winning actress and author candice bergen. and jaime lannister from the hit drama, "game of thrones," nikolaj coster-waldau. plus, a performance from "american idol" finalist qaasim middleton. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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