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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 10, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. sky 7 shows always delivery truck crash and fire that happens before dawn but it will ruin traffic on the richmond-san rafael bridge well into the afternoon. >> you can see from the pictures eastbound traffic could be getting through but the westbound lanes of interstate 580 are still shut down and the toll plaza is still bagged up hours after the fire was put out. >> were 50 thanks for joining us. the clean up is underway right now. we will go to our reporter on the freeway in san rafael. janet? >> we are at the east 580
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off-ramp where traffic was diverted this morning. that is not the case. an eastbound lane now is open. c.h.p. said it will be 2:00 until the westbound lanes open. the big rig involved in the crash has been towed away. >> traffic in marin county got off to a rough start with this upbig rig hit the median. >> we are fortunate that he did not go through the divider into the opposing lane of traffic. >> sky 7 shows the magnitude the crash and the impact on traffic. c.h.p. said the u.p.s. driver carried two trailers loaded with 50,000 pounds of household goods and lost control of the wheel. the fuel tank caught on fire and smoke could be seen for miles. >> our officers who contacted the driver of the vehicle rule out impairment. the driver seems to be fine. >> the crash happened before 5:30 a.m. closing both lanes on 5 eight ya drivers were stuck on the richmond-san rafael bridge for at least an hour.
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commuters around the area inched along at c.h.p. diverted traffic. >> i drove half a mile in an hour. it is bad. >> trying to get to the bridge but i am going left into san rafael so i don't have to deal bit. >> crews spent hours putting out the fire in the first trailer hauling u.p.s. packages. >> we are concerned what is in the damages because they are not labeled. >> c.h.p. is investigating but it does not appear there are any commercial violations. >> u.p.s. has confirmed that the big rig was traveling from san bruno to the san rafael u.p.s. facility carrying up to 900 packages. u.p.s. spokesman told us this morning that the driver has been with them for 13 careers and this is his first crash. he has been fined and an investigation is underway.
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>> now, traffic has been a mess all morning. >> right to our traffic reporter, leyla gulen. >> in san rafael you can seeing if but red on the map as you head in the westbound direction. c.h.p. has updated the westbound 580 will remain completely closed down until 2:00. this sig-alert is lasting until then what they are doing, they are allowing cars on the bridge but you get off at san quentin and get back on an francisco boulevard. eastbound direction we have a lane that recently was re-opened at main street and you can see a backup away from 101 but it is still a pain. it will take you 6.6 mile stretch, will take more than an hour from richmond to san rafael. >> yikes. police in hayward are looking for a driver who led them on a space and smash add car into a pole. he ran away leaving a woman and
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child behind. this happened at 1:00 o'clock a.m. at ruus roads the c.h.p. tried to pull the driver over northbound 880 but he took off. the accident knocked out power to 100 customers, the woman and the child had to be extricated from the car. >> in the east bay a terrible cement fuel has clogged a street and it is much worse than first reported. amy hollyfield heard the bad news at a knick moments ago. a woman called last night and told officials that she found some more cement material in the backyard of the spiritual center so today officials are going to check the expire creek to see if there is anymore out there. this is what they are talking about: surprisingly light it feels like styrofoam. they are not aware of the environmental impact.
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it is not toxic. the cement has been killed two birds and they say that is because the birds were coated in the sludge. this happened on wednesday. the cement was accidentally spilled into glen echo creek because a valve was left open. the worker thought it was hut. they say it was a mistake and east bay mud is owning that and said a contractor made mistake. when they got the call they focused on the one area but the revelation that another area has the cement makes them release they have to spread out and look at every branch of the creek even those that reach private rot. >> this is a bad situation but it is a very small and contained situation about half a mile so it will take a couple hundred yards of exposed creek bed and pipeline. yes it is bad. yes we are working to clean it up. it is not live-threatening human hazard.
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>> they have called in the crews from sacramento to help cover the whole creek from top-to-bottom and they have new maps of the creek they will use today to make sure they do not miss a spot. they say it is not toxic but you do not want your kids or pets near them the keep them away. they can think they would have it cleaned up by monday and now they have discovered it in another area they do not know when it is going to be cleaned up but they hope to is a better idea later today with another briefing at 3:00 this afternoon. >> the f.b.i. now is looking into allegations of forced inmate fighting at the san francisco jail. the sheriff made the announcement in the past hour. this is after three inmates accused the sheriff deupties of forcing them to fight each other inside the county james. according to an inmate it was done to entertain the deputies would also are accused of betting on the fights. four deputies allegedly involved or on leave and the sheriff said he is tightening security at the
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james after two inmates escaped while taking out garage. >> in autoimmune disease crews are sifting through rubble a day after a massive tornado touched down destroying everything. we have the latest on the search for people who are missing. >> it is worst thing i have seen the. >> this morning the people of the county 60 miles west of chicago are searching through the rubble l is one fatality and eight injured in fairdale as the search continues. >> we have some unaccounted at this time unaccounted people. >> most of the 50 homes in the small town of fairdale, illinois, look like this structure: completely reshored. in rochelle the sheriff is leading search efforts. >> 30 homes are completely destroyed or not inhabitable. >> my house is gone as you know.
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>> tornadoes pop up across illinois, ohio and iowa. >> violent. right there. right there. my gosh. my god. my gosh. it is hard. there it goes. i saw headlights go flying. we need to see if everyone is okay >> victims of the storm are trying to rebuild their lives salvaging what they can from the debris. >> we are so lucky we live here. >> our meteorologist drew tuma is here for mike anyone. >> it does. [ inaudible ] severe weather across the united states and the entire system is pressing to the east and likely affecting the east coast again today. live doppler hd painting quite a picture here, clear skies across
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the region and a look at the golden gate bridge, and sunshine by 6:00 and at midnight hour it will cool off, in the 40s, with a light breeze and we will see how the week is shaping up with the full forecast just ahead. >> rebound and cuban president castro will likely come face-to-face as they gather with leaders across the western hemisphere. they are attending the summit of the america's meeting in panama city. they do not have formal meetings scheduled but the attendance of both mark a historic moment as the united states and cuba seek to restore ties. rebound will meet with the patch ma president and other central american leaders. >> today is the day thousands of people are trying on the new apple watch and it appears they like it. a lot. this is inside a report that took only ten minutes for certain versions to sell out after pre-orders officially started this morning. apple watches are available in
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san francisco and eight other major cities an the world and you can check it out today and try them on but you cannot by one at the store. you are going to have to buy them online. shipments begin april 24. the prices start at $249 and can go up to $17,000 for the luxury gold watch. >> you do not is to buy me the most expensive one. >> still ahead, a new way to stretch with a stromer. >> the work out land taking the united states by storm that lets you double team fitness and day care. >> pint sized inspire rakes cooking competitions on tv have inspired a modern makeover for toy
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>> from college loops to the pros the the war yours keep rolling and curry is making the case to be the most valuable player scoring 45 points last night. curry broke his own record for the most three pointers made in a season. the watt yours frame by 13 and they cape back to beat portland 116-105 at the 64th win of year. abc is the home for the nba finals coverage starting june 4. >> a new fitness trend from georgia is making a slash with moms and you may want to try it, the "fit for mom," troller bar
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work out perfect for expectant moms, for those would just had a baby and are trying to get fit and involves a lost squatting and lurching so you can chase and carry your limit one and you use the stromer for part of the work out so you bring the little one along too, and not worry about day care. in fact, they can are your personal trainer. >> if you have seen it in a fancy kitsch much the chances is you will see it in the child's playroom, with toy kitchen getting modern makeover. the pretend food used to be plastic slices of food and now the "wall street journal" reports the play kitchens are now going for may and, for example this toy kitchen comes in stainless steel with a time back splash. it sells for $15 a! speakers say competitive cooking shows inspire boys and girls do ask for the fancy gadgets they
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see on tv. >> or maybe mom and dad want their little kids to have it. either ways it is expensive. >> and meteorologist, drew tuma, is here for mike nicco today. >> and now more on the optical illusion
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>> a big day for star wars fans you can download the first six moreovers in the series legally
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for the first time in h.d. you can get them on it tubes and cost $20 each or $90 for the set and includes bonus features including never-before-seen conversations between the makers. >> i heard a rumbling at the hotel when i went to bed and i thought well, the air conditioner is broken and that is the sound we used. >> clever. >> this releases is capitalizing on the excite must the series scheduled for december. producers and star wars is owned by watt disney. >> move out of the way if you see drew tuma coming. >> that is very cool to listen about the behind the scenes stuff. weather guys be not much better than this. live doppler hd is showing right
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now the late morning hour we are just seeing clear skies above and we will take you outside on our camera, downtown san francisco, and oakland in the background nothing but blue and that is the scene for the rest of our friday. as you step outside temperature wise we are in the 50s and 60 60s in san francisco, 59 in oakland and the same in fremont and 62 in san jose and fairfield is a remainder location with a chemical of 64 degrees. satellite and radar show two areas of large pressure offer the west coast and that what is doing is creteing a split in the jet stream. storms are going north is south of california and that means we are stay dry for the timeening through the weekend, a lot of senator behind and a. watching trend is underway next couple of days. highs, today a lot of sunshine up to 67 in oakland and 62 in downtown san francisco and up to 70 in napa and 71 in fairfield and 70 in concord and 70 in san jose. if you are headed to the
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coliseum marineers take on the as first pitch at 7:05 and right around 60. sun will set at 7:41. the game wraps up about 10:00 it will be cool, and be about 54 as you exit the stadium. the lows are a mix of stars and clouds and dropping to 39 in napa and 48 in downtown san francisco and the same in oakland and a lot of stars in the south bay and 45 in san jose, and dropping to 42 from morgan him. the week ahead, specifically, for san jose there is a bit of a roller coaster ride in the temperature department. we start in the low-to-mid 70s over the weekend and an average high in san jose is right around 70 degrees. we will cool off next week to that and 71 open tuesday and then the temperatures take off by thursday and friday, we are more than ten degree above normal in san jose with temperatures topping out very warm and 81 open thursday, 81 on friday and the warming trend will be felt across the expire
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bay area. here is the seven-day forecast: today, a lot of sunshine, a mile pattern we top out in the 50s along the coast mid-60s around the bay low 70s inland valleys. saturday and sunday a ton of sunshine on the way and the warming trend continues. we dip a bit on monday and tuesday but by wednesday and thursday, the sunshine is in full force and inland valleys in the mid-80's. >> the countdown is on for the arrival of britain's newest royal baby royal sources say baby two is due between april 15 and april 30. the prince and kate have kept quiet abut the general december but that is not stopping the royal guessing game and placing bets. according to a british betting company, if gamblers have it their one the 21-month-old prince george will get a little sister and 82 percent have their money on a princess. >> first, it was the dress
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people were complaining they could not figure it was white and gold or blue and black. now this is a new optical illusion, this is a about this cat. is it going up the stairs or down the stairs? what do you think? it was posted online and it has racked up thousands of comments on both sides of the debate. what do you think? let us know on our facebook page. >> you can maybe the perspective that the cat is actually not doing either. >> you are a politician! >> still ahead, it could be security of the case of deja vu ever. >> the marin humane society is three with three pets of the week and you met them on "natural puppy day," and now they are ready to go home with
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sides of the aisle coming up at 5:00. right now, time for friday's perfect pet. we have three you have met. >> drew, you are having some fun. >> these cute puppy faces are so familiar, they are here a knew weeks ago and now they fully grown and ready to be adopted. emily is here in the marin hue maim society. >> this is zeus and zeke and milly. they came when they were a couple of days old and in a loving foster home for ten minutes and gained enough weight and are ready to find their forever home. >> they are great with kids. >> their foster homed that kids, other dogs and they are well socialized as you can tell, and they do not have to be adopted together.
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>> come to the marin humane society if you want do adopt. >> they are beautiful guys. i think this guy wants you, cheryl. the number is on the scene if you want to adopt these companies. available right now. >> so mellow. >> they are mole let. thanks for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! hey! hey! hey, hey. welcome to millionaire. all this week, we've got some of your favorite stars playing for big-time money, and everything they win is going to charity. it's celebrity week. [cheers and applause] watch what happens when we put today's returning celebrity contestant back in the millionaire spotlight. he's only 4 questions away from round 2. please welcome author and host of watch what happens live, andy cohen. >> yeah! i'm back. i'm back. >> ahh, back. >> you look sharp. >> oh, thank you, sir. >> wow. you stepped it up for day two.


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