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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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for himself. he didn't shy away from taking blame. >> east bay mud takes the situation seriously. >> the general manager admits the utility and contractor made a mistake but damaged a half mile of creek in oakland's upper rock ridge neighborhood. >> through east bay mud and our contractor, we take responsibility. for the decision about the percentages of who is going to be responsible are something that we'll have to discuss in these incidents, take a long time to figure out. >> it's larger than first thought, and another small branch of the creek. >> a neighbor could live above the oakland spiritual center >> crews with picks and buckets concentrated their efforts the third day of a clean up,
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fish and wildlife officials say they damaged a half mile of creek. >> it's not a human safety hazard, or a threat to wildlife but can't help. >> it happened on wednesday after a subcontractor poured 106 cubic yards of cement into a creek. it allowed the gooey material to fall into a creek. almost like styrofoam. in oakland, abc7 news. >> there is a traffic mess after a ups big rig crashed in marin county just after 5:30. one trailer caught fire. it happened at main street off ramp and this is what it looks
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like right now. behind me the bridge is still a mess, at least it's moving a little bit now. it will go down as a get away den which anyone went nowhere and this after 5:00 this morning a big rig hit the center divider. that ignited a trailer inside there are 800 packages the clean up lasted until noon. then patching and fuel made it's way onto the pavement. that took work into the rush
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hour, now traffic is moving on the shoulder. and it's worth noting that the driver is 37 years old. he tested negative for alcohol or drugs. the truck if you're in the east bay, yes. you can go home again. later. live in >> wayne, thank you. let's take a look at the 360 camera today. our driver is thomas heading
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eastbound you can see the strickhas been westbound. this is a mess all day long. westbound lanes opening an hour ago. traffic beginning to get moving. >> thank you. police are looking for a suspect involved in a chase and crash this morning. officers tried to pull the driver over a woman and child were taken to the hospital with injuries. >> tenants forced out of their home supposed to be allowed back in today. that didn't happen. monday the city condemned the
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duplex. we're learning more about the landlord. abc7 news joins us live with details. >> we're talking about the landlord of the green demruchl. i was assured he would get back to me. so far that hasn't happened. ceo and his wife, the founder of the consulting company have their names on house deeds throughout east palo all theo. so they can purchase homes at artificially low prices. today, in san francisco
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two dozen possessions were inside. i stopped by and his colleague told me two people were waiting to unlock the door at 10:00 a.m but no residents were there. we arrived at 11:00 and saw no one representing him. after pointing this out, the colleagues told me he was just obeying city orders by denying residents entry and handed me an inspection complaint with a section saying the building is not to be reoccupied . this woman told us she just wants to get her stuff. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> two people are accused of a scheme today. the two are accused of slapping the car trunks of elderly drivers while backing out of parking spaces, they'd act hurt and file claims against the driver. >> a revealing report has just been released about the san jose police department. one big issue is racial bias. david? >> just over 800 complaints came in last year. but it's ones about bias that has red flags according to the police auditor. all of them were rejected. african americans and latinos makeup two thirds of the
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population. 192 complaints have been filed for bias. everyone was dismissed. >> when this this report tries to recommend investigations should go deeper into interaction with others. last year 9% came from african americans making up just 3% of the residents. 40% filed by latinos. that is 21% of the whites.
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the naacp president believes they're stressing out remaining officers. >> officers will be reacting with the customer. >> the mes chief wants to digest this report before commenting. the union says it favors transparency. >> details in a police shooting in sunnyvale. his name is joseph weber with multiple gunshot wounds. the officer is a 13 year law enforcement veteran and on routine paid leave. >> van ness avenue is closed down near post street until
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monday morning. crews will be building a walkway to connect medical office buildings. lanes reopen at 12:00 a.m on monday. >> apple fans get a look at the new apple watch. how that watch is selling. >> plus fbi launches an investigation into fight club. >> i'm spencer christian. a bit of a warming trend has begun and will continue over the weekend. >> and the dramatic end to a long slow-speed chase in los angeles.
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>> a bizarre chase in south los angeles today you can see it from a video. the guy appeared to slow up or stop and talk with people on the street. he may have handed money to some of them or high fived people. >> the fbi is stepping in to investigate troubled jails after
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gladiator style fighting among inmates. vic? >> reporter: the sheriff says it's the first time in memory a san francisco sheriff asked the feds to head an investigation into the department. but he's faced with two scandals. the sheriff announced the fbi agreed to a request to investigate allegations by two inmates in the jail accusing deputies of forcing them to fight like gladiators. >> four deputies have been placed on leave pending outcome of an internal investigation by the sheriff. mirkarimi wants to see if others
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witnessed the fights. >> we're not sure if al investigation of bedding hasn't been corroborated. this high level prisoner ran off three weeks ago being escorted by a deputy on trash detail. >> that deputy is facing termination. >> last june a convicted drug dealer escaped. matt gonzales says he did the right thing in bringing in the fbi. >> there is a culture within the department that poses a problem. big concern is whether or not
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that agency can conduct an investigation. he says his internal investigation should be done in about two weeks. >> a secret service office is on leave. it's not clear what is damaged. he worked in the foreign missions branch of missouri >> after months apple watch appeared in stores after a crush of sales beginning at midnight. customers have been waiting for this moment. >> hello. >> after seeing pictures and watching videos, and wearing the apple watch has some giddy.
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>> so you think you're going to get one? >> yes. yes. >> different sizes and materials. >> so this is important? >> very important. >> i thought the fitting is genius because i'm a lukewarm customer. >> special stables to let you try on watches to your heart's content. falling in love with it. every customer is going home empty-handed. the competition there is fierce.
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>> i'm ordering it. after this conversation. >> the backlog has grown. and being this close made some people impatient. >> people that are apple what we call fan boys are trying to figure out whether or not they need this or not. >> in san francisco abc7 news. >> apple shares are rebounding today. stocks down after analyst down graded the tech giant saying it poses more risk than rewards.
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>> 69%. >> yes. >> this weather brings risks and rewards. sunny skies and milder into saturday and sunday. blue skies, 60 degrees in san francisco. morgan hill 69. 55 in half moon bay. here is the view from mount tam looking over the bay. 64 in napa. 70 in fairfield. 69 in concord and livermore. another live view looking out at bright and western skies. warmer over the weekend. cooler monday a sharp drop and a warm up begins mid week next
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week. high pressure along the coastline bringing us sunny skies and mild weather throughout the weekend. we'll use livermore as an indicator for high temperatures. sunday highs 80 degrees and dropping off monday to only 73. then starting a warm up wednesday. by thursday and friday, 86 degrees in downtown and that is what inland areas can expect. low temperatures 39 in napa. skies will be clear. tomorrow, sunny skies and mild day. highs low to mid-70s.
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peninsula, highs up to about 70 in redwood city. upper 50s to 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 65 tomorrow. north bay, about 58 in bodega bay. highs into mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. sharp temperatures dropping off but a warming trend wednesday, by thursday friday mid-80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay. >> concern about cut ♪ ♪ wow something
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home after home just torn to pieces utter destruction. we're looking at the aftermath of dozens of tornadoes that swept through the mid west two. women, friends in their 60s died in the small farming town. it didn't spare anything outside
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of fairdale. >> the roof blew off the walls came down. the second floor fell on the first floor. i need a new house. >> temperatures created a 50 mile path of destruction across missouri and iowa. our sister station in chicago tweeted this photo saying according to reports the tornado was an f 4 with speeds up to 200 miles per hour. residents begin to assess the damage. >> turning now to california's drought, northern california almond growers say four years of drought just devastated their industry. it's not fair they're being smeared as water hogs.
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official was the almond board says farmers cut usage by 33%. >> it's unfair almonds have been pointed out this way. we're only 12% of the year of the land out there. >> there is controversy but we need the food the valley feeds a lot of people. >> some are so hard hit they say they'll have to remove orchards or water just enough to keep trees alive. >> mayors from california are pushing for two water restrictions. san diego is losing it's water waste enforcement. los angeles campaigning for residents to cut by 20%. san francisco california's third largest city, is considered water conscious using 44 gallons per person per day. >> still to come this weekend
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weekend's big announcement from hillary clinton. >> what joe biden said in oakland today. >> and gearing up for the monster event at
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hillary clinton is expected to announce she's running for president. and abc7 news learned she's already filmed the video she'll use to announce the candidacy. >> the big announcement is expected sunday morning then, clinton is expected to visit states early as next week. >> i've been ready for so long i'm ready to swap out my windows because the sun is getting to it >> the organization has been raising money and now it
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appears clinton is ready to officially announce a 2016 presidential run. >> right now, it's important for early supporters to ask friends, organizing house parties and showing this grass roots support. >> former first lady hinted she'd try again. in march she made a surprise appearance at ebay when she spoke about gender inequality. she headlined a fund-raiser with nancy pelosi. >> pelosi spoke this morning honoring the national coalition of women. >> it's about empowering women. that is why they're eager to see the announcement. >> she says clinton can and
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will win. the vice chairman of the california republican party says clinton is the wrong choice. >> from a point of view of the leadership abilities and honesty, and track record hillary clinton is not good to be president of the united states. >> there is a committee reviewing the attack in benghazi. >> people in social media have been talking about hillary clinton all day. rick klein says you know cancel sunday plans. the former president clinton's -- tweeted i wish hillary clinton would announce because i'm ready to stop getting these internal e mails saying ready for hillary?
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the twitter account says they're going fast, don't miss out. >> it is unclear if vice president joe biden will also run. the vice president talked to veterans enrolled in the job training program the program trained 600 people, half veterans and next month will host an employer summit to look at ways of promoting workers to higher-paying jobs within the community. >> idea is that i've been doing this job is dead end, i'm tired of doing it is not a guarantee. >> president obama is in panama meeting with the panama
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president. there are no vessels nearby. >> there is confirmation u.s. and cuban president had two conversations. the white house says the president and cuban president spoke ahead of the summit of the americas taking place in panaha. >> purple hearts awarded to dozens of survivors and relatives of soldier who's died in the 2009 fort hood shooting. an army psychiatrist killed 13 people. the gunman was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to death. a police officer who shot him to help end the rampage was given defense of freedom medal.
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>> stocks closed higher today dow rose 98 points. and sprint agreed to pay $15 million to settle a lawsuit, claiming the company overcharged the u.s. government. the governor says sprint inflated costs. >> it's good to work at netflix. the company was named one of america's highest-paying companies. >> wow. >> yes. >> electric vehicle car owners could get a charge thanks to a program called "driving on sunshine".
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35000 people are expected to pack home stadium tomorrow and that fun is good for business. for the first time monster jam comes to levis stadium. organizers believe 65 thu people will see the show saturday. dirt being hauled in for just one night. 17 trucks 17 drivers. it's been a busy off season. two weeks ago thousands came out for wrestle mania.
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good news for everyone. iet brings businesses and helps us to get the word out that we're here. >> chris curtis says he creates special menus. >> whether will be beautiful we're having a beer garden. there are sausages and it's going to be fun. >> and monster jam starts at 7:00 p.m . for more information head to our website abc7 >> for some teams now a
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requirement for a good grade. details when we return. >> not too bad on 80. it's moving but take a look at the other direction. been a tough day because of what happened on 580. stay with us
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taking a look outside we saw a crash earlier all lanes now back open again. this is the toll plaza there. traffic mess just all day. >> a growing number of teenagers say they sacrifice sleep in order to study. >> yes. >> for one group of students
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sleep became curriculum. >> bay area high school students have more strakss >> i get 6 or 7 hours of sleep. when i wake up i'm tired. >> this researcher is talking about dangers of sleep did he have prifation. >> studies found 87% of the students get res than eight and a half hours of sleep.
6:46 pm
28% reported falling asleep at school once per week. students experience sleep monitoring techniques readings show what happens during sleep. >> and there is obstructions where they stop breathing. >> teenagers are getting less sheep than their parents. >> may be easier to change patterns earlier rather than later and says the class the high school students have been offered to under graduates for years with lasting results. >> they tell us they remember this. >> and helping them better chase
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dreams in sleep and in life. >> one study suggested high schools avoid early start times before 8:00 a.m . >> that would have been nice. >> yes. >> let's update the weather for the weekend. >> that is right. >> sunny skies across the bay area right now. stormy weather and a severe thunderstorm watch around coastal virginia and maryland. this is a picture as it moves through. it's a deadly tornado. and the second most powerful that is ef 4.
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things are calming down. and we'll have calm weather across the state tomorrow. rain up in the northwestern corner but bay area, mid-70s if you're thinking about getting to see the cherry blossom vest tral. >> thanks spencer. >> yes. >> collin is in for larry. >> talking about masters and others. >> masters baseball football. is the seam old collin caper nick?
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off season strength workouts began for the 49ers players say there was a strange site on the field.
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this video must be hush hush. cap has been working with kurt warner this off season. and results are impressive. >> you're in for a treat. >> there is going to be change. and i just want to make sure i'm getting better. >> the new kap? this view in golf might be a good way to characterize the game now. start of the day minus eight. for birdie, number five gets ten
6:53 pm
under par. that to 12 under. a bogey free 66. paul casy. that is how you do it. casy four under 68 in a tie for third. collected three of them today. that set up a third and final
6:54 pm
eagle of the day. 12 pack res than six as he sets up birdie. eight off the lead. touching moment on 18. look at the leader board. first, let's hear from the 21-year-old taking the tournament by storm. >> i know what can happen here. i am sure they don't like seeing low scores. this is going to be inspiring and patient. >> dropping the putt, unbelievable putt here
6:55 pm
on seven. tiger a three under 69 today. this brought to you by bank of the west. >> the woman accused of having ten husbands. why did she do it? >> then, at 11:00 a home security camera set up to catch thieves caught something bigger this week. >> you saw the video of that police officer involved gunning down a man running from him, shot in the back. whether you're a cop or a
6:56 pm
civilian should someone not in an immediate danger to you and others? i worked in that community for eight years. i knew the mayor and police chief at the city well at the time. one decision outfit every officer with a body camera. there has been resistance to making the cameras mandatory. had a civilian not been there, who knows how much truth would have come out in south carolina. body cameras should be standard exposing cop who's act inappropriately. and protect those when they don't. let me know what you think.
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>> well, that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. back open westbound after that accident this morning. our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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