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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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news. >> the last bird to be nursed back to health at the international bird rescue center in fairfield will released. in january birds were discovered with a mystery goo all over them in the bay. it was never figured out what the substance was but it was deadly to some 15 birds. a problem with not knowing what the substance was funding. california has funding plans if place for an oil spill but not for unknown substance. there is a new bill proposed to change that and it is making progress and made it out of committee year. this center is a nonprofit spending $150,000 to save and care nor the birds. if you want to donate we have the information at to give to the effort. that bird will be released at
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11:30 this morning out of sausalito. >> thank you. marine mammal reserachers will performance autopsy on the dead whale that wash ashore. sky 7 was over the beach south of the pacifica pier yesterday evening. researchers say it is an adult sperm wail believed about 49' long. >> parents will rally today threatening to hole -- home schoolchildren if a bill bans moment from exemption from vaccination that requires all children to receive certain vaccinations before enrolling, no more religious exemptions. the sponsor has been getting threats. >> today is the second anniversary of deadly terrorist
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bombing at the boston marathon killing three and wounded 260. a moment of silence takes place at 2:49 or 11:49 bay area time weapon the first bomb exploded near the finish line. church bells will ring across boston. last week a jury convicted dzhakhar tsarnaev for plotting the attack. the jury is instructed to avoid the race and memorials as they decide if tsarnaev receives the death penalty. >> two years after a fail bart accident the government has results of the investigation happening during the bart strike when managers learned to operate trains in the event of a long walk out. we report on the changes bart has implemented to prevent future tragedies. >> train was going 68 miles per hour when it plowed for the two bart employees killing them instantly, five seconds before the crash the operator shouted "look out, no no no."
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in a newly released report the ntsb said that it was the victim's responsibility to assign one person as a look out while the other person worked on the track. it happened during the heat of the 2013 bart strike and managers were teaching other managers to drive the train and another manager was working on the track with a contractor engineer. >> they are electric trains and do not make a lot of noise. >> the president of the transit union 1555 that represents bart train drivers. he said the cause of the fail accident is the culture of safety at bart. >> they believe you can train managers quickly and easy how to operate a train. all three unions sent letters to the cpuc urging them not to allow managers to operate trains. >> the bart general manager released a statement saying since the accident trains must travel below 27 miles per hour
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when workers are inside the fenced off track area. also all trains must stop when a worker is 6' of new restrictions for east bay mud water users. outdoor watering is restricted to twice a week as part of drought emergency declared by the district. the board gave initial approval to increase fees for all users and penalties for stealing water or using too much. east bay mud estimates users have conserved only 6 percent of water this year and that is far short of the 20 percent goal set by the district. the outdoor watering accounts for most watering use and will give the final approval next month. >> santa cruz is setting a goal of 25 percent water use reduction. homeowners are not allowed to water outdoor in the daytime.
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violators can face fines. businesses have been asked to cut back but they not face fines. >> star wars director wants to build 200 units of affordable housing on his ranch in marin county and will pay for the project himself. our media partner reports that the rental home are for senior citizens and local workers. the project has raised concerned of the impact on marinwood and lucas valley. the supervisors need to approve the plan before construction can start. >> san francisco could see more regulations on short-term rentals affecting airbnb. the mayor and the supervisors want to limit all short-term rentals to 30 days or less and not allow 120 days only and protect people who represent out rooms to help pay their rent. the revisions are discussed on thursday. >> san jose is looking to the supreme court to keep a plan to
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bring the as to the south bay and take up a lawsuit claiming the league violated antitrust laws by interfering with the plan to build a stadium for the anti-somoza. two courts found major league baseball is exempt from the laws and say they should overturn the exception because it is outdated and does not apply to today's baseball. >> the worriors close out the regular season against the nuggets and will find out if they play oklahoma city or new orleans in the first round of the playoffs. >> yesterday, steph curry tuned up by making 77, three pointers in a row during practice and told espn that 77 is the most he has ever made in a row out of 100 shots taken during the session he made 94 shots. last week he broke his own nba record for threes made in a season and has 284 going into
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the regular season. tip-off against the nuggets is 7:30. you can cash a worriors game here this week. we will let you know when the playoff schedule is set. >> we know the nba finals can be seen only on abc7 with coverage june 4th. remember playing video games and you are on fire if you made three in a row how high would you have to be to make 77 shots in a row. mike what do you think? >> and really? >> you are paid millions. come on! hopefully, he will be the mvp. >> 48 at west portal and ocean beep it is cool in san francisco and mission district is 52. portrero hill is 53. ferry building is warmest at 55.
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richmond is 52. fairfield is 55. pittsburg is 53. tracy is the same. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 40s. the coolest morning is waiting for you now. american canyon is 30 and into the 30s the next couple of hours. clear and calm in san jose. in the afternoon hours we will hit 75 to 80 degrees inland and temperatures rebounding at 61 to 65. the bay will see a warming friend up to 76 with temperatures 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. you can see the breeze along the embarcadero and some the ferry building otherwise it is quiet this morning. the winds on the water are almost nonexistent. 60s and 70s and 80s and more on that coming up. leyla? good morning everyone, walnut creek 680 is looking nice in both directions and no accidents to report. across the bay into san francisco we have one off-ramp that is shut down from
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southbound 280 we had an early crash and right now they are still trying to move the vehicle off from the scene and northbound traffic you could find slowing because of the detour. we have construction in the area and if you are traveling northbound until 5:00 between 101 and industrial you will find all the lanes are taken away. southbound side from 280 to the southbound 101 connection is closed until 6:00. right now the travels along 101 is slight. still kauai early. we -- it will quite remainly. more in a couple of minutes. >> big changes are coming to a san jose landmark: the city approved stays at the winchester mystery house for the first time. the city will allow alcohol toen served at the tourist hotspot. the 160 room mansion was built to the widow of the winchester rifle fortune.
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aalcohol? en came. you do not want to be lost in the house. >> thousands of gallons of water are going down the drain with a community facing criticism as the neighbors ask, why? disturbing dash camera video of a police vehicle ramming a suspect. >> looking at 80 in berkeley area traffic is fine. stay tuned. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, 4:42. police in arizona released video showing an officer ramming an armed suspect with his car. some of this video could be hard to watch. >> get off.
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this happened in february. near tucson. police say the man robbed a 7 7/eleven and set a church on fire. the officers released video from inside the police cash that rammed the suspect. you can see the suspect get hit and the cruiser crashed through the wall. the police chef said the officer's actions were justified. >> if we are going to choose between maybe we let him go put is see what happens or we will take him out now and eliminate any opportunity to hurt someone, you are going to err in favor of the innocent people. >> the suspect survived and spent two days in the hospital before being backed on multiple felonies. a judge ruled in favor of the wife of former los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. she was awarded most of the $3 million she sought from
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32-year-old v. stiviano the girlfriend, the recording of the racially offensive rant cost him ownership of the team last year and his wife claims that v. stiviano see -- seduced her into buying a house and stalks with money that belongs to mrs. sterling. v. stiviano will appeal. >> many trying to conserve water are watch out for waste. a viewer has seen several south bay cities pumping water into the street right down the drain and started recording. the city leaders say there is a reasonable explanation. here are the details. >> i was alarmed by this. >> for the contractor the sound and sight of wasted water is scary. >> we are doing a lot of toilet and faucet repairs concern
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drips. >> he filmed this. >> it was impressive, on average 500 gallons a minute. >> the city public works director said that there is a reasonable explanation. >> water is like a food product and if it sits in the system too long it is stale and picks up odors. >> flushing the system is usually annual machine but because of the drought they delayed the flush by a year. we were there in january as crews began the work a receiving complaints of smelly tap water. it is necessary. but does it have to go down the drain? by the time they get done with a block they could water quite a few plants or lawns. >> if we stopped to fill the water tapping we would let the sediment set emso it defeats the purpose of flush. >> he admits any waterless is alarming but they are offsetting it. mountain view recycles 366,000 a
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day from other sources and water use dropped by 13 percent from 20123 to 2014 and the line flushing will conclude in the next few weeks. if you think you see water being wasted where you live, e-mail us at abc7 news and we will check out as many tips as we can. >> a tip as pike said do not water during the day, but water your lawn at night, or early morning and with the dew developing, that is an added evaporation. >> we have high evaporation rates in the bay area. it is quiet this morning absolutely quiet. nothing as far as wet weather. possibly the middle part of next week we could have a pattern change. look at the temperatures rebounding today in the south bay from 74 in milpitas to nearly 80 in gilroy and san jose and cupertino are 76 and moving
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up the peninsula a lot of mid-70's from 7 a in mountain view and palo alto and redwood city and down to 72 in millbrae the cool spot and you are not that cool today. along the coast, it will still be cool but ought so brick and biting as it has been the last couple of days with low-to-mid 60 and we will get to nearly 70 in downtown and behind about 69 degrees in south san francisco. 71 in sausalito. check out everyone else in the north bay. mid-to-upper 70s and maybe 81 in cloverdale and bodega bay after mid-50s year 61. along the east bay shore a narrow range again and it is nearly ten degrees warmer than yesterday from 73 in berkeley and hayward to oakland at 76 and as we move inland, we have 75 in san ramon the usual cool spot, to about 80 around antioch. now, tonight breezes are going to kick up especially in the north bay hills, so no more 30s, a lost 40s and 50s
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especially around the bay and you can see in richmond and san francisco 55 degrees in vallejo. here is a look at the cold front, moving well away from us so we will focus on high pressure and notice it is building across the pacific northwest and that will put in the great bay son and bring us offshore breeze but today we have a coming influence and without the sea breezes we will jump so much and then we are in the warmest part of the air mass tomorrow, friday and a lesser extent on saturday. watch the wind: this morning, they are light and variable. at noon, you can see there is a little bit of an offshore reese and as we head to tomorrow there is a dry and breezy offshore wind. that is why we will warm up to 70 at the coast and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere. friday, we are nearly 70 at the coast. upper 70s to upper 80s bay and inland and the many layer returns on saturday. 60 in the forecast for the coast. 70s around the bay and low-to-mid 80s inland.
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still warm. >> in san jose, 87 beyond the tank movingout any problems, we do not have actions to report and no construction in the area. we are seeing congestion over the altamont pass. from tracy to the altamont pass, it will be 53 miles per hour. you can see the brake lights are flashing near tracy boulevard and 205 ming with 580 slow and go to greenville and then it loosens. clear into livermore to dublin we have pockets of construction dotting the roadway as you approach dublin and 680 through pleasanton to sunol is 69 miles per hour. slow down. northbound highway 101 at minimum bray that is where we have construction until 5:00 so cones picked up but, re, remember, slow for the cone zone. >> new footwear developed could charge our phones by walking.
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>> i like the idea. here is the tech bytes. >> a if you source of power for the military a special boot that transforms the energy from footsteps into a functional power source to charge reusable batteries and only a couple of ounces heavier than regular boots. >> ikea launching a video conferencing service that allows guests to watch the couples exchange vows and then head over to a virtual wedding recession. >> maybe the fine -- final wedding will not cost so much. >> x-rays from a guy in california ruptured a tendon after playing candy crush nonstop. he had to have surgery because he could not move his thumb. >> that is what you get when you play video games.
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>> coming up connection in the air, the warning of the growing threat posed by easy wi-fi service on commercial airline flights. >> game of rock, paper scissors has some police officers in trouble this morning. stay tuned.
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>> the same internet access available on commercial flights makes it possible for hackers to bring down a plane. the gao does not suggest that it would be easy to do or likely but points out that as airlines and the f.a.a. are modernizing planes attackers have a new vulnerability they could exploit. a terrorist with a laptop could
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it is among the passengers and take control of the airplane using the passenger wi-fi. >> a chase seen you would expect in the old west is caught on camera because of modern technology. police video show as man galloping away on the horse and the officers say that robert morris jr. took off on the hours when they tried to arrestly. he was wanted on self warrants. police captured him and the animal control officers are taking care of his horse whose name is "gold." >> now, a look at weather. meteorologist mike nicco, we saw the rain on the video but no rain in our forecast. >> not until next week. thought maybe he was doing the pony express because it was the 150th anniversary yesterday. >> in san rafael, no fog. it is bone dry air. with no breeze at 7-11 degrees
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warmer than yesterday. talk about a quick turn around. it will be cool at game tonight but not so cool as last night. 63 at 7:15 dropping to 58. an the state we have high fire danger in southern california and it will not be so breezy and warmer through the central valley. mid-to-upper 70s. >> so far we have mostly green on this map with the exception of the altamont pass that now is a nice shade of red coulding in from tracy and elsewhere we are unimpede by congestion and in the north bay travels through fairfield and the interchange, you are at top speed at 62 miles per hour and continuing on to 680 and the drive 65 miles per hour is clear and i-80 looking nice as we make the drive over to the point along highway 37 no delays and if you are staying in the east bay highway 4 antioch to hercules 27 minutes and i-80 from 4 to the maze is 16 minutes and 87 in san jose, under ten
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minutes. >> happening today the european commission is expected to file charges against google accusing the company of abusing their search engine dominance in europe. google has a 90 percent share of the european search market and is using that to favor their own services. though face a fine that could exceed $1 billion. three police officers in next are in trouble after letting a young woman beat a citation by winning a game of block, paper scissors. >> video is viral after she beat the officer at an event near college station. the officers suspected her of underage drinking and the commander said giving underaim drinkers a break is a standard practice but through a game is not standard. he does not plan on hiring those officers to work future festivals. >> we had a problem with giving them a break being standard practice...
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>> near college station...maybe they look the other way. >> if you have seen "the lion king," you remember watching it the first time. >> for one girl it was too much. her reaction to will pull at your heart strings. >> are you okay? do you want a hug? >> victoria's dad posted years since it hit theaters and it still has the same effect on little kids watching it the first time. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> need that dvd now. >> i know! >> 4:57. an egg mcmuffin and
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picket line? >> april 15 and millions of americans are scrambling to finish their taxes. what do you do if you miss the deadline? >> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. i am here for eric >> good to have you, testify


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