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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 15, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. see you again at 6:00. tonight, the major security breach, the chaos, the pilot flying undetected, able to land on the capitol lawn. tourists stunned. the immediate lockdown. >> this is not good, people. >> the bomb squad called in. how did that pilot get so close? the guilty verdict. the former nfl star, the $40 million contract. tonight, convicted of murder. you'll see the tears in that courtroom. the police officer using his car to take down a suspect. >> oh! >> tonight, authorities standing by their officer as we reveal what happened in the moments before. the urgent warning. the rare strain of deadly dog flu now showing up in the u.s. more than 1,000 cases and counting tonight. and the famous actor, and the meltdown on-set. it left so many stunned. >> don't [ bleep ] dennis me. >> tonight, the real story.
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good evening. and we begin tonight with that scare in washington, d.c., and the major security questions tonight because of it. tourists in the shadow of the capitol, when suddenly, they hear it, they look up and they see it all. the pilot flying in, right into restricted air space. all part of an elaborate stunt in his small, one-man helicopter. tourists fearing terror. you can hear one of them saying, "this is not good." the man landing on the west lawn of the capitol. the bomb squad rushing in. and tonight, pictures of the arrest. they surround the alleged architect of the plan. this evening, in custody, a 61-year-old postal worker. and it turns out the secret service knew him and had talked to him before. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila leading us off. >> reporter: the gyrocopter flew over the reflecting pool -- >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: past the statue of ulysses s. grant, dozens
5:32 pm
watching. as it made a beeline for the capitol. the small aircraft, weighing less than 500 pounds, holds only one pilot. >> it was loud. that's what drew my attention. and then we both looked at it and said, oh, where the heck is that going? >> reporter: on the ground, the pilot quickly surrounded, offering no resistance. capitol police sent in a robot and then the bomb squad, but found no weapons or devices. this was not terrorism. it was a long-planned protest stunt. the pilot was this man, doug hughes, a postal worker from florida, who, with his local newspaper, made this video of his elaborate plan to fly to the capitol and deliver letters to congress, demanding campaign finance reform. >> i'm going to violate the no-fly zone nonviolently. i intend for nobody to get hurt. and i'm going to land on the capitol mall in front of the capitol building. >> reporter: in the video, he admits it sounds crazy.
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>> no sane person would do what i'm doing. >> reporter: he'd been training for months, posting this youtube video in february, showing one bumpy practice flight. the reporter who had been talking to hughes for months traveled to washington to witness the flight. did he expect to be shot down? >> he knew that was a possibility. honestly, i didn't think he would make it anywhere close to here. i see him coming over the top of the building, and was like, holy heavens, he's made it a long way. >> reporter: during all that time, the reporter did not warn the secret service this was going to happen. but hughes did, calling them a year ago, speaking with agents about his plans. the house homeland security chairman telling the associated press that had hughes gotten any closer to the capitol building, "they have long guns to take it down." this cone marks the spot where the copter landed. not 100 yards away from the capitol building itself, and leaving a football field worth of questions about security. david? >> it was something to watch today. jim avila leading us off. jim, thank you.
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i want to get right to abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas in washington tonight, as well. and pierre, i want to show everyone at home that moment again. so much fear, those tourists watching this all unfold. and the big question tonight, how did he get into that restricted air space to begin with? it's supposed to be impenetrable. >> reporter: david, this is supposed to be some of the most restricted air space on the planet. but so far, there's no indication that radar or sensors picked up this copter. you can't shoot it down or intercept it if you don't know it's coming. and law enforcement officials say they've spent millions on air defenses since 9/11. the key question was there a technology failure or was someone asleep at the switch? david? >> that and the fact that the secret service knew of this man. pierre thomas on the breaking story tonight, as well. pierre, thank you. and to the other developing headline tonight. the stunning fall for a former nfl star with the new england patriots, aaron hernandez. once a rising star with a $40 million contract, then came that arrest. tonight, convicted of first degree murder, sentenced to life without parole.
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his mother and fiance there weeping as the verdict was read. hernandez mouthing the words across the courtroom, "be strong." the victim's mother weeping, as well, and this evening, offering a powerful message of forgiveness. tonight, abc's mara schiavocampo with the one-time football star being led into prison for life. >> reporter: tonight, a stunning fall from grace. former patriots player aaron hernandez convicted of first degree murder. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: his mother and fiance sobbing in court, just feet away from the victim's mother, also in tears. >> my baby's footprint is in my heart forever. >> reporter: hernandez, a 25-year-old star tight end with a $40 million contract with the super bowl championship team, was arrested in 2013 for the murder of his friend, odin lloyd. led out of his mansion in handcuffs. >> this case was not about the patriot player.
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this was just about a murder occurring, a brutal, senseless murder. >> reporter: prosecutors had no motive or murder weapon. but claimed this box, shown on surveillance video being carried out of the home by hernandez's fiance, contained the gun used to kill lloyd. and proving their case with about 130 witnesses, including lloyd's mother, crying on the stand when shown a photo of her son's body. and surprise testimony from patriots owner robert kraft, who talked about their last encounter. >> he said he was not involved. that he was innocent. >> reporter: now, the former patriots player is sentenced to life without parole. the prison just one mile from gillette stadium. >> one mile from that stadium, in prison for life, as you report. but he's not done with the court system yet, mara. >> reporter: no, he's not, david. he's still facing double murder charges for a drive-by shooting in 2012. prosecutors saying that he killed two men over a spilled drink in a nightclub. >> all right, mara schiavocampo, thank you.
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now, to new developments tonight in the case of the arizona police officer who used his police cruiser to run down a suspect. the video is difficult. the suspect does survive this. the video shows the officer heading straight for him. tonight, in this case, the police chief is now talking, after this moment caught on tape, saying deadly force was, in fact, authorized. the chief also saying he believes that that officer made a, quote, very difficult decision. abc's neal karlinsky is outside tucson. >> reporter: the video is so shocking, it's hard to believe the suspect survived. as a marana, arizona, police car runs him down at speed. >> oh! >> reporter: the suspect's lawyer says it's a blatant case of excessive force, all caught on camera. >> i think that there's all sorts of other things that the police have been trained on and could have done. >> reporter: but tonight, police say the video actually doesn't tell the whole story. >> reporter: the suspect, mario valencia, was wanted for a suspected crime spree unfolding
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over just three hours, robbing a 7-eleven, breaking into a church and allegedly stealing a car. and also caught on camera, allegedly stealing this rifle and ammunition from a walmart. when police initially approach him, he's holding the rifle. >> stop. i'll [ bleep ] do it. >> you don't want to do this. you don't want to do this. >> reporter: walking down the street, he turns left and then he fires. [ gunshot ] >> all right, one round just went out into the sky. >> reporter: this is where it happened. you can still see the wall, the bricks that were taken out by the police car here. but just around the corner, a movie theater, a post office, a number of businesses, and police say they were worried if he made it there, he might shoot someone. >> i think that deadly force was certainly authorized in that situation, and i think the officer made a very difficult decision. >> reporter: the county attorney has declined to prosecute the officer. but the police department here is continuing to conduct its own internal review. david? >> neal karlinsky on the scene for us. neal, thank you.
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and now, to the incredible pictures of the extreme weather coming in tonight. the deadly dust storm in utah and now new pictures emerging of a giant sand storm, what's called acall ed a haboob there in las vegas. just something to see there. in oregon, this car flipped by a small tornado, and tonight, flash flood watches across four states in the gulf. you can hear the rain in mississippi there. meteorologist rob marciano with the fire warnings now coming in, too. >> reporter: tonight, high fire danger in southern california, the state bone dry. blowing dust tuesday blinding drivers near fresno. and winds gusting over 80 miles an hour in utah, causing a deadly pileup there. temperatures plummeting in salt lake city. 40 degrees in less than four hours. look at this suburb. that same street today -- the snowblowers are out. in eugene, oregon, a tornado wreaked havoc at this community college tuesday. >> the tornado picked the back end of my car up and threw us probably about a good eight feet in the air.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: another night of torrential rains in the south. the same system taking the life of a 3-year-old boy in raceland louisiana, swept away by floodwaters. >> so, let's get right to rob now, who's got the new track tonight. rob? >> reporter: it's been another crazy night in new orleans with golf ball-sized hail around that city. a tornado warning earlier. that's been allowed to expire. this stationary front is remaining stationary, and it's got a long tropical moisture feed. more heavy rain across the gulf coast. really through saturday. could see up to six inches, maybe more in some spots. meanwhile, that big wind storm out west is now a snowstorm, snowing in salt lake city. they've seen more snow there today than they have seen in january, february and march combined. denver, you get the snow tomorrow. that system moves east. a severe weather threat in northern texas, large hail strong winds and possibly a tornado or two. we'll monitor that tomorrow. >> tumultuous night ahead. see you tomorrow on "gma," rob. thank you. meantime, around the world tonight, and to iraq. 70 miles west of baghdad tonight, and in ramadi, where one of iraq's biggest cities tonight is under siege.
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isis militants closing in, government forces now calling for backup. families there on the move, a mass exodus tonight. ramadi once a stronghold for u.s. forces at the height of the iraq war, now on the brink of falling to isis. now, to an abc news investigation tonight, buying your way into america? brian ross and his team back this evening. foreign investors told they could get a fast-track to a u.s. green card for a price. invest in a sprawling hotel in new orleans. tonight, though, no hotel, no green cards, but millions of dollars. and who got it? here's our chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: it was pitched with great fanfare, as a way to help new orleans recover. in this promotional video, investors overseas were told their money would go primarily for a multi-million dollar hotel and conference center that would create scores of new jobs. >> the number one concern of this investment is to create jobs. >> reporter: even better, one of the men running the program was this man, a former top white house official, colonel tim milbrath, a senior military aide to three presidents.
5:42 pm
but now, more than five years after the groundbreaking there is no hotel, just a vacant lot. investors say most of the money has disappeared, and the former white house aide now confirms the fbi is investigating. the hotel is supposed to be here. you broke ground. when we tracked him down, colonel milbrath said all the money would be accounted for. millions of dollars are missing. and there's no hotel. there's nothing. >> well, the -- >> reporter: is this a scam, sir? >> no, sir, it's not. >> reporter: to get foreign investors to put up $500,000 each, milbrath promised an easy path to a u.s. green card under a special federal immigration program called the eb-5. >> we were duped. >> reporter: terry sumpter, a retired british detective, says he and other investors thought a project involving a former white house aide had to be legitimate. >> they had promised that they could facilitate a green card within six weeks. >> reporter: but nobody got a
5:43 pm
green card. and documents in an investors lawsuit allege "fraudulent and deceptive practices," and that the former white house aide and his partner pocketed "millions for their own ultimate personal benefit." where's the money? >> well, unfortunately, because it's in litigation, i cannot really comment. >> reporter: you can't tell me where the money is? >> i can't, no. >> where's the money? that's the question tonight. and this is not the only case of so-called fast tracks for green cards. >> reporter: that's right, david. this new orleans project is just one of more than 30 eb-5 visa projects that abc news has found are now under criminal investigation. >> brian, we know you and your team will stay on it. thank you. tonight, there's an urgent warning for pet owners. a deadly strain of the flu now striking dogs. rarely seen here in the u.s. more than 1,000 dogs sick in the chicago area alone. and this flu is now showing up in several states. tonight, dog owners urged to get their dog a flu shot, and here's abc's alex perez in chicago. >> reporter: this boxer mix
5:44 pm
named buster, being treated with an oxygen mask and in isolation after an outbreak that has chicago area doggie hospitals working around the clock -- canine influenza. some 1,300 pooches in four midwest states, most in the chicago area. at least six have died. elizabeth estes' dog, ollie, got sick overnight. >> his cough was horrible. >> reporter: sick dogs can become lethargic, run a high fever and have raspy breathing. researchers tracing the virus to a rare strain of bird flu from asia. >> it's very easy to transmit. nose to nose contact, sneezing, coughing. but also, if a dog sneezes on you on your clothes, and you go pet another dog, it can be transmitted by your clothes. >> reporter: warnings now up here at dog parks, where dogs can easily spread the virus. the current dog flu vaccine doesn't cover this strain, but vets say pets should still get the shot and if something seems wrong with your pup, always call your vet. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> alex, thank you. and now to boston tonight. marking two years since those deadly bombings.
5:45 pm
the youngest victim, 8-year-old martin richard. tonight, his family marching down boylston street. his sister jane there, who lost a leg, wearing her cowboy boots, we noticed, and that new prosthetic leg. later, the family unveiling yellow banners an hallowed ground, where those bombs went off. powerful day in boston. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. that national case. the billionaire's wife versus the alleged mistress. former nba owner donald sterling's wife and the so-called other woman, receiving millions of dollars in gifts. tonight, the judge deciding who gets to keep what and who has to give what back. also tonight, the famous actor, his on-set meltdown viewed by millions. tonight, the real story revealed. and, america strong this evening. the first ever girl quintuplets born in the u.s., and you're about to meet them right here, and their exhausted parents, who will tell you how it's going so far. dad can't even tell you what day it is.
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next tonight, the scandal that forced an nba owner to give up his team. well, now, the wife of billionaire donald sterling going after his alleged mistress in court, who had been showered with millions of dollars worth of gifts. this evening, the judge telling her what she now has to give back. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: v. stiviano, the woman infamous for wearing that ornate visor, back in the spotlight tonight, ordered to pay back $2.6 million to the wife of former l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. barbara walters spoke with stiviano last year. >> i'm his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit. >> his what? >> his silly rabbit. >> reporter: shelly sterling claims stiviano seduced and manipulated her 80-year-old husband into lavishing her with gifts paid for by the couple's shared assets. this lawsuit was underway even before that bombshell conversation was released, causing sterling to be banned from the nba and ultimately cost
5:49 pm
him his team. >> don't come to my games. don't bring black people, and don't come. >> reporter: sterling discussed the legal action last year. >> why are you suing her? >> because donald bought her three cars jewelry, many things. and i felt i wanted my 50% back. >> reporter: she's getting that and then some. stiviano not only has to pay back the more than $400,000 spent on those three luxury cars and $430,000 in cash payments, she'll have to surrender the $1.8 million duplex she was gifted and still lives in. shelly sterling's lawyer says she is thrilled and that this decision sets a precedent that injured spouses can recover damages. as for stiviano, her lawyer says, david, she's planning to appeal. >> all right, linsey, thank you. when we come back here tonight, our nation's chief justice and the unexpected moment today. he was passed over. and then, the famous actor, that epic meltdown on set. tonight, the real story revealed, right after the break.
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to the index. new trouble for former congressman aaron schock, resigning late last month after questions over his expense reports and use of taxpayer money. that "downton abbey"-inspired office makeover. now word one donor is suing, trying for a class action lawsuit, asking that thousands in donations be refunded. supreme court chief justice john roberts reporting for jury duty. he showed up in maryland this morning just like the rest of us. he was not selected. and the truth tonight behind that blistering video of dennis quaid, seen by millions. >> i am acting here and this [ bleep ] -- >> that on-set meltdown. the answer revealed tonight. the video, part of a prank from the website funny or die. when we come back here, imagine going from one child to six in a moment. the historic quintuplets tonight, and their exhausted parents standing by.
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finally tonight, america strong. the busby bunch. america's first set of quintuplet girls, born in houston. one little foot. one little hand. but what happens when there are one, two, three, four, five sets of them? born 12 weeks early, quintuplets, a c-section. and tonight, all doing well. their parents, danielle and adam busby, going in front of the cameras for the first time today.
5:58 pm
>> it's crazy. i mean. this is crazy. it's just us. >> reporter: they already had one little girl, blake, make that six now. and how's dad? he's not sure what day it is. >> it's -- day three? >> i don't know. >> four. >> losing track. >> thursday, friday -- day four. >> today's sunday. had the babies on wednesday. >> reporter: and they know them one by one. >> riley, of course, is the feisty one. parker she's just so relaxed. hazel, we call her little monkey. ava and olivia -- at first, they were very easy going. i think, a day or two later, we're like they're starting to get feisty. >> reporter: their dis i strongly oppose this cell. >> lined up to speak their minds. should it be mandatory to have
5:59 pm
your children vaccinated for school? >> march for more money. live with an outpouring for raising the minimum wage. >> and the death of this 50 foot sperm whale. how did it die? what will happen to it now? a police officer in oakland shot a suspect. sky 7 is live over the scene at 105th avenue and creekside. police tell us that this suspect is in the hospital now getting treatment. there are no reports of officers injured. this is all breaking news. stay with us we'll you as soon as more information is available
6:00 pm
>> good evening thanks for joining us tonight. >> our other top story rages. several masked men pulled off a low tech burglary of a large collectible showcase in the mission district. you can see these crooks left a big mess behind as they made off with valuable stuff. vic? >> reporter: it was a large group of thieves unlike the high profile store robberies they use cars to break in. these robbers used an old fashioned tool to break into the story. >> just hear more and more break ins. smash and grabs. >> it happened this morning at 4:30. some of the cameras captured it all.


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